Celebrity Instagram Posts That Are Too Relatable to Ignore

Instagram can make us feel like everything is perfect in everyone’s life but ours. It’s all fancy restaurants and vacation pictures. People don’t usually share their bad hair days on social media, you know.

Still, some celebrities are exercising their right to post raw, unfiltered moments from their lives, reminding us all that everyone is human. Even if Hollywood would sometimes make us think otherwise.

Dwayne Johnson Knows Who’s Boss

There’s a saying that goes something along the lines of “No matter how old you are when a little kid hands you a toy phone… you answer it.”


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson demonstrates the truth of this as he balances his hulking frame on a very tiny mechanical ship ride with his daughter. While we’re not certain if it was his or his daughter’s insistence that he boards the ship, every parent knows how futile refusing the request is!

Selena Gomez Proves That Pasta Is Not Pretty

While usually mesmerizing fans worldwide with her striking looks, an afternoon lunch demonstrated that slurping spaghetti does indeed make Selena Gomez equal to all of us.


We are relieved to know that the very ungraceful art of eating spaghetti leaves even the best of us looking the worst kind of totally awkward.

Jennifer Garner Memes the Most of a Bad Hair Day

We have all found ourselves at the mercy of a bad hair day. Jennifer Garner did not miss the opportunity to turn her windswept and unruly hair into a meme for her millions of Instagram followers.


However, even though we can all share her bad hair day feels, most of us won’t get the same feeling of tens of thousands of likes for our best Insta pics compared to her worst!

Will Smith Lets It All Hang Out

We’ve all been there — convincing ourselves of needing a dedicated workout regime. Will Smith recently gave us a glimpse into his stay-in-shape struggles as he shared a pic on Instagram stating that he’s “in the worst shape of my life”.


We’re used to seeing a very sculpted Will leap, swing, and sprint his way through explosions, zombies, and robots. Knowing that even superheroes let their workout regimes falter from time to time leaves us feeling not so guilty.

Kim Kardashian Reminds Us That 90’s Fashion Took No Prisoners

Raise of hands – how many of us dread a photo album from the 90’s surfacing? Kim Kardashian took the brave step of posting a flashback of her that would crank up the cringe factor in almost all of us.


She does admit that on this day she was grounded for having been a co-conspirator in taking her mother’s car for a joyride. Funny, we thought the grounding would have been due to the fashion choices…

Billie Eilish Is All of Us Going to Work

Of all of Billie Eilish’s infamously indifferent expressions, this is one we can all universally understand: being drained from a long, hard day of work.


There’s no difference between whether it’s an accounting firm or a recording studio. After a trying day, Billie posted a rather candid selfie that needed no caption. She did however ensure to caption it with “i’m tireddddddd”. Next time, please leave some d’s for the rest of us, please.

Bruno Mars Makes Mom Proud

After 18 years of testing a parent’s sanity, we hope to leave an achievement (or two) that will make up for all the stress we put them through. Bruno Mars promised his mother at least a high school diploma.


Bruno dropped a pic on Instagram of the momentous day of graduating high school, complete with his luscious lei and afro. As we all know, Bruno of course went on to make his mother far more proud as his singing career placed him at the forefront of the music industry.

Timothée Chalamet Might Have Been Feeling Cute

Feeling cute might delete later IDK, Timothée? A feeling all of us selfie-takers know all too well: a fleeting moment of self-appreciation that necessitates a share.


A very bed-headed Timothée took the chance to snap a very welcome selfie for his scores of Instagram fans. As evidenced by the Ellen shirt and half-eaten breakfast in the background, this was no glamour shoot.

Shawn Mendes Spoon Swoon

Let’s be honest…when we think of Shawn Mendes and spooning we don’t immediately think of an avocado… but we’ll take what we can get in the form of this very intimate midnight-snack Instagram shot.


We all have undoubtedly found ourselves tip-toeing to the fridge in the dead of night. Very few of us though, we suspect, reach for an avocado! However, Shawn’s washboard abs do testify to the benefits of choosing an avocado over a grilled cheese…

Italia Ricci Lets It Sink In

Italia Ricci, star of “Designated Survivor,” certainly waits on no plumber. Like the rest of us, when something needs to be done right, she does it herself.


While not revealing the actual problem she was working on, she was sure to let her Instagram audience know that this line of work is not without its casualties as she captioned “In loving memory of my manicure.” With her child watching intently we wonder if they are dreaming of becoming a plumber one day or is that simply a pipe dream…

Kate Beckinsale Draws a Crowd

Kate Beckinsale certainly drew a crowd in the form of her beloved fur family during a home bikini waxing session.


She jokingly captioned “… this bikini wax I just got drew a bigger audience than at least four movies I have done.” Every pet owner is well aware that privacy is out the window when it comes to the four-legged members of the family. We are certain though that these aren’t the harshest critics she’s faced.

Reese Witherspoon Finds the Loophole

We know we all need to eat more salads. How about we use social media to simply reimagine what that salad is like Reese Witherspoon did?


Sneakily tagging her gargantuan cookie as “salad” in her Instagram post certainly gives us ideas about how to alleviate the guilt of choosing that delicious, chocolatey carb over those juicy, nutrient-rich greens. Luckily it doesn’t have to be either or as seen by multiple other posts of her enjoying real food.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Has His Quiet Time Terminated

A significant period of time working from home has given all of us an insight into how little our pets care for our working space. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger gets no respect from his menagerie when he has to get down to work.


Granted, not many of us know what it’s like to have a full-grown donkey invade our Zoom calls, but we still share the same pain (and guilt) of having to set workspace boundaries for our furry companions.

Zara Larsson Forgets Her Manners

Elbows off the table. No talking with a mouth full. Do not lick anybody else’s food.


Zara Larsson showed us all she either forgot not to do this or was beyond famished as she stuck her tongue out about to lick an oyster while her dinner guests were still busy reaching for one! Could we be excused for confessing to forgetting these simple rules too when the food is just too good?

Ali Wong Releases the Kraken

Is it hair washing day already? How many of us ask that on repeat? Ali Wong had an encounter that we believe has prompted her to ask herself that question far more regularly now!


She struck a very composed poise in a hair wash Instagram share revealing that “a moth flew out of my hair” when she undid her top knot further conceding “I decided it was time to finally shampoo.”

Millie Bobby Brown Glows Up Before Our Eyes

Millie Bobby Brown reminded her Instagram followers that no matter how famous (or infamous) we are, we’re all susceptible to breakouts.


Millie nuzzled her somewhat bewildered-looking puppy before pointing out two glaring pimples. Luckily for us, she provided some industry expert tips as to how best to deal with unfortunate and unsightly breakouts. Revealing a top-end product and how best to apply it, she effortlessly reminded us that celebrity skin is within our reach!

Ed Sheeran Struggles to Find His Mouth

Ed Sheeran has found a reason to have a glass of wine to toast his musical peer Khalid who recently reached the billion stream milestone.


However, Ed seemed to struggle to locate where his lips were, and his Instagram post shows him with a face full of wine. We may have found ourselves in the same predicament although our reasons may have been having one TOO many glasses of wine…

Russell Brand Is Decorated by His Daughters

Russell Brand has always been known for his embracing of the unconventional side of life. Not judging you at all, Russ, but when we came across an Instagram post of a close-up of his face scribbled full of mysterious, colorful lines and symbols, we simply thought it’s another foray into a spiritual practice.


His caption revealed what would be a far more relatable scenario for any parent: “I have toddlers”. It appears Russell played canvas to the curious artist in his children who did not hold back on the colorful ink!

Kaley Cuoco Has No Regrets

Kaley Cuoco has endeared herself to us throughout her acting career for being as goofy as she is glamorous. In doing so, we’ve found out we share a lot more of the goofy with her as evidenced by an Instagram post of her sitting cross-legged on the floor surrounded by half-eaten food.


While the caption is hard to decipher, we cannot help but find an immediate connection with how it feels to reach the end of the evening, exhausted and couldn’t-care-less stuffing our faces with the leftovers!

Ashley Tisdale Is a Multitasking Momma

Ashley Tisdale reminded us of two important truths: self-care is vital and a woman’s work is never done.


We could clearly sympathize with Ashley’s recent post of her in a bathing suit, carrying her baby with her left arm while grasping onto what we can almost be certain is a cup of coffee in her right. Ashley is all moms squeezing in some relaxation while never being off duty for childcare.

Lena Dunham Fawns Over Her Falafel

Lena Dunham revolutionizes the Insta foodie snapping and appears frozen in time as she relishes a falafel wrap in a London restaurant.


We all know that feeling of gleefully lowering our face masks to devour our favorite meals. Lena, with her facemask clearly tucked under her chin, leans into her falafel wrap with a loving gaze. But, like the rest of us, we hope Lena quickly covered her mouth once the food mission was accomplished!

Chelsea Peretti Wishes They Would Stop Texting

Chelsea Peretti lets us all know we’re not alone with that midnight texter. Yup, you all know who you are… Chelsea’s green eyes came into full focus as they appeared to be focused on her cellphone screen with a glaring caption.


While we have all had enough of THAT person texting us late at night, we cannot hide how curious we are about what the content of Chelsea’s midnight messages is…

Courtney Cox Raises an Eyebrow or Two

Everyone’s best Friend (was that too presumptive?) Courtney Cox shared an eyebrow-raising Instagram post showing what appears to be her eyebrows at triple their usual size.


Upon closer inspection, however, we can see that Courtney is prepping herself for what we all know is a painstaking duty: shaping our eyebrows. While we just usually pull out our simple little tweezers, Courtney wrote in her post description that she was undergoing microblading and the much larger-looking eyebrows were just the prep cream.

Nick Jonas Makes His Mark

Besides skin breakouts, besides very select food choices for diets, besides cringe-inducing family pics, nothing is more relatable for us than celebrities who believe that voting matters!


Nick Jonas reminded us of this by proudly displaying his “I Voted” sticker complete with a smoldering gaze in a selfie. We really do hope that Nick wasn’t like some of us and kept his “I Voted” sticker on a week after the fact.

Hugh Jackman’s Frozen Find

Show of hands: who has a washing machine neatly tucked away in a corner of their home or apartment? For all those who do not have a washing machine at their convenient disposal fear not – you share the same predicament as Hugh Jackman.


Hugh uploaded a hilarious video of him finding a Frozen cap in his washing that was returned to him from the laundromat. Hugh urged his Instagram followers to let him know if their child was missing a Frozen hat in which case he promised to “do my best to get it to you”!

Isla Fisher Confuses Species with her Duck Face

Every single one of us has sported a duck face at some point in our illustrious social media careers. Isla Fisher struck a rather perfect pout and had the boldness to put her selfie side by side with a picture of a super adorable baby orangutan making a very similar pout!


Asking in her caption “Who wore it better?” we may have to concede in the future that we will be doing the orangutan pout rather than the duck face.

Julianne Moore Reels It In

TikTokker transitioners unite! Julianne Moore posted a video of her going from face mask shock to glitzy actress in a glam-up transition reel.


Confessing in her Instagram post description that this is her very first reel ever, the reel shows Julianne awkwardly working her fingers across a face mask. Something tells us that we can all identify with the awkward face mask phase but not so much the instant screen queen beauty.

Josh Brolin’s Trick Is His Treat

Has Josh Brolin gone to extra lengths to hide from the paparazzi with elaborate disguises? Nope. Josh is joining the rest of us on Halloween!


In a side-splitting Instagram share, Josh Brolin debuted his giant baby Halloween outfit by performing very ungraceful martial art moves. Now, we all have our Halloween costumes ready, but can we get far more treats than Josh does when walking up to someone’s door?

John Mayer Gets Nostalgic

The feeling of returning home is a special one. Whether it’s years or months, a hometown journey can bring out the most sentimental side of all of us.


John Mayer touchingly described the feeling of passing by his old hometown of Fairfield, Connecticut in an Instagram post. Sharing his thoughts with his millions of followers, John detailed what it was like to reflect on all the memories of his hometown now seen through the window of a tour bus.

Kevin Hart Crocs a Smile

Crocs have been the great divider of human opinion for almost two decades now. Most of us shudder at the mere mention of the word while others gingerly embrace being Croc wearers.


Kevin Hart uploaded a picture of himself on set sporting a very conspicuous pair of Crocs. He made mention in his caption of how little he cares about others’ opinions on his Croc wearing. Oh and to mention…there may be a third type of Croc wearing person in this mix which is the category Kevin falls into: adding Jibbitz to their Crocs!

Jennifer Garner

An entire generation of us who grew up with Michael Scott and his colleagues of Dunder Mifflin in our home had a collective meltdown when the finale finally came way back in 2013.


Jennifer Garner might have been late to the party (finally seeing the finale almost a decade later!) but brought back some tragic memories for us as she sobbed in slow motion on an Instagram post after watching the final episode.

Mindy Kaling’s Pool Parenting

Mindy Kaling asked us in her Instagram post to “Tell me you’re a parent without telling me you’re a parent!”.


Mothers and fathers worldwide could immediately tell Mindy was deep in the parental duties by sharing a pic of her, hosepipe in hand, filling a plastic pool while checking her watch. We’re all well aware that the clock watching is to only make sure she’s on time for her next appointment with parenthood!

Elle Fanning Masks the Most of It

While we never forget to do our part to curb the spread and flatten the curve by coughing into our elbows we can’t help but confess that style is seriously lacking in the mask department.


Elle Fanning reminded us to #wearadamnmask and in doing so shared her beautifully designed Aurora mask, adding some color and character to our usual boring blue. We think it’s time to invest in a range of sewing machines…

Hailee Steinfield Slings Some Mud

The lengths we have all gone to plump, preen, and perfect our skin is not often a joyous journey.


Hailee Steinfield epitomized the beauty is pain adage as she sat almost expressionless, not cracking much of a smile as she sat covered in mud during a beauty treatment she uploaded to her Instagram. She must certainly have been pleased with the results as following Instagram posts reveal a beaming Hailee.

Amy Schumer Sucks It Up

Domestic bliss does not escape the most celebrated of us. Amy Schumer rolled a vacuum rather enthusiastically in an Instagram share before stepping aside to sarcastically extol the virtues of how much joy hoovering brings her.


As we were about to identify with her struggles, we then noticed the vacuum cord wrapped up and not even plugged in! While we definitely can identify with her sentiments, we cannot identify with her lack of understanding of electricity.

Blake Lively Is No Gold Digger

Just like Blake Lively, we know that our partners can cause us to reach epic levels of frustration and that to keep from losing it with our partners we have to keep things light. In doing so, Blake has created a meme about her marriage.


Her millions of followers often look forward to her sharing of her parodying her husband Ryan Reynolds in some hysterical posts. With a cheeky finger in Ryan Reynolds’ nose, Blake captioned “I picked a good one.” For his patience and compliance with such things, we can only agree that you did indeed, Blake.

Anne Hathaway Recreates an Entry From the Princess Diaries

Here’s one that most teenagers can relate to – imitating and reenacting some scene from The Princess Diaries AND doing the pillow challenge.


Anne Hathaway, in a very inception-like way, recreated her famous scene as Mia Thermopolis while at the same time doing the #pillowchallenge. Double whammy. We all likely have a pillow challenge under our belts (all puns intended). Now it’s time to combine this with the Princess Diaries reenactments.

Grace VanderWaal Shows That Dreams Do Come True

Every one of us once had childhood dreams. Well, that is if every one of us were actually children once upon a time.


Almost every one of us at some point imagined the prowess of gracing stage and screen. Grace VanderWaal uploaded a SUPER sweet picture of her as a kid striking a way-too-adorable pose similar to those on her Bratz poster. If only she knew just over a decade later this would be her reality.

Kylie Jenner Throws Some Shading

We know the rule is to apply makeup before heading out for a night of drinking. Right? Some of us though may reach for the drink before the cosmetics. Kylie Jenner uploaded an Instagram post showing the results of just this.


In a side-splitting “tutorial”, Kylie and her sister Kendall have a few shots of liquor, and only then whip out their makeup brushes. Surprisingly, the end result is not too bad! We do shudder to think of the outcomes should we do this without a full team of makeup technicians on hand to save us from any tequila-induced blush applications!

Emilia Clarke Faces All of Our Fears

We all love birthdays but we all hate aging. And most of us probably aren’t all that fond of heights either. Emilia Clarke took the brave step of confronting her fear of aging by facing up to her acrophobia and going skydiving.


Which are we more petrified of? Plummeting to the earth at one hundred and twenty miles an hour or turning one year older? It’s a tough call but Emilia, fortunately, seems to have overcome both.

Lupita Nyong’o Ends the Week Right

“About to take a bite off the weekend like…” wrote Lupita Nyong’o in an Instagram post where she’s gleefully biting down on a piece of chocolate.


Come Friday we, just like Lupita, grab our favorite comfort foods to bid farewell to our stressful weeks. We can also take a leaf out of Lupita’s book (or is that take a post out of Lupita’s Instagram) and try to keep up with her extensive workout regimes.

Brie Larson Put the Pieces Together

We know there are thousands of puzzle pros out there. Us included, of course. Brie Larson cut a pensive and focused figure as she shared a snap of her determinedly building a puzzle to advertise her podcast discussing – you guessed it – the science of puzzles.


She reminded us of our Friday nights: hoodie up, face down, puzzle and game board pieces scattered all over. Oh, did we say Friday nights? Must have meant Tuesday nights…

Jack Black Soaks His Stache

The hirsute amongst us know the challenges of beard ends and mustache tips meeting our drinks and food before our lips do. Jack Black exemplified this when he took a sip of Guinness that left his very thick mustache with a very visible layer of foam.


Jack’s expression was one of great delight so we can’t be sure whether he was unaware of it or was enjoying the new beer-stache. We just remembered it may be time to book a waxing.

Priyanka Chopra Turns Up the Volume

Priyanka Chopra took the opportunity to Instagram her very good hair day by sharing a pic that appeared to be an incoming call with the title “Voluminous hair is calling…”


Never missing a chance to highlight the day our hair decides to behave is something we all can relate to. If it’s good enough for someone willing to answer the call for us to share this is another question altogether.

Chris Evans’ Canine Compassion

Adopt do not shop! We have most likely at one point in our lives come across an animal in need and found the rescuer in us coming to the fore.


How many ways can Chris Evans keep melting our hearts? As if we cannot get enough of staring at him on screen, he goes and posts pics of him and his rescue dog, Dodger. We’re all running to the shelter now. Chris claims that Dodger knows his angles. Apparently, as well as his dad knows his.

Henry Cavill Perfects His Pizza

We’ve been there: a brand new cooking toy purchased for the sole purpose of getting us to eat better, more exotically, and unleash the inner chef we all know we have. We share Henry Cavill’s pizza pain as he Instagrammed himself doing his best to get his pizza recipes right on his Egg barbecue.


After cheekily accusing his dog Kal of being the cause of the disastrous first attempt, Henry, fortunately, managed to get it just right so and proudly shared the results. Now time for us to crack open those cooking utensils we bought last year…

Orlando Bloom’s Dad Bod

Orlando Bloom shred a topless pic – whoops we mean shared  – a pic of him tucking into his favorite breakfast meal to write a post reflecting on what Father’s Day means to him.


Whether we’re the father or the children (or on this day the spoilers), we know how special these moments are. While the breakfast itself remained a mystery, we need to know what it is if this is what gets Orlando his dad bod!

Florence Pugh Outsmarts Covid

We climb out of the car, we begin walking to the door of the store, and then it hits us: we’ve forgotten our mask. Although a mask has become a part of our routine just as much as our keys and wallets, we can be forgiven as Florence Pugh recently discovered.


In a humorous Instagram share, Florence improvised with a cotton pad tucked under her nose and held up by her upper lip. Thanks for keeping those germs in check, Florence!

Lana Condor’s Rendition of Lady and the Tramp

We’ve all fallen victim to the puppy dog eyes looking up at us during our mealtimes; our beloved furry family ever so pleadingly asking for us to share.


Now there are some of us who will sneak a quick piece of the pie to them and others who will let them let their ice cream. Lana Condor took it to a whole new Lady and the Tramp level when she shared her spaghetti with her beloved pooch!

Sydney Sweeney’s Sweet Ride

Changing tires might be as far as most of our mechanic skills go. But there are those amongst us who are not afraid to get oiled up. Sydney Sweeny flashed a confident smile sitting cross-legged beneath her car as she worked on its restoration.


Cap in reverse, safety gloves on, and tools at the ready, Syndey excitedly posted about the progress of her dream car. Let’s hope the next time we’re in need of a tire change, it’s Sydney who pulls up alongside us!

Shailene Woodley’s Monday Mug Unites Workers of the World

Name one person happy for a Monday to arrive. None? Just as we thought. Oh, you know someone? Avoid them. Avoid them at all costs.


Shailene Woodley held up her mug for a selfie brazenly stating her Monday mood, the sentiment that unites workers all around the globe. Shailene gave little further elaboration to her post but it’s not like she had to. We feel you, Shailene. We feel you.

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