The Better Half: The Wives and Girlfriends of Your Favorite Wrestlers

The big, mean tough guys you see on the screen when you tune into your favorite ring might be big and muscular, but they’re also actors playing a persona. When they’re not on-screen they are actually people with real lives and real families. These knockout fighters are often happily married or in committed relationships – often with knockouts of a different type.
Getty Images Photo by Paul Kane
Getty Images Photo by Paul Kane
Here’s a list of some of the wives and girlfriends of your favorite heels, faces, and superstar wrestlers, including some who have spent time in the ring themselves…

CM Punk & AJ Lee

We’ve seen plenty of times when life imitates art, thanks to the acting skills of wrestling. This time, it’s three-time Divas champ AJ Lee and real-life husband CM Punk – real names April Mendez and Phil Brooks respectively – who mingled in real life after beginning an in-ring relationship in 2011.


At first, AJ was hooking up with CM Punk’s on-screen rival, Daniel Bryan, before the writing had her give him the cold shoulder. It ended up being a pretty good decision since the two wrestlers have been married since 2014. Isn’t that just adorable?

Charlie Haas & Jackie Gayda-Haas

Most people are a little hesitant to mix business with pleasure, but not Charlie and Jackie. This wrestling couple was part of the independent wrestling circuit when they got hitched in 2005. They have a quartet of little wrestlers, and they have also opened a store in Texas that sells nutrition and muscle-building supplies.


They might not be in the center of the spotlight when it comes to wrestling, but they’ve found something much more important than fame – and it doesn’t matter if you’re a Haas-been when you have a love of your life by your side.

Jack Swagger & Catalina White

Jack Swagger has plenty of energy to go along with a name that just bursts with power. Swagger, born Donald Jacob Hager Jr, has plenty of swagger in real life, having tied the knot with “FHM” and “Maxim” model Catalina White. Was it his on-screen swagger or his, we assume, love of Keats’ poetry?


Whatever the reason, the couple had welcomed a little ball of swagger into the world, followed by another. Careful, Jack – too much swagger, and you might have to look at the idea of getting your supply cut off!

The Undertaker & Michelle McCool

The Undertaker is one of the most legendary wrestlers ever to enter the ring. He’s a man of mystery who has been buried alive, risen from the grave, and sent plenty of his opponents to their untimely demise all in the name of kayfabe.

Getty Images Photo by David Becker/WireImage

Real name: Mark Calaway, The Undertaker might be a man on his own, but Calaway is wedded to fellow WWE star and Diva Michelle McCool – we hope that’s her real name. Married life seems to have loosened Calaway up a little bit, seeing as he’s been sharing on social media more. The couple has a daughter, and are often pictured on vacations or at special events together.

The Iron Sheik & Caryl J. Peterson

The Iron Sheik was one of the WWE’s most famous heels (a term meaning, basically, a bad guy), but he was also one-half of one of wrestling’s most enduring and endearing marriages. The Iron Sheik’s real name is Hossein Khosrow Ali Vaziri, and the man – a proud Iranian – got married to Caryl J. Peterson in the mid-1970s.


The two have gone through plenty, but have stuck together through it all. This includes tragedy: In 2003, their eldest daughter, Marissa, who was only twenty-seven years old, found herself as the victim in a murder case. The culprit? Her boyfriend.

Road Dogg & Tracy James

Along with partner Billy Gunn, Road Dogg – real name Brian James – has won the WWE tag team title five separate times. Road Dogg is a team-up master apparently since he’s also found lasting success in real life with a partner and wife, Tracy James.


The two have been together for much of Road Dogg’s career inside the ring (they were hitched in September of 1996), and they’re also the proud parents of three children. This Dogg is perfectly content to have a comfy spot on the porch with his number one gal.

Rey Mysterio & Angie Gutierrez

The masked luchador Rey Mysterio Jr. is, as his name suggests, a man of much mystery. His flair for the dramatic and the incredible Mexican wrestling-inspired styles in the ring has made him a crowd favorite for decades. He has plenty of tattoos of his wife, Angie Gutierrez, and their two children.


Mysterio – real name Oscar Gutierrez – is a walking billboard of cool even when he isn’t performing high-flying leaps and slams in the ring. This colorful character knows how to show off, and he isn’t afraid to show off for his loved ones, too.

Kevin Nash & Tamara McMichael

Kevin Nash is a unique character in wrestling, being one of the founding members of the New World Order. He’s also the founding member of his marriage, along with wife Tamara McMichael, which has been running smoothly since it began way back in 1988.


In 1996 the couple gave birth to son Tristen. Though the two decided to split up in 2000, sometimes true love takes strange twists and turns, since the two actually got back together before too long and have remained together ever since. Kevin has no reason to gnash his teeth anymore since it seems like this is a duo meant to last.

Heath Slater & Stephanie Miller

The Heath Bar (as we have only just now started calling him) is one of WWE’s most unpredictable performers, competing as a tag team champion alongside Rhyno. Heath Slater is known for high-flying moves and hard hits like the “Corkscrew Plancha,” but outside the ring, his life is a little bit more down-to-earth.


He’s been in a marriage with Stephanie Jean Miller, the mother of his two children since 2011. If you’re a wild performer while the cameras are rolling, it’s always nice to have something safe and secure to go home to after a day of body slams.

AJ Styles & Wendy Jones

As you may have already noticed, it’s pretty common to see wrestlers hooking up with others from the ring. There are also plenty of times when a big name shacks up with someone who isn’t in the spotlight, like in the case of AJ Styles.


He’s bonded in holy matrimony (Styles is a devout Christian) to schoolteacher Wendy Jones, proving that sometimes love can blossom outside the ring, too. The couple has four children after about twenty years of marriage, and their names are Avery, Ajay, Anney, and Albey. Styles has all of the names tattooed on his torso.

Dean Ambrose & Renee Young

When TV personality Renee Young interviewed WWE star Dean Ambrose – real name Jon Moxley – she ended up getting more than a good story. The two had instant chemistry, and soon began dating. Four years later, they made it official and got married.


Get that picture of a beautifully-planned ceremony in a church out of your head – the two had a spur-of-the-moment wedding at their home in Las Vegas. We suppose that it’s the right place to do it and we hope that at least they were surrounded by loved ones!

Jeff & Karen Jarrett

Jeff Jarrett is a two-time husband. His first wife, Jill Jarrett, passed away tragically in 2007 after a fight with breast cancer. She was the mother of Jeff’s three children, and the two had been together since high school.


Jeff was at first content with the widower life, but life had other plans when Karen Angle – the ex-wife of fellow wrestler Kurt Angle – entered his life two years later. Jeff and Karen each made their second trip down the aisle in 2010, and are still happily married.

John Layfield & Meredith Whitney

John Layfield has been keeping his finances in check mostly thanks to wife Meredith Whitney, a financial analyst. The two got married in 2005, and they went to work diversifying portfolios, trading up, and…whatever else financial analysts do with their free time.

Getty Images Photo by Jemal Countess/WireImage

One of the things they were able to afford was a large, private residence in Bermuda, where the family has lived since 2015. While it might seem out of character for a high-flying wrestler to settle down with someone who works with numbers, it certainly doesn’t hurt Layfield’s pocketbook. The two seem to have made it work.

Zack Ryder & Laurel Van Ness

These two are on their way to the top of the heap as far as WWE power couples go. Laurel Van Ness and Zack Ryder – real names Chelsea Anne Green and Matthew Cardona – both made huge splashes inside the ring starting in early 2017.


But this duo became tag team partners for life when they announced they had gotten engaged in 2019. They have yet to tie the knot, but if their relationship is anywhere near as strong as it appears on the screen in the ring, they have nothing to worry about.

 Shawn Michaels & Rebecca Curci

Shawn Michaels has been under the lights of the big ring for a long time, so it might not surprise you to learn he got married in a pretty sparkling place, too: Las Vegas, all the way back in March of 1999.


The lucky gal was none other than Whisper, aka Rebecca Curci, a former WCW Nitro Girl. While so far, everything about Michaels and Curci is wild and crazy, the rest has been pretty standard. The couple has a son, Cameron, and a daughter Cheyenne.

Christian Cage & Denise Hartmann

When Christian Cage, real name Jay Reso, went to England to take some tours, see the historical sights, and powerbomb a few opponents, he had no idea he would end up meeting his future wife. It was during a match that he first saw German model Denise Hartman, and was hit by a submission hold called love.


Somehow, he managed to get in contact with and woo Hartmann, and the two got married in 2001. They are now the proud parents of a daughter named Isla. Jay Reso is probably thanking his lucky stars he decided to have a few international matches.

Johnny Gargano & Candice LeRae

Here’s one example of a relationship that began in the ring and soon blossomed to the area of real life. Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae were opponents and partners in the ring several times in the ring before they announced their engagement in 2016.


Their engagement was a little bit shorter than most other wrestlers since this couple knew a good thing when they saw it. They got married after only eight months, and have been husband and wife ever since.

Xavier Woods & Jess Watson

Xavier Woods is a superstar who not only dominates in the ring but also dominates at Dungeons and Dragons and has a growing Youtube channel. While becoming SmackDown Tag Team Champions with Kofi Kingston and Big E, he’s also become the lucky husband of Jess Watson.


She’s been with him every step of the way since they got married in 2015. Xavier has a Ph.D. in educational psychology from Capella University, and he and Jess have two children together. Here’s to more championships, children, and success for this cool couple!

Sting & Sabine Borden

Sting – whose real name is Steve Borden – has been part of the WWE and professional wrestling for decades. He had quite the year in 2015 not only did he make the ring at Wrestlemania 31, but he also found himself at the end of the aisle as his second wife Sabine approached in her dress.


Sting’s first wife, and the mother of his two children Sue, lasted with him for almost twenty-five years before splitting up. So here’s to hoping that Sabine and Steve can go the distance.

Jeff Hardy & Beth Britt

In 1999 Jeff Hardy was at the top of the heap after winning the WWF Tag Team Championship with his real-life brother Matt. Things only improved for this superstar when he met Beth Britt in a North Carolina club.


This couple certainly took their time making their way down the aisle, getting married after twelve years, in 2011. Their first daughter came in October of 2010, and their second came December of 2015. The couple is still together, and Beth is often seen supporting Hardy at public events.

Bret Hart & Stephanie Washington

Bret “The Hitman” Hart is hoping the third time’s the charm when it comes to romance. Stephanie Washington is almost half his age, and the two walked down the aisle in 2010.


Bret and Stephanie have some time before they beat his first marriage with Julie Smadu, which lasted a full twenty years. Julie is the mother of Bret’s four children. Bret is one of the greatest ever to enter the squared circle, and his marriage records are almost as legendary.

Tyson Kidd & Natalya

Here’s another example of love blooming first in the ring, then jumping to real life. Believe it or not, this WWE power couple met long before either of them had titles. They met before they had even started high school, but didn’t start dating until more than ten years later after both had become wrestlers.


Kidd and Natalya – real names TJ Wilson and Nattie Neidhart – took twelve more years before making things official. The event was even captured on tape as part of the debut season of the “Total Divas” reality show.

Big Show & Bess Katramados

Big Show – real name Paul Donald Wight II – might top seven feet when he stands in the ring, but he admits his wife is the more significant figure in their marriage. Wife Bess Katramados (who boasts her own respectable 5 feet 8-inch height) has the reigns of their relationship, and now that the Big Show has shut down for good from the ring, she has plenty of opportunities to rule.


The two have a pair of children together, as well as one from Big Show’s previous marriage. Big Show may be a big guy, but the little one is usually the boss.

Kane & Crystal Maurisa Goins

Kane – also known in circles as the “Big Red Machine” is well-known for having a frightful on-screen persona and look, but past all the paint is a man named Glenn Jacobs. This wrestler and politician – he was elected mayor of Knox, Tennessee in 2018 – is married to Crystal Maurisa Goins.


The two met early on in Kane’s career, and the two are now married and are the parents of a pair of children. He used to play one of the most legendary boogeymen of the ring, but now he plays dad, husband, and mayor.

Kofi Kingston & Kori Campfield

We’ve already heard about WWE The New Day member Xavier Woods, but what about his teammate Kofi Kingston? He’s also a married man when not winning titles and pleasing fans in the ring – the Ghanaian-American wrestler got married to model and actress Kori Campfield in 2010.

Getty Images Photo by Christopher Polk

We can only assume that the two met on a message board for people whose names start with the letter K. The two have a few kids, but if you’re interested in pics, you might be out of luck. This star is well-known just because of how taciturn he is about his private life.

The Miz & Maryse

Some believe The Miz and Maryse – whose real names are Michael Gregory Mizanin and Maryse Mizanin – are the WWE’s most star-studded couple. They had apparent chemistry on screen, which was in no part helped by their real relationship.

Getty Images Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer

The two stars dated for many years before giving each other the rings in 2014 and chose to get married in an exotic place befitting their stardom and larger-than-life personas: the sunny Bahamas. The two are still married to this day and have daughters Monroe and Madison. We guess M’s run in the family then, don’t they?

Randy Orton & Kim Marie Kessler

Randy Orton was on the scene for a while before he met Kim Marie Kessler, and it’s one of the unique stories on this list. Kim was a fan of Randy’s wrestling, and had a big crush on him, too.


Kim managed to show up for a special event that featured Randy, and the two – against all the odds – managed to hit it off. It just goes to show you not to give up on your dreams, and maybe, just maybe, that famous object of your affections isn’t as far as you think.

Cody & Brandi Rhodes

Brandi Rhodes is perhaps better known to wrestling fans as Eden Stiles, and when this diva went in to interview Cody Rhodes, the son of legendary wrestler Dusty Rhodes, neither knew it would end up with marriage. The interview led to love, and in 2013 the two got married.


Rhodes is no longer in the WWE after failing to make his new character Stardust – who did appear in a few WWE crossovers with “Scooby-Doo” and the “Jetsons.” Still, there’s nothing he can’t handle when he has love, and the outrageously gorgeous Brandi, by his side.

Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella

Brie Bella is one of the main stars of the WWE reality show spin-off “Total Divas,” but she’s also made her name and claimed her fame inside the ring as one of the most famous female wrestlers around. This exceptional beauty had her pick of suitors, ending up with the lucky Daniel Bryan, a fellow wrestler, and fellow WWE star.

Getty Images Photo by Erika Goldring

The two were married in 2014, and they gave birth to a baby girl, Birdie, in 2017. In January of 2020, Brie and her twin sister Nikki announced on the same day that they were both pregnant. What are the odds?

Hulk Hogan & Jennifer McDaniel

There’s no one like the Hulk. Hulk Hogan was the man that brought professional wrestling into the public eye, with an unstoppable persona and the kind of stature that only a true warrior can achieve. Whether he was tearing his shirt in half or giving opponents any of his many signature moves, Hulkamania was not to be stopped.

Getty Images Photo by Erika Goldring

He’s also found joy in his personal life with his second wife, Jennifer McDaniel. Hogan had been in the public eye plenty even after he left the ring, and is also responsible via lawsuit for destroying the website Gawker. That being said, he’ll always be a hero to us.

Johnny Mundo & Taya Valkyrie

Johnny Mundo and Taya Valkyrie, whose real names are John Hennigan and Kira Hennigan (née Forster), began as coworkers, wrestling with the stylistic and cinematic Lucha Underground.


They’ve proved coworkers can find love together after Johnny Mundo made the short and sweet engagement announcement on Twitter: “She said yes!” That’s a marriage that’s sure to be full of pageantry and flair. We hope the neighbors are ready because there goes the neighborhood.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson & Lauren Hashian

The Rock might not be showing off in the ring anymore – he’s moved onto movies – but we like to imagine he still shows off for his wife of more than a decade, Lauren Hashian. Johnson had legendary put-downs, plenty of memorable catchphrases, and lots of high-flying moves.

Getty Images Photo by Kevork Djansezian

Still, now he’s content just to be a world-famous movie star and the happy husband of Hashian, who is a singer and producer, and the daughter of former Boston drummer Sib Hashian. The two met on the set of “The Game Plan,” but neither likely knew what the plan was for their relationship at the time.

Kurt & Giovanna Angle

Not only is Kurt Angle a famous wrestler, but he’s also a gold medalist in the Olympics in men’s freestyle heavyweight wrestling at the 1996 summer Olympics. Beyond that, of course, Kurt went for the gold after the break-up of his first marriage and tied the knot with Giovanna Yannotti.


This love began when the two met on the set of a movie, the 2009 thriller “End Game.” The movie might stink (and boy, does it stink. Does it ever), but the relationship has gone far – the pair have three children together, all daughters.

Triple H & Stephanie McMahon

Triple H not only had powerful opponents to face in the ring but his father-in-law, Vince McMahon, is a dominant force in and out of the ring. Triple H – real name Paul Levesque – married Vince’s daughter Stephanie in 2003, and are still together to this day.

Getty Images Photo by Mike Coppola

This wrestling power couple not only appears in WWE storylines together, but they’re adding their legacy to the mighty McMahon name: three daughters who might just end up being the new faces of the global brand once they take charge. We wonder if each of the three daughters’ names begins with H.

Roman Reigns & Galina Becker

Roman Reigns is buried by boos and cheers almost every time he steps into the ring. While “The Big Dog” might be a love or hate kind of guy, there’s one person who will always be in the love camp: his beautiful wife, Galina Becker. We hope, anyway.


These two were sweethearts back in college, long before The Big Dog started barking. They had a daughter in 2008, and six years later, they made it official and tied the knot. The two are still together, and we bet no one ever catcalls Galina when The Big Dog is with her.

Booker T & Sharmell Sullivan-Huffman

Booker T is no longer wrestling, but he is adding his voice to the commentary team for WWE. His real name is Robert Booker Tio Huffman, and for years he was on a rampage as part of the WCW. He was a big winner in the ring, and it appears he’s found success in his relationship as well.


He got married to Sharmell Sullivan-Huffman in 2005, and the pair has their little tag-team duo of twin girls to love. We wonder why so many of these wrestlers end up with all girls. This is like the fifth time!

Chris Jericho & Jessica Lockhart Irvine

Chris Jericho is one of those famous wrestler names that even smaller fans of the ring will recognize. He wrestled as “The Ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rolla” in the WWE, but he’s also the lead singer of the heavy metal band Fozzy. Other than these two examples, Chris leads a healthy life with his wife, Jessica Lockhart Irvine.


This couple has three children together after being married for more than seventeen years. Despite his star status in several fields, Chris Jericho, whose real name is Christopher Keith Irvine, is down to earth and enjoys being active.

Matt Hardy & Reby Sky

Going from day-to-day jobbing to starring as the main event, Matt Hardy has done it all in wrestling. He’s the elder half of “The Hardy Boyz,” and not only does he have plenty of stories about his time in the ring, but his love life has been just as storied.


He’s had plenty of front-page romances with fellow wrestlers, but they didn’t make the final cut. His one true love is model, actress, and wrestler, Reby Sky. They got married in 2013, and they now enjoy the presence of two children, Maxwell and Wolfgang.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin & Kristin Austin

Fourth time’s the charm for the Texas Rattlesnake. Steve Austin is another well-known name even beyond the realm of wrestling, thanks to his dominant personality. He’s also known for his numerous relationships. His fourth wife, Kristin Austin (née Feres), joined him in marriage in 2009.

Getty Images Photo by Kevin Winter

The couple might not be in the limelight very much anymore, but they still share plenty of cute dog pictures on Instagram. We don’t know how Kristin convinced Steve to make his fourth trip down the aisle, but she must be pretty special.

Rusev & Lana

This wrestling couple is dangerous in the ring, and they’re just as close in real life. They’re known as “The Bulgarian Brute” and “The Ravishing Russian” – which one is which? We’ll never tell – and they began their married life in 2016.


Lana, real name Catherine Joy Perry, is an unforgettable beauty, and Rusev, real name Miroslav Barnyashev, indeed considers himself lucky to be in a lifelong partnership with her. Whether they’re pinning opponents in the ring or chasing down the kids at home, this duo is always ready to put their athletic skills to the test.

John Cena & Nikki Bella

John Cena is one of the biggest names to ever come out of the WWE, being a ringside superstar, a movie star, and even a meme. He was also the fiancé of the other half of the Bella Twins, Nikki Bella.

Getty Images Photo by Albert L. Ortega

Bella ended her six-year relationship with Cena in 2018, a heartbreaking story that was all over the tabloid magazine. Nikki is now expecting her first child with fiance Artem Chigvintsev.

Kevin Owens & Karina Steen

Kevin Owens has had a pair of incredible events in his life. The first one was at the U.S. Open Challenge, where Owens took on John Cena and, to the surprise of everyone, came out with a victory after delivering one amazing slam after another to the famous wrestler.


The second significant event was meeting Karina Steen, his beautiful wife, and the mother of his two children. The entire family was in attendance when Owens got his big victory, and we’re sure there was plenty of incredible celebration in that house for the next few days.

Mike Bennett & Maria Kanellis

Maria Kanellis is one of the most well-known divas that has ever joined the ring, most likely thanks to her wry smile and flaming red hair. She’s no longer delivering her big hits, but she is on her husband’s managing team.


Her husband is Mike Bennett, who isn’t an essential name on this list, at least, mostly because he’s never been featured on a significant wrestling network. But Maria is working hard to change that fact – if her work behind the camera is anything like her work in front of it, it won’t take long.

Edge and Beth Phoenix

Edge – born Adam Joseph Copeland – is a Canadian professional wrestler who has had plenty of chances for lasting love, and was in two marriages before finally ending up with the beautiful and powerful Beth Phoenix.


His third try down the aisle is now his most successful even after only four years. Anybody could tell Beth had plenty of muscles to show off when she was in the ring, and along with her beauty, any man would find himself lucky. Edge and Beth had a child in 2014 to add to their honors and got married in 2016.

Jerry “The King” Lawler & Lauryn Laine McBride

Jerry, “The King” Lawler, is a WWE legend, and he’s a legend with the ladies as well and is known to have wooed plenty of women. What was it about him that attracted his current fiancé, Lauryn Laine McBride? She says it was his sense of humor.

Getty Images Photo by Bobby Bank/WireImage

Even though she’s quite a bit younger than The King, she accepted his proposal happily. Hopefully, things work out in the long run for these two, but neither one of them will stay single for very long – Lawler for his humor, and McBride, at the very least, for her beauty.

Jimmy Uso & Naomi

Both members of this marriage are reliable and well-known wrestlers, and now they’re another tag-team duo that nobody will want to face in or out of the ring. Naomi – whose real name is Trinity Fatu – was one of the female wrestlers featured on the reality show “Total Divas,” and her marriage to husband Jimmy Uso jeopardized her spot on the show.

Getty Images Photo by Frazer Harrison

However, Jimmy Uso has since suffered a long-term injury (out six to nine months thanks to his knee) Naomi’s star is once again on the rise.

Bo Dallas & Sarah Backman

Bo Dallas is a workout warrior. Of course, he is – he’s a professional wrestler! But his blushing bride Sarah Backman doesn’t let her husband get too far ahead of her. Married since 2014, this couple were almost both wrestlers.


Backman was part of the NXT institution, which helps find the right talent for the WWE, and she got pretty close but never made it big time. But Backman has plenty of accolades already, and in a surprising lane: she is an eight-time World Arm Wrestling champ. We wonder what they’re like in the gym!

Bill Goldberg and Wanda Ferraton

WWE’s leading rival company, the WCW, had Bill Goldberg as one of its big names. Goldberg made the transition to WWE at one point, and he’s still an off-and-on wrestler with WWE, is a constant fan-favorite, and is part of the wrestling Hall of Fame.

Getty Images Photo by Bryan Steffy/WireImage

Since 2005, he’s also been a husband, married to Hollywood stunt double Wanda Ferraton – the two meet while working on the movie “Santa’s Slay,” which we’re sure is a beautiful film. The two enjoy their home together in Bonsall, California, and they have a son named Gage.

Shane McMahon & Marissa Mazzola

One of the longest-running marriages to come out of the WWE is that of the current (on-screen, at least) commissioner Shane McMahon (son of Vince McMahon) and his wife, Marissa Mazzola. They got married in 1996 and are still together, having three sons since.

Getty Images Photo by Presley Ann

Shane, known as “Shane O’ Mac,” is also the brother of Diva Stephanie, who, as we already know, is married to wrestler Triple H. She might not have the requisite physique or training to be a wrestler, but maybe one day, Marissa will join her WWE co-owner husband as the top brass of the organization.

Alberto Del Rio & Paige

Alberto Del Rio has had a tumultuous love life. After his first marriage dissolved amid rumors of adultery, he jumped ship from his first wife, Angela Velkei, to fellow wrestler and famous Diva Paige. Paige’s real name is Saraya-Jade Bevis, a Brit whose high-flying moves have landed her at the top of the Divas list more than once.


These two big names – both in length and status – joined forces by announcing their engagement in 2016, but split in 2017. Paige moved on to Falling in Reverse lead singer Ronnie Radke. Alberto shacked up with nobody and was arrested on multiple charges in May of 2020.