The Most Incredible Photos Taken In Planes

Traveling via plane makes a thrilling adventure as you embark on your new journey. Whether you’re flying for a business trip or a vacation with your loved ones, the thought of exploring new cities, new cultures and new people is more than enough to keep you giggling with excitement. And while on-board your flight, you get to experience some hilarious moments. Believe it or not, sometimes an airplane can house crazy moments with odd characters. Check out these incredible photos captured in planes:

Reality Hurts

Any parent can relate to the reality of this photo. With kids in tow, this is a normal scenario, not only when traveling, but in any situation. We’re just glad that this daddy is so patient that his toddler used his head as a couch so he could oversee the other passengers onboard the plane.


If this situation lasted for an hour, we wouldn’t blame the father for being angry afterward. Stiff neck, anyone? Well, this is part of parenthood and for one to survive, you need patience, strength, and understanding. Lots of all of the above, actually. Parenthood is tough, bittersweet love after all. But we do it for the kids.

Another One?

As much as we want everyone on-board a flight to show some respect and concern for other passengers, there are few who would rather steal the show.


We cannot fathom why this particular passenger displayed such odd behavior. Where in the world can you sleep in such a strange position. Well, obviously in this plane. One thing’s for sure, the people seated next to this weirdo are irritated to the max. Why? No words needed. The photo itself explains a lot. That’s why we cannot blame airline management for being so strict with their rules and regulations.


We can feel the anxiety of the man in the white polo shirt. If you haven’t watched the famous mystery series, Lost, you’ll be lost right now with trying to figure out why he’s scared. To make a long story story short, the guy in the orange shirt resembles actor, Jorge Garcia, who portray the role of Hurley in Lost. His character is mentally ill thanks to a devastating plane crash that killed people and left the survivors stranded on a strange and dangerous island.


Without much explanation, we’re sure you now understand why the man who took this photo is upset. Clearly, he was just joking but we’re willing to bet he was also a tad nervous. Relax man, we wish you a safe flight. Life never imitates are, right? Or does it…?

Foot Rest

Wow, this couple is so extra cozy and homey on-board this flight that they concocted an odd version of a foot rest. Can anyone convince us that this is a mannequin’s feet? Maybe it’s a part of the mannequin challenge. Obviously, this is an ugly sight, especially to those who are having their meals. Tsk, tsk.


It’s just frustrating that there are passengers who would all norms of common courtesy for a smidgen of extra comfort.

Dead Tired

Okay, we get it. This woman must be so dog tired that she didn’t realize that she almost fell on her seat (we hope she didn’t). We assume the flight attendants on-board didn’t care less as it doesn’t seem that they’ve taken the initiative to offer her a more comfortable position.


Lesson learned: have a sound sleep before any flight as you don’t want to be photographed in this kind of an awkward moment. Of course, you don’t have to sleep during the flight, but if you do, just make sure you sleep comfortably.

Happy on Vacay

Regardless of the class of the flight, this dog seems to be excited and happy to travel with his owner and the rest of their family. Maybe summer in Mexico or a stroll through the streets of Paris?


Wherever their destination may be, this dog feels like he’s the happiest pet for being nurtured this way. Lesson learned: dogs deserve all the love and care you can share as they always perform their duties as well as they can; safeguarding us and our loved ones. After all, they’re tagged as man’s best friend. Sweet.

Full House

This flight attendant went the extra mile and pushed herself to the limit. We thought maybe extra leg room was urgently needed for a full flight that’s why the flight attendant decided to give up her seat and stay in the cabin instead. But aren’t cabin crew are supposed to serve the passengers and monitor their safety throughout the flight?


Then what is she doing up there? Let’s just hope she was .playing games with the rest of her colleagues before or after the flight, otherwise, she’ll be terminated for this unruly act. Because, really, a stewardess is expected to be prim and proper at all times and this photo is just ridiculous.


This photo happened when the movie was paused due to a pilot’s important announcement. Can we just describe our impression in one word only? Epic.


A lot can be said actually but we chose not to have a lengthy description to avoid misinterpretations and to not detract from the hilarity of this insane moment. If you know what we mean, then you’d understand where we’re coming from. No more questions, okay? End of story. Check the rest of the extremely crazy photos to brighten up your day. You won’t be disappointed, that’s for sure.

Art Of Makeup

Flight attendants have to adhere to a lot of tough rules and applying makeup like a pro is one of them. However, the whole makeup thing clearly went bad for this guy when his toddler decided to paint his daddy’s face. Not bad, huh?

Getty Images Photo TONY ASHBY

See, there’s a lot of incredible moments inside an airplane and we’re glad that so many of you clever passengers were able to shoot them (with or without permission). We have to tell you though, you might want to prepare yourselves as there is some crazy action on the last few slides.

Target Dog

Bullseye, the official mascot of Target has a lot of travel to do. With his increasing popularity, we can’t blame him for his marketing gigs.


We bet his owner/trainer must be very proud of him. This hardworking dog is so nice. Look at how he behaves on the plane. We just hope our pets are as cool as Bullseye when flying. We can’t imagine being kicked out off the plane when our pets misbehave and cause chaos to other passengers. More peaceful flights, please. Also, we hope to see Bullseye someday, if not on a plane, in Target maybe…


A BIG NO. The four-letter word alone is enough to make a decision not to watch the in-flight movie. We hope that the cabin crew reviewed all their videos prior to approving them as nobody wants to be worried throughout the entire flight.


Tip: Parental guidance is highly recommended here. Hmmm…Should NBI do an extensive investigation or are we over analyzing this part of the movie? We thought that it could be a prank to make people choose sleep rather than watching it. Lol. Are you ready for another hilarious plane photo? Check this out and get ready to feel crazy:

Follow The Rule

Is there anyone here who’s not familiar with Chewbacca? We didn’t think so. He’s the loyal friend of Han Solo in the phenomenal Star Wars franchise. And just like this smart Wookiee, we have to follow the aircraft’s rule: “all carry-on items must be stowed away in one of the overhead compartments or under your seat.”


Are you like Chewbacca or do you love to break the rules? If you’re the latter, then don’t be shocked if Chewbacca gives you a lecture about safety rules. And oh, don’t forget to take a selfie with this fictional character.


The rule was to have a wacky pose in this photo. Sadly, the photobomber flight attendant realized that these guys were a tad serious and couldn’t make funny faces out of them so she decided to be their ultimate photobomber.


Have you ever been photobombed? Or are you in love with invading people’s photos yourself? If so, was it fun or did you cause irritation to the main cast of the photo? Even if they are irritated, a good photobombing stunt is always worth it. Just make sure you don’t ruin a very lovely snap if you don’t want to be reprimanded.

Only Passenger

When you’re lucky enough to be the only passenger on a flight, you get to up your ante by killing that selfie game. Also, you get to sleep and snore out loud without being reprimanded by other passengers, except for the crew of course. And who doesn’t love snagging a bunch of plane goodies?


This guy feels like he’s the king of a 160-seat plane. He looks ecstatic knowing that he’s the ‘privileged’ guy for the flight. And if it’s a long-haul journey, we bet he never got hungry, uncomfortable or bored. All we can say to him is: you make us feel jealous for this rare rare opportunity given to you.

Kangaroo Madness

Then there’s this kangaroo who was captured cuddling with someone, perhaps it’s owner. This photo is so adorable that we want to experience flying with this giant creature, too. Hmmm.


We’re just afraid that it might jump from one seat to another. This could be the obvious reason why its owner endured its heavy weight just to ensure everyone in the plane is safe… and the kangaroo too! We’re sure he paid a lot for the excess baggage, err we mean the extra weight of his pet. And oh, is there a special place for animals in the plane aside from the regular passenger seat?

Missing Pants

Did this sleeping guy forget the proper attire when traveling via an airplane? It’s totally fine to sleep during a flight but to flash your underwear and completely forget that you’re not in your house (and so can’t just take your pants off) is the strangest form of ignorance.


Seriously, how did this guy manage to ride the jet without his pants? He looked so comfortable in his sleepwear that he forgot he’s not in his bedroom. We hope that in his future flights, he learns how to dress appropriately. Or perhaps this needs to become part of the pre-flight announcement: “we kindly request that all passengers please keep their pants on for the duration of the flight.”

Hide And Seek

Where did the parents of these kids go? We’re sure they are already panicking, looking for their toddlers who can’t help but play hide and seek. Cheeky little monkeys!

Images : ma1974 via flicker/creative commons

Just please tell us this photo didn’t happen during takeoff. These kids are so naughty and capricious that they can even find ways to trick the flight attendants on the plane. Flight attendants who’ve surely had to deal with many a troublesome toddler in their time. The kidsters even had the guts to ask them to take their photos. Good job, kids. We hope you had a good time in the cabin (it sure looked like you did).

Dog Pilot

If there’s a photo that exudes cuteness, gentleness and camaraderie, this is it! When the captain decided to take his pet dog for a ride up in the sky, he meant a buddy and a co-pilot at the same time. This is too beautiful to handle.


We’re sure the dog owner/trainer is too proud of their pet’s achievement. Indeed, a dog is a human’s bff and this snap is too cute not to share. That said, why don’t we include our pets on our thrilling adventures like this guy did? Aside from pursuing our passion, we’d get to squeeze in some quality time together. Wins all around.

Meet The Giant

Oh hello there giant doggie! We wouldn’t mind having him as a seatmate as he looks calm and friendly. Also, we cannot help but admire his cool owner who seems to be excited to travel with his massive dog.


It’s good to know that there are a lot of nice people in the world who invest their time and attention in caring for animals and even treating them as part of the family. Ready for more sweet and hilarious plane photos? You don’t want to miss a load of candid pictures and interesting stories. Keep reading!

There’s Panda!

Is this for real? Are pandas really allowed to ride a plane? We have heard stories of a panda flown not just in an airplane but in business class! Whatever the story behind it, seeing this photo just melts our hearts. We bet this one was taken on a private jet.


We just love everything in this photo, especially the panda enjoying his moment while eating some grass. Isn’t it cute? Now we’re running out of words to say as we are too thrilled with the cuteness of this adorable panda. Just wow for this amazing animal and the bond that he developed with his owner. How amazing would it be to share your travels with a panda friend?

Pretty Special

We are so deeply touched with this photo of a woman carrying a service dog while looking for their assigned seats. A classic example as to how animals should be treated: with love and respect. It goes to show that we can make this world a better place if we continue to give away our compassionate hearts and share them with animals.


We know we just flooded you with amazing stories courtesy of adorable dogs, and other animals. Remember the cuddling kangaroo and the fashionable turkey? Too much cuteness and love. Are you excited to learn more? Check this out.

Penguins On Board

A lot of airlines have been supporting more and more animal varieties as they are now used as emotional support animals for the people who need them. Can you believe penguins are already on the list of allowed support animals? Despite their surprising tendency towards violence (there have been reported cases of injured passengers due to fighting penguins on-board a flight), still this photo is adorable.


Just like this lucky passenger, we’d love to take photos of these cute birds. It’s not everyday that we get a chance to be with them, so when given an opportunity, grab your phone and take a selfie. Makes sense, right? Seriously, just give us one shot at this dream and we’d be golden.

Just chillin’

Toddlers in the terrible twos can be just that: terrible. But they can also be adorably playful and smart. Look at this cute little mister who found his way to a new seat. Such a gentle kid giving up his seat for his grandma who almost lost hers due to overbooking of the aircraft.


Nevertheless, this kiddo looks so cool. He’s been holding on to balance his body. Kid, we hope you didn’t fall. Keep that proud look on your face as we just want to let you know that we can’t get enough of your cuteness.

The Importance Of Burger

This woman seriously knows how to treasure her favorite food in the world – a giant burger! Look at how this food lover treated her burger with care (and respect), strapped with a safety belt on an exclusive chair. Wow!


Now ladies and gentleman, this is how you make sure that your burger is safe, secure and fresh, especially on long flights. Just make sure you have enough funds for that extra ticket. Wait, did we mention that the ticket is far more expensive than the burger pillow itself? Oops! Maybe the TLC given to the burger comes down to sentimental reasons?


This angry man was clearly annoyed by the curly hair of the woman in front of him who, to be fair, is taking up a whole lot more room with her hair than is really fair. We can kind of understand why this guy was not fond of having such an obstruction to deal with every time he tried to grab a magazine or check out the in-flight menu.


While there is no specific rule about where to put your hair during air travel, women with long hair should at least keep it tidy by wearing a ponytail so as not to distract and bother other people. You don’t want to get this withering look from your fellow passengers now, do you?

Dangerous Selfie

This guy is absolutely crazy for putting his life at risk like this. Taking a selfie while in control of a plane in the midst of a turbulence? What was he thinking?


That said, we’re calling out all the narcissists out there. Attention please: if you’ve joined joined the selfie bandwagon, that’s fine, but never  – we repeat, never – try this while driving any kind of vehicle at all. In fact, if you’re engaged in any potentially unsafe activities at all, just keep your phone out reach. Never compromise your safety. Leave the photo shoots to professional photographers. Unless you want to add to the growing statistic of people who’ve lost their lives taking silly selfies.


Oh no, this guy was punished for drinking a forbidden bottle during take off! Since he was not forced out of the plane and no emergency landing happened for his behaviour, he was taped to his seat.


But this act, if not a prank, is totally unforgivable. Unless, he acted wild and became a threat to other passengers, or actually caused someone harm. Nevertheless, this is a good example of an insanely hilarious picture captured in the plane. We just hope this guy learned his lesson already and is doing well on his other flights. No one would want to be in his position, especially now that this photo is making the rounds of the web. Sorry.

Turkey, Seriously?

We’re not sure whether this photo was edited or not. Looking at it, it seems legit but really, a turkey on the plane? We thought the owner of this photo was just up for some fun but we couldn’t agree more with their actions. If ever we see a turkey on a plane, which is a rare scene by the way, we’d definitely snap a hilarious photo.


Just like the well-loved burger and pig, this turkey got pampered too with his master paying for his seat. Are turkeys now the new “man’s best friend?” Its owner looks protective, carefully holding him just to make sure he doesn’t roam around the plane confusing fellow passengers.

Time To Sleep

This bunch must be very exhausted and perhaps deprived of sleep before their flight to be able to fall into this deep of a slumber. Evidence: open mouths while sleeping and we’re sure some of them were snoring.


Another possibility is that they took heed of the pilot’s announcement to take a nap while waiting for 4 hours past their scheduled departure due to technical reasons. So instead of getting drunk (with many of the other passengers), they just had to follow their body’s calling and sleep well.

Stinky Feet

This little girl knows no lies and her reaction is just epic! With a stinky foot extending on her seat, covering her nose may not be enough to conceal the foul odor. If the adult passenger did not remove his/her foot right away, we’re sure the parents of the child reprimanded him/her already.


Let’s not be too comfortable when flying because a plane is a transportation method which means serious business and sleeping in this position is not good. It becomes worse when your feet stink a lot. Eew. Tip: put on some foot deodorant or powder before flying and never flash them, especially to innocent young children.

Nice View

One of the most effective tips to apply when you’re traveling with kids is to bring their favorite toys. When boredom strikes, you have these life-savers to maintain your sanity. We’re sure all the parents out there can attest to this.


This photo is an affirmation that a nice view of the sky includes dinosaurs. Yep, dinosaurs. Choose these plastic creatures than endure the yelling and petty fights of your kids without getting embarrassed when they disturb other passengers (though, of course, you still will). This is the real world of parenthood: toys, tantrums and of course, cuteness overload. Crazy as it may seem, it is fun to be with these little guys.

Epic Reaction

Giant dog: “Can we go to dreamland now? Please.” Passengers at the back: (speechless) Probably, this is what the dog wanted to say to the noisy passengers at his back. If we were in his position and we just wanted to sleep, we’d also talk with the same politeness. Without this bubble thought, the dog’s reaction alone is epic. There is so much emotion in this photo that we can also assume he had spotted a cute baby in the back.


He was certainly amazed with something in his back view. Well, only the dog (and the person who took this photo) know the real deal here.

Power Nap

We understand the demanding job of a pilot. Regardless of the time, they have to ensure a smooth and safe journey for everyone on-board the flight. That’s why it’s important that they are mentally and physically healthy to serve their purpose well.


However, there are times that they need to regain their energy, hence this nap. We just hope this captain took his nap before take off and not during the journey! Surely the flight, and the passengers’ safety would have been mightily jeopardized if the pilot was snoozing mid-flight? As we’re sure this pilot will attest, power naps are crucial as even a 30-minute sleep strengthens a person for the remaining activities of the day.

Reunited And It Feels So Good

It’s rare to be on-board a flight with a dog… and even more with three adorable dogs! If you’re a pet lover, you’ll understand the joy of traveling with your pet, especially if you have formed a special bond already. That’s why when this photo was taken, we can’t help but plan a vacation among our friends and with our pets, of course.


Our mantra: No one left behind as we’re all in this together. We can’t wait to have a reunion with our best friends and have fun up in the sky. Let’s not forget that snacking and chit-chatting also await us in the flight.

Pretty Face

Rumors were rife that this particular plane housed some of the stunning models of Victoria’s Secret. This pretty woman who took a group picture is every inch a model.


On many occasions, celebrities  – from athletes to actors and models  – fly via economy class, giving everyday passengers the chance to see them and have photographs with them. Did we mention that we dream of riding a plane with the Kardashian sisters? We know for a fact that they have their private jets, but we’re still keeping our fingers crossed that they try a public plane. Just once. You know, for the experience. Please?

So Many Stories

Can you decide which part of this photo is most hilarious  – the cute baby who seems to be crawling his way up the seat, the number of bottles this guy consumed, or he and the lady next to him sleeping with mouths open?

populareverything/20 Minuten

Actually, all parts are amusing. See, a picture can paint a thousand words. Even if they are strangers to each other, they are now forever connected with this cute snap. We’re sure that when they see this photo, they’ll laugh their hearts out, especially at that cutie toddler on the side. Credits to the passenger who was a happy witness to this colorful scene.

Doggie Captain

Who said a dog can’t be a pilot? This photo is a proof that dogs are indeed smart and fearless and capable of way more than we could ever have imagined. Looking fab and cool with his co-pilot/owner/trainer, this guy must be having the time of his life.


We hope he didn’t freak out when he realized he’s a thousand miles up in the sky. Tip: before flying with your dog, make sure that he doesn’t have a fear or heights. Otherwise, the both of you will end up panicking rather than kicking back and enjoying your adventure and bonding time.

Monster Lover

We admire Jake’s candidness for calling out his seatmate during the flight. If you’re afraid of horror movies and the person seated next to you went full screen on his iPad for some goosebumps and screams and it’s been like that for over an hour, you might do more than just take a photo and call him out on social media.


Here’s the thing: when we’re traveling, we should consider everyone in the plane – from babies to flight attendants and particularly our seatmates  – and we should act properly at all times. Remember the golden rule that says we shouldn’t do unto others what we don’t want them to do unto us? Wait, is that right?

Too Adorable

This picture makes us want to ride a plane as soon as possible with this service dog. Just too much cuteness in this photo. Can you imagine how many cities and countries this lovely pup has already visited? What a lucky doggo.


Have you had enough of our compilation? Surely not! We’ve got dozens more pictures awaiting you, and we’ve saved the best for last. Keep reading, keep watching and keep laughing. Also, be ready to get irritated and confused and learn a lot of lessons as each picture tells its story  – some good and some (not so) bad.

New Friend

Babies create scenes during flights for considerable reasons – hunger, sleepiness and short attention spans. Their tantrums are annoying at times, however, they can often surprise you by being friendly. This photo is evidence that they can get clingy with new friends in no time.


This little mister here can’t get enough of the passenger seated on his back and kept holding his finger. This is so adorable. Isn’t it amazing that you get to meet new friends on the plane? Not to forget that your new friendship is initiated by no less than this lovely baby. The ultimate new bestie for brightening up your day!

Beauty Rest

The stewardess apparently just could not contain it anymore: she gave in to her exhaustion and went to sleep. Beauty rest is not bad. In fact, it’s actually important, especially to flight attendants who are required to look pleasant throughout their flights.

Periergaa blogspot

Meanwhile, the passengers in front of her look cool. What can we say, they understand her so much that they decided to keep their mouths shut and not go to the airline’s management. Tip: Flight attendants, please do not sleep during take-off. Love your job by staying awake during the flight. Remember, the passengers keep their eyes on you most of the time.

Snakes On A Plane

Clearly, this guy is such a huge fan of the thriller movie, Snake’s on a Plane, that he literally and figuratively (almost) re-enacted one of the scariest parts of the crazy movie.


Although we’re suspicious that this picture may have been photo-shopped. The man who acted as a passenger looks frozen like a mannequin. Don’t you agree? Well, if this snap is for real, the team behind this epic photo did a great job. And if it’s not, they did an even better job in making a lot of people believe it; especially the fans of the film.

Los And Found

One of the ugliest and funniest truths about flying, at least for some, is the problem of missing dentures. Perhaps the owner of this set dropped them on the floor or forgot to pop them back in after brushing his teeth in the tiny airplane bathroom.


Should the cabin crew have made an announcement about the lost and (finally) found dentures, its owner would have been happy – and we’re sure a tad embarrassed – to claim them in front of the other passengers. Although, to be honest, it would probably be pretty obvious who the owner was, considering the space they leave behind in your mouth when they’re gone!

Doing It Wrong

At first glance, this man looks like a mannequin with that crazy poker face. And did you notice that his seat belt was strapped in the wrong place? Not on the chest dude, seat belt on the waist area please.


We cannot blame the guy seated next to him as he cannot take his eyes off the mannequin err the man who clearly needs a whole lot of help with his seat belt… and his facial expressions. We don’t mean to be rude but, come on, this photo is filled with so much that is just begging to be poked fun at.

Nice View

Sometimes the best view comes in big sizes and with another adorable view. Look at how pretty this photo is – a massive dog keeping his focused on the in-flight movie. If it was a dramatic film, we wouldn’t be surprised if he was moved to puppy tears. Now we have learned that movies make a good strategy to keep dogs behaved!


The owner of this amazing dog also deserves a pat on the back for training his pet so well, especially in critical situations  – like on a flight full of humans – that necessitate good behavior. Who would have thought traveling through the air with a giant dog could be this easy?

Music Fever

Apparently, this man can’t let go of his mini keyboard – he even practiced his piano skills while in the plane. With the sweet melody that tucked him to sleep, we’re worried that he might nor perform his important task, considering he’s seated in the emergency exit row.


Obviously, he’s drunk with music and we just hope that the flight was smooth and everyone was okay. We also realized that there are some things that we cannot let go of, not even on short trips. Need we tell more? This photo is a proof. Passion and commitment rolled into one with this man who has a deep connection with music.

Earplugs, Anyone?

This woman clearly wanted to experiment, hence the earplugs in her nose. The drawback: somebody stole her show by snapping this crazy photo. When she wakes up and sees the picture, she’ll surely just laugh out loud and give an explanation as to why she’s doing it wrong.


We’re thinking that she may be suffering from a runny nose and so, to avoid sneezing or dribbling while she sleeps, she just covered her nostrils with these earplugs. We hope she discarded them after sleeping for hygienic and doesn’t intend to put them in her ears!

Pizza Party

In 2015, Delta Airlines won the hearts of their irate passengers by serving them boxes of comfort food: yummy pizza! Due to weather disruptions, the flight had to endure hours of delay. But with the pilot’s message, the passengers were relieved (especially their hungry stomachs).


As reported, the pilot said “but the good news is, we ordered you all pizza.” Delayed flights produce angry passengers. The trick to alleviate their frustration is to communicate through their starving tummies. Been there done that and we hope all airlines can be like Delta in rewarding us with a party of pizza any time something goes wrong.

Not Cool

The caption says it all “Not cool, bro.” If we saw this message on our TV screen while riding a plane, we’d definitely call out the cabin crew and request for an emergency landing rather than a heart attack while watching the scary movie. If this is a joke, it isn’t cool. Absolutely not.


We hope airlines would find time to check all of their in-flight videos and choose those that are relaxing and happy not thrilling and worrisome.

I Know You

This is the face(s) you make when you suddenly see your friends whom you haven’t seen for ages. Or it could be that the man two rows behind was acting as a photobomber for the twins. Nevertheless, they look so happy in this photograph.


One of the best things about flying is the chance of reuniting with old friends. It happened to me many times, to all of us here, actually. As such, we’re thrilled at the thought of seeing more long lost friends by chance in our future flights. Do you feel the same way? It feels good to relive happy memories with friends, right?

Under The Sea

While it’s obvious that the “t” in seat was removed (intentionally or not), life vests are located under the seats of the plane. Unless, you take the message literally, you have to swim under the sea first to locate your life vest in case of an emergency. Strange. Clearly some clever little vandal decided to make a joke out of the sign.


If you encounter a funny message like this, it’s best to consult with one of the flight attendants on board your flight. Just to make sure that your safety is not jeopardized. But really, it’s all about common sense.

Can We Be Friends?

Isn’t it awkward that this woman was flying for a much-needed vacation after an emotional breakup only to realize that her ex-boyfriend was unintentionally her seatmate on the flight? Worse, you cannot switch to another seat because other passengers were already sleeping soundly. Oh.


The former couple had to make things cool and decided for a selfie. Why not? They can be friends after all, or maybe reconciled during the flight. See, when you’re meant to be, the universe – and even the plane’s seating arrangement – will conspire in your favor.

Scary Mask

We want to believe that the cabin crew had some sort of a mask party here and this pilot decided to wear a horse mask. If kids were present, we’re sure some of them would get scared. Hey Captain, can you choose a more friendly mask? How about Iron Man? At least we could have more faith in him flying the plane than a horse!


We realize it’s great to have fun inside an aircraft, as long as you are not compromising the flight, especially the safety of the passengers. Clean fun that is. After all, our goal is to arrive at our destination safe and sound.

Case In Point

Logic redefined. It may sound silly but this hilarious tweet did a brilliant job of calling out faulty critical thinking skills at their finest. Did they really say tweezers can be used to hijack a plane? Think about it. That’s definitely something we’d be interested to see… and we wouldn’t feel too concerned about our safety!


Want more hilarious photos inside an aircraft? Well we’ve covered so many we’ll need to take a break to hunt up some more for you! Thank you for taking your time to read. We hope you enjoyed flicking through these crazy pictures as much as we enjoyed finding them for you. Until next time folks!