Ways to Use Social Media to Boost Workout Motivation

Social media can be a powerful tool to help you gain motivation for a daily workout. Your online friends can provide much needed inspiration and motivation when you’re slacking. That’s why we wanted to feature a few ways you can use social media to boost workout motivation.

Post a Daily Selfie

Get that workout in and then post a sweaty selfie. Research has shown that sharing a sweaty selfie motivates even the least motivated person to get working out regularly. You can post this sweaty selfie on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to get yourself motivated to keep moving.

Host a Live Event

Another way to use social media to boost workout motivation is to host a live event. You can do this on Instagram or Facebook. Simply install the app and get a smartphone tripod so that you can record your live workout event a few times a week or everyday if you wish.

Get in a Group

Another way to use social media to boost workout motivation is to join a group of others who plan to use social media to motivate a daily workout routine. This can be creating a group yourself while adding others who want to workout with you or joining an already established Facebook Group.

Find Friends

You can use social media to find friends that want to workout with you. This can be done virtual using social media as you connect with each other in a live event or similarly hosted online social media event. Then you can all work together to use social media to boost workout motivation. Share the event with friends and other social media connections to help feel more motivated.

Broadcast Your Mission

Lastly, share your mission or goal to workout or lose weight or inches with the social media contacts you have. This will help motivate you as you don’t want to look like slacker to anyone online. You can create a fitness blog or share privately on social media your mission to workout regularly to help increase your motivation to complete this goal.

We hope that these ways to use social media to boost workout motivation will work as a means to get you up and moving this year. Whether you plan to workout with friends, alone, or virtually these tips will help you use social media to keep your motivation strong!

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