Tips to Keep Your Pet Bunny Engaged and Entertained 

If you own a bunny, you can understand how challenging it may be to keep these furry little mammals busy. They tend to have boundless energy and are inquisitive little creatures. Another great thing about bunnies is that they like to sniff out their surroundings just like a dog so it’s also important to make sure your home or room is bunny-proofed. Rabbits enjoy being close to humans at eye level and it gives them some sense of assurance and trust. Here are some other interesting things you can do to keep your bunny engaged and optimistic about their day-to-day lives.

Customize a Goodie Bag

There’s nothing like a surprise goodie bag to keep anyone entertained – even rabbits! To make a fun little toy for your friend, simply grab a paper bag and stuff it with objects containing different textures and shapes. Picking up some sticks on the sidewalk, some hay, some sand, and even soil will make your rabbit even more excited to furrow and dig around in the bag. This will keep them entertained for hours on end and they’ll have tons of time to rummage around and sniff out the bag’s contents.

Lay Out Chewable Items

Another thing that rabbits love doing is gnawing away at inanimate objects. Keeping cardboard boxes or even toilet rolls around will keep them happy and busy. Just make sure that none of the objects is a choking hazard and that they’re nontoxic. Also, an old book would even be a great chew toy for your rabbit.

Make a Tunnel

If you have some free time on your hands, why not make a rabbit tunnel? Since rabbits love to bury themselves underground, this would be a treat for them. You can purchase a cardboard concrete tube at any supply store which shouldn’t cost a lot. Next stuff one end of the tube with crumpled paper and you can even throw in some shredded paper. This will allow your rabbit to dig around and feel like they’re discovering new terrain.


Scatter Fabrics on the Ground

Since we’ve mentioned that rabbits love to dig around, laying out fabrics on the ground will make their eyes light up with joy. You can even add different textures of cloth such as fleece and wool to make sure they have the most fun possible. You can even throw in a carrot or a piece of lettuce under one of the fabrics. Turn it into a fun game by also incorporating treats to keep their tummies full too after a prolonged time of digging and rummaging around.