The Best Photo Bombs Of All Time Part 2

Whether it’s awkward backgrounds at your graduation day, an uninvited guest at your wedding, or a surprise greeting from a furry friend while you’re taking selfies at the zoo, we’ve seen how photobombs can make or break the moment.
If you didn’t get enough of these hilarious photographs of people who have had their shot ruined (or improved) by surprise walk-ins, then brace yourself and take a look at even more of these incredible photobombs.

Speak Now?

Yes, weddings can definitely bring out the waterworks, but in this case, we’re having trouble understanding if this is sheer emotion from his buddy’s big day, or if that is the weeping of a broken heart.


And if so, for who exactly? He might have some explaining to do when the photos come are printed. We hope this doesn’t make their friendship weird. We know how guys can get.

Out Enjoying History

Sometimes you’ll be out with your kid and you’ll stumble on some olden-day cannons. History of course can be all around you. That’s great and all, as long as we don’t start regressing into barbaric warfare. Note the family behind them.


Looks like this family thought it would be “fun” to stuff their little kid into the barrel of this old cannon, just to give them the authentic experience of the battlefield. That day must have ended with lots of tears and ice-cream.

Party Tricks

Music festivals are all about going buck wild and when you’re not striking a pose in your most hipster get up, you’re sticking your fist right into your mouth. Isn’t that what youth is all about, anyway?


It most certainly about that in this image. These two kids never thought anything could ruin their moment at the dankest fest out there, little did they know, Mr. Fist was lurking close behind.


Every romantic moment needs an audience, who will be there to lovingly sigh on the sidelines without it? This newly engaged almost had that, except in their case a nosey hippo showed up instead.


The creature was either taken by the shiny diamond ring or the display of true love. Either way, it sure adds something extra to the very sweet moment.

The Fountain Bride

You know when you’re taking pictures by the pretty fountains and all of a sudden, in a freakishly perfect timed moment, the water shoots up in front of a shirtless guy, making it look like a beautiful white wedding dress?


Fine, we are aware that it doesn’t often happen, but here’s the proof that it happened this time, and the result is simply marvelous. We wonder if he ever got to see it!

Getting Handsy

This couple will now forever remember brunch day by the waiter that almost got groped, and sadly not by the eggs benedict. Let this be a warning to waiters, always leave one hand free.


We sincerely hope that everything remained safely on the plates that day, that looks like it would be a potentially traumatic cleanup.

Times Square Showdown

There are endless attractions in New York City’s famous Times Square, one can’t but help but have a little “FOMO.” That even goes for the attractions themselves. Poor Elmo lost out to Woody when it came to this little photo op.


Of course, Woody doesn’t seem to be showing an ounce of remorse and is basking in the glory as Elmo helplessly watches on. At least he made it into the frame.

A Royal Bomb

Move over Bill Clinton, move over Ellen or any other celebrity on this list for that matter. This lucky couple got photobombed by none other than Prince Harry. That must be a once in a life-time moment and is powerful enough to make anyone in the room feel like royalty.


We love how he plays to the camera. Harry has always been the mischievous black sheep of the Royal Family after all. It’s safe to say that in this moment, he comes out as a king.

The Wedding Singer?

If you’ve ever seen the 1998 Adam Sandler classic The Wedding Singer,  you would think twice about having that guy at your wedding. He sure was notorious for ruining romantic moments. But that was a good 20 years ago, so Sandler seems to be a different man now.


This married couple seems to be thrilled to have the actor join in on their unforgettable day. It’s hard to tell if he’s a guest, or if he just stumbled upon a random wedding. Either, all three parties seem very pleased to be there.

Watch Out!

Even though this little kid is separated by some majorly re-inforced glass, it still doesn’t make the sight or feeling of a dolphin engulphing your head any less scary. This photobomb sure does enhance the experience of a trip to the aquarium and definitely makes you feel like you’re right in there with them.


Let’s just be thankful for that glass though. That photobomb is the closest we will ever get to that funny moment.

What’s Going On Here?

This is clearly an accident. There is no way Selena Gomez would take Bill Murray as her date to any event out there. We are pretty sure the Groundhog Day actor must have stepped in front of the camera at the most inopportune moment. It’s still no doubt a sight to see.


On the other hand, Selena Gomez should be pretty pleased that she got her moment (however awkward it was) with this Hollywood legend. Bill is one funny guy!

You’re Not Invited

Elizabeth Banks, Eric McCormack, and Tom Hanks took a cute selfie at the Hand-in-Hand charity event. We all love these guys but who is that fella in the background there trying to steal their moment? Apparently that is actor Josh Gad! Isn’t odd when celebs photobomb each other?


Poor Josh looks like he would love to get in on the fun, but sometimes you just have to accept your place in the world and try to enjoy things from afar, like all of us mere mortals.

Going Gaga

An important PSA: When photographing celebs at any red carpet event, be sure to frame your shot correctly because, at these events, any background action sure can be distracting. When photographing Katy Perry, the person who shot this accidentally got a very annoyed looking Lady Gaga.


It looks like that might be Blake Sheldon in the back there too. So yeah, keep your focus. Katy Perry is about as much as we can handle.

The Tables Have Turned

A few slides back, Ms. Kelly Clarkson was getting photobombed by Bill Clinton. This time she’s bombing Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi. She certainly looks starstruck, even if this a Hollywood event, being around Ellen is guaranteed to make anyone geek out.


The couple will probably feel the same away in a few seconds when they turn around. Who can resist Kelly Clarkson?

Kimye is in Town

This new mom organized a very strategically placed shoot of her and her baby. If you look for just a few seconds longer, you will notice a certain couple there in the background. That is none other than Kim Kardashian and Kanye West with their little kid.


If we were to zoom out of that moment, we would probably see the restaurant filled with people “taking photos of each other” only attempting to catch the power couple in the back there.

Don’t Mess with J. Lo

This guy tried to make the best of his run-in with superstar Jennifer Lopez. The singer was walking down the street with her then-boyfriend/back up dancer (nice one, J-Lo) Casper Smart when this fellow thought he’d get in on this star power and strike a pose.


Those two don’t look particularly happy with what’s happening behind them. The singer looks like she’s gearing up for attack, with her boyfriend gripping her ever so tightly to prevent any trouble.

J-Law the Troll

It’s not clear if Jennifer Lawrence is creepily sneaking up to her pal Taylor Swift to scare the bejeezus out of her, or if this is just a perfectly choreographed photo-bombing. Either way, it’s hilarious and we all kind of wish, in some weird way, that we were Taylor Swift is at that moment.


Poor Ryan Seacrest is in for quite the scare himself. How lucky are we that this was all caught on camera.

Great Timing

Getting a quick snap with her daughter on the dock proved to be a little more complicated. This guy saw it as the perfect time to jump in on this sweet little mom and daughter moment and make a ridiculous face.


Needless to say, that dude is never getting invited to the family summer home again.

Bopping Around

Another ‘Kodak moment’ forever changed. Though this one might be for the better. Everyone was enjoying a good time snorkeling underwater when suddenly, a local turtle spotted the bunch of friends and felt like joining in on the fun. This little sea creature couldn’t resist getting in on this group moment.


We will say that the turtle looks a little disappointed and perhaps was excepting something different.

Face Swap

Baby turned her head on this photo, so Mr. Giraffe was kind enough to take over. Looks like it was a great day at the zoo and this mom got a little more than she bargained for.


Just as well that fence is that high because, by the looks of it, that giraffe would have been more than happy to hop over and join them on the ride back home.

A Family Affair

It’s hard getting the whole family together. Conflicting schedules, geography, or sometimes you just refuse to be around your brother’s new wife. On the special occasion that everybody does unite, a family photo is the best way to hold on to that memory until the next awkward gathering. That said, you better make damn that sure everyone is accounted for. Even some of the more….furrier family members.


This wasn’t the case with this family. Poor doggo got left out in the cold, only to longingly watch on from the sidelines. Well, he sure did get his revenge, from the looks it, Rover seems to be taking care of business. Perhaps the family will know better next time.

When a Comedian Bombs

This poor couple was just trying to enjoy a drink when the megastar stand-up comedian, Dave Chappelle snuck up on them. By the looks of it, it seems as if this was taken seconds after he delivered one of his classic Chappelle zingers. That girl is probably a frame away from spitting out her drink.


On the other hand, it’s not unlikely that two started laughing from his mere presence.  That’s the special power of a comedian like Chapelle.

Honeymoon Ruined

You’ve just said “I do” to your new beautiful bride. Your parents tear up, your friends cheer you on and in your blissful little romantic bubble, you both jet off to your luxury resort where you soak up that sweet newlywed love. That’s all fine and dandy… until things take a slight turn


Chris Hemsworth crashes your honeymoon and you have to deal with him popping up in all your little memories. That sure is one inconvenient distraction. There’s no doubt that Thor will forever be apart of this couple’s love story.

Hey Bill!

It’s a little tough to figure out what the American Idols winner, Kelly Clarkson, and the former President Bill Clinton are doing together in the same room together. Is this a convention of people who used to be a little more famous than they are now?


Oddly enough, the former President looks as if he’s trying to soak up that Kelly Clarkson star power. She’s obviously still got it.

The Big Bomb Theory

For the science nerds out there, getting your photo bombed by Neil Tyson Degrasse is probably as exciting as getting the at the first sight of the black hole. For those who don’t know, Degrasse is the biggest TV personality in the world of science and astrophysics. This science whizz has hosted the shows  Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey  and  StarTalk where he dazzles his viewers with mindblowing space facts and discoveries.


We do hope for those two girls’ sake that they know who is standing behind them. That sure is one scientific discovery to stumble upon and it gives a whole new meaning to the concept of star-struck.

Strong Like A Bull

Another picture that was captured at the perfect moment! The guy in the background was passing by at the right time and it looks as though the boy is picking him up with his giant hand.


This couldn’t have come out more perfectly, and that little boy looks bad-ass!

Bathroom Stalker

Alright, I’m not sure what is going on in this picture but it makes me nervous about ever going to a public bathroom again. Here are two friends who just wanted to take a cute pic together in their red and white matching school uniforms.


What they got, in the end, was in fact a cute picture of themselves but ruined completely by the photobombing zombie in the background. I couldn’t tell you what is going on in the background here but it’s completely bizarre.

Make A Wish

Did this couple throw a coin into the fountain wishing for a half naked man to come riding the horse? Seems like they did! Weddings are the perfect occasion to photo bomb the hell out of.


The adorable newlyweds were about to get a great photo posing in front of the fountain when some guy decided it was the perfect opportunity to come, rip his pants off and ride on one of the marble horses. I mean, it was just so enticing. I’m sure you can relate.

Just A Pinch!

This guy is a real jerk. I hope that he’s at least friends with the ladies he’s creepily standing behind.


The ladies were about to take what looked like a very cute picture until this perv had to come from behind them and fake grab his nipple. Seriously grow up!

Don’t Always Believe What You See In The News

Have you ever been told that you shouldn’t always believe everything you see in the news? Well here’s to that being 100% true!


While this reporter is trying to tell us that the party is over, it’s clear from the background that the party is just heating up. Wish I was there !

True Dedication

Now that kid is the epitome of what it means to be dedicated to your hockey team. Although he seemingly wasn’t feeling his best on picture day, he made it out anyways to the photo shoot with his teammates.


He got dressed up in his uniform and headed down to the hockey rink with his fellow teammates. Well, his teammates are lucky that his aim is so good. Hopefully nobody got hit with any residue.

Sleepover Selfies

Who doesn’t take selfies when they’re with their BFF having a slumber party? Well this girl’s dog wanted in on the Instagram glory and he wanted to broadcast his best feature – his rear end.


Needless to say, this is the most likes this girl has ever gotten on Instagram. So many that she ended up opening an Instagram page for her dog too.

Dads Not Allowed

Nobody let the dad come watch his daughter take pictures for her school dance. Why? Because he refused to put on a shirt. But the master of disaster found a clever way in.


He looks especially creepy in the background. I just hope he wasn’t in every picture like this because then the poor girl wouldn’t have any nice prom pictures.

The New Way To Eat

This is a pilot restaurant that you might be seeing in a town near you soon. A restaurant where all food is served from one girl’s boobs. So, basically like an upgraded Hooters.


Whether you want sliders or fries, her boobs keep the food warm. And the restaurant walls will be decked out in stylish trash bags.

Get A Room

I’m not sure if this boy is pissed because he’s bowling poorly today or because of the disturbing situation in the background. Regardless, a bowling alley is definitely not the place to get frisky.


I know that balls can be a turn on, but there are usually kids and birthday parties going on! Couldn’t this couple have fulfilled their needs in the restroom?

Live Mannequin

I’m just not sure what in the world is going on in this photo and what anybody here is doing in this photo. But I must say that it’s very creepy.


Why is this couple posing in front of a storefront? And who is the weirdo behind them? And does the couple know she’s behind them? Shit is getting real weird.

Strike A Pose

When this girl’s boyfriend told her to strike a pose, apparently, everyone at the beach followed suit. The woman in the background chose quite a unique pose for a picture, with her hand in her unzipped pants…


When you’re in a public place just know that in today’s day in age, literally anything and everything you do can end up somewhere.

Ronald McDonald’s Evil Step-Mother

A lot of people have an evil stepmother, even Ronald McDonald. These kids were just posing at their favorite fast food chain for a picture, when Ronald McDonald’s wicked step mother pulled up behind them and photobombed their picture. That’s pretty creepy!


Seriously, what is this?! It looks like MacDonald’s was going for a Halloween Special and decided to employ this IT look-alike to scare the drive-thru customers.

Just A Day At The Office

This company should probably start monitoring their employees more often. While it’s understandable for people in the finance industry to feel worn out and like they need a break, there’s a time and a place.


Unfortunately for the guy in the background, his little porno break was recorded on live television.

Little House Pet

What parents don’t love dressing up their baby in an adorable outfit and snapping pictures of him for memories? This turned into a perfectly timed photo of the baby.


The baby looks so snuggly in his cute knit outfit. The family cat decided to cross right behind the baby at that exact moment so it looks like the baby has a tail.

When You Gotta Go…

What a fun looking afternoon party! You know when it starts to get nicer out and everybody just wants to be outside together to take advantage of the warm weather? Good weather, cute girls, but what is going on in the background? Is that a guy relieving himself mid conversation?


I’m afraid that’s what it appears to be. I know he doesn’t want to miss a minute of sun but seriously, have some manners dude.

First Day Of School

Who doesn’t have a classic first day of school with the siblings picture? Parents seem to love snapping pictures and having memories of this day. They finally get to see their children all grown up. Here you have three siblings that are about to leave for their first day of school.


And not only are their parents proud. Their family pet also seems to be so overcome with emotions that he’s also celebrating, Rather, in quite a different manner.

So Many Pretty Ballerinas

The girls are right after their long awaited ballet recital. They rehearsed for this recital for months and it turned out to be a huge success. They are posing here with their dance teacher and wait, who is that in the background?


Perhaps he is also a ballet dancer which would explain his lack of shirt. Or maybe he’s a vampire who’s come to suck their blood. Either way, this guy pulled off an epic photobomb.

I’m Gonna Choke You!

What a nice family picture at Mount Rushmore! Unfortunately, a family in the background doesn’t seem as pleased to be there together. There are all sorts of parenting styles and ways to reprimand your child. This mother looks like she’s using the choking method. The young boy must have really done something bad to receive this sort of treatment. Poor chap. This is not to be tried at home, people.


This nice family was just trying to take a picture to commemorate their trip at what looks like Mount Rushmore. Apparently, some other family members in the back weren’t having such a good time. That little boy in the back must have really done something wrong for his sister to take it to this extreme.

How Not To Parent

Yea.. this is what you would call how not to parent. But some sports fans may say that this act is brilliant. The father seems to be lowering his child down so that he can retrieve a baseball.


They will be able to pass this ball down for generations to come. Would you risk losing your child in order to score an NLB ball? I guess many people would.

Puppy Love

If it’s someone who doesn’t get as much attention after a new baby is born, it’s the family pet. This woman couldn’t look happier to show off her growing baby bump.


Her dog, however, has quite a different opinion. He knows that the baby is going to change his life so he’s letting his owner knows just how badly he feels about it.

Visiting Grams

Just your average visit to grandma’s, the uncut version. While these thoughtful children took time out of their busy schedules to be with grandma at her old age home and keep her company, they didn’t expect to find that grams was thriving in her new environment. Bingo is so 2018.


Bring on the nude Jacuzzi sessions, yoga parties and beer Olympics. Who said grandparents couldn’t get down and dirty? To hell with the grandchildren, grandma just wants them to leave already.

The Center Of Attention

Forget the four girls in the front of the picture. This young boy in the background is so clearly the center of attention. These girls thought that they were taking a cute photo together to share on their Instagram. They all look picture perfect and they managed to snap a picture without anybody’s eyes closed.


They couldn’t have expected what happened next – this boy jumped in the background of the picture in what was an epic photobomb. Way to steal the thunder from the ladies.

Caught Red-Handed

We are so happy that this moment was caught on camera and hopefully the guy in the background was called out on his filthy acts of shame.


Anyways, with a flip phone I can’t imagine that he caught anything worthwhile because those phone cameras are shit. So, he probably just turned out to be a loser and was called out for his unadulterated savagery.

Warm Up

Everybody has their own special way of warming up before a race. Some people like to jog a little or stretch their muscles out. I can’t say I’ve seen anybody doing this kind of pre-warm up. But to each his own and if it’s worked for him in the past then I can’t judge. He must be pretty serious about it with two hands and not only one.


Or it could just be very cold outside. Nah, we’ll go with the first theory. At least the photographer has a heart and keeps things anonymous in the picture by blurring out the guy’s face.

It Happens To Us All

You know that moment of embarrassment and shame you feel when you walk out of a public bathroom only to realize that you were in the wrong bathroom? Well unfortunately for this princess in the green dress, her mistake was caught on camera.


In the photo, she is seen accidentally coming out of the men’s bathroom.  It’s not every day that somebody actually catches you in the act!

Daddy Daughter Moment

Depending on how you look at it, the boy in the background ruined the picture or made it brilliant. This girl was so excited to catch her first fish and all that she wanted was to pose alongside her pops.


Unfortunately for her, at that exact moment her brother thought it would be a perfect time to relieve himself, conveniently right in the background of the picture. We must say that’s some pretty impressive distance he’s accomplishing.

How Do I Look?

There’s nothing like a prom selfie with your cat eating your big dump in the background. I could have sworn cats were meant to be the sane ones and dogs like to drink water from the toilet.


That guy should probably give the cat some food because it seems hungry. Maybe if he stopped spending so much time snapping selfies he’d be a better caretaker.

Weights Before Dates Shirt

Does this guy with the New York Jets hat not look like Will Smith upon first glance? Well, Will Smith is not a Jets fan, he’s obviously a die-hard Eagles fan. The guy in the background with the weight before dates shirt – that shirt is genius. The problem is that the guy is wearing this shirt and not actually lifting the weights.


Seems as though he could benefit from lifting some weights and then he’ll be getting those dates and not just swiping right on tinder all the time with no response. Looks like he’s heading to the local Wendy’s for dinner once again.

Voldemort Getting His Tan On

Wait, didn’t Voldemort die in the seventh series? Whoops did I just spoil that for you? Well if you didn’t finish that series already in 2007 like the rest of us then you’re welcome, you need to move on. It looks as though Voldemort has reappeared from the dead with the sole intention of getting his tan on.


Maybe he’s trying to impress a lady. As strange as this person looks in the park, you must remember the picture of Paris Hilton selfie-ing with kangaroos in Australia. Yea, this picture doesn’t look so weird anymore now does it?

The Wedding Plank

In a few years from now, this couple and the guy planking in the background will have to explain what planking is. I’m not sure why this guy chose to do this in the background of the couple’s picture.


Maybe he felt an urgent need to work on his abs and spotted the perfect place to do that. I do think it would have been funnier if he had some groomsmen do it with him.

Fearful Tears

Who cracks you up more in the picture? The girl in the car who’s crying cause she doesn’t want to leave the safari? Or the ostrich getting his snack on?


Or perhaps it’s the llama who seems to be just hanging out in the back minding his own business. A day at the safari can mean a lot of things and you never know what you’re going to get.

Where’s Waldo?

Can you find Waldo? It’s quite easy to spot him in the background of this picture. Just like the rest of us, Waldo also needs to eat and he likes to take advantage of half-prices appetizers as much as the next Joe.


He’s come quite a long way since his days in the books. Check out the next one who is Harry Potter’s ultimate arch-rival!


If you look at it for long enough, the girl in the background looks a lot like Chewbacca. Maybe it’s his sister, Drewbacca. I do wonder whether the four people in the picture took the picture simply because they were enjoying their time together or because they want to remember the Star Wars character look-a-like that they spotted.


Either way, you can probably expect to see her on Ellen soon!

Picture Not So Perfect

Remember when we said pictures are worth a thousand words. Well that’s basically how we feel about this picture. It sums up perfectly what it’s like to be a teenager, all in one picture.


Every family has that black sheep; that one family member that never wants to do things with the rest of the family. Well the boy in the background seems to be that sheep.

Oh Hey, Amy Schumer

Having Amy Schumer as an extra on Judge Judy is brilliant. Do you think she brought along popcorn? The funny thing is that Judge Judy never once acknowledged that one of the world’s biggest comedians was in her audience.


She had viewers excited but also very confused! And the controversy of the day? Missing Yu-Gi-Oh cards. How exciting!

It’s Just A Toy

If that man wasn’t standing in a toy store I would never guess that that’s a toy he’s holding in his hand. JK I WOULD because that’s so obviously a toy! Well, the woman in the background wasn’t as convinced.


Her reaction is simply priceless. Maybe she thinks it’s a sex toy, but judging based off of other things in the store, it’s obviously not. Anyways, the manufacturer of that toy could benefit from a redesign.

Would Rather Eat Chips

You could spend hours getting ready for the school dance and one hundred dollars on the perfect dress or you can just not and stay in pajamas and eat chips.


Which sounds more fun? Well to this kid in the background, clearly eating chips is the chosen option. Follow your heart kids and stay true to yourself.

It’s Rich Uncle Penny Bags!

Now, this photo is priceless. An activist, identified as Ian Madrigal, dressed up as the iconic Rich Uncle Pennybags at the 2017 Senate Equifax. He later reappeared in similar fashion in 2018 when Google SEO Sundar Pichai testified before Congress.


He says that the act is a protest of the internet company’s inability to self-regulate when it comes to protecting consumer data. It’s a perfect photobomb of the mascot of Monopoly who has been around since 1940. Rich Uncle Pennybags was also listed as the ninth richest fictional character in the Forbes Fictional 15 list.

The Backdrop Is Important

The backdrop in a film or TV show is very important as it sets the mood of the show. But sometimes something makes it into the background without being noticed. Here you can see a truck which was accidentally included in the picture in Game Of Thrones, obviously a big mistake.


The photo went viral. Actually, the screenshot is from a behind the scenes video for Beyond the Wall. The Snapchat caption is pretty funny but it is quite weird to see a truck in the background there.

Long Lost Twin

Did you just do a double take? We sure did. News reporter Mustangs Barghouti is on live TV with the same program on right behind him. But, his facial expressions on and off the television look different.


On the TV he looks like he’s explaining something but in the photo, he looks like he’s annoyed about something. Hmm, the world will never know!

Guess Who?

Check out the bottom right of the picture. Well, well, well, now who do we have here? We have none other than the 42nd former President of the United States,  Bill Clinton.


He’s looking as confused as ever as if to say “hey, what’s going on here?” Well, we too are confused, Bill. Just what exactly are you doing there?!

Here Comes The Boom

Sometimes baseball fans get a bit too excited, as did this super fan right here. This is why you should never let your excitement get the best of you.


This guy jumped onto the field but didn’t get very far until security pounced on him. In his defense, he’s just a huge fan and is psyched about the Astros playoff run after all that the city endured.

Selfie Gone Wrong

Who wasn’t taking bathroom selfies in 2010? Everyone and their mother. But this is one selfie gone majorly wrong. Not only is the lighting horribly yellow, but this dude has sunglasses on, in a bathroom. And the worst part about this picture is clearly the elderly man urinating in the background.


This picture is wrong on so many levels. But I must say, poor man. He probably can’t understand why in the world that dude is taking a selfie in the bathroom, and worst of all, he ended up in the picture urinating!

Look Closely

Looking at the background of this picture won’t do you much. So, we’ll help you out. Take your gaze south, towards the bottom of the picture. Now do you notice it?


I’m not really sure how to explain what’s going on here. This isn’t a background picture as much as it’s a forefront picture but still, it was highly deserving of a place on this list.

Lift And Squat

Have you ever tried an at home workout and scramble to find makeshift weights in your house? You may find yourself holding cans of beans or water bottles.


Well, this guy in the background needed something a bit heavier. He’s in his bulking stage which is honorable. But, using a child as a substitute for weights, not so much. Best of luck to him trying to explain that in court.

Educational Zoo Outing

“Mom, dad how are babies born?” This little girl asked her parents the night before. “A stork brings it” her parents replied. Well, this girl is about to get a slap into reality. Her zoo outing with grandma seems to have taken a turn for the worse.


Either the photographer was completely ignorant of what was happening in the background or somebody with a sick mind took advantage of the girl’s nativity and the opportunity to snap this picture. Well, the picture is pretty hilarious either way.

How’s My New Profile Picture?

With this look, the guy could go interview with some major companies. But, he may want to pose in front of a blank wall if he’s thinking to make this picture his Linkedin picture.


Regardless, next time he’s snapping a photo, he should probably make sure that there aren’t any mirrors in the background. And if you don’t know what i’m referring to then you should probably peek in the mirror for a surprise.

Poor Grandma

Grandparents just don’t understand technology and why we constantly have to snap pictures of ourselves, especially if we are showing off our gym progress and uploading it to social media. Which by the way, is completely understandable because the whole act is just bizarre if you stop and think about it.


Well, this grandma seems to have gotten the worst of it. Not only does she have her grandson living with her, filling her fridge with protein shakes and leaving her no room for her split pea soup, but she’s also been given the job as her grandson’s photographer, which by the look on her face, doesn’t seem like she’s understanding much of.

Chain Reaction

A butt sniff for dogs is no different than a handshake for humans. Dogs have an amazing sense of smell which is 10,000 to 100,000 times better than humans. They also have a special organ which allows them to ignore the smell of poop when they sniff another dog’s butt.


Unfortunately for the fourth dog in the picture who’s off to the side, he’s missing out on the optimal butt sniffing that his other three comrades are doing. I hope Tom Six doesn’t make this into a film.

Leaning Tower Of Butts

The leaning tower of Pisa is the freestanding bell tower of the cathedral of the Italian city of Pisa. It’s famous worldwide for its unintended tilt, which began during its construction in the 12th century. Millions of tourists flock there yearly to take in the site and snap this quintessential picture of pretending to hold up the tower.


But, sometimes your photo gets unintentionally photobombed and you end up with a hilarious picture like this, which we think is just awesome. It looks like this guy is supporting the girl (by her butt) so that she can keep the tower from toppling over onto her. This guy is a hero and we think he deserves recognition for his heroic act.

Kangaroos Love Paris

Paris Hilton loves attention. As she tries to get the attention of this kangaroo, she fails to completely neglect what’s going on in the background of the photo. It’s not surprising that these two kangaroos are getting it on, especially at the sight of the one and only bombshell beauty, Paris Hilton.


They are clearly big fans of her. In fact, they are so loyal to her that they only stay at Hilton hotels when they travel. Paris, who’s not exactly known for her IQ is determined to capture the perfect selfie with her new friend so that she can share it with her 10+ million followers on Instagram. How long do you think it took her to realize what’s going on behind her?