Unbelievable Construction Fails That Really Happened

Architecture and construction are something to admire…when it’s done right that is. But what you’ll see on our list is far from that. Some of these construction failures are just too good to be true. Get ready for miscalculated doors, and unbelievable improvisations. One thing’s for sure, you will definitely be amused.

This Is Going to Be An Issue

This picture of an electric post standing in the middle of the road to nowhere makes us curious. It makes us wonder which was there first: the post or the concrete. It just doesn’t make sense at all.


To have a post standing on a highway poses an immeasurable risk to drivers, especially at night. It’s like trying to finish a video game where you have to hurdle past the challenges per level, except that, in our world, you only have one life to use to finish it all. Seriously, somebody from the government needs to do something about this before anyone gets hurt.

Concrete Pool?

Wow! If you’re planning on having your kids visit the community playground, better make sure everything is in order before you let them run free. I mean, we can never be too sure that our loved ones are safe out there, even with our watchful eyes upon them.


One minute they could be running around, happily chasing one another, getting excited about taking turns on one of the slides, like this one in the photograph; and the next thing you know, poof! They’re out of your sight. This craziness needs to be covered up ASAP, before some innocent little kid gets hurt.

Solid Urban Planning

Our opinion? The architect and engineers who constructed these buildings, that are completely out of synch with the rest of the city’s infrastructure, must be brought back to school for a refresher course. It’s almost as if a giant moved these structures in overnight, just to annoy us, and possibly cause unnecessary traffic.


But I’d really like to know who did this, and where they went to college. This sight is a wonder but in a bad way. Our civilization ought to be better than this by now, don’t you think? Compared to the ancient pyramids, this makes it seem like we’re actually going backwards in our construction skills!

Just In Case

Some challenges in life are so hard, they cannot be easily described. And these trials are only fatefully assigned to the strong and most determined beings among us. Others would simply break under pressure, from being too weak, lacking the psychological muscle to withstand the difficult test.


Like have you ever been confused, in a coughing fit, as to whether you’re actually sneezing or just coughing, or both? In this case, looking at the featured photograph, do you think you can hone all your energy and focus on peeing and defecating, simultaneously? All we can say is: may the force be with you.

Bad Planning

Years ago, the owner of this house must have had great plans of building his home. He discussed his ideas with his architect, and having worked long enough to earn the money needed to finance its construction, he let his lifelong project of building a dream residence roll.


The only problem is that he had probably expected the road to run just beside his property, that’s located down the slope, from a depressed surface. But it happens to veer away, as if changing its mind about letting him live on the street at the last minute. And now his parking area floats above the second level. Or he’s probably just out of his mind to have it built that way. Case closed.

Not Sure What Happened Here

The original plan must have been to put a light post by the side of the road for cyclists riding at night. It looks like a nice place to walk around with a friend, too, so it ought to be useful to the general public.


It’s just confounding how the guys in charge of this project think a couple of rocks on its plinth is the best way for the thing to hold its ground. And it also defeats the whole purpose of its own existence (supposing we guessed it right that is) by blocking the path. Whatever the intention was for putting this post there, it’s a nuisance nevertheless.

Very Curious

This looks like a door that’s intentionally built to lock people inside. Well, we’re not so sure if it’s even locked from without, so maybe its residents are free to leave anytime. The doorstep is 12 to 15 feet below, and a sign must be put up that says, “leave at your own risk.”


We wonder what these two military men have to do with it. Over the years, the government has had its fair share of secrets, right? Once you leave the building, how do you get back in? This is one picture that needs further investigation.

Brilliant Security System

It makes us feel secure to live within gated communities, especially with all the crime that goes on nowadays. It has the advantages of prestige, added amenities, and strict rules in implementation.


These residents wanted their home to be more secure, and so they added an iron gate at the front of their home, with an additional locking system. However, a would-be thief only needs to take a side step to see that its flank is totally open by the staircase. The laziest intruder could get inside just by stepping over a line of plants.

Only For Skilled Drivers

Upon a bit of careful analysis, we’ve come to the conclusion that this electrical post was erected way after this house was constructed, simply to make the owner furious. Perhaps there’s some revenge plot going on here we aren’t privy to? Someone must be holding a grudge. It’s got to be personal.


How in the world do you expect the owner of this house to drive his truck inside and out of the garage each day without uttering a handful of expletives? This is mean. This is savage. What’s worse is that they probably can’t do anything about it.

Just In Case You Felt Like Living On Your Balcony Forever

We already showed you the stairs that led to an invisible door, which we theorized must be covered by Harry Potter’s invisible cloak. Now here we are looking at the terrace of a condominium that overlooks the beauty of the city.


 It should be great to live in this high rise apartment, and gaze across the city lights below at night, the blinking specks of liners floating out yonder in the ocean. However, it doesn’t appear to have worked out that way. In fact, this surely is a place Clark Kent would buy, for only he could appreciate it with his pair of Superman eyes peering through its thick walls.

Just Cruel

We’ve read somewhere that running up and down a staircase makes for great exercise. It strengthens your leg muscles, trims your waistline, improves your cardiovascular system, and stamina. This is the only thing that comes to mind whenever we look at this picture.


Otherwise, you’d be quite disappointed for putting in the effort to use the stairs only to end up facing a wall. The whole idea is like a puzzle game. We imagine guests have no choice but to go back down and find other ways in the maze to get to their destination.

We’ll Just Swim Under It

I am not a coward, nor am I indecisive, but I won’t cross this bridge when I get to it. Look at how the sheet, that arches over the running water below, is so thin it would probably give in with only a scooter moving over it. Besides, it is old, and its estimated capacity from the time it was constructed must have dropped considerably. No pun intended.


Instead of buttressing the structure, the people in charge of it put a pile of blocks underneath to hold it up. How considerate of them. Did it not occur to them that it would make way more sense to demolish and rebuild, instead? Apparently not.


We understand that marketing ads are supposed to draw an audience to buy a certain product or service. If you put a door next to a large advertisement, it’s probably to convert one’s audience to actual profit or sales, to invite them into an office. But this one here is deep.


It’s like you’re making people actually think as if they are bound to stumble into something really insightful. Or, no. Maybe it’s just a very dumb way of constructing a door into the building. There’s no need to overthink this.

This Is Going To Be An Issue

In a world where every minute counts, the pace of life seems to grow faster each day, to keep up with the high demands of society. And this here is a photograph that proves that not everyone is in a hurry. In fact, this here is an attempt to delay our transportation and delivery system.


There is a massive lack of coordination here, between the railroad company and the electric company. Whoever put this post in the middle of it, is probably too lazy to call up management for a quick double check and consultation.

“I Said No Cars!” – The Tree

This photograph is not taken from an episode of Man vs. Wild (starring the man who can literally eat and drink anything, Bear Grylls), but the message is pretty similar. For the owner of this house to park a car, they would have to have above-average driving skills, capable of slanting it in at an angle, starting from the street. Then maybe, maybe, they’d be able to fit the automobile in without so much as a scratch from the tree. The bigger the vehicle, the harder it would be.


You can’t argue with nature. Maybe no one is in the wrong here. Or, maybe the homeowner could just ask for an official permit to have it cut down. Though it would be a sad loss, you have to admit, his life would become much easier.

ATMs For Tall People Only

In this day and age, we find it appalling to realize that discrimination still exists within our communities. It’s been decades since governments ruled out the apartheid, and we try our best not to widen the gap between the affluent and the poor.


But discrimination again mutates into something more horrible. It has now become a battle between tall and short people. Look at this man, obviously a customer, who only wants to access his funds. How they make it so hard for the poor guy just because he is short. Corporations must stop this discriminatory policy now.

They Did What They Could

There is something poetic about this photograph. Somehow, it reminds me of a book by the great Ernest Hemingway, from which this excerpt is taken: “now is no time to think of what you do not have. Think of what you can do with what there is.”


Okay, seriously, the designer of this room could have easily managed the space by moving one or two of its fixtures, and this problem would have been very easily solved. But here we are, presented with a roundabout way of fixing it. Bravo!

Door Or Window?

Well, I’m not sure if this is a bad window with stairs leading up to it, but I sure don’t see a door anywhere in this picture. And if it was just a window, why did they have to put two columns on the sides?


So, maybe the owner planned on starting up a home business, and asked the architect to make him a take-out counter of sorts? Maybe this is it, or… you know what? I’m out of guesses. All that’s left to do is to walk up the stairs and place an order; then we’ll see if that’s how this works.

Not For Drunks

If you like to make believe, perhaps you would rather think of this spot as a likely addition to Harry Potter’s secret corners. It seems like somebody must have washed the wizard’s invisible cloak and hung it outside on a clothesline to dry, just over the top of the stairs. What other logical explanation could there be?


I mean, there must be a doorway here somewhere, as the stairs undoubtedly lead to it. The contractor has some explaining to do all right. His expenses need to be audited, and let’s see if he charged the owner of this place for installing a door. Although, if it is a camouflaged door, then our opinion of the contractor will do an immediate 180.


Imagine two men standing too close to one another as they take a leak in the john. Not only does this mean they’re arms must touch, but if you find yourself really about to go, and all the other urinals are full, it means you’ll have no choice but to shoulder your way so you can fit.


Whoever did this must be trying to be funny. It wouldn’t cost millions for contractors to fix this up, but management seems content to just let it be. The only way this kind of thing could be left like this is if it was set up on purpose to mess with people. That’s one strange sense of humor!


Again, mathematics is a matter of utmost importance when it comes to building things, and this includes times where we have to measure pipes, poles, lumber, boxes, and boards, etc. They say it really takes an intelligent person to construct something successfully.


If that’s so, the person who made this certainly doesn’t fit the bill. Honestly, they must be very poor with numbers, and lazy with their measurements. This faucet overshoots by way more than a mere millimeter, making it more than a slight design flaw. This picture has the water running, so expect a call from the neighbors once it overflows.

Jump Into Your Home

This photograph shows the entrance to the building, which must be at least five feet high. It makes you curious. Like you would be when walking along the historical streets of Europe; you just turn into a sponge, hungry for details and more information surrounding a particular work of art or beautiful example of architecture you happen to pass by along the way.


This home is only for the young. Grandparents are not liable to visit their families if they have to leap in and out each time. This place is too much work for those with bad knees, you know?

Avoid The Fire Exits

It is imperative that every building has its own fire exit. We never know what can happen at any given moment, and its inhabitants must have a safe way to get out in times of emergency. The owner of this building must think he has complied with that requirement.


Although, as photographed, anyone who goes out this way will have to take a leap to get to their car and finally exit the premises. It’s like running away from one danger to another. Out of the frying pan, into the fire, as the saying goes.

This Is Not Going To Work

Imagine having to raise enough money to hire a group of construction people to fit a railing, or, set up hatch, or fit in a piece of brand new furniture, only to come home to discover this. Not only have they rendered it defunct, you now have one or two more problems added to your list than before you hired them.


You don’t know if you want to laugh out loud, or berate them. Some dumb things can overwhelm you so much that you don’t exactly know how to react to the profound stupidity of it all. We hope this homeowner found a way!

No, Man… Just, No

One day the owner of this house finally decided to secure his home. He bought both handles for the door ( inside and out) that leads to the yard, and probably set the lock in, too. He stood up, dusted off his trousers and took a few steps back to admire his work. “It’s all good,” he thought, happy with his handiwork. The whole set looks spiffy and clean.


The only problem now is that the handle is blocking it’s closure. With horror and dejection settling over him, our homeowner learned he had just wasted his time fitting it in, and after all the work he’d put in, his knees were hurting to boot. Wonderful? Nah, bro.

A Different Kind Of Back Door

We’ve been presented with one too many doors installed way too high above the ground, so maybe this has been perpetrated by the very same serial contractor of absolute failure. So far, this one is worse than the others, and people could seriously get hurt.


Look at how every level of this apartment building has been constructed with the same trap. Notice how even the rooftop is built with a gap, where anyone could fall at the slightest misstep. We wonder how they got their building permits for this in the first place.

Made For The Blind, By The Blind

Even if you zoomed out your vision, and didn’t really focus on any particular angle, you would really be able to detect something wrong here. How the pedestrian lines cross the roads toward the edge of the curb instead of its road pavement. How the lines are misaligned, geometrically, and very bothersome to look at.


The guys hired to do this must not really care at all about their jobs, or, they must be blind. And their supervisor seems okay with this. How could they not have seen this? Impossible!

Worst Job Ever

Building structures require that the minutest calculations are performed to perfection. The height, width, weight, durability, capacity, and all that must be accurately done. In this photograph, construction people seem to be in a debate from both ends of an unfinished bridge.


Somebody must not have done his job right, and that’s exactly what they’re trying to figure out. Along with the more pressing question, of how on Earth are they going to align two parts of the bridge now? You can’t just push it a bit, can you? We wonder if the whole thing will simply need to be torn down so they can start again. What a waste!

Poor Little Window

Based on this photograph, it seems like this little window is undergoing some rough times, down on his luck. In a long line of well-erected windows marching forward, this lowly one straggles, just about ready to quit.


It is mind boggling to think of how this might have happened. It’s like a picture frame hanging on a wall that somebody has tipped to the side. But windows don’t tip! It’s so shockingly bad to look at, that passersby would have to pause, bemused, and stare.

It’s OK, We Get The Message

You can either accuse the guy who painted this on the street of not knowing how to spell properly, or be a bit kinder and simply suspect him of being dyslexic; something that clearly isn’t his own fault. Even a fifth grader can spell the word “stop,” and this isn’t a special code or something that needs to be deciphered.


It’s just funny how an adult could be hired to do a simple job and then mess it up so badly. On the lighter side of things, it could be a source of humor for travelers passing by, to keep them from drowsiness. There’s nothing like a good laugh to boost your alertness.

No Comments

It seems like things are getting worse, from invisible doors to windows, we now have a stairway to Hogwarts. The damage here is going to be costly, with stairs this wide supposedly open to the public.


So maybe the business owner has opted to keep it upright instead, to save him from incurring the additional expense of dismantling the whole wrong-town fiasco. If it took some spell to take down the stairway to Hogwarts, perhaps Harry Potter could do it without leaving a void, or a black hole. Let’s hope whoever is responsible for this mess isn’t a muggle, or their hopes of an easy fix are pretty slim!

We Really Hope The Trains Aren’t Operating

These are strange times indeed. Apparently one is no longer safe within the confines of one’s home. This photograph shows us a terrace where the railroad runs directly below it. But of course, this transit line must have been condemned years ago, otherwise this structure would have been smashed into bits.


It’s still hilarious to look at this picture, though. It stimulates one’s imagination, of what the odds are that you’d one day sit outside with a cup of tea, and see a freight train choo-choing in your direction.

Happy April Fools!

We all like to have a room with a view, just like the women in the classic novel by E.M. Forster. At an office, it would be de-stressing to take a short break from work and watch the birds pass outside, or perch atop telephone wires; and the network of people and automobiles down below your building, proceeding with their mechanical routines while you take a rest and enjoy the counter-flow.


But this is indeed the dad of all jokes when it comes to windows. To turn the slides open and be greeted by a thick wall will give those with claustrophobia a heart attack.


If I had a drone to play around with, I’d take a picture with it while hovering a few feet above this place. It’s not a giant gaping hole. I think it’s a pattern created by UFOs on the road, apparently at night, when everyone else in the neighborhood was deep asleep.


Just look at the way the lines separate at a certain point, veering towards opposite directions. That has to mean something, right? It’s like a scene from the Twilight Zone TV series, from back in the day. Spooky.

Low Fees

Who said cash machines have to be convenient. Use them at your leisure. Take a seat, have a cup of coffee. This ATM looks like it will provide you with all your needs. While at first glance it may look like a bit of a fail, this actually might revolutionize how we treat our money.


Maybe this will even…I’m getting ahead of myself. This actually looks a little silly. Can we get a normal cash machine please?

Guess and Go

The ability to see traffic lights is a rather crucial part of road safety, so this fail leaves one scratching their heads in total confusion. Perhaps this is some kind of experiment to leave drivers to their own devices. For now it doesn’t look like a total disaster.


A fail? An act of vandalism? Whatever it is, someone needs to fix this now before disaster strikes!

A Window With a View

This seemingly quaint little attic could have had a lovely floor top view if someone didn’t stick the chimney (or fireplace?) smack in the middle. Interesting choice. Unfortunately, this window will never reach its full potential.


We strongly hope that the next residents rectify this situation. Windows need to be looked out from, not be bricked up!

Out of My Way

Interesting spot for a fan. Ideally, a fan rotates without knocking into walls, thus creating a breezy much-needed effect during those summer months. But perhaps this fan is being re-purposed has a hammer?


Whatever the plan is, both those walls and that fan need to be taken care of immediately. Unless this is an abstract work of art, in which case- we don’t get it.

Open Game

Nothing like watching a live game of your favorite sports team. That is of course if you can actually see them play! This is one of those instances in which the designers didn’t quite take into account the bigger picture. Do you want chairs in a stadium? You got it! The rest didn’t seem to matter.


Let’s hope the place has got some killer acoustics. Maybe some. The crowd’s gotta enjoy it somehow.

Step Out Onto the Balcony

Balconies are truly one of the best things about a home. There is nothing like stepping out onto a little balcony with your morning coffee. Sadly, these builders sort of missed the point when it came to the concept of a balcony.


On the other hand, it could double as a decorative piece? Maybe? Maybe not. But let’s stay positive.

Out of Reach

We all know how important comfort and convenience are when going to the bathroom. When certain crucial things aren’t in place, such as toilet paper, things can get a little messy. We wouldn’t like to imagine the situation play out in reality. Is there crawling involved? Some nifty arm work? Looks more like a work-out than anything else.


It’s safe to say that this bathroom failure is top-notch and whoever designed it, was probably a cruel and soul-less practical joker.

Security First

It’s good to feel safe and secure. Our homes have all our valuables in them. We want to keep those bad folks out. What better way to do that than to fence off our properties with gates that indicate how secure they really are. Even if it is a lone gate that stands in the middle of nowhere, not doing anything.


Seems like that’s precisely what these guys did. Hey, maybe this is all you need.

You Shall Not Pass

What kind of place is this? The first thing that comes to mind is a school hall. A really bad one. One that is clearly made of prison-like walls and massive polls that restrict movement. Nothing says ‘stay in class’ like a giant pillar placed in front of a door, in the middle of a passage, with chairs.


What on earth was this person thinking? Also, are people meant to walk out into lines and huddle their way through on the other side? What is going on here?

Is This Platform 9 and 3/4?

We’re hoping this isn’t another terrible design flaw, and is instead a bootleg remake of Harry Potter. It does kind of look like a version of Harry, Hermoine, and Ron making their way through the train station, trying to get to some knock-off Hogwarts.


That, or someone decided to place a wall right in front of an escalator, making it impossible for people to pass. Genius.

Living on the Edge

This seems like a bright idea. Placing a tap directly above an electrical outlet is guaranteed to create drama. There are construction fails, and there is this. Construction 101, do not place any electrical outlets near a water supply. This seems obvious to anyone.

Facebook/TOUT NOUvÈL

We sure hope no one got hurt in the process.

An Unexpected Current

Not that we’re all professional electricians here, but there’s something about water spewing out of an electrical outlet that seems a little…off. To put it lightly. Never mind how hazardous this can be, the bigger question is, how the heck did this happen?


It kind of looks like those little outlets are sobbing from being so terribly wired. Poor things. Let’s just keep fingers away from that thing.

You’re Doing it Wrong

Ah, London. Black taxis, Big Ben, and red telephone boxes. These are the quaint little features of this wonderful city. They are so great in fact, that other people in other parts of the world want to have them too. Sadly, however, not everyone can get it right, so they do what they can with what they have. Case in point – this telephone box.


Cultural nuances aside, this looks kind of impractical. The idea of the box is to have a private and undisturbed conversation with someone. Talk about personal space.

In Case of Emergency

Hopefully, no sudden fires start in this area. It would destroy everything by the time rescuers would be able to open the fire hydrant.


We can’t think of a worse place to install a fire hydrant or anything else one would need in case of an emergency.


Stair railings are important, they help you keep your balance while going up or down a flight of stairs. That is of course if they are built correctly and aren’t part of some weird balancing act. This staircase looks more like an abstract installation piece than an actual staircase.


It does look like it does the job though, maybe with a little bit of an artsy touch. Or just a badly built staircase. Hard to tell.

A Path to Nowhere

An interesting choice when it comes to ramps. Ideally, you would like to have a ramp leading somewhere and not directly into a wall. It sort of makes the whole ramp thing redundant.


Why does this even exist in the first place?

Well Placed

Talk about an indispensable soap dispenser and the weirdly placed hand dryer. At least there are two functional soap dispensers over there, with that unnecessary third one just hovering over. It sort of looks like it’s the third wheel who never quite fits in.


We give this one in F in bathroom design.

A Good Effort

This baby boom barrier has a lot of growing up to do and perhaps is overreaching a little. While this is a total failure on the part of the supposed security company that put this there, we can’t help but notice that this is indeed adorable.



You’re doing a great job, little one, maybe one day you will actually be able to stop a car.

Tap Shower

There is no use for water to run onto the handle of a faucet. Think of all the crazy watermarks, and just the general pointlessness of it all.


We’ve seen some real fails when it comes to bathroom designs, yet it seems that this one takes the cake for creativity. One really had to go out of their way to come up with this one.

Lean On Me

Whoever installed this flat this radiator must be very lazy. I mean, there must be a way to mount this radiator in a better place!


All they wanted was their central heating. Wonder how long that’ll stay like that until this improvisation gives in.

Handicap Accessibility

They say its the thought that counts… but is it really? They probably meant well by hanging the sign but how do they expect a disabled person to get up those stairs?!


Hopefully, this was just a sarcastic joke and no one was stupid enough to completely overlook those steps.

“Rest” Room

This is not exactly what you have in mind when you think of a “restroom.” Especially if you suffer from claustrophobia.


I mean, we’re sure half of the people that will need to use this toilet won’t even fit inside, considering the dimensions of the average American. Good luck with that.

Stairs Leading to a Head Bump

These steps are very misleading because anyone who chooses to take them will probably end up hitting their head on the column at the top, especially today with everyone staring at their phones.


The cool thing about them though is that they kind of look like those Mayan pyramids. So, we’re hoping that this was done for aesthetic purposes only.

Is This Some Terrible Joke?

At least this woman seems to have a sense of humor and is smiling at the matter. But just imagine of of the others struggling to get up the slope?


We feel like this is just a lawsuit waiting to happen, and rightfully so!

Roller Coaster Ride

Another photo showing the daily struggles that people with disabilities may come across. This one looks pretty dangerous whether the person is going up or down the slope.


Hopefully, no one tries either option, unless their in for a little action, because this is a roller coaster ride.

The Art of Improvisation

We get that these people didn’t do the best planning, but why fix it like this? How is this even practical?


It’s times like this when it better to admit defeat and start over. Not make matters even worse.

Too Close For Comfort

These balconies are so close you could probably smell your neighbor’s breath. Just imagine going out on your balcony in the morning, with a cup of hot coffee perhaps…


And then, bam! You bump heads with the person on the balcony across from you! Day ruined.

That’ll Do!

If there’s something that you’ve learned from this article so far is that people become very creative when they realize they messed up.


As much as this list makes us doubt mankind you have to give credit when credit’s due. These people get an ‘A’ for coming up with an “innovative” solution.

Stairway to…Ceiling?!

Someone failed their job here. Either the architect didn’t design this well, or the contractor misread the blueprint.



And who has to suffer now? Anyone over 5’2 that’ll have to use these stairs, that’s who.

Let There Be Light!

This place probably decided to put a new wall up and then they realized when they got to the ceiling that “Houston we have a problem.”


But instead of moving the huge florescent light, and installing it elsewhere, they just decided to just build around it. The two rooms could share the light! After all, sharing is caring.

Not in Alignment

This was obviously not originally built like this, and whoever decided to have new windows installed didn’t think how ridiculous this would look from the outside of the building.


It’s a pity because the red brick building and the original window frame had a quaint vintage style that has been completely ruined with those newer windows.

Your Thron Awaits

What a strange placement for a toilet, and just imagine how odd it must feel to be doing your numbers from above like that.


This doesn’t look like the safest arrangement either. And again, where’s the handicap accessibility?

Prehistoric Escalator?

Looks like this shopping center planned to install an escalator but then ran out money and just had regular stairs built instead.


Not very handicap accessible if you ask us. Hopefully, there’s a real elevator near, that doesn’t require its passengers to pulls themselves up the floors manually.

Apartment Tunnel

As weird as this may look, we wouldn’t really call this a fail. If you absolutely love and trust your neighbor, why not give them 24/7, easy access to your apartment?


Pretty convenient if you ask us. Are there any family members or friends you’d build such a thing with?

Which 3rd Floor?

When it comes to most jobs, you want someone that has an eye for detail. As you can see in this photo, whoever did this didn’t even bother to double-check the numbers before installing them.


What’s funny about this is that no one bothered to correct the mistake. They just expected people to figure it out. Well done.

This is Why Logistics is Important

Yes, you can envision a renovated bathroom, with sky blue tile… but it all comes down to planning and logistics at the end of the day.


They seem to have run out of blue tile and just subbed them with some white ones they had around.

Missing Link

There’s a saying “Don’t Burn Bridges and then expect to see a boat.” Well, in this case, there’s no bridge to burn. They didn’t even bother to finish building it.


Maybe this was built especially for the daredevils out there. To see if one could make it from the staircase to the bridge and visa versa.