The Most Creative Bathroom Signs From All Around the World

In the English language alone, there are many words for the bathroom – toilet, WC, powder room, the list goes on and on. Not long ago, the doors of bathrooms were labeled “Ladies” and “Gentleman,” but it is safe to say that the meanings behind these words are pretty out of date.
Instead, business owners started getting innovative with their bathroom signs. The visionary geniuses behind these signs got so creative – one might struggle to understand them once you’ve had a drink…or five…

To the Left, to the Left…

Remember that Beyonce that went “to the left, to the left?” Well, that’s the first thing that comes to mind when we read this bathroom sign. Of course, the men’s room is to the left because women are always right – it couldn’t and shouldn’t be any other way.


We cannot imagine the distraught the man that just got into a major fight with his girlfriend must have felt when he got up angrily to use the bathroom and had to read this sign on his way there!

An IQ Test

We can’t help but wonder if you have to pass some sort of IQ to enter this restaurant. For those who may not know, females typically have two of the same kind of sex chromosomes – XX. Males generally have two different types of sex chromosomes XY.


This was a smart way to get both XX and XY guests to use their brains before entering the restroom. The more you know, right?!

Keeping it Sanitary

When you’re sitting in a crowded bar, you’re bound to come into contact with a plethora of – how do we put this lightly – sketchy things…and people.


This bar is doing their part to make sure that they stay as sanitary as possible – to their standards – that is. They honestly don’t care what you are, or what planet you’re from – just, please! Wash your hands.

Wash Closet Secrets

For some odd reason – people are under the notion that women talk more than men. We’re just going to say it – it’s not true! What is true is that women tend to have heart to heart, soul-wrenching, eyeopening conversations in the bathroom.


To all the men out there, we’re going to let you in on a little secret, when women are in the bathroom, chances are they aren’t powdering their noses – they are talking about you! Sorry ladies – the secret is out!

Make it Rain

This gardening nursery got creative with their bathroom signs in a unique way. They turned the anatomy into something that helps the flowers bloom!


What’s most surprising about these signs is that the creators of them thought that both men and women have perfect aim. If only it were that easy…we’re hoping that this isn’t a hint at the fact that they use human waste in their gardens!

You Do You

There has been a lot of controversy over the generic “men” and “women” signs in the bathroom. As we evolve into a more inclusive – diverse world, it would only make sense that one of the only places where there is separation, the toilet, would be one of the first places to find a way to make everyone feel included and welcome!


At the end of the day, no matter who you are – everybody goes!

Animal Planet

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Well, these bathroom signs are worth a million words! We’re just going to come out and say it because we’re sure we’re all thinking the same thing, what a brilliant take on bathroom signs!


These two animals are ones we know exceptionally well, and seeing these two signs next to each other suddenly makes all the more sense. We don’t envy the parent that had to explain these signs to their kids! Mom, Dad, we salute you!

Psychological and Psychedelic

We love this take on unisex bathrooms! Each stall has both feminine and masculine accents to it. However, we can’t help but wonder if there was some sort of psychological experiment behind this.


Do you think they wanted to see if more men would go into the blue stall, and women would go into the pink booth? Or the opposite, did they want to see if men would go into the unicycle stall and women would go into the unicorn stall? We’d love to read the results!

Ladies and Gentleman

We’re all about recycling and repurposing – anything to prevent extra waste in such a waste-filled world. Of course, this consignment store was thinking outside of the (shoe) box with their bathroom signs.


They used a true lady’s and fine sir’s shoes to differentiate between the two stalls. We love it!

Bathroom Advice

When you buy tickets to your local theater, you know you’re supporting local actors and actresses trying to make their way onto the scene. What you may not know you’re signing up for is some unsolicited advice in the form of a bathroom sign.


We bet this small theater got sick and tired of cleaning up after people’s messes, so they decided to leave some passive-aggressive words of wisdom on the door to the bathrooms. We wonder if it worked!

A Hero Can Be Anyone

We’re all superheroes in our way. And even superheroes need to use the bathroom. The designers of this sign got creative, appealing to everyone’s inner geek/child/superhero.


Of course, they wanted to be as inclusive as they could be and added R2D2. We don’t know about you, but we love this bathroom sign, and we’d love to see more like it!

Out of My Way!

You know that feeling you get when you just have to use the restroom—nothing else in the world matters, no one else in the world matters. You will make it to the bathroom if it’s the last thing you do.


Come on, don’t act like you don’t know what we’re talking about! We’ve all been there, you’re driving down a highway when suddenly it hits you – you have to go to the bathroom, and you have to go now! Bye-bye speed limit, hellooooo freedom!

It’s All About Perspective

It’s an argument as old as time, should the toilet seat be left up or down? We’re going to settle this debate once and for all. If you’re a male living with other males, keeping the toilet seat up is a courtesy! But! If there are females in the house, courtesy is shown when the toilet seat is placed down, not up.


If you’re looking for reason beside common courtesy, try this: we should actually all be putting both the toilet seat AND the toilet lid down, because flushing with the toilet lid up may cause germs from the toilet to spread into the air.


At first glance, these two signs look pretty similar, right? But then you notice there is the slightest distinction between the two – a distinction that makes all the difference.


We love this minimalist approach to these signs. In all honesty, you don’t need much more than the information provided to you right here!

Pinball Wizard

Some pinballers get so into the game – they lose track of time. What eventually ends up happening is in a single moment they remember they drank three gallons of Gatorade and that they MUST use the bathroom immediately.


Because the game hall is so big, people couldn’t find their way to the restrooms and well…there are accidents on the way. That’s when the owner of this joint deiced to make bathroom signs so big they are absolutely impossible to miss. And just like that, everyone’s problems disappeared!

Beer There, Done That

No matter who you are and what your bladder capacity is – we all know that beer has a life of its own. There’s something about the beverage that makes us need to go far more often then if we were to drink anything else. It’s magical in that sense, really.


This bar caught onto the fact that their customers use the bathroom quite a lot, so they used the culprit as their bathroom mascot!


When there’s only one stall, it’s hard to understand if it was intended for your use. This cafe made sure all their customers felt welcome as they put an inclusive sign on their bathroom.


If that wasn’t exceptional enough – they added a pride flag to the sign to make sure everyone knew how accepting they are. We dig it, and we hope other business owners use this as an example!

In the Shadows

Admit it; you’re guilty of shoving your face in the copy-machine at work…multiple times! Come on, who hasn’t?! We’re all adults, but there is nothing as refreshing as printing out a copy-machined version of yourself.


The person that designed these bathroom stalls loved the copy-machine concept so much – they decided to take it to the next level. They took a man and a woman and printed out life-sized copy versions of them. We love this! It’s creative and so, so cool!

Lego to the Toilet

We loved Legos – granted, we hated stepping on them, but playing with them was pure joy. So you could only imagine the happiness we felt when our parents told us we were going to Legoland. We spent all day wandering around, enjoying the rides, and taking in as much Lego as we possibly could.


That’s when, sometime after lunch, it hit us, we hadn’t used the bathroom all day, and suddenly it is all we can think about. According to this bathroom sign…we weren’t the only ones!

Heroes Only!

So we’ve already told you that everyone needs to use the bathroom – including superheroes. This sign looks like it was made specifically for heroes.


If you aren’t Batman or Wonder Woman, find a different bathroom to use!

A Sign From Above

If you were looking for a sign from up above, you’ve received one, it may not be the kind of sign you were hoping for, but it’s something! Next time you go to church, make sure to check out the bathroom sign!


No matter what religion you are, this is a bathroom sign worth admiring. It is a pretty original bathroom sign – and we have got to say we love this bold black and white design.

May The Force Be With You!

We feel like there is some underlining message going on here. Our interpretation of this is, hold onto your lightsabers, and may the force be with you as you enter this bathroom.


Whatever force that may be young Jedi! Is it just us, or are these eyes utterly creepy and unnecessary?

Across the Hall

Aaaaaand, just when you thought you’d seen the last of the confusing bathroom signs, this guy decides to show up. At first glance, these look like pretty straightforward signs, right? Ladies and men are both in large print…


Well, take a closer look! If you read the small print, you’ll realize that these signs are actually warning the opposite sex not to enter! A bit unnecessary if you ask us.

Intergalactic Restroom

It took us a couple of seconds, but we are proud to say that we finally understood this bathroom sign. It’s for males! From all galaxies.


Whether you’re a robot or an underwater sea creature, if you need to use the bathroom and you’re a male (of any sort), you’ve come to the right place!

Which Side of the Cable?

This music bar got super creative with their bathroom signs. At first, this may look like an innocent wall painting designed to match the theme of the bar – it’s so much more than that.


It’s a cable code differentiating which stall you should use. Have you figured out which door you’d step into?

A Creative Genius

Someone had a lot of time…and tape on their hands, and we’re not complaining. Who knew it was this easy to get creative with different colored tape!


Impressive work, we’re going to see if we can come up with something similar at home! We definitely have the time for it…though we’re not so sure we have the tape or the talent!

Kitty Litter

It doesn’t matter if you’re a male or a female; these cats are going to look down on you. We bet these signs were put up at the “fanciest” restaurant in a small town.


The kind of restaurant that asks if you want sparkling or still serves you breadsticks at the beginning of the meal (and charges you for it) and has a unique “house wine” that everyone knows was bought at the dollar store!

Mom & Pop

You must love The Simpsons, right? This comic book store used everyone’s favorite mom and dad as their bathroom mascots – and we love it! It could have been cool if they decided to use all the cartoon and comics’ males and females and fill up these doors with hundred and hundreds of stickers!


If the owners are reading this and you like our idea, please go for it! We’d love to see the updated version!

Doggy Business

Honestly, if it wasn’t for the little figurines of the people walking their dogs – we may have never understood what “leg lifters” and “squatters” were referring to.


We wonder why the designers of these signs decided to use dogs as their references. Perhaps these signs were made for a vet’s office or a pet store?

An International Symbol?

Hm, there has got to be a better way to tell the difference between a men’s and a women’s restroom. Especially since – contrary to this sign’s belief – women also wear underwear!


We will say, in their defense, this is very aesthetically pleasing and well designed. So we’re going to give it a 6/10 and call it a day!

Skiing in Slovakia

These cute bathroom signs are also a guide on how to handle your skis when you’re using the toilet. No, not really, but wouldn’t that be cool?


These two humble skiers could not be happier to be using the restroom, and we can’t blame them! You have got to stay hydrated when out on the slopes! And with proper hydration comes a lot of excess liquid.

Like a Sailor

We’ve all heard the expression cursing like a sailor, but what happens when you need to pee like one? All that spinach will make you healthy, but it also requires a place to be discarded. In a world of cartoon characters, we see every day – be an Olivia or a Popeye.


Over the years, Popeye has appeared in comic books, television cartoons, video games, advertisements, and apparently bathroom signs!

Have a Slice Day!

This pizzeria took a very creative approach when it came to their bathroom signs. We’ve never thought of comparing human anatomy to a pizza, but now that they made the bold move and did it – we see it.


Although we must admit, we may never look at a slice of pizza the same way ever again.

The Wedding Planner

This happy couple planned their wedding down to a T! And by T, we mean they even made custom bathroom signs! Talk about planning the perfect wedding, and this is something we would have never thought of! So hats off to Sarah and Jake for thinking the whole thing through!


We can’t help but wonder if there were guests at this party that required a mustache comb-through.

Bow vs. Tie

In this day and age, both men and women can wear both bows and ties – so this one seems a little outdated.


Though we do get the gist of things and can understand why they decided to use a tie for the men’s room and a bow for the women’s room or is it the other way around?!

Out of This World!

Of course, a simple addition of alien antennas and boom! This bathroom sign is out of this world – literally! We never thought that aliens would look like the bathroom characters, but now that we’re looking at it, we can’t say it doesn’t look right!


We’ve always wondered about the anatomy of aliens, and knowing that they are just like us brings us peace of mind.

Peeping Tom

We’re not sure if this a bathroom sign or a warning sign to women using this public restroom. Either way, it has us cringing! Why would anyone feel the need to creep up on women in the bathroom?


In any case, the woman isn’t even doing anything other than standing there, so even if this peeping Tom thought he was going to catch some “action,” he is mistaking!


We’re not sure about you, but when we’re traveling abroad, we love learning the country’s language. Of course, we don’t learn the whole language, just key words that we know will help us through our visit.


One of the first terms we learn is “bathroom,” which comes in handy more than one would think. Thanks to this bathroom sign in Germany, we now know how to say “boys” and “girls” in German! Danke!

Chain Reaction

By the looks of it, this mechanic had some time on his hands, not to mention some extra chain. Instead of throwing out these scraps of chain, they decided to repurpose them and use them and make unique bathroom signs.


Lucky for them, they had some extra pink paint from a paint job they did last week! We’d give anything to see that hot pink car!

Separation Anxiety

When the toy museum you work for asks you to design the bathroom doors, you know – the pressure is on! What toys do you use to represent a toy museum that has been open since 1932? You go through the archives and find the perfect representation of what this museum is all about.


After nearly 100 years together, these clowns were separated in hopes of making a cute bathroom sign. Although we’re sure their separation anxiety is through the roof, it worked, and the artist behind this managed to make a pretty darn cute sign!

Super Toilet to the Rescue!

If you ever had any doubts that we can all be superheroes – this bathroom will restore your faith in the superhuman world. Not only are adults heroes, but children are too! Next time you look in the mirror, know that you are no less than a hero in someone else’s eyes!


Everywhere you turn, there is a hero…and they probably need to use the bathroom, just like you!

A Royal Wee

At Kensington Palace, know that you are treated like royalty when you go to the bathroom. You read that right; as soon as you walk in, someone is waiting for you with a warm towel, finger sandwiches, and some afternoon tea as soon as you’re done using the toilet.


There are even two Queen’s Guards waiting outside to make sure no one bothers you or accidentally walks in. Okay, so maybe none of this is true…but we can dream, right?

Who Let the Dogs Out?

So we’re not sure exactly why they decided to use a bulldog to represent guys and a poodle to portray gals. It seems a little out of date, don’t you think?


Representing women and men with different breeds of dogs could have been done in a better way, and we’re just going to come out and say it. We love the aesthetic of this sign, but we don’t like the thought behind it.

Wo – Men

This was a “you only had one job” moment that turned into a spark of genius. Jeremy, the summer intern, was asked to go out and buy a bathroom sign. When they asked him to buy one bathroom sign, that is precisely what he did. He purchased a single sign.


Instead of getting mad at the intern, they got creative. The manager had the brilliant idea of cutting up the sign where it mattered and making two different signs. Voilà! A stroke of genius!

Slang From Down Under

You know how we were talking about learning languages while abroad? Well, here’s another excellent example of soaking in the culture. This time, it’s happening down under!


Instead of the conventional “women” and “men” signs, an outback in Australia decided to stay true to their roots…and it made for a pretty exceptional bathroom sign!

Been There, Thai’d That

Apparently, in Thailand, men don’t have arms and thrust their body’s forward when they need to pee, and women seem to be…frightened?


We’re trying to wrap our heads around what exactly is going on here, but it seems to us that this sign was chosen for a specific reason, and we want to understand what it is!

Princesses and Knights…and Babies

This castle went out of their way to make a princesses and knights sign – which is pretty original. But, when it came to the baby changing table…they stuck to the visible sign.


We could think of dozens of words they could use instead of baby: little princes, jokers, the list goes on and on.

Something’s Fishy

Hm…pretty straightforward and in your face, huh? Except for the fact that it has us scratching our heads. We understand why they may have chosen a bull to represent the men, but for the life of us, we cannot know why they chose a fish to represent the women!


If it wasn’t for the cute little Chanel bag this fish was holding, we might have never understood that this was a ladies’ room!

Anti-Social, Social Club

For a Social Club, these bathroom signs seem pretty anti-social. This gorgeous illustration looks like it should be in a museum somewhere and not used as a bathroom sign!


To us, this looks like it’s an examination of modern society – we are all drowning in our sorrows, and the only time we feel the weight of it is when we’re alone in the bathroom. Oops, was that too heavy?

Coffee, Wine and Everything’s Fine

Whether you’re drinking wine or coffee, this place knows that eventually, you will require a toilet. We can’t help but wonder why on earth they would think that someone would walk around with a bottle of wine or a hot cup of coffee, but maybe they were trying to make a point?


Perhaps they know something that we have yet to discover?

All the Ladies

We don’t understand a word that is written on this sign, except for maybe “femei,”…which we’re guessing means female.


This bathroom accepts all species of animals, as long as your female – you are welcome to use the toilet. Does anyone know what language this is, we’d love to know!

New and Improved

You know the generic man and woman on the toilet signs? The ones you see almost everywhere? Well, they got tired of just standing there, and they want the world to know they have to use the bathroom, now!


We love that this restaurant took a sign we’ve seen hundreds of times, and tweaked it in the slightest way to make it one of the most creative bathroom signs we’ve seen in a while.

In A While, Crocodile

There is so much going on here; for a second, we forgot we were looking at bathroom signs. We have so many questions we don’t even know where to begin.


First of all, why on earth is the male crocodile holding a crab? Why are there two random butterflies on each of these signs, and why is the female crocodile wearing only heels? We need answers

Bathroom Architecture

Let’s be real; this bathroom sign design is pretty genius if you think about it. Obviously located in the Middle East, we get a dual meaning here. Is this identifiably typical Middle Eastern architecture?  Yes. Does this, ahem….clearly portray which gender goes where? Absolutely.


You have to give it to whoever designed this sign; they definitely thought outside the box. We’ve already got ideas for toilet signs in Paris, for example, or Washington D.C, or any other city that might have a tall monument.

Beetle Juice, Beetle Juice, Beetle Juice

Please, oh, please tell us you recognize this image! We love a great movie reference, and this one really takes the cake. Can you remember? It’s our favorite dead couple from “Beetlejuice” (a killer Tim Burton film for those who haven’t seen it), played by Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis.


These spooky faces come when the ghost couple is trying to scare Wynona Ryder and her family from their property. This one is for cult film fans worldwide, no need whatsoever to speak the same language; it spooks, we mean, speaks for itself.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Mr. and Mrs., his and hers, ladies and gentleman….call it what you will, but this simple yet clever design is extremely aesthetically pleasing.  Comprised simply of a mustache and two dots, our brain just fills in the rest.


Honestly, this is so cute. We might just take the idea and hang a sign inside the home! Design-wise, we’re giving a 10/10. Clean, clear, and to the point….or rather a mustache.

Optimus Prime at His Prime

In this day and age, the relevance and accuracy of this bathroom sign are top-notch! Just by virtue of a simple sign in the middle that isn’t gender-specific, this Spanish speaking location exudes acceptance with a touch of humor.


You can be whatever you want to be and feel totally comfortable about it, whether that’s a man, woman, or even Optimus Prime! We’re sure he would be here to give his seal of approval if he weren’t out saving the earth once again.


Well, this is undeniably adorable. Who doesn’t love things that also come in miniature? This bathroom is clearly for the whole family and adds a touch of fun and whimsy while they’re at it! It’s the kind of thing one might expect from Ikea, for example…or maybe we’re just free-associating the yellow.


Either way, whatever size, whatever age, this bathroom sign is fun, endearing, and simultaneously utilitarian. You can’t get any better than that!

Donuts for All

Calling all dessert lovers! This signage is so clever for a bakery bathroom. We love the pop art style, and there’s no questioning who goes where….while somehow also kind of making us want a donut….or maybe an eclair!


Now, this is what we call good branding. If your business deals with something specific, why not go all the way with the decorations! We get the feeling this is a bathroom situation Homer Simpson would 100%  approve of.

Two Warriors

We are completely living for these Mauri themed bathroom signs. With the adorable tiki in the middle and the perfect font, we say A-plus for style. For those that don’t know, Tane is a warrior in Maori and Wahine is a warrior woman…who knew the trip to the bathroom would be educational!


And if you don’t know what language it is, the signs are also color-coded for your convenience, so if there was any question about which way to go, that’s all cleared up. They thought of everything!

Jack & Jill

This is a bathroom sign we can all get behind. The names Jack and Jill are well known to us from the popular children’s nursery rhyme as the moniker for the two kids who went up the hill to fetch a pail of water.


For whatever reason, this cheeky image has been associated with them ever since Jack fell and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after. This storybook is a kids-level risque and absolutely perfect as restroom signage.

A Long Way There

Sometimes, simple does the trick. You don’t need too much detail to send a clear message. This cafe in Vienna, Austria operates under the less is more philosophy when it comes to their signage. These simple characters are perfectly representative of….well… know.


Whatever you got goin’ on, you can easily choose your stall with no arrows and no words and no fuss! Well, not no fuss, can we talk about the confusing mirror situation? So yeah, if you can make it to the stall without getting lost, you shouldn’t have any issues.

Nuts & Bolts

Think about it for a second…this is pretty well thought out. Let’s take a closer look, shall we? First, we have the nut and the bolt. We already know these are often identified as male vs. female hardware, just like on a battery!


On top of that, they really decided to go all the way with the industrial theme, choosing to have metal doors and standout bolts. Now whether the rust was on purpose or not, it sure does add to the whole vibe.

Spot the Difference

We’re dying to know where this sign was posted and why they decided to go with the nut, squirrel theme, but either way, it’s perfect. The concept is great. Take the same picture, switch up the accessories, and voila!


You don’t even need to write men or women; we think the nuts speak plainly for themselves! We can clearly picture every person going to use the restroom at this establishment chuckling a bit when they see the signs. And isn’t that what it’s about? Adding a bit of joy to everyday, mundane tasks. No ifs, and, or nuts about it.

A Hearty Breakfast

Clearly, a breakfast restaurant, maybe even a diner, and the signage is spot on. There are so many nicknames for….well….you know, and if you’re serving brekkie anyway, why not match the signs to the food?


Just a cute little reminder that even a bathroom sign can brighten someone’s morning. The longer we look at it, the hungrier we get, so maybe it’s actually just really good marketing.

Knot a Chance

This is absolutely knotted your average restroom sign (did you get what we did there? hehe). Honestly, this is such a cute and cheap way to delineate the restrooms….if you should know your knots, that is.


We aren’t KNOT impressed by this. We don’t KNOT want to know who’s an idea this was. It’s KNOT, KNOT super clever. Okay, we’re done with the knot puns.

Buoys & Gulls

The obsession level for these beachy signs is 11/10. So simple yet so adorable. The colors really pop; the cartoony art is super adorbs and calling girls “gulls” and boys “buoys” is borderline sending us into hysteria.


It’s just so fricken cute! Where can we get one? If any of you gulls and buoys out there know the answer to this, holler at us, we’ve got to know!

A Rhyming Game

Who’s idea was this? No, seriously, someone out there is super sassy, and we’re kinda here for it. Every girl knows the drip-dry method…got to the bathroom, and there’s no toilet paper? Gotta drip dry. The rhyming is great; the accuracy is spot on.


We even love the inverted colors of man and woman plaques. The country rustic vibe of the doors is also working for us. The whole thing really just nailed it. So whether you flip or drip, you’ll know where to go.