5 Advantages Of Owning A Cat

There are a lot of animals to choose from when it comes to adopting a pet. One good starter animal for the first time adopter is the fish. But if you are planning to get a fuzzy animal that you can cuddle, then the best choices are between dogs and cats.

Below are five good reason why cat might be a great addition to the family:


Heart Health

A lot of people might have heard that owning a cat is great for your health. This is absolutely true and it is not done by magic. In the early days, it was discovered that cats can help reduce the stress levels. This reason might be associated to the fact that they need less attention than dogs.

There was a 10 years study that discovered that cat owners were 30% less likely to die of heart related issues compared to people who do not own cats. According to most owners of cats, petting the animal has an euphoric calming effect.


When it comes to the part of choosing an animal for companionship, most people think of the dog first. But cats can be just as affectionate as any canine. A study conducted in 2003 by Austrian researchers shows that living with a cat is emotionally equivalent to living with a life partner.


The most common belief of people is that cats do not really care who plays with them or feeds them. But unfortunately, people who believes this have probably not heard the stories of when felines save lives in amazing ways. In the United Kingdom, there is a cat that knows how inform its human when he is about to have a seizure. One other cat in Montana smelled a gas leak and warned the couple to get themselves out in time. Also in California, a cat even chased away a Chow that was attacking a boy.


Good For The Environment

If you are really worried about how your actions affect the environment in terms of carbon footprint, then you should consider getting a cat.

A study in 2009 found that the resources and time it takes to care for a dog is equivalent to the same polluting power as a Toyota Land Cruiser. But the cat’s carbon footprint is equivalent to a two door Toyota Corolla, all thanks to the diet of cats.

Healing Purrs

Purring is a noise that the cat makes when it is displaying positive vibes. If your cat is making this noise, it means that they are really content. The amazing part is that these purrs are said to have healing properties.

According to scientists, vibrations within the range of 18-35 HZ are found to have healing properties.