Still Mad for this Classy Show? Where the cast of Mad Men Have Ended Up

From Jon Hamm to January Jones and everyone in between, the stars, co-stars, and even the bit-part actors and actresses who have been in Mad Men have gone on to different things. This Golden Globe and Emmy-award winning series was full of the style of the sixties, as well as complex characters with plenty of secrets to reveal and plenty of stories to tell.
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The series ended in 2015, and the cast has been busy both on the big screen and the small screen. Read on to find out what your favorite fashionable females and gallant guys have been up to.

Jon Hamm as Don Draper

As the show’s magnetic lead, Jon Hamm was smooth enough to get through almost any kind of problem. Whether it was trying to figure out the best way to advertise a new product, philandering with one of the beautiful ladies who catches his eye, or trying to patch things up at home, he does everything with aplomb and style.

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His home life was a mess and his history was a mystery, but this complicated character helped Jon Hamm win an Emmy and turned him into a star. Hamm made a business of selling perfection, and we all wanted to buy it.

Jon Hamm Now

Even while Mad Men was running, Jon Hamm shot several episodes of 30 Rock, which helped him get some Emmy nominations, and allowed us to see the funnier side of the man who seems like all business on Mad Men. He’s continued to make some appearances on works that are both funny and dramatic, including the cult leader that keeps Kimmy Schmidt trapped underground in The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

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You’ve probably heard his voice as he commands you to check out the newest model made by Mercedes-Benz while watching TV, and we’re sure he’s going to keep popping up for years to come.

Jessica Paré as Megan Calvet Draper

From Don Draper’s secretary to his new wife, Jessica played this stunning beauty to perfection. But this character was much more than a pretty face – she had plenty of ideas that assisted Draper and the other execs. We also discovered her hidden mean side that made more than a few appearances once she joined the cast in season four.


She finally gets her spine when standing up to Draper, divorcing him for tons of money, and telling her whiny sister off. Before becoming part of Mad Men, Paré starred on another period show, the WB series Jack & Bobby.

Jessica Paré Now

Since the end of the Men, Paré has made a few small appearances in television and movies but has also landed a few leading roles, such as Lovesick and Another Kind of Wedding. She’s also become one of the leading cast members on the CBS military drama SEAL Team, where she plays a CIA analyst named Mandy Ellis.

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You’ve also heard her voice if you’re a consistent watcher of Big Hero 6: The Series or Star vs. the Forces of Evil. With more projects in the work, including the title role in Queen Bee, Paré is continuing to rise in the ranks of Hollywood.

Jared Harris as Lane Pryce

Jared Harris is an older name in Hollywood, having appeared in movies such as Lost in Space and Resident Evil: Afterlife. Pryce is a financial whiz who joins the main cast when Sterling Cooper is bought by a British ad agency before it turns into Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce – that’s his name at the end.


At first this buttoned-up character is little more than the foreign overlord’s rep, but he’s made a named partner after firing the company. He’s a stiff, prideful man, and his problems with the Inland Revenue (the British version of the IRS) and his refusal to ask for help lead to plenty of big problems for everyone.

Jared Harris Now

Lane Pryce dramatically commits suicide when Draper catches him embezzling from the company, and the character leaves the show in infamy. His actor, however, has gone on to appear in plenty of big productions. Since he finished on Mad Men, He’s been in television shows such as The Expanse, The Crown (as King George!), The Terror, Chernobyl, Carnival Row, and even Foundation as Hari Seldon.

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There have also been plenty of movies, such as Morbius, Allied, The Last Face, Certain Woman, Baby, Baby, Baby, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., and The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. This regal actor has nothing in his way, and we’re sure he’ll keep popping up everywhere.

John Slattery as Roger Sterling

After Draper, the classic cool guy of the Mad Men series is certainly Roger Sterling. This silver fox has plenty of secrets to hide, and he’s the biggest flirt on the show. From a hatred for the Japanese – he’s still not over Pearl Harbor – to his overpowering love of drink and dames, this character was a breath of fresh air in a serious show thanks to his quick wit and easy charm.

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This ultra-conservatively dressed character even loosens up as the show goes on, letting his sideburns grow out and adding a classic seventies mustache to his look as the show bleeds into the new decade.

John Slattery Now

Since hanging up Sterling’s suits, Slattery has been plenty busy. He’s had roles on Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, The Real Mad Men of Advertising as the narrator, The Romanoffs, Modern Love, Mrs. America, Veep, and Next. He’s also become a character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Howard Stark, Tony Stark’s father, appearing in four of those films.


He also appeared in Jack & Bobby with Paré, and also voiced the ally-turned-traitor Admiral Havelock in the video game Dishonored, a series well-known for getting big names for the voices. He’s also been in Ted 2, as well as a number of TV movies.

Kevin Rahm as Ted Chaough

From one of the main advertising competitors for SCDP to one of the main love interests to Peggy, Kevin Rahm shines as Chaough until season seven, which saw his role greatly reduced – he didn’t even appear in the last two seasons of the show. Though opposite to Draper in almost every aspect, the two eventually develop a mutual respect.

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Before the show, Rahm had regular appearances on shows such as Judging Amy and Desperate Housewives, which had him appearing next to John Slattery. Rahm’s character was kind, empathetic, and caring – a perfect foil for Don Draper, despite how many similarities the two characters found they had.

Kevin Rahm Now

When he disappeared from Mad Men, Rahm next made it big with a recurring role on the drama Madam Secretary, and he now also plays Captain Brooks Avery on the Lethal Weapon TV series. He showed up in Bates Motel as the owner of an elite hunting club who is the main antagonist of the third season.


Rahm has also shown up in a few shorts, sometimes lending his voice, has been in the movies Clinical and The Oath, and has more credits in production as we speak. Even before Mad Men, his star had been rising, so we see no reason why it should stop.

Jay R. Ferguson as Stan Rizzo

Though he started out on the show as clean-cut as any of the other cast members, this artistic director for SCDP grew a big beautiful beard as the show reached the seventies. Though somewhat of a jerk and a cocky political grandstander, his obnoxious behavior is toned down at the same time he grows his beard.

Vulture/Michael Yarish/AMC

Beards make everything better. He’s quite good at his job as artistic director, and so most of his obnoxious behavior is overlooked. As his character becomes kinder and gentler, his affection for Peggy grows from her friend to her confidant, and finally to her romantic interest in the series finale.

Jay R. Ferguson Now

Ferguson started out pretty young, appearing on the television show Evening Shade from 1990 to 1994. Jay has gotten plenty of work with a diverse number of television roles, including The Mindy Project, The Real O’Neals, Twin Peaks, Living Biblically, Briarpatch, The Connors, and more.


He’s had a few smaller roles on American Crime Story, and The Romanoffs (which also has him appear with John Slattery – man, that guy gets around) and Comedy Bang! Bang!. There have even been a few movie roles thrown in for good measure.

Christina Hendricks as Joan Harris

Hendricks was a big reason a lot of guys tuned into Mad Men week after week, since she was tall, brilliantly beautiful, had flaming red hair, and spicy words to match. Throw in plenty of brains and good wits, and you have a character everyone will love. Joan Harris is the head of the secretary pool at Sterling Cooper with everything a woman needs.

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She even continually climbs the ladder, becoming the office manager of SCDP, and even becomes a partner in season five. Hendricks was the whole package during the show: she earned six Emmy nominations for her work.

Christina Hendricks Now

This natural redhead has gone blonde for a starring role in NBC’s crime sitcom Good Girls, but she still exhibits all the energy and charm she had as Joan Harris. Hendricks has also appeared in the TV shows Hap and Leonard, Another Period, Robot Chicken, The Romanoffs (again with that show), Tin Star, and Solar Opposites.


Nothing will stop this fiery actress from reaching new heights, with plenty of movie appearances as well, including Bad Santa 2, Fist Fight, Crooked House, Pottersville, Egg, American Woman, Toy Story 4, and, most recently, Scoob! Don’t be surprised if this curvy beauty graces your screen for a long time.

Rich Sommer as Harry Crane

Harry Crane’s entire arc on mad Men seems to be him trying – and failing to earn the respect he deserves. Starting out as a media buyer, Crane brings the agency into the television era and becomes the Head of Television, and despite his hard work – and everything he does for the agency – his failure to rise any higher is often played for laughs, including when he could have become a partner and made millions.

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He’s divorced and ends up using his TV connections to seduce women. Despite all this, he is a good character who helps other characters regularly, even if they aren’t aware of it.

Rich Sommer Now

Since Mad Men went off the air, Sommer has been prolific in all sorts of ways. He’s appeared in dozens of television series, including Love, Glow, and In the Dark. He’s added his voice to plenty of shows, including Elena of Avalor, Close Enough, Adam Ruins Everything, and Regular Show.


He’s even appeared in a few video games, such as Half-Life: Alyx, and anime such as Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;Surrection. Yes, the name is dumb, but I hear it’s good. Overall, however, Sommer’s favorite project is the podcast he hosts, CARDBOARD!, which is all about board games.

Kiernan Shipka as Sally Draper

Though little more than background dressing in the first two seasons, Sally becomes one of the main characters from then on. Little Sally has never had an easy life, being neglected by her father and hated by her mother because Betty can’t rely on Don for help. She then becomes a miserable teenager who fights her mother at every turn. As she watches her parents’ marriage end, she starts to spin out of control.


Finally, she moves back in with her dying mother to take care of her and her younger siblings. She became known for her armor-piercing questions, as well as her armor-piercing eyes.

Kiernan Shipka Now

Now grown up, Shipka is bewitching audiences as the lead character of Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Before Mad Men ended, she played Cathy Dollanganger in the 2014 adaptation of the controversial novel Flowers in the Attic, where at the age of fourteen she played a character stuck in the attic of a large house for years, with plenty of other problems as well.


Shipka has also lent her voice to a number of animated projects, such as The Legend of Korra, Sofia the First, and Avengers Academy, where she portrayed Spider-Woman. Mad Men was a big break-out role for this young actress, who did mostly commercials and small, uncredited roles.

Vincent Kartheiser as Pete Campbell

Campbell came from a family who used to own half of Upper Manhattan, and he still thinks he’s worth that much. He tries and tries to exude the cool and calm persona that Don Draper has, but can’t quite keep up. However, he ends the series on a high note, hired by Learjet and managing to keep his marriage from dissolving.

Vox/courtesy of AMC

He goes from a good character one week to a bad guy the next, Campbell has plenty depth, especially for someone from the era – he hates racism, thinks the agencies should market to African-Americans, and correctly predicted Kennedy would beat Nixon in the presidential race.

Vincent Kartheiser Now

Mad Men garnered Golden Globes, Emmys, and SAG Awards, but it was just another job for this young veteran actor. Kartheiser has been acting since he was a teen, alongside Marisa Tomei in Untamed Heart. Since Mad Men ended, he’s been in Saints & Strangers, Casual, Genius, The Path, Proven Innocent, and even cult hit The OA.


As far as movies go, he’s shown up in Crypto, Most Likely to Murder, My Friend Dahmer, A Kind of Murder, and has recently added his talents to the popular documentary The Social Dilemma. He also has a lead role on the Das Boot TV series.

January Jones as Betty Draper

Whether she’s waving a firearm in the face of her philandering husband, taking on that dragon cancer, or trying to tackle Sally Draper as she grows up, Betty Draper never stops. She divorces Don Draper in season 3, ends up marrying Henry Francis, and is revealed to be somewhat immature through it all, though after seven seasons she gets plenty of character development.

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She was a force to be reckoned with, and an excellent way for the show to not only introduce a character that is antagonistic (to Don or Sally, for instance) while also making her sympathetic and real.

January Jones Now

Before joining Mad Men, Jones had plenty of acting credits in movies big and small, including Anger Management, Love Actually, Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, and X-Men: First Class (she was Emma Frost). Once SCDP shut down, she had a role on The Last Man on Earth and Spinning Out.


While she hasn’t been jumping from project to project like some members of this list, she’s been sitting pretty in a couple of long-running TV shows, so don’t be surprised if this veteran actress shows up on your television screens for a long time – we also wouldn’t be surprised to see her make it big on the big screen soon.

Ben Feldman as Michael Ginsberg

Born in a concentration camp, Michael Ginsberg has more than a few issues. He was so eccentric that Peggy didn’t even want to hire him, but Roger ordered her to, saying that “every ad agency needs a Jew.” While good at his job, his many foibles and even his friends have a hard time dealing with him thanks to his outbursts, insults, and strange thoughts.

Moive Still DB

He thinks the agency’s new IBM computer is turning everyone gay, at one point he claimed to be from Mars, and, in one of his last appearances, he makes an act of love for Peggy so insane that it lands him in a mental institution.

Ben Feldman Now

Certainly not as eccentric as his character, Feldman has been in a healthy number of projects, both movies, and television. He had a main role in Living with Fran, has had a spot on Numb3rs, Cloverfield, Friday the 13th (the 2009 version), and Medium, all before Mad Men. Since the show ended, he’s appeared in Drop Dead Diva, A to Z, Silicon Valley, and Big Hero 6: The Series.


He’s had a leading role in Superstore since the show started as “Jonah,” and since this show has no plans to stop in the near future, we’re sure Feldman is looking forward to a long record in Hollywood.

Teyonah Parris as Dawn Chambers

As the first African-American character on the show, Dawn begins as a secretary for Don Draper (many jokes are made about their names) in season five. She’s one of only four African-Americans who have a speaking role on the show. While working hard and earning her backbone – you have to if you work for Don Draper – she eventually becomes the Office Manager after Joan leaves to go to Accounts.

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She’s often seen as the only sane employee at SCDP, since she keeps away from the drink, and begins to regularly tell people off for rude, sexist, or racist behavior. She, along with the rest of the staff, turns their backs on the agency when it’s absorbed into McCann Erickson.

Teyonah Parris Now

Parris joined the cast of Mad Men relatively young and has a long career ahead of her. She’s had a recurring role on the drama series Empire, and has also appeared in the movies They Came Together, Dear White People, and If Beale Street Could Talk.


In addition, she’s been in Survivor’s Remorse in almost forty episodes as “Missy Vaughn,” and has a role in the TV mini-series WandaVision as “Monica Rambeau.” WandaVision is based on Wanda Maximoff and The Vision from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, though the plot and most details are unknown at this time.

Elizabeth Moss as Peggy Olson

Passionate, progressive Peggy is looking to break down barriers, and she’s going to do it at SCDP. Though she starts as Don Draper’s wide-eyed secretary in the first episode of season one, she ends up as a senior copywriter and goes from shying away from men to taking the lead making moves.

Moive Still DB

At first, obsessed with Draper, he falls off the pedestal as the show goes on, though the two end up on friendly terms by the end. Peggy is often seen as the other main character after Draper, and as one of the leading female characters, she offers an interesting look into the culture for a woman at the time of the show.

Elizabeth Moss Now

Moss has risen in the Hollywood ranks quickly, making waves as “June Osborne,” the main character of The Handmaid’s Tale. She was also in Top of the Lake, and is currently shooting for The Shining Girls. Those are all television shows, but she’s also appeared in plenty of movies, both as the leading lady and supporting roles.

Getty Images Photo by Gary Gershoff

Some of her most famous films ever since Mad Men ended include Us, Shirley, and The Invisible Man. Before Mad Men ended she was in The One I Love, Girl, Interrupted, and more. Her first role was all the way back in 1990, and has been in everything from Freakazoid to Saturday Night Live.

Robert Morse as Bert Cooper

Known for loving Japan, Ayn Rand, and having plenty of eccentricities, Cooper is the single remaining founding member of the agency at the start of the show. From rumors that he had his doctor killed for accidentally giving him an orchiectomy. Look it up.

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He makes you remove your shoes when you enter his office, and even while entering semi-retirement, Bert hangs out in the lobby of the building and takes potshots at people who walk by. He starts working in earnest again in season five, and ends up passing away as he watches with incredible excitement as humanity takes its first steps on the moon.

Robert Morse Now

With an impish, gap-toothed grin, Robert is always ready for fun. He loves to take on all kinds of projects, from movies about Donald Trump ( Donald Trump’s The Art of the Deal: The Movie), cartoons ( Teen Titans Go!, Sofia the First, and The Wild Thornberrys ), and plenty of television shows and movies.

Getty Images Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

The most famous of these include American Playhouse as Truman Capote. His first role was all the way back in 1954 – before Mad Men was even set – and he broke out thanks to How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, which made fun of the business world.

Aaron Staton as Ken Cosgrove

Every bit the womanizer his colleagues are, Ken is nevertheless never shown to manipulate or condescend the women he has an eye for. He remained faithful to his wife once he got married, and while he was all too willing to take advantage of office politics at the beginning of the show, he mellowed out considerably as time went on.

Nytimes/Jordin Althaus/AMC

He had a rivalry with Pete, though the two came to detente eventually. While working with Chevy, he gets shot in the eye, and wears an eyepatch for the rest of the show, taking pirate jokes in stride.

Aaron Staton Now

Staton, along with a huge number of his Mad Men costars, appeared in L.A. Noire, a video game featuring Staton as the lead character, detective Cole Phelps. Thanks to the facial-recognition tech developed for the game, his many facial expressions all made it in. This performance earned him a nomination for a BAFTA, and he has also appeared on a number of other smaller television shows: For the People, Castle Rock, Narcos, God Friended Me, and Unbelievable.

Getty Images Photo by JB Lacroix/WireImage

He was also in Preservation as Mike Neary. Fun fact, his real-life wife played Cole’s wife in L.A. Noire, though she has a startlingly-low number of lines, most of which are about how she’s leaving Cole.

Michael Gladis as Paul Kinsey

Paul Kinsey has his head in the clouds about his skill as a copywriter. He thinks he’s all that – the rest of the employees at Sterling Cooper know he isn’t. In fact, it’s repeatedly shown that while he tries his hardest and thinks his writing – be it copywriting, a spec script for Star Trek, or a play – is excellent, it never is, with plenty of characters commenting on it and his ideas often going nowhere.

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His major failing is his pride, and even though he was told he wouldn’t be brought on for the SCDP merger, he never even tried to apply.

Michael Gladis Now

Gladis has been much more successful than his Mad Men counterpart – as we speak, he has a role on Penny Dreadful: City of Angels, appearing in all ten episodes so far. His role with the men ended in 2012, and he’s been busy ever since, from one-off spots on The Mentalist and Elementary to roles on movies like Terminator Genisys and Not Safe for Work.

Getty Images Photo by Paul Archuleta

He’s had long appearances on shows such as Reckless, Extant, and Feed the Beast. His IMDB page is chock-full of titles and work, and we’re sure he’s only headed on to bigger and better things, unlike Paul Kinsey.

Bryan Batt as Sal Romano

With Italian heritage and a lantern jaw that any secretary could fall in love with, Sal Romano is every lady’s dream. It’s too bad he’s gay – a detail he has to keep hidden due to the show’s era.


He has a wife, but she’s little more than a smokescreen and manages to stay in the closet for the majority of three seasons until he’s outed thanks to a client of Sterling Cooper, that is, to put it mildly, a big jerk. After the information is revealed, he’s given his walking papers and never mentioned on the show again.

Bryan Batt Now

Batt has been up to plenty since his character left the show. From Law & Order: Criminal Intent to 12 Years a Slave, he’s been all over. Though his most well-known role is as Sal, he has plenty of projects big and small in the works, including a number of movies and several roles on television shows.

Getty Photo by Bruce Glikas/WireImage

Like his character, Bryan Batt is gay, and he’s been married to Tom Cianfichi since 2014. No secret affiliation here – they’re out and proud. His gregarious smile, good looks, and easy charm make it an easy prediction that this actor will continue to entertain us.

Mark Moses as Herman “Duck” Phillips

Call him Duck. Despite a dark and troubled past, Herman “Duck” Moses is a hard worker. His work style, however, still butts him up against Don in a big way during season 2 – he essentially acts as the bad guy of the season. More and more drama and chaos come from Duck and Don being unable to work together.

Carin Baer / AMC

Whether he’s falling off the wagon in regards to his drinking, kicking his dog out of the house, leaving “gifts” on Don’s chair after a drunken breakdown, or out-and-out harming Sterling Cooper with his advice, he’s painted as a foolish, unkind man.

Mark Moses Now

Much different from his on-screen persona, Mark Moses seems to be a plenty nice guy. After a few small roles early on, he got a role in Platoon as Lieutenant Wolfe, and has been busy ever since. From classic TV shows like Matlock, Diagnosis Murder, and Star Trek: Enterprise, to big movies such as Letters from Iwo Jima to Red Dragon, Moses has been everywhere.

Getty Images Photo by Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

He’s currently “Undersheriff Jerry London” in the show Deputy, and was also President Jeff Michener in the TV show The Last Ship. From what we can see, turn on the television and you’re more likely than not to see Mark in one of his many roles.

Joel Murray as Freddy Rumsen

As the nice guy of the office, Freddy seems on his own. Despite being a bit too dedicated to his drinks, he’s also dedicated to his wife and will stand up for her whenever he needs to. He doesn’t feel the need to make fun of anyone, even while the secretarial pool is doing their focus group test for Belle Jolie lipstick.

Carin Baer / AMC

He’s even the first to notice Peggy’s talent for words, which ends up changing her life in a big way. Though his alcoholism does become a problem, he’s practically the kindest person working at Sterling Cooper – though that really isn’t saying a whole lot.

Joel Murray Now

Joel Murray is a versatile writer, director, and actor. As the youngest of nine children, he was well-prepared for the drama of soap operas – he’s been in more than two-hundred and fifty episodes. He also appeared in more than a hundred episodes of Dharma & Greg as “Pete Cavanaugh,” and has made his mark in plenty of other places on TV as well.

Getty Images Photo by Michael Tullberg

Since Mad Men ended, he’s appeared on Mike & Molly, American Gods, The Big Bang Theory, Grey’s Anatomy, and Curb Your Enthusiasm. He’s even appeared in a few movies, such as Holiday Hell, The Last Word, and Sr. Pig.

Peyton List as Jane Siegel

Starting as a shameless flirt and never really moving on from there, Jane and Joan quickly arrive at odds. Jane found herself about to get the boot, until Roger stepped in, saving her job and eventually getting her into his bed. Jane married Roger, but his unfaithfulness (and the difference in ages) ended their relationship quickly.

Carin Baer/AMC

She ends up being somewhat of a pitiable character, since she becomes a trophy wife, ends up having a stepdaughter almost as old as her, and loses interest in her artistic hobbies such as poetry. Nevertheless, her fashionista tendencies and cheerful nature make her a favorite at the office.

Peyton List Now

Nobody looks like an up-and-comer more like Miss List. She had hundreds of episodes under her belt thanks to acting in the soap opera As the World Turns, and also appeared in Monk, Smallville, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Ghost Whisperer, and more.

Getty Images Photo by Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic

Since Mad Men she hasn’t stopped working for a minute, it seems, and has been in The Tomorrow People, The Flash, Blood & Oil, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Frequency, Colony, Gotham, Star Trek: Picard, and Charmed. She’s made her way into movies with Playing It Cool, Meeting Evil, Low Fidelity, and the upcoming Spinning Gold.

Cara Buono as Faye Miller

Faye Miller is the consummate businesswoman. With no interest in getting married or raising a family, she focuses on her job – but because she’s terrible at understanding and talking to children, she has a hard time as a marketing researcher. Despite putting up wall after wall to keep herself professional, Don’s consistent charms eventually wear her down.

Mike Yarish/AMC

She’s a good fit for him, accepting of his flaws, and pushing him toward self-improvement. However, when Don starts cheating on her with Megan, the relationship takes a nosedive quickly, and she is dumped over the phone.

Cara Buono Now

Taking her family’s blue-collar work ethic and turning it into an acting career has been nothing but good for Cara Buono, who hails from New York. Though she was in a total of ten episodes of Mad Men, she leaped forward into a career that has no signs of slowing down.

Getty Images Photo by Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage

From one-episode performances in shows like Hawaii Five-O and Castle to recurring appearances in Supergirl (“Gamemnae / Gemma Copper”) and Stranger Things, (“Karen Wheeler”), Buono’s career has far outstripped the sixties of Mad Men. Her most famous roles also include “Kelli” in The Sopranos, and “Martine Rousseau” in Person of Interest.

Harry Hamlin as Jim Cutler

As another partner and the Head of Accounts at Cutler Gleason Chaough, Jim Cutler has a hard-edged, media-focused and data-driven approach to advertising, even when data didn’t mean what it does now.

MIchael Yarish /AMC

He acts like the bad guy for the first half of season seven, and though he’s a ruthless businessman, he has his standards – though he also watches Wendy, the daughter of his deceased friend Frank, and Stan “get down to business” once. He leaves the show when SCDP and CGC merge, but not without delivering some withering speeches to Don in particular. He leaves the show after the merger.

Harry Hamlin Now

Long before he was the hardworking Cutler, Harry Hamlin starred as Perseus in Clash of the Titans. His career in acting began in 1976 with a TV movie based on Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew, but he was quickly onto bigger and better things.

Getty Images Photo by Frazer Harrison

He was in more than half of the episodes of L.A. Law, which still netted him more than a hundred episodes of work from the famous long-runner. Nowadays Hamlin has made a few appearances in Glee, Graves, Law & Order True Crime, and Shooter. He’s also appeared in movies such as No Alternative, The Unattainable Story, The Bronx Bull, and Rebirth.

Multiple Young Actors as Bobby and Gene Draper

Bobby and Gene Draper were little more than set dressing for most of the show, being the two younger children to Don and Betty. However, Bobby, the older of the two, got a few spots in the limelight in the episodes “The Flood” and “Field Trip.”

Entertainment weekly/AMC:Everett Collection

While Sally has plenty of her problems and is neglected by both children, Bobby is Don’s favorite – Don sees something of himself in the boy – and Gene is named after Betty’s deceased father, and she is often very tender with him. The characters don’t have a lot of detail, but Bobby is pretty klutzy. Gene was born late in the show, so he’s character is little more than “baby.”

Bobby Actors, Part 1: Maxwell Huckabee and Aaron Hart

As the first actor to play young Bobby, Maxwell didn’t last all that long – a mere seven episodes in season one. However, this actor has already made something of a name for himself, having appeared in Alias, Dexter, Chuck, and Bones.

Getty Images Photo by Kevork Djansezian

However, the actor hasn’t appeared on screens much since his last role, on one episode of Pretty Little Liars. Aaron Hart has a few more credits to his name, including more than fifty episodes of Guiding Light. After Mad Men, he was in Criminal Minds, Ghost Whisperer, and a few short films.

Bobby Actors, Part 2: Jared Gilmore and Mason Vale Cotton

Jared Gilmore has a much larger list of credits than the previous two Bobbys, including acting as the main character on Once Upon a Time. He’s had a few smaller TV roles as well and was even in a few small movies. He’s also lent his voice to Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection , which has him linking up again with fellow mad man Rich Sommer.

Getty Images Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic & Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

Finally, Mason Vale Cotton got the most screen time as Bobby, with two episodes focused on him, though otherwise, he hasn’t done a great deal. He’s had a few small movie and TV roles and was the voice of Arnold in Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie. Before Mad Men, he was a regular cast member on Desperate Housewives.