Some of the Best Ways a Hamster Can Get Exercises

Hamsters are said to originate in the Syrian desert hundreds of years ago. These furry critters are resilient and bent on exercise and movement. For your domesticated hamster, here are some exercises they can observe to maintain their health and stamina.

Hamster Wheel

One of the most obvious tools is incorporating a hamster wheel or treadwheel. This wheel is used for treading and the hamster can freely run until its heart’s content. Make sure the wheel is solid and never use a barred wheel for your furry critter.

Hamster Ball

A hamster ball is basically a portable hamster wheel. Your hamster can freely explore your home without being stuck in hard-to-reach places. Make sure to tighten the lid of the hamster ball so it doesn’t come loose – this is one of the most important parts. Also, ensure that you’re present while they’re spinning around in case they reach the stairs or any risky places at home.


Upgrade Your Cage to Horizontal Bars

Hamsters love to exercise and will climb anything that they possibly can. Owning horizontal bars is a great way for your hamster to get his daily climb in. It also provides excellent ventilation for the hamster, while giving them the freedom to explore their space. Just make sure the spaces in between the bars aren’t too large!

Throw in Some Toys

After your hamster is all tired out from climbing and running, he’ll want to chew on something to keep him distracted. You can easily construct hamster toys from things lying around your home. From leftover coarse rope to toilet paper rolls, hamsters can play with anything. Small sticks with misconstrued shapes can keep your hamster entertained for a few minutes. Even tin cans (with the sharp edges removed) can be a great tool for your hamster to explore and play with. Hamsters are very low maintenance pets and as long as you keep them busy, they’ll be content. When owning a hamster it’s important to give them enough toys and tools to exercise to keep them healthy and happy. Incorporating another hamster into the mix can also elevate their moods and motivation to exercise.