These Hilarious Animal Photobombs Will Have You on the Floor Laughing

No matter how bad a day we may have at work, or at school, or at the doctor’s office, animals are always there to brighten our day. Animals don’t care about mistakes we’ve made, or how we look, or how much money we have. They only want to be loved and make us happy. And even if you don’t have any animals of your own, simply looking at pictures of them can make you feel all warm and fuzzy. Just take a look at these hilarious photobombs that just couldn’t be any more perfect.

The Electric Slide

Without any context, it’s hard to figure out what is going on in this picture. What on earth is that cat doing? And why is it doing it? Does the person behind the camera see what is happening? The cat looks like it’s five levels past scared and has seen something that’s terrified it to its cat core. Then again, it also looks like something terrifying in itself. If some kid was anywhere near the area when this happened, it probably made them cry.


Give this kitty the memo about how literally every other cat on the planet walks because he seems to be a bit confused. But hey, if this little furball didn’t decide to randomly bust a move while this chick was having her picture taken, we wouldn’t be able to witness…whatever it is that we’re witnessing right now.

Raspberry Face

You can almost hear the blowing noise coming from this picture. It’s like he really didn’t feel like having his picture taken that day, but she went for it anyways. Hey, you can’t blame a girl for trying. But then again, you can’t blame him for making faces, either.


On the bright side, who else can say they’ve got a picture like this? It’s almost enough to make you want to fly to Australia to play with the kangaroos. Don’t worry, we’ll leave our selfie stick behind.

A Lot of Emus

Honestly, we’ve never seen so many emus together at one time. They’ve only ever been in twos or threes at the zoos. Maybe this is some kind of emu farm where they raise them by the…flock. Yes, a group of emus can be called a flock. They can also be called a mob, which is a little better because it makes them sound like gangsters.


This guy is obviously the extrovert of the mob. He’s ready for his close-up. Or maybe he’s just ready to get away from the other emus.

What is That Thing?

Uh-oh. A new bundle of joy and a fur baby can take some time to get used to each other. This poor cat was used to mom and dad spending all of their time and energy on him. And all of the sudden, they brought this miniature human into the home.


He has no idea what to make of the situation, and his face shows it. Better give the kitty some attention!

Sealed with a Kiss

Okay, how could this not be the most adorable thing you’ve seen all day? Not to mention how awesome this picture is. This group of penguins is just chilling by the ocean and this little seal decides to come up and check in on them. Look at his little seal face with those big eyes! And he even looks like he’s smiling!


It actually seems kind of like the seal meant to climb into the frame and smile at the camera. These photobombs just keep getting better and better, don’t they?

I Demand Attention!

It’s never really easy on a kid, whether they have two or four legs when their parents get married and shake up their world. After all, this doggo was very used to how his world worked. He went on adventures with his dad, and slept in his bed, and got basically all of the attention.


But now that dad was getting married, he knew he was going to have to share. He couldn’t help but throw a mini temper tantrum at the altar. He had to remind everyone that he was there first – and he did! Luckily, dogs get over things very quickly, and easily. Although getting him off of the bed might not be so easy.

Dog’s Day Out

Sometimes, a dog just has to do what a dog has to do. In this case, this little guy decided to take his owner’s car out for a spin. And, he also borrowed the abdomen and arms…and likely the legs and feet. How else would he drive, after all?


Just kidding. But this perfectly timed photobomb does make it look like the dog’s head is attached to his human’s body! He just likes to stand on the center console so he has a good view out of the front – and so he can be closer to his owner.

Pow, Right in the Kisser

This may have turned out to be a half-decent reenactment photo of the famous boat scene from “Titanic”. But this seagull decided to dive-bomb into “Rose’s” face and ruin their moment.


The woman with the angry bird flapping around in her face probably didn’t think it was too funny at the time. Although looking back, and at this picture, how could she not? Hey, at least they got the memorable photos they were looking for!

Excuse You

This probably wasn’t the picture this woman was going for when she stood in front of the giraffe. After all, a human’s shoulders topped with a giraffe’s head isn’t exactly going to be gracing any magazine covers in the near future. Although it’s going to be one for the books, that’s for sure.


And, if she’s got a shot just a few seconds later when he’s moved his head just a couple of inches away, she can put them right next to each other and have a funny scrapbook memory to show her kids. If not, she can just never, ever look at it or think about it ever again.

Ready to Pounce

Although this dog looks like he’s doing the human “I have to pee really bad” dance, that’s not exactly what’s going on here. He’s just trying to make himself taller to get a better view at the barbecue. And he’s trying to get closer to it in general, of course.


Oddly enough, he almost looks the same shape as the chicken. Maybe that’s his tactic to get himself thrown a bone. Well, if it didn’t work, there’s a good chance he just stole a piece when dad turned around after he put them on a plate.

Make it Stop!

This kitty is the personification of every little kid who sees dad plant one on mom. No matter that it’s a special occasion – possibly the most special – the kid is thinking, “get a room, please!” Except in this picture, the cat probably inhaled some dandelion or something and was mid-sneeze when the photographer snapped this pic.


Although this kitty may have a sour face, they should be glad he decided to photobomb them so perfectly. Sure, their pictures would have been nice without the added touch, but they wouldn’t have gone viral.

Dinner Time

This is by far one of the riskier photobombs on the list. After all, most of the other animals in the pictures couldn’t eat their human costars. But that’s not the case for this bear, who’s probably thinking, “Hey, that’s my dinner. Well, I guess I’ll just eat you instead.” I wonder what the person on the other side of the camera is doing…or saying. If it were us, we’d probably be almost frozen, but pointing and mouthing “bear” repeatedly with a terrified yet curious look on our faces.


It looks like these guys would be pretty well prepared in this situation, though. Hopefully, they knew there were bears in the area and brought some bear mace with them. Yes, bear mace is a thing.

Optical Illusion

When you first see this picture, it’s hard to know exactly what’s happening. It almost seems like there’s some kind of funhouse mirror effect going on. Nope, no illusions here. It’s just a kid and their pet frog – in a perfect position for this selfie.


Do you think this person planned this shot out, or that it just happened like this? Even better, maybe it was an accidental shot. In any case, let’s just be glad that it did happen, because it’s pretty amazing.

Peck and Choose

Seagulls are notorious for coming right up to humans…especially if they have food. In fact, a lot of restaurants along the ocean will put up wires to deter the birds from flying down and grabbing people’s French fries – which happens more often than you may think.


That’s why it can be a bad idea to start feeding a group of seagulls. They will definitely dive right into you to take more and can be very aggressive about it.

My Turn?

This goat’s face perfectly sums up what it feels like when you’re at dinner with younger family members and someone asks if you want the last piece of something. You definitely do, but before you can answer your kid grabs it and stuffs it in their mouth. Of course, you would have given it to them anyways, but you’re just kind of stunned at first because you really wanted that breadstick.


This goat’s expression says, “how about you use that other hand to feed me instead of hold the camera?” Hopefully, after this picture was taken, she got her turn, too. It’s no wonder he’s up there, though. Look at the size of those horns. It isn’t like she can push him out of the way or anything!

Let Meow-t!

It’s Halloween and this cat is ready to go party with his neighborhood friends. He can hardly contain his excitement. So, when his humans decided to snap this picture by the front door, he had something to say about it. Plus, they had the audacity to try and take the photo without him, even though it’s clearly his day.


Just look at the pumpkin. They created it in his image on his holiday and everything! Well, that’s what she thinks, and everyone knows the cat’s always right.

Sad Eyes

This puppy looks like he’s going to burst into tears at any moment. Maybe it has something to do with the fact his favorite little human is showing attention to another dog? He’s doing that thing cats do where they turn their backs on you to show you that they’re upset. “Fine, I don’t need your attention. Take this!”


Or, perhaps his most favorite human is actually the one taking the picture, and he’s perfectly fine sharing the pets with his fur sibling. After all, some dogs just have that adorable sad look on their face all of the time.

The Head’s Too Big

All cat owners know that they’ve got notoriously big heads. They’re in charge, of course, and we exist only to keep their food bowls full, and their beds warm at night. This cat’s owner decided to take a picture of how she thought her little girl saw herself – which is basically human, just smaller than most.


The whiskers are reminiscent of how a barbie’s hair looks when someone decides to play hairstylist and gives the Barbies haircuts. Unfortunately, plastic hair doesn’t exactly fall into place like human hair. Oddly enough, the area with the kitty’s nose almost looks like the right size for a Barbie head. Just imagine Barbie’s nose where the cat’s little mouth is.

In Need of Assistance

“Hello human, I require your help. It seems as if these two little balls of anger with razor blades for fingers have it in for me.” Anyone who’s ever owned dogs and cats at the same time knows that it’s usually the dogs who wind up afraid of the cats. It doesn’t matter how big the dogs are, or how tough they (think they) are. You could have a giant rottweiler and they’d still be terrified of your cat.


The look on this dog’s face says it all – and sums up how any dog in that situation would feel. She’s just a few seconds away from slowly backing out of the room with her tail between her legs.

But Why?

Okay, can we all agree that there is no reason a cat should be included in watersports? While there are some cats who actually enjoy swimming – most don’t, and what the hell, people? Maybe this is photo-shopped and no one was actually dumb enough to have a cat tubing with them. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best on that one.


Who decides that it’s a good idea to put their cat on a tube? Some people really shouldn’t be allowed to care for anything else that’s alive.

Hello There

Well, this certainly isn’t something that you see every day. At least, it isn’t something that people who don’t live in the Alps in Switzerland see every day. But who knows, maybe the guy who lives here has to chase mountain goats off of his roof on a daily basis.


It does seem like that goat is claiming his throne, doesn’t it? How on earth did he even get there in the first place? Hopefully, he made it down okay, too.

Just a Snack

Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Well, for our sake, it was the perfect place at just the right time. But not so much for this girl, considering she got a face full of camel saliva. Not to mention it looks like she’s just a few seconds away from a really nasty bite if he decides to close his mouth.


You can almost smell this picture, can’t you? And not in the way you can almost smell a picture of a stack of warm, gooey chocolate chip cookies. No, this is like…the opposite of that.

Say Cheese

This cat looks like he sees something from another dimension looking back at him. The face is a combination of scared and smiling. Actually, he almost looks like the Cheshire Cat grinning at us.


Well, they are sitting outside of a bar it seems, so maybe the cat’s been boozing it up with the patrons all night? The cat may be the establishment’s regular furry friend that has a food dish next to the building, which gets filled up by both staff and customers a few times per day. Hey, that explains why he’s so happy.

I’ve Heard Everything

Maybe the person behind the camera took the shot on purpose, or maybe they noticed afterward how odd the baby’s ears look. Oh wait, those aren’t the baby’s ears at all, are they? Hey, you never know with babies. We’re sure you’ve heard the saying, “he’ll grow into them”.


The dog’s ears are perked up because he’s curious about the bundle of mini human that’s wrapped up in the blanket. More than likely, they were just “oohing” and “ahhing” over the new member of the family and didn’t even notice the dog’s position. Aren’t photobombs amazing?

Not Today

This dog didn’t want to go on this trip in the first place. He had a busy dog weekend planned with his neighborhood pals and he was planning on living it up while his humans were away. But no, they had to drag him along for the ride. So, here he is, adventuring with the humans – but there’s no way he’s going to look happy about it.


Well, luckily, it’s really easy to earn a dog’s forgiveness. Pretty much all it takes is a handful of something bacon or chicken flavored and some pets. They’d better hope they’ve got some waiting for him back on land.

Green with Envy

Unfortunately, when you’ve got more than one dog, there is always going to be some competition for your love. It doesn’t matter that you obviously love them all equally – they’re going to make you choose. Who gets to sit in your lap during Jeopardy? Who are you going to hand the first chip to? Who are you going to snap a picture of?


This pug wasn’t happy that his sibling was getting all of the attention. So, he decided to make himself known, and…shown. The poor little guy looks like he’s going to start crying. Don’t worry pug, there’s enough space for both of you.

‘Til Death Do Us Part

This picture illustrates another perfect example of a fur-child being upset about their parent’s big day. Except, cats are upset for a much different reason than dogs, who don’t want to share the love (until they love the new person, too, of course!) This cat just knows that when his mom ties the knot, he won’t be able to get her out of bed every morning at 4 a.m. for feeding time.


Nope, this cat was not about to let this go down without doing something to try and stop the ceremony. His plan? The good old latch and scratch. Luckily, he missed by a few inches when the bride leaned up to adjust her dress.

Horsing Around

This horse was tired of hanging around waiting for the war reenactment to start. He was ready for his fifteen minutes of fame, so he decided to jump at the opportunity to smile for the camera when this photographer approached.


Maybe he was hoping that the cameraman had a pocket full of apples. “Hey, look at me, I’m adorable, I’m smiling. Can I have an apple?” I’m sure they get plenty of treats after their performances.

What’s Going On?

There was a lot happening here before this epic photobomb took place. There was already a llama and a lamb hanging out, but that wasn’t enough. Nope, this emu had to come stick his beak in everything to see what all of the commotion was about.


It really makes you wonder where these people are that all of these random animals just mingle with each other and visitors. They may all belong to a private owner, which would make sense as to why they’re so cool with one another. Whatever is going on, it is pretty awesome, that’s for sure.


Someone, call Mensa and let them know they’ve got a funeral to plan. Mama bears would rip someone’s face off for much less than actually holding one of her cubs.


Before you say, “this guy should be smarter than that if he was really in the army,” just remind yourself that they don’t require an IQ test to sign up for the military.

I’ve Got Your Back

Everyone has that one friend who can’t keep a straight face during a photoshoot. You know the one. Everyone is going to do a serious look, but this guy keeps throwing up rabbit ears and sticking out his tongue. Of course, the kitty doesn’t have opposable thumbs to make rabbit ears.


The little brown and black kitty is looking at the camera like, “she’s making the face again, isn’t she?” Don’t worry kitty, it doesn’t matter what face you make. You’re adorable no matter what.


This wildlife photographer looks like he’s literally fallen asleep on the job. But not only did he drift off. His subject strolled right up behind him and made sure to show him what he missed. Luckily, he had his time-lapse feature set up on his other camera, or else he wouldn’t have been able to see this, either. And neither would we!


Next time, maybe he’ll drink a little more coffee or something before he takes on a mountain goat. His boss is never going to let him live this one down, either. On a side note: look how heavy those horns look! The poor thing has to lift some major weight every time it gets a drink of water or eats something!

Surprise Visitor

This horse must have mistaken little Tommy here for another kid because clearly, the feelings here are not mutual. Ramming his head through the window to give him a big “warm” greeting is not what this kid expected. That’ll really ruin your day. This kid could have even made a new friend, instead, he now has a life-long phobia of horses.


Hopefully, the scary horse eventually found his buddy, because terrorizing poor passengers as they drive by does not look fun nor very encouraging. We can only imagine how it must have looked the moment this horse found someone willing to embrace this little window visit.

Beep, Beep

These gals might not be used to it, but they need to understand that just like anywhere like with any other mode of transport, traffic happens. Yup, even when you’re in the desert you can create a camel jam. And this humped mammal taxi needs them to stop with the photo and keep moving. He has a watering hole to get to. Or a pyramid. Or whatever else you find in the desert.


We shudder to think what desert road rage looks like because we doubt that things couldn’t get any more heated than they already are. Either way, this ranting camel is a great photobomb and will hopefully become a wonderful memory for these two traveling friends.

The Lurker

Talk about attention-seeking. Cats don’t usually care about attention and tend to get it whenever they want, but something in this scenario says something else. By the look of that cat’s extremely annoyed expression, it looks like she’s had just about enough of this dopey dog’s face and is ready to pounce.


We hate to think what that cat is plotting as Rover obliviously pants away. A sneaky trap? A juicy steak that’s hidden far away in some forest? Whatever it is, it doesn’t look pretty.

Say Cheese

We’re not quite sure who is happier to be pictured here. The little girl or that horse. Did the little girl beg her family to take the horse home with her? Because by the looks of it, that animal appears to now be part of the family.


That must have been one stressful car ride back home and perhaps even filled with regret.

Weddings Are Boring

While the hall of full humans joyfully watch on as their loved ones exchange vowels, this dog here looks less than impressed at this once in a lifetime occasion.


Perhaps if it was witnessing a wedding between two dogs who were very much in love, it would have been different.

Stop Holding My Dinner

Going fishing with papa is always guaranteed dinner. A tasty one too. But sometimes he enjoys showing off his catch a little too much and that’s when it starts getting annoying. We get it, you’re a great fisherman, you catch the best fish. But when am I going to get a bite?


Poor doggo can’t help but get in on the shot when such glorious fish is being dangled in front of him. We genuinely know you’re trying to show off your catch, but with your floppy-haired friend in the back there, a pouncing is inevitable. He probably snapped it right up in the next moment.

Don’t Forget About Me

Here is a great photobomb pulled off by this sneaky cat who was hanging on that chair. This dog is finally getting his grand portrait taken so it can be added to the family albums, but the sneaky cat had other plans.


He is going to be so disappointed once he sees the prints. That cat is the real family troll.


As majestic as it is to see this beautiful, large elephant bathing in the water, this chipper dog bounced its way into the photo truly stealing the show.


It’s not clear if this doggo gloriously jumped off the elephant-like he was a diving platform or he skilfully leaped over him. Ether way, it’s mightily impressive.

Of Moose and Man

Road tripping across the country can get pretty boring. The miles upon miles of grasslands and blue skies are beautiful to look at, for 10 minutes. If that’s all you have to look at for 3 hours straight, you can go pretty much out of your mind.


Just as well this friendly moose popped its head into the window to say hi, flash a (beautiful?) smile and cheered on this traveler.

Selfie Time

There’s nothing like making wonderful family memories while on the road. Car journeys are where the magic truly happens. Traveling games, family squabbles, and all the rest are always in full force in the car and family fun is had by all.


Of course, all of that family action extends to all members, even the furrier ones. And it’s clear that doggo here knows that. Which is why he’s front and center. Unfortunately, he didn’t quite get the memo for the selfie, and his eyes more on the road than the camera.

Hey There!

This guy was taking a tour of the farm and noticed this handsome horse just standing there. But then the cow stepped in to say “hey, buddy” I’m also over here.


It looks like a fun little farm they have there. That cow looks more than happy to get in on that shot and made it a super awesome photobomb.

Beautiful Views

This man took his dog out to get a slice of paradise in the beautiful nature. The mountains, the gorgeous greenery looks simply breathtaking. But nothing quite tops it off as much as the satisfied face of this wonderfully cute dog who seems to be relishing in breathing in that fresh and clean air.


We’re still not quite sure what makes this picture so beautiful. The look on this dog’s face or the serene green backdrop. Either way, this looks like paradise.

Focus Issues

Look, every single pet belongs in the family photo. It’s just not complete without it. These fluffy family members are just as much a part of the family as any mother, father, son, or daughter. This means, technically that the rest of the family is also quite important. So it would be ideal to see them in the photograph as well, you know, along with their dog.


Guess he got over-eager, or was intrigued by this little machine called the camera and it made him get up real close. Hopefully there is another round of snaps and everyone ends up in focus.

Sorry, Girls. Move Out The Way

This playful horse made his mark in this cute tour group photo by photobombing the heck out of it. What was meant to be a little horse riding memory for this school trip, actually turned into a hilarious picture with an over-eager horse! We can’t exactly blame him. He was ridden on all day long and deserves to be in on the fun. It almost looks as if he saying “muahaha, you can’t get rid of me!”


They don’t look to be bothered. That jolly old horse must have been really fun to ride, constantly making them laugh all through the journey.  They’ll certainly be going back or recommended it to their friends.

Sup, Dude?

This great family photo that was taken in the Caribbean was seriously improved by this glorious photo-bomb of a very chilled-looking turtle. The shelled creature must have poked its head up just to see what all fuss was about.


When the turtle reached the surface, he saw it was nothing but yet another family photograph of their fun times at the beach. By the look on his face, it looks like he’s just seen it all.

Sneaky Plans

These poor goofball dogs. They’re always falling victim to these villainous cats who seem to plot their demise. Every time there is a dog in a photo, you can be sure to see a sneaky photobombing cat lurking in the corner too.


This picture just screams “gulp” and of course the innocent snowy dog in the back there is just none the wiser. In fact, he is even pleased to see that sneaky feline. Oh, how ignorance is bliss.

Yeah, Whatever

When you’re hanging out near whales, nothing can impress you anymore. So if a whale happens to leap out of the water and crashes back into it causing a giant splash, other folks might look at that and see a real spectacle. This bird, not so much.


Those eyes are just screaming “bored” over yet another hyperactive whale. That back-splash must be a real pain in the neck. Literally.

Didn’t See You There

This sloth very innocently photobombed this tour group’s jungle photo. You may have ruined it in a way, but you also made it pretty darn cute.


Those kids will look fondly back on that’s school trip and see you as the highlight of that day!

Watch Out!

Oh boy. You’re in the water, hanging with your girls. The water is great, the sky is bright blue and there are smiles all around. You all decide that now would be the perfect moment to take a picture. And that’s when it happens.


That stingray overheard you and thought to itself “wow, I want to join them!” And that’s when it became a nightmare. This very creepy-looking stingray jumped up and cozied up to those girls, instantly ruining the moment. That’s what happens when you invite yourself to places you are not wanted.

“We Do”

This beautiful aquarium wedding would have never been the same if ol’ flipper didn’t show up as a witness to the exchange of vows. As they said their “I dos” he let out he a great big smile for the camera.


This is going to make a great memory. In fact, they should totally go back there for wedding anniversaries

Another Wedding Photobomb

A lot happens at weddings, and of course, it’s the wedding photographer’s job to catch all the action while also focusing on the lovely couple. In this case, however, the photographer got a little distracted by a sneaky meerkat who popped up to say hi.


The couple seems to be having a moment but, if we’re honest with ourselves, that cute meerkat popping into the frame is far cuter.


Once again, doggies stealing the show in family photos. We’re going to let this slide because this photobomb is just too cute.


In fact, we don’t need another one. That pretty much beats any future photo that this family will ever take.

Don’t Forget About Me

Barnyard animals hanging out in the shed. Well, it appears that the cat thought she was alone up until that point.


Doggo wants to make sure that this not the case and he’s here to play,

That’s One Funny Horse

Horses seem to have quite a sense of humor, cracking up and laughing at any given moment. You never know when one will break. Perhaps he thought of something hilarious or muttered it under his breath.


Whatever it is, it may have only worked on him, but this other horse is not at all amused.

That Sneaky Iguana

Never turn your back on someone. You never know what they’ll say about you. The moment that cat turned his head, this iguana threw some shade at that cat.


But uh oh, the tables clearly turned. That cat did not let that slide. If we were that iguana, we would be pretty scared.

Blue Eyed Trouble

This innocent blue-eyed guy just wanted to take a nice selfie of himself for his favorite dating app. But, when you live with a cat, there’s no such thing as doing something without being interrupted. This little kitten isn’t keen on the idea that his owner will have someone new to play with.

Getty Images

The owner did get a cute picture out of it. They both have striking blue eyes, which might prove to be an advantage on dating apps.

Bird’s Eye View

Birds have a funny relationship with humans. Usually, when we try to get close to them, they run away from us. If we offer bread crumbs, they might come closer. But, when we don’t want them around, they will definitely show up.

Getty Images

This poor woman is just trying to relax with a good book. It’s just, this bird won’t let her. In the most inopportune moment, this chick decides to land on her hair and give her a mean look.

What a Pig!

This kid just wanted to get his picture taken on his first day of school. For just one day, he wanted to shine. While guinea pigs aren’t really known for being great at stealing focus, this one knows exactly what he’s doing.

The kid didn’t like getting surpassed by his pet guinea pig. His picture was ruined which is probably why he looks so upset.

Just Like Us

We tend to think that animals are inherently different than humans. But, if this list proves anything it’s that, just like us, animals love being at the center of attention and love having their picture taken.

Alamy Stock Photo

Even goats want to get noticed once in a while, which is why this one decided to stick its face right in the camera.

The Llama Ruins

Let’s face it, we go on vacation in order to see the sights, but we also go in order to upload pictures of ourselves next to breathtaking views. This llama wanted to show her face next to a UNESCO World Heritage Site nonetheless, and she got what she wanted.

Alamy Stock Photo

These are the Incan ruins of Machu Picchu, an important historic site, and this llama just needed to go down in history as someone who visited it. Who could blame her?

Yikes! A Dolphin

Taking children to the aquarium is a great way to help them learn about different fish. Of course, parents usually want to get a picture of their toddler viewing aquatic life for the first time, as a souvenir.

What the parents didn’t expect was to see their child so horrified. Not by a shark or a whale, but by a cute dolphin. Even though dolphins are not harmful at all, this still makes for a funny picture.

But Why?

Your wedding day should be the happiest day of your life and you should have pictures to prove it. Kissing in nature is a great way to show everyone how everlasting your love is. But the outside world has its cons, like animals that get in the way and display how they truly feel about love and marriage.

This cat decided to ruin the couple’s happy day and put its tail up in the air as a protest!

A Ruined Reunion

These two people are hugging as if they haven’t seen each other in a very long time. It’s been over a year since they last got to hug like this.

Documenting such a momentous event is obligatory, and these alpacas wanted to get in on the action and be a part of the joyful reunion, and we can’t blame them. They actually make this picture even more special, in our humble opinion.


Have you heard of the term “Frenemy?” It describes a kind of relationship where you are friendly with someone but you actually don’t really like them that much and you don’t always get along.

This picture is a great example of it. While this lioness tries to act all innocent by hugging this woman, we all know big cats can’t be trusted once they get a little hungry. We hope this woman is fine.

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