These Female Athletes Took a Walk Down the Red Carpet

Female athletes inspire young girls all around the world to be the best they can be. These women work relentlessly on pursuing their dreams, often sacrificing relationships, and even family time, in favor of their goals. Some of the most intense women in the world are found in the sports arena, but they have a softer, more feminine side too.
It’s a real pleasure to see our favorite heroines take a moment to relax and step out onto the red carpet. All of them are in excellent physical shape, which only highlights their beauty. We’ve seen some of the toughest women in sports strut across the red carpet looking like models. In this list, we wanted to go over some of our favorite female athletes to ever grace us outside the soccer fields and tennis courts in their beautiful dresses.

Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick is the world’s most popular and accomplished female auto racer. Unlike directly physical sports like tennis, she is able to compete with men on a level playing field and give many of them a run for their money. Patrick is the only woman to ever win an IndyCar Series race and has consistently broken female records for the sport.

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The award-winning driver was NASCAR’s most popular driver multiple times and is extremely successful in all areas of her life. Patrick also owns her own brand of wine, called Somnium, and is an avid philanthropist too. You can see Patrick in a beautiful white dress on the red carpet, showing off both her beautiful face and extremely fit physique. She might look gentle, but this woman has a strong bite.

Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey has become one of the most popular women in sports after turning women into flying ragdolls in her cage-fighting career. She’s been featured in various films, modeling gigs, and even video-games, and has literally turned herself into a celebrity. Rousey was the first female American to win an Olympic medal in judo, which helped her make the jump to professional MMA fighting at just 21 years old.

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Although she’s been known to be quite brash and overconfident at times, Ronda Rousey has every reason to think highly of herself. She recently retired from fighting and moved to the tough world of wrestling on the WWE. This femme fatale remains one of the most formidable women in entertainment and appeared in some very popular films and TV shows recently, including “The Expendables,” “Furious 7”, and “Entourage.”

Sydney Leroux

Sydney Leroux is a talented and aggressive soccer player and Olympic gold medalist. She’s currently the forward for the Orlando Pride team in the National Women’s Soccer League. Outside of her successful professional career, which includes a total of 57 goals, she also has an extremely popular Instagram channel with more than a million followers. The American-Canadian soccer player is also known as “Syd, the Kid” and credits much of her success to her family. Leroux Married Dom Dwyer in 2015, and the two had a child, Cassius Cruz Dwyer, in late 2016.

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It became clear to everyone that Sydney Leroux is obsessed with winning when pictures of Leroux began to surface of her training while being six months pregnant with her second child. She has endorsed many companies throughout her career, including Nike, Nestlé and even made a cameo on a commercial for Dr. Dre’s Beats. Leroux has been featured numerous times on ESPN and various other TV shows and magazines. She is a playable character in EA Sports’ FIFA video game franchise.

Michelle Waterson

Michelle Waterson is one chick that you do not want to get into a fight with. She has been ranked the number one atom weight UFC fighter in the world between 2013 to 2014 and has a total of 17 wins, with three brutal knockouts. She began her time as an athlete in gymnastics but found herself being attracted to Karate and Muay Thai. Waterson went from being a ring girl to a fighter and made her MMA debut in 2007.


The successful fighter was 2013 and 2014’s fighter of the year for her weight class and received the Most Vulgar Display of Power Award for beating the daylights out of Yasuko Tamada in 2014. Michelle Waterson’s fame led her to appear in everything from a Megadeth music video to the popular reality show “American Ninja Warrior.” She has also been featured on “Bully Beatdown,” a reality series where bullies get a chance to fight against professional MMA fighters for the chance to win $10,000. A documentary was made about Waterson in 2016, called “Fight Mom.”

Aly Raisman

When Americans look back at the most popular and beloved female athletes in history, Aly Raisman will undoubtedly be listed as one of them. This talented and successful gymnast has won six Olympic gold medals in her incredible career. She’s widely recognized as the captain of Team USA’s ‘Fierce Five’ in the 2012 London Olympics and of the ‘Final Five’ in the 2016 Rio Olympic games. Raisman is a serious threat and helped push her team to take gold medals home both times.

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Despite being immensely talented and hard-working, Aly Raisman claims that gymnastics is the only sport she’s ever been truly great at. She reportedly told the Life Is Good company that she’s “the most unathletic person besides gymnastics.” Luckily, she’s also one of the most beautiful women in the United States and could easily start a serious modeling career anytime she wants.

Barbara Blank

You may recall Barbara Blank from the WWE, where she goes by a different name. The popular Kelly Kelly is one of the most beloved and followed female wrestlers in the WWE. She started out in cheerleading and gymnastics but quickly found that her charisma and athletic abilities were much better geared for the popular show sport. After just six years as a pro-wrestler, Blank won the 2011 WWE Diva Championship.

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Barbara Blank is currently what you might refer to as a “mini-celebrity” and has retired from the WWE in 2012, shortly after securing her WWE Diva Championship the previous year. She focuses most of her attention on acting at the moment and has appeared in a bunch of popular TV shows. Her most meaningful appearances to date are in the long-running “Days of Our Lives” and in E!’s reality show, “WAGS,” a show that follows the lives of girlfriends and wives of famous athletes.

Alex Morgan

One of the fastest and most determined women in sports is Alex Morgan. This beautiful woman may look like your everyday sweet girl, but she’s a dominant and relentless competitor when it comes to her favorite sport, soccer. This young Olympic gold medalist is a forward on the National Women’s Soccer League and the US National Team. She has won many competitions and titles over her career, including the champion of the FIFA Women’s World Cup and the champion of the National Women’s Soccer League.

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Alex Morgan is also an accomplished and bestselling writer and a graduate of the famous UC Berkeley. Her soccer statistics are incredible. She’s married to popular soccer player Servando Carrasco, who you may know as one of LA Galaxy’s best players. Morgan can be seen here on the red carpet wearing a beautiful chiffon dress which accentuates her money-making legs.

Mikaela Shiffrin

With almost a million followers on Instagram, you can definitely say that Mikaela Shiffrin has found her way to capitalize on her two Olympic gold medals as a World Cup alpine skier. At just 18 years old, she became the youngest slalom champion in Olympic alpine skiing history and is currently considered one of the best skiers in the world. Shiffrin continues to break many records and is the only athlete in the world, male or female, to win 17 World Cup races during a season.

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Mikaela Shiffrin’s long list of records and incredible Olympic and World Championship wins make her a force to be reckoned with. As an accomplished and recognized skier, she’s also afforded the opportunity of attending various red carpet events, which she consistently does with both grace and style.

Jen Kessy

Jennifer Kessy is one of America’s former Olympic beach volleyball players. She won a silver medal in the 2012 London Olympics beach competition and scored a gold medal in the 2009 Stavanger World Championships. She silently retired shortly after her 2012 win and did not play in the 2014 season due to being pregnant.

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Nowadays, Jennifer Kessy mostly coaches other professional volleyball players. She married French beach volleyball player Andy Cés in 2013. The couple now has two children together.

Chelsea Pezzola

Arguably the hottest woman on the golf course (and the competition is quite massive) is the gorgeous Chelsea Lynn Pezzola. She’s a professional golfer, a host and media personality on Fox Sports’ show, “Swing Clinic,” and a regular golf editor for the popular Jet Set magazine. She was born during the early ’90s in Florida and had a strict and dedicated work ethic.

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Chelsea began golfing at the age of five after her stepdad introduced her to the game. A few years later, she found herself playing in the LPGA and working to help promote women’s golf everywhere. Despite her moderately successful golfing career, it seems that her biggest developments can be seen through her Instagram account, which includes various pictures of her incredible life.

Alana Blanchard

With almost 2 million Instagram followers, Alana Blanchard has turned her passion for surfing into the ultimate launchpad for a modeling career. She uses her time on the beach to work on her surfing skills, take half nude selfies, and promote her swimwear line that’s specifically tailored for surfing. She’s a great friend to Bethany Hamilton, who was involved in a terrifying shark attack back in 2003 that left her without an arm.

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Alana Blanchard is currently engaged to Jack Freestone, a fellow Australian pro surfer, and in 2017, the two welcomed their first child, Banks Harvey, who often appears on her Instagram channel. You can watch Alana being portrayed by actress Lorraine Nicholson in the 2011 biographical drama film “Soul Surfer.”

Ali Krieger

Ali Krieger is a talented and successful National Women’s Soccer League player. She plays for Orlando Pride, a Florida-based women’s soccer team. The player is an avid philanthropist and supports a charity called MiracleFeet, which helps kids with clubfoot, a birth defect that causes one or both feet to be rotated inward or outwards, to get the treatment they need. She worked with Nike in 2007 and has been a great advertiser for them.

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Ali Krieger’s last name actually means “warrior” in German, which might be a clue on why you shouldn’t mess with her. Her brother, Kyle Krieger, is a very popular social media influencer, with over 200 thousand YouTube subscribers and more than 2 million Instagram followers. It seems that red is truly the perfect color for this dedicated warrior.

Miesha Tate

Anyone who follows mixed martial arts can remember the dominant Miesha Tate, who had 18 wins during her MMA career. Nowadays, she mostly works as an MMA pundit while also cultivating and growing her Instagram channel of over 2 million followers. Tate became widely known in 2011 when she won the Strikeforce Women’s Bantamweight Championship.


Outside of MMA, Miesha Tate has been quite a lifesaver on more than one occasion. She once saved an older woman who was going through an asthma attack while scuba diving. On another occasion, Tate helped carry a six-year-old girl with a broken arm to safety while hiking in Nevada.

Kym Johnson

Kym Johnson is known for being a professional Australian ballroom dancer and for appearing in the first three seasons of Australia’s version of “Dancing with the Stars.” She’s the wife of Robert Herjavec, the successful Canadian businessman who has a net worth of over $200 million. The two live together in Bridle Path, an upscale residential neighborhood with multi-million dollar mansions in Toronto, Canada.

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When Kim isn’t dancing with the world’s most successful and famous men on “Dancing with the Stars,” she spends her life taking care of her twins, Hudson Robert Herjavec and Haven Mae Herjavec. She released a full-length, cardio-dancing-based fitness program called “5678 Fitness” and a book called “The 5678 Diet” in early 2016.

Alica Schmidt

It’s clear to everyone that Alica Schmidt was naturally built for running. Her long legs and springy physique make her a perfect fit for the sport. This American middle-distance runner is one of the best 800 meters runners in the world. She represented the United States in both the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics and the 2012 London Summer Olympics. Her personal best for the 800-meter run is a whopping 1:58 minutes. This talented athlete was originally born in Omaha, Nebraska, and considered studying journalism.

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Alica Schmidt is considered one of the sexiest female runners in the world. It seems that Schmidt is keenly aware of that, as evident by the fact that she posts multiple times per week on her Instagram account. Her numerous followers enjoy various pictures of her, from modeling photos to inspirational running stills. Some critics say that she’s putting too much focus on social media and not enough on running, which is evident by the observation that Schmidt hasn’t broken her running record in a while.

McKayla Maroney

Retired women’s artistic gymnastics champion, McKayla Maroney, used to watch “Tarzan” and hoped she could be as athletic as him one day. Her mother quickly put her in gymnastics when she was just two years old, which helped secure her future as an Olympic gymnast. She won a gold Olympic medal in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, making Americans all across the nation very proud.

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The beautiful gymnast has also become a meme in recent years, thanks to pictures of her iconic “not impressed” expression. These photos were taken after Maroney failed to secure a gold medal in the gymnastics Olympic vault competition. She ended up winning a silver medal, which prompted her disappointed expression. Now that she’s retired, Maroney has tried her hand at acting and has indicated that she’d like to pursue a singing career as well.

Anastasia Yankova

In case you haven’t heard of the Russian femme fatale, Anastasia Yankova, this beautiful flyweight mixed martial artist, is considered one of the best female fighters in the world. Yankova claims that her initial inspiration was from the popular TV show “Xena: Warrior Princess.” She’s both gorgeous and dangerous and could easily pass as a Bond girl, or perhaps even as an MI6 agent herself. She’s a Kyokushin Karate expert and started out at the young age of six.

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After mastering Kyokushin Karate, Anastasia Yankova also adapted formal Muay Tahi training into her repertoire of dangerous skills. Despite looking like a beautiful model, she routinely bashes skulls and impresses the judges at MMA competitions. Her beautiful looks, small figure, and killer instincts make her one lady you don’t want to mess with.

Serena Williams

Serena Williams is the most talked-about female athlete in the world right now. She’s one of the best female tennis players of all time and has amassed a whopping 23 major singles title win, more than any man or woman in the Open Era. Williams has broken many, many records throughout her career and made over $90 million as a tennis player, making her one of the highest-earning female athletes of all time.

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Serena Williams has been mired in various controversies in her career. She claims that most of them were due to her race and gender. Williams has also been the focus of many dramas and public debates due to her extremely vocal nature and critical view of the women’s tennis association. Luckily, we can easily forget that just by looking at her beauty. At 5 foot 9, Williams could have easily been one of the world’s most successful models.

Caroline Wozniacki

Legendary female Danish tennis player, Caroline Wozniacki, is considered one of the best in the world at her sport. She retired in late 2019 after winning many titles and being ranked number-one in 2010. Wozniacki has earned over $34 million through her Tennis winnings and has beaten many records, as well as glass ceilings.


Wozniacki comes from a background of professional sports, with her father being her primary coach since the age of fourteen. By age twenty-one, the accomplished tennis player was already the second-highest-earning female athlete in the world. You can see Wozniacki posing on the red carpet and showing the world just how to fit she is. The legs and arms are super built and lend to her already beautiful face and dress.

Candace Parker

At six foot three inches tall, Candace Parker might have a tough time picking her romantic partner outside of professional basketball stars. Luckily for her, she happens to be one as well and competes in the WNBA for the successful Los Angeles Sparks. She’s an extremely dominant player and is widely considered as one of the United States’ best female ballplayers of all time. Her list of accomplishments is very long, and so is her figure.

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Candace Parker is best known for being the first woman to dunk in a tournament game for the NCAA. After a successful period playing at the University of Tennessee, she went on to win two Olympic gold medals and two MVP awards in the WNBA. You might recall her brother, Anthony Parker, who’s also a successful basketball player in his own right.

Kelly Clark

Kelly Clark is one of America’s most popular snowboarders. She won a gold medal in the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics for Halfpipe and proceeded to win Bronze in 2010 and 2014. She’s a devoted Christian, often riding a snowboard with a sticker that says, “Jesus, I cannot hide my love.” In 2015, Clark was awarded the Best Female Action Sports Athlete ESPY Award after winning Gold in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 Winter X Games Superpipe competitions.


Kelly Clark announced her retirement from snowboarding in early 2019 but continues to be widely known for her legendary status in videos and articles, such as Burton’s fantastic “Rise: 20 Years of Kelly Clark”. She is very happy with her career choice and looks back at it fondly: “After 20 years, nearly 200 events, 137 podiums, 78 wins, and more pipe laps than I can count, I feel that at last, I’ve found my own personal ceiling, and it’s time to let others stand on it.”

April Ross

April Ross, also known as “The Boss,” is arguably the most popular female pro-volleyball player in the world. She’s an Olympic medalist, loves reading books, and is a successful blogger and speaker. She won a silver medal in the 2012 London Olympic Games and a bronze medal in the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics. Ross has been married to Brad Keenan, a fellow beach volleyball player, since 2010. She has received various awards over the years, including the AVP Best Offensive Play and Most Valuable Player from 2013 to 2017 consecutively.

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She can be seen here at the premiere of the Adam Sandler film “Uncut Gems,” sporting a comfortable ensemble. She’s an avid supporter of Women’s rights and hopes to inspire many more women in various fields to pursue their dreams. She believes parents should refrain from pushing their children into their own sports and instead let them find their own journey.

Allyson Felix

Allyson Felix is one of the world’s most decorated American track and field sprinters. She’s a three-time World champion and has won several Olympic medals. Felix is the only female to win six Olympic gold medals. Her career is full of record-breaking runs, as she could outpace just about anyone in the world at 100, 200, and 400 meter runs. Felix uses her fame to help promote various humanitarian causes. She’s highly celebrated in the media and is a five-time recipient of the Jesse Owens Award.


Allyson Felix can be seen above in a yellow, to-piece suit and a beautiful smile as she attends the 2019 ESPY Awards. She became a mother in recent years but doesn’t let her motherhood stop her from continuing to break records. The athlete dropped her Nike deal after contending their pregnancy leave policies and signed instead with Athleta.

Hope Solo

As one of the world’s most successful soccer players, Hope Solo has both the passion and the responsibility of inspiring millions of young girls all across the world. She has been a talented forward player since high school and has built her career as the US women’s soccer team’s goalkeeper. Many consider Solo to be one of the world’s best goalkeepers, and her stats definitely back up that claim.

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Hope is almost always seen smiling and positive on the field. She’s been featured in the popular reality show “Dancing with the Stars” and modeled for many magazines, including ESPN. Solo has received two Olympic gold medals and recently published a bestselling autobiography aptly titled “Solo: A Memoir of Hope.” The talented goalkeeper doesn’t just catch all incoming soccer balls, as she also manages to catch everyone’s attention on the red carpet.

Silje Norendal

Silje Norendal is a Norwegian snowboarder who could easily become a professional model. She has won gold medals several times during the Winter X Games in Tignes, Aspen, and Hafjell. At just 120 pounds, this little lady easily finds herself gliding through the snow while she goes on to win various medals and prizes. Norendal is engaged to professional ice hockey defenseman Alexander Bonsaksen.


Silje Norendal has a very active Instagram account with loads of followers and tends to upload more modest pictures since most of her training is done in the snow. You can clearly see her Norwegian beauty showing through this photo.

The Bella Twins

Never mess with the Bella twins. These beautiful femme Fatales, named Brie Bella and Nikki Bella, are identical sisters who starred in the WWE from 2007 to 2019. The two are now retired but were once ranked number one in Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Female 50. The Bella twins are former Diva Champions and were a dominant force throughout their time in the WWE.

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The Bella Twins have appeared in many WWE video games, have a successful YouTube channel with millions of subscribers, and own their own wine label and beauty lines. Now, the two even have their own podcast, called The Bellas podcast. You can watch them in a 2017 episode of the popular improvisational comedy show, ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’, or in 2014’s detective comedy show, “Psych,” in an episode called “A Nightmare on State Street.”

Anna Kournikova

While she might look like award-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence, this Russian tennis star is none other than Anna Kournikova, one of the most accomplished female tennis athletes of all time. She’s been a popular athlete for many years and continues to dominate the tennis fields with her intense serving ability. At the peak of her fame, Anna Kournikova’s photos were one of the most searched items on Google.

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Anna Kournikova retired at age 21 after sustaining several injuries during her matches. The retired tennis star was also a trainer in season 12 of the popular weight-loss reality show, “The Biggest Loser.” She is a Global Ambassador for Population Services International’s “Five & Alive” program, which helps children under five and their families.

Skylar Diggins-Smith

Skylar Diggins-Smith is a popular American Women’s NBA athlete who currently plays for the Phoenix Mercury. Skyler helped her previous team, the “Dallas Wings,” win a 2012 World Championship in Athens and three more gold medals from 2008 to 2011.


In 2009, Skylar was chosen as Gatorade National Player of the Year and also received the McDonald’s All-American award. The talented WNBA player keeps scoring new career highs almost on an annual basis and has almost reached an all-time high MPG rating in 2018. She has modeled for Nike and appeared in Vogue magazine. Diggins-Smith also participated in a swimsuit shoot for Sports Illustrated.

Carmen Jorda

While you may think that the Spanish beauty, Carmen Jorda, looks like a professional model, she’s actually one of the world’s most famous racecar drivers. In 2015, Jorda joined the Renault Sport Formula One and Lotus teams as a development driver and stayed with them up until 2017. She’s the 11th woman in history to be part of a Formula One Team driver lineup.


Since she was a young girl, Carmen Jorda has been fascinated with cars. She was the darling child of successful race driver Jose Miguel, who was also extremely talented in the sport. She got into the sport at a very young age and always knew that this was her calling. The young Jorda quickly became a driver in Master Junior Formula and soon transitioned into Spanish Formula 3. She’s both beautiful and talented and a delight to look at on that red (or gray) carpet.

Lauren Sesselmann

Lauren Sesselmann is one of the more interesting soccer defenders in the world right now. She has a long and successful career that began in 1997, when she began playing at the Notre Dame Academy in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Outside of her soccer career, Sesselmann is also a trainer, a producer, and the host of a fitness DVD program called “Fit As A Pro with Lauren Sesselmann.”


Lauren Sesselmann got Canadian citizenship and left the United States to live there. Since then, the talented soccer player’s team received a bronze medal at the 2012 Women’s Football Tournament in the London Olympics.

Stephanie Rice

Stephanie Rice is a former Australian competitive swimmer who won three gold medals at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. She was honored by the Australian government with the Medal of the Order of Australia in 2009, a prestigious award established by Elizabeth II. She appeared in the third season of “The Celebrity Apprentice Australia” and proceeded to win it. Rice has officially retired in mid-2014, after not being able to improve on her best records since 2009.

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As a huge fitness and diet fan, Stephanie Rice has released various programs for holistic health, personal development, and three levels of swimming lessons, all of which are available online on her website. Rice signed a deal with Mercedes Benz Brisbane recently. According to her Instagram, she received a brand new GLC 300 as a bonus and seemed to enjoy driving it around with her puppy.

Anastasia Ashley

You’d be right to think that a girl who looks as sweet and innocent as Anastasia Ashley probably has an amazing personality. What you might not know is that she’s also one of the most talented pro surfers in the sport. Ashley began showing her talent and dedication to surfing at just five years old. Just to prove how dedicated and creative she is, Ashley won her first competition by riding on a board that she found in a trash can near her house.


It didn’t take long for the media to catch hold of this talented beauty, and she was quickly signed and sponsored by various companies. We’re glad to say that, at this point in her career, Anastasia Ashley has all the surfboards she could ever need. She has also had a couple of ventures in popular TV shows, such as Gordon Ramsey’s “Hell’s Kitchen” and the long-running “Stewarts & Hamiltons.” This surfer has a long and awesome career in front of her.

Heather Watson

Heather Watson is a British professional tennis player and was Britain’s number one player at the time. She has since been demoted to number 2 in the rankings, which is still extremely impressive. This beautiful athlete broke a huge glass ceiling when she became the first-ever British woman in 1988 to win a WTA singles title.

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Heather Watson regularly updates her Instagram page, which has a substantial following. She is known for having a very balanced playing style with great movements and a strong serve. The young female athlete also has a very feminine side, which can clearly be seen here with her great sense of style.

Amanda Nunes

Amanda Nunes is one of the toughest MMA fighters on our list and accumulated an incredible 23 wins against just 4 losses over the years. She climbed from the women’s bantamweight division up to the featherweight division and was announced as the number five pound-for-pound UFC fighter in the world. Nunes has amassed a record of seven wins in UFC title fights, a record which she broke. This insane fighter didn’t lose a single match since her September 2014 bout with Cat Zingano, where she was disqualified for illegal elbows.

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You might tell that Nunes dresses in a way that is generally considered masculine, which she does because she is proud of who she is. She is an outed lesbian and had recently married fellow UFC fighter Nina Ansaroff. The fighter was also honored by Equality California for helping promote LGBTQ+ rights.

Eugenie Bouchard

She might look sweet and loving, but Eugenie Bouchard, also known as “Genie,” can really sting in the Tennis courts. This is one player you don’t want to mess with, as she is currently ranked as the number five woman in female tennis. Bouchard caught the audience’s attention right from the start and received the WTA Newcomer of the Year award back in 2013. She has since been awarded the “Tennis Canada female player of the year” title every year since 2013.

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Young as she is, Eugenie Bouchard has already made over $6 million from various prize winnings. She is absolutely stunning. She can be seen here on the red carpet wearing a beautiful, shiny dark blue dress. Her physique and athletic arms really shine in this picture, showing you just how hard she works out to deserve her fame and wins.

Ellen Hoog

If you’re looking for the toughest woman in the world, Ellen Hoog is probably somewhere near the top. Despite looking like your average college sweetheart, if you look closely, you’ll see her arms of steel and a smile that says, “I will eat your soul for breakfast.” The Dutch beauty is a vicious, aggressive, and dominant field hockey player and won Olympic medals in 2008, 2012, and 2016.


Ellen Hoog won 9 gold medals from various hockey competitions, making her one of the most accomplished Women’s field hockey players in the world. Sadly, her father passed away when she was still in her early twenties, just a week after her European Championship victory in Ireland. But the tough athlete quickly bounced back to win big almost every year since.

Elena Hight

Elena Hight is an Olympic snowboarder with an impressive career. She won Bronze and Silver in multiple Winter Dew Tours and Winter X Games Superpipe competitions. In 2017, Hight managed to snag the win from Kelly Clark and receive a Gold medal at the Winter X Games in Aspen.

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Elena Hight consistently posts on her Instagram account and is an advertiser for Toyota. She routinely uploads pictures of snowboarding and of drinking her favorite health drink, Health-Ade Kombucha, which happens to sponsor the young athlete. Elena also has a small YouTube channel where she uploads her various adventures in snowy mountains, captured on her GoPro, a company that also sponsors her.

Camila Giorgi

Popular Italian pro tennis player, Camila Giorgi, has had her fair share of wins before her thirtieth birthday. She originates from Macerata, Italy, and currently lives in the small town of Tirrenia. She has defeated the number one tennis players Caroline Wozniacki, Maria Sharapova, and Victoria Azarenka and showed just how capable she is.

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Giorgi has made more than $3.5 million over the years through her tennis winnings and is constantly working hard to reach new levels. She is a true Italian beauty and rocks that white dress better than many professional models would. She’s extremely confident, talented, and dedicated, which gives us a very good idea about her future success.

Gabby Douglas

Gabby Douglas is also an award-winning Olympic gymnast who became the first African American woman in Olympic history to become the all-around champion. Her successes lead to a 2014 biopic film detailing her life, called “The Gabby Douglas Story,” and a reality TV show titled “Douglas Family Gold.”

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This devout Christian began training in gymnastics at age seven. Douglas has enjoyed massive fame due to her success and even got a chance to sit with iconic celebrities such as Oprah, Jay Leno, and even Michelle and Barack Obama. The Olympic gold winner was seen at a Nickelodeon premiere wearing a bubblegum pink outfit that shows off her feminine side.

Maia Shibutani

Maia Shibutani and her brother, Alex Shibutani, are two-time Olympic bronze medalists and are both the first Asian ice dancers to compete in the Olympics. The two siblings are often referred to as “Shib Sibs.” The two are among the most active Olympic athletes on social media and have over 150 thousand subscribers on their YouTube channel.

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Maia and Alex Shibutani also lead a very philanthropic and diplomatic life, helping bridge various gaps for the United States as ambassadors of various causes. They support various charities, including The Jimmy Fund, Charity: Water, One Fund Boston, and the NOH8 Campaign.

Paula Creamer

Paula Creamer is one of the most impressive golfers in the United States. She has won 12 tournaments throughout her 15-year career and has been ranked number two in the Women’s World Golf Rankings. Her massively successful career helped her earn almost $12 million from golfing, making her the 10th highest-earning female golfer of all time. Creamer is extremely focused on her golfing career and was even featured in the popular EA Sports video game franchise, Tiger Woods PGA Tour.

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The award-winning golfer was shortly married to Derek Heath, a United Airlines pilot and a United States Air Force veteran, but the two were divorced less than four years later. Paula Creamer can be seen on the red carpet wearing a beautiful, lacy white dress that compliments her fit physique.

Mirai Nagasu

Mirai Nagasu is America’s most popular and adored female figure skater. She won eight medals throughout her career, with a gold medal win at the 2007-08 Gdańsk Junior Grand Prix Final tournament. She is known for landing very complex figure skating moves and became the first American female figure skater to ever land a triple Axel at the Olympics and the third woman in the world to do so. Nagasu is still pretty young and is looking to have at least a few more years of incredible achievements.


Mirai Nagasu was one of the celebrities that competed on season 26 of “Dancing with the Stars” and was partnered with Alan Bersten, an American professional Latin and ballroom dancer. She can be seen in the picture above wearing this beautiful dress that makes her look like Elsa from “Frozen.” The beautiful and majestic athlete was attending an Oscar event and decided to steal the show with her confident icy outfit.

Lolo Jones

If there’s one woman you don’t want to mess with, it’s definitely the beautiful and extremely dedicated Lolo Jones. She’s the brake woman of America’s national bobsled team, an extremely dangerous sport that is reserved only for the truly brave and ambitious. Nothing is going to stop this woman from winning. Jones later proved this fact by taking home a gold medal in the 2013 World Championships’ mixed team event.

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She’s a highly accomplished bobsledder and is one of the only athletes to compete in both the Winter and Summer Olympic Games. Lolo Jones holds the US record for fastest 60-meter hurdles, at just 7.72 seconds. It looks like nobody’s going to beat this incredible beauty anytime soon. With a tough personality like hers, we bet she takes cold showers as a fun way to start her day.

Becca Longo

You may recognize Becca Longo’s face, as she was massively celebrated by the mainstream media as the first female to ever earn a college football scholarship to an NCAA school. Her career began in 2019 when she joined the Gila River Hawks team. We still don’t know where her career would end up, but now is the defining time for her to establish herself as a dominant football player.


Becca Longo is expected to become the NFL’s first female player and can kick a ball harder than most men. The future is still open for her, and despite not being invited to the red carpet yet, we hope this entry will help motivate her to do just that!

Gina Carano

The tough and beautiful Gina Carano is one of those women that you don’t want to mess with. She started out in Muay Thai before transitioning into MMA, where she quickly became the face of the sport. Carano went on to gain a successful record of 12 Muay Thai wins, and 7 MMA wins, with only two losses in her career. She transitioned from MMA into acting in 2008 and appeared in various successful films, including “Haywire,” “Fast & Furious 6”, “Deadpool,” and even the Disney Star Wars series, “The Mandalorian.”


There’s absolutely no doubt that Gina Carano can beat out just about any man in the sport if she wanted to. She was born in Dallas, Texas, and actually majored in psychology before proceeding to bash people’s brains for a living. We’re happy to see that Carano is doing what she loves, especially now that she took a back seat from the MMA and transitioned into a more peaceful life (where she only beats people up in films and not in real life).

Claressa Shields

Claressa Shields is one of the toughest and most intimidating female boxers in the world. She is the undisputed middleweight champion as of mid-2019, after going up two weight classes throughout her career. She’s a dominant force in boxing and has won nine total fights with zero losses. Shields has won five gold medals between 2012 and 2016, starting with the 2012 London Olympics up to the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

Alamy Stock Photo

The accomplished boxer had a tough childhood that involved a jailed father and abuse by her mother’s boyfriends. Today the athlete can more than take care of herself. Claressa Shields was the subject of a 2015 documentary called “T-Rex: Her Fight For Gold,” which details her amazing life story and how she became the first woman in history to win a gold medal in Olympic boxing.

Simone Biles

You might be fooled by Simone Biles’ arms into thinking she’s a bodybuilder, but this gymnast is actually one of the all-time greatest. Simone Biles is known for having the most all-around World titles out of any female athlete. She’s also the most accomplished gymnast in the world, both in the men’s and women’s divisions. With more gold medals than we can count, this beauty is an absolute legend.

Getty Images Photo by Neilson Barnard

Outside of being one of the world’s most accomplished athletes, Simone Biles has also dominated the popular dancing show “Dancing with the Stars” and finished in fourth place back in 2017. She recently wrote an autobiography titled “Courage to Soar,” detailing her life struggles and path to the championships. The iconic athlete can be seen here wearing a beautiful glossy dress that shows off just how toned this amazing, bionic woman is.

Ibtihaj Muhammad

Ibtihaj Muhammad has managed to make sabre fencing into an interesting sport after becoming the first Muslim American woman to wear a hijab while competing in the Olympics. She ended up winning a bronze medal in the 2016 Rio de Janeiro games after being defeated in the second round. A barbie was designed in her likeness and was unveiled at Glamour’s 2017 Women of the Year Awards.

Alamy Stock Photo

Ibtihaj Muhammad grew up in Maplewood, New Jersey, and was the third child of five. She has a dual bachelor’s degree in international relations and African-American studies. Ibtihaj Muhammad wrote two versions of her autobiographical novel, Proud: My Fight for an Unlikely American Dream — one for adults and one for young children.

Urszula Radwanska

They say that Polish people are quite tough, but this one is also extremely beautiful. Meet Urszula Radwanska, a highly accomplished tennis player who reached 29th place in the worldwide rankings. She has won multiple double titles, as well as four single titles. The beautiful athlete is sister to Agnieszka Radwańska, who actually reached number two in the worldwide rankings back in 2012.


Outside of the tennis court, Urszula Radwanska is also a savvy businesswoman and owns her own brand of luxury handbags, which she is seen holding in the picture. This talented tennis player earned millions of dollars during her career and can definitely dress the part when she’s called to the red carpet.

Becky Lynch

Top-tier WWE wrestler Becky Lynch, also known as “Irish Lass Kicker,” is highly respected in the wrestling world for her intense fights and incredible mic matches with opponents. The Irish wrestler began working for the WWE in 2013 and has since become their first-ever SmackDown Women’s Champion back in 2016.


Most fans of Becky Lynch don’t know that she also has a college degree in acting and even did stunts for films and television. She has recently attended an MTV event wearing high heels and a beautiful black outfit that showed just how in shape she is. Lynch was holding her beloved WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship belt as she was posing for the cameras.

Angela Ruch

Angela Ruch is one of the most beloved and talked about NASCAR racers in the world. In late 2010, she and her twin sister, Amber Cope, made history when they became the world’s first twins to compete in the sport’s top three series. The two began to race Go-Karts at age 9, and by age 19, Angela was already taking first place wins in various races. The accomplished NASCAR driver has since released her foot from the gas pedal and mellowed down in recent years.


Angela Ruch currently competes part-time in NASCAR Gander Outdoors Truck Series, driving a Chevy Silverado as her race truck. Ruch comes from a racing family, with her grandfather becoming a race driver in 1955 and her father debuting in the same sport by 1977. This means she’s officially the third generation of race drivers in her family, which is quite a remarkable accomplishment.

Sally Fitzgibbons

Highly ambitious and extremely successful, meet the beautiful surfer Sally Fitzgibbons. She could easily pass as an actress for a live-action version of “The Little Mermaid,” especially when you consider that she spends most of her time in the ocean. Fitzgibbons was ranked as the number one best female surfer after winning the legendary annual Rio Pro event.

Alamy Stock Photo

The talented surfer has made over a million dollars in winnings since her debut as a professional surfer in 2006, showing us that riding waves on the beach isn’t only for bums. Before becoming a surfer, Fitzgibbons was a successful athlete and was the national championship in Australia for middle-distance running. Her Instagram page has hundreds of thousands of followers and shows various beautiful photos of her from the beach and ocean.

Sasha Banks

Mercedes Justine Kaestner-Varnado, aka Sasha Banks, happens to be the cousin of some of the most powerful and popular African American entertainers in the United States. She’s related to Snoop Dog, Brandy Norwood, and the popular rapper Ray J. She’s a WWE star and is signed to Smackdown under the name Sasha Banks. She reigned six times as the WWE women’s champion and helped put females at the forefront of some WWE nights.


In 2016, Banks was the first woman to ever headline a WWE pay-per-view event, which is just a testament to her popularity and charisma. She appears in the popular WWE franchise video games, WWE 2K17, 2K18, and 2K19. Snoop Dog helped push her career into the forefront of the WWE, but at this point, she has all the momentum to carry her wherever she desires. She was pictured above at the WWE’s 2016 company event in Germany.

Misty May-Treanor

Retired American pro beach volleyball player, Misty May-Treanor, is quite the achiever when it comes to her sport. She won three Olympic gold medals throughout her career. The first in 2004 Athens, the second in 2008 Beijing, and the third and last in 2012 London. She retired from competitive play in mid-2012 and was inducted into the Volleyball Hall of Fame in 2016.

Alamy Stock Photo

Misty May-Treanor is objectively the most successful female volleyball player of all time, with 112 individual championship wins, both locally and internationally. She was appointed by former US President Donald Trump as the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition, where she also served as co-chair. She earned over $2 million throughout her career and appeared on numerous TV shows, including “Dancing with the Stars,” “CSI: Miami” and even “Hell’s Kitchen.”

Paige Spiranac

You’d be quite right to think that Paige Spiranac should be a model. This stunning athlete and social media personality has achieved many things throughout her career. She has a social media following of over 3 million followers on Instagram and has been a professional golfer since 2015. Despite not being the world’s best golfer, she seems to have found the perfect balance between golfing and modeling on her Instagram page.

Alamy Stock Photo

Spiranac aspires to one day compete in the Olympics, although it seems that her record isn’t quite there yet. Still, she’s extremely successful in her unique niche and will likely continue to become vastly more popular and accomplished as her career matures.

Katie Ledecky

This American swimmer has been a prodigy of the sport from the time she was just a teenager. By age 15, she was already an Olympic gold medalist after winning the women’s 800-meter freestyle at the 2012 Olympic Games in London. This just made her appetite for success grow even more, and she has definitely delivered since.

Getty Images Photo by Jesse Grant

When you look at her physique and hear just how hard she trains, it’s immediately clear that short of owning gills and fins, Katie Ledecky was born for swimming. She has accumulated dozens of medals throughout her career and broke not one or two but 14 different world records. It looks like nothing is going to stop this young woman from swimming towards her goals.

Nastia Liukin

A Russian beauty that made huge headlines as a United States Olympian representative is the gorgeous Nastia Liukin. This former artistic gymnast was the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics all-around champion and won five Olympic medals throughout her career. She has dated some of the more prolific athletes in recent times, including American figure skater Evan Lysacek and Boston College hockey player Matt Lombardi.

Alamy Stock Photo

Nastia Liukin’s success led her to appear in various shows and films, including many talk shows. She has been on many TV interviews with the likes of Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien, and Oprah Winfrey and has expressed a strong desire to become an actress. You can spot Liukin in various reality shows, from “The Price is Right” to “American Ninja Warrior.” In 2015, she released an autobiography titled “Finding My Shine.”

Jennie Finch

This blonde stunner could have easily been a model if she wanted, but instead, she chose to become a highly successful softball pitcher. Jennie Finch retired as an athlete after winning a gold medal in the 2004 Athens Olympic games and a silver medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympic games. She was named by the NCAA Division as the second greatest college softball player and is a USA Softball Hall of Fame inductee.

Alamy Stock Photo

Nowadays, the athlete chooses to focus on her family. Finch claims she has never regretted the many days she spent on her career rather than her family but has decided that it’s time to focus on the latter. In 2005, she married popular MLB pitcher Casey Daigle, and the two have two sons and a daughter named Ace Shane, Diesel Dean, and Paisley Faye. The beautiful blonde turned down many offers from Playboy, claiming that she would like to be a role model for young women instead.

Suzanne Schulting

Suzanne Schulting is the first short-track speed skater to win an Olympic gold medal for the Netherlands. She’s also the youngest Dutch skater to ever win a Winter Olympic championship. She began training in short-track speed skating at the young age of eight, and by 2016 she had won her first big tournament at the 2016 World Junior Championships in Sofia.


This young beauty is pictured during her first time hitting the red carpet. Suzanne Schulting has a lot more in her, so we’re likely to see a lot more from her as she gets older and more successful. We’re excited about her future tournaments because it seems that for her, the accomplishments and record-breaking performances are only getting started.

Ashley Wagner

You might remember Ashley Wagner as the accomplished and talented American figure skater from the 2014 Olympics, where she brought home three Bronze medals. Wagner began practicing the sport at age five and decided from a young age to commit to figure-skating instead of her other passion, ballet.

Alamy Stock Photo

As a serious and highly competitive woman, Ashley Wagner claimed that she “wasn’t going to do anything in pink shoes.” She has given many incredible contributions to the figure skating world throughout her career and even went on to win a silver World medal in 2016. The accomplished figure skater is fired up and training to get a serious win in the next Olympics, and everyone’s rooting for her to do just that.

Laila Ali

Most people don’t know that the legendary boxer Muhammad Ali, widely known as the best boxer of all time, had a beautiful daughter named Laila Ali. What even fewer people know is that by the young age of eighteen, she had already debuted as a talented and tough boxer. Just like her father, Ali has shown great skills in the ring and has been undefeated for her entire eight years of boxing.


Although she has already retired from the sport, many consider her to be one of (if not) the best female boxers in history. In addition to her father’s charm, skills, and grace, she also managed to grow up into an utterly stunning woman. Laila Ali can be seen here on the red carpet flaunting her incredible physique, smile, and flowing hair.

Lindsey Vonn

Anyone who’s a fan of the Olympic Winter Games will immediately recognize the beautiful Lindsey Vonn. She’s a three-time Olympic medalist in the tough sport of downhill skiing and has a total of four World Cup championships to her name. The young athlete is extremely dedicated and focused, which is evidently clear by her piercing gaze, fit physique, and a look that says, “I’m here for business.”

Alamy Stock Photo

Lindsey Vonn retired in 2019, wrapping up one of the best skiing careers in the sport’s history. Her next ventures are unclear at this point, although with her talent and dedication, there’s really no limit to what she might accomplish.

Maria Sharapova

One of the most recognizable women on our list is the beautiful Russian athlete Maria Sharapova. She’s truly a prodigy in sports and began competing in professional tennis at the young age of 14. If there’s ever a woman who justifies the stereotype of the focused, dedicated, and obsessively hard-working Russian athlete, it would definitely be Sharapova.


Maria Sharapova isn’t just an accomplished pro tennis player who has won five Grand Slam singles and an Olympic silver medal. That’s just the start for her. She’s also a highly successful business owner and runs her own premium candy and chocolate line, called Sugarpova. We expect only the best of things from this Russian beauty, and it looks like she’s going to deliver on just that.

Chloe Kim

Although she might look like your typical Nickelodeon star, Chloe Kim is actually one of the world’s most successful female snowboarders. She’s been a successful athlete right from the start and launched herself into a successful snowboarding career from a very young age. Kim recently won a gold medal for the United States in the half-pipe run of the 2018 Winter Olympics.


Despite being too young to drink, Chloe Kim has already managed to accumulate four gold medals. Outside of snowboarding, Kim is a popular and beloved figure. She’s so popular and iconic that a barbie doll was created to look like her. The accomplished athlete is currently taking a break from the sport and focusing her efforts on studying at the prestigious Princeton University.

Tori Bowie

There aren’t a lot of popular female track and field athletes, which is why Tori Bowie is such a unique competitor. She has garnered much media attention after winning three Olympic medals in the 2016 Rio de Janeiro games, with a gold medal for the 4×100 meter relay. She holds a personal best of 10.78 seconds for the 100-meter dash, among many other incredible stats.

Alamy Stock Photo

It was clear to everyone from the start that Tori Bowie would be a fantastic track & field athlete, as she had already won two high school championships when she was just a kid. She can be seen here on the red carpet wearing a beautiful dress with some of the unique patterns we’ve ever seen.

Abby Wambach

Astounding athlete Abby Wambach led the U.S. women’s national soccer team to two Olympic gold medals as well as a World Cup championship. She reigned from 2003 to 2005 as a forward and holds the all-time goal record. In 2012, she smashed another record being named FIFA World Player of the Year.

Alamy Stock Photo

Her incredible accomplishment has brought her acclaim. She and her team were honored at the White House by President Obama. Wambach found herself on the red carpet at the 2015 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Sports Awards, at the 2013 ESPY Awards, and at the Salute to Women in Sports Gala in New York City.

Rose Namajunas

Rose Namajunas is shown here in a fitted black gown with white beaded florals making an appearance at the 2018 ESPY Awards in Los Angeles. The UFC fighter is number 3 in the UFC women’s ranking.

Alamy Stock Photo

With the nickname “Thug,” Namajunas has been completive in MMA since 2010 as an amateur and began wrestling professionally in 2013. Besides the red carpet, she made a modeling appearance at New York Fashion Week in September of 2017, dressed in grey skinny jeans and a pink and grey T-shirt.

Lisa Leslie

WNBA pioneer and Olympic basketball player Lisa Leslie was a 3-time WNBA MVP. Her 11-year career with The Los Angeles Sparks concluded in 2009.


Leslie is a 4-time gold medal winner who went on to help build the WNBA. At 6 feet 5 inches, Leslie was the first woman to slam dunk in 2002.  The all-star basketball player has graced the red carpet several times at the annual ESPY Awards. In 2013, she attended a BET Honors red carpet event at which she received an athletic award.

Sloane Stephens

Tennis champ Sloane Stephens shined on the ESPY Awards red carpet event in 2018, sporting a plunging red pantsuit. The American tennis athlete ranked number 3 following Wimbledon in 2018.

Alamy Stock Photo

Stephens took the 2017 U.S. Open championship and won the WTA Comeback Player of the Year. After going pro in 2009, she made waves defeating Serena Williams at the 2013 Australian Open. She was just 19 when she began her rise to prominence.

Sydelle Noel 

Sydelle Noel is no stranger to the red carpet. As an athlete, she glowed, but as Cherry “Junkchain” Bang on Netflix series “GLOW,” that is where she became known. She’s also known for her performances on “Black Panther” and “Arrow.”

Alamy Stock Photo

The actress and model started out as an athlete. She was training for the Olympics and running track at the University of Georgia on a track scholarship. An injury sidelined her athletic aspirations and led her to her alternative career as a sports model and eventually as an actor.

Sasha Cohen 

Gold medalist Olympic skater Sasha Cohen has won six medals, which includes the gold medal in 2006. The champion skater is recognized for her flexibility, artistry, and her musical interpretation.

Alamy Stock Photo

It comes as no surprise that the graceful ice skater has a flair for fashion. She walked the runway at New York Fashion Week, the Red Dress event. The athlete loves fashion and has designed her own costumes with the help of designers like Jan Longmire.

Petra Kvitova 

Petra Kvitova has been a professional tennis player since 2006. The 6-foot-tall contender from the Czech Republic won the Wimbledon championship in 2011 and 2014. She has clinched 28 titles; two of them were Grand Slam titles.

Alamy Stock Photo

Known for her powerful left arm, she is ranked 6th in all-time rankings. She commands a powerful presence on the red carpet as well. Whether it’s at the BBC Sports Awards or the WTA red carpet, she is always stunning.

Allison Stokke 

Pole vaulter Allison Stokke has been setting records vaulting herself over the bar since high school. The track and field star did not qualify for the 2012 U.S. Olympics, but she continued to vault professionally.

Getty Images Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire

Missing the Olympics, she became a sportswear model. Photographed by major brands like Nike, her vaulting shots were captivating. Not all the attention was embraced; she unwillingly became an “it girl.” But as a sports model, she is right at home on the red carpet.

Nancy Lopez

Nancy Lopez (to the former President’s right) is a retired American pro golfer. In the women’s division, she won 48 LPGA Tour events. The 1985 Golfer of the Decade was the first woman to be awarded the Frances Ouimet Award for Lifelong Contributions to Golf.

Getty Images Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP

Whether it was at Hall-of-Fame inductions or LPGA tour Awards, Lopez has made many red-carpet entrances. In 2006, she even attended the Oval Office, visiting then-President, George W. Bush as part of the Solheim Cup golfing event!

Leticia Bufoni

Skater Leticia Bufoni is a badass shredder. Her skateboarding career has found her walking the red carpet and winning skateboarding titles. She won a gold medal at the World Skateboarding Championship in 2015. She is also known for winning five gold medals at the X Games.

Alamy Stock Photo

At a 2016 red carpet event, Bufoni arrived in style to accept the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Sports Award. The Brazilian American is hot property on social media with 2.8 million Instagram followers.

Natalie Coughlin 

Olympic swimmer Natalie Coughlin dominated the backstroke competition, becoming the first-ever woman to complete the 100-meter course in less than a minute at Berkeley University. And at the 2008 Summer Olympics, she set another backstroke record, becoming the first female swimmer to win the 100-meter in two consecutive Olympics. She holds the record for most medals in a single Olympiad with six.

Alamy Stock Photo

As for red carpet events, she’s attended a few. She looked smashing in a black and white cocktail dress at US Weekly’s annual Hot Hollywood party.

Megan Rapinoe

Megan Rapinoe is a professional women’s soccer player who was part of the superstar trio on the extraordinary United States national team from 2003-2006. The formidable wing helped clinch three World Cup titles and four Olympic gold medals.

Alamy Stock Photo

Rapinoe’s U.S. Women’s Soccer days found her, as well as all-star teammates Alex Morgan and Carli Lloyd, on magazine covers and red carpets everywhere. At the Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year Awards, she won the event and was named Sportsperson of the Year at the 2019 red carpet affair.

Carli Lloyd

Carli Lloyd, a mighty component of the U.S. women’s soccer trio, played forward on the team. As the top scorer, she knocked in 123 of the 282 total goals for the team. She’s currently a professional player for Gotham FC in the NWSL. She was named women’s soccer player of the year by FIFA in both 2015 and 2016.

Alamy Stock Photo

The World Cup win in 2019 brought Lloyd — and the rest of the women’s team — to many events. At one such event, the team dressed to the T for the annual ESPY Awards in Los Angeles hours after a celebration at an N.Y.C parade.

Charlotte Flair

In 2019, Charlotte Flair and partner Andrade debuted as a pair at WrestleMania’s Superstars for Hope charity. The WWE power couple played up their romance, kissing and giggling down the red carpet.

Alamy Stock Photo

Flair has been wrestling since 2000. She’s the daughter of Ric Flair and performs for Raw wrestling as well as WWE. She is a Triple Crown Champion and a Grand Slam Champion.

Christen Press

You’ll look no further than Christen Press’s Instagram page to see her, as she says, “Rocking the red carpet!” Donned in a ravishing black dress, she looks her best.

Alamy Stock Photo

Press is an American soccer player for the Manchester United team in the FA Women’s Super League. She was a part of the stupendous U.S. Women’s soccer team and was on board to help the team clinch the 2015 and 2019 FIFA World Cup titles.

Troy Mullins

Golfer Troy Mullins is a World Long Drive champion. Known as the “Trojan Goddess,” she won the 2017 World Long Drive Mile High Showdown. Long Drive competitions are, as she explains it, “The home run derby of golf.” At Cornell University, she was a track and field heptathlete in hurdles, high jump, long jump, shot put, and javelin.

Alamy Stock Photo

She picked up golf in 2008 after a hamstring injury precluded competing in track and field events. While you won’t see her running the track, she has been spotted walking the red carpet. She looked particularly smashing at the 2018 ESPN’s ESPY Awards.

Bethany Hamilton

Hawaiian Surfer Bethany Hamilton walked the red carpet for her very own film premiere. But in lieu of the standard crimson carpet, a special blue stripe was installed to showcase the release of the surfer’s documentary film, “Unstoppable.”

Alamy Stock Photo

Her story is astounding. Professional surfer Hamilton survived a shark attack in 2003, but her left arm did not. The 14-foot tiger shark bit it off completely. The tragedy did not stop her from surfing. She got back on the board one month later and returned to professional surfing competitions within a year.

Brittney Griner

WNBA player Brittney Griner is a powerful center out of Baylor University. She was drafted into the pro women’s league in 2013. She was invited to the 2016 Summer Olympics team, helping them clinch gold. She again joined Team U.S.A. for the 2020 Olympics.

Alamy Stock Photo

At 6 feet 8 inches, Griner is a formidable presence. She is a 6-time WNBA All-Star and a 2-time WNBA scoring champ. Perhaps even more impressive, she won an endorsement from Nike as the company’s first openly gay athlete. On the red carpet, she looks to Ellen DeGeneres for styles, emulating the talk show host’s signature chic suits.

Natalie Gulbis

Gulbis has done wonders for the image of women’s golf. After all, watching golf in itself is incredibly boring. But she’s been able to spice things up a bit during her time in the LGPA. People who didn’t watch golf a day in their lives started tuning in, especially after releasing her calendar in 2004, which featured her posing in various swimsuits. Here, she poses in a minimalistic white dress at the ESPY Award show.

Alamy Stock Photo

Then, in 2012, she appeared on the cover of “Sports Illustrated,” covered in just body paint. She also appeared on a few TV shows, including the second season of Donald Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice.”

Hilary Knight

If you saw Hilary Knight out of context, you probably wouldn’t have the slightest clue that she spends most of her time body-checking people into walls on the ice. Why? Because she has this gorgeous, sweet smile that doesn’t scream, “I could definitely injure you,” – but she totally could, which is part of what makes her so awesome.

Alamy Stock Photo

Well, that and the eight gold medals she’s won over the past several years, one of which was in the 2018 Winter Olympics, when she scored the first goal for the team and won. The other seven were at the IIHF Ice Hockey Women’s Championships.

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