The Real Reason Why Tiger Woods Play Time Was Limited

Any avid golf fan knows that the universe gets thrilled when Tiger Woods advances down the 18th fairway of the last round in the competition to pull ahead of another championship. Apparently, this scene has been played 80 times in his golf career.

No professional golfer draws more interest and attention (especially in TV) than Woods does. When he’s serving the match very well, it’s expected for whichever network sponsoring the event to show every stroke he takes because they know that’s what exactly the viewers want.

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Such interest has only escalated over the recent years when Woods suffered different injuries that eventually cut his schedule. His tournaments have been limited that’s why when he plays, everyone is mindful of it.

Apparently, when Woods suffered an injury, we’re already habituated to expect the worst as we have witnessed how he suffered from back to wrist injuries in the last couple of years. Consequently, these injuries have hampered one of the legendary careers in the history of golf.

Woods, 43, is youthful but a relatively older athlete. And his severely exhausted body just isn’t as competent and efficient than he used to be in his younger years.

To recall, Woods had four back surgeries, the latest was a spinal fusion in April 2017. Unfortunately, when he tried to bounce back, the results aren’t always victorious. He has struggled to rediscover his growl and regain his shape.

Since the surgery, he displayed enthusiasm that he never turned down a tournament he was scheduled to play. After competing in 24 events over the past four years, he played 18 times last year and won the Tour Championship. Woods also joined the Ryder Cup.

“Unfortunately, due to a neck strain that I’ve had for a few weeks, I’m forced to withdraw from the API,” Woods wrote in his official statement. “I’ve been receiving treatment, but it hasn’t improved enough to play. My lower back is fine, and I have no long-term concerns, and I hope to be ready for The Players,” he added.

If you believe his statement and he has been managing his neck pain for weeks and it isn’t getting any better, you can imagine how weakening and excruciating it will be once the Tour concludes its Florida swing.

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It is understandable if Woods decides not to return on the golf course as soon as possible and plays in a few games at The Masters, the tournament that brought him 8 wins and he loves most, among other tournaments. Impressively, Woods has won 14 majors in his playing career.