What Really Happened to MTV’s Reality Stars?

Kids, you might not remember this, but before Netflix, Twitter, and Facebook, TV channels were a big thing and MTV was one of the most popular ones. It started out just airing music videos, but it progressed into making original content, including some iconic reality shows like “The Real World, “The Hills, “Are You the One” and many many more.
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But what happened to all these MTV stars? Are they still around or have they gotten regular jobs? Can you find them online or have they disappeared off the face of the earth? Get ready to read all the details about these beloved but sometimes forgotten legends.


Before Kim Kardashian was ever a thing, Nicole Polizzi, also known as Snooki was that person we weren’t sure if we liked, but we just couldn’t take our eyes off of. We don’t have to tell you this, but she first came into our lives in MTV’s “Jersey Shore.”

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Today, the former star has three children. She got married to Jionni LaValle in 2014, and like many other couples who have some MTV fame, they went on to star in their own show, called “Nicole & Jionni’s Shore Flip.”

Lauren Conrad

Who doesn’t remember “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County”? It was one of these shows that started the whole trend of reality stars turning into full-blown celebrities. Lauren Conard is considered an MTV princess at this point, being one of the channel’s first leads.

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Ever since she has stopped doing TV she has been working in fashion, starting a few different beauty brands. She met William Tell, married him, and had his children. In 2019 she also joined The Hills: New Beginnings.

Nick Lachey

One of the bigger names on our list is the hunky Nick Lachey. He and his now-ex Jessica Simpsons allowed all of us to peek into their lives in “Newlyweds.” The year was 2003, and the two were only married for two months.

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The sad, but maybe predictable part is that after the show ended, their union did as well. But, Nick moved on nicely, marrying Vanessa Minnillo and hosting Netflix’s ” Love Is Blind” with her. Guess he just loves working with partners!

Nev Schulman

Before we all actually knew what catfishing meant, Nev Schulman was out there exposing those who take on fake identities online in MTV’s “Catfish.” Nev has gained some star power, being the show’s main man.

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Since the show ended he had time to be on “Dancing With the Stars.” He is also married to Laura Perlongo. They already have two children together and in April of 2021 he declared his wife is pregnant with yet another baby.

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne is actually known just as herself today and not at all as a former MTV star. But, you must remember her on “The Osbournes” where she appeared alongside her father, mother, and brother. When the show came out, it was one of MTV’s most-watched and it even won an Emmy.

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Today, most of us know Kelly because she participates in “Fashion Police” which airs on E! She also followed in her father’s footsteps and released her own music!

Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee used to be known simply as Jessica Simpson’s younger sister, but she wasn’t about to let it stay that way. Ashlee decided the best way to launch her musical career would be to document her album creation journey on MTV in 2005 “The Ashlee Simpson Show” put her on the map.

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She has since shifted her gears towards Broadway, being a part of several different shows. In 2018 she and her husband starred in their own TV show, appropriately named “Ashlee+Evan.” This time they went with E! rather than MTV, but it’s forgivable. The two have three children together.

Eric Nies

“The Real World” was so groundbreaking that many claim it has changed our TV landscape forever. Whether you agree or disagree you have to admit the show was just a delight to watch. Eric was a part of the show’s first season, which followed strangers who had to live together in an apartment in New York.


The show helped Nies launch a nice career including hosting “The Grind” and starring in his own reality called “Confessions of a Teen Idol.” In 2021 he took part in the show’s spin-off “The Real World Homecoming: New York.”


“Pimp My Ride” was one of these MTV classics everyone enjoyed watching. In each episode, we tuned in waiting to see what kind of insane paint job the car was gonna get. Not to mention the way they redid the interiors. Xzibit was the show’s host and creator. Where has he been ever since?

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Well, in 2016 he joined the cast of Empire, and in 2021 he actually released a new album and toured with it, how cool!

Spencer Pratt

Heidi’s other half, Spencer Pratt is less known than she is, but he’s still considered an iconic MTV reality star. When “The Hills” ended in July 2010, Spencer was part of a publicity stunt, where he and Heidi pretended they were getting a divorce.


We hope he has stopped trying to pull pranks of the public as today he is already a father and should set an example. He also started his own brand called Pratt Daddy where he sells healing Crystals.

Ethan and Amber Diamond

Most couples who meet on reality dating shows don’t stay together for too long. But, in the very first season of “Are You The One” production hit the jackpot with this perfect match: Ethan and Amber.

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After the show ended the two counties dating. They ended up getting married and having two children together. If you want to see cute pictures of their family, you can check Amber’s Instagram page.

Ashton Kutcher

Sure, Kutcher was famous before he created MTV’s 2003 “Punk’d” but we know you still want to read about him and know exactly where he’s at today!

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The show became somewhat of an MTV legend, running for eight seasons and proving no celebrity is safe. Before it was canceled in 2020 he started in “The Ranch” on Netflix as Colt Bennett. He is married to Mila Kunis and they have two younglings together.

Whitney Port

Lauren Conrad’s friend Whitney Port, who worked with her at Teen Vogue,  was also an essential part of the reality show “The Hills.” Those who favored her over Lauren were happy when she got her own show, after moving to New York.

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In a fun twist, Port ended up marrying Tim Rosenman – the producer behind the shows she was in, how cute is that? If you really miss her and haven’t watched it yet, you can catch her on 2019’s “The Hills: New Beginnings”

Ozzy Osbourne

Back when he was the vocalist for Black Sabbath, most of the people who knew and admired him were the type of people who wear black and listen to heavy metal.  Meaning, Ozzy wasn’t always in the mainstream.

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After “The Osbournes” put him on the map, he became a household name. In 2020, he surprised everyone by releasing a solo album. He, ironically, called his new album “Ordinary Man.”

Paris Hilton

Paris got big on a reality show that didn’t air on MTV “The simple Life” but later on she partnered with the channel to create her own reality competition show titled “Paris Hilton’s My New BFF” As the title suggests the show had contestants complete different challenges in order to become Hilton’s best friend.

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In 2020 Paris released “This Is Paris,” in the film she told viewers about her damaging childhood experiences in strict boarding schools. The movie has made many rethink the way they perceived Paris. In 2021 she started a podcast with the same name.

Jamie Chung

There’s a great chance Jaime is more recognizable as Mulan than MTV participant, but the truth is that the star’s debut was actually on “The Real World: San Diego.”

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After being on the show in 2004, she went on to do greater things. She was “Big Hero 6″ and “Sucker Punch.” She also plays the lead character of 2020’s “Lovecraft Country.”

Kristin Cavallari

Maybe some magic was involved, but, somehow, all of the girls who were featured on “The Hills” ended up gaining some celebrity status, Kristin Cavallari was no exception. She started out in “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County” before she moved on to “The Hills.”

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In 2018, Kristin got her very own show, fittingly titled “Very Cavallari.” She was married to Jay Cut and has given birth to three wonderful children. Sadly in 2020 the icon and her husband went their separate ways. She still runs her own lifestyle brand called “Uncommon James.”

Jessica Simpson

Back in the late 90s and early 00s, Jessica Simpson was a big name. But, she wasn’t big enough to turn down the money and exposure that would come from letting cameras document her marriage to Nick Lachey.

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After the two spilt, Jessica understood that the spotlight isn’t the right place for her. She now has a family, but she is far from a stay-at-home mom, she has built a billion-dollar company, named “The Jessica Simpson Collection.” In 2020 she released an autobiography.

Ryan Malaty

These “Are You The One” participants always find their way into this list, mostly because we are all dying to know if they ended finding The One, in or outside of the show. Rayn didn’t really feel it with his match Jessica, but taking part in the show has made him realize he loves the camera!

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He became a host for “AfterBuzz TV.” He even tried some acting, most recently appearing in 2020’s ” That One Time.”

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay got a reality show on MTV in 2019, trying to make a comeback and revive her career which has seen some gloomy times. Titled “Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club” the series followed the staff at a club Lohan was starting in Greece.

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The show wasn’t liked and got canceled after one season. But, not all is lost for Lindsay, in 2021 Netflix advertised that she will star in a Christmas movie.

Jack Osbourne

Have we already mentioned Jack Osbourn? Brother to Kelly and son to Ozzy and Sharon, Jack was also a part of the family’s MTV reality show. People enjoyed watching him and Kelly fight on screen, but there was a dark reason as to why that was happening.

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The young Osbourne was struggling with some substance abuse issues. Luckily, he recovered and went on to appear on fitness shows. Today, the Jack that we knew as a teenager has three offspring of his own!

Bam Margera

Before Brandon Cole was on “Jackass” he was just another skateboarder and stunt performer. He rose to fame after starring in the reality show and even created his own spin-off later on.

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In his show “Viva la Bam” he did things similar to what he did in Jackass, only this time, he was the star. In 2020 he began making YouTube appearances, in one of his more successful videos he had a water balloon battle with Jeb Carty. He’s also married and a father of one.

Sharon Osbourne

The Osbourne’s matron was, of course, Sharon. Back then, the redhead was diagnosed with a serious condition but insisted on continuing to film the family’s reality show anyway. If that’s not the ultimate example of the expression “The show must go on” we don’t know what is. She didn’t stop making TV appearances after the show ended.

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Sharon went on to judge on “The Masked Singer” and both on “America’s Got Talent” and “The X Factor.” She also got a hosting spot on “The Talk.” She even got to play herself on “Lucifer.”

Heidi Montag

Back in the day Heidi and Spencer from “The Hills” was all anyone ever talked about. The couple was always inseparable and sometimes… well, insuperable. But we just couldn’t look away.

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Heidy shocked everyone in 2010 when she went under the knife and came back looking like a totally different person. But, Spence loved her no matter what, and even after 13 years, the pair is still going strong. They have a cute little son together!

Ashleigh Morghan

Ashleigh Morghan has made guest appearances in so many shows, there’s a possibility you only know her as an actress and can’t even remember she was on MTV’s first season of “Are You The One.”

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She took part in many different scripted shows, some examples being 2019’s “Veronica Mars” and 2020’s “Why I’m Single” and “Ruthless.” She also has a few different gigs lined for the future.

Max Joseph

While Nev is widely recognized and cherished by “Catfish” fans, no one can forget about the show’s other half – Max Joseph. Sadly, the cameraman and filmmaker ended up leaving the show, probably to pursue other projects.

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What has he been up to ever since? Well, exactly that!  Since his departure from the show, he took part in three different projects. One movie with actor Zac Efron entitled “We Are Your Friends” and two documentaries! We heard documentaries are his true passion.

Chris Tolleson

Chris appeared on MTV’s “Are You The One” which had eight seasons as well as some international versions. The concept is just so enticing: Contests have to find their predetermined perfect match, and if everyone manages to do so, they all win money.


Tolleson is well remembered because of his fierce romance with Shanley, who he knew wasn’t his perfect match from day one… He later married a woman who wasn’t on the show and the two had babies together. Mysteriously he hasn’t updated his Instagram page since 2017 so it’s hard to know what’s up with him.

Catelynn Lowell

Like many of the other moms featured on “Teen Mom” we first saw Lowell on “16 and Pregnant.” She was featured in 4 seasons of “Teen Mom” and you’re anything like us, this means you had a lot of time to get attached to her.

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In 2015 she got married to her chosen one: Tyler Baltierra. She has since faced issues with harmful thoughts but got the help she needed and as far we know, she’s now living her best life.

Jessica Perez

Jessica Perez was supposedly Ryan Malaty’s perfect match, according to “Are You The One” production. But, the two of them just couldn’t why the other should be The One! But, Jessica did move on to find love and she even changed her last name for it!

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Now Jessica Prongay, she’s married plus one. She doesn’t share that much online, but rumor has it that, in 2020 at least, she started working as a Sales Specialist in February 2020.

Simone Kelly

While Simone came to “Are You the One” to find love, she ended up building a career for herself as a star on MTV. She moved on to the channel’s other reality shows, having been a constant on three seasons of ” The Challenge.”

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She isn’t just a reality star, she also has talent, and she knows how to write, sing and dance. Kelly even landed an acting gig in 2017’s short “Happy Hour.”

Stephen Colletti

Stephen Colletti is one of the few reality stars who actually managed to make a pretty decent acting career out of his Reality TV appearance. He was first featured in the first two seasons of “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County”  before he moved on to other things.

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He booked the role of Chase Adams in 2003’s “One Tree Hill” and even appeared in a Taylor Swift music video in 2008. In 2018 he wrote produced and starred in a show called ” Everyone Is Doing Great.”

Aubrey O’Day

“Making the Band” is a pretty self-explanatory name. The show had talented young musicians competing to be a part of a band managed by not other than P. Diddy. In the show’s third season, Aubrey was picked to be a part of the band “Danity Kane.”

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That didn’t work out as she planned, because Diddy eventually decided to lay her off the band. But, don’t worry, Aubrey went on to release music of her own, and to appear in a Broadway play.

Paige Brendel

Sadly for her, Paige Brendel’s perfect match on “Are You The One” turned out to be no other than Chris, who was already head over heels in love with Shanley. Needless to say, he didn’t really give Paige a chance.


Today, Brendel is a private person who doesn’t post much online. She now has a normal, quiet life, as a married woman. She is working as a Sales Representative, which is as far from the limelight as she could get.

Louise Roe

“Plain Jane” was a show we all secretly loved to watch. The show’s premise? People get a makeover before revealing themselves to their ultimate crush. It was just so fun to watch!

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We were heartbroken when the plain jane got rejected but we marveled when the episode had a happy ending. In charge of the makeovers was Louise Roe, a British fashion journalist. Today she has her own successful blog, cleverly called ” Front Roe,” and when she’s available she also hosts red carpet events for “Access Hollywood.”

Olivia Palermo

“The City” followed the beloved Whitney Port to New York, where she tried to further her career and meet new people. Palermo and Port didn’t exactly get along, and were considered opponents.

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The show went off the air in 2010 after two successful seasons. Olivia went on to pursue her passion for fashion as a brand ambassador and working on lines with  Nordstrom and Banana Republic.

Ryan Sheckler

Ryan was a pro at skateboarding, and that was enough to lend him a reality show on MTV. The show, which aired between 2007-2008 followed both his personal and his professional life.

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The skater actually decided to end his own show, after he fell he had already said everything he had to say. He hasn’t returned to TV since. Today, you can find pictures and videos of Ryan skating on his Instagram.

Johnny Knoxville

Who doesn’t remember the stable classic “Jackass?” Some loved it, some hated it, but there was no way you could have stayed indifferent to it. The show’s premise was that these guys tried crazy stunts, often injuring themselves on TV.

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Knoxville was one of the show’s creators and took part in the show for two years between 2000-2002. He moved on to bigger, better things, starting his own production company and getting married, and having two beautiful daughters.

Mike Sorrentino

It’s true that we think “Jersey Shore” we automatically think of Snooki but hey, she wasn’t the only person on that show! Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino has managed to make big cash from appearing on the program.

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He was a part of each and every one of the show’s seasons and made his money the good old-fashioned way – endorsing different brands. He has a sweet, and hopefully romantic son named Romeo.

Whitney Purvis

It’s safe to say that the moms and dads who were on MTV’s “16 and Pregnant ” hadn’t had the best life circumstances, which is why even after being on TV many of them found themselves having rocky relationships and run-ins with the law.


Whitney was pregnant at the same as her mom was, which had it difficulties. Ever since, she decided to step outside of the spotlight. She was arrested a couple of times but has worked to be the best mom to her kids.

Shanley McIntee

Shanley was one of season one’s most controversial figures after she and Chris decided to ignore their actual perfect matches in order to be together. This has caused other participants to get mad at her.


She went on a familiar, reality-star route after the show, becoming an Instagram influencer, working with brands like FashionNova and FabFitFun. In 2020 she even dabbled in acting, appearing on “The Real Bros of Simi Valley.”

Jaime Gleicher

“Rich Girls” was made out of two, well… Rich girls. Ally Hilford and Jaime Gleicher. Jaime was fortunate enough to be a part of the Gleicher family, her father, Leo is a known businessman. The lives of the show’s rich girls both took a turn for the worst after the show’s demise.

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Not only did Jaime and Ally had a feud, Gleicher suffered from an eating disorder. She channeled her struggles and become a psychotherapist in order to help people like herself.

Mike Mizanin

“The Real World: Back to New York” aired over two decades ago, in 2001. The show followed seven strangers who had to share a living space in a loft situated in New York City. Out of all of the show’s participants, Mike Mizanin is one of the most successful ones.

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This may or may not come as a surprise, but he became a WWE wrestler. His ring name is “The Miz.” He married another wrestler, named Maryse and the two have two children, named Madison and Monroe. They really like the letter “M” huh?

Dre Mccoy

“Are You The One’s” Dre did get to find his perfect match on the show, and it was no other than Simone Kelly. He has been a part of some theater productions, but like many others from the show’s former stars, it seems he truly came on in order to find true love, and not to become famous.


Mccoy took it to the extreme, deleting his Instagram page. He kept his Twitter account thankfully, so you can follow him there to see what he’s doing these days.

Wes Bergmann

Wes spent eleven years of his life being a part of  “The Real World.” Wow, this must be a Guinness world record! But he didn’t stop with the real world, he has moved on to be a consistent contender on “The Challenge.”

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In the show, people take on intense challenges in order to win some dough. Bergmann knew what he was doing, as he’s one of the show’s biggest earners. in 2021, he joined the talk show “Alisters.”

Ally Hilfiger

By now you have probably figured it out, MTV noted that we all just love watching the lives of rich young people, which is how “Rich Girls” was born.

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The show followed the girls of prosperous entrepreneurs. We hope we don’t have to spell it out for you, but Ally is Tommy Hilfiger’s daughter.

Sean Duffy

Sean Duffy participated in 1997’s “The Real World: Boston” and the rest is history. This reality star had an unusual path. At first, he did what many in his position do, went on to appear in more MTV shows like “The Challenge” and “Road Rules: All Stars.”

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What’s out of the ordinary is what he did next: being appointed the U.S. Representative for Wisconsin’s 7th congressional district. If you thought that’s already a lot to have on one’s plate, wait till you hear this: Duffy has nine children! In 2019 he stepped down from Congress to be with his wife and children.

Deena Nicole Cortese

Funny story: Deena actually tried to get into the first season of “Jersey Shore” and got a no from the producers. But, she didn’t give up and ended up being a part of the season three cast.

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She was very happy with the lifestyle of being a TV personality, which is why stuck with it. She went on to expose her private relationship in 2014’s “Couples Therapy” and was, of course, a part of 2018’s “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.”

Adam Kuhn

Just like many other “Are You The One” stars, Adam Kuhn found out his perfect match was someone he didn’t even consider – Shanely. Instead, he spent most of the show having a romantic affair with Brittany.


While girls come and go, MTV always stayed by his side, as he made two other appearances on their shows: one in “Battle of the Exes II” and the other in “Are You The One: Second Chances.” If you want to try and be a girl who stays in his life, we heard that nowadays he can be found in Austin, Texas.

Jenelle Evans

“Teen Mom” was just the type of show MTV was known for back in the day. It was controversial and featured the actual struggles of real teenagers who had babies. Evans first appeared on “16 and Pregnant” and later on graduated to be a part of “Teen Mom” season 2.

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She hasn’t had the most fortunate life ever since, which goes to show being a reality star doesn’t always turn out for the best. Sadly she had a few run-ins with the law, especially because of affinity for certain illegal substances. Still, she has her beautiful children that give her strength and a reason to get better.

Angelina Pivarnick

Each and every person on the cast of “Jersey Shore” was a character. Angelina was the one who just loved arguing and couldn’t walk away from a good fight. She enjoyed fighting so much that she had to be banned from the Jersey shore house.

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She did manage to get into other reality shows later on, including “Couples Therapy” and the “Jersey Shore” reunion in 2018. Today, she’s married and works as an ambulance technician