Tragically Gross Foods Baby Boomers Wont Let Die

Thanks for nothing, baby boomers

Thanks to baby boomers, we were able to come up with a list of the worst foods of all time. “Baby boomers” are people born in the 15-year-period following WWII, because people were celebrated prosperity and economic security during the postwar years and took that as an opportunity to have many children.


Nowadays, these baby boomers are in or near retirement, and they can’t understand the struggles that the younger generations encounter, like high rent costs, wanting a fulfilling job, and being concerned about the planet, just to name a few. Back in their day, purchasing a house wasn’t a problem, nor was supporting a family on a middle-class income. We have a lot to thank baby boomers for, but we definitely don’t applaud them for the processed foods and chain restaurants they introduced to our society. Not to mention, some of the nastiest food trends that have ever existed.

Plain toast

As obnoxious as it is to see countless millennial Instagramming and hashtagging their #avocadotoast, what is even more horrible is plain dry toast on lame white sandwich bread.


They should just put their pride aside and join in on the hipster trend and not continue to suffer because they’re stubborn and don’t want to change.

Mrs. Dash

Despite having a readily available variety of spices, baby boomers choose to stick to Mrs. Dash to spice all of their food. They are just unwilling to let go of it.


They do offer some decent spice mixes, but with a whole world out there of spices, there is really no need to only have this one. Alright, it’s their loss.


First of all, meatloaf looks disgusting. Secondly, it’s basically tasteless. Even the name itself triggers a vomit reflex.


So basically, it doesn’t meet the standards for any of the five senses. And when I eat, I expect all of my food to taste, feel, look, smell and sound delightful. There’s a reason why hipster food is all the rage these days.

Mayonnaise-based salads with fruit

We millennial might down kombucha, eat sprouted nuts, and squeeze our own almond milk, but we sure as hell avoid eating at all costs broccoli grape salad doused in a thick nasty layer of mayonnaise.


In that regards, we actually avoid eating anything tossed together with mayonnaise, very much unlike baby boomers who are happy to eat anything and everything with it.

Savory jello products

I’m not sure why anybody thought it would be a good idea to create a food that bounces on your plate.

Alamy Stock Photo

Maybe plain jello is okay if you have food poisoning and can’t physically stomach the thought of ingesting anything else, but jello salads are one of the worst inventions and a major contributor to the 70s being the worst era in American food.

Juice from concentrate

Baby boomers may gawk at the price of fresh-squeezed-juice, and we admit, nobody should have to pay $5 for a fresh squeezed orange juice. But, if you’re so opposed to that, you can buy cartons of fresh-squeezed orange juice from the store for a pretty decent price.


That definitely beats this juice from concentrate can of nonsense which requires a long process of thawing the concentrate and putting it in water and waiting an endless amount of time for it to be ready. I guess they did have more time for petty things back in those days. That just seems like more trouble than is worth.

TV dinners

The concept is kind of cute but also super lazy. First of all, we don’t have anything against eating in front of the TV. But, eating in front of the TV with a prepackaged buffet meal of tasteless frozen food is where they go wrong.


 We prefer to just make our own dinner, take it in front of the TV, and there you go, you have your TV dinner.


Buffets are seldom a good idea, especially when they involve all you can eat steak, lobster, pancakes, and Chinese food. That means you are eating high amounts of low quality crap.


That was one invention that America definitely did not need.

Chain restaurants

Have you ever checked out the nutritional information of the dishes at Applebee’s? Not to mention that Olive Garden does not meet the criteria for being a fancy restaurant. Your best bet would be to find a higher-quality local restaurant.


While millions of Americans continue to dine every year at restaurant chains, there is a significant decline in their popularity, which is impacted by the lack of millennial attendance.

Paper napkins

Sigh, our environment is disintegrating. Very much thanks to baby boomers who have brought us many environmentally damaging products, one of which being paper napkins.


How many paper napkins do you have to go through in one meal? Like a bajillian. Their paper towel relatives aren’t the most eco-friendly either but at least they do the job better. Hopefully the world will adopt cloth napkins as there is absolutely no point in paper napkins.


Welcome to the world’s most boring cereal (besides rice krispies, but at least those you can turn into rice krispie treats). These toasted tasteless flakes of corn do absolutely nothing in your mouth. Plain shredded wheat has a good texture and puffed rice snaps, crackles, and pops.


Cornflakes do nothing but melt away into a flavorless puddle of soggy sadness in your milk.

Canned soup

Homemade soup is probably one of the easiest things to whip up. And it surely beats the taste of aluminum canned soup that comes with a ton of sodium, a lack of nutrients, and many preservatives.


Plus, canned food is a significant source of BPA, which may lead to several health problems down the road.

Meat and potatoes

Meat and potatoes are alright together and there are surely much worse foods out there, but man, this dish is screaming for some veggies. Even like a leaf of some sort.


Just some added some greens please, baby boomers!

Processed cheese products

Baby boomers created everything that is cheap and easy to make which almost always brings with it something suspicious, like mysterious ingredients and chemicals. Why did they do this to the world? Unsurprisingly, popular processed cheese products are seeing a decrease in their sales over the last few years.


The decline is credited to a general shift in taste AKA millennials are opting for fresh local cheese with ingredients that they recognize and can pronounce.


Nothing is better than a cold Coke on a hot summer day, and nothing is worse than drinking soda in every weather, on every day, at every point in time.


Thanks to you guys, the world has developed a serious soda addiction and teeth and health are suffering.

“Italian” food

Baby boomers are a big fan of Italian food, but what they think Italian food is not genuine Italian food that you would find Italians eating.


Yes, spaghetti and meatballs and Garlic bread are not real Italian food.

Bud Light

Apparently, baby boomers had zero interest in drinking good-tasting beer. Instead, they preferred these tasteless cans of we don’t even know what.


Nowadays, millennials are running away from this stuff and are opting for craft beers or other spirits like wine.


We love a good crispy french fry dipped in some ketchup or as a topping on a well-cooked burger. But drowning eggs in it or seasoning your meat with ketchup instead of spices is totally not okay.


Once again, those baby boomers don’t seem to get the concept of real spices.

Vienna sausage

Ew. There are so many things wrong with this can of meat drowning in sauce that I don’t even know how or where to begin. First of all, meat should never come from a can. Maybe baby boomers enjoyed this awful concoction but I hope that will become a thing of the past.


Nowadays, we are choosing to eat locally raised, grass-fed beef instead. It might be more expensive, but the quality is incomparable.

Tuna noodle casserole

Meet the Tuna noodle casserole, a food that makes most people at least repulsed, at worse, run away from the table gagging.


The creamy, fishy-smelling combination of egg noodles tossed with condensed soup, frozen peas and canned tuna fish should be considered child abuse.

Boiled vegetables

I am a huge fan of vegetables; broiled, braised, grilled, baked, fried, steamed, and yea I like it raw too. But boiled? Pure disgust.


Besides developing a completely intolerable taste when boiled, boiling vegetables also kills many of its nutrients. So why, lord why?


A breath mint and a desert dish had a baby and the butter mint was born.


Also a baby boomer, the butter mint just doesn’t understand the trends nowadays.


There are only two types of fans of margarine; baby boomers and fans of Paula Deen (or Paula Deen herself). If you follow Paula Deen, you will know that the chef is battling diabetes. That should say enough. Why it was ever created is out of my understanding of this world.


Turns out that hydrogenated oil is actually the culprit of health problems and not fat. So, reach for the much healthier and tastier version of butter when spreading your toast (remember, dry toast is a death sentence).

Watergate salad

If you thought the Watergate scandal was bad, you have yet to try the Watergate salad. Also known as Shut the Gate Salad, you really should just shut the gate on somebody if they try bringing this into your home because that is just plain disrespect.


This concoction of jello instant pistachio pudding, canned pineapple, and marshmallows are topped with walnuts. It is basically any person with a normal palate worst enemy.

Turkey stuffing

The only acceptable form of stuffing is a toy bear that you’re giving to a three-year-old. Definitely not something you should be putting into your mouth. Stuffed turkey is a crime for several reasons, one of which is the fact that it dries out the turkey.


Another reason is that it touches the salmonella and then you’re pretty much eating raw turkey juice. If your Thanksgiving meal isn’t complete without it, you’d be best to make it on the side.


Aspartame is one of the worst introductions by mankind. If you are illiterate than you have more of an excuse to be consuming this laboratory-made sugar substitution.


For all you other folks out there, let me just reiterate the packaging: “This product contains saccharin which has been determined to cause cancer in laboratory animals.” You’d be best ditching the sweet n’ low for Splenda and stevia.


Olestra is a fat substitute that adds no fat, calories, or cholesterol to its products. It has been added into normally high-fat foods like potato chips, thus lowering or eliminating its fat content. Sounds like the perfect solution, right? WRONG.


While it lowers the fat content of a food product, it can cause horrible symptoms like stomach cramps and diarrhea. Most countries have since ditched products containing the product but you can still find it in some places if you’re looking to ingest the aforementioned bodily ailments.

Meat pates

And the award for the ugliest food pictures goes to you, meat pate. Congratulations!


Its ability to be served hot or cold, or as a pie or a loaf, and be so conspicuous and gray that it’ll leave people wondering what in the world is on that plate is pure skill.

Weenie sauce

I love grape jelly with peanut butter. I love barbecue sauce on my meat. But grape jelly and barbecue sauce combined together?


Maybe the taste is okay but whoever thought it was lawful to put the two completely different items which serve different purposes together? And weren’t baby boomers living in a thriving economy? They should have had better options other than torturing themselves…

Strawberry Bon-Bons

We live in a day in age where we have all of the candy at our fingertips; Skittles, M&M’s, Reese’s, Hershey’s chocolate bars, Nerds… you name it.


Why anybody feels the need to give away these strawberry candies on Halloween deserves to have eggs thrown at their house.

Summer sausage snack platters

This is basically the last gift you want to get on Christmas from your client’s boss.


Surely, he is creative enough to come up with something else.

Curly parsley

If you’re looking for curly parsley these days, best of luck to you!


The stuff has been superseded by its brother, the flat-leaf parsley and good thing at that because its flavor is bolder.

Cream cheese and bologna sandwiches

I really can’t understand who is still thinking that bologna is a justified form of meat. And what in the world are they doing bringing the good ol’ cream cheese into the mix? He never did anything but be delicious and so creamy.


Please, baby boomers, spread that cream cheese where it deserves to be spread (and that doesn’t mean on white bread either) and leave your bologna behind in the 1960s. Some things are just meant to be over.

Schwan’s foods

Apparently, wealthy people have a problem even buying and cooking their own food.


Why in the world would they be seen in the store with the other peasants?


We know we said jello was bad, and we meant it wholeheartedly. But we were only buttering you up for what was even worse to come, so it wouldn’t come as such a shock. Meet aspic, perhaps the number one grossest invention to come out of the 70s.


If the picture above looks appetizing to you, don’t give into it. That is just Mr. nostalgia trying to take a hold of you. There are about one million other foods you can eat, none of which contain meat and gelatin mixed together. Please, at this point I would even tell you to eat jello.

Snackwell’s low-fat foods

There is no such thing as a healthy fat-free cookie. Yes, baby boomers, I’m sorry to tell you that Snackwell’s cookies aren’t good for you. When a cookie is fat-free, it means it is overly-processed with a lot of junk in it to make up for dietary fat.


Baby boomers were okay with this, as they guzzled alongside their fat-free cookies coca colas, life was just great. But then, they developed diabetes and heart disease. But they would never put the blame on their little creme, shortbread, and devil’s food cake cookies. You’d be better just eating your cookies with butter.

Wonder Bread

I’ll admit, even this stuff makes me reminisce about the days my mom made me sandwiches on this overly processed, completely lacking any sort of nutrition white bread with even more overly processed American yellow cheese. But, you try another type of bread just once, and then wonder to yourself what the hell were you doing this whole time?

Alamy Stock Photo

Bread is a food group of its own. It should be respected, held to a high standard, not completely demoralized like baby boomers have done. Please, give me artisinal multi-grain bread ASAP.

Milk chicken

Sometimes I think it can’t get worse, and then it does. You know when Paula Deen is cooking up something, you should run the other way.


Milk can be enjoyed in many ways; on your cereal, alongside cookies, to make ice-cream, and the list goes on. But to be made into a gravy to be used on chicken and meat? Somebody, please call the police because we have a criminal offense.

Cool Whip

Many of you recall eating cool whip alongside a cake or dipping strawberries into it. Hey, I’m guilty of it. It may be lower on calories (especially the fat-free version) but this artificial “whipped topping” is chock full of awful ingredients like hydrogenated oils.


If you have got to have your whipped cream and unwilling to settle for anything less, then just have real whipped cream or cashew or coconut cream, because this stuff just ain’t worth yo’ health.

Molded liver pastes

Liver does offer some health benefits relating to your nerve and immune system health. It helps produce collagen, which helps our bone, joint, hair, skin and nail health. It is also a great source of B vitamins like vitamin B12 and folate. So we have nothing against liver… in other shapes and forms. There are so many other ways to eat and prepare liver and they don’t involve making it look as disgusting as it does here. I can’t imagine somebody walking into a dinner party and actually thinking this looks appetizing.


And if you are medically insane and still want the recipe, here you have it; 1 pound liver sausage, 1 tablespoon lemon juice, 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce, 1 1/4 cup mayonnaise, 2 teaspoons unflavored gelatin, Sliced stuffed olives, Pineapple top. You’re welcome and I’m sorry at the same time.

Ham salad

Once again the baby boomers are adding mayonnaise into a dish where it doesn’t belong. Was the period also a mayonnaise boomer period? Because they seemed to have a surplus of it.


Ham doesn’t belong with mayonnaise, grapes don’t belong with mayonnaise, and baby boomers don’t belong in the kitchen.

Instant mashed potatoes

Honestly, for something that seems so innocent, it is actually one of the grossest on the list. Mashed potatoes are one of the easiest and cheapest things in the history of food making to whip up at home, there is absolutely no reason why anybody should be buying them from a box (or a can).


Google mashed potatoes and learn how to make them yourself and save yourself the dollar (we hope these boxes aren’t more than that).

Boiled Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts have a big hate club, probably those who have mistakenly boiled Brussels sprouts. Brussels sprouts are absolutely delicious when they’re roasted and definitely don’t deserve the bad rep that they’ve gotten over the years. They are super high in nutrients, have cancer-fighting properties, and are rich in antioxidants.


Just don’t make the mistake of boiling them and all is well.


We’ve already expressed our dislike of chain restaurants, and Applebee’s has one of the top spots. Congrats. Sure, they have some pretty good dishes, but if you’ve ever seen the calorie information, your jaw would drop to the ground.


There is no reason in the entire bible of reasons why salad should have over a thousand calories. There is also no reason why a salad should be drenched in fried meat and thick dressing. Yes, that’s the baby boomers at it again, mayonnaise and margarine in tow.


There is nothing wrong with admitting that Twinkies are tasty. There is nothing quite like that spongy, cream-filled texture. And I hope there never will be. Because those are some pretty highly processed and unhealthy snacks.


Not to mention that people have gone the extra mile of destroying their health by deep-frying them. That is just wrong on so many levels.

White people tacos

The real taco has been completely destroyed and taken over by its obnoxious “white” cousin- the taco with salad toppings,  yellow cheese, ground beef stripped of its flavor and sour cream.


Let’s bring back the basics of soft corn tortilla, strips of simmered spicy beef, cilantro, and onions. None of that other unoriginal crap.

Glazed carrots

Did you know that carrots are one of the vegetables highest in sugar? They are so sweet, it’s almost like eating candy. Which is why glazing carrots is like preemptively knocking your own teeth out. Well, I guess the quality of peoples’ teeth back then was not what it is today.


We are sure these carrots are boiled too, because god forbid anything gets roasted or eaten raw.


The cake looks like it should go right on the top of a Christmas tree, and not in a human’s body. According to Urban Dictionary, fruitcake also refers to somebody who is completely insane. Makes sense, because to make or eat this cake, you better be just that. At least that way you’d have an excuse.


While the fruitcake is a very traditional holiday food, it seems that millennials’ obsession with health and fitness might override the tradition and that we might be seeing an end to the universally despised fruitcake era. Hopefully, that will be soon, because these sugar-filled dense cakes are not in line with anybody’s New Years’ resolutions.

Big Macs

McDonald’s is facing a big problem. Young millennials just don’t like Big Macs, Mcdonald’s iconic huge burger. Actually, only one in five millennials has ever even tried one. Young people are much more health-conscience and they are reaching for higher-quality burgers with more nutritious ingredients, which is why you see much more health food chains popping up.


They may come at a higher price tag, but they have your health in mind, which is nice to know. Meanwhile, McDonald’s sales have been stagnant, which is very different from the 1-2% increase they have experienced in past years.


Millennials are also not such a fan of iconic national beer brands as were once way more popular with baby boomers. Young people are much more into craft beers, wines, and liquor. This is pretty obvious, as sales are suffering. Budweiser was once one of the top three selling beers in the nation. It has fallen from its royal throne. The reason for this is that the brand is just not piquing the interest of Millenials.


Joao Castro Neves, the North American president and CEO at Anheuser-Busch InBev told AdAge, “If this trend continues at the pace it is today, by 2030 beer will no longer have the largest share in the alcohol category.”


There isn’t a food product that quite defines growing up as a baby boomer like pop tarts. The iconic sweet-tooth satisfying breakfast has become an icon of popular taste and with that, culture. With their introduction to stores in 1964, they quickly became a convenient and tasty breakfast for children. Pop them in the toaster and a few minutes letter they pop out, crispy, warm, and ready for consumption.


As of 2014, sales had still been increased for the last 32 years. We imagine that this is one baby boomer food that’s not going out of style any time soon. They are one of the few foods that have managed to bridge the gap between baby boomers and their children. Sadly, it’s another unhealthy food introduced by baby boomers and their 35 flavors are all nutrient lacking and high in calories.

Actually eating Spam

If you didn’t grow up with this canned pork in your household, then you most likely were not part of the baby boomer era. The product gained major popularity after WWII, especially in Hawaii, sometimes being referred to as Hawaiian steak. At the time of its introduction, it was the only canned meat product that required no refrigeration.


Lacking any sort of nutritional value, it will have you jam-packed with its high-fat content, sodium, and a load of preservatives. Fortunately, in recent years, people have started to raise concerns regarding the product. There is no reason why meat needs to be shoved into a can people. Buy it fresh and prepare it yourself, or avoid it altogether.

Creamed corn

I love corn. Roasted or boiled… but corn does not need to be mixed with cream, under any condition. I don’t care what it tastes like, I don’t care what sort of memories it brings back for you. You need to move on.


It is very high in calories and if you’re eating it alongside other dishes like spam, jello, and Twinkies, then your body weight is really going to be in a pickle… not to mention very unhealthy.

Mayo and bologna sandwiches

Slab on some mayo and lunch meat on some Wonders white bread, and you have the most disgusting, nutrition lacking meal in the history of lunch foods.


While eating a bologna sandwich won’t kill you, consuming that many sodium, preservatives, and fat surely can’t be good for you. Plus, it is probably one of the worst lunch foods to have sitting in your backpack for hours until lunch. I can still taste the feeling of eating a wet mayonnaise-like sponge.

Fish sticks

Man, those pictures on boxes of frozen fish sticks were not at all what came out of the oven. The picture does look appetizing, but don’t fall victim to it. Do not be a fool.


The crispy outside is just a trap to lure you into what it is really hiding on the inside; a soggy and cold processed mush. Plus, those little devils cause some killer heartburn. Us millennials prefer our wild-caught salmon, thank you very much.

Liver and onions

Ugh. One of the worst of the baby boomer foods that should have died long ago. Once again, liver does offer some good benefits, like that it is low in calories and high in nutrients.


You can find the dish in many diners and American home-styled restaurants scattered across the U.S, in places where you can also find breakfast specials like a cheese omelet, hash browns, and pancakes for $5.99. This is a traditional meal that should be discontinued.

Instant mac n’ cheese

This stuff may taste good and remind you of the good old days, but the good old days were very unhealthy. Just look at the radioactive orange hue of the stuff- it screams “hello I’m highly processed, eat me at your own risk.” Not only does your macaroni come with a bag of powdery processed orange cheese, but it also comes with an unhealthy list of chemicals.


There have actually been phthalates found in the cheese powder, which is a man-made chemical that interferes with your hormones. They are added in to extend shelf-life. Anything that has a shelf-life of that long is disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.

Pot pies

All baby boomers grew up with pot pies, homemade if they were lucky or store-bought. They are the ultimate comfort food and may conjure up images of mom baking in the kitchen. There’s nothing quite like that first moment of breaking through its flaky crust to reach the steaming meat or veggies inside.


Pot pies definitely aren’t the worst, especially around the holidays, but they do bring on quite the stomach ache.

Ham and Banana Hollandaise

I’m pretty sure I just threw up in my mouth. As vile as this looks and probably tastes, this was truly a thing. I could not think of more incompatible foods to go together.


The imprisoned bananas are sprinkled with lemon juice, helplessly wrapped in ham, doused in mustard, and bakes for 10 minutes, pausing in the middle to horrifically cover them in hollandaise. And to think, those bananas had absolutely no say in the matter.

Scotch Eggs

There’s a reason why it’s called scotch eggs and it’s pretty obvious. You shove hard or soft-boiled eggs inside of mysterious sausage meat and coat it in breadcrumbs and baked or deep-fried.


I’m not sure who in the world came up with this atrocity but I’m pretty sure he had some swigs of scotch in his system when he put all of the ingredients together.

Shrimp Sandwich Roll

Perhaps this sandwich roll stuffed with shrimp salad which is drowning in mayonnaise is tasty, but it looks pretty disgusting.


I’ll take my sandwich with the contents between two slices of multi-grain bread, please and thanks.

Peppermint Popcorn Tree

This is hilarious. Karo syrup wanted to make every child’s fantasies come true by introducing a peppermint popcorn trade made out of squares of popcorn stuck together with Karo.


I’m not sure about this popcorn tree but we do know that people used this translucent syrup to relieve constipation.

Jellygrill Sandwich

This is basically combining a bunch of already mentioned processed items into one lousy recipe. Meet the Jellygrill Sandwich featured in this ad for Velveeta cheese, the sandwich that should never be prepared by any living and breathing human. It seems as though back in the day, they did not actually have the ability to taste the food that they were putting in their mouth. The recipe calls for slabbing on grape jelly (obviously with high fructose corn syrup), some highly processed Velveeta cheese and white bread and spreading the outside of the bread with good old hydrogenated oil margarine. It sounds like the most nutritious meal… NOT.


The sandwich can be ingested hot or cold. I feel awful for kids who were forced to eat this in their lunch boxes.

Cornflour Mold

If this doesn’t look absolutely disgusting to you then you need to have your eyes checked or listen to the ingredients of the recipe. It may look like this is just your average ol’ jello, but oh, it is not. Surprise surprise, this recipe is made out of cornstarch. I can think of a number of uses of cornstarch but none of them have anything to do with this bizarre dessert. Get this- you take cornstarch, milk, some sugar, and vanilla extract and there you have it. And you’re even expected to enjoy yourself. I guess maybe exhausted moms needed to whip up something real fast to shut their whiny kids up. Or was it used to punish naughty kids? That would seem more like it.


For an added treat, the ‘dessert’ was served with a side of canned fruit. You could also turn this recipe into an economical mousse to further torture your family.

Hot Dog Fondue

Things just got a bit weirder. Here you have it- the hot dog cutting chart.


Who knew that there were so many ways to slice up a hot dog? I prefer the easy method of just throwing a dog on a bun and calling it a day.

Lobster Relish

At this point, you may have thought to yourself that it can’t possible worse. But then you meet the lobster jello. And now you really have a reason to fear for your life, because this thing looks dangerous. This is something the world isn’t seeing much of anymore and there’s a good reason for that. It is a layered concoction of gelatin, vinegar, pint cream, shrimp, mayonnaise, and of course the main event, lobster.


It looks disgusting, the texture is probably vomit-inducing alone, and the taste is probably enough to make you go into shock.

Jellied Tomato Refresher

I’m really not sure why they loved every recipe to have gelatin in it. This is another recipe that is best left in the past. Meet the jelly salad. The recipe calls for gelatin, tomato juice, dehydrated green pepper, artificial sweetener, and beef broth, just to name a few.


It may be low in calories, but it is also low in taste and nutrients. It is a 1974 Weight Watchers recipe and I can understand why- you take one look at it and put it back in the fridge, thus saving yourself the points for the day.

Shrimp Sandwich Roll

Here you have a food that probably tasted okay, but the marketing completely killed any chance of the sandwich enticing people to try it. It looks more like a pile of vomit than something that is edible.


But I guess that in those days, people weren’t concerned with making their food photogenic and Instagram-worthy.

Tomato-Banana Tarts

You take two great foods and you put them together to create something absolutely vile. This picture is a complete lie, as there is absolutely nothing tempting about it.


Tomatoes are considered a fruit, but there is no way that you can call this a fruit salad. Combine the bananas with apples or any other fruit and the tomato with any other vegetable and even some other fruits but together, that is not an awful snack.

Banana Candles?

In our long list of gag-worthy retro food, is this strange recipe that comes from a cookbook titled Be Bold With Bananas, published in 1972.


Apparently hors d’oeuvres like this were all the rage back in the ’60s. As much as we like banans, we’ll pass on them when its served with mayo and pineapples, on a bed of lettuce. Thanks, but no thanks.

“Stuffed” Salmon

I guess these fish molds were a hit because here we’ve found another one. Only this time, with salmon instead of tuna.


This salmon dish is smothered in Hollandaise sauce, which makes it look even more unappealing.

The Frosted Ribbon Loaf

It seems like back in the 50s-60s, people liked their food shaped like loaves, think about: meatloaf, bread loaves, salad loaves (?). It was just a thing back then.


Here’s another disgusting loaf called Frosted Ribbon Loaf. Which was basically a sandwich loaf filled with ham, eggs, pickles, horseradish, and of course mayonnaise, there was always mayo. And if that weren’t enough, it was all covered in a thick layer of artery-clogging cream cheese.

Chicken-Cranberry Salad

Chicken cooked with a side of cranberries is anything outrageous sounding, but this is not that. This 1950s salad was made with the dynamic-duo back then which included mayonnaise and gelatin, mixed together with some low-quality canned vegetables.


Whoever but in order to stomach it you might want to put a scoop of it on a salty and dry cracker, that should help keep nausea that way.

Mayonnaise with Jello

Remember the famous duo of every babyboomer recipe- mayonnaise and gelatin. If you give them those, you can’t go wrong. And if you add some color into the mix, it makes it look even more festive and attractive to them, And that’s exactly what Knox Gelatin did.


How did things get this far? Because taste buds back then hadn’t evolved yet. That’s the only logical explanation.

“Hidden Ham”

This Diply user posted a recipe with a ham hidden somewhere in the picture. It’s hard to find until, of course, you spot that massive blob of green vomit layered over the ham. It’s called “Hidden Ham,” get it? They hide the ham under a pile of green goop.


Maybe it’s so you don’t accidentally eat it. They just may be doing you a favor.

Supper Salad Loaf

Remember when we discussed how many baby boomers seemed to love to dishes condensed into loaves? Well, this is probably the dish that put an end to that adoration (thank God).


This “salad loaf” is pretty much a hollowed-out slab of bologna, stuffed with the dynamic duo- gelatin and mayonnaise of course, along with smashed peas, and other gross canned veggies. This is the kind of dinner that makes you realize how blessed you weren’t around to “enjoy” all of these great delicacies.

Spaghetti-O Jell-O

Apparently, there is a person out there who hates kids. So much so, that he decided to take the only normal food they had, and completely ruin it.


And thus, Spaghetti-O Jell-O was born. If you ask us, this gag-worthy babyboomer delight should be considered a form of child abuse.

Tuna Upside-Down Casserole

The people at Mid-Century Menu actually had the guts to taste this eery-looking dish. This recipe came courtesy of a canned vegetable company called Veg-All and consists of canned vegetables (of course, because why use fresh…?), mayonnaise, cheese, and tuna.


We’re sure this would look the same coming out as it did going in if you catch our drift.

Blue Cheese “Mousse”

This…this is just horrifying on a number of levels. It’s literally gelatinous blue cheese, cottage cheese, and sour cream – with nothing else included. Oh, and it’s naturally blue. The creators of this mess were even bold enough to taste test this gag-worthy retro food.


The writer who was put in charge of eating this thing said, “Unsurprisingly, the mousse tasted like a Bath & Body Works seasonal soap for a Wisconsin dairy festival held inside a giant urinal.”

Garden Vegetables in Gelatine

Boomers couldn’t get enough of their gelatin “delights”, sweet, savory, anything jelly-like was welcomed to the dinner table.


In this case, we have a jellified assortment of mostly un-identifiable canned vegetables. Dinner is served. Enjoy!

Frozen Cheese Salad

This recipe for Weight Watchers is just the kind of recipe you need to lose a few extra pounds. Mainly because no would be able to stomach more than a teaspoon of this white and past cheese blob.


Oh, and look at the uncooked broccoli garnish. Just what you need to make it even less appetizing.

Jelly Soufflé Salad

AGAIN, we have the fish/gelatin/citrus combination?


Thank goodness this so-called “Soufflé” Salad trend died in the ’60s where it belongs and will forever remain.

Orange Delight Pie

Ok, let’s be honest here, pies just shouldn’t have a radioactive-orange color? And to make things worse, this “pie” is made of orange Kool-Aid powder topped with some cream cheese.


This is an insult to fans of pie. Do not dare bring this to National Pi Day!

Frozen Fruitcake Salad

Fruitcake was already bad enough, and they just had to go and freeze it. So now, in addition to eating something disgusting, you get to break your teeth on it too!


And last time I checked, nothing about this is a “salad.”

Fizzy Milk 

We’re lucky that evolution has allowed our palates to become more refined over the decades. If not, us we’d still be mixing lemon-lime soda with milk!


This ad calls it a treat, this looks more like a punishment if you ask us. We’re happy our parents and grandparents were able to survey such culinary atrocities.

Cloud Eggs

Also known as Eggs Nests, the Egg Nests are surprisingly popular even today. But don’t fall for the 42 cents meal trap in the ad there.


Because once you add sides like salad, milk, and fruits, it goes way above that price.

The “Mock” Apple Pie

This mock apple pie uses Ritz Crackers instead of real apples for its feeling, but the rest of the ingredients of a traditional apple pie are pretty much the same, like cinnamon, butter and sugar. Luckily, there’s no mayo or tuna incorporated somehow.


But, believe it or not…it does taste just like a real apple pie, but you know, a Macdonald’s one, not your grandma’s apple pie.

Cheese N’ Lime Salad

This one might be the most confusing thing on the list because it combines so many things that should never ever be combined that it’s just unbelievable. For starters, green JELL-O, and then cottage cheese, mayo, and seafood.


Jell-O and tuna… Tuna and Jell0-O…What were they thinking?! We nearly barfed just by typing this.