Why Dog Agility is an Awesome Sport for You and Your Dog

Anyone who owns a dog and truly understands their canine companion knows that these animals are the most selfless and fantastic creatures. This desire to please is best demonstrated in the agility sport, where dogs are guided through a dog obstacle course such as poles and jumps in a specific order within a certain timeframe. Once a well-trained dog completes an obstacle, they will always keep a lookout to see where their owner is directing them next.

Bonding With Your Dog While Having Fun

It can be pretty fun to run around while directing your dog through tunnels and over “A” frames. Not only is it exciting, but there is also a deepened relationship that forms between you and your dog.

New Ways To Communicate

The path to success in dog agility competition does entail years of training, learning to be patient, and acceptance of failures.  Teaching dog agility is a terrific way to help dog owners learn how to communicate with their dogs effectively, and it also helps them see through their dogs’ perspectives.


Great Exercise

Typically, the handler and their dog navigate 12 to 18 obstacles. The dog takes on the hurdles, such as traverse 12 vertical poles, moving through numerous tunnels, and passing over a bridge that stands at the height of 4 ½ feet off the ground. And because the handler also runs alongside their canine partner, it means everyone gets a workout.

Improves Dog Behavior Outside The Ring

Dog agility training is run off-leash, so the owner must train their dog to listen and be attentive without the assistance of a leash. Rescue dogs, in particular, sometimes come with a nervous nature. But as your dog’s performance on the equipment improved, their distrust of people will also diminish. Dog agility training can offer a mixture of experiences that can result in a more confident pet.

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