The Little Rascals

More than twenty long years have passed since the movie, The Little Rascals, graced our theaters. The cinematic effects were different back then, everything was a little less sharp. The direction, acting style, and all that jazz, are no longer on par with today’s trends and technology. But the scenes remain crisp in our minds. Those who grew up in the 90s are quickly drawn back to the hilarious phrases we used to quote as kids, like “quick, what’s the number for 911?”

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It’s one of those movies that will never grow old. It would take more than just two decades for it to fade from our minds, and it’s quite impossible to eradicate from our hearts. If you grew up in those days, you can’t help but see yourself in those characters. They are so familiar that they become your friends and brothers, and that’s why we’d like to know how this hilarious gang of children have grown. Where are they now? Check out these surprising updates.

Kevin Jamal Woods as Stymie

Stymie was the vice president of the rascals’ He-Man Women-Haters Club. He became furious upon learning that Alfalfa wanted a relationship with Darla, and was intent on winning her over. This role was played by Kevin Jamal Woods, and he did a wonderful job in showing Stymie’s personality. He is remembered for his signature hat and his angst about girls.


Stymie’s heated lines are hilarious and unforgettable. How he’d blurt out, “wood doesn’t grow on trees!” and “if we were your kids, we’d punish ourselves!” But perhaps the funniest part was how he fell for his girlfriend, played by Raven-Symoné, in the end.

Kevin Jamal Woods Career

Funny as he was in portraying the role of Stymie, Kevin Jamal Woods is quite serious when it comes to his passion: music. He longed to become the go-to-guy in the music production industry, and so dedicated most of his time to learning, and eventually getting a degree in, audio engineering.


Kevin Jamal Woods currently works for a media research firm. Not many films and appearances would follow for him after The Little Rascals, but he did appeared on our TV screens in Blossom and Walker, Texas Ranger. His last movie appearance was back in 2000, in The

Travis Tedford  as Spanky

Travis Tedford portrayed Spanky, a character we all loved. He showed the traits any self-respecting kid looks for in a friend. President of the He-Man Women Haters Club, Spanky was also Alfalfa’s best buddy. He was loyal and supportive, but like all friendships in real life, they did have some challenges, too.


While Spanky is at first opposed to his best bud’s relationship with Darla (not surprising, given the name of the club he presides over!), he really does have his friend’s best interests at heart. He is such a cool and reliable kid, an apt leader for The Little Rascals gang.

Travis Tedford Career

Travis Tedford was lucky early on, starting his acting career playing a major role in a much loved movie as the character, Spanky. It was his first acting job, and he was pushed into the spotlight for millions to adore. The only downside to it was that his persona became one with his character. After The Little Rascals, it was hard for him to find different character types, as casting directors couldn’t separate Spanky from the actor.


Tedford appeared in The Amanda Show and films like Slappy and The Stinkers, Freaky Friday and, The Final. He now works as a marketing specialist at Texas Trust Credit Union. He quit acting and earned a degree in liberal arts.

Zachary Mabry as Porky

Zachary Mabry was only four years old when he played the role of Porky. The only way he could portray his character at the time was to be his own sweet self. His innocence certainly shone through. He was so cute that fans would just giggle each time he was up along with his buddies Buckwheat, Petey the dog, and Elmer the monkey.


They would play Sherlock Holmes-type detective roles, and would stumble upon a note as if it were treasure, only to realize not one of them could read what was written on it. This was one of their more memorable parts in the movie.

Zachary Mabry Career

As natural as Zachary Mabry was in The Little Rascals, one would have thought he’d have a long and successful career in acting. But life can be strange sometimes. Not only was The Little Rascals movie his first, but in a brusque turn of events, it would also be his last. Apparently, the cute little boy who played Porky prefered to live a more private life.


Zachary works as a senior accountant for American Airlines. He is based in Dallas, Texas, and enjoys a normal life. He still keeps in touch with his fans through social media, where, once in a while, he shares a thought or two about the beloved Little Rascals.

Ross Bagley as Buckwheat

Porky and Buckwheat were two of the youngest characters and actors in The Little Rascals movie. In a way, their lives will always be intertwined, like real brothers. And in the movie, their two mischievous characters would always be up to something. When the clubhouse got burned down by accident, the gang would try to find ways to raise $450 for the cost of the lumber to rebuild it.


Somehow, Porky and Buckwheat had a trick or two up their sleeves, and were able to raise $500, albeit dishonestly. However, after being caught by their teacher, Miss Crabtree, the money was made a prize for winning the soapbox derby.

Ross Bagley Career

Ross Bagley grew up with a definite inclination towards continuing the acting career he’d started. Unlike Tedford, he would continually land roles after The Little Rascals. In fact, Ross was able to work alongside Will Smith in the TV series, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, as Nicky. They would work together again in the 1996 film, Independence Day.


While Bagley isn’t a huge Hollywood star, he still has potential to grow in the industry. Aside from voice work in Babe and The Wild Thornberrys, he also appeared in Gnome Alone in 2015. To be able to pursue his career better, Bagley enrolled in California State University at Northridge to study cinema and television arts.

Jordan Warkol as Froggy

Recalling the character Froggy, how he’d always bring along a little frog that would cause people to shriek and recoil from him, it’s clear that Jordan Warkol exhibited the nerdy appearance the director wanted. He was a perfect fit, personifying the original Froggy of the short film Our Gang. Warkol was goofy and nerdy, but very few know that Froggy was actually played by two people.


While Warkol embodied the character, it was E.G. Daily who would provide the throaty voice the audience liked to dislike. Daily is a famous voice actress who you may recognize as Tommy Pickles from Rugrats, and Buttercup from The Powerpuff Girls.

Jordan Warkol Career

Jordan Warkol, by and large, is still into entertainment, but not necessarily in show business. After The Little Rascals, he managed to stay in the spotlight a little longer than some of the other cast members, appearing in a number of TV shows and films, such as Hey Arnold, Rocket Power, Coach, and Texas Ranger.


Sam Saletta as Butch

Opposite the He-Man Women-Haters Club, are the mischievous Butch and his sidekick, Woim. Their role all throughout the movie is to torment the cute gang led by Spanky. Sam Saletta plays the role of Butch, and it’s hilarious how both groups go at each other whenever they can.


In one scene, Butch and Woim chase Alfalfa. The latter was planning on visiting Darla, his plans disrupted, still with a bunch of flowers in his hand. They would run around the neighborhood like cops and robbers. It was Butch who stole “The Blur,” the gang’s official go-kart.

Sam Saletta Career

Sam Saletta enjoyed his role as the neighborhood bully. He liked acting, and after The Little Rascals he would continue to appear in TV shows like Recess, The Kids From Room 402, and Rocket Power.


However, Sam Saletta couldn’t deny his increasing love for music. This would soon supersede his acting plans, as he dedicated more and more of his time to singing, songwriting, and crafting music arrangements. Saletta released his first album in 2015, and was a top 40 performer in the first season of American Idol.

Blake McIver Ewing as Waldo

Watching Blake McIver Ewing play the role of Waldo would probably make you think you’re watching Macaulay Culkin in another Home Alone movie. He’s the reason why Darla would sway away from Alfalfa.


Waldo is really good looking and seems to have everything a kid could ever wish for. He lives in a nice house with a pool, and Donald Trump suitably plays the role of his father. His addition to the cast makes the He-Man Women Haters Club so much cuter!

Blake McIver Ewing Career

The Little Rascals movie wasn’t Blake McIver Ewing’s first rodeo. By the time he took the role of Waldo, he was already known for his role in the TV show Full House. Ewing showed potential, and his good looks were a perfect fit for Waldo’s winning personality.


During his childhood, Blake would go on to appear in films such as Calendar Girl, Problem Child 3, and Raising Helen. Like many of the other stars of The Little Rascals, he had a strong inclination for music. Did you know he plays the piano very well? Blake released his first album in 2014. He is credited for the song, Along the River, in the movie, End of the Spear. Despite his predilection for music, Blake hasn’t abandoned his acting career. In fact, he received an Ovation nomination for his role in Ragtime.

Courtland Mead as Uh-Huh

Uh-Huh is the He-Man Women Haters Club’s typographer. You’d often see Courtland Mead jotting something down during a meeting, and surmise he’s too busy to be chatty. But even when he isn’t preoccupied with the minutes he prefers to keep silent, answering most questions, if not all, with a long-drawn “uh-huh.”


Thus named Uh-Huh, the character may not have tested Courtland’s acting capabilities much. At least not his ability to memorize lines! Nevertheless, he was loved by fans just as much as the others. In one scene, he tweaked his reply to a question with “nuh-huh,” a turnaround that shocked everyone.

Courtland Mead Career

In spite of the lack of proactive participation from Uh-Huh’s character, Courtland Mead went on to thrive as an actor. He would be tested soon after The Little Rascals through the many appearances he made in film and on television. In these ongoing roles, it’s safe to say that his dialogue was more filled out.


Courtland Mead starred in films like Dragonworld, The Shining, and Tom and Huck. He did some voice acting, too, for Disney’s Recess and Lloyd in Space. However, Courtland has since mysteriously shied away from the Hollywood scene. He last appeared on Mean Parents Suck, way back in 2010. Troubled? He publicly posted “washed up child star” on his MySpace account (yes, MySpace). We hope Courtland is doing okay.

Brittany Ashton Holmes as Darla

When the members of He-Man’s Women Haters Club found out that Alfalfa was in love with Darla, they devised countless ways to prank the lovers. Darla suspected Alfalfa to be behind all the pranks and eventually broke up with him, to the benefit of the awaiting Waldo.


In short, Darla was the apple of both Alfalfa’s and Waldo’s eyes. She was the cutest girl they’d ever laid eyes on. Throughout the movie, Alfalfa determined to prove his love and devotion to her, the Juliet to The Little Rascals Romeo.

Brittany Ashton Holmes Career

One might argue that The Little Rascals movie would have served as a perfect platform to propel Brittany Ashton Holmes to stardom. Curiously though, she did not want anything to do with it. After the movie became a success, she didn’t return to acting. Instead, she traveled around the world, an expression of her zest for life.


In retrospect, Brittany said, “I was [an] actress when I was little and did this movie called The Little Rascals. It’s, like, really embarrassing to watch and I don’t want to act anymore,” on her MySpace account. She’s now happily married (not to Alfalfa or Waldo) and pursuing a degree in political science.

Bug Hall as Alfalfa

In such a lovable gang as the He-Man Women Haters Club, Alfalfa stood out as a recalcitrant member of sorts, and he courageously pursued Darla, despite the objection of his pals. He was like them, but also not. He was one of the boys, yet he wouldn’t deny his feelings. And from this small act of defiance against his troupe of friends, all of the movie’s action spilled out.


Bug Hall made Alfalfa’s character a strong favorite, and a memorable one, too. As a character, he was as true as a child could ever be. Brave, foolish, young, and adorable, with a winning smile and the cutest wayward hair style.

Bug Hall Career

Brandon “Bug” Hall is lucky to have found his first love in The Little Rascals. We’re not talking about Darla, but the love for acting. He says he owes it all to that good old movie, and he’s still actively pursuing his career in show business.


After his success with The Little Rascals, Bug Hall appeared on-screen in The Big Green, The Stupids, and Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves. Fortunately, he still holds a certain spot in Hollywood, unlike some childhood actors that have faded away. His last outing was in the 2017 movie, The Shadow People. Asked about The Little Rascals, he said, “it’s the reason that I found what I want to do in life. I owe everything good in my life to that movie.”

Heather Karasek as Jane

If Darla was the queen of the movie, then Heather Karasek’s role as Jane was among the starlets that orbited around her. Altogether they were like little colorful planets, Jane looking as pretty as ever under her corn colored curly hair.


It is so amusing how such lovely girls could be the target of detestation by the gang of rascals. They would balk at the sight of their clubhouse. However, the signage would soon change to “Women Welcome” towards the end, when love would finally cross over.

Heather Karasek Career

It was natural to expect to see more of Heather Karasek after The Little Rascals. In fact, fans might have demanded to see and know more about the little princess growing up. Suffice to say, film is where someone like her should stay, to be adored. Heather did appear one more time in the comedy Super Shark.


Ironically, however, she prefers to stay behind the scenes nowadays. Nowadays, you will only ever see a manifestation of her creativity on-screen through her work as a costume designer. Her designs have earned her more than 30 credits in film and TV. Her most recent handiwork can be seen in the Insidious franchise. A far cry from her adorable Little Rascals days!

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen As The Twin Girls At Darla’s Sleepover

The thing about the 90s movie, The Little Rascals, is that you have to love it as a whole; not simply parts of it. The actors with minor roles add up to what’s beautiful about the story, so they’re virtually as important as the others. One such vital cameo came from the unnamed twin girls at Darla’s sleepover.


They were played by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and, like Jane, were delightful little dolls who would follow Darla around. They, too, rejoiced when the clubhouse became open to everyone.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Career

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen initially pursued an acting career together, and that’s how their charm was most effective, always taking one with the other. One can watch them in shows like Full House, and films like Double, Double Toil and Trouble and To Grandmother’s House We Go. Identical twin roles may not always be available, and perhaps that’s why they transitioned into fashion after their teenage years.

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The twins are now successful in their luxurious brands, The Row and Elizabeth and James. The fashion world has embraced them the way showbiz did when they were kids, and they have earned awards from the Council of Fashion Designers of America on more than one occasion.

Daryl Hannah  as Miss Crabtree

The beautiful and talented Daryl Hannah agreed to play a minor role in The Little Rascals, as Miss Crabtree. The geeky teacher found out that Porky and Buckwheat had creatively, but dishonestly, discovered a means of procuring $500 that they wanted to use for the rebuilding of the burned clubhouse.


Initially angered, Miss Crabtree shrewdly diffused her emotions and offered a suggestion that the money be used as a prize for the soapbox derby, instead of punishing the two culprits. And it all turned out just fine. Miss Crabtree was also the moderator of a talent showdown where Waldo serenaded Darla in a local fair, to the envious horror of Alfalfa.

Daryl Hannah Career

Daryl Hannah was arguably the most accomplished actress in The Little Rascals movie, even before it was filmed. Her name helped pull attention to it, even though her role was a minor one. She was an iconic figure of the 80s, and her role in Splash remains etched in our hearts to this day. She appeared in Blade Runner, Wall Street, Kill Bill, and many more blockbuster films afterwards.


It’s been a long time since her halcyon days in entertainment. As the brightness of her star faded, Hannah actively shifted her focus to environmental causes. There have been a number of rumors about her experience with plastic surgery failures, but we’ll leave you to decide whether you think she has or hasn’t gone under the knife.

Reba McEntire  as A.J. Ferguson

Reba McEntire played the role of A.J. Ferguson, a character that plays a curious part in the overall theme of the movie. Presumed to be a man, she was an Indy race car driver whom the members of the He-Man Women Haters Club idolized, only to be shocked to learn at the end that “the best driver there is” was actually a woman.


A.J. Ferguson was the guest host of the Greenpoint’s 73rd Annual Go-Cart Races in which the boys competed. Spanky, the club’s president, idolized her the most, and got a kiss on both cheeks that made him happy beyond belief.

Reba McEntire Career

Reba McEntire started her career as a singer in 1975. Her second album, My Kind of Country, is considered her first major breakthrough, where she had more creative control over her work after signing with MCA Nashville Records. She is referred to as “The Queen of Country.”


To date, Reba McEntire has sold more than 95 million records worldwide, with songs such as How Blue and Somebody Should Leave. She’s one of the best-selling artists of all-time and has made numerous appearances on television and in films. She was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for her sitcom, Reba.

Whoopi Goldberg As Buckwheat’s Mother

Whoopi Goldberg played Buckwheat’s mother in The Little Rascals, giving the movie another big name in its cast, along with Daryl Hannah. The veteran actress has been the recipient of Emmy, Grammy, and Tony awards, besides which, her lively acting style fit the flow of the movie perfectly.


In one scene where Whoopi appeared, Buckwheat turned to his best buddy, Porky, and said to him, “hey, look, my mom’s here,” to which the latter boringly replied with the epic pun: “Whoopee.” Judging by their appearances, Whoopi Goldberg and Ross Bagley could have been easily mistaken for a real mother-and-son tandem.

Whoopi Goldberg Career

Those who follow show business already know how famous Whoopi Goldberg is. She is lively and fun to watch, and she was famous even before the making of The Little Rascals. Whoopi is a multi-awarded actress. Some of her works include Sister Act, The Lion King, How Stella Got Her Groove Back, and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

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Goldberg’s success continued to roll after the beloved Rascals movie. She loves kids a lot, and has authored many children’s books, like Whoopi’s Big Book of Manners. She’s currently focused on her job as a talk show host, on The View.

Mel Brooks as Mr. Welling

Mel Brooks is probably one of the funniest guys you’ll ever see on screen, and his own hilarious personality was muddled (like the perfect cocktail) with the role of Mr. Welling, a cranky loan officer connected with the Greenpoint Bank. Mr. Welling intentionally stemmed the flow of loan applications, often grunting and meticulously finding ways to reject as many applications as possible.


Mr. Welling found himself dealing with the in-disguise Spanky and Stymie, who both tried to con him into lending them the funds they needed to rebuild their burned down clubhouse. He dismisses both without hesitation and when told “you can’t treat people like that, mister,” he retorted, “you’re not people, you’re kids.”

Mel Brooks Career

Now into his 90s, Mel Brooks amazingly remains active in the entertainment industry. He is best known as a creator of film farces and comedic parodies, a genre that he can almost be called the father of. Mel Brooks was undoubtedly the most experienced veteran of the entertainment industry to appear in The Little Rascals.


Brooks had been making marks in the film industry long before he joined the affable cast. As a director, Mel Brooks is perhaps most notable for his work in the 70s, like The Producers, Young Frankenstein, and Spaceballs.

Donald Trump  as Waldo’s father

Donald Trump’s role in this movie was not what you’d consider a memorable one. In fact, even if you were a fan of the film as a kid, we’re willing to bet you had no idea Trump was even in it. Yet here is the image to prove it! The President of the United States of America was, at one time, a minor actor in The Little Rascals, playing the role of Waldo’s father.


While a cameo appearance from Trump was somewhat less exciting back in the 90s, now that he’s president, it wasn’t the first (nor the last) time the billionaire business magnate would make unexpected appearances on our televisions. Trump enjoyed cameos in ads and a number of films. In the world of The Little Rascals, he’s remembered for telling his son, “Waldo, you’re the best son money can buy.”

Donald Trump Career

Far from being some kid’s fictional father, Donald Trump is now the leader of the free world, as America’s president. It’s not hard to keep up with what he’s up to nowadays, given all the press conferences, and then the bizarre declarations and “covfefes” of his outlandish tweets. Donald Trump is, as we all know, extremely busy in his quest to “make America great again.”


Moving back to his acting career for a moment, Trump had cameo appearances in a handful of movies, including Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, and Zoolander. Considering his presidency and all, we pretty much have to give it to him that he’s become the most successful of The Little Rascals cast.

Raven-Symoné as Stymie’s Girlfriend

Like Alfalfa, Stymie didn’t want to be stereotyped as a woman hater, although he was a friend to the boys who were. They were unforgettable in their roles because, in a way, they represented a certain class in society that dared to be different; not wanting to be agreeable just because it’s the general consensus.


Stymie fought for his love for Raven-Symoné’s character, against the will of the members of the He-Man Women Haters Club. Their relationship was among the cutest love teams back in the 90s, so innocent and true.

Raven-Symoné Career

Raven-Symoné began her acting career at a very young age. She continued to flourish as an actress after The Little Rascals, and her talent would diversify into a complementary career in music. She made appearances in TV shows such as The Cosby Show and Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper, and in films like Dr. Dolittle, and College Road Trip.


Raven-Symoné is making her mark as a singer, too. Her hits include New Dreams and That’s What Little Girls Are Made Of. Don’t be surprised if she comes up with even better ones very soon. The talented performer has also started spreading her thoughts towards politics. During the 2016 elections, she endorsed Gary Johnson for public office.

Lea Thompson as Miss Roberts

American actress, Lea Thompson, played the role of Miss Roberts in The Little Rascals. Darla and her circle of friends could be seen following Miss Roberts’ lead as their ballet instructor. They would look up to her and, in a way, she was a guardian to them against their rascally tormentors.


Miss Roberts is easily remembered for a scene where she drove Butch and Woim out of her dance studio. There was a scene in the movie, too, where Alfalfa and Spanky were trying to find their way inside disguised as girls, but their attempt was foiled by her. She taught them a lesson all right, just not the one they expected!

Leah Thompson Career

Lea Thompson is best known for her timeless role as Lorraine Baines in the Back to the Future trilogy. However, The Little Rascals wasn’t the only children’s movie she was in. She also starred in Howard the Duck, and Dennis the Menace.


Leah Thompson’s acting career is rather steady. She may not have skyrocketed in terms of popularity, not really making it as an A-list celebrity, but she’s been pretty consistent and we’re willing to bet you recognize her face from more than just The Little Rascals. In fact, she has an upcoming movie, Little Women, which is scheduled to premiere this year. She also enjoyed TV appearances in shows like A Will of their Own, and Caroline in the City.

George Wendt  As The Lumberyard Clerk

George Wendt’s character popped up in the movie after Alfalfa tried to hide Darla inside the clubhouse closet. This was all brought about by the pranks perpetrated against them, but the situation got out of hand, and with the candle flame out of control, their home-base was destined to be burned down.


The lumberyard clerk character was approached by Spanky and Stymie, who claimed to have sourced out some lumber for George Wendt’s character to use and rebuild the clubhouse. When asked what kind of lumber they had bought, the kids replied, “wood!”

George Wendt Career

George Wendt’s role in The Little Rascals movie was short, but sweet. He didn’t appear until later, in the part when the mischievous imps would seek his assistance in rebuilding the burned down clubhouse.

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George Wendt is a seasoned veteran in the entertainment business. He was nominated six consecutive times for an Emmy Award, for his role in the TV series, Cheers. You can still hear him as a voice actor for Grandpa Clancy in the new TV series, Fancy Nancy. All in all, Wendt has enjoyed a successful career in Hollywood. He also starred in many movies, like Santa Baby, Bryan Loves You, and Clipped.