The Many Health Benefits Of Yoga

Yoga has become and continues to become increasingly popular and marketed as a form of exercise that works well for all ages and comes with many benefits, but what are those benefits really? This form of activity can be perfect for taking time to unwind and reduce your stress providing health improvements or benefits of all kind, both mental and physical. I’m here to let you in on some of the many health benefits of yoga.

Muscle Improvements

When you practice yoga, your muscles are able to reap so many benefits both immediately and over time. The improvements of your muscles include improved strength, better flexibility, more toned appearance, and less risk of injury. This is because yoga is still working on your muscle strength but also works on your flexibility which can make you appear more toned and prevent muscle injury from strain or other forms of exercise in your life.

Spinal Help

Your spinal discs need to move and flex to properly receive the nutrients they need, and can easily become damaged or less agile with daily habits like poor posture or incorrect form in exercises. There are plenty of yoga positions that move your spine in a healthy way and can work to correct your posture as well as give your spinal discs the movement they need. This can lead to better posture, which has plenty of its own benefits, and better spine health overall.

Better Blood And Heart Health

While you may not think of it often, your blood actually has so much to do with your internal health and wellness as well as how you feel overall. Yoga’s many twists and poses can help to make your blood travel back to your heart or be moved better overall, which can improve the oxygen in your blood. Better blood oxygen helps with fueling your body more, thinning your blood to prevent clots (which by extension prevent heart attacks and strokes), and more.


The mental benefits of yoga have been limitless. This practice is shown to decrease and fight depression, increase your happiness, reduce stress, improve patience and calmness, and so much more. Regular practice has been shown to improve serotonin which relaxes you and fights stress, depression, anxiety, and many other mental struggles. Practicing yoga regularly and long term can also lead to a boost in your left brain function which improves mood and immunity.

Improved Control

Yoga has been shown to give a heightened sense of control over the body, nervous system, and mental processes. Those that have practiced for a long time have been shown to manipulate their mind or nervous system to raise their body temperature in specific areas, manipulate brain wave patterns, and other remarkable things. On a smaller scale, yoga can help you be mindful and have control over your body’s regular processes and movements throughout the day.

Reduced Tension

By focusing on flexibility and mindfulness, this exercise form can help reduce tension in your muscles and body. Your body collects tension during your day from exercise, stress, or general daily activities that can then be released through yoga. Reduced tension can help lower your risk of muscle strain or injury as well as cause an improvement in flexibility or relaxation. Releasing tension before bed through yoga can help lead to better and deeper sleep patterns.

These are just some of the positives of trying out or regularly utilizing yoga in your routine. The great thing about this form of exercise is that you can try it no matter what fitness or flexibility level you are starting from, and it can be beneficial on its own or in combination with other forms of activity too. We’re confident that these benefits can teach you something new about yoga or give you an incentive to include this exercise form in your daily routine in the future.