The Most Hilarious and Original Yard Signs You’ve Ever Seen

Walking around your neighborhood, you’ll be greeted by all sorts of front yards. From a freshly cut lawn to garden gnomes, or even your favorite roses – there are so many different ways to express yourself! In recent years, people have been using lawn signs to stand out.
You may think that these signs are for advertising yard sales, but some people use these signs to get messages across to their neighbors and passersby. From revenge on cheating husbands to the best yard sale signs, we’ve put together our favorite yard signs of all time…

A Piece of History

Landmark signs are a big tourist attraction – for some reason, people love reading that something happened precisely where they were standing 500 years ago.


Perhaps it’s their way of feeling like a part of history? Imagine driving hundreds of miles just to see this sign! Totally worth it in our opinion!

Mission Statement

When you’re sick and tired of your neighbors asking you who you’re voting for – this is the sign to put up.


The fact of the matter is, you’re simply not convinced any of the candidates running are worthy, and you cannot be bothered to explain why for the 50th time this week, so you found a sign that does it for you!

Sweet Dreams

This is a pretty charming way to ask people to stay off the grass politely. Charming yet a little passive-aggressive, no doubt.


What kind of monster would ever think to step on tiny grass and wake it while it sleeps! Not us, that’s for sure!

No Soliciting…Unless It’s Thin Mints

We’re not going to lie, we completely understand the need for an elaborate sign like this. This sign has got it covered – unless you’re selling Thin Mints, you’re welcome to leave.


We wonder how many solicitors visited this house before these homeowners before they decided enough was enough and purchased this custom made sign.


We’re not exactly sure why one would feel the need to brag about using handsoap, but we are all for self-love. This sign is one of the most beautiful ones we’ve seen.


The person who wrote it went out of their way to add bubbles to their confession and declaration.

A Warning Sign

It’s no secret that security systems are expensive – so when your budget is low, but the stakes are high, there’s no choice but to get creative.


This sign is definitely a budget-friendly method of keeping thieves away, and may honestly be a more practical approach to things.

Cheaper by the Dozen

Well, when you put it that way…who wouldn’t want to spend a couple of bucks at a yard sale, scrounging for hidden treasures.


In all honestly, this sign (as appealing as the message written on it is) looks like the person who painted it ran out of paint halfway through.

The Meme Team

Over the years, memes have taken over the internet. Apparently, they have taken over the yard-sale market as well. They seem even to have the power to get passersby to come to your garage sale.


You know that if the person that wrote this sign has a sense of humor, they probably also have a sense of style – which is reason enough to go scavage at their garage sale.

Thank You, Next

You’ve been waiting all week to visit this yard sale. You’ve even told all your friends about it. You also decided to hold off on buying a new chair because you’re positive you’ll find one there.


That’s when you get to the parking lot of this sale, and you read this sign. That’s when you call your friends and tell them not to show up – and drive yourself to Office Depot for that chair.

Doomsday 2016

Come election time, most people become very vocal about who they are planning on voting for. Walking around your neighborhood, you’ll probably see lawn signs endorsing your neighbor’s preferred candidate.


This lawn sign makes it clear that this guy was not very enthusiastic about 2016’s candidates. We’ll hand it to them, at least they were honest!

Hey Girl, Hey!

There’s something about Ryan Gosling and yard sales that gets people going.


Maybe it’s the fact that Ryan Gosling looks like the perfect partner to go bargain hunting with – you know, the kind of guy that knows how to haggle. And even if he weren’t, we’d forgive him…look at that face!

Zombie for President

When all the other candidates suck – there’s no choice but to turn to the zombies.


If you’ve ever seen a post-apocalyptic movie, you know that the zombies are going to take over anyway, so why not just please them by surrendering now?

Missing Mutant Ninja-Turtle

If you’re looking at this and anything other than the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comes to mind – you’re welcome to stop reading this, just kidding! We’re guessing this was some sort of joke because we’re not sure how a turtle and nunchucks can go missing…together.


Maybe the turtle ran off with the nunchucks…and by run off, we mean slowly walked away?

Good Intentions

This man is our new hero. A nice gesture for his wife turned out to be a creepy letter left for the whole neighborhood to read.


We bet the person who read the letter was more than happy to receive it. It’s always nice to feel loved – even if it is by mistake. How do you think he understood a mistake had been made?

Check, Mate

We need to know what the premise of this neighborhood feud is! Why did someone call the police on this lawn, it looks absolutely magnificent to us! Are these birds protecting this yard?


We’re not sure exactly what happened, but words like “your move” are words that frighten us – we’d keep our distance.

Rest in Peace, Old Man

Well, if this isn’t in your face – we don’t know what is. We hope that apart from dentures and canes, this old man left behind some worthwhile stuff.


We’ve never been to an estate sale but are very interested in visiting one. So if you’ve gone looking for gold at an old man’s house – give us some tips!

A Real Life-Changer

Every once in a while, you stumble upon something that is absolutely life-changing. We never thought a yard sale could be one of those things.


We wonder what turns a yard sale into life-changing? Are they selling magical beans? Is there a take-home guru? A self-help book?

Tea for Two

There is nothing we would love more than to go to a yard sale with Ryan Gosling. Literally. Nothing.


We’d love finding a matching tea set with him, and then sip some of the hot beverage looking into this man’s dreamy eyes.

This Pool Rules

This pool has a lot of rules – swimsuits are not one of them. This home greets and accepts skinny-dippers, but will not tolerate running, jumping, or peeing.


Not jumping into a pool seems a bit extreme to us – but then again, if you’re butt-naked, it makes sense that people wouldn’t want that splashing in their faces!

A Boxer on a Cardboard Box

This is about as creative as it gets. It’s simple, yet so on point. It’s an “if you know, you know” kind of situation and for those who may not know…Mike Tyson has a slight lisp.


And though we are against poking fun at people for any sort of speech impediment, we couldn’t help but giggle!

Reverse Psychology

Sometimes the only way to get people to want something is to tell them they can’t have it, which is precisely what the owner of this building did.


They decided to take the less conventional method of selling by advertising that the building was not for sale! We’re guessing the phone calls came rolling in!

Everything Must Go!

When this woman wrote, “everything must go” – she meant everything! Including her cheating husband. This will probably be the most savage yet worthwhile yard sale you’ll attend this year.


We wonder if her cheating husband and his mistress came to the sale to buy back all of his belongings before moving out!

That Christmas Spirit

Most people get in the Christmas mood by adding decorations such as lights and snowmen – but when you’re tight on money, it’s always nice to think outside the box.


What better way to get into the Christmas spirit than by turning a “For Lease” sign into a holiday card for everyone to read as they drive by!

To Steal From a Thief

What do you do when your boyfriend leaves you and takes the dog with him? You get rid of all of his stuff, that’s precisely what you do!


Why kind of person steals someone else’s dog? A monster, that’s who! Sell his stuff, girl, sell it all!

A Queen on Kingston Street

We don’t understand why someone thought that advertising that their grandmother was psycho was a sure way to get people to come to their garage sale.


Maybe they know something about yard sales sign that we don’t? Perhaps the fact that she’s unhinged means that the prices of the stuff she’s selling are very, very low?

Orange Is the New Black

If there was ever a yard sale to go to – a going to jail sale is it. You know that they’re selling everything they own – from clothing to jewelry.


They aren’t getting rid of these things because they want to. Instead, they have to. It’s a win/win situation. You’re buying bargains while doing this guy a favor!

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Things

This one is a pretty relatable sign if we’ve ever seen one. We don’t understand what “desperate things” means, and it’s pretty funny that they wrote the time and place twice!


But hey, at least they’re being honest and not making the sale out to be something it isn’t…


So how exactly do you set your garage sale apart from all the others? With an original sign to lure people in, of course. These funny signs reference back to current moments in entertainment that everyone is bound to be familiar with.


Whether it’s Kanye, Macklemore, Batman, or Gandalf, someone is bound to know one of these references and have a good laugh. Even if you’ve only got $20 in your pocket…

Walk This Way

People see yard sales signs all the time, so the smart thing to do is to find a way to make yours stand out.


Using memes is a great way to make an impression – to connect with your potential customers. We’re guessing everyone that came to this yard sale, came prepared to say, “take my money!”

Batman Will Be There

Do you think a batmobile was being sold at this yard sale? We are hope so.


The person that wrote this sign was pretty talented. We’ll give them that! We would U-turn and drive straight to this sale just to see what Batman has to offer…

Tell Me Why!

By now, everyone’s familiar with the confused man meme. This yard sale brought him to life once again, confused as to why people aren’t buying everything the yard sale has to offer.


We don’t have an answer for you, man! We’re guessing it’s probably because the merchandise isn’t up to par.

Super Sale

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s a worthwhile yard sale.


It takes a lot of confidence to indicate that the things you’re selling are so high quality one might think they’ve made their way to a department store! Here’s to celebrating second-hand treasures!

The Grass is Much Greener on the Other Side

When you see a “please keep off the grass sign.” you’re most likely standing in front of a beautifully green, freshly cut lawn.


And then, there’s this…we don’t mean to judge or anything, but there isn’t a lot of grass to keep off of! Just saying!

All Sales Final

Most people put up signs advertising yard sales and cars for sale – never have we seen husbands for purchase.


We wonder what event triggered this. We’re not sure we would want to buy someone else’s husband if she’s giving him away he probably did something awful.

Selling Romance

We wonder how many people drove past this sign and only to realize minutes later that they were driving past a yard sale sign and not this gorgeous man on the hood of a car.


This is a fascinating marketing technique – one that we’re guessing significantly worked in their favor.

Burning Down the House

Smoking is so passé – a clean-cut lawn is where it’s all at. And yet, some people inconsiderately smoke on other people’s property.


A tale as old as time, so this family decided to take matters into their own hands: come near this house with a cigarette, and you’ll be sorry…not to mention, soggy.

Free Beer Over Here

We have a feeling that this is all just a big scam to get people over to their garage sale – and that the only beer this sale has is a beer that can be bought.


It’s an excellent way to catch people’s attention – lure them in, and then sell them all your old junk. If they already made their way to the sale, they may as well take a look around, no?

We Like Big Sales, and We Cannot Lie

The people having this big yard sale took the classic lyrics to “Baby Got Back,” rewrote them, and then used them to promote their sale.


Truthfully, this is all we needed to convince us to make our way over to the sale, and we weren’t even there. So we’re guessing that this sale was a big hit…almost as big as Sir Mix-A-Lot’s 2002 one-hit-wonder.

Vote for Cat!

There’s not much we love more than a good meme – really, so when someone turned this iconic meme into a literal Presidential lawn sign.


We’d vote for Keyboard Cat for President, we just want to know who he would choose as vice president, Snoopy?

Taking a Stand

If you’re looking to steal a sign, you may want to do a background check on your neighbors before snatching their signs. This Marine takes his lawn signs very seriously…


So, when someone stole his Romney sign, he decided to retaliate in the most fitting way possible – by writing a threat in the form of a lawn sign.

The Most Motivational Lawn

There is nothing we admire more than self-awareness. How long, do you think this elliptical was in this guy’s garage (catching dust) before they decided it was time to give up and give someone else a chance at a healthy lifestyle.


We hope someone with a little more drive took this home with them!


If you’ve ever moved into an old house or apartment, you’ve probably wondered if the place was haunted.


Real estate agent, Jake Palmer, got sick of people asking whether the houses he’s been showing are haunted – so he added a disclaimer to each and every one of the “for sale” signs. Except for the homes that were, in fact, haunted…

Rabbit Babies

At first, driving by a “rabbits for sale” sign would excite almost anyone. But at second glance you realize there is something a little off about this…are they selling rabbits and babies?


Are they selling baby rabbits? What is going on at this farm? Should we call child protective services?

Shout it From the Rooftops

Of all the signs we’ve seen up until now, this one has been the most touching. The majority of lawn signs are either people declaring their hatred towards solicitors or advertising upcoming yard sales.


Ashlea got some good news, and she wanted the whole world to know! Spread the love, girl!

Patrick Star of the Show

Yet another iconic use of memes to get a message across. We love that they used Patrick Star to promote their sale.


Of all the cartoons, he seems like the most likely to enjoy a good yard sale. So, their choice was a good one.

It’s You, Not Me

Marriage often means there are things you don’t agree on – politics is usually one of those things. This family still supports the man of the house – but they want it to be clear that their political views are not aligned.


This is the ultimate way to clear your name while still showing your love.

Cat’s out of the Bag

The best way to get someone to stop throwing cigarette butts on the ground is to blame your cat’s nicotine dependency.


To make matters more dramatic, they added a photo of the junkie in question! Perhaps they were trying to trigger the culprit’s empathy?

We Know Where You Live

There’s nothing worse than stepping on dog poop on your own lawn. It is simply unforgivable.


When they say they’re going to send their grandson to retaliate – are they talking about a little kid? Or is their grandson a grown man?! We really hope it’s the former!

Senior Discounts

Happy 40th Birthday, Chad! According to these lawn signs, it looks like your family and friends think you’re very old.


They did an excellent job making these beautiful signs for you. They are so cute we’re sure the whole neighborhood came to see what all the hype was about. Now everyone knows how old you are, and we’re not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing!

A Sign From Above

You know times are tough when your local church puts up a message delivered by the big guy up there.


We wonder what took place in this community that instigated this sign – but we bet the residents were on their best behavior the second this sign went up.

Thirty, Flirty & Fabulously Old

This has got to be one of the best practical jokes. This young neighborhood wanted everyone to know that someone’s turning thirty, and this is the best way to go about it.


Apparently, when you hit thirty, you’re considered an old man. Evidently, along with the aches and pains – you don’t deserve a cake either!

Cry Me a River

Moving into a smaller apartment often means you have to get rid of things you wouldn’t ever think to get rid of under different circumstances.


Alas, change is invertible, and it just means that someone else will enjoy the things that you once loved. On the bright side, this also means that you’ll have a little extra cash to spend on new items!

The Biggest Yard Sale

Yet another play on Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby’s Got Back.” It’s quite interesting because we don’t understand the connection between the song and yard sales.


But for some odd reason, the lyrics to this song are synonymous with garage sales!

Making Pour Decisions

If a pirate were ever to move to a suburban neighborhood, we’re guessing this the exact sign they would choose to put up.


Come election season, you’re expected to put up lawn signs publically announcing your political opinions. But why be political when alcohol never looses. Well, almost never.

Take It or Leave It

Here we have another example of a “take everything my ex owned” kind of yard sale. What would one buy from a twenty-something year old?


Student loans and some video games? It doesn’t sound too appealing to us, maybe that’s why this woman broke up with him in the first place!

Back That Junk Up

This is the best use of the saying “junk in your trunk” we’ve ever seen.


We’re delighted they decided to take the otherwise outdated “compliment” and turned it into a useful and informative garage sale sign. Why yes, we would love to put your drunk in our trunk!

Candy Crush Invitations

Requests like this are some of the most annoying on the internet, and this restaurant wants you to know exactly how annoying they find them.


We’re totally with you on this one!

Welcome to The “OOL”

This sign is a warning that isn’t obvious as soon as you read it but it makes you think for a second. Having a clear message is important but making people remember what you’re trying to tell them is equally important. Such is the case with this “ool sign.”


This can be achieved by driving a message home. We totally agree with this sign, as the message is on point and it’s a pretty gross thing to do.

Please Do Not Enter

We all know that The United States of America has a culture of suing, and this sign looks like it lays out the series of events that will follow. This household also has a culture of not letting people into their property.


You have been warned that you may get hurt and that your defense won’t stand up in a court of law as this will be used as evidence against you!

The Best Continent Ever

This sign inspires patriotism and is exactly why America is “the best country in the nation”, because not only is America a country, and not an entire continent, but it is also the best country within one country!


Bravo guys! We sincerely advise brushing up on your geography next time you’re going to make such grand statements.

Toilet Bandits

Such a great pun. First of all, who was the brave soul that dared steal nothing less than a toilet from the police?! We shudder to think about how they will rid themselves of all those doughnuts and coffee!


Not only are these boys clueless, but they LITERALLY have nothing to go on! Sorry guys, it looks like you’ll have to resort to the woods for a while.

Don’t Mess With Those Pills

We have to say we totally agree with this yard sign. At least this guy is taking it in stride and wishing well upon whoever took his anti-depressants. To be honest, they’re probably very happy.


While we’re loving the dry humor, don’t people know you don’t mess with someone’s happy pills?!

Polite Warning

We think everyone would love to have a portable sign like this at one point or other in their lives. Such a polite way of saying, “back-off”.


Hey, at least the person was polite enough to warn us. And if we ever run into a sign like this in real life, we will be sure to run!

Greatest Dad Joke Ever

Another gem from the Colorado-based Indian Hills Community Center, this sign had us laughing for a while. They sure know how to keep the place alive, even in the dead of winter.


Doesn’t it sound like some typical dad joke your father would blurt out in the middle of a family dinner? Yes, it’s cheesy. But great, nonetheless.

Beware of Dog?

Although this dog looks harmless, we’re sure this sign is there for a reason. Admittedly, he does looks tiny, but maybe he has a big bark and maybe an even bigger bite. Certainly looks like it.  He could be the meanest small dog in the history of canines for all we know.


Just to be safe, it’s better to ring the bell. And if you manage to get by the dog, beware of its owner. Seems like they are even scarier, the reason is coming up soon.

Acts of Kindness

It’s signs like these that remind us that ultimately, people are good-natured. While this isn’t exactly a funny sign, it does make us smile.

Getty Images Photo by Richard Baker

If only more people could be this way, instead of posting the signs we usually see. We would certainly see more smiles in the world.

Your Car Will Be Totally Fine

The humorous photo of a sign exhibits the consequences of grammatical errors on warning signs.  While the makers of this sign most likely were trying to convey that all illegally parked cars will be fined — with a “d” — they obviously unintentionally left out this very important letter.


As for the viewers of this sign, it is a blessing in disguise. Overly concerned about getting a parking ticket? It looks like this sign could get you off scot-free! Even if it does turn out that you’ve parked illegally. Thank the gods of grammar.

Jogging Rules

This house-hold has had its fair-share of joggers pass that house. Unfortunately, it looks like not everyone got the original memo for the dress code. Something about those jiggling bodies offends the kids (or the parents) in that house.


Well, it looks like either the kids are going to have to avert their eyes, or those joggers might have to start covering up. This might not go down well.

No Hanging Zone

Please avoid hanging signs on this fence at all costs. This fence is not made for signs, it merely does not have the strength for it, nor does it look good. This fence doesn’t belong to you. Oh, wait? A sign is already there it seems. Lead by example then.


All jokes aside, it seems that this fence belonged to someone who kept getting swamped with signs. Guess there is no way better way to get the message across other than sticking on the fence sign.

I Surrender

Poor sign, there’s something about you that just makes people want to throw things, stones specifically. It’s almost like you’re asking for it.


As much as it appears as you don’t want stones thrown at you, trust people to do the exact opposite of what they’re told.

Dandelion Party

Dandelions are delightful little flowers, that should harm no one.  Though on the other hand, gusts of wind may have sent these delicate little petals flying into neighbors’ noses. Their response is priceless.


When you find yourself overwhelmed by dandelions, just make it a free-for-all! We wonder how many people showed up for dandelion picking that day. Certainly not the ones who put that sign up.

Don’t Be Alarmed!

If you live near a farmhouse or a property with stables, hopefully, you would be familiar with this by now, but if not, just know it’s not people leisurely lying on the grass, it’s horses. Sure, folks tend to do that too.


But in this case, if you see an unidentified body lying down, chances are, it’s a horse. So please, don’t call the cops.

You Have No Business Here

It’s always good to research your market before you go door to door. What’s even better is when people do the research for you. Now, these solicitors know that they’ll be barking up the wrong tree.


Will they find it discouraging? Or perhaps they’ll whip out those selling skills and rise to the challenge. Go, capitalism.

Go, Rupert!

Sometimes politics can feel pretty bleak, as demonstrated by this yard sign outside this house. This proud cat owner has far more faith in their dear pet than any of the candidates.


We don’t know this cat, but from that name, it sounds like royalty. We’re all for this cat becoming the President of the United States.

Deadly Bunny

Some people have ferocious rottweilers or bulldogs. Others have deadly rabbits that quietly lurk in the shrubbery, waiting for any undesirable visitors. Dare one to trespass, they might meet their fate.


Seriously, is this like some kind of Monty Python breed of rabbit? If so, that’s actually a little worrying.

Let’s Go, Vader

Here’s someone who has abandoned all hope (or reality) and allowed themselves to create their own fantasy government. because why not? Darth Vader might be a good leader, sure, he’ll rule with an iron fist and the force may feel a little “dark” but hey, we’ve seen worse.


We’re sure many folks also believe that Vader should be the one true ruler of the galaxy. Where do we sign up?

Muppets For All

If this was on any other political campaign, you might have the seeds of serious dictatorship on your hands. But since it’s the Muppets,  we’re totally fine. In fact, having Fozzie Bear, Kermit, Miss Piggy, or all of them for that matter, might be just delightful.


We’re glad to get any of the gang anyway. Where do we get ours?

Not Asking For Much

Sometimes you just want to shout something out to the world, or at least put up a sign and tell people. Other times you don’t really have much to say but sort of need to get the message out there no matter what.


We’re not quite sure in which category this sign falls. One thing we are sure about, this person did exactly what they set out to do and we couldn’t be happier for them.


When you’re under quarantine, the rest of your property should be out of bounds too. Makes perfect sense. This is why this mailbox is on hiatus and any notifications should be strictly put on hold until said quarantine is complete.


It’s only fair really. In fact, maybe that mailman should be popping those bills into the mailbox next door.

Grow Please

Cutting grass can be a real pain in the neck, but these folks seem to be praying for the opposite.


Say it a little louder, and it just might work!

Welcome Home

Want to keep unwanted guests out? Put this up! People will be sweating wondering if this is directed at them.


Luckily for you,  you just get to be outside and enjoy the show, and lack of visitors. Muahaha! Lonely yet?

Watch Out

Gardening takes a lot of energy, and making sure that everything is in good shape and cared for is difficult. Sometimes you need a real good sign to keep the bad ones away, and this ought to do it.


This punny little fork sign will hopefully keep the trouble makers outside the rosemary plants. Or at least get a few chuckles out of passersby.

Yes To TP

Well, that’s very kind of them. These folks seem to fully on board when it comes to neighborhood pranks. In fact, by the looks of that pretty sign, nothing would make them happier than to drive up into the driveway and find their house covered in toilet paper.


This smart reverse psychology might work for some, but others might just kindly oblige. Though something tells us that this is a trap.