“The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree” ­- Celebrity Parents And Their Children Today Part 2

There are two kinds of celeb kids. Ones who hunker down in the shadow of their famous folks,  living strictly out of the spotlight, and ones who fully thrive when all eyes are on them. As you may have guessed, we love the second kind.
Getty Images Photo by Todd Williamson
Getty Images Photo by Todd Williamson

These kids have grown up (some are still growing) to be pretty darn impressive, often matching parents. Curious to know more? Check out part two of celebrity parents and their children today.

Kelsey Grammer & Greer Grammer

Kelsey Grammer , is an actor and comedian best known for his character, Dr. Frasier Crane, on the sitcoms Cheers and later  Frasier . Most are not aware of this. but Kelsey  was a producer, director, writer, and as a voice actor on the animated sitcom,  The Simpsons. He was the voice of the character Sideshow Bob. He’s won 5 Primetime Emmy’s among his other awards.


His daughter,  Greer Grammer , is a former beauty pageant queen and actress. She’s probably familiar to you if you’ve ever watched MTV’s,  Awkward , she plays the character, Lissa Miller .

Lionel Richie & Sofia Richie

“Hello! Is it me you’re looking for?” Why, yes, we’re always looking for more Lionel Richie. He started off his music career as one of the members of the funk & soul band, the Commodores.  After the band split, he moved on to have a phenomenal solo singing career, becoming one of the most acclaimed artists of his generation.


Lionel Richie’s  younger daughter,  Sophia Richie, has been receiving media attention since she started her modeling career at 14-years-old. As of late, she has been the bad girl of the Richie family after she began dating  Scott Disick,   Kourtney Kardashian ’s ex-husband, who is also 16 years her senior.

Glikeriya Shirokova & Kristina Pimenova

Glikeriya Shirokova , is a retired Russian model, the wife of retired Russian football player, Ruslan Pimenova, and mother of  Kristina Pimenova , a child-model, who been in modeling campaigns since she was 3-years-old.  Glikeriya , is also her daughter manager…we can say she’s her  momager.


Besides being a model, now 13-year-old  Kristina Pimenova is also a gymnast. Little  Pimenova is set to appear in some upcoming films, so keep an eye out for this rising star.

Stephanie, Megan & Morgan Boyd

If you have an Instagram account you probably come upon a picture of the adorable  Megan & Morgan Boyd  at least once. Their known for their unique phenotype of mocha-brown skin and ocean-blue eyes, which isn’t common in people of African decent. One of the twins also has Heterochromia , meaning eyes of two different colors. She has one blue eye and one brown one. How cool!


Their mom does their photo shoots and manages their social media accounts. But she insists that the girl have a love for fashion and often choose for themselves what they want to wear. We will probably see them on the cover of a magazine in the future. We’ll stay tuned.

Maci Bookout & Bentley Edwards

Maci Bookout first appeared on our TV screens on MTV’s reality show, 16 and Pregnant, and later its spin-off, Teen Mom. The drama and conflict occurring in Maci’s life unveiled out on viewers TV screens, leaving lots of room for scrutiny. She says that all of those experience have made her stronger. After a successful run in reality TV, Bookout went to author 2 books, Bulletproof, and a year later, I Wasn’t Born Bulletproof: Lessons I’ve Learned (So You Don’t Have To). She also tours as a public speaker.

usmagazine/Courtesy of Maci Bookout/Instagram

Her firstborn son,  Bentley Edwards , with her ex,  Ryan Edwards , who also appeared with her on the reality TV show, may have been born at a time when his parents were very young (too young for that matter), and their future was not so clear… but it’s safe to say that his mother is in a very different space today. She doing her best to provide him with great opportunities to succeed in life.

Donna Karan & Gabby Karan

Donna Karan  is a fashion designer and creator of D ona K aran N ew Y ork. Even if you’re not interested in fashion, if you haven’t heard of DKNY, your probably live under a rock somewhere, but that’s fine, we’re not judging you.


DK’s daughter, Gabby Karan,  is an entrepreneur at her own right., she owns her own restaurant, Tutor il Giorno, which serves gourmet Italian food. Business sense runs through her veins.

Jerry Hall & Georgia May Jagger

Georgia Jagger  is the daughter of  Jerry Hall , actress and model, and the legendary Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones. With parents like that, you’d expect her to be a rock star at anythings she peruses. And she of course.

Alamy Stock Photo

Georgia Jagger  modeling in 2008. and been among some of the biggest name in fashion, Versace, Chanel, Vivienne Westwood, Hudson Jeans, and H&M .

Andie Macdowell & Rainey Qualley

Andie Macdowell  is an accomplished fashion model- she’s modeled for Kelvin Klien, GAP and has been a spokeswoman for L’Oréal  for over 30 years. She’s also a Golden Globe nominated actress, she’s been in classic films such as  Sex, Lies, and Videotape,  Green Card   and  Four Weddings and a Funeral  , and  Groundhog Day.


Andie Macdowell’s daughter, Rainey Qualley , is a county singer first, but occasionally acts and models. She says her first love will always be music.

Gal Gadot & Alma Varsano

Gal Gadot use to be one of those low-key actresses that we ‘slept on’ until she blew up in our faces. Ever since DC’s Wonder Woman was released her career has been on fire! So much so that in 2018 she was listed in Time Magazine’s annual 100 most influential people in the world.   Gal Gadot  once said in an interview “ Alma , I’ll tell you, she’s the best thing that ever happened to me.”


Fun Fact: little Alma also “starred” in some of the  Wonder Woman ‘s scenes. Gal  was already pregnant during the filming of the movie, and many scenes were manipulated with special effects to hide her baby-bump.

Sarah Jessica Parker & James Wilkie Broderick

Sarah Jessica Parker  has been acting since she was a child, and has had many amazing roles, but our favorite will always remain,  Carrier Bradshaw , from the romantic-comedy-drama,  Sex, and the City.


Despite how we feel,  Parker’ s favorite role will forever be the role of Mom , to her son James Broderick , and her twin daughters.

Quincy Jones, Rashida Jones & Peggy Lipton

Quincy Jones with a career spanning over 60 years has over 80 Grammy nominations and 27 Grammy awards. He’s the producer and composer behind some of the hits that and artists that have changed music completely.

Alamy Stock Photo

Talented actress and writer  Rashida Jones  has two famous parents. Her father is  Quincy Jones , the legendary music producer credited with inventing the Motown sound. Rashida’s mother is model, TV and film actress  Peggy Lipton . After several seasons on NBC’s  The Office,  Rashida Jones  now stars in  Angie Tribeca  on TBS. The show spoofs the police procedural genre. She’ll also co-write  Toy Story 4  for Disney.

Chris Elliott & Abby Elliott

Chris Elliott  is a loved actor who character usually provides comic relief, so viewers usually know their in for a laugh when he appears. He’s made some epic appearances in cult movies and sitcoms, such as There’s Something About Mary , Scary Movie, and How I Met Your Mother.   Luckily for her, Chris Elliott’s daughter,  Abby Elliott  inherited his sense of humor. She too is a comedian and was a Saturday Night Live (SNL) cast member from 2008-2012. Among her most hilarious impersonation were those of Kate Middleton, Khloé Kardashian, Meryl Streep, and Rachel Maddow.

Alamy Stock Photo

Lorne  Michaels,  the creator and producer of SNL  has had a long relationship with the Elliots.  Abby’s Grandfather,  Bob Elliott  was a SNL cast-member in 1978, as well as her Father,  Chris  between the years 1994-1995.

John Aniston & Jennifer Aniston

John Aniston  is a Greek-American actor who plays our favorite villain,Victor Kiriakis, on the daytime soap opera,  Days of Our Lives .  Aniston  has been playing his character on the soap opera since July of 1985, and doesn’t plan to retire anytime soon!


He and his ex-wife,  Nancy Dow,  also an American actress, and model, are the parents of the ever so fabulous  Jennifer Aniston . Fun fact:  John Aniston  changed his last name from,  Anastasakis to Aniston  when he immigrated to America from Greece.

Chad McQueen & Steven R. McQueen

Chad McQueen  is best known for his role in The Karate Kid movie franchise. Besides being an actor and producer,  Chad is also a gifted martial artist AND a race car driver.


Steven R. McQueen  is  Chad’s son, and the grandson of legendary actor  Steve McQueen,  and Spanish-American dancer Neile Adams . Fun fact: Steven and  Enrique Iglesias Jr. are second cousins! Is there anyone in the family who isn’t talented?

Phil Collins & Lily Collins

Phil Collins is an English ARTIST. He’s a multi instrumentalist but is best known for being the drummer and a singer in the rock band Genesis. Collins went on the enjoy a very successful solo career, but sadly, in 2009 he dislocated a vertebrae in his neck and lost his ability to play the drums and piano.

Getty Images Photo by Todd Williamson

Phil Collins’s is the father of  Lily Collins , an actress, model, and writer. Although she inherited her father’s rock-star persona, she has a soft heart, and is also and advocate against bullying.

Drew Barrymore & Frankie Barrymore Kopelman

Drew Barrymore comes from a family of actors. Google the last name “Barrymore” and you will will find it connected to the who’s who of Hollywood. Drew gained fame of her own as a child after staring in the classic film E.T.  Not everyone know’s how to handle so much attention, and her she pretty much lost control of her life during her teenage years. She obviously got herself together and besides being an actress she’s also quite the entrepreneur.

Getty Images Photo by Ben Gabbe

In this photo, you can see one of Barrymore’s youngest daughter,  Frankie Barrymore Kopelman . Naturally,  Drew Barrymore’s not eager to push little Frankie into acting role as of yet, but from the looks of it, her daughter seems to like the cameras just fine.

Jessica Simpson & Maxwell Johnson

After exposing your whole life for anyone with a TV set to watch, there’s probably little we don’t know about  Jessica Simpson . This pop star, reality TV star ( Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica ) and business woman has been in the entertainment business since she was 16 years old.

Getty Images Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Her daughter,  Maxwell   Johnson, is only 7 but already has a reputation of being a fashionista. Maybe she will design cloths for her mom’s fashion line someday.

Kyra Sedgwick & Sosie Bacon

Kyra Sedgwick  is talented actress, producer, and director. Remember her from  The Closer?  After having a daughter, Sosie Bacon , she admits that she and her husband,  Kevin Bacon , tried to “shield” young Sosie from the entertainment industry. In an attempt “to get it out of her system” Kevin cast her in “Loverboy”, but that probably just sparked her love for performing.

Getty Images Photo by Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Young  Sosie  has also appeared alongside her mom,  Kyra  in four episodes of The Closer  and since finishing school is gradually going to auditions and an following her parents footsteps. She stars in the hit series,  13 Reasons Why.

George Harrison & Dhani Harrison

George Harrison , is the second member of the Beatles to get a spot on our list. As their lead guitarist,  George  had a major role in song curation and was credited for incorporating Indian instruments and Hindu spirituality into their melodies.

Alamy Stock Photo

His son, Dhani , has got a good sum of his dads genius and is a gifted musician in his own right. He performs all over the world with his band. At one time was also a model, and was the face of GAP. But we guess it really wasn’t his style because he retired early to launch his composing career, in which he was quite successful. In October 2017, he released his first solo album,  In Parallel.

Bette Midler & Sophie Von Haselberg

Bette Midler  undoubtedly one of Hollywood’s leading ladies in the liking of  Meryl Streep, Geena Davis, Barbara Streisand . Her daughter,  Sophie   Von Haselberg  is almost a splitting image of her, take a look!

dailymail/Joseph marzullo/wenn.com

Sophie  is not only her mother’s identical twin, but she also shares sense of humor and vivaciousness. She has starred in  Woody Allen ‘s  Irrational Man. In an interview Allen said about her, “She’s wonderful. She came in with a lot of other women that read and she’s the spitting image of her mother and she was just good… She projects intelligence because she’s intelligent.”

Minnie Riperton & Maya Rudolph

The melodic old Hollywood singer,  Minnie Riperton,  rose to fame with her hit song,  Lovin’ You,  in 1975. Her unique five-octave operatic soprano voice makes it one of the most difficult songs to master. But you could never tell when she sang it. She was also known as the Queen of the whistle register because of her vocal range.


Minnie Riperton’s  daughter,  Maya Rudolph , started her career as a singer in an alternative rock band called,  The Rentals . However, people quickly noticed her great comedic side and pushed her to be a comedian. So Saturday Night Live was the obvious place for her to land.

Stephen Baldwin & Hailey Baldwin

The  Baldwins  are a household name in Hollywood.  Stephen Baldwin,  who is a Trump supporter is Alec Baldwin’s brother, who does the hilarious impersonations of Trump . Let’s just say, family dinner can get really tense at times. It was reported that the bothers didn’t even meet for Thanksgiving because  Stephen  dined with the Trumps.  Whatever happened to blood being thicker than water?

Alamy Stock Photo

Unfortunately, Stephen Baldwin’s beautiful daughter, Hailey Baldwin is caught in the family mix. She once said, “The thing that’s tough that I still struggle with is any decision that my father makes, his choices personally or publicly, it does reflect on me.” But we think this young model carries herself very well. She recently got married to the singer, Justin Bieber. We hope she enjoys her life as a newlywed and that her family sorts their differences out soon.

Olivia Wilde & Otis Sudeikis

Olivia Wilde  is another renaissance woman we have on the list, she’s an actor, director, activist…and the list goes on. Somehow she finds the time to be a nurturing mother to her 2 young children- her daughter  Daisy Josephine,  and two sons  Jason and  Otis  Sudeikis , and tries to give them a “normal” life.

Alamy Stock Photo

Olivia Wilde often shares sweet moments of her adorable kids on her social media accounts, you have to check them out, you heart will absolutely melt.

Maria Shriver & Katherine Schwarzenegger

Maria Shriver  is a journalist and author, and former first lady of California. She is one of the most influential women in America. She’s won Emmy’s Awards winner and Academy of Television Arts & Sciences awards for her amazing television show. Her ex-husband is,  Arnold Schwarzenegger  whom with she had a very public break after he cheated on her with their nanny. Fun fact: She’s also a member of the  Kennedy  family.


Maria Shriver  definitely passed down her tenaciousness to her daughter,  Katherine Schwarzenegger . With that unique last name, no need to tell you who her father is.  Katherine  created and operated a popular lifestyle hub, and she has authored many books, including a children’s book. She’s a wordsmith like her mama!

Robin Wright & Dylan Penn

Robin Wright  is actually one of the few actors who’ve managed to transition from soap operas to film. She made debut on the big screen in the magical  Princess Bride  and recently appeared on the DC comic movie  Wonder Woman .


Robin Wright’s  daughter, Dylan Penn , who looks a lot like her, is a model. Her father is none other than that iconic,  Sean Penn . Before being a glamorous model, she delivered pizzas, waited tables and worked at an advertising agency! We’re sure all those experiences gave hr the work ethic she has today.

David Beckham & Brooklyn Beckham

David Beckham, now retired, is one of the most famous English footballers ever. At one point her was on top of the world. His wife is Victoria Beckham , former Spice Girl , turned fashionista and lifestyle guru. With two parents out of this world, some would expect their kids to be spoiled brats. But their son,  Brooklyn Beckham,  it very grounded.


Brooklyn  once worked  a very regular job in a café as a teenager, not rushing to be in front of a camera. He’s an aspiring photographer and has already published a book of his photo collections.

Jessica Alba & Honor Marie Warren

Jessica Alba,  the  Fantastic 4  and  Sin City  veteran is more than an action hero. She also a successful business woman- she founded “The Honest Company”, which is an ‘ethical’ brand of household consumer goods, having a list of components that the company promises to never allow in its products. The company has an estimated value of over $1 billion.


Luckily for her, Jessica Alba’s  daughter,  Honor Marie Warren  get to benefit from not only having such an inspirational mom but also enjoying her cruelty free products! Her mother also tries to expose her to Latina heritage as much as possible and speaks to her in Spanish. Alba once stated: “They are going to be global citizens and will need to understand many languages, including Spanish, to make a difference in the world.”

Lori Loughlin & Olivia Jade

Lori Loughlin , was one of the most sought after women actresses in the ’80s. But millennials will always remember her as ” Aunt Becky” from,  Full House .


Loughlin’s daughter Olivia Jade, is already a start in her own right. She runs a very successful You Tube channel where she gives fashion and lifestyle tips. Her bubbly personality is one of the reasons she has millions subscribed to her channel.

James Marsden & Jack Marsden

James Marsden  is a model, turned actor. He started his acting carer guest staring in hit TV shows but got his breakthrough role in   X-Men  film series followed by  Superman Returns .


When your father’s a Hollywood superhero, the world is practically your oyster. James Marsden’s son, Jack Marsden,  definitely  got his father’s charm and sense of style and fashion. So we’re sure we’ll see him on the cover of a magazine soon enough.

Britney Spears, Sean & Jayden James-Federline

Britney Spears has been entertaining fans ever since she was a child on the Micky Mouse Club. But when she released her single  …Baby One More Time,  the game changed competently and she became one of the biggest teenage pop-stars of all time.


Now-a-days Britney still performs, but she much rather spend her time with her sons,  Sean & Jayden James Federline . With such a dedicated, fun and outgoing mom we have no doubt they will grow up to be awesome adults.

Nicole Richie & Harlow Richie

Nicole Richie  was adopted by the legendary singer and songwriter, Lionel Richie . He was able to provide her a better life than her biological parents. She rose to fame from the Reality TV show  The Simple Life  alongside her side-kick at the time, Paris Hilton.


Nicole Richie , expressed how her feelings of abandonment, criticism and all the struggles she’s experienced have made her want to be the best mother as possible to her daughter,  Harlow . We’re sure she won’t have to experience any of those hardships with her mother by her side.

Kim Zolciak & Brielle Biermann

The viewers of the  Real House Wives of Atlanta were introduced to this mother-and-daughter team,  Kim Zolciak and  Brielle Biermann  along with her other five other kids. They were so popular on the show that they were given their own spin-off, “Don’t Be Tardy…”.

Alamy Stock Photo

Brielle , is like her mother’s side-kick, serving as her backup against co-stars like  Kenya Moore . Kim and  Brielle , are not ashamed about their cosmetic procedures they undergo and ignore the critics that tease them for it. Hey, it’s seems to have gotten them this far, so if it a’int broke…

Uma Thurman & Maya Thurman-Hawke

Uma Thurman , is an actress of the highest caliber, able to adapt to a variety of genres, ranging from romantic comedies and dramas to Sci-Fi and action movies. She’s probably best known for her roles in Quentin Tarantino’s films, Pulp Fiction, and Kill Bill. Did you know that when Uma was a child, a friends mother suggested that she get a nose-job? We’re so glad she didn’t take that rude mom’s advice!


Most people didn’t realize that  Uma Thurman  had a daughter because she tries her best to keep her personal life as private as possible. But, as her daughter wishes to peruse a career in entertainment her mother is giving her the tips of the trade. Like her mother (and grandmother),  Maya Thurman-Hawke  has appeared on the cover of Vogue. She dropped out of the famous school of arts, Julliard , to accept a role in a BBC’s mini-series adaptation of  Little Women . And as of late she’s appeared on the hit series, Stranger Things.

Tina Fey & Alice Richards

Elizabeth Stamatina   Fey , most commonly known as ” Tina ” Fey , proves again and a again that comedy is certainly not a man’s playing field. From  Saturday Night Live to  30 Rock, she proves again and again that she is one of the funniest actors in Hollywood.

Getty Images Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage

Alice Zenobia Richards ,  Tina Fey’s oldest daughter with husband  Jeff Richmond , has already gotten quite a bit of screen play. Both Alice and her younger sister,  Penelope , have starred in their parents’ television projects. Alice  played young  Liz Lemon  on the show  30 Rock, and also in an American Express print ad alongside her mother.

Jennifer Garner & Violet Affleck

When you see Jennifer Garner in a series or movie, you know it won’t the average “damsel in distress” flick. She’s know for playing roles of strong and powerful women.

Getty Images Photo by Michael Tran/FilmMagic

Violet Affleck  is  Jennifer Garner’s first born with ex-husband,  Ben Affleck . Violet is always seen accompanying her mom with such elegance and poise not expect from such a young girl. People say that she looks a lot like her when she was her age. What do you think!?

Jude Law & Rafferty Law

Jude Law  is a English actor, who got international fame after his spectacular performance in the American movie,   The Talented Mr. Ripley, for which he was nominated for a Golden Globe. Since  his proven to be one of Hollywood’s favorite British actors. We can’t wait to see him in the up and coming Captain Marvel movie.


Jude Law’s son with actress  Sadie Frost is  Rafferty . He models for Dior, but says that his true passion is music. He DJ’s and plays many instruments including the guitar, piano, bass, and drums. Rafferty  is also known as a lady’s men…he must has his father’s charm.

Kim Basinger & Ireland Baldwin

Kim Basinger , started her career as a fashion model in New York city, and soon climbed her way up to stardom, eventually becoming a Bond’s Girl,  in  Never Say Never Again  (1983), of the Jame Bond movie series.

Alamy Stock Photo

Ireland Baldwin’s  parents,  Kim Basinger  and  Alec Baldwin  had a very public divorce that made worldwide headlines followed by a nasty custody battle. She’s expressed in the past how her parents split effected her, consequently, she struggled with addiction for many years. She is new recovered and is modeling, just like her mom, we she was her age.

Blythe Danner & Gwyneth Paltrow

Blythe Danner is a talented screen and Broadway actress. She’s received numerous accolades- she won a Tony awards, two Primetime Emmy awards and has been nominated for many others. As she’s quite a funny lady and has spectacular comedic timing, she was nominated for a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series for her role in the sitcom Will & Grace. And let’s not forget her in the comedy movie series  Meet the Parents, alongside  Robert DeNiro.


Gwyneth Paltrow  made her second appearance on our list, not as a mother this time, but as the daughter of the legendary,  Blythe Danner . Gwyneth Paltrow fans love her quirky comments and ‘clap backs’ on social media, I guess we know where she gets her fun sense of humor from now.

Heidi Klum & Helene Klum

Heidi Klum , in a German-American model, turned modern day Renaissance woman. In 2011, Forbes ranked her second on their list of the “World’s Top-Earning Models”. Among her many business ventures her fans love seeing her as a judge on the American talent show competition,  America’s Got Talent , she’s been on the show since 2013.

Pinterest/arn du

Her daughter, Helene Klum , loves to dance, her mother told Hello! magazine how she dances 15 hours a week. When asked if little Helene  will be fallowing her mothers footsteps she said “[Leni] wants to dance right now. I’m letting her do what she wants to do. I’m not putting any seeds in my kids’ heads of what they should do. I want them to come up with their own things.”

Karen Clancy & Abbey Clancy

Abbey Clancy  is a British model that rose to fame after she appeared on the reality TV show,  Britain’s Next Top Model . Since then she’s been rocking cat walks around the world. In 2016 she was also able to add ‘author’ to her resume when she published her first book,  Remember My Name.

Alamy Stock Photo

Karen Clancy, Abby’s  mother has always been supportive of her daughter’s career. And we and surely Abby, are thankful to her for passing down those amazing genes of hers.

Tina Knowles & Beyoncé Knowles Carter

Beyoncé, also known as, Queen Bey.  Has been on top of the music world ever since she debuted in the girl’s group Destiny’s Child. She’s also one of the most wealthy entertainers in the industry. Her mother,  Tina Knowles , had a lot to do with the success of her daughter. Once Beyoncé  expressed her desire to become a singer and dancer, she enrolled her in classes and competitions. She also managed her, was her costume designer in the beginning of her commercial success.

Alamy Stock Photo

Beyoncé was very lucky to have a mother that believed in her dream and motivated her to become the woman she is today.

Alan Thicke & Robin Thicke

Alan Thicke , is our second Canadian entertainer on the list. He was a beloved comedian, talk show host and of course, actor! In 2016, Alan died, suddenly, after falling at a ice- skating rink at the age of 69. His son,  Robin Thicke , is also a great entertainer, he’s a singer, songwriter and actor. And not to forget- the creator of one the most groovy love songs ever,  “Lost Without You”.

Etcanada/Robin Platzer/Twin Images/ Lfi/UPPA/ZUMAPRESS.com

Robin Thicke  is already living up to his father’s legacy, and is able to win over a crowd effortlessly.

Ice Cube & O’Shea Jackson Jr.

O’Shea Jackson Sr.  also known by the moniker,  Ice Cube, is the former gangsta rapper, from the hip hop group N.W.A., turned actor, business man and most importantly father (as he would say).  Ice Cube,  is known as one of the best hip-hop lyricists. His son  O’Shea Jackson Jr. , who there;s no doubting is his son if you look at the photo, is also a gifted actor, and musician.


In 2015,   O’Shea Jackson Jr.,  got a chance to depict his father in the biopic,  Straight Outta Compton. The film was critically acclaimed.

Paul McCartney & James McCartney

Paul McCartney , if you haven’t heard this name before you couldn’t possibly be from earth, so you must be an alien. So we’ll give you a briefing. Once upon a time there was a British band, arguably one of the most influential bands of all times, called The Beatles . He was one of the songwriters and singers of this iconic group, needless to say…he was quite a big deal at one time.

Alamy Stock Photo

James McCartney, much like his parents Paul and  Linda Eastman, he too is a musician and song writer. He spent the first few years of his life on the road, touring with his parents band, Wings . He started playing the guitar at the age of 9. Besides having the gift of music practically handed to him in wrapping paper at birth, young  McCartney  is also an animals rights activist, and a vegetarian like his mother.

Susan Sarandon & Eva Amurri

Susan Sarandon is an actress and activist. and she is loved in her field. She’s been nominated for 6 Primetime Emmy Awards and 9 Golden Globe Awards. And for her work as an activist and humanitarian she was ordained a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador (1999) and received the Action Against Hunger Humanitarian Award (2006).


Her daughter, Amurri Martino , who is also an actress got to appear in the movie,  The Banger Sisters , with her mother, Sharon . She played the daughter of her mother’s character in the film, that must have been fun! Amurri Martino  has also appeared on an episode of one of America’s favorite sitcoms,  Friends . Fun(ny) Fact:  Eva Amurri’s  son, Marlowe , doesn’t call his grandmother, Susan, ‘grandma’. He calls her ‘Honey’, which she prefers because she thinks ‘Grandma’ sounds old.

Marcheline Bertrand & Angelina Jolie

Marcheline Bertrand was an actress, but was most known for her humanitarian work. She was one of the founders of the All Tribes Foundation – provide cultural and economic support for Native Americans, and also the Give Love Give Life organization, whose efforts are to raise public awareness of women’s cancers. Angelina Jolie , started her acting career at a young age, but her breakthrough film was the complex drama, Girl, Interrupted , in 1999, which won her an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. Since then her career has been on fire! In recent years, she put more of her efforts towards humanitarian work, like mother, like daughter.


Tragically,  Marcheline Bertrand , passed away at the young age of 56 after a long battle with ovarian cancer.

Meryl Streep & Mamie, Grace, Louisa Gummer

Meryl  Streep  has been referred to as the best actress of her generation . Not only is she a amazing character actress, she has the ability to mimic many different accents as well.

Getty Images Photo by Frank Trapper/Corbis

It probably wouldn’t come as surprises if we told you that all of her children are involved in arts and entertainment. Her daughters, Mamie and Grace , are actresses, while her youngest daughter, Louisa , is a model. The girls recently became the faces H&M’s sister brand,  & Other Stories’, Co-Lab collection, it features accessories and bag. By the way. Ms. Streep also has a son who’s a musician.

Clint Eastwood & Scott Eastwood

Clint Eastwood  is an America filmmaker, actor and political figure, yes, that’s right, in the mid-80s he served as mayor of Carmel-by-the-Sea, California. His son,  Scott Eastwood , not only does he look very much like young Clint , he has his natural talent as well. He’s appeared in several movies, including some of his father’s movies.


But the fact that Scott is Clint’s son doesn’t mean he gets any role he wants in his father’s movies. In fact, Scott auditioned for a role in  American Sniper  and didn’t get it! Tough love, huh?

Martin Sheen & Charlie Sheen

Martin Sheen  didn’t get an easy start to say the least- he contracted polio when he was a child making him bedridden for a year, then lost his mother and was about to be sent to an orphanage… through all of his hardships he managed to prevail, and even make his dream of becoming a performing artist a reality. He received his widest recognition for his performances in the war film  Apocalypse Now  and the political drama series  The West Wing,  and has been sought after ever since. His son  Charlie Sheen  on the other hand didn’t have to experience such hardship, luckily!


Charlie Sheen  has a very successful acting career, to the point where he was the highest-paid American TV star on a network primetime show ($1.8 million per episode) for his role in  Two and a Half Men .

Donald Sutherland & Kiefer Sutherland

This father and son duo come from Canada, and have taken over U.S. television.  Donald Sutherland’s has been on our TV screens for over 50 years. He is known as one of the most versatile and prestigious Canadian actors. He has been inducted in both the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Canadian Walk of Fame. And at the age of 83, he is still doing what he loves.


Donald Sutherland’s son, Kiefer Sutherland , conquered American Television when he stared in the hit series,  24 . What’s better than seeing one Sutherlandon the big screen? Seeing both of them, in the same movie! In 2015 the father and son actor appeared together in the western-drama film,  Forsaken.  Fun Fact- Kiefer   and fellow actor,  Robert Downey, Jr.  were roommates for 3 years when he first moved to Hollywood.

Julianne Moore & Liv Freundlich

Julianne Moore is one of Hollywood’s favoritredheadsds. Not only is her hair color natural, but so is her ability to adapt to any character that she portrays. She has received many accolades for her outstanding performances. Moore is also a writer, she’s published  a series of children’s books about a character named “Freckleface Strawberry”. She and her husband, director Bart Freundlich, have two children together.

Getty Images Photo by James Devaney/GC Images

Not only did Moore’s daughter,  Liv Freundlich , inherit her fabulous ginger hair, but also her dramatic talent. She has appeared in the latest Jurassic Park movie and from the looks of it, she has a bright career ahead!

Melanie Griffith & Dakota Johnson

Melanie Griffith first achieved mainstream success in the mid-’80s for her role in the thriller,  Body Double. And in the early 2000’s she made her Broadway debut in the musical Chicago .  Melanie Griffith  is the mother of   Dakota Johnson.


After appearing in several minor roles,  Dakota Johnson , finally landed her breakthrough movie role when she played Anastasia Steele in the  Fifty Shades  series. After the success of the series she became a very requested actress. She is also known for her good fashion sense and has appeared on the  Best Dressed  lists of fashion blogs.

Heather Locklear & Ava Elizabeth Sambora

Who can forget the blond beauty, Amanda Woodward, from the 90’s soap opera  Melrose Place , played by  Heather Locklear. The actress then wen ton the appear in the successful sitcom Spin City , that earned her two Golden Globe nominations.


Ava Elizabeth Sambora is the only daughter of  Heather Locklear  and  Richie Sambora,  guitarist and one of the founding members of the rock band,  Bon Jovi . In L.A.’s fashion week, Ava walked the runway in her father’s fashion line called, white trash beautiful.

Yolanda Hadid & Gigi Hadid

In 2013 Gigi Hadid was signed to IMG models and quickly rose to fame. A year later she won the title of International Model of the Year by the British Fashion Council. It’s safe to say that her place in the modeling war is secure for this young model.


Yolanda Hadid is another reality TV star mom from  The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She has also written a book that tell about her battle with Lyme Disease. Her younger daughter Bella Hadid is also a model on the rise.

Kate Beckinsale & Lily Mo Sheen

Kate Beckinsale  is a British actress, who you probably recognize from movies such as The Aviator  and  Click, the latter, in which she appeared alongside Adam Sandler .  Guess who else stared in the movie Click with them- Kate ‘s daughter,  Lily Mo Sheen . Lily Mo Sheen already seems to be walking in the footsteps of her parents, Kate and Michael Sheen . Maybe we’ll catch more collaboration of her with he family in the future.


Recently rumors have risen that Kate (45) stated dating comedian, Pete Davidson (25). We would have never guessed she’s a cougar!

Kris Jenner & Kimberly Kardashian West

Kim Kardashian , rose to stratum after a sex-tape was “leaked” staring her and her boyfriend at the time, R&B singer,  Ray-J. Shortly after, Kim’s family landed a reality TV show deal, and thus,  Keeping Up With The Kardashians , also known by the acronym, KUWTK, was born. The mother, Kris Jenner , along with Kim and her 4 sisters being the stars of the show. The show debuted in October 2007 and has become one of the longest-running reality television series in the U.S.

Getty Images Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Kris Jenner manages her daughter’s careers, and with all of her daughter business endeavors- makeup lines, modeling campaigns, new fragrances… she sure has a lot on her hands. Not to mention that she too has her own projects, she’s hosted her talk show and has authored a cookbook. It’s probably not hard to believe but Ms.  @kimkardashian is the sixth-most-followed user on Instagram, with a whopping 126 million followers.

Salma Hayek & Valentina

Mexico native, actress  Salma Hayek  made her most iconic performance when she portrayed the exquisite Mexican artist,  Frida Kahlo,  in the film  Frida . And this performance lead to many roles that have made her one of Hollywood’s favorite actresses today. Salma Hayek has a 12-year-old daughter named  Valentina Paloma Pinault , with husband,  François-Henri Pinault . Salma has express that because she waited to have kids relatively late in life, she wasn’t sure she would be successful, and once she did give birth, she cherishes every moment.


Recently Salma posted a sweet video of her daughter, Valentina , giving her a hair cut! It was so sweet, as Hayek is used to getting professional haircuts that costs hundreds of dollars, but she still let her daughter practice her styling skills, and used herself as the canvas.

JAY-Z & Blue Ivy Carter

JAY-Z , one of the most acclaimed rappers of all times, turned business man, is married to non-other than Queen Bey her self-  Beyoncé . Together they have 3 children. The oldest one, Blue Ivy Carter  already has an undeniable stage presence.


You have to watch the clips of Blue Ivy ‘s reactions to her parents performing, or bossing them around! You can tell by her facial expressions that she doesn’t understand what their fans are going crazy about, yet. We can’t to see what’s in store for the little Queen Bey, or should we say- Princess B?

Jennifer Lopez, Max & Emme Muñiz

Jennifer Lopez is arguably one of the most, if not the most famous Latina entertainers of all time of all times. She started her career as a Fly Girl – the  house dance troupe of the sketch comedy series In Living Color. She moved on to peruse an acting career, and in 1997 she landed her first leading role in the biopic, Selena. She was nominated for a Golden Globe for her wonderful performance and became the first Latina actress to earn over $1 million for a film. The rest is her-story.  In November 2007, Jennifer Lopez and ex-husband Mark Anthony announced that they were expecting twins, and today we have the adorable  Max and Emme Muñiz .


Little Emme  is only 10-years-old and already has plans to publish her first book, a children’s book called, Lord Help Me! Her twin brother Max , is very supportive of the idea, maybe he’ll help her with the marketing?

John Ritter & Jason Ritter

John  Ritter  was a beloved actor and comedian. He was best known for his role in the classic series,  Three’s Company. In 2003, John passed away from complications after a heart attack, 6 days shy of his 55th birthday. Tex Ritter , the popular Country Music Hall of Fame singer was John Ritter’s father.

Alamy Stock Photo

Jason Ritter is the eldest son of John Ritter and the grandson of Tex Ritter.  Being from a family of celebrated entertainers you’d probably think that Jason Ritter couldn’t handle the pressure, but he seems to be doing just fine. He was nominated for an Emmy for his role in the series,  Parenthood , and he stared in the comedy TV series,  Kevin (Probably) Saves the World. Fun fact- If you go back to the opening credits of John’s show,  Three’s Company,  you’ll notice a little boy with blond hair running up to the actress Joyce DeWitt- that’s little Jason !

Tom Hanks & Colin Hanks

Tom Hanks is the fourth highest-grossing actor in North America. He has been nominated for several awards during his career. He’s won a Golden Globe, an Academy Award for Best Actor, a People’s Choice Award for Best Actor, and a Screen Actors Guild Award… the list goes on actually. Quite impressive for a college drop out we must say.

Getty Images Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage

His son,  Collin Hanks, has a few hot series on his resume, he stared in the beloved teenage drama The O.C. and had recurrent roles in Fargo, Roswell , and The Good Guys.

Christie Brinkley & Sailor Brinkley Cook

In 1981, Christine Brinkley , appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated 3 years in a row (1979-2981), that had never been done before. She was also the face of Cover Girl for 25 years, an has appeared on the cover of more than 500 magazines! But don’t let her good looks fool you, she’s quite the business woman as well.  In 2018 her financial holdings were worth an estimated $250 million, primarily from real estate and several companies that she owns.

sheknows/Rob Rich/WENN.com

In 2018, her daughter,  Sailor Brinkley Cook,  also graced the cover of Sports Illustrated just like her mama. People were quick to comment on the striking resemblance between the two. In this up and coming, New York Fashion week ,  Christie  and Sailor  will walk the runway together! How cool is that?

Will Smith & Jaden Smith

Will Smith , there’s almost no need to explain who he is. Among his Oscar nominations and Grammy’s, he’s currently also one of Instagram favorite personalities. Jaden Smith is a young philosopher at heart, sharing his deepest thoughts on social media, but they aren’t often understood by his peers.  Jaden attempted to open more people’s minds to gender fluidity when he became the first male model to model women’s wear for Louis Vuitton.  Jaden  also is a co-owner of the spring water company Just Water , that manufactures and distributes water in paper bottles rather than plastic, in order to reduce waste. If that wasn’t enough, nowadays he’s attempting to develop a water filtration system that’s affordable and can be used in underdeveloped countries.

Getty Images Photo by Gustavo Caballero

Fun fact about the Smith’s- Jaden’s name is inspired by his mother,  Jada Pinkett Smith ‘s name, while his sister’s name, Willow,  was inspired by their dad’s name William.

Kate Moss & Lila Grace Moss

Kate Moss,  the English fashion model, and businesswomen, was known as one of the “50 Sexiest Women of All Time” and has made the cover of several magazines around the world. Her daughter,  Lila Grace Moss,  has already landed a cover on Vogue !


Kate Moss, once known as the face of “Heroin chic” and for her infamous mantra “nothing tastes as great as skinny feels”, years later, now as a mother to a 16-year-old -young woman, she regrets spread that idea. She empowers her daughter and other young women and encourages them to be body-positive and not give in western beauty standards.

Mike Tyson & Miguel Tyson

Mike Tyson , formerly known as The Baddest Man on the Planet,  was once the champion of the boxing world since then he’s calmed downed his aggression and became a family man. After all, he has 8 kids, it’s hard to a healthy work-life balance when you have a house full.


In a recent video, Miguel Tyson, Mike Tyson’s  son, was seen showing his moves on a punching bag, and it’s safe to say that he definitely inherited some of his father’s talent. His father, however, prefers that he peruse and different career path than he did. With all the talk around the damages of Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), no wonder he not keen on his son being a pro boxer.

Natalie Portman & Aleph

Israeli-American actress  Natalie Portman , her most celebrated role was in the film Black Swan, where she portrayed a ballerina with a dark side. She won several awards for her performance. Portman is married to French dancer and choreographer Benjamin Millepied. The couple are both dedicated to supporting the arts, which they feel are neglected in the public education system.


The couple has two children, including their 7-year-old son, Aleph . With the support of two very artistic parents. we can surely expect Aleph to have the support he needs to cultivate his talents.  Will he be a dancer like his father? An actor like his mother? Who knows?

Damon Wayans & Damon Wayans Jr.

Damon Wayans  and  Damon Wayans Jr.  must be the most hilarious father-son duo in Hollywood. Damon Sr.  comes from a lineage of talented performers- his mother was a singer, and six out of his nine siblings are accomplished actors, what are the chances?! So it seems that it is only natural that Damon Jr. would follow in his family’s footsteps. Damon Sr. was a writer for the hit sketch comedy show,   In Living Color,  and the co-creator/co-producer of many other classic movies and TV shows like Major Payne and My Wife and Kids.   Damon Jr . started his acting career at a young age when he played the younger version of his father in the movie Blankman in 1994. You can catch him on the comedy show New Girl .

Alamy Stock Photo

They actually look like brothers in this photo rather than father and son. Would you believe that Damon Sr. is 58?! He sure is aging well, but then again you know what they say, “black don’t crack”.

Teresa Giudice & Gia Giudice

This spicy Italian mother and daughter pair are best known from the reality TV show,  The Real Housewives of New Jersey . This family has had their fair share of drama, and viewers LOVE drama.  Teresa  and her husband  Joe Giudice  were charged with some major criminal charges- conspiracy, wire and bank fraud and bankruptcy fraud. Consequently, they were sentenced to serve jail time, yes, real jail! Teresa was sentenced to 15 months in federal prison, and her husband Joe was sentenced to 41 months, PLUS deportation back to his homeland, Italy. This all played out on viewers TV screens, making their family one of the most interesting to watch.

Alamy Stock Photo

Their daughter Gia , was in the midst of her family falling apart, and was really strong thought the whole endeavor, making people fall in love with her strength and bravery. She also declared that she would fight the court’s decision to deport her father to Italy. Gia stated “My father is no threat to society[;] he is one of the most warm-hearted people I know, he would never harm a soul. He puts everyone else before himself… My father did his time and learned from his mistakes. Isn’t being in there supposed to make you realize your mistakes so you can become a better person?”

Tish Cyrus & Miley Cyrus

It seems as if overnight Miley Cyrus went from being America’s sweetheart, starring her Disney show, Hanna Montana, to appearing half-naked on a wrecking ball in her breakthrough music video. Miley has definitly been through a  bad-girl phase, but that’s pretty normal for adolescence, and even more so for those who grew up in the spotlight.


Tish Cyrus  is an actress and producer, married to country singer  Billy Ray Cyrus . The couple has filed for divorced twice in the past (yes, twice), in 2010, and 2013, but ended up dropping the divorce on both occasions. Seems like, despite their differences at times, they can’t live without one another.

Kanye West & North West

North West  is the eldest child of one of Hollywood’s most controversial couples –  Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. From promiscuous videos to questionable tweets, it seems like the West-Kardashian’s are always in the headlines for something.

Getty Images Photo by Craig Barritt

Not only does little North have one of the coolest names in young Hollywood, but she also one of the most fashionable, which is expected considering that both her parents are icons in the fashion industry. she  North is still too young to realize what all the fuss around her parents is, but we do wonder what she’ll think about her parent’s shenanigans once she gets older. Will she join the family’s shenanigans? Wonder if she thinks about her dad wearing MAGA hats?

Vanessa Paradis & Lily-Rose Depp

Lily-Rose Depp  The daughter of French singer, actress and model, Vanessa Paradis , and  Johnny Depp , who portrays everyone’s favorite pirate, Jack Sparrow, in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean.

Alamy Stock Photo

Lilly Rose-Depp  is fluent in English and French, and thus has the advantage of getting movie roles in both her mother tongues. She also has quite the modeling catalog- she’s been the face of Chanel’s eye-wear line and their signature fragrance, No°5  L’Eau.  Depp  has admitted to suffering from anorexia in the past, which is still a battle for her at times We hope she continues to recover, and love the skin she’s in. We love seeing her on the big screen like her mom and pops.

Cindy Crawford & Kaia Gerber

This supermodel and actress has an interesting background you may haven’t known about-  Cindy Crawford graduated valedictorian of her high school, and was such a smarty-pants that she was granted an academic scholarship to major in chemical engineering in university. After one quarter, dropped out of college too, and decided to follow her passion, so she went on to peruse her modeling career full time. In 1986 she signed with the Elite New York modeling agency.  She’s got the beauty and the brains!


From a young age her daughter,  Kaia Gerber , decided to step out of her mother’s shadow and pursue her career as a fashion model in her own right. She has appeared in campaigns for high fashion brands such as Versace, Prada, and Chanel. Go get it, girl!

Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise

What happens when the star of the Mission Impossible franchise and the actress with girl-next-door vibes make a baby together? Well, you get – Suri Cruise! The 12-year-old daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Suri Cruise  is always seen looking her cutest, with her big bows and calf-length floral dresses, she has quite the fashion sense for a young girl. Future trendsetter?

Alamy Stock Photo

Sadly, reports claim that because Holmes  is no longer a member of the church of Scientology and is therefore considered a Suppressive Person , in their terms. So Tom cruise must limit his contact with her, and his daughter Suri. It’s pretty sad when differences in ideologies come between a family.

Gwyneth Paltrow & Apple Martin

Among her many movie appearances, Gwyneth Paltrow ‘s most notable role is from the movie,  Shakespeare in Love,  for which she won a Golden Globe AND an Oscar. She is also quite the business women- she is the founder of the popular lifestyle newsletter  Goop.

Profimedia, Face To Face A

Just by looking at the photo, there’s no doubt who  Apple Martin’s mother is, despite the fact that they have different last names. Her father,  Chris Martin,  is the lead singer of the English band, Coldplay.  Apple is still young, but we can surely expect great things from her in the future if she emulates her parent’s steps to success.

Halle Berry & Nahla Aubry

Halle Berry  has been making history since the beginning of her career. In 1986, she was the first African-American Miss World contestant, she finished sixth. Later in 2001, she became the first African-American actress to win an Oscar for ‘Best Actress’ for her role in the movie Monster’s Ball. What a role model her daughter, Nahla Aubry , has to guide her.


As of late, Berry has been keeping Nahla out of the public eye. Halle is in the midst of a court battle with her ex-husband, Gabriel Aubry , who she alleges to be less than proud of his daughters African-American Heritage. She claims that Aubry changes the texture and color of their daughter’s hair whenever she’s in his custody. We hope these allegations are false. It would be horrible if sweet little Nahla had to go through such psychological damage, not to mention her hair. Bleaching isn’t healthy for the tresses.

Brad Pitt & Shiloh Jolie Pitt

When your parents are two of the most alluring people in Hollywood, it’s only natural that people will be drawn to you. This is the case of Brad Pitt ‘s daughter,  Shiloh Jolie Pitt . Shiloh shows a striking resemblance to her father, but you can also see her some of her mother’s,  Angelina Jolie , features in the mix as well.

Alamy Stock Photo

Shiloh Jolie Pitt , like her mother, goes by her own rules. Some confuse her for a boy, as she’s been dressing in boyish clothes since she was 3 years old. We think that it’s awesome that she has parents who give her the freedom to express herself how she chooses.

Lisa Bonet & Zoë Kravitz

Lisa Bonet & Zoë  Kravitz are probably the most gorgeous mother-daughter duo on our list.  Bonet is most famously known for her role as Denise Huxtable in the television classic The Cosby Show, and the spin-off A Different World.  Kravitz has made quite a few Big screen appearances of her own- she played, Angel Salvadore, in the superhero film  X-Men: First Class , and had a lead role in  Mad Max: Fury Road . Beside her rising acting career, she’s also the frontwoman in the band, LOLAWOLF. Did we mention that her father is no other than, Lenny Kravitz ? No wonder she’s such a rock star!


Zoe Kravitz sure inherited her mom’s air of mystique, their aura almost makes you believe that they have magical powers. We’re totally bewitched.

Farrokh Bulsara & Parents, Bomi And Jer Bulsara

Farrokh Bulsara, most famously known as,  Freddie Mercury , was the lead singer of the legendary rock band, Queen . Although his parents weren’t celebrities themselves, they get an honorable mention in this gallery because of their sacrifice and devotion to their children. Plus, if they had a good publisher at the time, their life story of fleeing from Zanzibar to India and then to the U.K., would definitely make for a best-selling novel!


Freddie’s parents sacrificed conflict and war to provide him and his sister with better opportunities than they had, and he sure took advantage of it to the fullest. He will forever be remembered as one of the G.O.A.T.s of the music industry. So We have to thank  Bomi and Jer Bulsara for giving us the great Freddie Mercury .

Reese Witherspoon & Ava Phillippe

Reese Witherspoon , the star of the cult movie franchise, Legally Blond , must have carbon copied herself when she and ex-husband, Ryan Phillippe, had their daughter  Ava Phillippe . The resemblance between this mother-daughter duo is probably the most striking in this whole gallery. There is are photos of young Witherspoon where she looks exactly like her daughter. Just look at this photo below, you have to take a second glace to differentiate between who’s who.

Getty Images Photo by Charley Gallay

Phillippe made her first official mark in the fashion world when she starred in the lookbook for Rodarte’s Fall 2018 collection, alongside huge names like Halle Berry. Not bad. Besides modeling, she’s also a talented artist and often posts her sketches and sculptures on her Instagram account.

Madonna & Lourdes Leon

There’s probably not a pop radio station in the world that hasn’t played the tunes of Madonna . They don’t call her The Queen of Pop for nothing, she doesn’t even have to use her last name! Madonna has always been known as a rebel in the music industry, as far as her lyrics, fashion, and unapologetic behavior, and it seems that like her personality has definitely rubbed off on her oldest daughter, Lourdes Leon.

Alamy Stock Photo

Lourdes, who also goes by, Lola, is a runway model for  Stella McCartney , and a fashion designer for her and her mom’s clothing line, “Material Girl”. This young woman is only 22 and is already attempting to conquer the fashion world. She’s just as fearless as her mama.

Demi Moore & Rumer Willis

Demi Moore is an accomplished actress, director, model, and former songwriter.  She has proven again and again how dedicated she is to her craft, I mean not many actresses would shave their heads bald for a movie role like she did in the iconic film,  G.I Jane.  Rumer Willis  is Moore’s eldest daughter with ex-husband and “action hero” Bruce Willis . With such talented parents, it’s no surprise that they would birth such an amazing woman. Rumer has had recurring appearances on the hit series Pretty Little Liars and most recently-  Empire.


Despite their separation, Rumer’s parents still remain close, and this past summer they reunited for her 30th birthday celebration. With such a close-knit family, no wonder Rumer grew up to be so confident and successful herself. And there is surely more come.

Diana Ross & Tracee Ellis Ross

Diana Ross  started her career as a singer in the singing group, The Supremes,  then went on and became a successful solo artist, and eventually and becoming an award-nominated actress starring in classic films like  Lady Sings the Blues ,  Mahogany,  and  The Wiz, where she starred beside her friend Michael Jackson. Not a bad company.

Twitter/Tv one

Her daughter, with music executive Robert Ellis Silberstein,  Tracee Ellis Ross plays a lead character in the popular TV show Blackish . When she’s not busy acting and producing, you can find video clips of her on Instagram that will make you instantly fall in love with her playful and quirky personality. They can both act, sing and know how to move…talk about a triple threat, times two! Name a more dynamic Hollywood duo, we’ll wait.

Goldie Hawn & Kate Hudson

Goldie Hawn has been on TV screens as early as the ’60s and is probably best known for her role in the movie  Cactus Flower, for which she won a Golden Globe. Of her three children, the one you’ll surely recognize is her daughter,  Kate Hudson .  One of Hudson’s most famous films, which also happens to be everyone’s favorite romantic comedy, is  How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days .

Getty Images Photo by Dave M. Benett

Kate  was raised by her mother, and the two have stayed very close and supportive of one another throughout the years. This past November Goldie celebrated her 73rd birthday. Her daughter posted a photo of them on her Instagram account, along with a heartfelt caption saying: “Fearless leader, my number one, my heart, my love, my joy, my everything, MY MAMA! Happy happy happy birthday.”These two superstars have become icons of their generations.

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