The Royal Family Wishes These Photos Weren’t Floating Around the Web

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Meghan Markle is one of the most talked-about women in the world, and she’s always in the public eye when she’s, well, out in public. People keep a close watch on what she’s wearing, which is how they’re able to notice when something is a little off. And on this day, when she and the prince arrived in Tonga in 2018, something was a little off: she forgot to remove the tags on her new Self Portrait dress.

Getty Images Photo by Photo by Pool/Samir Hussein
Getty Images Photo by Photo by Pool/Samir Hussein

She reportedly chose the bright red number to match both the flag of the country and the carpet, of course. But as lovely as she looked, the (crazy expensive) tag was a little distracting as it blew in the wind.

Slip-Off Slippers

One of the most important things about being out in public as a woman in the royal family is being able to carry yourself with grace through any and all situations – even when something happens that’s beyond your control. And that’s exactly what Denmark’s Princess Mary did when the heel of her pumps got wedged into a crack on the sidewalk during one of her events.

Getty Images Photo by Photo by YURI GRIPAS

She simply slid out of the shoe, lowered herself gracefully down to pick it up and had one of her men assist her while she put it back on. Then, she moved right back along with her day like it never happened. Way to handle a tricky situation, princess!

Windy City

Well if this doesn’t look like a scene right out of some action movie with Tom Cruise in it (hello, Top Gun) we don’t know what does. Unfortunately for the duchess, the moment was all too real when the skirt of her yellow Jenny Packham dress decided to go along with the wind in front of these Canadian Air Force soldiers.

Getty Images Photo by Photo by Chris Jackson

They probably didn’t mind at all, but we all know how much of a pain it is to keep having to hold your dress down on a windy day. Maybe next time she’ll opt for a pencil skirt or something that stays in place a little better. And hey, at least her hair looked amazing!

Off with Her Hat

The Queen is no doubt one of the most perpetually composed women on the face of the planet. It seems as though she is always pulled together wherever she goes. Of course, she’s also human and things happen to us that we can’t always avoid.

Getty Images Photo by Anwar Hussein

Take for instance this day back in 1979, when the wind decided to pick her hat up and try and carry it off on a wild ride. But the Queen was able to catch it before it completely blew off of her head. Who knew she had such cat-like reflexes?

Moving On

This night, at King Constantine of Greece’s 70th birthday bash, The Queen ran into a few small issues with her wardrobe – none of which were at any fault of her own. First, someone spilled coffee on her. Yes, someone spilled coffee on The Queen.

Getty Images Photo by Photo by Indigo

But she stood up, braving the paparazzi and moved right along, on her way to a change of course. But on her way out, the strap of her handbag broke! Needless to say, it just wasn’t her night. Though she took it all in stride and brushed it off.


It can’t be easy gliding around in heels and gowns through all sorts of public appearances all of the time. But royal family members make it seem like it is – most of the time, anyways. And then there are other times, like the one in the photo below, when Queen Sophia of Spain found herself face-to-face with the floor after tripping over the bottom of her dress.

Getty Images Photo by CHRIS KLEPONIS

But as any Queen would do, she stood right back up and brushed her dress off and went along with her evening.

All Stuck Up

The women of the royal families must have calluses the size of Texas on their feet from wearing heels everywhere they go. And, as uncomfortable as they can be, they can also cause accidents, like when the duchess’ heel got stuck in this drainage hole.

Alamy Stock Photo

The snafu happened during the opening event for her non-profit drug addiction treatment center. Luckily for Kate, Prince Charming rushed to her aid and helped her straighten things out before the situation escalated to her falling down.


Princess Beatrice wound up exposing a bit more of herself than she would have liked at a 2017 V&A party that she co-hosted with sister Eugenie. She wore a black lacy dress from Self-Portrait that had a nude lining underneath which rode up without her awareness and exposed her nude-colored underwear.

Getty Images Photo by Ian West/PA Images and GOR/GC Images

The royal ladies really seem to be in love with that brand, but maybe there’s something they could do to hook the lining to the lace a bit more so that these types of malfunctions wouldn’t happen. Errors aside, though, the princess still looked lovely in the lacy number.


The Duchess of Sussex gave cameras more than they bargained for (although they were more than willing to accept) when she and the prince were leaving a good friend’s wedding in Frensham, Surrey. It was also right around the time the duchess was celebrating her 37th birthday, so the crowd burst into (the birthday) song at one point to wish her well. When she noticed the mishap, she pulled her navy dress over a bit and shrugged it off.

Getty Images Photo by Photo by Samir Hussein and Karwai Tang

Although this, like some of the other royal wardrobe blunders, has caused speculation that they’re intentionally doing some of these things. Because if it was a mistake – it was a pretty racy one to make. Not very ladylike, but we’re not complaining.

Iconic Movie Moment

Kate Middleton found herself seeing through the eyes of Marilyn Monroe when her Emilia Wickstead dress blew up in a gust of wind in front of a crowd of people. The moment happened at the National War Memorial in India.

Getty Images Photo by Samir Hussein and UK Press Pool

She fought with the wind throughout the majority of the royal tour and can be seen trying to hold her dress down – unsuccessfully, of course! Fortunately, she kept her composure and simply pat it back down each time it tried escaping gravity.


While most of the wardrobe mishaps on this list happened at no fault of the actual royal, the same can’t be said for this one. While in Birmingham with the prince in 2018, the duchess wore a new tailored J. Crew coat that looks a little – stiff. That’s because she didn’t remove the X-stitch that holds the bottom of the coat together to hold the vent together before it’s sold. But it is supposed to be taken out before it’s worn.

Getty Images Photo by Victoria Jones and Chris Jackson

Although, as much as fashionistas may have noticed the faux pas, it didn’t seem to bother the masses, who ended up buying so many of the coats that J. Crew was sold out.

Gender Equality

After all of the times the wind has come for the royal women and left them exposed to prying eyes and camera lenses, it’s only fair that it happens to the men, too. The prince had his coattails blown up in the wind, just as he was bending over to help move this piece.

Getty Images Photo by Chris Jackson

The combination of the wind and awkward pose made the photo look a bit unflattering. Although unlike the women in skirts and dresses, the prince wasn’t risking exposing himself, at least.

Whoopsie Daisy

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, is known for her big heart. She is the Patrol of several non-profit organizations, including Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, Trinity Hospice, and Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centers. But she’s also known for having a sleek sense of fashion. This was still true this day, but the wind got to her and caused the skirt of her dress to fly up during this public appearance.

Getty Images Photo by Photo by Chris Jackson

At the same time, her hat kept trying to blow off of her head. But, like most royals, she remained composed and simply held them down and kept moving.

Singing the Blues

This is another one of those “mishaps” that more than likely was done intentionally. It would be very hard to not notice that the top of your skirt was entirely sheer. Did she not look at herself in a mirror before she walked out of the house?

Getty Images Photo by Photo by Dominic Lipinski-Pool and Pool/Samir Hussein

And one of her staff would have surely told her they could see her underwear before she left? And then there’s the fact the underwear is a pair of matching briefs. Hey, in any case, the Givenchy outfit looks great on her – but there’s no way she didn’t know it was sheer.

Hello, Legs

Kate doesn’t usually show off so much of her long legs, and she wasn’t planning on it this day, either, but the weather had other plans in mind. A supporter was handing her this bouquet just as it happened, or she likely would have been able to catch her dress before the wind carried it upwards, exposing her thighs to the cameras (and the happy guys behind them.)

Getty Images Photo by Photo by Max Mumby/Indigo

This mishap all went down in 2013, so she’s had plenty more experience saving herself from these embarrassing moments.

All Tangled Up

Since the majority of royal family members on this list are women, it’s nice to see that these things can happen to the men, too. Kate Middleton laughs along with Prince Charles as his wife, Princess Camilla, works to help untangle his gloves.

Getty Images Photo by Photo by Chris J Ratcliffe

He doesn’t look too bothered by the whole thing either. In fact, he looks like he’s laughing about it a little bit. At least they got things straightened out in the end.

Tying the Knot

Kate has become the unspoken master of fixing her wardrobe before anyone notices when it malfunctions. The cameras caught her in the midst of tying her dress back together after the knot on the front began to slip undone.

Getty Images Photo by Photo by ANDREW COWIE

Luckily, it was only decorative, not functional, so she was never at risk of exposure. Better safe than sorry though, duchess.

Stepped Out and Stepped On

Meghan Markle probably wasn’t thinking about dragging the bottom of her Burberry wide-legged wool pants on the ground when she decided to wear them, but she needs to get them tailored if she’s planning to wear them out again. It doesn’t help that the ground is wet from the rain, either, so you know they’re dirty.

Getty Images Photo by Chris Jackson

Can you imagine what they would be like if she were wearing flats? You’d think that royals would try on their outfits and have someone inspect them before they walked out of the house. It’s not like they can’t afford to have personal tailors waiting on them hand and foot.

Pull Those Pants Up

Seeing the duchess at a sporting event, like at this basketball game in 2016, seems even more special than just seeing her out and about in her regular dress and pumps. That’s because we get to see her dressed in her casual wear, which isn’t something that happens very often. Of course, royal casual still means looking very put together, but here you see her sporting a pair of blue jeans and a t-shirt with a nice jacket.

Getty Images Photo by Photo by Max Mumby and Danny Martindale

Unfortunately, she couldn’t quite get the jeans to stay in place, and she didn’t think about that when she was getting dressed so she forgot to put on a belt. That all made for a pretty uncomfortable afternoon of adjusting and readjusting her jeans. It’s too bad the one day she gets to dress down she has to deal with a bad fit.

Holey Moley

You’ve heard the expression, “loved them so much he wore holes right through them,” right? Well, it became an expression because it’s true, when you love a pair of shoes so much that you wear them constantly, you’re going to cause holes in the soles from the wear and tear – hence this big mark in the bottom of the prince’s shoe.

Getty Images Photo by Photo by Mark Cuthbert

There’s no way the duchess could have known he was going to be wearing old shoes that day, to their friend’s wedding, or else she would have made him put on a new pair. It’s understandable that he wanted to be comfortable, but now he knows that the bottoms of his feet can wind up in the tabloids, too.

10 Little Piggies

Any woman who’s ever worn heels for more than a few hours of her life knows the discomfort they can cause after being on your feet all day. That’s why during a wedding, or an occasion where people end up dancing, ladies will usually wind up with their shoes off by the end of the night. Well, Kate may not have been hitting the dance floor, but her poor feet just couldn’t handle being stuffed in those pointy-toed heels anymore.

Getty Images Photo by Photo by Prakash Singh and Euan Cherry

So, she did what any other woman on the planet would do – she took them off! Then again, every other woman on the planet isn’t royalty being chased around by the paparazzi all day, so it’s a toss-up as to whether we would have taken them off or not.

Hold Down the Skort

Kate Middleton’s little sis, Pippa, was out for a fun afternoon of watching some matches at Wimbledon, so of course, she went with a light-colored mini skirt – to match the ladies on the court, no doubt. But when their skirts fly up – they’ve got shorts underneath; which Pippa wasn’t fortunate enough to have when a gust of wind blew her skirt up for cameras.


But their reflexes were no match for Pippa’s, who was able to grab it and hold it down just in time for the flash. Nice moves, sister!

Kilting It

Wearing kilts is a tradition for males that dates back to the 1600s in Scotland, and carries on today, largely as part of ceremonies and entertainment. But there’s a reason why a lot of men don’t go flapping around in these skirted garments – namely because of all the flapping around. If and when they are worn, it’s up to the person wearing them to be cautious of how they move to avoid overexposing themselves to any onlookers.

Getty Images Photo by Photo by Max Mumby/Indigo and Jeff J Mitchell

Well, the late Duke of Edinburgh got so caught up in the excitement around him that he forgot to keep his legs in the correct position. For anyone else, this may seem like a huge fail, but for Prince Phillip, it was a win! It shows that he was brave enough to do things in his own way.

Just Pulling Up

When you’re a royal, you’re constantly on the move, going from event to event, and it probably gets pretty crazy. Plus, you’ve always got to be worried about how you look because you know there are always people with cameras watching you. But Prince Harry doesn’t seem to have any issue keeping it together.

Getty Images Photo by Anwar Hussein

Of course, everyone has their moments where they’re caught a little bit off guard. Here he is adjusting his belt and jeans on his way out of the limo.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Duchess Camilla of Cornwall was trying to protect her hair during a stormy day. But she wasn’t exactly having an easy time doing so. At least she had an umbrella with her. Unfortunately, she was wrestling with it for a few minutes. Two of her staff members had to help her get it straightened out, but by then it had already brushed up against her hair.

Getty Images Photo by Photo by Tim Ireland/PA Images

Maybe next time she’ll opt for a poncho instead. Luckily it doesn’t look like it’s raining all too hard at that point. But her hair is already feeling the damage, either way.

Expecting Some News

When you’re a celebrity-turned-royal, people read into your outfits – maybe a little too much. When Meghan wore this long cream-colored coat that tied around the waist, people for some reason thought that it meant she was pregnant. Why? That’s an excellent question.

Getty Images Photo by Max Mumby/Indigo and Anwar Hussein

The couple did, however, reveal some exciting news that day: Meghan Markle was going to marry the prince. What does a white coat have to do with pregnancy, anyways?

Blown Away

Kate’s blowout in these pics is evidence of her recent trip to the salon – possibly to get her bangs trimmed. Then again, she may just get a blowout every day just because she can. But she had no idea that the weather was going to be working so hard against her afterward.

Getty Images Photo by Chris Jackson and Indigo

She just couldn’t win; it was blowing her newly styled hairdo in all different directions. The duchess tried her best to keep it under control with her hand, but to no avail. Finally, she threw in the towel and just let it do its own thing.

Step Off

People may think that royals have red carpets thrown down for them everywhere they go in their $1,000 shoes, but judging by Meghan Markle’s muddy heel, that’s not the case. It looks like she sunk into some grass walking around just like the rest of us.

Getty Images Photo by Photo by Max Mumby/Indigo

And while it makes her seem very relatable, it also begs the question – didn’t she have an extra pair of shoes? There should always be an extra pair of shoes.

Cold Shoulders

Queen Rania of Jordan is known for her sense of style, among other things of course. She turns heads in almost anything she wears, but on this particular evening, she caught a bit more attention than she was hoping for. Her black off-the-shoulder dress kept sliding down, even more so than it was supposed to be doing.

Getty Images Photo by Photo by TIZIANA FABI

She spent the night tugging the material back up to keep from showing too much skin. The Queen most likely opted for a different style of dress for a while afterward. One that didn’t require so much of her time and energy.


The duchess gets so excited about wearing some of her new pieces that she doesn’t even remember to remove the tags. When Meghan Markle stepped out in this sleek pencil dress with her brown leather bag, she had no idea she was carrying around a few unwanted guests. Check out the bottom of the handbag.

Getty Images Photo by Photo by Pool/Samir Hussein and Clodagh Kilcoyne

Yep, those are the little plastic bits they put on to protect it from being scuffed before it’s sold. Either she forgot to take them off or she had no idea she was supposed to.

About Face

At first glance, it may seem as though Kate is rocking this bright purple button-down, and indeed she is, just not the way the designer intended for it to be worn. She later discovered, right along with the rest of us, that the buttons were actually supposed to go in the back and the bow in front.

Getty Images Photo by Photo by Neil Mockford

And if that mistake could happen to the fashion-forward duchess, it could happen to anyone. No matter the mix-up, she still pulled off the look until she found out and turned it around. Honestly, it looks just as good on her with the bow in front.

Oh Diana

Photos of Princess Diana’s dresses were plastered on the front page of magazines before Meghan Markle or Kate Middleton were out of diapers. And that includes this dress; her iconic wedding gown, which had a lengthy train and puffy shoulders, along with a veil that competed with her train in length.

Getty Images Photo by Bettmann

But of course, when her day came to walk down the aisle, the wind picked up and blew all parts of the dress all over the place. She still looked amazing in the dress, which is valued at nearly half a million.

Wind Lift

If this picture isn’t just the perfect example of how composed Princess Di was, and how well she carried herself, we don’t know what is. As she attended a memorial for a family friend, the wind worked against her and blew her white skirt up. In the very same moment, however, the princess smoothly held it down, her face never flinching.


Princess Di was beloved for many things, mainly being the “People’s Princess,” but also for being a fashion icon. So, it’s only fitting that she would keep her cool in a situation like this.

Stairway to Heaven

Well, poor Kate has been on this list more than almost everyone else – and for things that aren’t really her fault, like the wind. She’s been caught in a windy situation more than a few times, like here, when she and the rest of the family were getting off of the plane in New Zealand in 2014.

Getty Images Photo by Photo by Hagen Hopkins and Mark Tantrum

She was able to hold it down so that she didn’t show the cameras too much, but you would also think at this point that she would have hired a stylist to figure out how to style her in things that don’t leave her flashing the entire world in a gust of wind.

The Revenge Dress

Princess Di was known for being a royal rule breaker. Take dress codes, for instance. This racy number definitely isn’t something you would see a royal running around in.

Alamy Stock Photo

In 1994, after Charles admitted to having an affair, the princess made a very public statement during an appearance when she showed up in this. It was later dubbed “the revenge dress,” a name that stuck and still lives on to this day.

Losing a Shoe

Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, consort of Sheikh Hamad b Khalifa Al Thani of the United Arab Emirates always looks sleek and sophisticated when she steps out. Unfortunately, on this day, she missed one of those steps when her heel twisted on the pavement and caused her to slip out of her shoe.

Getty Images Photo by Photo by Juan Naharro Gimenez

It seems as though she caught herself before it caused her to do anything more than stumble.

Dragging Dress

When Kate put on this lovely dress, she probably wasn’t thinking about the fact that it may drag on the ground. Although, if she tried it on, then she had to have known it was a tad long.

Getty Images Photo by Photo by Max Mumby/Indigo

And what happens when you cross high heels with a dress that’s too long? Aside from tripping over your feet, getting the bottom of the dress dirty. Let’s hope she got changed before any damage occurred.

When You’ve Got an Itch

Okay, so the title of this image is misleading, but then again, so is the image itself. While at first glance it may seem as though the duchess had an itch she had to scratch – she’s actually holding her dress down.

Getty Images Photo by Anthony Devlin

Well, she’s trying to hold her dress down. The wind was pretty rough this day and yet again, here she is in a lightweight skirt that stands no chance against mother nature.

Blackamoor Brooch

Princess Michael of Kent came under fire in 2017. after she showed up to lunch at Buckingham Palace, in which Meghan Markle was in attendance, wearing this brooch. “Blackamoor” style jewelry is widely considered to be racist, and she received backlash via social media for her poor choice in accessories.

Getty Images Photo by Photo by Mark Cuthbert

She later apologized and claimed that she’d received the brooch as a gift and “worn it many times before.” Um, okay?

Banana Slit

Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark always turns heads in her choice of attire, but necks on this day were particularly strained. The combination of high winds mixed with thigh-high slits on this dress made for a lot of skin being exposed – probably a bit more than she was hoping to show.


Luckily, she kept her composure and was able to hold it together – both herself and her dress. That’s what being a princess is all about though, right?

Blue Suede Cracked Shoes

Ever since the world was introduced to Kate’s sister, Pippa, she’s been popping up in the media almost as much as big sis. But on this day, her fashion choices surprised everyone. That’s because she got caught with holy soles.


Yep, her blue suede shoes were cracked, which isn’t something anyone who knows Pippa is used to seeing from the fashionista. Then again, it was the sole, so it’s possible it just happened before she was able to change her shoes.

PETA V. Duchess

Whether or not you find this to be a fashion faux pau depends on how you feel about people wearing animals. But regardless of how you feel, we can all agree that PETA has some very strong feelings against the senseless killing of animals for fashion.

Getty Images Photo by Photo by JOHN STILLWELL

And they decided to voice those opinions directly to the duchess after she was caught wearing these Restelli Guanti possum fur gloves.


At first glance, it looks like the Duchess has everything pulled together in the outfit she has on, and she does – even more than you know. When you zoom in on her feet, you can see her gel cushion inserts peeking out of her Tabitha Simmons pumps.

Getty Images Photo by Photo by Julian Parker

After the photo was taken, she revealed that she uses the inserts frequently to make standing in high heels for long periods of time more comfortable.

Not Up to Code

This year, Meghan Markle showed up to enjoy the matches at Wimbledon just a few days after Duchess Kate. But there was a problem. It seems Markle had violated the tournament’s dress code – no jeans.

Getty Images Photo by Photo by Karwai Tang

Because she didn’t follow the code, her group wasn’t allowed to sit in the royal box. Maybe next year she’ll opt for Ponte pants?

Her Heel Got Stuck

We’ve all been there, but just not on this public a scale. As Kate was strolling past Irish Guards at the 2013 St Patrick’s day parade, she accidentally got the three-inch heel of her suede pumps stuck in between the grate.

Getty Images

Kate remained poised as ever and gracefully leaned against William as she extracted it out and continued as usual.

Royal Manners

Even though they go through years of professional etiquette training and have virtually infinite resources, members of the royal family somehow still manage to hamper their reputation from time to time.

Getty Images

Take Prince Harry here, who sneakily ate a hamburger while sitting behind his brother, not very royal-like!

All Sprawled Out

Before she was the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton liked to have fun, maybe a little too much fun! We see her here sprawled out on the floor at a rollerskating rink.


We don’t get to see her this like this nowadays, maybe she’s just taking resting a bit from all the exercise.

Not Very Becoming

During their visit to the Sandringham Flower Show, Prince Charles and Camilla pretty much lost all their composure when an eagle excitedly started flapping its wings.

Getty Images

Luckily a cameraman was standing nearby and managed to take a photo of their funny facial expressions!

She Really Likes David Beckham

This photograph was taken, in June 2018 at the Queen’s Young Leaders Programme, which was not the first time Queen Elizabeth had met David Beckham.


But despite the aforementioned, she still struggled to conceal her excitement. Just look at that grin.

An Unfortunate Ending

Despite her efforts, Princess Diana couldn’t keep her relationship with Prince Charles working. The two are photographed here looking very displeased and we can only imagine the tension between them.

Getty Images Photo By Princess Diana Archive

This photo serves as a reminder to the public and the royal family about a very difficult time.

The Real Meghan Markle

In the past, she has shared snippets of her life before her engagement to Prince Harry, now she has had to delete her social media accounts, but photos like this are still lingering online.


Yet, sometimes she’s shared a little bit too much, and we can’t imagine the queen will be too happy about these photos.


No, not even Her Majesty can avoid the occasional mistake. The usually well-composed monarch has been captured on cameras every now and then, making funny faces, like the one pictured here.

Getty Images

But she was really embarrassed when a photo surfaced of her seemingly picking her nose at the Royal Windsor Horse Show. Dear queen, this act of yours doesn’t seem to be royal at all.

Roughing it

Meghan Markle has also proved that she is incredibly down to earth, and one of the common folk. She has shown this numerous times through her Instagram posts and posted ordinary photos like this one to her feed.


Because really, who hasn’t posed next to a giant turkey at one point or another?

Prince Charles the DJ

Prince Charles might want to be a DJ, as awkward as this photo is for us to look at, it must have been way more awkward for him to pose for this photo.


It’s safe to say that he doesn’t fit in here, not only because of his tailored suit but also his confused demeanor.

Driving Around Town

The Queen still likes to drive around town, and back in 2017, she caused an Internet storm when she was photographed driving a Jaguar home from church.

Getty Images

In this photo, she’s driving her Range Rover at the Royal Windsor Horse Show.

Don’t Show Me That

We can’t help but feel curious about what Prince William was showing his father, both sons look on with glee but Prince Charles does not look pleased!

Getty Images Photo by Tom Jenkins

With two sons, we don’t doubt that it was something quite mischievous, but this photo does show us how relatable the royal family really is!

The Queen Pulls Another Funny Face

Here we see the queen pulling another funny face, she was obviously not expecting the cameras to be watching her so closely.


By now, she should know that her every move she makes is being closely watched when she is out in the public.

Sniffing Carrots

These carrots look really fresh, which may be why Prince Charles felt the need to sniff them but unfortunately he was caught on camera.


As a member of the royal family, we didn’t expect to see him sniffing carrots.

Art Aficionados

Prince Charles and Camilla went to visit an art exhibition and Charles was fascinated by this bust sculpture.


At times, we are all fascinated by fine craftsmanship, but perhaps Charles was staring a little too intently at this sculpture.