Toys For Pet Cats That They’ll Enjoy

Cats are curious little creatures that can find joy in the simplest of objects from playing with a used sock to careening off the edge of a high chair. Even though cats may seem like low-maintenance animals, keeping them busy is essential for their health and mental well-being. Some cats are known to be cranky when cat owners aren’t giving them enough attention. This is where cat toys come in to shake things up. If you notice that your cat is bouncing off the walls and staring into space for an extended amount of time, then it’s time to get them new toys.

3 Way Cat Tunnel

Not only is it a great place for your cat to crawl, hide and play in but it’s also incredibly portable and very durable. If your feline is a hyper one, they’ll surely love this toy since they’ll have the ability to crawl through three tunnels, roll in a built-in crinkle paper and they’ll even be able to peep their tiny head through the peephole to hit a hanging ball.

Catnip Plaque Away Pretzel Chew Toy

Just like cats need a scratching post for stretching and exercise, they also have the need to own a chew toy to exercise their mouth and to keep it busy. A chew toy is a great way for your cat to munch away while maintaining its dental hygiene. A plaque-away chew toy can also help remove tartar build-up on their teeth while keeping them entertained. It’s also a small toy that’s portable enough to bring anywhere and they can even keep them on standby before going to the vet.


If you own a cat, you probably already have one of these wands handy. If not then, you’ve probably seen these wands or know someone who’s even made their own for their cat. For the budget-conscious pet owner, a wand is a great way for your cat to exercise their entire body. A bend-a-wand is even more special since it’s super flexible and can bend around armrests and even doorknobs. Your cat will be twisting and turning in all sorts of ways to try to touch the furry mouse or ball attached to the bendable wand!


Tower of Tracks

This cat toy is for older cats. It also allows for multiple cats to play at the same time. The tower comes with three balls in which the cat will have tons of fun rolling down the ramp. What’s great about this cat toy is that you won’t need to shell out a bunch of toys for your cat since this one is all you’ll need for them to have a busy afternoon!