The World’s Most Beautiful Weather Girls

No matter how cold temperatures may be outside, you can guarantee that when these weather women deliver the news – things will be hot, hot, hot! But these talented ladies aren’t just good looking. Most of them have bachelor’s degrees in everything from Broadcast Journalism to Atmospheric Physics!


Some have broadcast the weather from the midst of gale force winds during hurricane season, and others have tried their hand at acting on film. Aside from being the face of their local weather stations, most of these women have also gained a substantial fan base, with between hundreds of thousands, and even millions, of followers on social media. From California to Columbia, these are some of the world’s most stunning (and popular) women in weather.

Susana Almeida

If you’ve caught any of the beautiful Mexican weather girls on YouTube, you’ve probably noticed that their wardrobe is slightly more…revealing than weather girls in the U.S. According to one woman, many of them do it purposely to get more views.


But Susana Almeida probably wasn’t aiming for the view count when a section of her newscast went viral after the pants she was wearing during one show rode up and created a “camel toe”. Viewers didn’t seem to have any issues with it, in fact, that video circulating the net is one of the reasons Almeida is famous today!

Mayte Carranco

This meteorologist from Mexico has nearly 300,000 likes on her Facebook page, and over that amount on Twitter – and it’s easy to see why. But it’s her Instagram where she’s most active, and most popular, with over 750,000 people following her.


The big-eyed brunette beauty is a model, in addition to working in weather, and even won the Miss Televisa Monterrey beauty pageant. She’s made her way into several magazines, and landed on the cover of M. She is probably most well-known for her long running stint on Foro TV.

Ximena Cordoba

Ximena Cordoba has over 1.5 million followers on her Instagram, where she posts pictures of her adventures in acting and modeling. The Colombian actress and host works on TNT’s ‘Movie Club’, and Univision’s ‘Despierta America’.

Getty Images photo by John Parra

Cordoba has appeared in several television shows and movies, including ‘Tomalo Suave’, ‘Protagonistas de Novela’, and ‘Prohibir Matar la Violencia’.

Sheena Parveen

India-born Sheena Parveen is most well-known for delivering weather forecasts on NBC 10. During high school, she participated in a ton of sports including volleyball and football. She graduated from Florida State University with a degree in meteorology. After graduation, Sheena was invited to intern at Tallahassee News.


32-year old Parveen has already worked for a number of major stations, and hosted a few of her own news shows, including ‘Pet Adoption’. These days, she works as a forecaster with NBC San Diego. She has been featured in several magazines and was named Best TV Weather Person by Main Line Today, and “It Girl,” according to the Daily News.

Evelyn Taft

Evelyn Taft was born in San Francisco, and graduated from the University of Southern California, with a bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism and Political Science. Afterwards, she went on to receive a Meteorology Certificate from Mississippi State. At the age of 16, she started hosting her own show. Her first professional job was with KCOY-TV in 2006.


The multi-talented journalist also works as anchor, editor and director. She is currently working as the chief weekend meteorologist with KCAL9-TV/CBS2 in Studio City, where she’s been since 2008.

Carolina Ramirez

This bubbly brunette delivers weather reports on ‘Despierta America’ in Miami. But she’s no stranger to being on stage, thanks to her background in pageants. The Colombian native found her fame after participating in the reality show ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’, in 2010.

Getty Images photo by Alexander Tamargo/WireImage

Thanks to her beaming smile and warm personality, Ramirez has managed to accumulate quite a fan base. She has over 50,000 people following her on Facebook, and over 60,000 on Instagram, which is full of lifestyle photos of her doing everything from hiking to hanging out with her family. Ramirez has been married to her husband, Argentinian businessman  Mariano Bacaleinik, since 2010.

Indra Petersons

Indra Petersons has been working in journalism since 2002. The California girl was born and raised in Los Angeles but went to school in Arizona. She earned her degree in Atmospheric Physics from the University of Arizona. That same year, she got hired as a meteorologist at KVIA in El Paso.

Getty Images photo by Paul Archuleta

In 2003, she landed a job as a meteorologist and weather producer in Los Angeles, at KABC. She worked there for 10 years, until she left for CNN’s ‘New Day’ and ‘Newsroom’ in 2013. That same year, she married her husband, Jake Wood. She is well-known for her work as a correspondent on ‘Today’. The TV personality also has her own website, where she documents her travels and other adventures.

Vera Jimenez

KTLA 5’s meteorologist Vera Jimenez was born in Mexico but moved to California before she turned four years old. She studied at Santa Ana Community College, and later Cal State Long Beach, where she graduated with honors. Her professional career began behind-the-scenes, where she produced traffic for Shadow Broadcasting. She has won multiple awards for her work in broadcast journalism, including three Golden Mikes and two Emmys.


These days, you can catch Vera delivering weather reports during prime time. She also hosts her own cooking show, called ‘Cooking with Vera’.

Bri Winkler

This bright-eyed blonde is best known for being a part of ABC7’s ‘Eyewitness News’ weather team. She grew up in southeastern Massachusetts alongside one sister. Winkler, being a stroke survivor herself, is also a part of the Western States Stroke Task Force, and actively works to educate others about living with loved ones after they’ve suffered a stroke.

Alamy Stock Photo

Bri herself is not married yet, though she recently attended her parents’ remarriage on the beach in Florida and posted pictures of the event on her Instagram. She has over 20,000 followers on social media. She got her start in the industry on KAMR-TV in Amarillo, Texas, and is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Environmental Science.

Domenica Davis

Domenica Davis got her Broadcast Journalism degree from Boston University in 1999. Afterwards, she enrolled at Mississippi State, where she studied Broadcast Meteorology. She started interning in the news world when she was still in school.


Her first professional job came in the form of a reporter and editor on Neighborhood Network News in Boston. From there, she worked her way up to WHDH-TV. These days, you can catch Davis delivering the weather on Atlanta’s, “The Lift.” Davis is married, and she and her husband are the proud parents to twin toddlers, Eleanor and Patrick.

Yanet Garcia

This Mexican beauty has certainly made a name for herself in today’s world. Perhaps even more than her meteorology, she’s become popular for her modeling. She has more than 12 million followers on Instagram, where she posts photos of her in barely-there wear, as well as on daily outings and doing things like working out and hanging out with friends.


Garcia recently saw a boost in fame after one YouTuber named Ozzy Man put together a compilation video, praising her for her weather forecasting skills. Garcia hasn’t been married before, but the 29-year-old seemed to be getting serious with pro video gamer, Doug “FaZe Censor” Martin. According to Inquisitr, the 23-year old gamer went public with the breakup, making a video on his YouTube channel where he claimed she was only interested in his money.

Leticia Castro

The beautiful and bilingual Leticia Castro has an assorted history in the world of entertainment. Not only has she worked as a weather anchor on stations like Telemundo and Univision, she also has her own YouTube channel. Castro vlogs about all different kinds of things and talks to a follower base of over 17,000 subscribers. Often, the videos are documents of her travels to places like Lebanon and Colombia, though she also has some makeup tutorial videos.


Aside from her own channel, Castro has worked as a ring girl and host for the show ‘Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors’. In 2011, she also tried her hand at acting, appearing in the web series, ‘Melodia de Amor’.

Sonya Hill

Sonya was born in Corpus Christi Texas and raised in and out of Orange Grove and Nuevo Leon, Mexico. During college, she attended Del Mar and Texas A&M. These days, you can catch her anchoring the news on Action 10 News in her hometown.


But before she got into broadcasting the news, Sonya had another interest: competing in pageants. In fact, she entered an international bikini competition with competitors from all over the world and placed in the top 10 out of more than 80 women. She also works for KRIS Communications, and has done some brand ambassadorship for Harley Davidson.

Raegan Medgie

Raegan Medgie may be an award-winning newscaster, but she wasn’t always so sure that’s what she wanted to do with her life. She was born and raised in Pennsylvania and studied Broadcast Journalism at Temple University in her home state. She keeps her personal life pretty quiet, but she has posted pictures of her husband, Jamie Monos, on her Instagram page.


Medgie first worked as an anchor for WNEP (ABC) in Scranton. She is perhaps most well-known for her work on the FOX 5 News Team, or her time on The Weather Channel. Medgie was been on board with FOX 5 since 2017 and continues to work there today.

Kait Parker

While Kait Parker was still a student at the University of Missouri, she got a job filling in for meteorologists on KOMU-TV in Columbia. When she graduated in 2009, she landed the midday and afternoon meteorology role for WAKA-TV in Montgomery, AL. Now, she’s one of the most well-known and respected women in weather.


The atmospheric scientist has been seen on many major networks. She worked for and their app, along with filling in for weekend meteorologist Bob Marciano, on ‘Good Morning America’. Aside from reporting the weather, she actively works to educate people about climate change, and was called one of the Top 50 Climate Fixers of 2017 by Grist. She has also released a mini documentary about Lake Okeechobee and its toxic algae.

Naile Lopez

Naile Lopez’s Instagram account is flooded with her glamour and swimsuit modeling images from exotic locales around the world. Perhaps many of the swimsuit images from the line of swimwear by SoyLaMaria that she promotes.


Mexico-born Naile has amassed quite a following and amount of viewership – especially among the males, who no doubt enjoy her tantalizingly tight outfits that she broadcasts in. Aside from delivering weather forecasts for ‘Las Noticias Televisa Monterrey’, the meteorologist has appeared in several Mexican television shows, including ‘Como dice el dicho’ and ‘The Two Lives of Estela Carrillo’.

Lauren Sanchez

Even if you aren’t familiar with Lauren Sanchez’s weather reports, you’ve more than likely heard her name making headlines recently. That’s because the 49-year old former journalist has been seen getting cozy with Amazon founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos. In 2019, Bezos finalized his divorce with his ex-wife, and not long after, Sanchez filed for divorce from her own husband of 14 years.

Getty Images photo by Frazer Harrison

She was seen on vacation in Saint-Tropez, boating with the Amazon founder, and that was one of many times the pair has been spotted together. Perhaps now that they’re both free agents, they’ll take things up a notch and make it official.

Chita Craft

Craft was born as Chita Johnson, in California. After moving around for school, both to Arizona and Mississippi and back around to California, she wound up moving to Houston. It was there where she met Lane Craft, the rancher that stole her heart and changed her name.


Her professional career started in 2007 at KRCR, where she earned the title of “Best Media Personality” for two years straight. Now, she works as a full-time morning meteorologist on KHOU 11’s ‘News This Morning’. She and her husband have a son named Les, and in December of 2019, they welcomed a new addition to their family – a baby daughter named Chita (pronounced cheetah). The name has now been given to six generations of women (well, five and a half, maybe) in her family.

Janice Villagran

Voluptuous weather girl Janice Villagran is a Mexican-American journalist on Estrella TV. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Communications before landing her first professional job. Known for her curves and the tight outfits she wears on screen, Villagran has accumulated a following of nearly 200,000 on her Instagram.


At one point, she had gotten serious with a boyfriend to the point they were engaged to be married. But before they tied the knot, Villagran told her followers on Facebook that they’d broken things off, and that she was “happily single” again.

Dylan Dreyer

38-year old ‘Today’ show meteorologist, Dylan Dreyer just welcomed a second son. She and her husband, NBC News cameraman Brian Fichera, welcomed Oliver George into the world on January 3rd. The happy couple flooded social media accounts with pictures from the hospital and lots of beaming smiles.


Dreyer has an extensive history in meteorology, and has worked for several stations, including WJAR in Providence, RI and WHDH in Boston. Aside from her weather-womanly duties, she also hosts ‘Earth Odyssey with Dylan Dreyer’, an educational program about nature on NBC.

Julia Durda

Julia Durda is a well-known meteorologist in California. She was born and raised in Sacramento but went off to Mississippi State for school. Throughout high school, she was a cheerleader, but it was in college where she started to pursue her career in weather. She studied Broadcast Meteorology and started at KXTV. Then, she landed the role of anchor at KPHO, at which she got to cover hurricane season.


Durda has been married two times, including to a personal trainer named Bryan Francis. The couple weren’t married for very long before splitting. Soon after, she linked up with David Radcliff. The two have been married since 2012, and had a son, Dillon, in June of 2016. Rumor has it her net worth sits above the $2 million mark.

Robin Meade

Robin Meade is one of the more well-known women on this list, and one of the only with a dedicated Wikipedia page – which is a big deal in 2020. What’s an even bigger deal is the fact she has her own morning news show: ‘Morning Express with Robin Meade’, on HLN.

Getty Images photo by Daniel Zuchnik/WireImage

Meade joined HLN in 2001, but she hasn’t stopped pursuing other interests of hers, just because she’s found her dream job. In 2011 and 2013, the news anchor released country music albums. In the past, she has also won the title of Miss Ohio, the state in which she was born and started her broadcast journalism career.

Shay Ryan

This Ft. Lauderdale, Florida native earned her bachelor’s degree in Telecommunication from FSU. She then went on to earn her Master’s in Geoscience, with a specialization on Broadcast Meteorology.


Ryan has a long history of covering storm, including her firsthand coverage of Hurricane Floyd. During the storm, she stayed in an emergency shelter in Savannah for 36 hours straight to report on the state of affairs. She’s worked as an anchor for FOX 5 and Fox News Channel in NYC. These days, she’s back in her home state, working as a meteorologist for WFTS-TV, in Tampa.

Cristina Blackwell

San Antonio-born Cristina Blackwell spent her childhood traveling all around North America, thanks to her mother being from Mexico City and her father being from Alabama. Since she’d always been enamored by the subject of speech, she decided to study it when she attended The University of Texas. She doubled majored in speech and communications, and she graduated in 2009.


During her senior year in college, she landed her first job in journalism, as a columnist and reporter for La Presna. But in 2011, she got on board with Univision, and her career really took off from there. Now, she works for CBS’s KENS-TV 5’s ‘Great Day San Antonio’, where she’s been for several years.

Jackie Guerrido

47-year old Jackie Guerrido was born and raised in Puerto Rico, and had a pretty tough time as a child. Her father treated her mother so poorly the two were forced to flee to a domestic violence shelter when Guerrido was just seven. After high school, she moved to New York City, where she did voice-over acting to support herself. She ended up being discovered by a producer, who offered her a job on WRMA in Miami.


She put roots down in Miami, and really flourished in the entertainment world. While there, she studied Meteorology at the University of Miami and presented the weather on Despierta (Wake Up) America. She also went on to become a meteorologist for Univision.

Jackie Johnson

Jackie Johnson has been in the meteorology game for two decades, now, since starting her career in 2000. Before she made her first television appearance, she grew up in Michigan, and then went to school at Middle Tennessee State University, where she earned her degree in broadcast journalism.


After graduating from college, she moved to Florida, where she landed a job in Tallahassee, doing weekend weather reports for WCTV-TV. Johnson worked as a prime-time weather anchor for KCBS-TV until her retirement in 2018. She has appeared in some TV shows and films, including 2012’s ‘Battleship’, on which she played herself. Johnson has now been married twice, the first time, to John Kidd of the National Footbal League. The two got divorced and she was remarried in 2016. She and her new husband gave birth to a new daughter, Bridgette, in December of 2019.

Sian Welby

This British blonde bombshell grew up in Nottinghamshire, England. When she was 19, she started working in entertainment when she was scouted for a spot in New! Magazine. That led to her becoming the face of Channel 5 news in 2010, a position she held for six straight years.

Alamy Stock Photo

When she first started her presenting job at Channel 5, she was simultaneously working retail as a backup. She later said that it was, “hard,” running back and forth between lives. She is now best known for her work with that station, along with Channel 4 and BBC. Earlier this year, she landed a new job as announcer on the British online quiz game, ‘Heart’s Triple Play’. Welby also hosts a radio show on Heart radio, where she’s hosted huge guests like Ed Sheeran and Chris Pratt. Aside from everything else she’s got going on, she still finds time to host the BBC One Snapchat account!

Lissette Gonzalez

In 2013, Lissette Gonzalez was awarded the title of Best Meteorologist in Miami by the Miami New Times. That wasn’t the only time she’d done her hometown proud, either. Gonzalez has always won both the Miss Miami and Miss Florida pageant, inspiring other young women to follow along in her footsteps. She also got very close to winning the Miss America pageant, earning second runner up in the competition in 1998.


Gonzalez graduated with honors for Broadcast Meteorology from Mississippi State University. Recently, she was featured in Brickell Magazine as one of their “Top 20 Professionals Under 40.”

Alex Wilson

Alex Wilson grew up in Pennsylvania. She attended both Syracuse University and Penn State, and graduated summa cum laude, with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. She started working with FOX in Greenville, South Carolina in 2010. In March of 2013, however, she landed a job on The Weather Channel.


In 2018, Wilson walked down the aisle to marry her husband, writer Eric Zerkel. He also works as a managing editor at TWC, with his wife. She has over 17,000 followers on her Instagram account, where she keeps fans updated with her happenings. She is also a dog lover, and an advocate for shelter pet adoption.

Erin Nicole

This Michigan girl is no stranger to acting and delivering lines on camera. That’s probably thanks in large part to the fact she started performing when she was a child. After graduating from high school, she moved to New York City to pursue her dream career in the world of broadcasting.


In 2002, Erin Nicole got her first job in television as a reporter for CBS Detroit. She also landed roles hosting sporting events, like the Detroit Pistons home games. In 2010, she launched a charitable foundation, The Erin Nicole Charity Foundation, to help children achieve their own dreams in entertainment. In 2013, she gave birth to her daughter, Lillian. The following year, she tied the knot with her now husband, Adam McDonald.

Marilu Kaufman

Marilu Kaufman is yet another gorgeous Mexican weather woman who’s gained viral fame around the world for her clips circulating the net. With over 130,000 followers on Instagram, she uses the platform to connect with her loyal fanbase and show glimpses into her personal life. Most recently, she shared pictures of her with her children, celebrating the turn of the decade.


Kaufman works as a model and actress, in addition to reporting the weather on Milenio TV and Multimedios Television. She has done several different commercials and appeared in different TV shows in Mexico. Videos of Marilu delivering the weather have made their rounds on YouTube, and are full of comments like, “hermosa!”

Lluvia Carrillo

Not that it should come as any surprise, when you can clearly see her picture, but Lluvia Carrillo is a model, aside from pursing her career in meteorology. She works as Yanet Garcia’s fill-in on ‘Monterrey al Dia’. If you take a look through her Instagram, you’ll see loads of her modeling pictures, which mainly consist of glamour shots with her in barely-there attire. You’ll also note that she has over 200,000 followers.


But Lluvia Carrillo isn’t just another Instagram model. She’s actually quite accomplished in the field, and has been featured in several magazines, including Elegant in 2017. The 25-year old is estimated to have a net worth of over $10 million. She was romantically involved with Tigres soccer star, Javier Aquino, for three years, but the pair recently broke things off.

Megan Glaros

This mid-western girl grew up in Dyer, Indiana. She attended Indiana University and Texas Christian University. She also worked as a professional cheerleader for a few months for the Indianapolis Colts, during the 2002 season.


Her professional news career began in West Virginia, though by 2004, she moved to South Florida to become the morning news meteorologist for Local 10, as well as the host of SportsJam Live. These days, Glaros works in the mornings for CBS 2 in Chicago and fills in on occasion on CBS This Morning and CBS Evening News. She is married, and she and her husband have three children and live in St. John, Indiana, which is right around her hometown.

Maria Timmer

Maria Timmer, born Maria Molina in Nicaragua, was a meteorologist for Fox News from 2010-2016. She was born in Nicaragua but grew up in Florida. From there, she attended Florida State University, where she graduated cum laude in 2008. She also attended Columbia University in New York, and Central Michigan University, where she earned a PhD in the Earth and Eco Science Doctoral Program.

Alamy Stock Photo

In 2015, Maria married her husband, Reed Timmer, in 2015. He had been working as a storm chaser and created his own web series to document his adventures. There have been two seasons of the show so far. Timmer’s husband has actually been inside of a Tornado on his adventures – not something a lot of people can say they’ve done.

Araksya Karaptyan

This Armenian-born brunette beauty speaks several different languages, but is fluent in both English and Armenian and conversational in multiple others, including Russian and Spanish. She got her foot in the door in the industry as an intern at KABC-TV in Los Angeles. Karaptyan has also worked as an anchor in several other areas, including Idaho Falls, Idaho, and Portland, Oregon.


After graduating from Syracuse University with a degree in international relations and broadcast journalism, she headed out to California. She has amassed a net worth of just over $1 million during the course of her career. Karaptyan and her husband, football player Amir Yousefi, welcomed their second child last year. Araksya currently works as the morning anchor on ‘Good Day LA’. She stays very active on her Instagram account where she has nearly 75,000 followers.

Sabrina Fein

Sabrina Fein is the leading meteorologist in San Francisco, California. But her family members will tell you that she’s always had this strange ability for predicting the weather, even when she was a child. Though she didn’t know that meteorology was what she wanted to do for a living until 1992, when she witnessed live coverage of Hurricane Andrew.


Fein graduated from the University of Miami with a Bachelor’s in Meteorology. She got her start working on Tornado Alley, in Missouri and Texas. These days, she’s the Chief Meteorologist at CW6. A couple of years ago, she had an on-air baby shower in celebration of the birth of her second daughter with her husband.

Elita Loresca

Elita Loresca was born in the Philippines but moved to the U.S before she turned one, and attended Chino High School in Chino, California, where she graduated from in 1995. She earned a degree in Broadcast Journalism from Cal State Fullerton, and a Broadcast Meteorology Certificate from Mississippi State University.


Loresca’s career began at KCBS-TV in Los Angeles, where she worked to put together teleprompter scripts. Then, in 2001, she landed her first anchor position at KGET-TV in Bakersfield. But she’s perhaps most well-known for her work at WSVN Miami, where she started forecasting Hurricane Frances on her very first day in 2004. She was named “America’s Sexiest Newscaster” in a 2006 edition of FHM magazine.

Gabriela Grechi

Grechi is known for being one of Italy’s most sultry meteorologists. After a clip of her delivering the news made its rounds on the web, people all over the world started taking notice, too. She got her start on television on the show ‘Orario Continuato’, a magazine-style program.


Perhaps her signature on-air is the style of outfits she’s most well-known for, which don’t leave very much to the imagination. But millions of males tune in to see Grechi deliver the weather in her miniskirts. As more and more people watch her YouTube videos every day, it’s unlikely she’s going anywhere anytime soon. Grechi has over 95,000 followers on her Instagram account, where she posts about fashion, life and luxury.

Jennifer Delgado

The Weather Channel’s Jennifer Delgado has made headlines a few times during her career – but not for anything good – until recently, anyways. During a weather forecast she delivered during Hurricane Matthew in 2016, she made the absurd claim that Haitian children were “eating deforested trees.” There was public outrage over the comments, and even a petition started to get her fired. More than 20,000 signatures were collected for the cause.


Unfortunately, Delgado was diagnosed with blood cancer not long after the other issue occurred. Luckily, however, she was able to beat it with the help of blood transfusions and is now in remission. She has a Twitter account where she’s posted about the procedures.

Llarissa Abreu

Llarissa Abreu is a talented multilingual broadcaster who works as the weekend weather anchor and reporter at NBC 7. She’s worked for several major companies over the course of her career, including The AccuWeather Network, Latino Vision, and Univision.


Abreu has extensive knowledge of the weather world, thanks to studying Broadcast Journalism at Barry State. She is also currently working towards her master’s in Geo Science Applied Meteorology from Mississippi State. Abreu has said that she’s most fascinated by hurricanes, out of all of the types of weather phenomena.

Maria Quiban

You may recognize Maria Quiban from her long and successful stint as a weather girl for FOX 11 in L.A. She was born as Maria Aviso in the Philippines, but moved to the U.S when she was nine years old and her family relocated to Honolulu. It was there that she married her first husband, with whom she had her son, Desmond.

Alamy Stock Photo

She began her career while still in Hawaii, working at KHNL, before ultimately moving to Los Angeles. In 2000, she landed the job of weather anchor on KTTV. Five years later, she earned her degree in meteorology from Mississippi State by taking online courses. Quiban has appeared in several films and TV shows, including ‘Bruce Almighty’ and ‘Criminal Minds’.

Sugey Ábrego

Born in 1978 in Veracruz, Mexico, this wonderful weather girl has always been interested in being in front of a camera. After studying acting, she went on to have a prolific career in the field. Her first time on TV was in the TV show Mujer in 2003. Since then, she has performed in telenovelas and other TV shows such as Barrera de Amor, Como Dice el Dicho, and Tenías Que Ser Tú.


When Ábrego’s career got her to weather broadcasting it was on Canal 4 on Mexican TV. She would often give the forecast in short, revealing clothing. In 2016, her skin-tight outfit malfunctioned on the air, causing quite the stir, and making her globally famous. Ábrego has since posed for magazines such as Maxim Mexico and Playboy. She has more than half a million followers on Instagram, where she posts content about her life.

Christina Jade Loren

Simply known as Christina Loren, this beautiful woman has been in the meteorology business for a long time now. You might recognize her from her work at RFD-TV in Nashville, which she has been doing since 2015. A true professional, Loren is a certified meteorologist, which is surprising when you learn that she was born in California where the weather rarely changes.  Other than her certification in meteorology, this beauty turns out to be quite the scholar.


Loren has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a Master’s degree in Theological Studies. Before joining RDF-TV, Loren worked for CBS News in Miami. She used to do the weekend forecast and midday traffic news reports. With all that knowledge and all that experience, we can count on her to tell us about the weather anytime, anywhere.

Jill Nicolini

Dancing, modeling and acting are only some of the things that Jill Nicolini has done in her life. Nicolini was born in 1978 in New York, where she currently works. Some interesting details on her resume include dancing for the New York Dragons, taking part in the reality TV show Married by America, and attempting to become a member of the musical girl group The Pussycat Dolls.


Along with her different occupations, Nicolini kept pursuing a career in news broadcasting. LI News Tonight, Weather Channel, Long Island’s Metro & Traffic, and News/Long Island are only some of the media outlets she has worked at. Niclolini is a true jack of all trades, reporting different subjects such as traffic, entertainment, and of course – weather.

Magda Palimariu

A household name in Romania, Magda Palimariu was born in Sibiu, a small town in Transylvania. But that doesn’t mean there is anything vampire-like about her. With a Master’s degree in Journalism, you can count on Palimariu to know what she’s doing when she’s on the air, giving a weather report.


Unsurprisingly, this ravishing Romanian’s beauty is also one of her sources of income. Palimariu is no stranger to modeling, and has even posed for magazines such as Playboy and Pro TV Magazine. Other than that, she has made a name for herself as somewhat of a lifestyle influencer. She has more than 80 thousand Instagram followers following her life on and off the air.

Angie Gonzalez

Weather presenter Angie Gonzalez is a familiar face for anyone who watches Milenio TV, where her professionalism and good looks are used to attract as many viewers as possible. She was born in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon in 1987 and initially had a completely different plan for life. At first, Gonzalez started training as a mortuary technician – a much less glamorous choice of vocation.


She was marked by the Multimedia network as a weather presenter but couldn’t start right away as she was too young. As she waited to become old enough, she studied meteorology. Unlike other women on this list, Gonzalez confesses that she doesn’t enjoy working out and that she doesn’t adhere to a certain diet. Apparently, she doesn’t need much to maintain her great figure.

Kristi Capel

Kristi Capel was born in Florence, Kentucky, and grew up in Missouri. She used to play volleyball in high school, which later helped her secure a volleyball scholarship to college. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Broadcasting and Public Relations in 2005. After graduating from college, Capel participated in several pageants. She even won the title of Miss Missouri USA in 2005.

Getty Images Carley Margolis

Capel’s career as an anchor and reporter has encompassed several news channels and areas of expertise, one of which is, of course, weather. On her first day at Fox 8 News, Capel played Twister with her co-anchor on live TV, showing that there is a fun sense of humor to go along with her good looks. Her work on Fox 8 News has even won her an Emmy!

Patricia Jaggernauth

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Patricia Jaggernauth is all about communication. She has a journalism degree from Seneca College and she loves meeting new people and listening to their stories. Other than her specialty in weather, Jaggernauth has many things keeping her busy – she occasionally has small acting jobs and she is the CEO of her fashion line PJ Glam.


Jaggernauth is widely appreciated for her various accomplishments, proving that she is more than just a pretty face. In 2016, she won the Harry Jerome Media Award for Best in Media across Canada. Known to her many fans as Patricia J, she has an impressive following on social media (134k on Instagram), where she mostly posts about her professional life.

Roxana Vancea

Romanian weather girl Roxana Vancea was born in the Romanian city of Târgu Jiu. Off screen, Vancea is big on fitness. Prior to her career in weather anchoring, she had completed her studies at the National University of Physical Education and Sport. She also regularly posts her workout routines on Instagram for her 382k followers to see.


  When it comes to reporting the weather, Vancea makes it a priority to keep things interesting, dancing or working out with her co-hosts. She also wears outfits that reveal her many tattoos. She has been seen on screen wearing some barely-there outfits that are known to malfunction, including a bikini, and a completely topless performance.

Liberté Chan

Certified meteorologist Liberté Chan is a woman you will recognize if you watch the KTLA5 news. Other than her meteorology certification, Chan is the proud owner of a certification in broadcast journalism and a Master’s degree in Public health. This brainy babe even has a semester at the Sorbonne on her impressive record.


  This Los Angeles native was a competitive figure skater growing up, and her interest in fitness and sports is still a dominant part of her life. She calls herself an exercise addict and works out six days a week. Some of her favorite forms of exercise include yoga and spinning.

Alejandra Medina

Mexican weather presenter Alejandra Medina is good looking, and she has the pageant titles to attest to that fact. After all, it’s nearly impossible to be in the public eye for a long time and holding on to 28 thousand Instagram followers without being easy on the eyes. Medina is involved in more than just the weather business.


She is the founder of Contour – a Monterrey beauty salon – and is a general lifestyle icon. This Mexican mama works hard on looking the way she does, tirelessly exercising and following a healthy diet. She posts many of her workouts on Instagram and makes sure to also keep her followers updated on her vacations and professional life.

Diana Alvarado

Channel 44 weather presenter Diana Alvarado likes showing off her curves. She presents the weather in short and tight clothing that leave little room for the imagination. Her figure first brought her fame when she won the Miss America Internacional pageant, and she makes it a priority to maintain that figure through tedious workout sessions.


But there is more to dazzling Diana than just incredibly flat stomach and glowing skin. She is intent on passing her motivation on to others and she has just the tools to do it as a motivational speaker and a certified life coach. Other than fitness and weather, Alvarado has other interests, such as spirituality, and neuroscience. She is also a gender equality advocate.

Mary Gamarra

Mary Gamarra is all over the television industry and you can see her gracing your screens whether you’re watching Telemundo Network, NBC Universal, or the Latino Entertainment Channel Xfinity. Gamarra has three degrees: A Broadcast Meteorology degree, a second degree in Media Studies, and a third one in Spanish and Latin American Literature. With all of that academic training, Gamarra is a true professional.

Getty Images Telemundo

Over the years of her career, Gamarra has also presented the weather for CNN en Español. Even after two pregnancies, she manages to maintain an incredible figure. She uses social media to show off that figure as well as her beautiful family. She shares beauty, lifestyle and wellness tips on her website,

Zelenny Ibarra

Zelenny Ibarra was born in Mexico, where she currently works and resides. You can catch her presenting a forecast if you happen to watch Multimedios TV or Milenio TV. She often does that in low-cut tops and high-cut bottoms so it should be safe to say that her ratings are pretty high. It is quite impressive when you think of the fact that she has been doing this for years.


Other than telling people the chances of raining, Ibarra enjoys acting and fitness. She regularly posts her hard-core yoga practices on Instagram so that her 50 thousand Instagram followers can have the same abs as her, even after giving birth to three children. Ibarra also has an organic cosmetics line called ZIC, which goes hand in hand with her healthy lifestyle.

Sandra Ryncarz

No one likes the cold. Let alone the cold of European winter. But no matter how low the temperatures drop in Poland, viewers of the weather forecast as it is broadcasted by Telewizja Supertacja are sure to stay toasty-warm. Polish weather presenter Sandra Ryncarz is one of the reasons why so many Polish people suddenly want to know how the temperatures will change tomorrow.


Other than an impressively tight physique, beautiful eyes, and flowy princess hair, Ryncarz enjoys several thousand followers on social media. If you choose to follow her on Instagram, you will get a glimpse of her life, and you will learn that she loves to travel and go on vacations, and that she has a little boy named Bruno.

Ariane Brodier

One of the few Europeans on our list (which mostly features American and South American women) is French born Ariane Brodier. Unlike many other women on the list, who started their public career through modeling or acting, Brodier started as an animator. She also used to present and write for TV shows on Fun TV. In order to become M6’s weather girl, she took a meteorology course.


Her on-screen career also includes numerous acting jobs on both film and TV. Women are normally considered to be less funny than men, and beautiful women are even more stereotyped that way. Brodier, however, breaks that stereotype completely and maintains a successful career as a comedian. When she isn’t busy working, Brodier posts about her family and workout on Instagram, much to the enjoyment of her 519k followers.

Noémi Gaál

Hungarian weather girl Noémi Gaál is known for keeping her tops revealing and her viewers interested, but there is a lot more to her. She has a degree in English and Communication from Kodolányi János College, and after she completed it, she started a career in modeling and even took part in the Miss Hungary pageant.


She currently presents the weather forecast on TV2, but before that she has also participated as a contestant in the Hungarian reality TV show Asia Express (or Ázsia Expressz as the locals would call it). It was a format similar to the popular show The Amazing Race, which we all know. Her partner on the show was a fellow meteorologist named Lajos Nemeth.

Behnaz Akhgar

Behnaz Akhgar moved to Britain from Iran when she was ten years old. She didn’t speak any English when she first came to Britain, which makes her choice of career even more impressive. She has a BA in Communication Studies from University of Glamorgan, and another diploma from Cardiff University in broadcast journalism. Currently employed by as a weather girl by the BBC’s Wales Today, she started her career behind the scenes in different positions such as a picture editor.


Expanding on to various media, Akhgar also presents on BBC Radio Wales. While most of the women on this list are highly popular on Instagram, Akhgar seems to have chosen Twitter as her main domain, where she holds a following of 17 thousand people. When she isn’t working, Akhgar enjoys food, traveling and people.

Beata Gubernat

Any polish should instantly recognize Beata Gubernat and her blue eyes. She regularly presents the Polish weather to the Polish people on TVP3 Rzeszów, which is a Polish regional TV channel.


That job has made her famous nationwide, and even outside the borders of Poland. Quite impressive when you learn that she has been doing that for more than 10 years.

Irene Sans

Irene Sans has been in the weather business for quite some time and she’s not going anywhere. Her meteorology skills have been used by TV channels, radio stations, newspapers, and more. The way she sees it, weather is a global interest, and this means that everyone should be informed about it. She even operates her very own meteorology website to help her spread the weather word to as many people as possible.


Seeing as she speaks both English and Spanish, she has a bilingual weather segment on WFTV. Sans also says that there isn’t enough weather information in Spanish, so she makes sure her content is accessible in Spanish as well as in English. This Emmy winning meteorology enthusiast is also a mother of two daughters with nearly 6,000 Instagram followers.