Top 3 Tennis Legends of All Time

Tennis just like every other sport in the world has a long history created by people who have redefined the very fabric of this sport, and have broken boundaries to a place in the eternal hall of fame. So, here are three tennis great that you should know about:


Rafael Nadal

Now, for tennis lovers all over the world, Nadal is in no way a strange name in the arena. He has constantly battled won titles while battling great players for it. Roger Federer is one player he has had to battle several times in his career, and their rivalry. however, it is worth noting that in their battles so far, Nadal has the upper hand.

Nadal has proven arguably beyond doubt over the years he is a super player. With his game built on power, those on the receiving end of his service can testify to the brute force he commands in the court. Perhaps being a southpaw has something to do with that. He has amassed a whopping 17 grand slam titles, and this warrior has come out victorious in over 82% of the matches he has played. Impressive yeah?


Rod Laver

Okay, you probably might not know as much as some other names in tennis but he has marked his own niche too. The not-so-tall Australian had presence on the court. While many will probably not be in awe at the mention of his name, this man has a hugely impressive record, having won over 200 individual tournaments in his career. He also made it it to the top of the rankings and held the number one spot for six years. In the whole world. (this man is no slouch) his game play was centered on technical accuracy and precise execution.


Roger Federer

When you started reading this article, some of you must have guessed it, and you are spot on, Roger Federer top our lists of tennis legends. For true tennis fans all over the world, Federer is class made flesh and blood.

Skillful, competitive, athletic, blessed with the kind of calm aura of a monk, Federer is as cool as they come. As opposed to Nadal whose gameplay thrives on pure power, Federer has a bag of tricks up his sleeves. He has it all, I mean this man can even serve with the edge of his racket (who does that?) he has been nicknamed the Messi of tennis as many believe that Federer just like Messi has been touched a magical wand and hence, he is not human, (I agree) and his awesome record of 20 Grand Slam titles is all the proof one could ever need. He also held down the number spot in world tennis ranking for Five years consecutively. He is largely considered as the greatest player of all time

Well, that is our top three list of the all-time greats of tennis. All the players on this list are incredibly talented and hardworking to say the least.