Trail Cams Capture Real Wild Life Photos

In the world of hunting and nature, trail cams have become a popular way of tracking an animal’s activity when the camera detects activity nearby. This is a really cool way to see what is happening at night or just in general. While most of the time, there isn’t anything too exciting, sometimes the camera catches something that shows the true wonders of nature.

Here are different rare pictures caught by trail cams that are sometimes terrifying, sometimes funny, and sometimes truly spectacular. Come look at these insane pictures caught on camera.

Buck With A Hat

Being a young Buck can sometimes bring with it some struggles. Living in the wild means that sometimes things get trapped in your antlers and your poor hooves are unable to get it out.

This young buck got tumbleweed stuck on his antlers. It may look like a lovely crown to have for one night but we can imagine that he’d want to get rid of it soon after. We’re hoping he finds a deer mate that will help him bite it off.

Watch Out! The Bear Is Running AT Us!

How scary! Imagine this bear was pacing right towards you? It sure is a good thing that this bear is caught on the camera and not seen in real life.


It looks as if the bear is coming right towards the camera. Maybe he can see the shiny lens and wants to take a closer look? How cool is it that we live in a time where we can capture this kind of footage on camera?

Scary Deer

Now that’s a lot of deer in one picture! Almost too many to count… While deer are not actually particularly frightening animals, this picture of so many deer together looks pretty scary.

The flash of the camera probably caught their attention, which is why they are all staring at the camera. This truly is a rare sighting, but at the same time also a little creepy.

Otter Eating a Fish

The otter is fulfilling his cravings with a fish it caught in the water. This otter looks pretty stealthy as he’s carrying his trophy back to his den. of Boulder

Considering that otters are generally quick and sly, this seems about right. Trail cams are so worth it for images like this one, of an otter with his fish prey. Bon appetit!

Owl Strike

How amazing is this picture of an owl which is about to strike this deer? Owls are very shy creatures so it really is a rare find. There goes this deer’s affinity for owls for the rest of his life!

Do you think this owl is trying to pluck the whole deer and eat it? It should probably target a smaller kill, considering the size of its tiny mouth. Perhaps the deer got in the way of something else the owl was trying to take? Ill-timing!

Eagle Fight

This photo is mind-blowing. Capturing one eagle on camera is very special. But capturing two bald eagles mid-fight as they battle it out?! Now that’s rare!

Unbelievable, this perfectly timed photo could not have been any better. It is quite extraordinary to have captured these two magnificent creatures at such a specific moment.

Flying Squirrel Attack

This trail cam captured a squirrel flying over a deer. Perhaps the squirrel thought this deer was another branch he could jump to?

It’s unclear whether the squirrel is about to pounce on the deer or if he’s just flying, but one thing that is clear is that the trail cam caught the perfect moment. Flying squirrels are amazing and this picture is too.

Raccoon Selfie

This photo is hilarious and adorable at the same time. Do you think that this raccoon was attempting a solo selfie and that these two bucks photobombed his picture?

We’re sure he texted this photo after to his raccoon friends. We’re also sure that this photo blew up his Instagram because, with awesome content like this, it’s obvious that he’s a major influencer.

Raccoon And Fox

This raccoon and fox look like they are about to have a showdown. I hope that the raccoon has what it takes to fight and doesn’t try and doesn’t think that’s a taxi behind him, because that car looks like it’s out of service.

The fox seems to be encroaching on the raccoon’s territory, and we can’t help but wonder what happened next, did the raccoon have the guts to fight? Or did the fox leave before he out-stayed his welcome?

Raccoon Party!

These raccoons look like they struck gold as they lay flailing about. Two of the raccoons are sleeping while the others are living it up and enjoying the heap of whatever food they found.

It seems like they have a long night of celebrations ahead of them, eating and sleeping throughout. Now that sounds like a party I want to be invited to, sometimes, it’s good to be a raccoon.

Super Cute Fox Kits

The trail cam caught this super cute picture of fox kits feeding on their mom. Foxes of all ages are cute, but as babies, their cuteness is too much to handle. We’re not sure their mom agrees though, she looks as if she’s had enough.

The mom’s grimacing face is also quite relatable, we’ve all felt like this at times. What a spectacular shot that shows us a little part of nature we rarely get to see.

Cat On A Buffalo

In this picture, a cat is riding a buffalo. Maybe buffaloes are the Uber of the animal kingdom? It just goes to show how clever and cunning cats are, even in the wild!

I wasn’t aware cats ride buffalo’s, and not so sure the buffalo does either, as its bottom is giant and there’s a good chance it doesn’t even feel the weight of the tiny cat. I wonder what other animals use buffalos as a means of transportation?

Coyote Deer Stand-off

This incredible photo captures what looks like a coyote trying to fight off two deer. He looks ready for action and not even in the slightest worried that he may be outnumbered.

The deer do not look at all alarmed by the coyote’s gnarl, but maybe the coyote has some coyote friends joining in soon and the deer don’t know. It’s a great shot.

Broken Camera

Oh dear, did this woodpecker mistake this trail cam for something to peck? He’s so close he must be inspecting it to see why it’s so shiny. Perhaps he thought he’d find some kind of treat in it.

This photo is the last one taken by the camera. It looks like it could be a woodpecker or maybe a new species of bird called the “camera-pecker.”

Muddy Tiger

This tiger is drenched in mud, probably as a means of cooling himself from the boiling sun. We’re not used to seeing tigers like this and it almost looks like he’s wearing a bathing suit.

I’m sure the mud bath cooled him off, but once that mud dries it will be a pain to walk around like that. I am guessing that he will soon be sorry that he did this and feel trapped in his mud cast.

Raccoon Riding A Feral Hog

Sometimes it’s nice to hitch a ride from a friend, and this raccoon must be needing a rest as he rides on this feral hog. Who said raccoons aren’t crafty critters?

The huge swine doesn’t seem to be bothered by it and perhaps they are going to collect one of the raccoon’s friends, who knows where they’re going. It looks like a fun time.

Giant Deer Buffet

It looks like the deer family might be celebrating a special occasion as they feast in the middle of the forest. They don’t seem too happy about being disturbed, though.

Pretty cool that the trail cam was right in front of this. These deer look like they’re enjoying the meal, although it looks late at night and they’re probably ready to ask for the check.

Raccoon Has Some Moves

What a cool capture of this action shot by the trail cam of this raccoon evading the jaws of what looks like a very hungry and determined coyote.


He made it just in the nick of time. If the raccoon had been a second or so slower, he would definitely have been caught by the ravenous coyote, talk about close.

Battle Royal

This picture shows a raccoon and deer fighting under an automatic feeder. It’s tough to say who’s winning at this point, but the deer does have the raccoon pinned to the ground.

These two animals are not natural enemies, so it’s definitely an unexpected and unusual capture. Perhaps it’s their close proximity to the feeder that brought out the worst in them.

Creepy Clown

So apparently, there are scarier things in the wild than just wild animals. We are not sure why in the world a creepy clown was caught in front of the trail cam. How did he get here, and what was he doing in the middle of a forest?


Whatever the reason is for him being here, we don’t really need to know, it’s not going to change the fact that it’s by far the creepiest thing we’ve seen so far and we’ve seen some scary stuff!

Poor Bunny Rabbit

Oh no! Poor bunny rabbit doesn’t realize that the mountain lion is about to attack him. The rabbit seems to be distracted by the camera. Hopefully, he realized what was behind him before it was too late.

Luckily rabbits are incredibly fast, and can easily outrun mountain lions. So did the rabbit make it out in time? Or did the mountain lion have a hearty meal? We’ll never know…

Did We Catch These Deer Making Out?

Did we just catch an intimate moment between these two deer or was it a mere lick to clean off some leaves that got stuck on the other deer’s ear?

We like to think it’s a bit of both, seeing as you’d only get this close to a significant lover, even if your good friend had something on their face, you wouldn’t get this close. It’s sweet that we got a close-up of this lovely shot on the trail camera.

Bird Battle

Once again, we get to witness these two birds of prey who are battling it out over this tree limb. What is it about this branch that makes these two birds want to war it out?

Clearly, this branch is a real luxury in this neck of the woods. Perhaps they know something we don’t, maybe there’s an animal hiding in there?

Standing Wolverine

This could be a wolverine, although because of its position on its back two legs, it is hard to tell. What kind of elusive-weasel-like animal is this? It just goes to show that rarely seen wildlife like this is why people use trail cams.

A Wolverine is a very muscular carnivore, it resembles a small bear more than anything. The wolverine has quite the reputation, it is ferocious and its strength is out of proportion in comparison to its size.

Giant Moose Coming Through

This moose looks seriously possessed. Is there such a thing as devil moose? Watch out! He may have come too close for comfort to this trail cam, was he intrigued by it or did he just passing by?

Alamy Stock Photo

The Giant Moose male can stand over 6.9 ft and weigh over 1,400 lb./uploads/2018/12/4r 1897; it weighed 1,808 lb and was 7.6 ft tall at the shoulder!

Making It Rain

That raccoon is one good friend to have – spreading the love in the form of bird seeds from the good old trusty bird feeder. We’re not confident the birds are happy about this!

Did all the raccoons organize themselves in a pyramid so he could get up there? We wonder how he’ll get down. He should be fine though. Raccoons are tougher than most and more resilient than we’d expect.

Crazy Deer

The camera caught the deer at quite a funny angle. Or is it that the deer is being plucked by some ghostly spirit? It looks more like a very ungraceful misfooting as the deer topples over to his descent to the ground.

His friends seem to have no idea what was happening to their friend or maybe they are just saving him from feeling more embarrassed.

Haunt OF The Flying Squirrel

The flying squirrel looks like it’s coming straight at the deer. The deer thought it could get away with all these apples, but it seems that the squirrel will not allow that.

The deer knows he’s in trouble and seems like he’s looking to flee the scene fast. We can imagine being this scared if we saw a flying object coming towards us in the dead of night.

Scary Cat

This cheetah looks like it’s on a mission and not a friendly one at that. His ears are perched up showing how alert he is and he is so close, we even can see his clearly defined markings.


For sure we wouldn’t want to meet this cheetah on a trail in the middle of the night, or at any time for that matter. Especially seeing as it’s a cheetah, we’d never be able to outrun it.

Porcupine Punch-out

It’s so cool when the camera catches a fight right in front of it. Here are two porcupines who are going head to head. Come to think of it, we never really get to see them standing up so straight like this.

They seem to be in the middle of a pay-per-view boxing match. It still remains unclear who will win, but they both seem eager to take home the gold medal.

Tasting The Camera

What an adorable picture of this deer who has come to see how the camera tastes! Is it as tasty as it is shiny? We wouldn’t think so, but that didn’t stop this deer!

I’m hoping these deer don’t like the taste because he won’t be able to find more of this expensive delicacy. Nobody would be happy if their expansive camera was someone’s lunch.

Buck Wild

These two animals are getting buck wild smack in front of the camera. They must be fighting over a doe or some nearby territory., LLC

This fight would be pretty wild to watch in person, but at least we can catch a glimpse of it in this action shot! It sure looks tense!

Buck Standing Tall

This buck seems to be fighting some sort of hunting dog or cat. Or is that a coyote? There are visible bites on the back of the buck’s legs.

But now that the buck is face to face with the creature, it seems nervous, but he at least has his antlers which make for a mighty weapon against any adversary.

Girl Among The Deer

This picture is super bizarre! What in the world is this girl doing in the middle of these two deer? Where are her parents and does she know that there are deer there?

Does she live in the wild? She’s wearing boots and a dress so that remains debatable. What is happening?

Standing Deer

When a deer stands up, it sure is tall! Do deer stand when there isn’t anybody around? We did not know that they could walk on  their two hind legs like this.

15-1024×644. Maybe the deer saw a human doing it and they are trying. We just need to set this deer up with a faux mustache and a coat and this deer can blend right in with humans.

Deer Taunt

Is the deer making fun of us and sticking its tongue out? We can almost hear him giggle to himself as he pulls this funny face for the camera.


If this trail cam belongs to a hunter, this deer might want to watch where it places its tongue. It sure makes for a silly picture though!  

Hidden Cat

Is this predator cat about to attack a deer? It can probably do it! Sitting atop this makeshift contraption of some kind, we wonder what his next move is?

There is definitely something sinister in this predator cat. These deer have no idea what’s right under their noses.

Bear Giving Her Cub A Lift

What an adorable parent-child moment! It looks like the bear is helping the cub get a bite of something.

It must not be an easy task for the bear to lift a cub up with its paws. What is this bear helping her child with? Maybe eat some honey? Yum!

Wolf Watch

What a cool picture of the wolves looking at us and vice versa! They seem to be very curious about this camera that probably doesn’t blend in very well.

As they approach it cautiously, they must be incredibly intrigued and fascinated by this strange device that looks and sounds so different from anything they’re used to.

Bear With A Mouthful Of  Salmon

Bears are known to be good fishers, and you can see this in the picture. This bear must be excited to eat his lunch, he’s earned it.

The joys of being out in nature, living a life in the wild. There’s nothing like enjoying a meal you’ve worked hard to get.

Deer Stack

There are a few deer in this picture that for some reason are stacking upon each other. Was it a particularly chilly night outside?

I think one of the deer needs to wait their turn and take a step back. Deer mate like crazy, so it’s no wonder why there are so many deer in our country.

Coyote VS Cat

Oh dear! What a cool shot caught on camera of a feisty coyote defending itself against this big predatory cat.


So cool that they did this right on camera! We wonder where this was taken? It’s difficult to see what type of cat that is.

Drunk Guy Party

It seems like this drunk guy is having a dance party with the deer. Sometimes you just need some deer around when you’re feeling in the mood to groove.

He looks like he’s having a blast, even if it’s just him and the deer in the background. Neither of them seems to mind as they’re just carrying on with their business.

Buck & Dog

Here are a buck and a dog caught on camera having a showdown. Is that a dog? It’s difficult to tell with the glare from his eyes.

We would run fast if we were this dog because that deer’s antlers aren’t to be dealt with lightly and they can cause some hefty damage.

Buck & Fireworks

Looks like this buck showed up for the fireworks show. He has no idea what’s happening but it must come as quite a surprise when the fireworks first went off.

Perhaps it was the Fourth of July and the buck is partaking in the independence festivities. Hopefully the noise doesn’t scare him too much. Happy Fourth of July, buck!

Mountain Lion On The Chase

Looks like the camera caught the mountain lion while he’s preparing dinner. He’s only a few paces behind this deer, we wonder if he will catch him?

The deer seems to be running as fast it possibly can. What an amazing picture of a wild chase happening right in front of this trail cam.

Hawk With A Kill

The camera caught this hawk consuming its prey, we can’t see what it is exactly but he seems to be enjoying it. The little buck in the back has arrived just in time for the viewing.

It’s not too often that a buck happens upon a scene like this, he looks intrigued but also confused as to what’s happening.

Coyote With Its Kill

Looks like mom or pops are bringing dinner home for the family. It looks like dinner of choice tonight is fawn… yum.


I’m sad for the fawn but the coyote does need food for its pups. This is the circle of life of life though!

Glowing Eyed Buck

This buck looks possessed and it is super freaky! Eek. If it wasn’t for the shrubbery around him, he would exactly like a deer in headlights.

Deer can definitely feed any time of the day, but since they are also considered dinner for predators, they tend to prefer feeding at night.

Deer Up Close

This is a hilarious picture of a deer taken very close at this exact moment. How the trail cam managed to capture this is crazy!

Maybe they put food on the trail cam to make it come close? It does look like he is in the middle of chewing.

Bear Doing Its Business

The bear chose right in front of the camera to pop a squat. He was probably unaware of the camera and then he suddenly heard the flash from the camera go off.

I guess he’s not such a fan of the trail cam, we also wouldn’t be if we just wanted some privacy to do our business.

Creepy Tapir

Wow! That’s one scary-looking Tapir. The flash made his eyes bright yellow which gives him this incredibly eerie stare.

If this was my trail camera, I wouldn’t want to go back to that trail! That tapir looks huge and not to be trifled with!

Barrel Boy

Here we have another deer with a barrel stuck in between its antlers. We wonder how this can happen so easily that two deer had to lumber this heft barrel around.

If somebody lost their bucket, I’m sorry to say but they aren’t getting it back anytime soon. Unless they don’t mind getting close to this deer?

Pig Fight

Poor buck thinks that it has won a fight with a pig. It doesn’t realize, however, that the pig is fake.

Now the fake pig is stuck in the buck’s antlers, that’s embarrassing. I hope he can let it loose or he’ll be a pig head for life!

Polka Dot Moose

Is that a moose cow? I have never seen a moose with fur like that! What a special coat he has, we’ve never seen anything like it.

Moose have a diet consisting of terrestrial vegetation forbs and shoots from trees. moose require a daily intake of 9770 kilocalories (32 kg)!

White Snow

This snowy white deer is so beautiful! It sticks out in nature like a sore thumb, the only time he blends in must be in winter when everything is covered in snow.

The visibility of white deer makes them easy prey for hunters and natural enemies like coyotes, and such a herd would not survive in the wild.

Mystery Deer

I have no idea what could have happened to this deer but it seems to be in bad form. I think he needs to get right to the emergency vet.

That looks like one gross-looking infection. Hopefully, it’s not contagious to the other deer in his herd.

The Bear Necessities

Everyone can relate to what this bear was going through when he got caught on this trail cam. Hey, when you’ve got an itch, you’ve got to scratch it, right?

And let’s take a moment to talk about how tall this bear is. On his hind legs, he’s almost up there with the tree – and he’s not even standing upright all of the way!

Wild Doggy Style

It’s not enough that these two coyotes got caught in the middle of their intimate encounter, but they’re also both staring directly at the camera.

It’s almost as if they knew it was there and they were posing for it. Or, it could be that they were surprised by it. Give the dogs some privacy!

Monkeying Around

The owner of this property set the trail cams up to catch the wild animal that had been running amuck in the middle of the night. But when they checked the footage, what they found confused them.

It seems like 2 grown adults in head-to-toe gorilla costumes. It would seem that some people have entirely too much time on their hands.

Oh Deer

What would you do if you were loading up your gear from your hunting trip and you came back to the truck to find this? This buck is obviously feeling bold after making it out of the forest alive that day.

Yeah, it was an unsuccessful hunting trip, hence the deer’s “ha-ha, you didn’t get me,” stance. Let’s hope he made it out of there before the hunter got back, though.

Masks Off

This trail cam caught something that any homeowner would be terrified to see. Just imagine checking your footage and seeing this creepy…whatever it is. What on earth is this person doing?

I would be super freaked out if I saw someone in this mask roaming around my backyard. Please go away now, mask man!

Bear Fight

These two bears were obviously in the middle of a heated argument. Maybe it’s a husband and wife bear arguing about who’s to stay home with the cubs and who’s going out to catch dinner. It doesn’t look like either of them is backing down. But we all know who’s

going to win that argument (hint, it’s probably the wife bear.)

Paws Off

The security cameras on this house captured the very moment this black bear ran away with the delivery of dog food that was sitting on this porch. That bear really hit the jackpot getting its paws on a whole box of canine treats.

And now that he knows where the good stuff’s at – he’ll probably be back for more next time! Better ask your delivery people to leave it in the garage.

Creepy Forest Creature

Several people have tried to debunk this trail cam photo, saying that it was either some type of prop, or CGI, but they haven’t quite been able to do it. So, what exactly is this creature crawling on all fours late at night through the woods?

Maybe it’s a Halloween gag or something for a horror movie? In any case, it’s disturbing and I definitely wouldn’t want to see it anywhere near my house.

Bear Back

These 2 brown bears were caught with their bear-pants down by the camera on this man’s property. He probably didn’t expect to see anything like that when he checked the footage that day.


We feel kinda bad for the bear couple. They were just trying to have a romantic time as a couple while along the water.

Run Away Fast

If only this deer could see that terrifying ghostly face behind him, he wouldn’t be standing in place. He would be running, just like anyone else unfortunate enough to see that thing hiding behind some trees in the middle of the night.

Does the deer know what’s right behind him? And why does that thing look like it’s screaming? Run, deer, run! I know I would be.

Fun Times

This bear was caught on camera rolling down a hill at Denali National Park. Entertainment isn’t just a human concept. Animals get bored too. There are only so many things you can do to have fun in the wild.

It’s awesome this little guy found his own rollercoaster and could roll down this hill. Maybe he’ll show the other bears how it works and start a whole amusement park.

What Is That?

This is another case of someone’s trail cam unintentionally picking up something that looks like it’s come straight out of the nightmare world. Sure, it may be the hunter decked out in camouflage, sneaking around trying to catch something in stealth mode.

Or, it would be the boogeyman, or maybe even Sassquatch looking for his next human victim. Let’s not stick around to find out.

Go Home, Sally

What is this little girl doing roaming around outside during the night? And why does it look like she’s wearing clothes from a few centuries ago? Come to think of it, it really looks like she doesn’t have any feet.

Could it be that’s because she’s a ghost? Or maybe just a large doll that has been strategically placed as some kind of scarecrow to keep pesky animals away?

Buck It

We hope that’s a distorted image of a bear running after that deer and not some type of deformed forest monster. Although it definitely looks more like a monster – some kind of weird winged bear/bat demon thing.

The deer would be running away in either case, from whatever that may be.. so I guess we may never know – which may not be such a bad thing.

Are We There Yet?

No one is 100 percent sure what exactly is happening in this image. This fawn looks like it’s had enough walking for one day, in my opinion. It decided it was just going to hitch a ride on mom, instead.

As she’s busy climbing on top of her momma, we can tell that momma deer looks like she has about had it, too. We know how you feel momma deer!


After all of the reindeer caught on camera, you have to start to wonder where Santa Claus had gotten off to.

Well, there’s finally proof that he exists, thanks to this random camera set up in someone’s yard in Canada.

Raccoons, Assemble!

If you’ve ever come face-to-face with a hungry raccoon, you know that it pretty much will stop at nothing to achieve its goal to eat. In this case, the goal was to reach the bird feeder full of delicious seeds.

Let’s just hope they all got equal shares. After all, they’re each working pretty hard to reach the munchies.

Skunk Tail

A picture is worth a thousand words, and pretty much all of those words have something to do with being smelly. Of course, the other end of the animal is actually adorable.


Some people even keep skunks as pets. Although the end that’s facing the camera can be silent yet deadly.

Moo-vie Star

This cow looks like it’s doing the over-the-shoulder glance that celebrities like to give the cameras when they’re on the red carpet.

She was definitely ready for her close-up when she got caught on this yard cam. Or maybe she’s looking over her shoulder because there’s a predator approaching?

Creepy Little Kid

What is it with these scary-looking kids wandering around the woods at night? I’m not sure if it’s the lighting or lack thereof, but this sure seems like one ghostly image.

Do these children have parents? Or did they just wander off in the nearby woods where they can escape doing their chores for a few hours?

You ‘Otter’ Follow Me

How cute is this bevy of otters moving through the woods behind this guy’s house? And yes, a group of otters is called a “raft.”

It looks like this rather large group of otters are on an important otter mission – part of which is to be insanely adorable.

The Back Scratching Tree

It looks as though this family of bears has found themselves a favorite tree. Maybe it’s because there aren’t too many low branches or anything else to get in their way.


Or maybe it’s just scratchier than the other trees. Hey, bears can have favorite things too and they all want a turn!

In Headlights

This deer looks like it has a few screws loose or something. It’s the perfect example of a deer caught in headlights look…okay, maybe it’s not exactly the norm.


But who are we to judge him, we’ve all had our picture taken at the wrong moment and end up hating how it came out. He’s just trying to do his best, right?

Hawk Eye

This is a pretty amazing image that got captured by this trail cam. Not only did this gorgeous bird come super close to the lens, but he decided to spread his wings and give us his best pose.

Work it, big guy! Birds of prey really are majestic; this is photo proof of that. Just look at those spectacular feathers he has on his wings.

Bear-Knuckle Boxing

Are these two polar bears fighting over dinner? Or perhaps they’re fighting over their favorite back-scratching tree? You know, when a bear goes up against any other creature in a fight, you pretty much know who’s going to win.


But when it’s bear verse bear, it’s a toss-up. It looks more like a friendly match though, almost as if they’re doing a dance.

Hello There

If that beak doesn’t look like it could tear smaller animals into kibbles and bits, I don’t know what does. Of course, it could also be the angle this bird has on this lens that makes it appear more menacing than he actually is.

Birds of prey are awesome, but they can also be dangerous – even for humans, but especially for other animals. This one looks especially mean.

Hugging it Out

The picture of these lizards makes it seem as though they’re in the process of making up after a bad argument they had. “No, it was my fault, really.” “No, no, it’s all on me. It was my bad.”


If you look closely, it even looks like the one that’s eyeing the camera is smiling a bit. I’m glad they were able to work things out.

Baby Bear

This charming little bear cub got caught on film sitting upright with the cutest look on his face. He’s probably watching his mom.

Getty Images Photo by ANDREYGUDKOV

Or maybe a butterfly or something caught his eye because he does look kind of curious. I would want to pet his fluffy little tummy if I wasn’t so sure he could rip my hand right off.

Animal Party

A fox, a possum, and a rabbit all walk into a bar… okay, just kidding. But for some reason, they did all wander into this exact spot at the same time. We wonder if they saw each other?


The fox must have already eaten his dinner, too, because otherwise, he’d probably be lunging after the bunny instead of walking away from it. Apparently, they’ve all got important animal stuff to attend to.

Seagull Shot

Seagulls can get pretty crazy when they want to eat, though. That’s why restaurants on the ocean sometimes put up wires over outdoor seating areas to keep them from divebombing customers for their French fries.


But hey, you can’t blame a seagull for trying, right? Wouldn’t you rather have something different like fries for lunch? Yeah, same here.

Squirrel Selfie

Now this one is just way too cute. The lens of the camera stole this squirrel’s attention, and he’s looking right at it as he munches on his lunch. Maybe he’s worried it’s somehow going to try and steal his stash?


You know how squirrels can be about their nuts. It’s okay, we’re just admiring your face, little guy, you can hang on to your food.

Be Cool and Blend

Apparently, social behavior can rub off on birds, too. This duck is acting like he thinks he’s supposed to be standing on one leg.

Maybe he’s been hanging around the flamingos for so long that he believes he’s one of them? The other duck is hiding her face like, “I don’t know him, I swear.”

The Cat Cam

This neighborhood cat was out for a stroll this day when he decided to come and check out this shiny thing he hadn’t seen before. Then he found out he could scratch his face on it, and the camera caught him mid-scratch before he went back in for another round.

Cats getting caught on camera with their mouths open as if they’re about to sneeze is one of the most delightful things in the world.

Good Kitty

As cute as cats maybe – even large cats – this is not something you want to see on your security footage from outside of your home, especially if you’ve got cats (or dogs) of your own.

And if you do happen to see something like this, keep your animals indoors and under your watch to keep them safe! Look how cool his glowing eyes look in the dark, though!

Heavy Headed

This guy is ready for his closeup! He’s looking directly at the camera, more than likely because he’s wondering what that weird-looking thing is that’s pointed at him.


f54941219791e93475f70437696f0826_40-24 Can you imagine having those things sticking out of your head? Poor thing must get headaches a lot, and they must be heavy to carry all day long.

Ninja Rodent

There’s a very good chance that this image has been photoshopped. But some speculate that something insane was going on in this part of the woods that night and this rodent actually went Kamikaze on the snake.

It’s still a pretty great picture no matter what the explanation for it is, crazier things have happened.

I Just Can’t Bear It

Does anyone else just want to go pat this bear on the back and ask him how he’s doing? It looks as though he’s had a rough day and needs to talk about it, and maybe even a bear hug.

The poor thing obviously needs a friend or perhaps just needs to sit and ponder his choices in life. It’s never too late to make a change!

Foxy Lady

This image must be the reason people use the term “foxy” to describe someone they think is attractive. I mean, how cute is his scrunched-up face?


This fox looks like it’s enjoying some sunshine. So much, in fact, that he’s smiling about it while enjoying the pleasant rays on his fur.

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