What Were These Drivers Thinking? The Worst Parking Fails Ever

Getting your license is a rite of passage. It is a teenager’s ticket to freedom, after which they can decide where to go and when, and even occasionally get to save up for their very own vehicle. Although parking is an integral part of every driving test, it is unclear how these individuals passed, because they are clearly too creative to park in just any old spot.


This person apparently saw too many car chases on TV and imagined themselves launching onto that yacht and landing perfectly.


Unfortunately, this is real life and instead, they had to get out by dropping into the water and ended up paying the owner for the damage.


Although there seems to be plenty of parking at the edge of the lot, for some reason all these cars decided to take the lead from the pink and red cars who, for some unclear reason, started this whole parking fiasco. The cars are not only parked diagonally, but they‌ ‌are also actually touching each other in places.


It’s like the parking madness was contagious. Hopefully, everyone had their fun and no cars were damaged in this game of parking lot domino gone wrong.

A Stinky Parking Job

It is important to remember that the way you park affects others. You can’t expect to just leave your car wherever you like and not suffer from any repercussions. If you haven’t yet, that just means you’re lucky and that you should learn from the error of your ways before someone takes revenge. That’s clearly what happened to this stinky parker.


This guy had had enough and found the perfect way to make the driver of the back car think about his actions. Kudos to him for doing so without damaging the car.

Double Decker Parking

It is not clear how this car ended up balanced on the Fiat in the first place. It is like bad parking is its own special gymnastic sport. Well, this grey car certainly deserves a medal for creative bad parking.


To end up like this, they must have been taking directions from someone who has really bad depth perception or had faulty parking sensors. Either way, they should call in the professionals at this point, before more damage is done to either car.

On House Parking

When the realtor was talking about parking right on the house, we’re pretty sure this is not what she meant. We’re not sure if it would be better if this was the car owner’s house or a stranger’s house. On the one hand, you wouldn’t want your car and house to be damaged at the same time, on the other, you certainly wouldn’t want to deal with the person whose house you just parked on.


Well, maybe they won’t notice, after all, how many people actually look up at the roof of their house?

Submarine Parking

This person actually parked in a regular spot, and from what we can tell, they’ve even parked inside the lines. Which makes you wonder if there was any warning that this parking spot was going to turn into a swimming pool. In any case, all we can think about is the heartbreak of whoever owns this car when they next want to use it.


And one other burning question, will the clicker still work? Next time, it is important to listen to storm warnings on the Weather Channel and maybe consider parking inside, where it’s safe.

Defying Gravity

This car is plain old living in the future. While all of us are still stuck driving horizontally, they are already driving vertically. Unfortunately, the rest of the world has not caught up with the owner of this vehicle, as shown by the no entry sign and by the parking, which is not suited to this type of travel.


We hope this space car wasn’t too badly damaged and can continue onwards, in the hope of showing us the future of sky travel, with more lanes and less traffic.


Not everyone wants to leave their car in a dark and drafty parking garage all day, so this person had the bright idea of creating a window so their car could enjoy a bit of sunshine while they were away. Not only was the car happy to enjoy a bit of sun and a fresh breeze, but other cars got a bit more air too.


The parking garage owners got some renovation work done for free. All in all, this is definitely a win-win situation for everyone involved.


This poor car chose the perfect spot and parked carefully between the lines, not suspecting that the danger would actually be coming from above. As for the tow truck driver, you are supposed to be saving cars from tricky situations, not putting them in one.


How do you even begin to explain what happened here to the owner of the white car? The irony alone is enough to make you start laughing and never stop.

Boxed In

Part of the reason Smart cars have become so popular is their ability to park in tight spots. That does not mean they should park where it is clearly forbidden, which seems to be the case here, especially when free spaces can be seen right across the street! It takes an evil genius to construct this makeshift penalty box.


It is not going to be easy to get out of that, pretty much guaranteeing that this “Smart” driver will think twice about parking in the wrong spot again, which was pretty much the whole point.


In this case, carpooling was obviously not the better option. It is hard to understand from this shot, how the car even got into the pool. It must have been dealing with a lot of pressure. It is not easy being such a cliché: a red, convertible sports car has to live up to all kinds of demands that we can’t even imagine.


It ultimately came to the decision that it had no other option than to take the plunge. We are certain that once it is pulled out and dries off, it will see the error of its ways.

Booted Your Tank

Don’t you hate when you bring your tank home and when you want to head out to work in the morning it has a boot on the tire? Unbelievable, what do they even want from you? It’s their own fault that they don’t provide tank parking on the street.


All the other cars are also parked half on the sidewalk. Why are they singling you out? It’s not like you’re the only person who’s driving a tank, right?

Post-It Palooza

Parking in a handicap spot is the height of selfish behavior, and you can’t expect to do something like that and not face some kind of retribution. Hats off to the person who devised this Post It punishment. They must have spent countless hours getting all these stuck on and making sure they were just right.


The result is not only amazing looking, but it gets the point across perfectly. We hope the driver used the time needed to remove these from their car to reconsider their actions.

Stunt Gone Wrong

Is this a parking lot or a monster truck rally? We have absolutely no idea how these drivers managed to leave their cars in this position, or how they are going to get them out of it. Seems like someone thought they were Evel Knievel and could jump across all the cars in the lot.


When seeing the end result, it is clear that they should have heeded the advice often seen on TV: “don’t try this at home.” Hopefully, they learned their lesson and will leave stunt driving to the professionals from now on.

Subway Stop

Owning your own car is the best, and one of the best things about it is that you no longer have to use public transportation. No more standing unreasonably close to other commuters or walking in the rain to the bus stop. But there is also a downside, the high price of gas, insurance, and standing in traffic for hours at a time.


Seems like the owner of this car couldn’t take it anymore and decided that they were sick of driving, they were going to take the subway instead!

Hosing Around

The law about not parking in front of a hydrant exists for a reason. In case of fire, that hydrant will be needed to put it out. If you get caught, you will face a stiff fine, but another option is that there actually will be a fire. In that case, your car windows will be broken by the fire department to get the tube through so that they can use the water to put out the fire.


Guess this BMW should have considered all of that before parking illegally.

Grocery Store Car Protector

Driving a classic car is a genuine pleasure, but also a lot of responsibility. The cars are no longer being made, it is hard to find spare parts and not a lot of mechanics even have the know-how to take care of them. That seems to have made this driver extra paranoid about some rain getting on their antique car.


It’s a good thing this supermarket provides special car protectors to keep your old car safe. That’s what this plastic booth is for, right? It couldn’t be for shopping carts, now could it?

All the Space in the World

Isn’t this parking job everyone’s secret dream? Haven’t you ever imagined driving into an empty lot and taking up four spaces? It is enough to make you feel like the king of your own domain, and will definitely cut down the chance of anybody sideswiping you.


But there is a reason that it remains a fantasy for most people, it is unbelievably selfish, against the law and lets everyone know that you are a big fat jerk.

Take a Load Off

Maybe this car pulled a few too many stunts on the road and like a professional athlete, it got benched and had to sit the rest of the drive out. Or maybe it was running out of gas and couldn’t make it to the next gas station, so decided to stop at the nearest bench.


Either way, somebody should explain to this car and its owner that benches are for people and not cars. In its attempt to take a break, this BMW ruined it for the rest of us, because those benches are not going to be safe to sit on once it moves on.

Emergency Parking

We won’t lie, getting home often feels like an emergency, especially after a long day at work, but that doesn’t mean that the owner of this blue car was entitled to park so close to the ambulance when a real emergency was taking place up the road. Or at the very least, they should have looked up and seen that they were blocking the ambulance door.


We hope no one needs to go to the hospital, because they won’t be able to do so due to this person’s inconsiderate parking. We wouldn’t blame the emergency personnel for opening the door right in their car.

Between a Rock and the Rest of the World

It is incredibly annoying waiting for your turn to get out of a crowded parking lot, particularly when some drivers try and take short cuts and cut in front of you. Looks like this guy was trying to beat the traffic by sneaking out the side, but it is unclear how they missed this enormous rock or why they didn’t stop when they felt the resistance.


Just because you have a four-wheel vehicle doesn’t mean you have to use it for everything, as demonstrated by this car and rock sculpture.

Parking Tetris

Do you remember Tetris, that old computer game where you had to fit different shaped pieces together? This looks like the parking version of that game, although the big truck clearly failed by parking across three spaces. The clever driver of the mini car saved the game by fitting between the lines perfectly and getting sweet, sweet revenge.


That truck is going to have to do some difficult maneuvering in order to move their car before they are ready to go.

Police Car Pile-Up

We don’t know the history of this incident, but we have to assume that the red truck landed on top of this police car on purpose. Was the driver trying to keep from being arrested? Because although it is true that the cop car cannot chase them in its current condition, the red truck isn’t able to move either.


The cop who is writing this up seems cool and collected, leaving us with the feeling that whoever did this has already been apprehended and that he’s seen worse.

Illegal Parking

Cops and their enormous amounts of paperwork have become a running joke on television shows, books, and movies. Maybe this cop was so sick of dealing with it that he decided to get rid of it in this unusual and destructive way. But more likely, this police officer was overtired and mistook the gas pedal for the brake.


The only upside of this accident is that the person who will be tasked with investigating it will not have a long commute.

Car Vs. Tree

In the epic battle between nature and machines, nature is usually the one taking the beating, but in this case, although a few branches of this tree were damaged, it seems like it is the clear winner. Although a few questions about the incident remain: what were they even fighting about?


And looking at the road makes you wonder, how did the car even get so far up in the tree? We’re not looking forward to the rematch.

Rush Hour in Real Life

There used to be a board game called Rush Hour in which you had to move around cars and trucks to let the red car get out of the parking lot. There was usually only one correct way to move each car in order to win. This looks like a crazy real-life version of the puzzle game, but there are no winners in this game.


Instead, the board is filled with angry drivers who seem to be driving in circles in an indiscernible pattern. Maybe what they really need is a giant hand that will guide them and finally get them out of there.

Better Than Everyone

Humor and sarcasm are a great way to get a message across, and they are also emotionally satisfying. Here is the perfect example in which instead of an angry confrontation, the message was delivered perfectly with a cleverly worded note. After reading this, the owner of the car will have no doubt what his fellow residents think of him and his selfish parking job.


We hope that he learns his lesson, and if not, at least we all got a little laugh out of the whole thing.

Hapycar – Is It Really?

Backing into a pole is one thing, but backing onto a pole is a different story altogether. They’re going to need some help getting out of this jam, because just driving away from this position is not recommended.


Although maybe this car just needed a quick check under the trunk and the driver was only cleverly getting it into position. In that case, good job.

An Icy Shower

This is more a case of bad luck than bad parking skills. Whoever owns this car may have believed that they were protecting it from the elements by parking in this garage, but that plan clearly backfired.


There is no way that their little ice pick or even a shovel is digging them out of this mess. They should try and bring in an extension cord and a space heater, or maybe just wait for spring.

Between the Lines

The really amazing thing about this parking job is how straight they got the car. This would be a perfect example of parallel parking if they, you know, did not damage their car from both ends.


Watching this person wake up in the morning after a clearly wild night and trying to maneuver out of this spot would be both sad and hysterically funny. Good luck buddy!

Unhappy Shopper

Those Best Buy return policies must be really strict. Look what this one customer had to do just to make it in time to exchange their child’s Christmas present.


Luckily, there was a parking spot available right in front of the counter. Now that’s what we call smart shopping.

Always Obey the Signs

This roadwork was clearly planned in advance and did not just happen one day, which means that signs and warnings must have been around for quite some time before it began.


Unfortunately, the owner of this blue car was just too busy to pay attention, and come morning, will find themselves in a bit of a bind. Let’s hope the road work ends soon, or they are going to get more exercise than they’re used to – walking to work.

No Car Is an Island

Here is another car owner that felt as if the rules didn’t apply to them. Although the street was being cleared for repaving, they decided to park there anyway. Now the people in the neighborhood are left with this ugly spot that wasn’t repaved.


We guess they should count themselves lucky that the city workers did not decide to repave around their tires. That would make them think twice about their choice of parking spots.

Parking on The Edge

We don’t know how long that person was parked there or why local authorities did not simply have them towed, but the current situation is almost unbelievable. The whole street is gone, but that illegally parked car remains. At this point, they are going to need a crane just to get it out.


Honestly, it seems like the construction crews were having a bit of fun with the inconsiderate owner of this car who didn’t heed their warnings.

Anything but the Stairs

Apparently, this man was just NOT going to take the stairs; whether it was laziness, a weird stair-phobia, or an accident, he actually seems pretty calm considering his car is hanging in the air.


As long as he doesn’t try and get out of the car using the door, everything will be fine (which is probably what the firefighter is telling him). We can relate, sometimes (literally) anything is better than going up a flight of stairs.

They’re Not Wrong

The owner of this car must be some kind of genius. Although it is crystal clear that the sign did not refer to this kind of green vehicle, there is no real way to prove that the parking in question was not reserved for it.


We bet any police officer who tried to give this guy a ticket, would have a really hard time explaining the offense. To avoid this happening again they would have to rephrase the sign, but we’re not quite sure how.

A Tight Fit

This sporty yellow car reminds us a little of Bumblebee from the Transformers movies. Unfortunately, it was a mere mortal that was driving this car, because a robot would have warned them that they were simply not going to fit.


Now the question is, how to get out of this situation without damaging the car any worse than it already is. We recommend the band-aid method – just rip it off.

Parking for the Reading Impaired

If you have trouble comprehending simple instructions on the road or in parking lots, maybe you should not be behind the wheel at all. Although it is more likely that the driver of this minivan decided to ignore the sign and leave their car in the motorcycle parking.


It seems like that is what this bike believed and blocked him in to teach him a lesson. We just hope that he doesn’t decide to ignore it like he did the sign and back out right through it.

Parking Acrobatics

What is truly amazing about this parking job, except obviously that the car is upside down, is that the vehicle does not appear to be damaged in any way. Leaving us all scratching our heads to figure out how it got there.


Was Dwyane Johnson nearby doing some light morning lifting? Is this a prank gone wrong, or maybe right? Either way, it is parked completely fine, except that it’s going to be quite difficult to drive it away.

Sorry, Not Sorry

We assume this is not a message from the absent-minded bus driver who drove into this clothing store, but part of an out of service announcement that was already flashing on the bus when it hit. At least, we hope so, because that would mean that the bus was not carrying any passengers during the collision.


But honestly, the wording could not be more appropriate for the occasion.

Break on Through

Everyone assumes that bricks are pretty tough just because there are brick buildings that have survived for hundreds of years. This car shows that bricks are only as tough as the car who decides to crash through them at top speed.


The funniest thing about this picture though, is that it looks like even if the car had stayed on the right side of the wall, it would have been parked crooked.

White Van Special

This Chinese restaurant may be used to surprising its customers with delicious food, but this time we’re pretty sure it was the owner and workers themselves who were surprised when they found a white van lodged into their storefront!


As bad parking jobs go, this one is ranked pretty high, both for how far off the street the van is and because it is upside down.

Get Me to the Church on Time

No one wants to be late to church on Sunday. Just the looks and raised eyebrows are enough to make even the most self-confident person feel uncomfortable. The driver of this jeep must have been feeling the pressure and got distracted.


Otherwise, we can’t explain how they missed this big round ball. They decided to just leave the car as-is and deal with it after the service.

Break Out

Judging by all these pictures, it seems like cars crashing into houses is a more common thing than what we had previously believed, but a car crashing out from the inside of a house, now that is something new.


Either the car was going so fast when it crashed into the house that it came out through the other side, or the car was being kept inside the house for some reason. This one gets extra points for originality.

Past the Tipping Point

We are not sure what this truck was hauling but it must have been pretty heavy if it caused the entire truck and crane to tip over.


If the driver was inside the back cab when the accident took place, they must have felt like they were on some kind of roller coaster, except that they would need to bring in emergency services to get off this ride.

Tight Squeeze

This fella just popped over the hedge thinking it would be totally alright to squeeze in there. Obviously their spatial judgment is seriously off as there is no way this car could actually fit in.


Let’s be honest though. It’s not like whoever did that seemed particularly concerned over what happens to other people’s cars. It must have been a real pain getting out of there.

That Escalated Quickly

It’s Monday morning. You’re rushing to work and you think to yourself,” getting out of the car is just too much of a hassle.” The natural step is just to go down the escalator, in your car. No need to actually exit the vehicle. Surely that escalator is wide enough to take an actual car.


By the looks of it, the dude just abandoned the car at the bottom of the escalators and that was that. Now it’s someone else’s problem.

Beached Out

Beach day for this gang didn’t work out to do so well. Parking a little too close to the shore-line is a really big no-no. As you can tell, a wave can come crashing down and instantly drown your poor car. At least it didn’t get washed away. Not that being buried in the sand is any better.


Next time just park a little further inland so that when you leave, you actually still have a car.

Sink or Swim

Some cars get accidentally washed away by a strong wave or a gust of wind.  Sometimes heavy rain can get just send cars swimming down streets. Sometimes, however, you just get a dummy who happily drives into a pool. Like in this case.


We’re not sure if this is a drunken night or someone terribly misjudged that still water for solid ground. Either way, that car is sitting deep in somebody’s pool right now and it’ll probably stay there forever.

Pick Up Island

When you’re living in what looks like the wilderness, you have to take care of your possessions. This probably why whoever parked this truck created an entire moat fro his precious vehicle so that no one shall ever pass.


How they’re going to get it out of there is anyone’s bet. In any case, that water will probably dry up by the time he’s ready to get out of there. Honestly, where is there to drive anyway? Perpsh its just decoration.


You know that thing when you park your car over a baby tree stump and then forget about it for roughly 50 years, and then the tree continues to grow around your car? No? Well, this guy does. Apparently one bad decision all those decades ago has produced a very interesting image that you can still see today.


We would love to know what happened. Was it a result of a drunken night in which you totally forget where you park your car?

Getting Creative

When you can’t find parking spaces, the best thing you can do simply is to create them yourself. This guy found a “crack in the system” and thought it would be ok to bulldoze his way into the stairs of a building and call it a day.


It’s no coincidence that this is situation happened right outside a bar that appears to be open in the middle of the day. It appears that he arrived at the scene already pretty drunk. This man has some big life choices to think about.

Get Me Outta Here

“Better out than in I always say” was not the Shrek motto this man was going by. How he managed to fit his car into this tunnel, we will never know. This kind of parking takes a special set of skills and we would seriously love to know the thought process that went into this. We also would love to know the genius thought process that it will take getting him out of this.


They may have to do the lol “roll over” and accept a few dents and scratches on the way out. It’s possible that this individual has gone through quite a few cars in his life.

Bad Luck Bobby

Sometimes the world is just against you no matter what. This poor fella didn’t did do anything wrong. He simply and very responsibly parked in a designated spot outside his apartment. Unfofrtaunetly that spot happened to be a tiny pool. Did he not notice, or did the ground below him just give in?


Perhaps we’re being too forgiving because it seems impossible how anyone can be this stupid. If he did knowingly park here, then perhaps he is better off without a car.

Thank You, Really

Looks like this one didn’t quite get the “drive carefully” memo and went straight for the bushes instead. Too bad. There is clearly a reason for this terribly passive-aggressive sign. Don’t abide by it? You’ll learn your lesson!


They should pair the toppled-over car with the sign. Perhaps that will send a slightly stronger message.

Legging It

Another case of the “I didn’t see.” We get it, driving a truck isn’t easy and perhaps maneuvering around freely is a little trickier than it is normally, but surely you saw this bright yellow fire hydrant in plain view? Perhaps you thought it would be a good idea to rest your truck onto it as if it was a leg? We are running out of excuses. It doesn’t quite make sense.


The irony is that with that kind of parking, this driver is certainly prone to accidents and may very likely cause some explosions. In which case, it’s good that he parked on top of a fire hydrant.

Rooftop Parking

This really re-invents the concept of rooftop parking. If you ran out of space on the ground, was this the next natural “step” to take? Obviously it would be flying into someone’s poor roof.


We’re also not quite sure what use that ladder is there. How exactly do you plan on getting that down?

Boundless Intelligence

The idea of actually entering the parking spot so you can park your car is apparently a foreign concept to this person. Where do the borders of the parking lot actually end and where do they begin? This driver has defined those boundaries for himself and taken the liberty of leaping into sidewalk. Clearly, this person has no concept of space.


Let’s put aside the fact that on exiting, they might be hit by all that oncoming traffic on the road. But hey, whatever makes your life easier, buddy.

You Shall Not Pass

The employees at this supermarket sought revenge when this terrible person thought it necessary to take up two parking spots. To teach them a lesson, they took all the shopping carts available to simply entrap the car! Now there is simply no escape.


That’ll teach ’em! Hopefully, this individual will think twice the next time they plonk themselves on in the middle of two separate parking lots.

Revenge of the Statue

If you’re going to leave your car in a strange area, make sure you do so away from any potentially dangerous objects. Someone could do some terrible damage. Kind of what they did right over here. Clearly this person got angry enough for them to throw a giant statue right onto the car.


Do they deserve it? Hey, who knows? Who are we to judge? I’m sure whoever did that probably got rid of a lot of rage.

This Is The Perfect Spot

This island is a better place than any for a parking spot. It’s totally out of the way of oncoming cars, it’s accessible and practical to get in out. Why there are no more parking spots in the middle of the road is a total mystery.


That was sarcastic just in case no one was sure. This is probably one of the worst and dangerous things you can do to a stationary car.

I Am The Law

In South Korea, the police make their own traffic rules apparently. This cop thought it was totally ok to park right over a crosswalk. Not ideal. Does he get into trouble with that? Or do certain officials get a special exemption when it comes to certain parking spots.


We certainly don’t want this cop to get away with it. Hopefully, another policeman will stop by to give him a ticket. It does however beg the question. Where will he park?

Decisions, Decisions

Sidewalk. Road. Sidewalk. Road. Which is best? This individual was unable to reach a decision and decided to settle for both road and sidewalk in the end, making it incredibly impractical. At least they now get to experience the best of both worlds.


It might be a little bit of a bumpy ride on the way out but at least this driver got to experience the best of both worlds.

Over The Edge

Easy there, buddy. If you’re trying to accommodate someone else behind you it may very well backfire and your car will go flying off the edge. We doubt that is actually your reason, we’re just trying to give you the benefit of the doubt. You probably just don’t quite know how to park.


Either way, we sure do hope that no one pushes your car any more over the edge than it is. That could result in some serious damage. Next time, just park in the designated square that is clearly painted there for you. It’s incredibly simple.

Just a Quick Run to The Convenience Store

When you just run into the  7-Eleven to pick up some milk and eggs and don’t even think about exiting your car before you actually enter the store in the first place. This definitely gives a whole new meaning to convenience.


They should turn the 7-Eleven into a drive-thru to avoid this kind of destruction. Alternatively, people could just park their cars outside of the store before they actually enter it. Just a crazy idea.

Keep Going

Sometimes you need a visual aid, like a stop sign or a red traffic light to tell you when you can’t go any further. Other times, you need actual objects to stop you from driving to convey the message. Smashing into a giant pole is generally a helpful enough clue for stopping.


While it worked, according to the damage, it looks like this driver may have struggled a little bit with this barrier because that shows quite a lot of impact. How fast can you really go in a parking lot?