Extreme Sports Around the World

If you’re an extreme sports lover, there is nothing quite like getting to try something completely new. Traveling offers a great opportunity to do that, and the world has some bizarre and exciting extreme sports activities for you to try. If you enjoy going on outrageous adventures, conquering your fear, getting your adrenaline up, and doing something truly spectacular, wait till you read about these amazing destinations and activities!

Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua

If you go to Hawaii, you could get a very close look into a volcano’s rim, but if that is a little bit too safe for you, you could go to Léon, Nicaragua, and try Volcano boarding. When you get there, you’d need a heat-resistant suit and a sliding board. Next, you can hike to the top and then surf down the Sierra Nevada volcano, which by the way, is still very active and very hot! You could get to around 90kmph sliding down it.

Heli-Skiing in Alaska

If you’ve already skied many times in your life and you are looking for something riskier, Heli-Skiing in Alaska might be just for you. The heli, if you were wondering, stands for helicopter. This sport requires you to launch yourself from a helicopter right into some fresh snow. But, beware, this sport has been banned in Europe. If you still want to try it, it is still accessible in both New Zealand and Canada. The deepest and softest snow can be found in the Chugach Mountains in Alaska, so we recommend trying heli-skiing there.

Ice climbing in Colorado

If you travel a lot you know that hiking and climbing mountains are good fun and that frozen waterfalls are striking. All of these are nothing compared to climbing frozen waterfalls which is so adrenaline-charged it is truly addictive. You can practice the sport in Scandinavia, Iceland, and even Scotland. We recommend going to Colorado’s Ouray Park where the views are just as breathtaking as the extreme activity.

Alamy Stock Photo
Alamy Stock Photo

Cheese Rolling in England

This might not seem as extreme as you’d like at first. Especially if you are the type of person who is used to heli-skiing and volcano boarding, but this sport is still quite extreme. You can try and participate in cheese rolling, If you go to England, Canada, New Zealand, or Australia. It is an ancient tradition that began in Gloucester. The sport is simple, you roll a wheel of Gloucester cheese down a slop. This sounds easy enough but every year many people are injured while cheese rolling.