These Instagrammers Took Their Photo Edits to the Very Extreme

We’ve all been known to “polish” things up a little when taking to social media. Heaven knows we want to impress our many followers. But there are some people out there who take face-tuning and filtering to the very extreme.
The people you’re about to see barely look human, and while it may be quite amusing, we’d love to tell you all out there, just be your natural authentic selves! Having said that, take a look at the folks who pushed the limits of photo editing!

No One Nose How Good I Look

Is the peak of beauty the disappearance of all human features? This woman thinks it is! With almost no trace of a nose and the faintest of lips, we’re wondering, what exactly is this woman trying to hide?


Come on girl, show that beautiful face of yours. This is not doing the world, nor you, any justice. Let’s call for a ban on all photo filters!

Natural, Authentic Self

It feels like today’s young people preach a lot about self-acceptance, though this image doesn’t quite speak to that. This girl filtered so hard that she ended up looking like a Bratz Doll. And that’s just her face.


Those freakishly huge witchy fingers don’t look too real either. What’s with blowing up the size of her hands and phone? We’re stumped over here and hope these aren’t the beauty standards for everyone.

Hey There, Skinny Jeans

Yeah, this woman for sure looks like that! Seriously, if this was at all real, we’d need to get her some serious medical attention ASAP! Fortunately, for her health, she just stretched her body out using some nifty photoshop tools.


She took the footrest and handbag with her too. Things just don’t look like that, and most of all, human beings do not look like that!

She Be Buggin

Enlarged eyes, freakishly plump lips, we’re sensing a little retouching here. Okay, perhaps a lot of retouching! We can also see exactly where you did it, missy!


There’s definitely evidence of you or someone going over those lips! Perhaps if we didn’t examine it too hard, you could have gotten away with it.


Where to begin. First of all, we’re glad this woman wanted to make a little compilation of festive selfies, but the progression here seems to be getting worse and worse.


What started out as a reasonably natural selfie, ended more in a Christmas nightmare. Come on Karen, where’s your self-love? We hope Santa brings you that next year.

Gym Rat

Gymming is a sure-fire way to get perfectly sculpt your bod. Do enough workouts, and you’re bound to get those perfect abs. Still, no amount of gym will result in the disappearance of a waistline.


So we guess it’s safe to say that this woman, while fit, perhaps fell victim to some serious over-editing. That body just makes it look impossible to breathe.

The Food Lover

Okay, so this influencer wants us to know how passionate she is about food. We’re not sure if she looks deranged from her enthusiasm or just her terrible photo manipulation skills.

Reddit / lolita_babe

Somehow her eyes, even with all those smiles, look simply lifeless. How is that possible when you’re holding a slice of pizza to your face?

Clown Feet

The thing about being naturally tall is that you might be bigger than everyone body else, but your body stays in proportion. And even if you have long legs, your feet aren’t necessarily going to look stretched and bent.


This is the result of just digitally manipulating legs to make them look longer. What we have here is clearly a shorter girl who just stretched out her little legs. Imagine the stride she would take with legs like that.

Bulking Up

We don’t know what kind of gym routine you need to achieve that look. We do know however that’s not how he got it. With shoulders like that and a tiny head that is somehow attached to that body, we’re calling fake.


He’s also not particularly consistent. As you can see in the second image, it appears he toned it down a little. Unless this was before and after his crazy “workout.”

Wedding Bliss

Looks like these two were so focused on looking good on their big day that they actually forgot to look happy! In addition to the various tweaks such as a brightening filter and some extreme eye make-up to the bride’s eyes, they added another little touch.


The secret ingredient? Smiles. Yes, smiling on your wedding day is sort of a wedding album staple. Luckily for them, thanks to photo edit, they were saved from a potentially very sad day.

Crouching Tiger

It is likely that this individual is performing the greatest balancing acts in the world. Balancing a glass of red wine on your booty is one neat party trick, to say the least, but with those distorted tiger stripes that look a little too ‘manipulated,’ we’re going to go out on a limb and say this is fake.


This little trick did score this cat over 5,800 likes, so whether it’s fake, or real, it’s still a crowd-pleaser. In this case, authenticity matters a little less.

Ken, Is That You?

This gentleman did a swell job in smoothing up the old mug and adding a pair of crystal blues. The result? The famous Ken doll. Albeit a slightly chunkier and perhaps older version? Let’s call this Ken post-breakup. Still pretty flawless though.


We hope one day we’ll see an original, because, let’s face it, no one has skin that smooth.

Match Made In Heaven

It can be a total mess out there in the world of modern dating. With romance taking place on dating apps, you gotta learn to work with your assets. Or who knows, you’ll just end up in the bin of unmatchable.


This sly woman sure did everything to avoid that and manipulated her face to the point of nonrecognition. The shred of human-ness we see here is that’s he’s sipping a glass of wine — unless aliens have evolved and can now consume alcohol.

The Cyborg Look

It seems that photo filters are giving us a glimpse into the future. Such is the case with this woman who turned herself into a full-on digital version of herself. Is she a character from Final Fantasy? No, she’s simply manipulating herself to the point of making herself resemble a video game character!


Why? We don’t know! Clearly, she isn’t happy with her natural face, which is a bummer because natural is always beautiful! Besides, those video game characters require so much maintenance.

Hello, Lips

Ah yes, a woman’s lips are beautiful. So red and full. They can definitely grab your attention. But no matter how enticing a set of full lips can look, we must not forget that they’re only human, and human means having things like real skin…and pores.


When it comes to this photo, however, it seems like natural human features are missing. This could be a digital recreation of a human mouth, but in reality, it’s a mouth that’s undergone untold manipulation, to the point that this skin looks fake.

Then and Now

Aging is a funny thing, one day you’re 12, living your life without a care in the world. The next minute you look in the mirror and you’re 30! Yikes! It just creeps up on you. Luckily, with photo manipulation, for the first time ever, aging might be the new way to reverse the clock, without the hefty price of cosmetic surgery.


This woman proved to us that’s totally possible and actually took us on a journey through time, to the day she was 12 years old again. And yes, just to confirm, this is not her and a picture of her two daughters, this is just the same woman going crazy with filters.

Snow Queen

This woman wanted to root for her favorite football team on Instagram, of course, she also decided to use the platform to do a little tweaking to her face, you know, to show us how much of a sports fan she truly is. How she’s getting her point across? We don’t know.


Seriously though, aside from the totally unnecessary edit, this woman looks more like a crazed ice queen from a fairy tale rather than your everyday girl next door sports fan.

Nice Chompers!

This guy seems pretty chill at first, and like the others on this list did not feel the need to turn himself into a cartoon cyborg, he did however get rather experimental with some basic photoshop tools and treated himself to a virtual visit to the dentist.

Reddit / thelostdemon

He could have almost had us fooled, perhaps with a little more skill, this dude could have created the illusion of real white teeth. Instead, he just brightened the heck out his teeth making it look very obviously unnatural.

A Chiseled Jawline

We get it, sometimes you just want to look your best in photographs! The odd skin blemish can put a real damper on a nice photoshoot, and perhaps you just need to spruce things up a little. It’s totally reasonable.  A touch-up here, smooth things a little there, reshape your entire that you look like a lego figurine. You know, the usual.


Jokes aside, this retouch job is seriously bad and the ‘artist’ managed to take a perfectly human face and turn it into a total mess. It looks like someone just drew his beard on with a sharpie.

Oculus Reparo

A bit of digital altering can fix literally anything. Wrinkly skin, your waistline, air, heck, even our eyesight. This woman decided it wasn’t enough to simply remove her glasses for the photo. Since she was already “getting some work done” she might as well drop  those pesky spectacles.


Not a massive difference here at the end of the day! Which, considering what other people have done, we’re rather grateful. Ok, so maybe she’ll opt for contact lenses next time.

Blue-Eyed Beauty

This already seemingly beautiful boy felt the need to take it about 30 steps too far and turn himself into his own digital avatar. We love the soft pastels but the whole look is certainly a tad more than a touch-up.


If he was attempting to pass this off as real, we have to call him out. But if he was trying to be a little “artistic” well, then, all we can say is more power to you!

The Main Course

Sitting down at what looks like a serious restaurant, or maybe even his own home, this guy looked seriously dapper. But no no, the velvet blue tux was not enough clearly. He had to suit up his whole entire face too. With what you ask? Photoshop, perhaps?


We also love the sweeping blond hair that dare we say, reminds us of a certain former president. Too bad, we think the poster’s actual face is perfectly sweet!

Snow White

It’s fun to play all the wonderful features our phones have to offer, and thanks to the plethora of apps we have so many ways to tweak our features. So when the world is your oyster, it’s only natural to go wild! This woman here (or is it a ghost) decided that she wasn’t too fond of the contours of her face, and so erasing them all together might be the best option.


If only we could somehow tell her it’s not. Unless this is actually is a ghost that is trying to give itself a human face, in which case this is us communicating to the great beyond that you should leave the filters alone.

Freakishly Tall

We’re going to go out on a limb here and say that this picture is certainly stretching the truth. Forgive the puns but this manipulated photo tried very hard to stick to the truth. Those stretched legs don’t quite fit this woman’s natural proportions.


To be honest, it sort of just looks like there’s another person hiding under the dress. Perhaps it’s two children trying to look like an adult?

Revenge of the Frenemy

We all have a friend that we secretly hate. The one in the group that tags along to the gatherings who you just wish stayed home. Looks like this lady was pretty loud and proud about her disdain for her friend, who she decided, through the magic of photoshop, should get a few pounds around the belly.


She also took the opportunity to spruce herself up a little around the chest. When in Rome, you know, go wild!

Eye Glitch

The thing about editing photos, even with all the apps and software out there, it does still require just a touch of skill and most importantly, attention to detail. Not something this woman thought of while retouching her face.


As you can see the work she did around her bangs went a little awry and a few strands of hair appear to be floating below her eyes. That’s not generally how hair hangs across the face. But hey, if you don’t look too carefully, it looks good.

A Tough Choice

Instagram filters do generally aim to improve the original photo, but we have to say that in this case, the filter is really not doing this woman any justice.  In fact, you can’t even really see the details of her face!


Perhaps the sweet little sunny flair adds a nice touch, but this gal just went a little too far. We’re going to opt for option A, where you can actually see her face!

Swipe Right!

Ah yes, editing photos for a dating app is a sure way to nab those matches (who cares about the second date!) It’s really all about first impressions, though this first impression is quite jarring.


We’re not sure if this is his face at all. It appears as though it was heavily retouched, yes, but also cut and pasted onto another body. Something about the head size and those contours just makes the whole thing look rather fake.

Hey, Brow

This dude wanted to accentuate his favorite features and didn’t really matter if it was at the expense of his entire face! While the Kardashians have all made us appreciate a good set of brows, this guy sort of ruins that.


Looks like someone just drew them on with a sharpie. Come on, guy, you can do better than this. It’s all about the details. Lets’ see gorgeous sweeping brows and not two thick lines.

The Hourglass

The curvy hourglass body is a heavily sought-after look. There’s no doubt that this curvaceous look is beautiful, which is why so many women take to photo editing apps to try and get it.


It’s also the same reason why so many women push the envelope with this one, to the point where they make their bodies look ill-equipped to contain organs. We all know the body doesn’t work like that unless maybe you’re an 18th-century woman who slept in a corset all her life.

Rocker Chic

Amp up the emo vibes by turning up the contrast. She clearly wants us to know that we’re in some kind of metal music video. And don’t get us started on those eyes.


If you look closely enough, you might even be able to see how fake those eyes are with the white part ever so slightly jutting out here and there.

Eye See You

These two girls picked the bug-eye feature to grab some attention. How they thought it looked good, we’ll never know. To be honest, we sort of want to focus more on the gorgeous scenery they’re standing in.


The two ladies do not look like human beings. They look like aliens who are doing a really good impression of human beings, but not still not quite convincing.

What a Great Diet

This Swedish TV star tried the hot new diet fad known as “the Photoshop diet.” All you do is simply continue as normal and use some of the program’s great tools to simply shrink your body.


The results are fantastic. Honesty, though, we’re all for the natural look, and this beauty didn’t have to go through the trouble. Plus we can see that her head is a little bit too big for her body in the retouched version.

Purple Perfection

Applying make-up is tricky and takes attention to detail. Also, it takes a lot of work to avoid smudges. But when you have a phone or a computer, or any digital device, just simply draw it on.


This, however, should not be an example, as the eye lacks all texture and the “artist” has made no attempt to make it look like actual makeup. This is just a carefully drawn black lining around the eye.

Image Distorted

The unfortunate thing about editing photos, especially on your phone, is the lack of specificity. Sometimes when you tweak an image, the whole thing because distorted.


In this case, this young lady tried to slim down her face a little but really ended up bending her whole phone. That doesn’t look quite right does it?

Mr. Cool

The guy on the right actually looks like a pretty cool and down-to-earth guy. The guy on the left? His flashier twin brother? Nope, that’s just the same guy after a tacky photoshop job.


That hair sheen is definitely fake, and the interesting shape he ‘manscaped’ into his beard makes us beg the question…why? Heck, even those tattoos look a little artificial on a closer look.

How Original

Yeah okay, you and the rest of the world struggles with a little bit of extra padding around the belly. It’s not easy staying in tip-top shape, but of course, we can all dream, right? Like millions of others, this woman put her computer savvy to use and made herself thinner.


The face really gives it away, as it looks like it’s either the victim of a botched facelift or unfortunate photoshopping skills. Unfortunately for her, the real her was revealed. You decide.

Bug-Eyed Girl

The eyes are the window to the soul, no doubt. But we’re not quite sure where these woman’s eyes are leading us, and wherever it is, we do not want to go there. Unfortunately, it appears that she confused one of the funny features for a real face-tune.


Clearly, these are the eyes that you send your buds to get a little chuckle, and certainly, not the type to for luring in a lover. Though perhaps we’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and decide she wanted to have a laugh.

Her Good Side

We all have a good side, yes. The side of the face where you turn your head and everyone goes, “daaamn.” We’re saying damn alright. This woman figured a nice shot of her profile wasn’t good enough so she thought she’d give it a little extra tweaking. The result? Skin that looks like plastic.


In addition to the skin, there’s also the strange little bridge between her lips and her nose, which looks very obviously digitally altered. You can strive for perfection but it’s rare that it will look real.

Arm Candy

While we all want to look like the most beautiful and gorgeous versions of ourselves on social media, sometimes it’s enough for our beloved boo to grab all the attention. What’s a better way to feel good about yourself than have the most delicious arm candy wrapped around you? This dude went so far as to blur out his own face!


Altnertaivelty, it was the woman who thought she’d blur out her boyfriend. With this crazy face-tuned photo, it’s possible that the latter is the real story behind this photo

Fake vs. Real

We’ve all been guilty of posting the odd thirst trap on the Gram. Sometimes that can go really well and getting all that attention can feel great. Other times, things can backfire, and your filter-free self can resurface on the interwebs, causing quite a bit of embarrassment.


It happened to this woman. The fake eyeliner, the red lips, and clearly the heavily re-touched nose that almost looks like rhinoplasty left her looking less like a human and more like a 2D plastic character.

Couple Goals

What a gorgeous couple, or at least, what a gorgeous girlfriend with crystal blue eyes and freakishly white teeth. Our guy over here looks a little on the average side. We wonder why? Maybe because he didn’t apply 1000 filters to his face to make it look prettier.


His woman could have been a little generous and close the gap in his teeth. With her pearly whites looking so flawless, it’s just sort of unfair.

Good Genes

One of the best ways to catch out a fake photo, other than seeing the total fakeness of it all, is to compare the person to other family members. Looks like these two weren’t too fond of their mom’s dental state.


So, naturally, they thought that some good old digital teeth whitening might just do the trick. It saves time, money, and the stress that comes with sitting back in the dentist’s chair, because who wants that? So real.

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall…

It’s only natural to run away from father time. When he comes at you, there is simply no escape. But this woman thought she put up a good fight with a reasonably natural-looking filter to kill those wrinkles.

Reddit / Magistraliter

Sadly, she took this selfie in front of the mirror and forgot to work on her reflection. Damn, now we see your true self. But don’t fret! There’s nothing wrong with this, girl!

TV vs. IRL

When you find yourself on TV, you have a certain image to maintain. Of course, this woman, unfortunately, forgot about this fact and posted a super face-tuned selfie. With a softened lens and perfect skin, she looks a little too fake.


Someone caught her out and posted a screenshot of the image on social media. Mean, yes. But we say who cares. No one looks perfect all the time anyways.

Simply a Vision

Nice try, Kathy Griffin. In an attempt to make yourself younger, you pretty much just blurred out your entire face. In fact, looking at that makes us feel like there’s something wrong with our vision!


As one of the funniest women in Hollywood, we hope you see some humor in this. Also, we appreciate you not messing with that yummy-looking platter.

Blow-Up Doll

When you’ve done so much to your poor face that you start to resemble a plastic blow-up doll! Those creepy eyes, the humongous lips that look literally inflated, we’re not sure why this person thought that this looked good.


There’s also the very obviously retouched beard that we have going on there.

Spot the Difference

It’s about time that we accept that very few people on this planet have good skin. And if they do, it’s simply genetics or a very dedicated skin routine that takes time, effort, and money.


Of course, when you don’t have any of those resources, just go to town on the Gram! You’ll look like a Hollywood celeb in a few short clicks.

A Little Trim

Yes, okay, this woman gave herself some sweet chin definition in her latest selfie. She’s certainly not the only person on the planet who did that.


Someone felt the need to catch her out. Poor woman just trying to live her life and look pretty. Go away, trolls.