The World’s Most Unexpected Cars Turned Limos

There’s nothing quite as luxurious and dazzling as stepping out of a stretch limousine and into a crowd of people. Whether you’re as rich as Bill Gates or just saving up for prom night, this kind of style will make anyone feel fabulous. Renting a limo has become much more accessible to the average citizen, with prices starting at just $70 an hour in the United States. This caused rental companies to start testing out some unexpected car – to limo turnovers.


We’ve gathered a list for you of the coolest, funniest, and downright weird car models that have been stretched into limos in the attempt to make a quick buck. If you ever wondered what a Ferrari or a VW Beetle would look like as a limo, look no further. Let’s dive into the world of luxury, and see which of our favorite cars can make it in this world and which fall short. Are these limos better or worse versions of their original cars? We’ll let you be the judge on that one…

Mini Cooper Limo

The Mini Cooper is mostly known for being a fast, compact vehicle that became highly sought-after in recent decades due to many major city’s parking shortages. The main benefits of driving a Mini Cooper are its tiny monthly gas bill and the ability to participate in fit into even the smallest of spaces. That’s why stretching out a Mini Cooper sounds so counterintuitive!

Getty Image Photo credit GERARD JULIEN

The Maxi Cooper, if you will, has six wheels and about twelve seats, there’s hardly anything left here resembling the classic vehicle except it’s beautiful and instantly recognizable front exterior. While it has lost all of the benefits that come with driving a Mini Cooper, we imagine this one is quite the hit when it comes to showing up with it to High-School dances.

Skoda Limo

Two European buddies — Jaroslav Valenta, an electrician, and Martin Jinek, a mechanic, decided to take a Skoda Octavia and turn it into a fully-functional 22-foot long limo. It took a few years and a lot of hard work, but the two made it. We’re quite astounded at how great this retro beauty looks, as it perfectly blends the air of the ‘80s with some great driving.


Although Skoda isn’t as popular as some of its competitors, it’s a cheaper alternative to Audi, BMW, and Mercedes that doesn’t share the same brand fee. This is an extremely comfortable limousine and will make you feel like the perfect villain in a crime show episode. Prepare to be quite surprised when you find out about the next two unbelievable custom limos we’ve found for you

VW Bus Limo

This VW van is hard to recognize because we’re used to seeing them covered in flower stickers and spray-painted peace signs. Oh, and much smaller. If you’ve been looking for a great hippy car to take you to the next Woodstock festival, this pimped up VW is undoubtedly the one for you. We truly can’t imagine a better party vehicle than this one.


You can fit roughly twelve people inside this car, which apparently is not enough as this baby is in high-demand. The VW Bus Limo was recently sold for $220,000, which just goes to show that old school and vintage are very in right now and outcasts are the new cool kids on the block. Just imagine this light blue beauty pilling up to a beach party and you’ll get the picture.

Rolls Royce Limo

They say that your average Rolls Royce takes about six months to make. We can only imagine that the limousine version of the car is built with the same diligent attention to detail as the rest of the company’s lineup. Purchasing this one isn’t cheap at all, as prices start at around $250,000 for just one unit. If you love luxury cars and are at the zenith of the financial ladder, this one is probably just right for you.


Inside, you can expect the very best in luxury interiors. There is literally no competition here, and you’ll feel like the absolute king of the world. Unlike many of the limousines on this list, this one is literally the most expensive, luxurious and privileged ride you’ll ever have in your entire life.

Chrysler 300 Limo

Both Chrysler and Cadillac make some of the coolest American cars in the world. Their vehicles are often bulky, powerful, and fit very well in gangster films. If you need to feel even more of a tough person when driving one of these, you might want to spend $140,000 and get the gorgeous Chrysler 300 Limo. It will certainly drive you and your friends in style.

Getty Image Photo by Peter Bischoff

This stretched car features the same luxury interior, robust exterior and the latest in car tech that the company is known for. You’d also get a chance to look like an extremely wealthy person, as Chrysler is known for producing some of the world’s most luxurious limousines. It has room for about 12 people and is definitely a hotter way to get around town that your regular Uber.

Grand Prix Limo

When Formula One was first founded in 1950, we nobody thought its cars would ever turn into limousines. This racing federation has some of the fastest racing cars in the world, with some of them reaching top speeds of up to 215 miles per hour. Fans tune in weekly to watch these single-seat open-cockpit racing machines battle it out on the Grand Prix.


While we don’t expect anyone to shatter a new world record with this car, but it does seem to appeal to a very specific audience. Formula One enthusiasts would probably get a kick from being chauffeured around in a beautiful track-ready limo. The only drawback? The required helmet may ruin your expensive up-do. What happens when you take a tank and turn it into a limo? Skip to the next page to find out.

Tank Limo

When you think of a U.S. Army tank, the last thing that comes to mind is a night on the city, dressed up, hitting those top bars with your friends. However, apparently founders of the UK-based tank company, TANKS-ALOT seemed to think otherwise as this is exactly what they had in mind when they designed this massive combat limo.


It’s everything you might expect from a regular tank, including the continuous track and the cannons on top (which thankfully don’t work) minus the war-zone, plus champagne. The company claims that its tank-limos are ideal for arriving at proms, weddings and special events in style. While it certainly is one kind of style, it’s definitely not for everyone. If you’ve ever wondered what a stretch Lamborghini would look like, you’re about to find out in the next entry…

Jet Limo

You might recognize Frank D’Angelo’s name, either from one of the popular films he produced and starred in, or as the wealthy Canadian food and restaurant entrepreneur. Apparently, he was challenged to take a real-life jet and turn it into a functioning limo. He recalls, “I was dumb enough at the time to say yeah, let’s do it.” The man stuck to his word, and the result is magnificent!


This beautiful hybrid between a jet and a limo arguably belongs in the list of the top ten best bets-turned-miracles of all time. It’s truly incredible that somehow D’Angelo and his team managed to take this one through to the end. It was originally introduced in 2006 as a proto-type concept but has since turned into a fully-fledged vehicle with a patent currently pending. You don’t want to miss the last two entries on our list…

Trabant Limo

The Trabant was made and sold from the mid-’50s up until the early ’90s. and served as a symbolic trope for Germany’s failure and struggles after World War II. Nowadays, the car is considered a collectors vehicle, but back in the day, it was highly criticized for well, everything. The car stunk.

Getty Image Photo by Sean Gallup

One of the more genius uses that car enthusiasts have found for this European piece of history, is to turn it into a highly-sought after six-wheeled limo. The combination of old looking transportation with our modern technological inventions really shines through in this one. You can find and rent the Trabant Limo in its birthplace, namely Berlin and other popular East German cities. Up next we’ve got one of the smallest cars in the world, as-well-as one of the largest, both in spectacular limo forms!

Monster Limo

There is no one vehicle type that is more American than a truck, and there is no truck more American than the massive monster truck. As-if these preposterous four-wheeled beasts couldn’t get any bigger or crazier, one monster truck company actually took the time and effort to turn one of their trucks into a fully-functional monster truck limousine.

Getty Images Photo by Brad and Jen Campbell

Just imagine the sheer madness of taking your friends out for an offroad adventure in one of these or even better, pulling up to a club in this thing. Its wheels are so big that they’re literally taller than your average adult male. When it comes to insane ideas that show why humanity is amazing and doomed at the same time, you can’t get much better than the stretched monster truck.

Ford Mustang Limo

Although the Mustang has seen various facelifts and modifications over the years, none have been quite as radial or interesting as the stretched Mustang limo. This limo continues Mustang’s tradition of providing extremely powerful muscle cars at some of the lowest prices you can find on the market, as it currently goes just around $10,000 on eBay.


We’ve heard reports that it has the same comfortable interior of the Mustang, although it’s clearly a bit too heavy on the plastic. Still, nobody buys one of these to feel like they’re in a Rolls Royce, they buy it to push the gas pedal and go really, really fast. This time you’ll be able to do it with an entire entourage, making this an unforgettable and relatively cheap purchase.

Stretch Harley Davidson

As-if Harley Davidsons didn’t have enough of a rap for being way too attention-grabbing on the road, someone actually chose to turn this motorcycle into a full-sized carriage. The vehicle hopefully has enough horsepower to carry six to eight passengers, as most Harley Davidson engines produce less than 100 horsepower to boot.


This hog is one of the loudest vehicles on the street, so soundproofing the cabin must have been a difficult task. Honestly, we can’t imagine a bunch of leather-wearing bikers hoping into this vehicle no matter what the occasion, which makes us wonder who the Harley Davidson limo was intended for. It’s an interesting experiment though and even sports some wacky vertical doors.

Stretch Lamborghini

There is no sign of wealth more desired and beloved amongst aspiring entrepreneurs than the Italian supercar, the Lamborghini. This $400,000 piece of work has been the star of many racing events, rap songs, and even appeared in many films and TV shows. Let’s face it, everyone wants a Lambo. The only problem is that it costs more than your average house.


The stretched Lamborghini Aventador still retains most of its performance, as the built-in V12 engine and almost 700 units of horsepower are more than enough to carry several passengers but those passengers had better have some deep pockets as the only this more expensive than a Lamborghini, is an even longer Lamborghini. It’s no surprise that Car and Driver magazine called this the “best Lamborghini ever.”

Porsche Panamera Limo

Moving on to a slightly more elegant form of transportation, Porsche recently found themselves trying to get into the luxury limo rental market. The company is known for making some of the most premium, high-quality, and insanely fast luxury sports cars. The Porsche Panamera, one of their best selling vehicles, was first in line when it came the time for limo conversion tryouts.


We’ve heard reports that the Porsche limo is extremely comfortable, fast, and makes you feel like royalty. Being part of the royal family doesn’t come cheap though, as being driven around in a stretched Panamera will cost you roughly $1,500 an hour. Still, if you’ve got the money and are looking for one of the most memorable experiences of your life, this might just be it. What happens when you take one of America’s most beloved pickup trucks and turn it into a limo? Coming right up…

Chevy Suburban Limo

The Chevrolet Suburban is the world’s longest-running car model of all time and remains the company’s most profitable. It only made sense that the company would try some things out over the decades, and one of the results is the Chevy Suburban Limo.


You can purchase this beauty for around $100,000, or much less if you’re willing to go second-hand. It’s the perfect car for a group of rowdy college students, but could also serve Chevy lovers who have an extremely large family. The Chevy Suburban Limo is quite a fantastic ride, and can actually fit up to fourteen people in it. Its interiors are very luxurious, making it a great limo all around.

Cadillac One Limo

Unlike the Chrysler 300 Limo, the Cadillac One Limo is not only very hard to get, but it’s also actually the rarest of all the limousines, as only one of its kind currently exists. This is the car that is driven by the President of the United States, and it’s as tough as you’d expect a car driving the most powerful person on earth to be.


There is probably no safer vehicle to be in than the Cadillac One Limo, as it’s covered with everything from a reinforced bulletproof coating to tires that don’t care how much you shoot at them. Whether you like the president or not, it’s important that America’s leader is protected at all times. Luckily the Cadillac One provides exactly that level of protection, along with the added prestige associated with a limo. We’ve discussed everything from supercars to monster trucks, but our next entry will reveal a truly unique contender — the Big Rig Limo…

The World’s Longest Limo

We’ve gone through quite a few vehicles that have been turned into real-life limos. Some of them were impressive, others were baffling, while a small minority have been downright hilarious. But nothing spells out extravagance like riding around in the world’s longest limousine.


If the 15 windows (on each side) and the extremely extended car hood don’t aren’t enough to impress you, you might want to take a look at the rear. Upon further inspection, you will notice that there’s actually a fully functional helicopter pad – with an actual helicopter on it, in the back of this limo. We’d love to see just how this car gets around on the road, more specifically how it might handle a U-turn.

Mercedes G63 Limo

The Mercedes G63 is one of the German luxury automaker’s most impressive vehicles. It was recently turned into a long-stretchy limo, and the results are absolutely breathtaking. With a luxurious, comfortable interior, and one of the most powerful engines in the industry, you and your friends are in for the best off-road experience of your lives.


While it’s not the first vehicle you think of when looking for a luxury vehicle, Mercedes has managed to put some of its most advanced techs into the G63. This giant off-road truck was recently turned into a fully-fledged limo by Inkas Group, a Canadian security company. The G63 limo sports a fully-bulletproof exterior and goes for just around one million dollars. Ford and Chevy have long battled for the most popular muscle car category with their Mustang and Camaro vehicles. Find out just how well they perform when turned into luxurious stretched limos…

Fiat Limo

We bet you never thought you’d be seeing those words so close together. As assumed, Fiat doesn’t quite inspire the same sense of confidence and awe that you get from watching a regular limo in action. This one is basically a very long Fiat, and gives off a look that mostly resembles a train cart. It’s not exactly visually appealing, and we assume that the performance isn’t on par with some of our earlier entries either.


Why would you rent one of these then? Well, for starters, this is a very civilized car and is often chosen by UK audiences. Second, it’s a Fiat, which means that people are definitely going to give you attention. After all, what’s the point of driving a limo, if people aren’t going to be pointing and staring as you’re being driven around town? Skip to the next page and find out what the world’s longest limo looks like!

Prius Limo

What happens when you stretch one of America’s most beloved family cars and turn it into an eight-seater? Not much apparently. The Toyota Prius Limo is basically a longer version of this already popular car, and can help you fit even more children in this hybrid. Just be aware that the only partying that will be going on in this ride involves an abundance of sippy cups.


Instead of looking like a crazy stretched version of this popular car, the Prius limo actually went for a very practical and good looking solution. The car sports at-least six seats, and is great for larger families. Most vehicles for more than five persons are either too big or too clumsy, which is what makes this limo so unique and exciting to drive.

Armored Bank Truck Limo

If you’ve never seen one, a bank truck is an armored vehicle with steel metal walls and bulletproof windows, full rubber wheels, and a menacing grill. Bank trucks are usually driven by big scary men with guns, as they usually carry around enormous sums of money onboard. This makes the sighting of one pretty exciting.


What’s even more exciting, or so the creators of the Bank Truck Limo thought is an even bigger bulletproof monstrosity. The shuttle was made for the purpose of renting, but could just as-well be used for the world’s largest bank heist. It not very glamorous as far as visuals go, but if you’re ok with people staring, at least you’ll feel very, very safe inside.

VW Beetle Limo

One of the most adored cars of all time is the Volkswagen Beetle. Despite being made in the early ‘30s, it has withstood the test of time and managed to stay on the road even today. While oldies such as Ford’s Mustang have been changed and updated to keep up with the times, part of the appeal of the Beetle is its callback to simpler times.

Alamy Stock Photo

When the Beetle was turned into a limo, it somehow became even more of a classic, getting a look that more closely resembles a brand new Rolls Royce. If you’re the kind of person who likes to get driven around in style and perhaps in a top hat and tail jacket, this is definitely the shuttle for you.

Pickup Truck Limo

We’ve discussed before how some of these regular-cars-turned-limos genuinely appear like a bad photoshop job, but this pickup truck limo truly takes the cake. We don’t know what’s more hilarious about it, from the innocuous star in the middle to the fact that the entire flatbed only takes up around 15% of the truck’s total length!


This is truly a piece of art and was made by Faizan Dolani, the president of Prime Limo & Car Service. He claims that the idea didn’t actually come from him, but actually came up during a casual conversation with one of his chauffeurs. The guy reportedly told him , “You know what’d be really cool? If you had a stretch pickup truck in the fleet.” Best. Marketing. Trick. Ever.

Camaro SS Limo

The Camaro limo is a true beauty, as she was as just a plain Camero. The limo version costs just below $100,000 and will host you and nine of your friends in a surprisingly gas-friendly vehicle. While it’s no longer what most people call a muscle car, this beast’s engine can carry ten passengers with relative ease. But if you’re looking to rent, the price is quite high, as the SS limo will cost around $300 per hour.


The Camaro and Mustang have long been at odds with each other, often fighting to become the #1 muscle car in the United States. Now, as they both have limo versions, we’ll be able to see which one is really more liked by the rich and famous. The car clearly has an audience, as many of these have already been sold and rented over the years.

Ferrari Limo

While the Lamborghini Aventador limo looks like a stretched and modernized version of the DeLorean, the Ferrari limo looks like a gorgeous piece of art. This model is based on the classic Ferrari 360, which has been featured in many films and TV shows over the years. It has one of the most luxurious interiors in the front, but somehow, the back didn’t get the same amount of love put into it.


It was originally created by Limo Broker, a UK-based limousine specialist, and can be rented by the company almost anywhere across western Europe. The Ferrari 360 Limo features room for eight passengers (as opposed to the regular two-seats found in most of the Italian maker’s lineup), and doors that resemble those sported on the Mercedes SLS.

727 Limo

When Boeing’s engineers first built their iconic 727 Jet, we hardly believed that they planned on it turning into a fully-functional limo. This Boeing 727 commercial airplane was fitted on the body of a Mercedes bus, thus turning into the world’s first street-legal large airplane. It was recently put up for auction on eBay, and the results were quite extraordinary.


This beautiful piece of work was sold for a whopping $274,000. Its measurements have been cited at 53 feet of length and 24,000 pounds of weight. Hopefully, its new owner has enough room to store such a large plane-bus. We can’t help but imagine how hysterical the drive to his place was, as people most likely gasped and gaped when they saw this thing driving down the freeway. It no surprise that BMW also jumped on the limousine bandwagon. Want to see how the results turned out? Up next…

Mini Cooper Limo With A Hot Tub

We’ve already established in a previous entry that Mini Coopers tend to turn into quite the contradictory limos. One might ask “what’s the point of taking the most compact car on the road, and turning it into a long limo?” We’re not too sure ourselves to be honest. The answer probably has something to do with its insane cool-factor. Especially when you ad a hot tub to it!


it’s probably not a good idea to be inside the hot tub while the Mini-Cooper limo is driving. That would also be quite illegal. On the other hand, if your hot tub integrated limo happens to roll up in front of the club, the club ain’t got nothing on ya and we bet we know where the real party would be at. Chrysler and Caddilac are two of America’s most recognized and beloved automakers. How do they fare up in the whole limo game?

Maserati Limo

Ah, Maserati. If you’re ever looking for a highly comfortable and non-conspicuous alternative to the Ferrari lineup, this Italian automaker’s cars are definitely the way to go. apparently, some engineers thought it would be a rad idea to turn one of these supercars into an actual limo. We’re proud to announce that the result is one of the best looking shuttles of all-time.


Maserati’s true colors really shine in this beautiful creation, from the iconic side vents of the car to the beautiful premium wheels and luxury body paint. One of these was recently listed on eBay for around $105,000, which means that you might just be able to buy it. That is, if you have the time, money and luck to match. When the world’s most luxurious car brand takes to the limousine conversion, the results happen to be quite incredible…

Police Car Limo

Let’s just get this out of the way — the police car limo isn’t actually a police car. Some guy apparently took a regular Lincoln, and managed to turn it into one of the most convincing police limos (perhaps the only one) you’ll ever find! If you always wanted to combine the law-abiding lifestyle of an LAPD cop with the party vibe of Hollywood, this is just the one for you.


This car seems to have everything. You’ll also get the ability to stop anyone in the middle of the road. Of-course, it would be quite hard to explain to someone you’ve just detained why a police officer is driving a limo with ten people partying in the back, but that’s a concern for the future aspiring police officer. As we draw near to the conclusion of this list, we’ve brought to you two of the wackiest limo’s you’ve never seen yet…

Apocalyptic Limo

What happens when you take a limo and combine it with elements taken straight out of the Mad Max universe? That question is instantly answered when you take a look at the Apocalyptic Limo. Built from Mustang parts (you can see the Pony symbol next to the front tire), and other unholy vehicle parts, this scary car can drive you safely during a real-world apocalypse.


The Apocalyptic Limo was featured on various magazines and TV shows, and definitely earns its name when you consider how scrappy and Macgyvered it looks. This is just one of many interesting end-of-the-world limos, and it seems that there’s definitely a market for these in some circles. What happens when you turn a Ferrari into a fully-stretched limo? Find out the in the entry…

Viper Limo

We thought that the Viper couldn’t get any cooler than it already is. That all changed when we first laid our eyes on the gorgeous limo version of this car. It has everything that a limousine could possibly need, from an open roof to a general sense of “Holier than thou” that automatically permeates between the dozen people potentially sitting inside this magnificent car.


While it’s not nearly as comfortable or luxurious as the Rolls Royce limo, the Viper limousine is just what it was meant to be – FUN! In fact, we can’t really imagine a car more fitting to be made into a limo. It sports quite a bit of seats, and can fit you and your friends as you get driven into the party. The combination of the design, look and feel of this one definitely make it one of our favorites.

All Electric Limo

You can always trust Japanese engineers to come up with some of the world’s most quirky and interesting inventions. In 2003, students at Keio University managed to create one of (if not the) world’s first all-electric fully-functional limousines. This car helps you and your friends get around in style, while also helping to save the environment by reducing auto pollution.

Getty Image Photo by noboru hashimoto

The All-Electric Limo featured a lithium battery and could reach an unbelievable top speed of 230 miles per hour, similar to what you’d find in some of the world’s fastest Formula One vehicles. It might just be the fastest limo on our list, which just goes to show that speed, style, and performance can often go hand-in-hand with environmentally friendly machines. You knew it was coming. Our next entry on this list is none other than a real-life monster-truck limo…

Hummer Limo

Hummers received one of the most terrible reputations in recent years when the company tried to turn them into regular, everyday vehicles. These massive trucks and SUVs are mostly used by the military, thanks to their off-road abilities and highly fortified build. Our guess is that someone thought “if the two-seat version failed, why not try to make a twelve seat instead?”

Alamy Stock Photo

The Hummer Limo is already one of the most recognizable and attention-grabbing vehicles on the road, but this limo’s creators took the extra step of making it pink as-well. It sports the perfect party equipment, from a full bar to a long and comfortable dance floor. There’s really no reason to go to parties if you have one of these, as the party is already at its peak inside.

DeLorean Limo

When Back to the Future first came out in the mid-’80s, it turned the popular-but-flawed DeLorean from an interesting futuristic car into a recognizable superstar. Apparently, someone chose to capitalize on this fame and turned this interesting vehicle into a fully functional limo.


Unfortunately, just like its original version, this car can’t go back in time. Not even when hit by lightning at 88 miles per hour. It can, however, fit six giggling teenagers perplexed by its vintage rising doors. While it appears best suited as a Universal Pictures ride, this stretched out DeLorean is privately owned by Chicago car enthusiast, Rich Weisensel. If you’ve ever planned on committing a bank robbery with a platoon of friends, we’d like to suggest this next car as the ideal escape vehicle…

BMW Limo

Back when it was first introduced in the ‘90s, the BMW E38 limo was one of the most advanced shuttles in the world. It featured the world’s first built-in TV and satellite navigation, which were a huge thing at the time. It was also quite the celebrity car and appeared in films from Tomorrow Never Dies to the popular Transporter.


The BMW E38 was one of the most stylish and premium vehicles a high-level manager or sales rep could purchase, and the stretched version of the car is just as luxurious as you’d expect. The seats are full leather, and the interior tech was ahead of its time. It would be hard to find one of these today, but hopefully, the picture above does it justice.

Anaconda Motorcycle Limo

In what appears to be a combination of disregard for safety, comfort, aesthetics, the Anaconda Motorcycle limo is exactly what its name suggests. This tough-as-nails vehicle is basically a heavy duty motorcycle that was turned into a limo, but unlike its Harley Davidson counterpart, this mashup is still largely a two-wheel vehicle.


Passengers are expected to sit back to back in this large and bulky piece of work, and probably have to lean far in the opposite direction anytime it makes more than a thirty-degree turn just to avoid falling off. The Anaconda Motorcycle limo was built from Harley Davidson parts by Smokey McGill. It’s about 19 feet long and weighs 1,420 pounds. Not exactly a prom girl’s dream vehicle.

Big Rig Limo

About two decades ago, someone had the brilliant idea of taking one of his big rigs and turning it into a real-life limo. It took eight years of diligent work, but the project was eventually completed in 2004, leading to the creation of the world’s first street-legal big rig limo. You can rent this beauty in California, now all that’s left is to find 20 people to fit in there for the journey.


The truck features three lounges, each one fitted with its own stereo system. It’s like partying in a lounge that happens to be on wheels and traveling around the country. Hopefully, the ride is not too bumpy and you’ll be able to put your drinks down once in a while. Unfortunately, this is a party you might want to skip if you tend to get car sick.

Ford F650 Limo

If being America’s most popular truck wasn’t enough, Ford decided to take their F650 and turn it into a huge VIP limo. This massive vehicle can hold up to 31 passengers in its “regular” build, and up to 36 people in it’s larger “bus” version.


What you get with this vehicle the typical large engine, massive wheels, and off-road capabilities of a regular Ford F650, plus some of the most extravagant car parties of your life. This would be the perfect vehicle for a number of purposes, namely: if your a cross country traveling rock band, a high budget school trip or even if you simply enjoy having the space to do the splits in the back of your car.

Royal Toyota Century Limo

Toyota has been the pride of the Japanese nation for a long time. It recently became the tenth highest-grossing company in the world, which is why it was chosen as the government’s official vehicle. The Royal Toyota Century Limo is a massive, bulletproof car that is used to drive around high-profile political figures.


These highly technological cars have been cited as costing well over half a million dollars. They’re fast, extremely durable, and would make any politicians feel comfortable and safe at the same time. The United States chose Cadillac for its national government vehicles, but in our opinion, they don’t hold a candle to these babies, or any other stretched out a masterpiece for that matter.

Corvette Limo

What happens when you take one of the world’s most iconic sports vehicles and turn it into a stretch limo? While the results look like something out of a photoshop competition, we guarantee you – this picture above is 100% real. Enthusiasts of the classic 1994 Corvette would love this car. While it loses much of its original speed and acceleration, its appeal is still there.


This unique limousine got so much love from fans, that it was actually put on the cover of a 2010 Corvette book. The car still retains most of its iconic look, from the aggressively curved hood to the classic driver interior. If anyone out there has ever gotten a chance to ride in one of these, they’d know that ever the seats remain in that fan-favorite tan color.