The Strangest Products From Amazon That People Actually Love

Do you ever catch yourself browsing through Amazon and coming across a product that’s just so … strange? There’s something about these one-of-a-kind, unusual products that catch people’s eye, especially since friends like to gift each other unusual products as a prank or a fun stocking stuffer. In fact, according to a recent poll, most customers prefer novelty gifts, like a taco sleeping bag, as opposed to more practical everyday items.

Taking a look through the Black Friday deals on Amazon is like catching a glimpse into the black hole of the internet. If you’re about to start your holiday shopping or just love scanning through the most bizarre things to buy on the internet, here we have the weirdest products you can purchase on Amazon.

Mac Inspired Candle

For only $29.99, you too can take a whiff of this scented candle. This candle features strong notes of bergamot, with subtle traces of lemon, tarragon, amber, and musk to help clear your mind of clutter and stimulate creativity.


We may not all be able to afford a shiny, new Macbook, but we’ll be able to get that new Mac smell with this inspired candle. Average Rating: 3.1 stars

Comfycup Public Transportation Cup Holder

The world’s first portable public transit cup holder! Now you can enjoy your commute to work with your new Stylish Cup Holder! Comfycup doesn’t require any tools; simply clamp and go!


This cup holder can attach to poles on the subway, it might be strange but hey, we have seen weirder things on the subway. Average Rating:  3.6 stars

Wilton Edible Glitter

How you decorate your desserts can say a lot about who you are, so why not impress your loved ones with this fancy, yet edible surprise! These gold stars are a great addition to any dessert, whether it’s a cake, cupcake, or even cookies!


For only $6.29, you can add a dazzling touch to your baked goods with these glittering gold stars. Don’t worry, they’re non-toxic and perfectly edible. Average Rating: 4.3 stars

Guacamole Bowl

This is all we avo wanted! For only $9.99, you can make your next party a Fiesta! This Guacamole Bowl is great for serving your homemade Guacamole, salad, and more!


Everyone loves avocados (well, almost everyone) so why not celebrate this fruit by getting this avocado-shaped Guacamole bowl. Average Rating: 4.1 stars

‘A Game of Thrones’ Coloring Book

This coloring book is a perfect gift for fans of George R. R. Martin’s “Game of Thrones,” this is one unique adult coloring book and it features forty-five detailed designs and illustrations!


With many different categories of pictures from all over The Seven Kingdoms and beyond. Featuring character drawings of Cersei, Sansa, Loras, Daario, Varys, Children of the Forest, and Khal Drogo. Average Rating: 4.5 stars

Chia Pet Gremlin

Chia pets are an ideal and inexpensive gift for any budget, both kids and adults will love to watch their chia planters sprout and develop into a lively lush plant.


In just a few weeks your decorative planter will achieve maximum growth and enjoy a dense green coat. Average rating: 4.6 stars

Lifelike Elephant Inflatable

For a realistic elephant with a long nose, big ears, and big expressive eyes, this inflatable is a real crowd-pleaser, and it’s easy to travel with. Simply inflate and marvel at this majestic animal!


Why not try this great for your next party? It will bring a real outdoorsy feel and its a perfect summer accessory for poolside soirée’s. Rating:  3.6 stars

Meat Shredder Claws

Time to break out the claws! This is a must-have for those Wolverine fans out there, these meat shredding claws for everyone. Plus, you have the added bonus of acting like Wolverine.


This unexpectedly effective way of shredding your meat will save you time and effort, easily pull, rip through or dig into hot pork, chicken, and other food with ease. Average Rating:  4.2 stars

Lizard Glow Bowling Ball

This ball also glows when bowled under the black light and is perfect for the recreational Bowler or even beginner. It’s made of high-quality polyester material and the actual image is embedded into the surface of the ball.


This bowling ball will only set you back $100, which isn’t too bad, considering the good reviews! Average Rating: 4.2 stars

Inflatable Sloth Float

This giant sloth is over 4 feet wide and excellent for those who are ready for a lazy day in the sun while catching a tan! It’s large enough to enjoy while you lay in the pool, lake, or beach.


This is the perfect gift for your lazy friend, make their dreams come true or better yet, keep it for yourself and make your own dreams come true. Average Rating: 3.3 stars

Frog Eye Mask

Now you block out any unwanted light with this soft, plush, and safe to use, cute cartoon frog. It’s suitable for both kids and adults, it’s a funny gift for those who need to get more shut-eye.


And there’s the added bonus that this frog mask will scare anyone away who dares interrupt your beauty sleep. Average Rating: 4.3 stars

Mobile Phone Jail Cell

Don’t let the electronic screen interrupt quality time with your friends and family. This is the gift for our time, everyone will benefit from this cellphone jail, though not everyone will like it.


When it’s high time to get off your phone and get back to some real interaction. Screen-addicts be wary: you need a key to open this cell phone holding cell. Average Rating: 3.6 stars

Taco Sleeping Bag

This fleece-like sleeping bag will give you a bad queso of the snuggles. It’s ideal for cuddling into, while the velveteen crust makes the for a spicy finishing touch.


This sumptuous taco sleeping bag actually seems incredibly comfy and who doesn’t love tacos?! Be sure to get yours and impress your family and friends. Average Rating: 4.5 stars

Floating Crocodile Decoy

Yikes! This Crocodile Floating Decoy features life-like detailing while floating quietly along the water or on land. Use in swimming pools, ponds, water features, lakes, gardens, and patios for a scary feel.


This realistic, life-sized croc is guaranteed to scare anyone out of the water, and it may also keep away all those pesky unwanted animals and birds. Average Rating: 3.3 stars

Karaoke Earphone

The microphone reduces up to 70% of sound so you can really belt out your favorite tracks without fear of waking up the neighbors. Feel free to release your stress by singing to your heart’s content!


Ideal for those who live in a crowded place, it’s perfect for people who want to practice their singing without disturbing the neighbors. Average Rating: 3.8 stars

Umbrella Hat

Imagine what you could do with both hands instead of having one holding up the umbrella! For those who are more practically minded, this Umbrella hat can keep your hands free while your bust doing other more important things.


This is a great novelty gift for friends and family, who’ll never have to hold an umbrella again with this hands-free hat. They’ll thank you for it! Average Rating: 3.8 stars

Nicolas Cage Pillowcases

When you’re out of ideas, here’s a funny gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend who may be obsessed with Nicolas Cage. Even if they aren’t, it still proves to random enough that they’ll laugh at how weird it is.


Yes, it is slightly unsettling, but that makes it all the more interesting with a slight comedic effect. We may not see much of Nic nowadays, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t get to enjoy his face on a pillow! Average Rating: 5 stars

Custom Dog Socks

For all the dog lovers, you can now take your pooch with you wherever you go. Thanks to these socks you can get customized with their face so you don’t have to miss them too much while you’re away.


Surprise your friends, loved ones, or co-workers with this adorable gift that is sure to amuse whenever they lay eyes on their socks. Average Rating: 4.5 stars

Finger Covers for Cheesy Food

Cheese the day with these finger covers, if you don’t like cheesy dust particles on your fingertips, you could always try these dishwasher safe finger guards!


These can also be used as a safety item, or for industrial, art, and craft projects. The product helps prevent burns when used with care and will keep your fingers nice and clean. Average Rating: 4 stars

Car French Fry Holder

For the foodie in your life, who loves eating his french fries while on the road. This tray slips easily into your cup holder to secure french fry cartons that usually don’t fit well.


Enjoy food anytime while in the car, can also be a great organizer for snacks, children’s crayons, or markers. Average Rating: 4.5 stars

Anatomy Bathing Suit

Well, this is unquestionably the most anatomically accurate bathing suit we’ve ever come across. This one-piece is a realistic diagram of human internal organs, just in case we forget.


This is probably the best party costume you’ll ever see! But it’s also pretty revealing, so wear it with caution. Average Rating: 5 stars

Personalized Cardboard Cutout

Make any event or party more memorable with a realistic cardboard cut-out. It’s definitely a fun way to perk up any party, why not get one for your children’s birthday parties? Or even just a nice surprise for those special friends you know will appreciate this.


Everyone will love your cardboard friend, all you have to do is send the seller an image and height specifications, and they’ll send you a larger-than-life cut-out. Average Rating:  4.8 stars

Selfie Sisters Garden Gnome

A perfect gift for the social media divas in your life, this selfie sister’s garden gnome is a playful take on the conventional lawn gnome. This conspicuous garden statue is a hilarious lawn accessory that is sure to get passersby laughing!


This piece brings your garden gnomes back into the 21st century with two sister-gnomes taking a selfie. Why? We’re not sure, but it can be yours for only $18.99. Average Rating: 4.7 stars

The Hen Bag Handbag

Why get the latest Hermès bag straight off the runway when you can have a rubber chicken purse from Amazon? It’s fresh, different and chances are, no one else will have anything like it.


Heads will turn as you carry this Hen handbag down the street. It is sure to bring a smile to others and makes for a fun gift! Average Rating: 4.4 stars

Bacon Strips Bandages

Help make even the ouchiest owies feel better in no time, treat all those minor cuts, scratches, and scraps with the unbelievable healing power of meat. And if a pretty bandage isn’t enough to dry up those tears, how about a trip of bacon!

Amazon.archie McPHEE

Each tin contains 25 bandages, cut to look like little bacon strips.  If a bacon strip isn’t quite enough to heal your wounds, the pack comes with a bonus prize inside. Average Rating: 4.6 stars

Real Life Potato Head

This would definitely count as a gag gift for those special friends you know will appreciate some laughs! What a time to be alive! Yes, you can now order a real potato with your face on it.


Put your face, a friend’s face, or even the face of a celeb on a potato and send to anyone you know, just for giggles.  Average Rating: 4.4 stars

Finger Hands Finger Puppets

You can use these finger hands to express a high five! You’ll have so much fun with these cute and lifelike little hands, you won’t want to take them off! Everyone will get a kick out of them and you’ll be getting more high-fives than you know what to do with!


This set of tiny hands has enough for each finger on your left and right hands. So when someone asks you to give them a hand, you know exactly what to do. Average Rating: 4.4 stars

Chicken Legs Knee-High Novelty Socks

These unique design chicken legs socks may make your legs look leaner, but they really are more of a fun gift to give. The cute design is especially suitable for parties and dressing up.


Not sure what to get your friend who has everything or that new coworker? Cartoon socks are always a winner! Average Rating: 4.8 stars

Ostrich Pillow

Just slip this ostrich pillow on, and you’re off to dreamland. Put it on when you want a power nap while you’re sitting at your desk, lounging on the couch, or wherever, without having to move an inch.


This unique travel pillow is designed to make your head feel like it’s in a cocoon, allowing you to disconnect from your surroundings and reduce the light and noise of your surroundings. Average Rating: 3.2 stars

Cat Butt Tissue Holder

Keep your tissues close by with the help of your trusty orange tabby cat. You are bound to get some laughs from visitors when they see this trusty tissue holder. Why not have some fun and replace your boring tissue box with this?


This unusual tissue case makes the perfect gift for cat lovers, not only is it adorable but it also serves a purpose. Average Rating: 4.5 stars

Smiling Stuffed Blobfish

The Blobfish was crowned the world’s ugliest animal for it’s droppy and blob-like face. Now he can become your very own! And this one is smiling, now that is adorable!


Somehow, these smiling little soft toys seem like the next best thing to a teddy bear, they might even become the newest craze if we look at their ratings. Average Rating:  5 stars

Outrageous & Unique Flavored Soda

These sodas taste like real foods when they’re just flavored drinks, making them perfect for an unusual gift or satisfying beverage. Sometimes you just want something a little different that will stimulate your tastebuds.


Stimulate your senses by sipping on flavors like bacon soda, buffalo wing soda, corn soda, or pumpkin pie soda. Average Rating: 3.7 stars

Alpaca Print Breathable Panties

If you want to order the weirdest, most reasonably priced woman’s underwear, here you are. These are wacky and inexpensive and according to the reviews they are quite comfortable, what more could you ask for?


Okay, these might not be our first choice when it comes to undies, but it makes for a hilarious gift. Why not give it at the next bachelorette party? Average Rating: 4.5 stars

Kitty Thief Piggy

This kitty bank is perfect for a fun gift and for saving money at the same time. Just put your coin on the white plate and the cat will sneakily steal and store it for you.


This sweet little kitty bank will help motivate your kids to save their coins. All you need are two AA batteries (not included) to power it up. Average Rating: 4.1 stars

Dill Pickle Lip Balm

Pucker up, buttercup! This funny pickle gift is a lip-smacker you won’t forget, and we’re not gherkin your chain! Makes a dill-icious gift for the pickle lovers in your life.


When your lips become dry and chapped, you usually go for something soothing like strawberry or mint, but for those with more discerning taste, the only acceptable flavor is this Pickle Lip Balm. Average Rating: 2.9 stars

The Buttress Pillow

Take this Buttress pillow wherever you go, it will help you relieve stress and make you smile while you get comfy. Sure it’s a weird pillow, but that’s what this list is all about. We wonder who first thought of this?


And the best part about this pillow is that it’s quite snug and cozy while giving you great support for your neck. Average Rating:  4.6 stars

Tortilla Toaster

Novelty appliances are all the rage nowadays, so if tortillas are your thing, then you’re in luck cause this device will make your next meal so much more manageable and tasty!


This device is used to toast six 6-inch corn or wheat tortillas all at once, no need to fuss with one or two tortillas at a time. Average Rating:  3.6 stars

Thanos One-Piece Swimsuit

For those friends of your that are Avengers fans, get them this so they can rock this swimsuit while displaying their unyielding devotion for Thanos. People will flock to take a look at this one-piece, who knows, maybe the ladies will love it too!


If you decide to get this for yourself, dressing up as the ultimate villain will give you all the confidence come beach day. Average Rating:  3.8 stars

Chicken Harness and Leash

Believe it or not, but there are some cities that actually do let you keep chickens as pets. This leash boasts a durable, breathable leash that won’t irritate or strangle your favorite clucking friend.


Keep your chicks by safe by your side, with this chicken harness and leash. You can now train your hen in style and even take the chicken for a walk. Surprise passerbys with your chicken on a leash. Average Rating:  5 stars

Inflatable Zip-Up Hoodie

You just need to do is blow into the inflatable insert located inside of the neck of the hood and voila, the hood then transforms into an inflated pillow! And when it’s time for a wash, just remove the inflatable insert.


As a traveler, you will now have endless opportunities to rest and recharge. This Inflatable Hoodie provides 180-degree support around the head, classic design, and luxury quality fabric. Average Rating: 5 stars

Mickey Mouse Oven Mitts

A pair of oven mitts that will make your friends and family think you haven’t gotten over your Mousketeer phase, but…who cares? No one will be making fun when they taste the tasty Disney treats you magically whip up with the help of these mitts!


Makes for a fabulous gift for any Mickey Mouse fans who also like to dazzle in the kitchen! Who said baking couldn’t be full of theatricality and wonder? Average rating: 4.5 stars.

Horizontal Reading Glasses

Now when you get home at the end of an exhausting day you can read or watch TV while lying down, no need to exert any of the effort it takes to sit up!


You don’t know what you’re was missing until you get these. If you enjoy lazy days, spending time watching tv, and don’t care how ridiculous you look wearing this pair, then you have found your bliss, you’re welcome. Average rating: 4 stars

A Unique Spoon Rest

A spoon rest that’ll add a real ~spatter~ to your kitchen decor (and prevent counter splashes and spills from dirty spoons while it’s at it.) For those who love unique items and enjoy a little splash of color in the kitchen!


Who doesn’t love unique items, especially kitchen items. We love the way it is designed and looks just like a splash of tomato sauce, while holding utensils very well. Average Rating: 4.5 stars

A Koi Pond Toilet Decal

This is perfect for apartment tenants who would appreciate the scene of a garden fishpond but, what with living in a seventh-floor apartment, this toilet seat will have to do.


A great way to brighten your bathroom and lighten the mood. Simply peel off the paper and then stick on, paving from the middle outwards. Average rating: 3 stars.

A Unicorn Paper Holder

A very unique unicorn paper holder so you can get your ~point~ across with your family or roomates… Keep the kitchen clean and make sure to use this paper holder!


This little guy is for quirky homes, it will add a kitschy but appreciated look. With so much character, you’ll be glad you chose him over a plain paper towel holder. Average rating: 4 stars

Doodle Pillowcase

A pillowcase that lets you doodle on it! It can be colored on and then wiped clean in the washing machine, so you can redrawn on  it again— you can give this to anyone with an especially ~imaginative~ habit.


This pillowcase makes for a novel and special gift for sleepovers, birthdays, and kids off to camp or college. Be sure to get this for your kids who love to write, draw or sketch, they will love it! Average rating: 4.5 stars.


This foreign-looking tongue scraper is surprisingly useful as it can help get rid you of bad breath if you feel like you’re barely ‘scraping’ by with flossing and brushing.


Redeem your tongue and relieve it from the impure powers that seized it for so long, sending them back to the abyss of hell from where they came, along with the whitish tongue film and bad breathery. Average rating: 4.5 stars.

Grassy Flip-Flops

Do you like the sensation of grass between your toes? Well, this is perfect, a pair of grassy flip-flops. It’s the newest Fashion, look it up! Slipping on a pair of these grass sandals will immediately take you to warm summer afternoons spent in the sun.


Express your unique style and creative side with these flip flops, they are great for everyday wear and make an eye-catching accessory at the beach. Average rating: 4 stars.

Pizza Nightlight

Are you tired of dull old lamps that don’t blend in with your eclectic decor? Why not get a pizza nightlight? Nothing will knock you out quite like a greasy New York slice.


This light will remind you just how much you love Pizza as you drift off to slumber, hopefully getting you to dream of Italian dishes that consist of dough, flavorful tomato sauce and quality cheese. Average rating: 4.5 stars

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