Unforgettable Wedding Dresses

04/amandadresMany of us might daydream on a crowded subway about our wedding day, drool escaping from the sides of our mouths, eyes slightly glazed over. During said daydream, perhaps you’re deciding on the floral arrangements, ice sculptures, the reception, the DJ, the four-piece string quartet, or perhaps you’re sampling the flavors for the 25-tier cake you really think you need. But there is one constant little thought bubble bouncing around in there…
Getty Images Photo by Dan MacMedan/WireImage/Pascal Le Segretain
Getty Images Photo by Dan MacMedan/WireImage/Pascal Le Segretain
For the brides to be, most of the stress isn’t over the venue, nor the guest list, but over the dress. A form-fitting sheath perhaps? A full-skirted ball gown? Maybe even some Swarovski crystals? Alas, our list does not cover the conventional, the chic, the elegant, nor the demure. You’re probably thinking, it can’t be THAT bad. Oh, but believe us, it is.

Talk About Anime-ted on the Big Day!

We’re sure that the illustrators of anime would be rather impressed and flattered at this bold bride’s choice of gown. With a shock of turquoise green hair cropped short, dark eyebrows and a deep plum shade of lipstick, she’s basically a living anime character! With her colorful and artistic tattoos on either arm and a romantic gown fitted at the waist, she sure commands all the attention.


Don’t forget the spattering of neon colored lace over her pretty white gown! To top it off? Grungy Doc Martens! Portland certainly isn’t sleepy or boring, and it takes one look at this bride to confirm that! We’re loving it!

You’re on Fire! Literally!

Damn gurl. That’s one hot dress. Like, really hot. Almost as if you’re – ON FIRE. Oh wait, it’s just some very clever dressmaking. Not sure why this bride decided to go to the altar up in flames (we’re not exactly implying that the devil was holding tight onto her dress), but it’s definitely a showstopper!


Whilst the flames aren’t exactly well drawn in an artful way, they’ve definitely got a hell-raising effect. Anyway, we’re sure the groom had nothing but fire in his eyes for his new bride.

Calling All Dress Train Holders!

What better way to get all hands on deck on your wedding day than to uh…get them to hold your train!? With basically the longest bridal train ever, it required literally every wedding guest’s help in order for the bride to walk down the aisle.


Boy, we’d hate to be the seamstress in charge of sewing that dress. Just imagine the fabric! But hey, on a bride’s special day, no request is too much.

Where Did the Bride Go?

Can anybody see the bride!? I think I see her head floating around the paddock but – oh, it’s a camouflage dress! This really seems to be quite popular in our list of unique bridal gowns. With a dress and train made of a fabric with what seems to be dead foliage, we’re really wondering the type of bride who would want this for her big day.


The groom is allowed to kick back in a white shirt and jeans (and a baseball cap…sheesh), but the bride here…well, nothing’s really giving us a sense of a new beginning, what with the dead leaves on her dress. Sure, a couple of bright orange gerberas liven things up, but we’re more disturbed than dazzled by this dress.

A Barnyard Extravaganza

So to the bride’s left, no no, it’s not the groom! Probably the flower- sheep? Looks pretty big for a sheep. Anyway, seems that the bride decided to borrow some of the wool from her bestie over here, because would you look at the bride’s skirt?! Yep, that’s one hundred percent sheep’s wool!


This bride’s going to have a woolly good time on her wedding day, that’s a definite. Would we choose wool for our wedding gown? Probably not, but hey, if it makes her happy, then the groom’s happy.

Just Ballooning Around!

Oh, look, another balloon dress. How creative. It seems that balloons, somehow, still seem to be making their way onto the bodies of brides-to-be. Sure, at birthdays and parties, balloons add to the spectacle, and are obvious signs of a celebration! But there is such a thing as overdoing it.


With the husband’s lack of pointy edges (perhaps in respect of bursting her bubble), not to mention lack of closed-in footwear, we’re not sure if they’re about to go for a swim or not. After all, it’s usually the female that keeps a marriage… afloat!

“This is MY (bridal) swamp!”

Where other brides would take heed of Shrek’s warning “this is the part, where you run away,” this bride truly embraced her inner ogre, and this was reflected in her bridal attire. When an animation comes to life, it’s surely something to ogle! With the possibility that the pair spent more than a few hours in the make-up chair, that’s certainly commitment – not only to each other but to the theme!

Getty Images Photo by Rui Vieira/PA Images

This beautifully green pair is certainly beaming… no doubt walking down the aisle to wedded bliss…and maybe even a castle in Far, Far Away. But then again if they’re true to their characters, the only place they can call home sweet home is Shrek’s swamp in the woods!

And They Lived Fairily Ever After…

We’re sure bridal dressmakers are sick of hearing brides say they want a “fairy-tale wedding.” Damn, that social conditioning will get you. This bride was decided on the theme of her wedding from the get-go. We’re getting vibes of Drew Barrymore in the live adaptation of Cinderella, in Ever After . Quite the dazzling display, even the groom got on board, with some additions of his own – yeah, that’s a velvet cape trailing behind him!


And here we thought only the bride was supposed to have a train! All they need now is a house that looks like a shoe and some toadstools in their garden. Naw, looks like princes and fairy princesses do still exist!

Toilet Paper the Bride!

Often the bride finds it difficult to use the restroom on her big day, with the maid of honor usually given the duty of assisting with bathroom duties. But not for these brides! They can simply lose a few inches on their dress without all the fuss! The other explanation? A bridal contest for who could craft the most creative dress out of toilet paper.

Getty Images Photo by Robin Marchant

To be fair, we just want to go with the first idea. While it’s okay for the bride to wear all white, we’re not sure how the groom would feel wearing all white on his wedding day. Maybe if it was dyed black…

One With Nature: The Fall Bride!

With the smell of gunpowder in the air, we feel this might even be a shotgun wedding. Or that’s just her overprotective father behind her, with his gun, just in case things go pear-shaped. God bless America, right? With what looks like a print that belongs more in the military than in the altar, we’re scratching our heads at what the groom could possibly be wearing.


We’re hoping it’s a suit made of the same fabric! The other possibility is that it’s some sort of admission into some sort of autumnal cult. Why would we say such a thing? She doesn’t exactly appear as the smiling bride. Well let’s move on now, and let this bride…have fun?

Twilight: Whose Side Are You On?

It was a series of novels that basically captivated teenagers (and moms, dads, brothers…aunties…uncles) worldwide. A phenomenon that hadn’t been seen since Harry Potter! For you Fifty Shades fans out there – did you know the inspiration for E.L James’s books was actually Twilight? However, we digress, back to those dresses!


Some women were SO into the leading vampire and werewolf of the trilogy – that’s Edward and Jacob to you – that they decided to dedicate their dresses to show their support for the men clearly more important than their own husbands-to-be! Awkward…

Pretty in Pink

Yeah, this isn’t a picture of Molly Ringwald. But you want to stick around to really take in this wedding dress. Is it fit for a fairytale? Yes. Is it pink? Double yes. Is it borderline shocking? Certainly. We have no doubts that this bride has been called a princess all her life, so it’s totally fitting that on her big day, she was treated – and dressed – like the princess she is!


Frills upon frills of marshmallow pink fabric would look amazing in a large space – but uh… looks like she may just be suffocating her groom. Does she care? No! Does he look like it’s bothering him? A little. But hey, anything for his future queen.

Arrr…Captain Redbeard Has Snagged Himself a Wench for Life!

To be sure, this rowdy Captain of the seas has somehow (probably drunkenly) gotten himself married! In true themed-wedding fashion, the only acceptable way to go about it is it to go all out. And for the bride of a ship’s commander? We’re talking corsets, full circle skirts, boots made for swashbuckling and a secret garter with a knife attached.


Don’t forget the pirate’s hat! And yes, this wedding took place ashore before the pair set sail to pillage together on their sailing honeymoon!

Graffito, Graffiti, it’s a Work of Art!

Derived from Italian, graffiti literally means “scratched.” Certainly not the case for this funky bride! Michelle here clearly isn’t afraid of color – so much so that she wanted it incorporated into her wedding dress! A showstopper that’s for sure, this quirky bride is well placed for a photo amongst the colorful street art!


And what’s a fun wedding dress without a touching tribute to her husband-to-be? The bride had her initials and his initials spray-painted onto the gown! Now that’s pretty sweet.

Don’t Be Blue on Your Wedding Day!

Well, no one wants to be down and depressed on their wedding day that’s for sure. Is this bride blue? In color, yes, but we’re sure she’s smiling on the inside. With a regal blue skirt and matching veil, the bride opted for some bling, with a corset studded with rhinestones!


Usually, these types of dresses can backfire…unfortunately whilst the color is unique, we think this is more prom nightgown than bridal gown!

Queen Snow Bunny and Her Kittens!

We’re not sure if this is a bridal party or a Halloween party, but if it’s the former, we are slightly worried. Also, can we just clear up the fact that, yes, the name for baby rabbits is, indeed, kits (short for kittens!). Now, onto our futuristic-looking bride. Mixing fur and bling is usually something reserved for wives of Russian billionaires, albeit they’d do it more tastefully.


This bridal look really isn’t getting any thumbs up from our panel, so we’re going to have to say no to this rather dynamic wedding troupe. Sorry ladies, maybe book an appointment at the dressmakers?

“Look for my symbol in the skies…” – Superbride

With this stoic pose and her head tilted toward the skies, this caped-crusader bride seems quite the force to be reckoned with. Again, we’re hoping this is some sort of party costume or party trick, but hey, maybe she’s just a bit of a comic geek! And we wouldn’t be surprised if this superhero-twist got the groom all flustered!


The dress itself is quite gorgeous, and even the bridal mask is quite pretty. But then looking at the bright yellow utility belt and elbow-length yellow gloves, we’re not exactly sure how she’d save the city in an outfit so difficult to move in. Then again, if she’s a superhero, she should be able to manage!

Hungry on Your Big Day? Sorted!

We’re sure a lot of brides get so caught up in the excitement of their big day that they often forget to eat! The next bride, Diane Nguyen, surely would’ve made her mandatory pit-stop at none other than Taco Bell. But why waste time waiting in the drive-thru when you can take Taco Bell with you?


Like, even into the church? Why didn’t we think of this before? While others may gasp and gawk in horror at seeing a bride stride down the aisle covered in Taco Bell, we’re sure there was a very appreciative bridal party. Snacks sorted!

She Has an Ace Up Her Sleeve

A little bit goth, a little bit casino, but with one of the best poker faces we’ve seen. This steam-punk meets roulette-table inspired wedding gown is definitely one of the more unique designs on our list. With spades, hearts, clubs, and diamonds sewn into the gown, there’s no doubt that she’s ready for a few games of Texas Hold’em!


The part we like best, though? The beautiful shade of antique rose pink that washes over the dress. It makes for a feminine bride, with a bit of punk attitude!

Out of This World

Made basically entirely of aluminum, and a sprinkling of rhinestones for a touch of glitz, this bride won’t ever be out of the groom’s sight in this dress!


So we’re not sure if she’s actually getting married, or if she’s just posing for photographs on Rodeo Drive, but either way, this is probably one of the better dresses on our list, even if it is made of aluminum. She might seem a little out of this world, but it’s totally in a good way!

She Spent HOW Much on Her Dress?!

At just 19, we’re astonished that this young woman commanded such an expensive dress to be made for her big day! The Slovakian Evka decided to splurge on her dream dress, spending a staggering $235,000 on a heavily embellished gold and white gown. While the wedding celebrations cost a mere $40,000, the bride was not moving on the cost of the dress.


Labeled the ultimate “big fat gypsy wedding”, the groom, Lukas, wore an equally gilded white and gold suit to match her! One thing’s for certain – they may be called “gypsies” but they certainly know how to splash their cash on a big old party!

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane…It’s a Man, It’s a Woman?

These days, women are way more independent – to the extent that they don’t even need a man. They can do the job themselves! This woman? She’s clearly got a very clever seamstress!


With a mind-bending half suit-half bridal gown, this woman is both bride and groom. A fashion statement for sure – we wonder what the priest said at this spliced wedding!

What Did One Autumn Leaf Say to Another? I’m Falling for You!

Next on our list is a pumpkin loving bride and groom. We’re willing to bet that they both share a love for the color orange. With a wedding dress that’s got the most puffs and bundles of tulle on the list, with a sort of ombre look going on, ironically it isn’t even the dress that we’re most concerned about.


What’s most concerning is the groom. With that shocking neon orange suit, we are sad that this has even seen the light of day. Can you imagine these two 10 years down the line looking at their wedding photos? Not to mention that sultry pose he’s got with the sidewards angled baseball cap. Yeah, nice one bro.

A Feathery Affair

Feathers add pomp, air, and fun to any outfit. They go well with many different styles, and just add a little pizzazz to what you’re wearing. Even your bridal gown. Normally very tastefully done, this bride went a little overboard. WARNING: Graphic content ahead. With the splash of red, it almost looks like her dress resembles a chicken that’s just been mauled by a fox.


Sorry for the graphic description, but once you see it, you can’t un-see it. And if we’re going to go down, we’re taking you with us! But hey, maybe she just wanted to be a little Broadway – now that we’re looking, we can see the elbow-length gloves and the walking cane. A picture of…(slightly disturbed) feathery elegance!

Who Cares About the Dress When You Can Go Undressed?!

Traditionally, brides are expected to be modest and lady-like, without showing too much flesh. But this bride certainly is not going by the book – in fact, she’s thrown it right out the window! To this bride, it seems that she’s more interested in showing her body art than covering it up.


Maybe she’s a believer in “what you see is what you get”? Anyway, whilst the dress is uh…minimalist, and certainly not as gaudy as others, perhaps it is better suited to a nightclub than for participating in the sacrament of holy matrimony.

The Bridal Bakery

Open for business! This bride was not messing around with bridal favors. With tiers upon tiers of cupcakes lining the skirt of her dress, this woman definitely has a love for cake. The groom should certainly be a little worried – we’d bet that she’d take the cake over him any day.


Let’s be real ladies – cake is there for you throughout the seasons, when you’re happy, sad and being unbearable. That, folks, is the ugly truth. But props for making the effort – at least they managed to dodge the costs of hiring waitstaff!

Don’t Ruffle the Bride’s…Ruffles?

Frills basically make everything better. Is there such a thing as too many frills? Yes. How do we know this? Just take a look at this dress. It’s almost as if the bride purposely wanted to look like a giant poodle.


To be fair, the groom won’t even be able to get close enough to kiss his bride what with all the frills and ruffles surrounding her. Maybe she’s playing hard to get…trying to ruffle his…feathers?

In Touch With Your Inner Child

So this wedding dress might look a little like a child’s 5th birthday party at the plastic ball pit, but hey, we’re not hating – on her special day she can wear whatever makes her feel beautiful! With her ball-coated dress and her peroxide blonde hair, she kind of looks like a Barbie doll. Don’t you think?

Getty Images Photo by Dan MacMedan/WireImage

Embracing her inner 5-year-old, this bride will be sprinkling color and joy wherever she goes! Now we just need some plain frosted cupcakes and a few of those sprinkles.

Nothing Like a Bit of Country Charm!

With the parasol and lacey boots, this young bride is a perfect picture of country charm. While the more elegant ladies of the world don sleek, minimalist designs for their big day, this bride certainly wasn’t looking to them for inspiration. The top of this dress starts off rather nicely, a nice lace with a high neck. Then things start to get a little more cowgirl, as the ruffles and flounce appear.


A peek-a-boo hemline leads down to a pair of bridal cowboy boots. Don’t forget the two-tone tulle. Overall, we’re not too enthusiastic about the total look. She does look like one of the brides out of the comedy film, 27 Dresses, though.

Brides Gone Wild!

So let’s start from the bottom – everything is looking pretty marital as far as we can see. And now up to the smiling fac- wait, what? Looks like the bride and groom stopped by a kid’s birthday party for some face painting before they walked down the aisle. But in love, it’s totally fine to embrace whatever quirks and eccentricities come along!


In nature, we’re pretty sure a tiger and a panda would stay well clear of one another, but not for this wild couple! They must have a lot of ah…animal magnetism…

Wigging Out!

Don’t freak out! It’s just a wig! There are hordes of brides who dream of walking down the aisle to their partner in the loveliest, most glamorous gown imaginable. To some brides, however, that gown isn’t always white and sparkly with lots of beading. For this bride, it was a giant wig. But the fun doesn’t stop there; this was a multicolored, tiered wig.


Starting with the mop of bright red hair on her head, the bodice was sewn together with long strands of hair, seemingly wrapped around the bride’s body! Then out of nowhere, the skirt jumps out to a dark red, before cascading into a light blonde. Rather majestic, and bizarre. We just hope it’s not made of human hair!

For Love of Country

Is that the American flag as a bridal dress? Well, maybe it’s a little too over the top – we’re wondering if this theme will extend to her bed linen and tea towels, too? Anyway, it’s a bit too kitsch for our taste, but maybe she’s got some back story that we’re not aware of. Or she’s just a good all-American girl that loves her husband-to-be as much as her country.


We’re going to stick to temporary tattoos at baseball games and red, white and blue striped activewear. But if that’s what this bride wants on her big day, then go for red, white and blue!

The Prickly Pear: A Love Story

Marilyn Monroe once said that “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, but do you think she considered the fact that it could possibly be cacti? Yeah, we didn’t think so. How could you miss an undying love affair between a woman and a cactus?


It seems that this woman was so besotted by the plants with a prickly demeanor that the theme even extended to her wedding dress. Not sure how she moved her arms in that… and er…some advice to the groom – don’t get too close buddy!

Feathers Ruffled?

With a graceful neck and the ability to glide over the water so effortlessly, the swan is a symbol befitting a lovely bride. And as such – this bride’s gown was born! With the addition of feathers in a floor-sweeping white gown, this bride is pretty as a picture. Maybe in 20 years or so she’ll look back and think “oh man, what was I thinking?” But then again, it’s certainly one memorable wedding dress!


We’re sure the prince that rescued her from turning into a swan for life was besotted by his blushing bride! (Yes, we’re referencing The Swan Princess, what of it?).

Hello Kitty at Your Wedding Day: A Collab

“Hello Kitty is not a cat. She’s a cartoon character. She is a little girl.” Thanks for clarifying that, Sanrio. And for some people/brides-to-be, they take it a step further than anthropomorphizing a cat. With Hello Kitty balloons and embroidery on her wedding dress, this woman clearly has a thing for the cute fictional character.


Alongside her kilt-wearing father and matronly looking mother, she does seem a little out of place! But hey, when you’re part of a fandom and fully embrace it, then good for you! Always be yourself. Even if it’s in Hello Kitty.

Don’t Burst This Bride’s Bubble!

We told you to prepare yourself for the weird, wonderful and intriguing, so here’s a fine example! This bride was clearly inspired by er…something out of thin air? Made entirely of balloons, this dress is an eye-popping sight! No detail was missed, with the bride’s strand of pearls actually being a row of balloons joined together! Now that’s theme dedication!


Let’s just hope that she doesn’t float away before the vows are exchanged. One thing’s for sure: she’s going to be staying far away from sharp objects.

Everybody Gets Cake!

Yeah so no, this is not an episode of Oprah. But it could be. Now that her generosity has been made a meme, we think this applies very much to this bride and her peculiar dress. But for some – not so peculiar. How sweet it would be to step into a dress made entirely of cake!


56-6 At least there’d be no wastage there – no storage for 20 years either – and probably a bit cheaper than investing in a wedding dress. And with a mane of glossy red hair, it is just the cherry on top!

Superbia in Proelio

Pride in Battle, the slogan for the English football team, Manchester City. Great on the football pitch, and plastered over the walls of pubs, but on a wedding dress? Well, this bride thought “why not?”! Karen here decided to show her true love (her husband, we hope) that she’s also got a love for the beautiful game.


And what better way than to have it sewn all over your wedding dress? While she might be saying yes to the dress, we’re silently mouthing a “no.”

Honey, You Light Up My World!

This bride will be twinkling down the aisle, that’s for sure. A cute use of fairy lights, we’re actually rather fond of this one. With a skirt that isn’t too overdone and an elegant strapless neckline, it really is quite an inoffensive design. The lights? Potentially a fire hazard, they certainly do enhance the dress.


Not that this bride will need anything else to light her up on the day. We’re sure she’s lit from within what with it being her special day! Down the track, if she decides to have kids, the dress can double up as a makeshift fortress!

All’s Fair in Love and Goth

Some people just don’t quite get past their teen emo rock phase. We’ve got the stats to prove it – did you know MCR (My Chemical Romance) saw a resurgence on the charts just in 2019!? Yeah. Rock is still alive and well folks. This bride and groom clearly don’t ever want to let it go, what with the demonic getup on the “bride” and the signature Doc Martens.


Kinda cute that they’re white too. The only thing we’re a little concerned about is the priest’s reaction to the horns in lieu of a tiara and veil. But then again, it’s fair game, when it comes to love and, love of goth.

For the Trés Chic Bride

As your eyes start from her feet, all the way up to boat neckline and cap sleeve, you notice something’s a little off. Actually, maybe a lot. With something that looks like it’s come from the Star Wars universe or the depths of the Mariana trench, we’re kind of confused by this look. It’s as far away from mesh as possible, and closer to rings of plastic tubing.


While this look is “runway”, and might not be for everybody, surely some chic bride will buy into the designer’s spiel and don it for her wedding day. Avant-garde or not, our visions of bridalwear are being challenged. To the absolute limit!

#unicornbride #tumblr #pastelhair #bridegoals

The pastel candy pink hair is really rather beautiful. With her curls of fairy floss colored strands, she’s definitely going for the unicorn trend. Maybe the antlers are a little overkill though. Take away the antlers and we’re digging the full sleeve tattoo and strand of pearls.


It seems like things which are traditionally opposites have come together to create something, well…magical! #bridegoals indeed!

Marriage Means… Seeing the World in Multicolor!

Now, this couple was clearly out to make a statement. And a coordinating statement at that. Dressed in the total opposite of white, the bride and groom decided to inject a little (read: a lot) personality into their wedding garb, with a spectacular rainbow woven throughout both the bride’s dress and the groom’s…suit?


Regardless of how it may look (like they’re headlining Carnivale or Mardi Gras), we’re sure these two are going to have a wonderful, colorful life together!

Just Gone Bikin’!

No matter the length of your veil or ability to look elegant, this particular take on bridal is a no-fly zone. But would a poofy skirt and tight corset be really practical for a biker gal? Certainly not. So it makes perfect sense that the bride would opt for white shorts and a lacy camisole. Nice short veil too – wouldn’t want that caught up in the wheels of your husband’s Harley Davidson!


At the end of the day, love is about being true to yourselves – so if they want to maintain their everyday attire and dress like the bikers they are, then more power to them!

It Must Be…Magic!

So this bride seems to be, um…levitating. Because there’s no way that she can easily walk down the runway with her knees bound so tightly together! We’re not sure which designer thought this dress was a good idea, but it kind of looks like there’s another person hiding underneath that dress.

Getty Images Photo by Scott Wintrow

If you’ve ever seen Muppets From Space, or Austin Powers in Goldmember, you’ll immediately wonder if there’s a dwarf under there somewhere. But hey, the top half looks rather elegant. Points for trying?

It’s a…Bridal Peacock?

Peacocks have some of the most spectacular plumage in the entire animal kingdom, and it seems the bride below found them inspiring. Sadly, this is looking more Carnivale dancer than bride. Not to mention how heavy that dress looks! Intricate detailing, thousands of feathers and more gold beading than we’ve seen on this list.


There’s no doubt this is a masterpiece and would’ve taken an unimaginable number of hours to create, but damn… wouldn’t you rather be able to actually move and enjoy yourself? It is the bride’s big day, after all!

2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted

Despite hip-hop/rap’s culture that speaks of violence and gangs, love is pretty much always at the root of a lot of tracks. But as they say, you can take the girl out of the hood, but you can’t take the hood out of the girl!


With some street art on this gangster-culture-loving couple, they’re definitely in it for life, because, as Tupac rapped “wedding bands rock the heaviest metal!”

Drop Dead Gorgeous!

Okay, so despite the gloomy weather, gothic handmaiden and, um… skeleton makeup, this is actually quite a pretty gown! Holding a single red rose, this bride’s look is pretty much poetry. Swathed in ivory silk with a train almost floating behind her, we’re actually really digging this.

Getty Images Photo by Ian Forsyth

Gliding around the streets, this solemn figure is the ghost bride of any goth guy’s dreams! No doubt her groom will make for a rather dapper man of the undead. Does this then mean it’s un-holy matrimony?

Just a Splash of Color

So this gown makes up for something that every other conventional wedding gown lacks: color! And not just one or two colors…but basically the whole rainbow…and what better way than to attach as many colored ruffles as possible? Whilst she looks a bit like a Flamenco dancer, she looks more like a child’s birthday party entertainer.


Specifically, a colorful fairy. She just needs a wand and some glitter and the little ones will go crazy! We’re not feeling the bridal vibes here. Sorry, hun.

Off to the Wedding Fiesta!

So we know that wolf-whistling isn’t very politically correct these days, but we’re sure the groom of this lovely lady would be giving a very low whistle as she walks towards him. Either that or he’s breath taken by her beauty. But the dress? That’s another story. Certainly, more party than matrimony, this colorful gown made of tufts of tulle screams fiesta!


Skip the church – this woman is ready for the party! Despite the flurry of color, we’re actually fans of this creation! Functional, fun and fabulous!

Dia De Los Muertos: Wedding Edition

Nothing like celebrating love whilst celebrating the day of the dead. How perfectly romantic. In a weird, necrophilic, borderline scary way. Whilst it may not be for everybody, you have to love the commitment to the theme. Not to mention the fact that the bride’s entire outfit was recyclable!


Yep, this eco-friendly bride’s dress was made out of paper plates and cups! And for the groom? Well, he couldn’t wear a regular suit, oh no – his suit was made entirely of garbage bags! So when they undress, her dress would go straight into his garbage bag? Come on! Don’t say your thoughts didn’t wander…

You Glow Girl!

Usually, it isn’t difficult to pick out the bride in any wedding congregation, but this bride obviously had her doubts. Either that or it was an evening wedding. Now that would’ve been quite something to see! This particular gown is hand-painted to glow beautifully in the dark.


The print we’re not so sure of – yeah, those are beetles! As The Doors sang, “people are strange.” At least the groom will be able to find her on the dancefloor!

En-cup-sulated by Love!

Points for trying. Like the kid that came last in the race but gets a sympathy point. That’s what we’re giving this dress. Made entirely of cups that look most suited to a game of King’s Cup, we’re unsure if this is a real bride or the result of far too many drinks being had. Whoever the creative genius behind this abomination, there’s really no way this was done sober.


GettyImages-648937168 Though we are quite impressed at the attention to detail and just how well the dress fits! The only people who’d be happy about this dress are our green-thumb environmentalist friends. Totally recyclable, right?

An Homage to Culture

This woman from East Asia was clearly not having a bar of the all-white western attire for her wedding and went down the cultural path. We actually really love this decision of hers – classy and elegant with the regal attitude that such a colorful culture brings. With a cascade of ribboned tulle atop her head, which forms a veil of sorts, this bride is ready for love!

Getty Images

The romantic, tiered, waterfall-style dress in a pale, creamy yellow with a hint of gold is exotic but feminine and pretty. We’re actually saying YES to this dress!

The Wedded Patriot

Another beautiful blushing bride. And she’s got more than her husband to blush at. What about that dress!? Look, lady, patriotism is great and all but, on your wedding day? Really? Maybe for a 4th of July parade, but certainly not for a wedding.


But hey, maybe patriotism looks good on her, and that’s why she’s literally…wearing it. To be honest, not our pick for a wedding dress, but you can’t deny the work in the skirt is quite spectacular.

Jingle Brides!

Looks like some people just love Christmas a little too much. Or she literally wanted to dress up like Mrs. Claus. Whatever the reason, we’re trying to picture this interesting creation. Talk about multi-use – unlike the majority of dresses, where women spend thousands just for a few hours before it goes into storage!


At least you know this dress will be used once every year for Christmas! So, you practical winter-wedding lovers, this dress is for you!

Choc-loads of Fun!

This wedding is definitely going to be full of love, sweetness and… chocolate. Sorry, we were just describing the chocolate, and nothing whatsoever to do with the bride. Speaking of, she is looking rather delectable in her white chocolate gown! Yes… some chocolatier labored for hours on end to create hundreds, if not thousands of chocolate curls to adorn the wedding dress.

Alamy Stock Photo

Not to mention the fine chocolate work on the bodice of the dress – intricate corset detail truly makes this a work of art! Seems the wedding dessert is sorted – but we still think there’s magic involved for this dress to last for 12+ hours. Plus, pretty sure you can’t sit down. Practicality fail, but worth it, right?

The Wonder Woman Bride?

Wonder Woman, meet balloons. Balloons, meet Wonder Woman. There really seems to be some sort of obsession with balloons with some of these brides. But this dress, unlike the others, is not rainbow-colored, nor white for that matter. It’s made entirely of red and gold balloons. Hence, Wonder Woman.


Don’t mind that racy slit, that’s for the groom’s hands (and eyes) only! DISCLAIMER: Do not try this look on your wedding day. You will not be able to sit down. We repeat, you will not be able to sit down.

Christmas Came Early!

It definitely did come early for this groom! For some reason, some genius thought it would be a great idea to fuse a wedding gown with a Christmas tree. Beats us. But clearly, there’s a market for it! We’re not sure they’d be jingling out the door, but perhaps some brides like the idea of being able to enhance their dresses with their favorite decorations and colors?


Not for us, but for the Christmas enthusiast, what better way to strut your stuff down the aisle than in a Christmas tree?! Certainly not for the faint-hearted.

One Woman’s Trash, Another’s Treasure

That tagline is certainly true for this next bride. We’re kind of confused. Slightly disgusted. Our eyes are offended. But hey, that’s all up to the bride, right? Dressed head to toe in what looks like junkyard scraps, there’s surely a method to her madness. Just give us a moment to figure out what it is exactly.


At least the dress is environmentally friendly, huh? Her husband-to-be doesn’t seem to mind in the slightest. Probably because he’s also wearing a suit made of trash. Nice.

Honestly Modestly

Back in the early 20th century, modesty was a tightly held social value. These days? Well, it’s a mixed bag that’s for sure. But this bride has perhaps taken the modesty thing a little too far? Not at all!


Pretty sure this blushing bride is fully covered due to her religious beliefs. And we have to say – she is perhaps the most tastefully dressed in our entire list. We’re saying YES to this dress!

Wedding Tent

Making a “play tent” from a wedding dress is the type of challenge that’s only reserved for designers who will probably never wear it. Like this dress, whoever designed it wanted to create a gown that would quite literally, stand out!


And it sure does, it stand out so much you could camp in it with your entire family! There are even people that actually have to hold up her headpiece with long canes cause they can’t reach it with their arms alone.

Wingin’ It!

Some people enjoy being the center of attention but then there’s this! never mind having a long train or brightly colored fabric, this bride went with LED lights that sprawl out, she must have been inspired by a peacock with her hair that color.


When we compare her ‘accessories’ to her dress, it must have been a real hassle walking down the aisle, nevermind getting around the dance floor at the reception!


If the shiny blue fabric and lacey trimmings weren’t enough, she also wore a blue headpiece over her hair to add more “sparkle.” This outfit is the combination of a frilly, lace, full-length dress, and a 1980s blue taffeta, puffy sleeve, lace-trimmed short party dress.


It looks like this dress was fashioned after Snow White’s blue dress, but it clearly missed the mark. If you want to get married, but also look more like you’re going to a Halloween costume party, this is the perfect outfit for you.

Gypsy Wedding Dress

So why do the American and European gypsies dress so flashy and tacky for their weddings? If you have ever kept up with reality TV and watched episodes of “My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding,” you’ll know it can be quite a materialistic culture.


Romanichal Gypsies marry at a very young age, which could definitely be why some of their wedding dress choices look more like prom dresses.

Cat Lover

This bride tried to think out of the box and go for a unique cat theme, but unfortunately, it doesn’t look so good in practice. Instead, it looks like she’s wearing a normal wedding dress with a silhouette of a cat glued haphazardly on the front.


She probably loves cats and wanted to honor them on her special day, but at what cost? We hope she doesn’t regret this when she looks at her wedding day photos a few years later.

Flowers Everywhere

We think she needs more flowers. This bride clearly had a clear vision when it came to her special day. She’s not interested in the classic white lace or chiffon. Instead, she’s all about flowers. At least she owns it.


Her husband as well, he ditched his button-up shirt, but at least he didn’t forget his satin black tie and vest, which he decided to pair with his favorite baseball cap and stark white pants.

Spray Paint

They say that when you plan a party, you should stick to one theme and this woman decided to make a statement about her favorite color blue. The spray-painted dress is a nice touch, but is it too much?


Nah… its’ not exactly “classy” to have blue spray-painted on the train of your wedding dress! The couple looks happy though so there’s that.

Catwalk Catastrophe

You probably wouldn’t feel very comfortable walking down the aisle in this, with sleeves that puff out all the way to her wrists, it looks like she has to keep her arms in place.

Getty Images Photo by MIGUEL MEDINA

For a brief moment, her hat caught our attention but that only lasted a short while, before we had to take another look at this monstrosity of a dress.

A Retro Design

We’re honestly not sure what this designer was going for. Are those supposed to be cups? Bells? flower buds? Whatever they may be, they’re more distracting than anything and there are simply too many of them.


This dress may be a high fashion creation, but that doesn’t mean it was never worn down the aisle, it may be that this retro design was very stylish back in the day, but it doesn’t ring our “bell!”

Pretty in Pink?

Non-traditional wedding dresses are coming back in style and we’re all for it! We would like to guess what her favorite color is, but that would be too easy! Was this the dress she imagined when she was just a little girl and going through a pink phase?


The pink color for her dress is not the only problem here. What’s really wrong with all this is the baby pink combined with the sparkly hat, bows, lace, and ruffles? It’s all a little much.

Flower Girl?

This dress looks like it’s more appropriate for the flower girl than for the bride. Maybe this woman wanted to channel her inner child one last time before taking the giant leap. And while we can accept that, we’re having trouble getting used to the tall bonnet on top of her head.

Getty Images Photo by Pierre Vauthey

It’s quite distracting, after all. Did she want her dress to look like this? Was she happy with the result? We can’t help but wonder what the flower girl wore if this was what the bride-to-be wore.

All That Glitters

This image raises a lot of questions. First of all, why does this bride look so unhappy? Perhaps she’s just trying to stand still so that people think she’s an oscar statue.


Or maybe she’s not moving her face so that the light will twinkle off her dress instead. Either way, the dress is an atrocity by most standards. It looks like it made of gold foil, and it’s blinding. Next, please!

When You Love Pineapples

This bizarre wedding dress looks an awful lot like a pineapple. It’s perfect for the wedding of a pineapple grower who still wants to appear classy at her wedding. That’s probably who it’s for, right?

Getty Images Photo by Pascal Le Segretain

With all going on here, it’s a lot and that includes the discomfort we can feel just by looking at her pained expression as she walks down the catwalk. Thank you, next!

More Ruffles

Some girls dream about their wedding day for their entire lives. These girls grow up with a fairytale dress in mind, which meant a dress with so many ruffles no one could get near her.


It must be difficult to walk with all those ruffles, at least she looks happy! She’s wearing the fairytale wedding dress she’s wanted for so long. Let’s hope it’s happily ever after.


How to disappoint your parents while spending all their money on the same day. She doesn’t seem to mind, she barely notices her father’s unfavorable expression. He must be wondering what went wrong.


Did the bride look in the mirror before she left? Is she happy with this outcome? Her wedding gown (if it can be called that) doesn’t exactly look, well, like a gown.


Newsflash to those preparing for their wedding: just because you love a certain game, doesn’t mean it has to feature on your wedding dress. If there’s anything stranger than a themed wedding, it might be one with a paintball theme.


Not only is this bride wearing a dress with paint splashes on it, but she’s also holding a paintball gun, just like her husband. Apparently, they really like paintball.

Swimsuit Wedding

Why wear an entire wedding dress when you can only wear half? This look isn’t exactly very bridal, is it? But it is very committed to its sparkly swimsuit design, at least they didn’t forget the train!


We hate to say it but we think this might be the most confusing gown to make the list. We hope this bride didn’t regret her decision, but we wouldn’t be surprised if she did!

A “Comforter” Wedding

Some brides care more about feeling comfortable in their wedding dress, while others go the extra mile to make sure their gown had extra cushioning for when they sit down.


Well, this wedding gown clearly looks more like a comforter than some comforters do. We won’t be shocked if some confused wedding guests rested their weary heads on the train. It does look pretty cozy…