The Best Sports Fan Signs in History!

National Football League fans are a notoriously diehard band of sports enthusiasts. Game day is not something they simply show up to, it’s an intricate ritual replete with festive costuming and vibrantly decorated faces. Fans endure sub-zero temperatures to support their favorite team. They come ready to participate in a raucous day of extreme cheers and jeers. And, of course, they bring fan signs.


Game day signs represent a rich tradition of NFL fan base gallantry. Fans who have something to say, whether it’s to a player or a coach, can make that statement with little more than a Sharpie and a scrap of cardboard. Sometimes such boisterous signs are so bold they garner national media attention attracting a viral appeal. Take a look at theses meme-worthy images.

Facing Reality

“We are horrible.” It’s kind of true. People don’t even show up to their games. The Redskins play at D.C.’s FedEx Field to tens of thousands of vacant seats. The team holds at least one top spot: the NFL record-low for turnout. The problem? They lose more games than they win. Fans have nothing left to do but hold signs of acceptance as they process their grief.


It gets worse. 247Wallstreet ranked the Washington Redskins franchise No. 5 on their list of the 10 most hated companies. First of all, they call themselves the Redskins, a racial slur. Secondly, cheerleaders have some sexual abuse complaints. And lastly, two players have faced criminal charges.

Roger Goodell’s Big Top

When Roger Goodell showed up at the New England Patriots home opener at Gillette Stadium, a sea of ridicule greeted him. Turquoise signs made of towels mocking his image wove across the stadium. An eruption of boos echoed. The NFL commissioner is one unpopular clown. At least, that is, all across the New England area. The bar towels were distributed by Barstool Sports as part of their #OperationClownFace event to protest Goodell’s 4-game suspension of Pats quarterback Tom Brady.


It’s not the commissioner’s first unpopular ruling. He’s been making unpopular decisions since he became the NFL commissioner. He’s ruled over several scandals. “Spygate,” “Bountygate,” and “Deflategate” have all become a thing under his tenure. He’s known as a hypocrite who shills for the corporate elite while penalizing players excessively.

Lingering Super Bowl LI Misery

Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank says he’s over it. The legendary Super Bowl defeat at the hands of the Patriots who clobbered his team in overtime after a 25-point comeback is all in the past, he says. Moving on. He expects a Super Bowl contest in the not-so-distant future. On the other hand, the demoralizing loss is still afflicting traumatized fans. Players seem demoralized too.


Post-Super Bowl LI update: The Falcons scraped out a playoff run after a 10-6 season, defeating the Los Angeles Rams in the Wild Card round. Next up, however, the Falcons were sidelined from the playoffs by losing to the Eagles who, incidentally, went on to win the championship ring. This guy is trying to build up the courage to face the source of Falcons fanbase misery. Meanwhile, he’ll take the New England Patriots farm team—and then they’ll get revenge. Soon.

The Eagles’ Royal Secret is Out

Prince Harry suits up every week during football season as Eagles quarterback, Carson Wentz. Alternatively, Carson Wentz just married Meghan Markle disguised as Prince of England. They are the same person. This fan, proudly hoisting his sign, is convinced.


Evidence? One popular meme-response goes something like, “Have you ever seen Carson Wentz and Prince Harry in the same room?” Their resemblance is striking. Final analysis? The two handsome strawberry blondes are long lost twins separated at birth.

It Could Be Worse

The Jets have at least one supporter. “Game of Thrones” author R.R. Martin is a lifelong fan. But this is how he describes it, “Life for a Jets fan is an unending torment.” Say no more, right?

Getty Images

The New Jersey-based team hasn’t been to the playoffs since 2010. Twenty years is a long time. For the past few years, the New York Jets have been one of the league’s worst teams. Check out their record for those years: 5-11, 5-11 and 4-12. Dismal. Maybe next season.

A Lions Fan’s Pride

This fan is proud that his team is first in losing. His friend doesn’t look so sure. The Detroit Lions achieved a 0-16 season way back in 2008. That puts the Browns in second. Not until 2017, would the Cleveland Browns match the abysmal 0-16 shut-out record. To make things worse for the Browns, the Lions may be roaring their way back toward a respectable standing. Led by quarterback Matthew Stafford, hope in the franchise is back. As for the Browns, not so much.


The Lions made it to the playoffs in 2014 and 2016, but the team has never made it to the Super Bowl. It’s been so long since the team clinched an NFL championship that the contest was not yet known as the “Super Bowl.” But the Lions have won four championships, the most recent one in 1957. That trophy holds value, it’s an antique!

Leader of the Pack

“We’re going to the Super Bowl!” Scratch that. She’ll take the consolation prize. This Green Bay Packers fan wins the trophy for staying on the sunny side. Her favorite player making it to the Pro Bowl is awesome. Orlando in the middle of winter is paradise. Albeit, until 2015, the All-Star game was held at Aloha Stadium in Hawaii. No contest. Orlando’s a downgrade.

Getty Images

The point is, only wide receiver Davante Adams (No. 12) and quarterback Aaron Rodgers (No. 17) got to compete at the 2017 NFL Pro Bowl in sunny Florida.

“Stupid is as Stupid Does”

Did he just call himself stupid? If there’s one thing Packers fans are known for, besides their predilection for being called “cheeseheads,” it is their loyalty. Despite being located in one of the nation’s harshest winter climates, the Green Bay Packers have sold out every single game since 1960.


We all know the Raiders fan base is hardcore too. However, in NFL circles, they tend to be relegated to the criminally inclined with a reputation for being one can short of a six-pack. For this guy, taking a dig at a fan base that includes his brother is apparently worth it. Shirtless. He wasn’t attending the coldest game ever played with temps diving to negative sixteen degrees, but with average winter temperatures hovering just above freezing, this Packers fan straddles that fine line between brave and stupid.

Boo! Hiss!

These Philadelphia Eagles fans showed up to add another “BOO” to the crowd by holding a sign that keeps on “BOOing” long after they’ve been silenced. There are not enough “BOOs” to go around for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Fans take every chance they get to express their dissatisfaction with his tenure. The truth is, he gets booed at the NFL draft each year. In 2016, Goodell made an appearance at the fourth round of the draft. When he was pelted by loud “BOOs,” he responded. The unpopular commissioner told them to “bring it.”


Using internationally recognized hand-signals, he indicated he’s unfazed by dissenters’ attacks. He has a way of exacerbating hostilities. Goodell is a suit paid by NFL owners. He has become the embodiment of every fault of the NFL. He’s the reason it’s the No Fun League.

The Patriots vs. The Falcons

The rivalry between the Atlanta Falcons and the New Orleans Saints is a contentious one. This Saints’ fan decided to remind the Falcons of that fateful Super Bowl fail by using this popular Patriots meme. Patriots fans are notorious gloaters. When the Pats faced the Falcons at Super Bowl LI, they were losing 3-28 in the third quarter, the score immortalized by this fan sign.


The momentous turnaround prompted media outlets to call it the best Super Bowl game of all time. When Lady Gaga took the stage at halftime for the highly anticipated performance, the Falcons seemed set to win. The Patriots came back, tied it up, and went into the first Super Bowl overtime in history with the Falcons. An overtime touchdown sealed the Falcons’ fate as the only team who has lost a post-season game after holding a 17-point lead in the third quarter. Final score: 34-28.

Pray No More, the Second Coming Has Arrived

Jesus Christ has returned to Earth for the sole reason of relaying this important message from God: “Run the ball.” The Pittsburgh Steelers, in mortal fear of His eternal wrath, heeded God’s message by running plenty of yards. The Steelers crushed the St. Louis Rams 27-0 at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on the Eve of Christmas in the Lord’s year, 2011.


Behold this fan sign! It is divine. Very few handmade signs boast of beautifully legible printing without major spelling gaffs. Miraculous.


When the New England Patriots faced the Seattle Seahawks for the first time after they met at the Super Bowl, enthusiasm was uncontainable. The rematch was wildly anticipated all season. Finally seeing the teams battle it out on the field again brought back some memories. These fans played on “Member Berries” from South Park to celebrate a very joyful remembrance with this set of immaculately-executed fan signs. (Is that a Barstool Sports logo?) The matchup also presented the opportunity to rub Seahawks noses (or beaks, as it were) in that ill-fated turnaround.


Here’s what happened, in case, as like for some of us, the Super Bowl party became more interesting than the game: At the very end of Super Bowl XLIX, the Seahawks literally threw the game away. The momentous play happened when, at the one-yard line, Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler (pictured above on the right) snagged an interception at the goal line, setting his team up for a touchdown. The Seahawks, ready to win the Super Bowl at that one-yard line, tragically lost the game instead. Do you “’Member?”

Rebuilding . . . Please Pardon the Dust

1964 was a stupendous year for the Cleveland Browns. It was in that year they clinched the NFL championship. Since then, however, faces have remained as forlorn as this fan. In all these years, not once has the team made it to the Super Bowl. Since 1990, the team has only advanced to the playoffs twice. In 2017, they achieved the rare distinction of becoming only the second team in NFL history not to win a single game all season. The Browns home stadium is known as the Factory of Sadness, dubbed by exacerbated fan, Mike Polk, via YouTube rant.

Getty Images

But is it time to turn that frown upside down? Over the past several years, the Browns have been rebuilding in earnest. With new general manager John Dorsey and a slew of formidable players, the funny signs depicting the Browns as the butt of all great NFL jokes may fade to mere relics of past memes.

A Nod to Kelvin Benjamin’s Voracious Appetite

The fat-shaming began when Kelvin Benjamin returned to the Carolina Panthers after a torn ACL injury. He sustained the injury practicing for the 2015 season. It took him off the roster. Upon returning for the 2016 season, the slow and fat jokes came rolling in. But he had an astounding first year. He received 1,000 yards and was the Panthers’ top receiver. His size was an asset. At 6-foot-5 and 240 pounds, he had the berth to run that ball through any defensive line. And then his size became the butt of NFL fans’ jokes with signs like this one. Now he’s a free agent.


 The creator of this fan sign is saying Panthers quarterback, Cam Newton, is getting a bump in pass receptions with Benjamin off the roster. Just a glance at the sloppy scrawl makes it no stretch to imagine that this guy’s first sign was much better. (Go ahead, you can call it fan sign shaming.)

The Biggest Loser Glitch

Hilarious, right? Is she dissing the Kansas City Chiefs about being overweight as well as being losers? That makes the biggest losers, the winners, when it comes to pounds on that particular reality TV show. This fan sign is a clever way to honor the longstanding rivalry between the Broncos and the Chiefs. However, the Chiefs are no losers. They’ve been serving up contentious battles against their adversary for years.


The feud took root way back in 1960. It’s become one of the NFL’s most celebrated rivalries with legendary quarterbacks John Elway of the Broncos squaring off against Joe Montana of the Chiefs. Today, whenever the two teams are scheduled to meet, fans rival as fiercely as the players on the field. It’s part of the fun of being a fan.

Bills Fans Have Something to Smile About

When the Buffalo Bills host the Patriots, the time is ripe for “deflategate” jokes. Since winning, in all likelihood, is off the table for the Bills, they opt to frolic in roasting Tom Brady instead. Besides jibing him for under inflating footballs to make them easier to throw and catch, the Bills fans enjoy reaming him for being a cheater. There’s a cute “Cheaties” instead of Wheaties cereal meme they think he should sponsor. Whatever the reasons, the Bills fan base is wild about teasing Tom Brady.

Getty Images

Back in 2012, way before Brady got caught altering the air content of pigskins, he insulted the entirety of upstate New York. During a nationally broadcast Super Bowl press conference, the star quarterback took a dig at the lodging options near Buffalo. He had this to say: “I don’t know if any of you guys have ever been to the hotels in Buffalo, but they’re not the nicest places in the world.” Local tourism officials responded immediately.

Goodell vs. Brady

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell can do no good. The unpopular NFL bureaucrat has a penchant for suspending the league’s favorite players, and that’s exactly what he did to beloved Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady. So, when Brady’s Super Bowl LI jersey was reported stolen, blaming Goodell was a no-brainer.


Fans shown here at New England Patriots Super Bowl victory parade in Boston ripped the commissioner a new one, in sign after sign. But this one took the prize. First, the commissioner stole four game days from Brady, depriving Patriots fans of their favorite quarterback for allegedly overinflating a pigskin. Next, when the five-time championship quarterback overcame the setback and won the Lombardi trophy anyway, his jersey disappears from his locker. Goodell must have stolen that too. Logic.

Prime Time Dig

She got the house, the car, and the (eternally sold-out) Packers season tickets. Here’s her chance for just one more jab at the lying, cheating ex who has undoubtedly blocked all her calls, texts and social media accounts by now.


Ha! Revenge is a dish best served cold. She gets the last word—dishing it out live, broadcast nationwide. Who’s the loser now? How’s that cozy couch-side view? Sure, he may have found someone better. But he’ll have to wait 30 years to procure another set of Green Bay Packers season tickets. Sorry. Lambeau Field sold out in 1960. No extra charge for sub-zero temps.

Anonymous Dig at Eagles Fans

Philadelphia Eagles fans probably deserved this one. Comparing a football franchise to the U.S. Postal Service is a true insult. The agency has been called slow, overburdened with bureaucracy, and laced with a regressive tendency to “go postal.” The meme-worthy reply: “Well played, Patriots fans.”


Patriot fans scored a genuine win with this one. The Patriots and Eagles fan base rivalry goes way back, but the Super Bowl LII matchup stirred it up even more. All told, the East coast rivals have a lot in common when it comes to exuberant expressions of team spirit.

She Likes Super Bowl Champs – He Likes the Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys won more regular-season games than any other franchise. You’ll have to go back to the days of the moon landing to see evidence of that monumental winning streak. The team also procured two Super Bowl championships during that era. In both 1971 and 1977, the Cowboys clinched the world championship title. By the ’80s, those glorious days gradually began slipping away into oblivion. However, the ’90s brought new wind to the team’s sails, and they proceeded to overcome the Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl XXVII.


The following year the two teams matched up once more, and the Cowboys, again, took the Bills. In 1995, the Cowboys won Super Bowl XXX by crushing the Pittsburgh Steelers for their fifth, and final, Super Bowl championship. This Cowboys fan claims to like the Super Bowl, as if the game is somehow related to his team this century. The fact is, it’s been over twenty years since the Cowboys have played in a Super Bowl game. If he likes the Super Bowl, maybe he should like what she likes.

Dedicated or Dumb?

During the 1970s, the San Diego Chargers and the Miami Dolphins rose to become serious contenders. That’s when their rivalry first ignited. It was on display at an AFC Orange Bowl playoff game in January 1982. The clash between the two high-scoring teams unleashed a fireworks performance, and San Diego’s win made it one of the best NFL football games ever played. The Dolphins, for their part, won the Super Bowl three consecutive years: 1971, 1972 and 1973. Glory days.


Today, they’ve passed them by. The Chargers are falling through the cracks to oblivion on the streets of L.A. while the Dolphins haven’t seen the Super Bowl since 1984. These two fans are making the best of it. Huge score with getting players to sign their banners!

Yet Another Sign of the Self-Deprecating Browns Fan Base

“We Want Bama” translated: They want top-ranked college team Alabama Crimson Tide to face off against the worst team in the NFL, i.e., The Browns. Low blow. But how tempting is it to watch that matchup?


This fan just wants a chance to see his team win. At least he’s still cheerful after another loss that brought the Browns to 0-11 for the season. For the franchise, “We Want Bama” is yet another humiliating homemade sign gaining entrance into the meme-dom of Cleveland Browns fan signs. Can’t blame fans, they’re just trying to make the best.

‘Why? It Makes No Sense!’

These Seattle Seahawk fans can’t understand why the 1995 expansion team, the Jacksonville Jaguars, picked up a punter over the option of rostering their quarterback, Russell Wilson, in the 2012 NFL draft. When the 2013 season kicked off, guess which team was in dire need of a quarterback? Guess which team was the laughing stock of the league? Hint: It starts with a “J.”


And, who’s in charge of this game? Who’s throwing passes over Jaguars’ heads for four touchdowns? Exactly. Russell Wilson, the quarterback they could have had. The Jaguars deserved this jab!

Last Browns Meme!

This image offers an explicit visual for describing the Cleveland Browns’ black hole effect on NFL quarterbacks. It all started in 1999 when the Browns used their No. 1 draft pick to acquire Kentucky Wildcats star quarterback, Tim Couch. Unfortunately for the Browns, his college success did not translate well to the NFL.


The team’s quest to find a quarterback resulted in this black hole of athletic talent, as the list trails on beyond this one, down to the mannequin’s ankles. The fan who assembled this self-loathing expression of team spirit facetiously placed the quarterback jersey specifically on a female mannequin. The fact is not missed by the Cleveland Browns’ disgruntled fan base.

Philadelphia Eagles Fan Dishes a Double Dig

Philadelphia Eagles fans have a reputation. Sports Illustrated says it is for being the most hated fan base in the NFL. In this fan sign, Jay Cutler, former Chicago Bears quarterback, is the target of the dis, but Tony Romo, the longtime Dallas Cowboys quarterback, is dragged in for the final blow with an emasculating comparison. For Eagles fans, these quarterbacks were a scoring threat that needed to be addressed.


By now, both Cutler and Romo have moved on from quarterbacking from team huddles to broadcasting color commentary from the media booth. Doing play-by-play turns out to be more profitable than an NFL contract, but perhaps signs like the one pictured above had some influence in directing these two pro football stars’ career moves? All in good fun.

Is Tom Brady the League’s Least Popular Player?

According to this Philadelphia Eagles fan, being homeless is preferable to being associated with Tom Brady. Low blow! Unable to get a seat at the stadium, she decided to troll Brady from the sidewalk.


Winning six Super Bowls, competing in nine championships, and out-winning every NFL quarterback in Super Bowl history should make Brady the best quarterback in the NFL, period. Yet the 14-time Pro Bowler, who is also the winningest regular-season quarterback, ever, receives nothing but grief by every fan outside of New England. Is this a case of jealousy?

A Discouraging Sign

The Seattle Seahawks are a great team from a gorgeously lush corner of the United States, but apparently, it’s filling up. This fan is using his 15 minutes of fame to warn any potential transplants to the Northwest area of its climatic downfalls. He’s not exaggerating, downfalls happen all the time in the Pacific Northwest. Grey skies and continuous rain have been blamed for increased rates of depression in the area. It’s no joke.


On the other hand, the Seahawks have brought Seattleites some rays of happiness with a Super Bowl championship in 2013 and by advancing to the playoffs every year after, excluding 2017. On a sad note, however, the Seahawks were stripped of their championship title when the Patriots defeated them at Super Bowl XLIX. But what a season!

It’s a Sign

This just in: God played for the Miami Dolphins. It’s perfectly clear. Jesus, Himself, is giving us a sign. Or else, we’ve got a heretic dressed as the son of God in our midst. But he’s got a point. Linebacker Cam Wake was like God for the Dolphins.


In one season, he trounced opponents with 53 tackles while instilling the fear of the Almighty in the heart of every AFC quarterback with 98 career sacks. But now that Wake signed with the Tennessee Titans, has God thus forsaken His son?

Card Board Sign

Here’s another neat and tidy fan sign. It’s fantastic! Look at the care that went into the lettering. Observe the sharply contrasting colors. Marvel at the neatly drawn CBS logo. This is one of the best we’ve seen, hands down. The ironic message is so clever it’s almost impossible to mention that “cardboard” is a compound word.


But the sign did its job. Mission accomplished. It caught the eye of a CBS cameraman. Yet another gratis advertisement for the NFL broadcasting company. And, hey, creating Cardboard Box Signs with network acronyms is a traditional pastime of bored fans. Go Broncos.

Fire Coach Fox

This clever sign attracted lots of network cameras. Chicago’s WGN9 TV featured the fan’s plea in a story they ran about the Chicago Bears and their unpopular coach. The Bears fan base took to the Mozilla Firefox web browser logo to get their message across. It became a rallying cry to get rid of coach John Fox.


The fans won! After three seasons, Fox was ousted with a 14-34 record. In a prepared statement he said, “Thank you to all the players, coaches, the city of Chicago and Bears fans everywhere, your passion for the game and this team is unmatched in the NFL.” Fox is currently a former NFL coach, due, in part, to the passion of Chicagoans.

Endless Humiliation for the Los Angeles Chargers

Los Angeles Chargers owner, Dean Spanos, has racked up very few fans since he announced the team’s move to Los Angeles. On the other hand, he’s acquired quite a following from displeased San Diego Chargers fans. They will troll him every chance they get.

Getty Images

“Thanks, Dean.” Sarcasm alert! This fan is reminding people that Spanos is responsible for sending two future Hall of Famers, quarterback Philip Rivers and tight end Antonio Gates, to finish off their careers on a soccer field. At this point, the passing and receiving duo may never get the chance to be inducted. What could be more disrespectful?

 Spoiler Alert: They Left

The San Diego Chargers fan base ranked as one of the NFL’s most loyal, so it was a sad day, indeed, when their team left for Los Angeles in 2017. After ten years, the team could not negotiate a local stadium contract. The newly minted Los Angeles Chargers undoubtedly miss the diehard support of those dedicated fans. To this end, a PR effort launched by owner Dean Spanos pleaded with the jilted fan base to support their “Southern California” franchise. But, after 53 years of cheering for their local team, heartbroken fans are calling it quits.

Getty Images

With local San Diego tattoo removal shops receiving an influx of bolt removal requests, and with tattoo parlors offering designs to disguise and alter bolt tatts, the fan base is clearly not taking the L.A. transition well.

Not Even Santa Claus Can Deliver a Bills Win

The Buffalo Bills have never won a Super Bowl. The team spent 18 years of the 21st century in a playoff drought effectively drying up any chance for a championship run. Yet the Bills have a fan base that is one of the most vibrant in the league. This despite the fact that Buffalo, New York is the most Northern (and most frigid) football town stateside.


So, in this winter wonderland, it makes sense that Santa might just come through due, at the very least, to proximity. He must see this plea first! And Buffalo Bills fans are so good all year! But, as we all know, sometimes Santa doesn’t come through for us.

So Right it Can’t Be Wrong

This young Minnesota Vikings fan better hope his Packers fans parents are all the way in Green Bay when they catch this image, that went viral during the Sunday matchup between the Vikings and the 49ers. The boy, proudly sporting a Kyle Rudolph jersey, will have to enlist the burly tight end to come to his defense if his parents happen to see how they were so brutally trolled by their kid.


On the other hand, this boy may already have all the backup he needs. Doesn’t that sign look suspiciously well-crafted? We may have a case of a higher power involved here. Do you think the work of Vikings’ fans grandparents may be at hand here? Or, perhaps some aunts and uncles are in on the prank? The Vikings are a great team. They have made significant showings at the playoffs on a consistent basis. Can’t blame this proud fan for his pick.

An Attention Grabber

This sign scored all kinds of media coverage tempting the football fan analysts over at ‘SI’ to speculate that the misspelling was an intentional ploy by a media-savvy fan. He would probably confirm their evaluation. B-O-U-G-T. These things happen. But back to the kid’s point: If it wasn’t for that fateful field goal miss, he would be watching his beloved Minnesota Vikings in the NFL championship playoffs (possibly) crushing the Arizona Cardinals.


Instead, he’s stuck in the middle of a pack of Cheeseheads and Cardinals fans watching the Cards take on Green Bay instead of his team. Playoff tickets are tough to come by. Betting his team would make it to this division round was a good plan. At least he has a chill sense of humor about it all.

Thanks, Dean

This 47-year-old Chargers fan has been a season ticket holder since he was 17 years old. No one can say just how betrayed he felt after Dean Spanos relocated the team to L.A. But, clearly, he feels ripped off. Here’s his beef: Two season ticket passes for $2,600 a year, a couple of beers and hotdogs for $48, and the final dig, a “silver spoon owner” screws over the entire San Diego fan base. “Priceless.”

Getty Images

Spanos’ decision may increase his investment in the franchise by a billion dollars. Forbes estimates the Spanos family assets are worth $2.4 billion, and the L.A. move may boost revenue by tens of millions of dollars each year. This fan almost lost his sign when San Diego law enforcement responded to a complaint, but the officers allowed the long-time fan to keep his sign and continue to air his grievances.

Owning Up

When you’re behaving so badly that not even Santa is going to reward you. That pretty much sums up the Eagles performance in this game. Fans were clearly so upset that they couldn’t even muster up the energy to cheer them on, and instead took to just putting them down even further. Talk about loyalty!


On the upside, the Eagles did eventually crush those Patriots, so we suppose that Santa did ultimately come through for them. We hope that guy trashed his sign.

DVR Malfunction

This Denver Broncos fan didn’t shy away from dishing out some brutal burns to the poor Oakland Raiders. Referencing the show, The Biggest Loser in connection to the Oakland Raiders really bad performance is a pretty good one.


Also, the guy holding it up looks pretty darn serious which almost makes us think that is exactly what comes up on his DVR.

The Resurrection

That’s some high praise for that number 3 player, Russell Wilson. We wonder what the original Jesus thinks about this sign. Can Wilson be the true savior? Will there one day be scripture written about him? Probably not, but in today’s football, he’s all we got, so he better deliver.


We are wondering how long this sign was held up. It’s likely that some loyal churchgoers got a little upset and things ended a little ugly.

 The Analyst

Many sports fans dive deep into the technicalities of the games. Die-hard football supporters know the players, study strategies and can even predict wins and losses. Well,  not all fans are like that. Some just show up for the action. Kinda like this guy with his super constructive sign. Telling football players to “sports harder” is about as useful as telling a tree “keep growing”. It’s not much use, and it’s likely that they’re already trying to do just that. Perhaps it’s a for a little bit of morale. Who knows.


Perhaps this supporter should take up a career in sports commentary. He might make an incredible newscaster, perhaps even end up on ESPN primetime.

Getting Your Priorities Straight

This woman proves who she is really committed to. We’re wondering what that boyfriend thinks. Is he super disappointed or incredibly relieved? Whatever his feelings might be, that whole stadium now knows where they are in their relationship. Perhaps next World Series he might just pop the question and not give her much choice. We wish these two the very best.


Or maybe she’ll eventually regret it and show up to the next game with a sign saying that she is sorry.

This Is Not For The Weak

Football is not for the faint of heart. If you’re at an NFL game, you better expect some earth-shaking cheers from the audience- that is rule number one when entering a football game. If that’s too much for you to handle, then you’re not cut out for it!


These things can play out kind of like a stampede in the wild. There’s always the option of sitting at home and watching the game with your mom.

Heavy Load

It’s not easy for a football player. Running around with a ball, throwing that ball, even…carrying that ball. That’s a lot of work. Tom Brady sure knows about this. So do the rest of the fans, which is why these guys went all out and even made a meme about. Talk about a public-shaming. At least it’s funny!


We hope Brady didn’t get wind of this, that can really crush a guy’s ego. Next time he should try to hold back on the tears though. It’s not so great for his image. That is one award-winning NFL sign though.

I Said Brr… It’s Cold in Here

Come rain or sunshine or even blizzard if you need to get yourself to a football game, you’re getting there. These folks will stop at nothing to watch the NFL gang in all their glory. Even if it means sacrificing their sense of touch.


Football players better know what they mean to their fans. We hope those fams got their money worth in the end. They probably need to thaw out for a few days to get back to normal again.

Have a Little Faith

When you have kids who believe in Santa as much as they believe in the Lions football team winning the Superbowl, then you know that that team isn’t in the greatest spot. The Lions better get their act together if they’re being compared to fairytales right there in the stadium. Not super ideal.


On the other hand, sometimes you just gotta believe. With a little bit of faith, for we all know, Santa could be sliding right down our chimnies and the Lions could be scoring touchdowns.


Forget honeymooning in Hawaii or Venice, this couple opted for the gorgeous getaway of an NFL stadium. Nothing screams everlasting love like sitting in a football game and watching big dudes run around with a ball pushing each other over.  Perhaps the place includes specials for couples like massages done by star player Za’Darius Smith, or romantic candle-lit dinners on the benches.


For NFL fanatics, this is a path to an everlasting marriage. We honestly don’t see this couple enjoying anything else.

Totally Deflated

Another dig at Tom Brady. These guys went to great lengths to get their joke across. We are beginning to feel sorry for the guy now.  Am inflated ball is a tough load to carry, sometimes you just gotta pop the damn thing.


Unfortauneyly for Brady, these guys got hold of the photographic evidence and decided to show it off for all to see. In the audience, right on national television.

Woodson’s Got Us Covered

Finally, some really encouraging words. Kudos to Woodson and his supporters for recognizing his talents. That guy is probably the saving grace of the team. On the other hand, by the looks of those faces, that father and son don’t look too pleased with whatever is happening on that field.


Perhaps Woodson is slipping and some sort of Woodson drought occurred. In which case, someone else better step up to the plate and cover-up quick!

Tom The G.O.A.T

Well, Tom is the Greatest Of All Time indeed. It’s only been mentioned a thousand times. Roger Goodell, on the other hand, is upsetting a lot of people. The NFL commissioner has been causing quite in football politics and people have had enough of his antics. It’s definitely evident that fans are backing the GOAT %100 and want Goodell out!


Whatever “Roger the Joke” is up to, it seems reasonable to try draw attention away from the star player, Tom Brady. Some people can’t help but rain on other people’s parade/


Wow, what a pun that is. This fan took the Punxsutawney Phil groundhog- as one does, and threw it into the word “Philadelphia”. Granted, it’s a nice sign and all but it seems to be the only one in the crown. The sign, which was meant for the Philadelphia Eagles, a team that didn’t have much support from the public was all alone in a sea of football fans.


What a sad state of affairs. There is that massive horn though, that surely added some sense of morale out there.

That’s a Downgrade

Say goodbye to the Carolina Panthers, and hello to the Carolina Kitties. The Panthers aren’t known pushovers but it looks like NFL fans think differently. Even with Cam Newton on board.


While fans have replaced the panther with a cat, that little grumpy cat doesn’t look particularly easy to mess with. I would watch out for that little cat to be honest, and so should the other team!

Old News

The Browns seem to be totally beyond help at this point. Even with a new referee, they are doing the same old mistakes. Not much luck to be had there, in fact, it’s been about 40 years since they’ve had any success.


People thought that changing refs would actually help in the end. Guess that proved to be futile in the end. Well, go Ravens.

Check List

Three girls in their bikinis cheering is enough to lift people’s spirits. It doesn’t really take much! We wonder if Aaron Rodgers and the Packers were really up to the challenge.


To be honest, this isn’t such a crazy list when you think about it. We are sure that they proved to be up to the task. Side note, we hope those bikini girls aren’t so cold.

The Fugitive

If your court date collides with an NFL game, well, it seems like a no-brainer. This guy is probably now deep in some legal issues, but at least he got himself to the game in time. It’s all about priorities really. He doesn’t seem to be too bothered either.


Whatever happens to this dude, he seems to safely surrounded by his bunch of buddies, who, if we’re honest with ourselves, probably helped land him in court in the first place. They have definitely been up to stuff.

Hangovers are for the Weak

NFL games can be hard on the body, but when you’re in, you’re in until the very end. This woman probably spent yesterday drinking and cheering, only to wake up to the next game where she does it all over again, and so on and so forth. Who really has time to recover?


We do appreciate her honesty, everybody else is likely going through the same thing, they perhaps are just suffering silently. They should ake some notes form her, she looks like she’s having a great time. No matter who wins.

Forget Daddy’s Little Girl

Fathers and daughters have that kind of relationship you can’t find anywhere else. But it seems that for this daughter, there are some things more important than her dad. One such thing is getting her favorite player to bat for his team. This sign holder is a Red Sox fan who wanted everyone to know where her allegiance lies.


And as if trading your father for a bat wasn’t enough, this girl chose the unfortunate timing of Father’s Day to hold up her sign. We’re sure that it was all done in good humor and that the father was in on the joke the whole time. He might even be taking a selfie with his daughter’s sign in this picture!

Think of the Children

Sports fan dads have but one wish — to raise their children to be fans of their favorite team. Children who refuse to root for the same team as their fathers’ should that they risk being disowned. This father has obviously made a deal with his potentially rogue son who is cheering for another team.


This Angels fan obviously holds his favorite team close to his heart, and the thought of his son betraying the family values and becoming a Cowboys fan is more than he could bear. His sign urges Mike Trout, the Angles outfielder, to help him support his very important cause. We hope it worked!

Meta Sign

Not all sports fans have a clear idea of what they want to write on the sign they bring to the game.  Not all of us have the time to do it right or are born copyrighters. That doesn’t mean the sentiment isn’t there. Sometimes, however, the best thing to wright comes to you at the very last minute.


This woman now knows all about the power of last-minute thinking. In an effort to make a sign for her favorite team, the Blue Jays, she came up with what was probably the funniest sign in the game. When you think about it, a sign that reads “I made a sign!” could work for pretty much any sports event out there. We might end up using it ourselves someday.

Do It for the Puppy

You know that feeling when your favorite musician is having a concert and there is no one you can go with? That feeling is not great, to say the least. The same thing goes for sports games. So, how do you solve that problem? Puppies. Puppies are the answer to everything.


Promising someone a puppy is just the way to get them to do whatever you desire or go wherever you want. This young woman is obviously very invested in her father’s team’s win thanks to the puppy she was promised. We would do it for a puppy too, honestly.

Long Live the Chief

The Cleaveland Indians surprised everyone (even their fans) when they made a turn to the World Series in 2016. The fans were fueled with creativity and created some incredible signs to cheer their team on. Sure, the Indians ended up losing to the Cubs, but they still have their fans’ signs as a happy memory from the event.


The sign in the picture depicts Chief Wahoo, which used to be the team’s mascot. There were hundreds of signs just like this one but with different captions splayed across his chest. The mascot is a little controversial, but his popping biceps used to be the fans’ pride and joy.

No Idea? No Problem!

What do you do when you want to make a sign for your favorite team but you have no ideas and no time for it? You wear this lack of time and ideas on your sleeve. Or, on your sign, for that matter. Just like the girl in the picture did. “Couldn’t Think of Anything” seems to be as good a caption as any.


Just look at how happy this fan is with her sign! All that a sign needs really is for the fan holding it to believe in it. That, and for numerous people to be watching it on TV.

Until the Fat Lady Sings

The saying ‘It ain’t over ’till the fat lady sings’ dates back to the 1970s but no one knows for sure what the origin of it is. Generally speaking, it means that one should never lose hope. And the Cubs fans in the picture never lost the hope of seeing their favorite team take home the title no matter how slim the chances were.


When writing that “The fat lady has Laryngitis,” those fans were trying to Spurr their team to play its best against Cleaveland in the Work Series. As it runs out, the sign ended up being helpful and Chicago won. We aren’t saying the sign is magical, but we aren’t saying it isn’t either.

Benny Love

When you and your partner share a mutual love for a certain sports team, going to games together becomes 10 times more fun. Sometimes, however, an exceptionally handsome player can be the reason why your partner likes the team so much. This seems to be what happened with the couple behind that sign.


The girlfriend in this duo is a fan of Andrew Benintendi, the outfielder for the Boston Red Sox. Luckily, the boyfriend seems to be taking this whole thing in good humor. He sounds like a keeper. We hope the two get married and name their firstborn after the player who made them viral.

Ricky the Artist

Little children’s enthusiasm can only be topped by the enthusiasm of little children who are also sports fans. Take little Ricky for example. Very few people would come to a game with a sign that looks like a piece of collage art.


Ricky made sure to include a positive message about the team, a little detail about himself, and his own signature. Just like a true artist. There is a lot we can learn from this sign. Like appreciating how simple our lives used to be when we were little and all we had to worry about was how to avoid eating crayons.

I’m Loving Angels Instead

The most popular Angels players are undoubtedly Albert Pujols and Mike Trout. They are so popular it sometimes seems that the fans come to games just for them rather than for the whole team. Take this couple for example. Their signs pretty much say it all.


Pujols would be happy to see that his fans like him, but we aren’t sure if he would be happy to break up a marriage. Trout is married to a woman, which makes the husband in the picture an unlikely candidate anyway, but we’ll give them both points for the funny signs.

Sis 4 Bat

Brother-sister relationships take on different forms. It usually depends on the age of those involved, but most of them have a substantial period of getting on each other’s last nerve. This must be the relationship phase in which this kid and his sister are at.


Hey kid, you might want to think about it for a while. We know that a bat might seem priceless at the moment, but a sister would be a lot more useful in the years to come. She is the one who will teach you everything you need to know about girls and how to dress properly. Now THAT’S priceless.

God Bless

The Pope is a busy man. Leading the Christian world can be incredibly time-consuming. We would guess he doesn’t get a lot of time to pursue any hobbies, let alone attending sporting events. It seems, however, that the Pope did manage to squeeze in a little flight to Detroit and watch a game after all. He’s even made a sign!


Well, maybe it’s not the Pope after all. But this fan does get points for dressing up! The costume, as well as the sign that goes along with it, are spot-on. We are sure that this game was truly blessed.

Mamma’s Boy

The top items on our bucket list are a never-ending supply of snacks, taking a selfie with Oprah, and attending an Oscar party. But, to each his own, and this fan’s mother’s bucket list is just as valid.


Items one and two on this list seem pretty legit. Who doesn’t want to raise good children and explore the world? The third item is not as common but we do commend the mom on having interests that most women her age aren’t that passionate about. We hope she got what she wanted.

Feeling It

The Philadelphia Phillies have been at the top of their field for many years. They took home one championship after the other and had their many fans roaring with pride. When the team that has been so far ahead got a new coach who wasn’t able to deliver right away, the fans made sure to be loud about it.


The new coach, Gabe Kapler, said in an interview that he is the man to take the team to the playoffs. One of the fans obviously didn’t approve of the new coach’s message and made a sign to say as much. We were just wondering about the paper bag. Was looking like a serial killer really necessary?


There is nothing like gloat to summon the right creative muse. Deflategate has certainly inspired some fans to write some of the funniest signs to grace the bleachers. This orange-haired fan and his sign are just one example of that.


Whether the deflated balls were intentional or not, one thing is for sure — the fans will keep making the most of it for years to come.

Tell Jimmy I Said Hi

Let’s take a second to talk about something very important — Jimmy Garoppolo’s smile. That heaven-sent gift to mankind did not go unnoticed by the two girls holding up this sign. Hoping to get a glance or even a flash of a smile from their idol, they put together a sign that is sure to catch his eye.


And while we’re at it, we would also like to note that Jimmy is 6′ 2″, has the physique of a Greek god, and eyes that would look great by a candlelit dinner. If he ever gets tired of playing football, he would do well to start a modeling career.

Eating Them up

Picking a mascot is a tricky thing to do. You want the animal you chose to symbolize something powerful, something your fans can get behind. You want it to exude strength and pride. Animals from the top of the food chain are usually a popular choice of mascot. Take the Jaguars for example.


While we acknowledge the importance of every animal to the Earth and its eco-system, we wouldn’t recommend opting for a tiny little bird to serve as a mascot. Let alone when you play against a team whose mascot could literally eat yours.

A Good Day

There is so much going on in this picture that we didn’t even need the sign to do a double-take on it. Sure, the sign has iאs humor, proudly held up to encourage the Rams’ handsome quarterback, Jared Goff. But there are also a few other things worth mentioning.


First, the watermelon hats. How great are those? Then, there is the guy on the left who went all the way with proper fan attire and used cheerleader pom-poms to create some event-worthy hair. Props on the ingenuity!

Riddle Me This

There is nothing like a good word puzzle to stimulate your mind. This must be why people like emojis so much. Being able to use subtle profanity is just an added bonus.


Just like in this sign right here lashing out on the NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell. We are sure that whatever Goodell did wasn’t personal or directed at the fan in the picture, but he sure didn’t feel like it.

Where’s Waldo?

Nothing compares to the elated feeling of finally finding Waldo after staring at that drawing for an hour. Shouldn’t he be old enough to know better than to keep getting lost all the time? What have we done to have to save him from himself all the time?


But enough about our unresolved Waldo issues. Let’s talk about the two people in the picture and about their unresolved Waldo issues. To be honest, we appreciate their commitment not only to the sign but to their costumes. Finding them won’t be a problem, that’s for sure.

Feeling Hungry?

Many athletes are often approached by people stating they are their #1 fans. As math dictates, however, there can only be one person to man the position of number one fan. We believe we have found the actual number one fan of the Detroit Lions. It’s this guy right here.


First, he has the t-shirt to state to that fact. Next, he has the sign to indicate that he has his favorite player’s best interest at heart. And finally, he is covered in merchandise from head to toe, including blue face paint. If that’s not #1 we don’t know what is.

All I Want for Christmas

Some people ask for money for Christmas, some ask for a new Playstation game, and some have more humble requests, like their favorite team to make it to the Playoffs. Just like this lovely lady right here who is asking Santa’s help because her team’s coach is probably not doing his job very well.


If it was up to us, we would grant her wish and add some arts and crafts material. It looks like she could use them to put together some more signs for her beloved team.

Does He, Really?

Football fans will probably never get tired of making fun of Tom Brady. This time it was at a game between the Buffalo Bills and the Patriots. This hysterical sign spotted in the crowd reads “Tom Brady sits when he pees”. We aren’t sure about the source that tipped off this important piece of information but we assume it’s the same one that said Tom Brady gets cranky if he doesn’t take his afternoon nap.


We wonder who that source was and if Brady could have a restraining order to prevent them from planting a hidden camera in his bathroom.

I Must Confess, I Still Believe

This kid is the sweetest and must be protected at all costs. He looks young enough to believe in Santa, but don’t let that (or his sign) fool you. Sure, at first you think that a little kid believing in Santa and want to say “Awww”. Then you realize he wouldn’t have written the sign at all if he had thought Santa was real. Basically, this kid has the last laugh and all we can do is bow down to this future comedian.


By the way, have you noticed how popular Christmas is at football games? It seems that football fans keep involving Santa in their games as if Santa was no less of a fan himself. You know what? Maybe he is. It’s not like he has anything better to do during the rest of the year, he might as well get a hobby.

Calling Conner

This sign was held up by an enthusiastic fan during a 2018 game between the Steelers and the Kansas City Chiefs. During this game, James Conner stepped in to fill in as a running back for the Steelers instead of Le’Veon Bell. Steelers fans who also liked “Saved by the Bell” are sure to appreciate the humor here.


At this point, Conner had just got back to playing after a few years of battling several health issues. In 2018, however, he came back with a bang, scoring two touchdowns for the Steelers and becoming a fan favorite.

What a Prince

This picture was taken in 2016. You know, when people could trouble themselves with their favorite sports teams rather than the Australian bushfires and the use of plastic straws. It was a simpler time, which is sadly gone, along with our hopes, dreams, and relative sanity. Take this couple for example — their favorite team hasn’t made it to the playoffs since 1999 but that doesn’t stop them from hoping. Oh, dear.


We do appreciate their loyalty, we’ll give them that. Plus, it’s not like they were hoping in vain. Sure, the Buffalo Bills didn’t make it to the playoffs that year, but they did make in two years later in 2018. They must have partied like it’s 1999 when that happened.


A 3-1 score is a great record for the beginning of the season. Lord knows that some teams can only dream of those numbers as they struggle with their sad 0-4. But this Rams fan seems to be a little greedy. At this point, the team only had one loss but he still wants the coach gone.


It’s still a funny picture, though. Mostly because you either strongly agree or strongly disagree with the sign. We have a feeling that this young man heard everyone’s opinions and still held his own. Good for you, kid!

Stay for Dinner

This fan isn’t afraid of anything. Standing in a sea of Seahawk fans, she boldly stands up holding a sign that says “We’re having sea chicken for dinner!” We can only assume that the so-called sea chicken is meant to be a seagull. Otherwise, we might need a quick zoology course.


No matter what this mom meant by sea chicken, a single look on her face will make you understand that she is not to be messed with. The Seahawk fans nearby seem to have learned it the hard way.

Going Nuts

It is no secret that many people find athletes incredibly attractive. Years of training and muscle building have that effect on humans. So it is no surprise that some sports fans go to games just to be able to ogle at the players. This Blue Jays fan is very straightforward about her intentions with that sign of hers.


Such a sign is sure to draw some attention, if not from the players themselves, then from her fellow fans. And if not from her fellow fans, then from the many TV cameras recording the game and broadcasting it nationwide.