The Most Hilarious Windshield Notes Left On Cars

These drivers won’t walk away without leaving a passive-aggressive note on the car’s windshield expressing to them exactly how they feel. Some of the notes that people leave are downright outrageous.

The Political Notes

It’s all fun and games until politics are involved. We’re curious to know which party the person who parked the vehicle actually affiliates with.


Also, this note looks more like a label that somebody has printed professionally and not simply designed at home… so we’re starting to get suspicious.

How-To-Guide on Parking

Wow. It’s no wonder that the owner of this home was so frustrated after coming home to find that he was unable to park in his driveway because somebody parked in front of it.


They were so aggravated by the situation that they wrote out parking instructions for the driver and even sketched a little map.

That Smiley Face Though

We imagine that this is the last time this person is going to park here. Consider yourself warned, which is what this note basically means.


The person who wrote this note is clearly passive-aggressive, but they also seem like they mean business and that they aren’t afraid to take action where and when it’s necessary.

An Afternoon Snack

Although their message isn’t completely legible, we can imagine that the driver must have done something pretty bad to get the peanut butter treatment.


It seems like it’s going to take quite some time cleaning the peanut butter off of the car.

Parking Pig

If you live in this neighborhood then you better take good care of how you park.


Otherwise, you may end up as the pig of the neighborhood and the laughing stock of the internet. It seems like there’s a very crabby driver in the neighborhood who’s become quite the snitch.

Coloring Page

Another genius parking note! This person thought that practicing coloring in the lines would help this person park better.


Although we are sure that they really meant this as a passive-aggressive nod and more like “you’re a sucky parker,” if we got this on our windshield, we would totally take it home and color it.

I’m Begging You

This note seems to be one that was left by the owner of the car himself. He’s in a pickle of a situation in which he’s waiting for his new parking sticker to arrive.


In the meantime, he uses some guilt-tripping to share that he is very broke and sick of getting ticketed over and over again.

The Golden Ticket

This person is the winner of the coveted golden ticket! They should be so proud of themselves, says the very sarcastic and passive-aggressive person who left them this note.


We are just surprised that it took over a month for somebody to leave a note for this person!

We’re All Human

Some people simply just want to relay the message to a fellow driver that it would be nice for them to be more considerate.


The person who wrote this note wanted to notify the driver that they should be more considerate of others on the road because after all, they aren’t bloody sardines.

Office Space

If you didn’t get it, this is a reference to the comedy movie “Office Space.” The scene from the movie depicted in this note has become a viral meme.


A lot of people would pick up on the reference but it would be pretty awkward if the person who parked their car didn’t understand it!

Here’s How It’s Done

This frustrated neighbor took it upon himself to explain to his parking neighbor how to properly park his car so as not to screw him over and the guy to the left of his spot.


He explains how it’s done in a very non-judgmental manner.

Save It For the Track

It’s extremely rude and inconsiderate when somebody revs up their engine so early in the morning, all the while waking up their entire neighborhood. Why do people do this? Does it give them the sense that they’re cool?


It seems like the entire neighborhood has a problem with this person and we can understand why.

A Noisy Issue

Everybody has lived near somebody with a noisy vehicle at some point. There is nothing more frustrating than getting woken up by it in the middle of the night, or when it goes off and you’re trying to put your children to sleep.


What’s even more annoying is that the person doesn’t do anything to fix their car!

Park In Two Spots You Lose

Although it’s very obnoxious when people park in two spots and is deserving of a ticket, the person who wrote this letter is equally as obnoxious.


We aren’t saying that it’s okay to take up two spaces, but it’s also not okay to hit and run. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

Mock shift Parking Spot

It would be beneficial to keep some chalk in the car so that in the case you see somebody trying to pull off a stunt like this, you’ll be ready.


This driver is inconveniencing at least two people and even more if they keep their car there for a while. Maybe this message will teach this driver a lesson.

Public Trans for the Win

First of all, we totally believe that public transportation will solve a lot of world problems. And secondly, if more people rode the bus, there would be fewer horrible parkers out there.


The author of this note is proposing a good question here. Should bad parkers be forced to take the bus?

Step One

There are a few basic things you need to learn about driving. The first is the traffic symbols.


The second is about parking. Like, no parking in front of somebody else’s driveway. Apparently, this person needs a lesson on driving again.


How awful is this? It’s even worse than not leaving any kind of note. Do people live in such intense fear that their insurance will skyrocket? Or are people driving without insurance?


Whatever it is, there is no excuse to act like this! This is making me believe that the world is filled with many insolent chumps!

You Suck

A lot of people always say that they wish that there was a like and dislike button in real life. Well, hold your horses, there is now.


This person printed off a picture of the Facebook Dislike icon and is apparently using them where they are deserved, to rate people’s parking. This is very well-used.

Snap Into Reality

We agree with this note and we’re glad that somebody had the courage to write it. Apparently, some expensive car wrongly parked in a spot saved for disabled drivers.


There’s a reason why disabled spaces exist and it’s for disabled people and not rich owners of BMWs.

Meet Spot

We’ve got to say, this parking note is a cute one. We might have to make some of these for ourselves to put on people’s cars.


Somebody must have done a very lousy parking job to get this note put on their car.


When this car got a ticket for being parked there for too long, the owner wrote a note replying to the ticket explaining that his door is frozen shut and he can’t open the car to move it.


We do give him credit for at least trying to avoid a ticket.

Parking Disaster

When this car got a ticket for being parked there for too long, the owner wrote a note replying to the ticket explaining that his door is frozen shut and he can’t open the car to move it.


We do give him credit for at least trying to avoid a ticket.

I Damage, You Pay

If this person disapproved of this guy’s parking job in such a drastic way, why didn’t he just go find himself another parking spot instead of risking the chance of damaging both cars?


That’s a whole other issue that we aren’t going to dive too deeply into.

Even Grumpy Cat Is Mad at You

This isn’t your average cat. This cat doubles as the parking police. The consequence? Getting towed. There aren’t much worse things in life than getting towed.


This is a cute and creative way to warn somebody of the potential to get towed and is actually quite considerate.

Mistake Child

The person who left this note thinks that this car owner’s life was, in fact, a mistake.


We get the idea from this that the person was probably parked that poorly to make somebody put this note on their car. Man, we wish we could see a picture of how the car was parked.

Autobots Rollout!

You know you’ve got some major problems when Optimus Prime isn’t a fan of your parking skills. The big robot sees this parking villain as a bigger risk than Megatron.


We hope that the parker understood how much he angered Optimus Prime and either never parked poorly again or enrolled himself in his local driving school.

Potato Gang

The last thing you want to do is upset the potato gang. This parker seems to have done exactly that and now the potato gang is here to seek their revenge.


We appreciate a note like this; it gets its point across without being overly rude. We hope that a nicer and funnier note like this would be effective.

How to Park

The person who left this note was so angered by somebody’s parking job, that they insisted on leaving them how-to-instructions to prevent a bad parking job from happening again.


They illustrate how to park in a very clear manner. You pull straight into the parking spot, and not diagonally like this person apparently did.

Wrong Block

We’ve got to say that this note is 100% justified. If this person doesn’t even live on this block, then their car shouldn’t be there.


Plus, it’s a law that a car can’t be parked in the same spot for 72 hours… so yea, this car shouldn’t even legally still be there!

Free Labor

Can you imagine the horror of seeing that somebody has reaped the benefits of all your hard work shoveling snow? That must be very disheartening.


We must say, the note that they left the parking spot stealer isn’t as ruthless as it could have been.

I’ll Monster Truck You

The note writer doesn’t seem to care about what impounding will do for the car owner. He will not hesitate and to be honest, we don’t blame him. We know just how much that can ruin your day.


You can be sure that if this car blocks in this person again, there will be serious consequences.

Please Don’t Reproduce

If you really can’t stand somebody, then there’s no better way of expressing that to them than saying “please don’t reproduce.”


Well, one driver apparently loathed the way another driver parked and decided to leave him a note along with a condom for safe sex. This is one hilarious prank.

Parking Blind

Now, this is one rude and offensive windshield note. This person’s parking may have been comically bad, but it definitely doesn’t justify leaving a comment such as this.


Comparing their parking to Stevie Wonder is pretty offensive. Even if the person’s parking job was so bad, this comment is very insensitive.

When You Gotta Go…

When suddenly the urge comes on to go to the bathroom, you don’t always have time to look for a parking spot and go to the bathroom.


When this guy suddenly had to go, he wrote a quick note sharing their honest truth and hoped that they didn’t get a ticket.


Hitting someone’s car and not leaving a note is definitely high on our jerk-o-meter. Accidents happen, but it is basic human decency to leave your details and take responsibility.


Whoever hit this car didn’t do that, but luckily there was someone around who saw the whole thing and took matters into their own hands.

With Hate

Instead of using harsh words or cursing whoever moved their bins to park, they were super polite, but somehow the message still came shining through.


Just in case the recipient of the note got confused by all the kind words and the heart decoration, the sign-off could not be clearer.

Don’t Park Here Maybe

Carly Rae Jepsen’s song and music video “Call Me Maybe?” were an enormous hit in 2012, with a tune that you just couldn’t get out of your head.


Seems like that was the case for the person who left this note and decided to use the pop hit in an unusual way.

Your Lucky Day

Sometimes people act like jerks or even do something slightly illegal. In life, there are often consequences for these types of actions but sometimes you just get lucky.


That is what happened to this parker who apparently left their car in a way that made it eligible to be towed.

We All Scream – at This Guy

There is nothing quite like cold ice cream on a hot summer day. This poor guy just wanted to share that experience with his family on a lazy Saturday, but his plans went awry because someone decided to double park their brand-new Nissan Altima.


It’s a good thing he let this driver know the consequences of his actions.

Parking Indecision

We have no idea why this woman is displaying this note so proudly with a smile on her face. We would not be as thrilled as her to know that our neighbors hate us and think we are inconsiderate.


Hopefully, she is resolving to fix the error of her ways.

Brace Yourselves

Although ‘Game of Thrones’ had aired its last episode, we are not going to risk any spoilers. Instead, we will just explain the note that was left on this windshield.


On the show, the Lannisters are famously known for executing anyone who gets in their way. Accordingly, whoever parked here should definitely feel threatened and start watching their backs.

Sir Rex

The person who wrote this note has a way with words and also quite clearly a sense of humor. They put their complaints in extremely courteous words. Making sure that the whole matter was as civilized as possible.


Even though car alarms going off for no reason is one of the most aggravating things on the planet.

Feeling Like a Star

Sarcasm is the perfect outlet to deal with a person who habitually blocks the path people use to walk on.


In the meantime, he uses some guilt-tripping to share that he is very broke and sick of getting ticketed over and over again.

Winter Is Coming

Bad, and especially snowy weather should be taken into account when you spend a great deal of time on the road.


It is important to keep a cool head and take precautions. That seems to be the case for the writer of this message. Although he was aggravated, he kept his head and made the message simple and polite.

A Particular Set of Skills

Whoever wrote this note has certainly taken some cues from Liam Neeson’s convincing portrayal in the movie “Taken.” Although to be fair, in the film Neeson plays a father whose daughter was kidnapped.


Here the threats are directed at someone who can’t park, but nonetheless, if they don’t follow instructions, they will be found and – boxed in!

Nothing to Steal Here

Despite the fact that this is not a note that was left on someone’s windshield, but a note that was generated by the car owner, it still belongs on this list, because it is awesome.


Whoever owns the car is clearly sick of fixing the window, so they decided to get their message across in a humorous way.

Dogg Please

There are few things more exasperating than getting home from work in the evening and finding that your designated spot, which is clearly marked, has been taken.


It seems like this is not the first time this driver has been asked to not park their car there. We guess they just don’t care.

Let the Games Begin

The hit horror franchise, ‘Saw’, is about a killer named jigsaw who wears a mask and makes people play deadly games. This windshield note should make a little more sense now.


The car owner is clearly sick of the little payment slips you have to leave on your windshield or risk getting a ticket.


When you’re on the way back to your car and you see a yellow rectangle attached to your windshield, it just makes your heart drop.


Given that this girl had parked her car rudely, she may have been expecting a note. But it takes some kind of evil genius to come up with this sort of sweet revenge.

Just Letting You Know

It must be nice for this note to be the first thing you see in the morning before getting in your car.


Not only do you not want to imagine two animals mating on your car, but you start to seriously wonder whether the person that left this note was trying to be friendly or cheeky.

Free Bread

This person was considerate enough to leave a free snack along with his note. While the ‘STOP PARKING HERE’ message is pretty clear, the hilariously placed slices of bread on the windshield should soften the blow of the note.


At least the car owner can make themselves a nice sandwich while they look for a new parking space.

Getting Creative

While this note is definitely one of the more passive-aggressive ones, you do have to give its creator credit for creativity.


Not only did they go through the trouble of printing an actual note, but they added a cute, colorful drawing of a ferret.

Let That Be a Lesson

When you write an angry-yet-funny note, you get that note posted online. When you get that note posted online, it turns viral.


When it turns viral, you make people laugh. When you make people laugh, that note becomes a little less angry and a little more funny. Good job.

Happy Bad Parking Day!

We always say that fighting is best done with glitter. This party car is going to take hours to clean, making the driver fully regret acting like an idiot.


Our only question is how did they get the balloons inside the car and what exactly are they filled with?

Doing Business

Did someone actually go through all the trouble of fashioning a stack of custom made business cards to pass around whenever they come across a badly-parked car?


Also, if Jesus in fact took tapdancing classes, we don’t think he would appreciate you using his talent to shame other people for their terrible parking skills.

Friendly Neighbors

There are so many things we like about this note. First, the choice of paper. We know how to appreciate good office supply when we see it. Then, there is the lovely informal “Yo” introduction.


And finally, the good neighborly relationships. You’d have to be pretty close with your neighbor to let them know their car stinks.

Rise of the Memes

Memes are basically a state of mind at this point. We don’t see why they couldn’t be left on windshields to express our disapproval of people’s parking habits.


We thank this meme-ster for taking memes to the next step of their plan to take over the world, and educating bad drivers while they’re at it.

Simply Put

Some people can’t be bothered with signs or regulations. They see an open spot — they park. They need a third party to put things in their faces or they will keep spacing out and ignore specific instructions.


This note is just for that kind of people.

Sign Language

The layers of things not making sense are reaching epic proportions here. Let’s start with the bad driver who’sn under the impression they don’t have to follow the rules of civilization.


Now we can move on to the sign. It looks like someone took that one step further and executed the sentence singlehandedly. They must be in great shape.

Super Parking

It seems that taking up two parking spaces with one car makes you a supervillain. Why else would a superhero feel compelled to intervene?


As friendly as Spiderman is, you don’t want to make him ask you twice. The driver should be grateful for not finding his door handles webbed-shut.

Feeling Lonely

Pens and papers are relatively easy to find when you need to scribble a quick note.


We all have store receipt or a spare piece of paper lying around in our bag. But produce? That’s much harder to come by.

Opposite Day

The way we see it, this note is a double-edged sword. On one hand, you get to ironically let someone know they are bad drivers.


On the other hand, you give them your phone number, which can’t be too much of a smart move.

Lazy Pants

It’s okay to sometimes be lazy enough to get stuck in front of a TV show you don’t like just because you can’t be bothered to look for the remote.


It is not okay to be lazy enough to park your car in a handicap spot just because you don’t feel like looking for a proper parking space.


Getting a parking ticket is a hassle. Getting your entire car covered with post-it notes publically shaming you for parking in a handicap spot is even a bigger hassle, though a well-deserved one.


We hope that the driver was greeted with a crowd of booing people.

Driving Miss Keller

Calling this window message a note is kind of a stretch. There are no pens and papers involved. Then again, if the writer was truly under the impression they were writing for the blind, this could be the way to do it.


We bet Helen Keller never thought that she would be an inspiration to those educating bad drivers.

Social Studies

This note was obviously thought out. Someone took the time to phrase that text (note the semicolon! You never see those anymore. Let alone on windshield notes), type it, print it, and stick it under a wiper blade.


Clearly, the note writer considers themselves as an important and active part in that society they keep preaching about.

Getting Schooled

This note might as well be in the dictionary under the definition of “passive-aggressive”. In fact, we are sure it is being taught in passive-aggressive schools across the country.


But we are also sure that passive-aggressive schools are a thing so it is on you to decide if you want to take our word for it.

Chicago vs New York

Moving to a new city is never simple. Things as mundane as going to the supermarket can turn into an alienating experience. Apparently, parking etiquette is also something you need to learn.


Luckily for this new neighbor, someone was kind enough to show them the ropes.

Jesus He Knows Me

For the sake of those confused by the cryptic cursive writing, the note reads “Dear fellow Christian, the lawns of homeowners on this street are not public parking. Please “love thy neighbor” by getting off my grass.”


We appreciate the kind language, but we doubt those good Christian manners are the way into this parking bandit’s heart.

Small Car, Big Trouble

Volkswagen Beetles simply look too cute to perform any kind of law violation or adventurous rides. Otherwise, James Bond would have driven one a long time ago.


But this little beetle, or at least the person driving it, is not as friendly as it looks. Good thing that someone took it upon themselves to educate this parking punk.

Mixed Signals

We are confused about this note. At first, it sounds like the car parked in front of this man’s house is too much of an eye-sore to be there. And then the tables turn.


Why would the guy not want his house to look better than it actually is? Can somebody tell him that it’s actually a good thing?

Straight Forward

Many of the notes on this list beat around the bush with witty text, irony, or even drawings. Not this person right here. This person is big on telling it like it is.


We have a feeling that when this person’s idea of a romantic note goes a little something like this: “I like you, bring wine for dinner.”

Concerned Party

When most people take it upon themselves to write an angry windshield note, they make sure their intentions and aggression are crystal clear. Not This one. This note writer was only trying to look out for a fellow human.


It sounds like this empathetic person would make a good friend and generally a better human than most.

The Nicest Possible Way

We have a very clear mental image of the person writing this note. We can see him get mad and starting to practice what he learned in anger management.


He takes three deep breaths, counts to ten, parks somewhere else, and calmly write his feelings on a piece of paper that promptly gets slammed on the culprit’s car.

Online Course

You can learn anything online these days. From knitting to a full degree in sociology — everything is on the internet today. Apparently, you can also learn how to put a curse on someone’s car.


What we thought was exceptionally amusing here is the fact that this angry note was written on such friendly stationary filled with cartoon animals.


This person is trying to appeal to someone’s better nature using Jesus, but it looks like they decided to switch strategies halfway through writing their message.


It’s amazing how much you can learn about a person from reading several words they wrote.

Nobody Matters

It seems that people often don’t get how important self-awareness is. Thankfully, there are some fellow humans who volunteer to educate them on the matter.


Let’s just hope that the person behind the parking violation understands irony well enough and doesn’t consider this note as their first piece of fan mail.

Thank You Note

This note has all the ingredients needed for a proper thank you note. There is the actual “thank you” opening, it specifies what the writer is thankful for, and it has a final greeting in the end. Perfect.


We woulg give this note A. The parking skills would get an F.

BMW State of Mind

BMW people are not like us common folk. Or at least that’s what they like to think. The truth is that on the inside they are just as insecure as the next person, only with fatter wallets.


This note writer thought it would be cool to give one of those beemer bums a reality check.

New Year’s Resolution

This year I will make new friends. This year I will spend less time on social media. These are all great new year’s resolution but we all know they are doomed to fail.


Parking lessons, however, sounds like a much more feasible resolution that would be good for the driver as well as the people around them.