What Were These People Thinking When They Designed These Things?

Our world is full of endless possibilities. Humans have the ability to design some incredible things. But just because anyone can create things, doesn’t necessarily mean that they should. In some cases, it’s best to hire an expert. Or, at the very least, consult with one before you jump into a project – as evidenced by the folks on our list.


The people who designed this stuff obviously didn’t think things all the way through, and it shows. Some of these design flaws just look ridiculous. Others, however, can actually hurt people (or worse!) All of them are great examples of what not to do in your business. So, take note, and get ready to laugh.

That Face

If you just happened to be cruising home from work one day and randomly saw this giant face looking down at you from a billboard, what would you think? You’d probably wonder what on earth the sign was for. But either that was the point or this guy just didn’t care, because here we are (and there…he is.)


Maybe this guy ordered his billboard space through that app, Blip, or something similar. It allows anyone that has the money to spend to order the space. All you do is set a daily budget and choose whether you want your message to play during “peak times” or not – peak times likely meaning both rush hours and stuff like that. We wonder how much this guy paid to confuse everyone driving past this sign and make them feel a little uncomfortable.

Do What Now?

This road sign could lead to some serious traffic trouble, considering it can’t make up its mind about what it wants from the cars passing by. The right lane MUST right-left, okay? Let’s hope that makes more sense to the people in the area than it does to us.


Are we supposed to stay right or go left? Hopefully, that’s not standing in a very congested part of town! Someone could actually get hurt from this person’s mistake. Fingers crossed that they’ve fixed it since this picture was taken.

You Had One Job

When drains are placed around streets, they are typically done so at a level that ensures they collect the rainwater like they’re supposed to do.


Unfortunately, this crew didn’t get the memo. Now, this drain is more for show than anything else.

We Got it The First Time, Anna

Perhaps it was the blind onion next door that put together Anna’s sign. It sure seems like they went a little overboard with the whole “food mart,” thing, doesn’t it?


Okay, we get it, you’re a food mart. Geez. Wouldn’t the large print be sufficient enough to tell us that, though? The smaller words in the middle and at the bottom of the sign aren’t helpful. If anything, they’re just confusing. Did Anna really think this sign was a good idea?

Bad Idea

Although this company may have the best of intentions in alerting drivers of the dangers of taking their eyes off the road for too long, it seems like using this long paragraph to do so is counterproductive. Texting and driving is a big no-no, so reading things like this falls into that category, too.


Hopefully, they’ve updated that feature and fixed the issue! This one may be somewhat funny, but it could also be dangerous for both the person driving the car and everyone else on the road with them!

Missing Something

This would be a great gag souvenir for your friend or kid. That’s because it’s definitely memorable, even if it’s not for the greatest of reasons. Why on earth wouldn’t they have used the tower for the “a,” which would actually make a little sense, depending on the typography?


And, unless is the lighting, that color is also pretty terrible on its own, even without the lettering issue.

Not-so-Custom Customized Pillow

Apparently, the person who ordered this throw pillow online had no idea what they were actually buying. Either that or they missed the box where they were supposed to erase “sample text,” and type their own message.


Missed opportunity? Yes. Hilarious mistake? Also, yes.

Dirty Countertops

If you were a guest in this person’s home and went to use the restroom after dinner, you may get a little sick at this sight. Why anyone chooses to use brown smears for any type of design in their bathroom is super questionable.


A germaphobe would take off running, never look back, and write a terrible review on Yelp. This is also another perfect example of one of the many reasons why carrying hand sanitizer with you is never a bad idea.

Mirrored Signs

Apparently, this company meant to say “mirror” and not window. Or, they did mean to and just completely forgot about how the world works for the time it took to slap this thing on. That doesn’t seem like a very solid advertising campaign for a company that claims they put these on professionally.


Maybe they just opened? Hopefully, they’ve got it down at this point.

Mine’s All Wrong

While Royal Dutch Airlines may have had the best of intentions putting together these rainbow-colored seatbelts for pride, anyone wearing one of those faulty belts in an accident may not have felt the love. Did it have to be the seatbelts?


Next time, why not just sash over the seats, or better yet, cookies or something packaged in rainbow packaging? Campaign: everyone loves cookies.

Moving On

We’d keep it going right on to the next stall if we had to pee in this bathroom. That just looks so…raunchy.


Who thought that was a good idea? Gross.

No Thank You, Sir

The font choice on this work uniform may end up getting these delivery people arrested (or hit on,) depending on where it is that they are! Alternatively, if they happened to stroll through the right crowd, maybe they’d get a different type of reaction. But it’s probably best not to take any chances, and just redo the tops, instead.


Did no one check to make sure they looked okay before they were used? Yikes! WE wonder how many people want whatever this company is selling.

Just Right

Rather than simply taking a picture of a left hand, or finding a picture of a left hand, this company decided to just flip the image of the right hand instead. If anyone gets that question wrong on the test, they should get a pass since it’s very confusing to look at.


What a lazy thing to do!

Turn Off the Lights

The idea behind this pillow is that, if you and your long-distance partner each have one, when one of you is sleeping on it, both units will light up. This may be cute for watching Netflix and holding on to your pillow while you’re missing them – but for sleeping?


Not so much. Well, not unless you both enjoy sleeping with bright lights in your face. Whoever designed this thing sure must. Otherwise, how did no one catch that?

A Beautiful ‘Morriage’

Unless this couple is planning to name their child “Boby, it’s clear that somebody didn’t quite think this one all the way through. While the ring may look similar to a lowercase “a,” it’s missing the top extension, so it just looks like an “o,” instead.


But then, they knew that deep down, because they used it as the “o,” in love. Hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?

Murder Scene

When you first look at this picture, it looks like an image that was pulled from a police crime scene investigation, or maybe a horror movie. But even though it looks like someone was stabbed to death on the bed, believe it or not, that red stuff is actually roses.


If this guy (or girl) was trying to be romantic, he or she failed miserably. It does make for a great story to tell in their future, though!

Why Punctuation is Important

This is another case of someone who was either too lazy to use some simple punctuation marks or wasn’t entirely sure how to go about it. They could have laid that out a few different ways to differentiate between the lines.


But, since they didn’t, it seems like that restroom is designated only to the disabled elderly, and the pregnant children. Next time use a couple of commas or bullet points!

Can’t Get Through

Although it may seem as though someone’s bag is covering the ad’s phone number, that’s not the case. Nope, this company has in fact painted that orange backpack right over the last few digits of their number. This is definitely a marketing fail, one that had to at least have gone through a couple of people to make it to the bench.


How do you expect to get business if no one knows how to get a hold of you in the first place? The bag also makes zero sense in the context of the ad, anyway.

What’s Going on Here?

Can you imagine coming back into your hotel after a night out drinking on vacation and seeing this? It’d probably be pretty tough to get back up to your room when the floors are all jumbled up. Maybe they should have someone who knows how to count repaint the buttons.


Seriously. Why is six all the way down trapped between a mixed up 28,29, and 30? And that’s just one of basically all of the number placements that make no sense!

(Wrongly) Stating the Obvious

Google is the most popular website in the world, and basically everyone knows of its existence. So, it’s baffling as to why they say they “couldn’t connect to translator service,” when all it takes is a few clicks and typing your message into Google Translator to convert any phrase to and from any language in the world.


You’re telling us no one at that company knows about Google? Hopefully, some kind-hearted tourists helped them out by pointing out the error!

A Special Kind of Classroom

Okay, we’re not sure if this is technically a classroom, but it certainly seems like it’s set up as such. Why is there no door or wall blocking this bathroom off from the rows of chairs facing it? Also, why does the toilet paper look as if it’s way too far away from the seat?


Perhaps this is some odd type of health class setting where they require the toilet for some kind of demonstrations? For the sake of whoever has to sit in any of those chairs, we hope not.

Keep Walking, Kids

This outdoor sitting area looks like a Lady Gaga music video set. All it needs is for her to come out in her infamous meat dress and it will all fall into place. It may not be meat – but it definitely looks like it.


But hey, if you love steak, you’d probably have to stop and snap a picture on your way through.

Nightmare Potatoes

Way to make us associate one of our favorite vegetables with this terrifying…whatever it is we’re looking at. If you’re going to make a potato character to sell your product, at least make it friendly-looking!


This thing just makes us want to toss this bag and run in the opposite direction.

Baby-Building Factory

This bus quite obviously belongs to some kind of robot baby-making facility. Or at least, that’s what the whole cyborg eye thing that the little girl has going on makes it look like. And, according to Futurism.com, those things actually exist now.


One filmmaker in Canada named Rob Spence replaced his missing eye with a little video camera. It may not be able to kill you, but it’s still pretty high-tech.

Out of Order

This is another case of someone not thinking about how people read from left to right before top to bottom. So, it seems as though this signage says “SASA LELE,” whatever that may be. Luckily, it looks easy enough to rearrange the letters. Hopefully, the manager realized that was the issue when that sale wasn’t bringing in any customers.


Or, maybe it was the manager who put it up in the first place?


There’s no way this wasn’t done intentionally, right? How could no one say, “no, man, it looks like the hippo is shooting those balls out of his…” Right?


Then again, kids probably find it to be hilarious (and probably some adults, too.)

Period Problems

Who were they trying to sell this skirt to? A man would probably have a panic attack if he saw some woman standing next to him in this thing. And most women probably aren’t into rocking the whole “that time of the month came early while I’m in a white skirt with zero preparation,” look.


It could, however, make a great prop for teaching health class to middle schoolers.

Teach What You Know

No sane person would come anywhere close to buying this book. It certainly doesn’t seem like it was written by an expert on the topic, to say the least. The cover looks like it was randomly thrown together with basic fonts and images, and the colors are bland and don’t really go together.


They should consider taking some lessons on graphic design themselves! Apparently, the author has never heard, nor taken, the good advice to “write what you know.”

Face-Sized Watch

When this company edited these photos for their ads, they must have been smoking, too. Why would they choose to add in tiny hands next to the pictures of the watch? Then again, maybe they’re some type of novelty watch that’s supposed to be worn like a belt or something?


Some people do have a tough time reading a regular old wristwatch. Nope, it’s just a pair of really tiny hands photoshopped into the shot. Well, that or it’s a giant picture of the watch photoshopped in next to a regular-sized hand. How did no one notice this before the ad got printed?

Fashion Faux Paw

Whoever designed this anti-animal cruelty hoodie made a pretty big flaw when they placed the writing on the back. Luckily this person noticed it before they took it for a spin in public – or maybe it was brought to their attention while they were out.


It would be pretty unsettling to see someone walking around (seemingly) promoting animal abuse!

Above All but Allison

Yes, we get what this sign was supposed to say. But Allison apparently wasn’t having any of it. It seems as though she went through a lot of trouble to pull this off.


If you asked her today, she’d probably tell you it was worth it just for these shots.

Waiting for a Lift

This guy is probably feeling a little left out on the joke – if that’s even what this was. It was either that or someone just really didn’t think about proper placement for this sign.


Maybe this should be a few feet over near the actual entrance to the stairs, instead.

Risky Business

We get that this company wanted to cut costs on the packaging, but they probably should have done something to differentiate these two packages. Say you’re just trying to take a nap and you wind up stuck on the toilet for three hours?


Or, you actually want to clean your colon and you just knock yourself out for eight hours in the middle of the day, instead? We’d use some red tape or something on one of them, just in case.


Since when the majority of people read something, we read it from left to right, and the top to bottom, this sign has it all wrong. They tried to make it legible by using different colors to separate the phrases, but it still just looks confusing.


It’s even worse that it’s a sign talking about a car accidents. This is the kind of thing that causes anxiety attacks.

Coloration Station

You’d think that there would be quite a lengthy process in packaging bread and getting it all the way to the shelves. And yet none of the people at this company thought that using a green logo on their bread was a bad idea? Not only is it just one stamp on the front of the bag, either.


All it would have taken is a different color and they probably wouldn’t have scared off so many potential customers.

Hammer Time Baby

Hey, always remember, if your baby is going to handle a hammer and nails, make sure they wear a hardhat. That way, if they’re going to hammer a plank to their thigh, at least their head will be protected. That sounds pretty ridiculous, doesn’t it? But apparently, they teach kids to build things before they can even talk.


The whole supervision thing doesn’t seem to be working, either, since disaster is one strike away.

Try Anything Once

Even if you were raised to try new things, you may be a little iffy about this one – we know we would be. This is why it’s important to test your ads and make sure they look good (from all angles) before the public sees them. Then again, maybe it’s been bringing in even more business.


If not just to say, “you serve what now?”

Dirty Dishes

These plates would drive someone with OCD absolutely mad. Who designs dishware that looks like it’s covered in dirt and grime?


This company, apparently, that’s who. We can’t imagine that they sold too many sets of these things.


Whoever manufactured this bag had no idea what they were doing. They obviously wanted to create something to do with a popular franchise that people would want to buy – but they didn’t know which franchise, so they went with a few, only they couldn’t get those right, either.


That’s pretty far from Hannah “Montan,” or her face. And speaking of face, why are there three of the same one, but not the right one?

Whose Hand is That?

This photo is one of many that pop up when you search for something like “happy couple shopping,” on a stock photo website. At first glance, everything appears to be fairly typical – that is until you notice that creepy extra hand on her stomach.


Thankfully someone pieced together a sketch of what was likely happening outside of the frame. One that’s as hilariously creepy as the whole thing feels in the first place. Because if there was someone standing next to that couple with a hand on her stomach, it’s definitely is creepy.

I’ll Hold It

Would you or would you not be horrified to walk into a bathroom and see random, splotchy brown marks all over the walls? Usually, when that happens, it’s a cue to get out of there immediately and go find another restroom immediately.


That’s a pretty poor choice in design for a room with a toilet in it. We wonder how many customers have run out of there, imagining the worst when they lay eyes upon the color splatters.

No Hands

While this glow in the dark wall clock may have been a cool idea in theory, something in the design is left to be desired. Oh, right, it’s that we need to see the hands to be able to tell what time it is.


Oh well, they tried. Better luck next time!

Stick to Coffee

We love tea as much as anybody, but the person in charge of this design should’ve probably had a gallon or two of coffee before they stuck this design template on an actual wall.


We understand how they could forget to erase the watermark from a screen, but to not realize it while plastering it on the wall?! Unless this is meant to be a joke, which to be honest, would kind of make the whole thing worse.

Endless Summer

While we appreciate the creativity behind these…shoes?, we’d also like to point out that these are probably the tackiest fake feet we’ve ever seen. If you’re feeling in a joking mood, by all means grab a pair of these pink-toed “flip flops” and go for a walk…inside the house.


Otherwise, just keep walking if you ever happen to see these at a store. Sorry shoe designer, you won’t be doing any internships at Jimmy Choo anytime soon.

Seems Legitimate

Companies wonder why people buying their products are often weary and distrustful. Well, here you have it folks.


If these people couldn’t even take the trouble to either stick something on that flag, or on the ‘Made in China’ print, we don’t even want to know what kind of quality control there was for the actual thing inside the box.

The Abstract Cyclist

The funny (or very dangerous) thing about this sticker is that it gets worse the more you stare at it. We really hope this wasn’t meant to be a safety or instructional drawing for how to ride a bicycle. First of all, the cyclist has no face.


Secondly, he seems to be riding with both his legs on one side of the bike. And thirdly, how many feet does he actually have?! And where is he sitting? This is just wrong in so many ways.

The Useless Bowl from the Future

We’re all in favor of modern and futuristic-looking design, but this is just plain dumb. The worst part is, this happened at a restaurant, which means it wasn’t the result of a drunken night at Pottery Barn. Someone actually paid for a set of these bowls!


Kudos to this customer though, because he seems to have worked out a system for the food to stay just under the holes.

Count Dracula, Your Sales Representative

Looks like Mr. Greenberg is much more than a sales representative. He’s Count Dracula! No wonder he’s number one.


And to the design geniuses that decided to put a black tilted square behind a man’s face to make it look like a vampire collar…thank you!

A Date With the Wall

We don’t know what restaurant this is, or what the furniture designers were trying to do with that booth, but this is just hilarious. Then again, this teenager probably just wanted to sit down and eat already and couldn’t find a proper spot, so, he saw a design fluke and made the best of it!


Although all things considered, the restaurant people should probably make better use of that area, since anybody sitting here, facing the wall, would just make any passersby want to cry!

We’ll Take His Word for It

Bravo to Dr. Sam Daher and his wonderful 14-month Invisalign treatment, giving teenagers hope that nobody will ever have to find out they’re wearing braces again! However, Dr. Daher should’ve stayed away from marketing and flyer design.


For future reference, doctor, a “Before and After” photo only works if you can see the difference, which is clearly not the case since, for all we know, Brandon didn’t have teeth in his”before” photo.

The Lost Island

We’re sure the town hall had several meetings on whether to allow this little island to be built, and after a long, tiring argument, they decided to go ahead and do it.


After all, what’s a town without a completely useless, isolated, hazardous concrete island in the middle of the road? Now, this is teamwork at its best!

No Words

This is so ridiculous we can’t even find a title appropriate enough to describe this mess. We understand that there are many people out there who are under the impression that planning and building can be done by anybody. But folks, this is really not the case.


We can’t even begin to understand how this happened. Maybe the person just did it on purpose and stored away all the things they never want to see again.

Deceit at Its Worst

We get it – the real thing never looks like the picture on the box. But this is just too much. This arctic fox looks like he just got out of Chernobyl.


They could’ve at least placed the eyes in the right place!

Self-Serve Kiosks for Drunks

Unless the guys at Taco Bell had the 2 AM drunks in mind when they built these self-serve kiosks, we don’t know what to think.


Sure, it’s perfectly convenient when you’re wasted and want to place your order while you’re lying comatose on the floor, but if you’re sober and taller than a five-year-old, this is extremely annoying.

Three is a Good Number

Whoever designed this sign should really pay more attention to phrasing. We get it, the speed limit is 20 mph because there are children on the road, but it could also be perfectly misconstrued as absolutely insane advice from parents that went a bit overboard when they decided to try and have siblings for little Jimmy to play with.


Do not exceed 20? We’d strongly recommend not having more than three! Unless you’re rich and have 150 nannies.

The New Sliding Door

Either that company really isn’t living up to its name, or they came out with a super cool new patent for a “push & pull” sliding door.


Regardless of what happened here, we don’t think any businesses will be calling The Sliding Door Company for new installations any time soon.

Come on, Disney

Really, Disney? That’s where you decided to cut the sign?


Thanks for trying to keep our kids safe, Disney. We really appreciate it.

It’s a Game

The guy looking for room 350 must’ve wasted 15 minutes just to figure out where he was going.


It makes us wonder, were the designers of this sign just having a bad day and decided they were just going to screw with everybody?

The Optical Illusion Supermarket

This supermarket looks more like a carnival funhouse than a place to buy groceries. We’re all for modern and groovy design, but this just makes us nauseous. And the supermarket is really not a place where you want to be sick.


That being said, maybe the manager is very OCD, and can only stock aisle 4 when he steps on the brown lines. He’s just making his life easier by design.

The Frisbee With Two Mouths

Not that kids, or whoever is using this Frisbee, would mind that the little smiley face on it isn’t a Rembrandt. But, it should at least respect the basics of a face’s anatomy, like a tongue coming out of a mouth, and not a nose.


Maybe the toy company was feeling cheeky and decided to make their Frisbee smiley have two mouths, because they’re just cool like that.

Worst Phrasing Ever

Kruger & Matz have just won the prize for the worst phrasing and marketing fail ever.


We understand that English is maybe not your first language, but if you’re going to advertise something, make sure it doesn’t have a double meaning! Especially one like that!

The Headless Schoolboy

Printing something on the side of a bus can be tricky – the proportions, the placing, the moving doors. However, this is why it’s usually done by professionals, because otherwise, this smiling child ends up looking like a decapitated schoolboy.


Whatever this ad was promoting, it’s safe to say that sales won’t see a significant increase this year.

Hotel Decor Nightmare

Every traveler has at least one hotel decoration nightmare story to tell – ugly lamps, tacky carpets, weird-looking paintings, etc. But this curtain design is just ridiculous. And this guest knows it, and decided to play along.


But seriously, what was this hotel manager thinking? Is he a fan of ‘Dexter’?

The Existential Stairs

This looks like a movie set for Spike Jonze’s ‘Being John Malkovich’. Honestly, there could be no other possible, or logical, explanation as to why somebody would do this.


Unless the building owners were betting to see who had the first accident while using the stairs.

They Care…Just Not About Her Eyes

We’re sure that was a lovely-looking nurse, who fits in perfectly with the kind-hearted nature of the ad. However, the geniuses in charge with design just screwed this up beautifully. Now, the nice-looking woman looks like an alien with extremely separated eyes.


And we don’t know about you, but that definitely wouldn’t be our first choice next time we need to call a nurse.

Well Placed

Isn’t it just marvelous when you realize your keyboard has an instant shutdown button placed right in the middle of it all, next to the ‘Enter’ button?


We don’t even want to know how many mistakes have been caused by this obnoxious keyboard.

Delicious Cheesecake

To be fair, some of those cheeses do look like a perfectly delicious slice of cake. However, when looking over at that almost empty cup of coffee, thinking they used a tray of cheese as the dipping snacks just make us want to vomit.


It’s a lovely picture, though. Too bad they weren’t actually advertising cheese.

The Mice Bag

Come on, McDonald’s. You’ve been around long enough to know the importance of proper marketing. Then again, they’re truly offering a sweet deal right there. One dollar for 10 pounds of mice? That’s a bargain.


Just the phrase you want to see at your favorite fast food restaurant – “10 lb. bag of mice”.