What are the Most Popular Sports for Girls

There are many sports in the world today, but which sports are the most popular among girls? Today we’re sharing some of the various sports around the world that tend to be more popular with girls than boys.


Dating back to 13th Century France, tennis is a game loved by both men and women. It’s a sophisticated sport that is also very popular in Japan, which is home to many players. While popular among girls, tennis isn’t as much of a female dominant sport as it used to be.

Floorball (Finnish Foosball)

Also known as Finnish Foosball Floorball was invented in the 1700s. It’s played by two teams of five players, and is a mix between ice hockey and soccer.

Sport Climbing

A unique sport in which contestants must climb onto a vertical wall without using their hands or feet to assist them. The winner is determined by who gets to the top first, but it’s not as simple as it may seem since the contestants must use a rope to get back down. This sport is popular among women in Europe, and has also begun to gain popularity in Canada, Japan and Australia. The world championships are held annually in Austria.

Floosball (a mix between soccer and floorball)

The combination of two previous sports is a popular choice for girls around the world. It’s played with four players on each side, and is easy to learn so anyone can play, regardless of age or skill level.

Tug-of War

Another sport that originated in Ancient Greece, this basically involves two teams pulling each other across the field until one team wins by either forcing the other team to fall first or pulling them off of the field. While this is a popular choice for girls, boys seem to enjoy it as well, which is why it’s played in schools and clubs across Europe.

Wilderness Survival

Wilderness survival has been practiced since the stone ages, but has become a sport more recently. While many people enjoy doing it recreationally, others like to test their limits with endurance and stamina challenges. It’s a popular sport for women who like the natural environment, but can also be enjoyed by those who like camping and hiking.

Sport Netball

Netball is another popular team sport that originated in England but has gained popularity around the world. It’s played in Commonwealth countries and the Indian subcontinent where it is very popular among women, but doesn’t seem to have gotten as much traction with North American girls.


Throughout history skateboarders have faced discrimination from soccer moms and golf dads who think that skaters are a bad influence on their kids. But more and more young women are taking up skateboarding, which is a very popular sport in Australia and the USA.


A martial art from Japan, Judo was developed to help people defend themselves against sword-wielding enemies in a low-tech world. It has been modernized now but still incorporates many of its ancient philosophies. Judo is popular among girls in Europe and Japan.

While there are many sports for girls to enjoy, tennis is a great option for those who like the idea of being able to show off their skills on the court. For those who don’t like that idea, floorball or tug-of-war are good options since they both use strategy and coordination.