Good Old Vaseline: All The Money Saving and Beauty Tips Out There

Since it first hit the market in 1872, Vaseline has been the go-to brand of petroleum jelly. Chemist Robert Cheesebrough came up with the stuff, but even he had no idea how many different uses people would come up with. There’s probably a jar of the stuff somewhere in your home – or at least a knock-off.
It’s so useful, travelers and campers will take it with them. You might just use it to relieve your chapped lips but read on to discover all the other ways this handy stuff can make your life easier.

Help Bring Fevers Down

Sickness is bad, but for our money fevers are the worst. Can’t sleep, can’t focus, you feel terrible all the time – no good. Vaseline isn’t exactly a cure, but it can be a great help if you just want to reduce the heat that is pouring out of you.


Stick your jar into the freezer for ten or fifteen minutes. Even if you don’t have a fever right now, you can imagine how good it would feel if you spread some cold, cold jelly on your burning skin. We recommend a dab on the wrists or a little more on the forehead.

Reduce Scratches in Wood

Everybody likes a fine wooden floor. They’re so much easier to clean. Wood can come at a cost, however – moving furniture around might leave unsightly scratches. If you’re moving in or switching things up, they’re hard to avoid, but Vaseline might do the trick.

Coat a scuff or a scratch with the jelly and leave it on for twenty-four hours. After wiping off the Vaseline, you’ll find that the oil of the jelly has seeped into the scratch. Small scratches might disappear entirely, while deeper ones will be smaller and less noticeable.

Loosen and Remove Dried Gum

We’ve all come across gum that is stuck somewhere. Under a desk, on a railing, or even in someone’s hair. You might know the peanut butter trick, but did you know you can also use Vaseline? Pham

Gum is one of the hardest things to remove, so instead of scraping it with a knife for a few hours, grab some of this jelly. Heap a generous amount of it onto the gum and leave it for a while. Once it’s softened, you can remove it without much difficulty.

Make Your Best Features Pop

Anybody who wears makeup is familiar with highlighters. You can use them to accentuate your most desirable features. Plenty of these products are expensive, but you know what isn’t? A bit of the old petroleum jelly.

Some of them also come with glitter or other additives that you might not want. Vaseline has a smooth, minor texture that isn’t too splashy but still gets the job done. Just dab a little bit onto the areas you want to accentuate and you’re finished.

Heal a Damaged Scalp

There are different reasons why you might have an itchy or irritated scalp – sunburn, dry skin, or allergies. But don’t despair, there is one quick fix to all of them.


Adding Vaseline to dry skin is one of the classic uses, and even if there’s hair where you need to put it, it won’t do any damage. Leave it for about half an hour, and then wash it out. The area where you spread it will be soothed and moisturized.

Hinges Will Squeak No Longer

A little squeak here or there in the home or the workplace is usually no big deal, but if you’re getting annoyed – or the squeaks are getting louder and louder – you already have the solution. You could oil the hinges, but who has oil lying around?


Plus, it can be messy, and leave you with more work than you started with. Vaseline, however, accomplishes the same thing, and it won’t make a mess. Rub some jelly on the hinges and the squeaks will be gone in no time.

Help Heal Cuts, Scrapes, and Burns

If you’re a rough-and-tumble sort, or you’re just naturally clumsy, this tip is going to be huge for you. You can use Vaseline to speed up the healing process without having to bust out the first aid kit.


We couldn’t tell you exactly why – maybe it has something to do with the oils? – but covering a small wound with Vaseline will help it heal. Be sure to clean and sterilize first and you might not even have to put on a bandage.

Make Makeup Removal Easier

You can’t let makeup sit on your face once the day is over – but removing it can be as difficult or time-consuming as putting it on. Some people have a long routine to keep their skin fresh.


It can cost a lot of money – those skincare products don’t come cheap. Vaseline keeps the costs down and is also easy on the skin. Put some of it on a cotton pad and wipe the makeup off.

Create Custom Lip Balm

We don’t need to tell you that you can use Vaseline to refresh your lips. It’s one of the most well-known uses for this helpful substance. But the classic oily flavor of Vaseline can often leave a bad taste in your mouth.

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You can easily create a lip balm that is much more palatable by swirling in a little bit of flavored drink powder, like lemonade, into your Vaseline jar. Not only does it give the jelly a nicer flavor, but it also colors it!  You can make some lip balm that makes your lips feel better and look better for pennies.

What It’s Made For

It’d be silly to leave off the most obvious use for Vaseline. It’s marketed for dry, cracked lips, and almost any person has grabbed a jar to relieve the irritation that can come from high winds, extreme colds, or high temps.


Adding jelly to sore lips helps to soothe them right away. The Vaseline company also offers jars of different flavors if you don’t like that oily flavor.

Get the Perfect Spray-on Tan

If you live in the right climate, you have the option of soaking up that sweet Vitamin D from the sun itself. However, if you have ultra-pale skin, or the weather doesn’t work with you, you’ll have to resort to a spray tanner.

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This stuff is pretty easy to use, but some spots will give you trouble, such as dry spots. If there’s anywhere you don’t want that orange color, put a thin layer of Vaseline and wipe it off. Your tan will look perfect and spotless.

Expand Your Lipstick Collection

For a long time, shiny lip glosses were the go-to option. In recent years, however, matte styles have taken over. Whether you prefer the old ways or like the new styles, makeup isn’t getting any cheaper, and even a few new tubes can be worth plenty.


If you have lots of matte lipstick and want something with more gloss, use Vaseline. Just apply the lipstick as normal and dab a little bit of jelly over the top. It will make your lips shine.

More Makeup

The best products can be used for more than one purpose, and Vaseline can help you repurpose products you already own. There’s a trick you can use to turn eyeshadow into a lip gloss.


Take some eyeshadow and add Vaseline – be careful not to add too much eyeshadow. Too much and it won’t be a useful concoction, but it’s pretty easy to build a mixture that is easy to smooth onto your lips, even though it started as a powder!

Make Your Own Exfoliator

Did you know you can use petroleum jelly to create your own exfoliating cream? It’s true! Instead of shelling out big bucks for a cream that has a famous face on it, you can whip up some of your own.

Combine Vaseline with sea salt, you can use it just like a normal exfoliator. Your skin will get the glow and the soft feeling that you’ve been looking for, and for only a fraction of the cost.

Unstick a Zipper

There’s nothing as frustrating as getting a zipper stuck. You don’t want to wreck the piece of clothing, but you also don’t want your style to suffer. Kenya

You could push and pull to try and dislodge it, or you could grab your trusty jar of Vaseline, put a little bit on a q-tip and swap the zipper above and below the joiner. Wiggle the zipper around for a little while and you may find it loosened.

Keep Your Eyebrows on Fleek

You can always grow eyebrows out, but what if you prefer the slimmer, sleeker style? You can probably imagine what we’re about to say.


Keeping eyebrows neat and in place isn’t always easy, but a dab of Vaseline on the end of your finger smooths those little hairs down. If you want to be even more precise you can use an eyebrow brush that allows you to coat and shape the hairs with more control.

Fewer Flies

Flies in the home can be a nuisance. They’re dirty, they’re noisy, they’re a distraction, and they might even spread germs. There are plenty of ways to eliminate them, and here’s another: melt a jar of Vaseline.


They’re attracted to the smell, and if they fly into it, they’ll get stuck. You can also make some flypaper yourself by spreading melted Vaseline on a piece of paper and then hanging it up.

Stuck Ring

If you’ve ever had a ring get stuck on your finger, you know it means your day is shot. The ring could have been too small, or maybe your finger swelled up. It’s painful and embarrassing, and you won’t be able to think of anything else.


There are a number of classic tricks to try and free yourself. If none of them work, slather your finger, knuckles, and the ring itself with Vaseline and start wiggling. You’ll have a much easier time getting it off.

Keep Light Bulbs From Getting Stuck

Most of the time, you don’t really have to think about light bulbs. As long as they turn on when you hit the switch, there’s no problem. Once they’ve spent all they have, however, that’s when the problems can start. You see, light bulbs spend so much time sitting in their settings and doing nothing that they can get stuck.

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You don’t want to twist them with too much strength, or they might break and spread shards of glass just everywhere. Coat the base with some Vaseline when you first screw them in to make them easy to remove – and it will also prevent rust!

Keep Lids From Sticking

If you have a big collection of nail polishes, then you know there’s a danger to leaving them closed for a long time. The nail polish can dry on the inside and glue the cap to the bottle.


In the past, you might have thrown the bottles out. Here’s a better solution for you. Just grab your Vaseline, rub a little bit of it around the rim of the cap after you’ve painted your nails, and close the lid as usual. Even if the next time is months later, it will twist off without issue.

Lift Stuck-on Candle Wax

Candles are a great way to create ambiance or fill your home with a pleasant smell, but they can come at a cost – if melting wax hardens on something like carpet or a tablecloth, you might think that it’s ruined for good.


Not so! Just like with hardened gum – or any other sticky substance – the oils in Vaseline will eventually lift up the hardened wax from whatever it’s stuck to.

Get a Shower Curtain That Slides Like a Dream

If your shower curtain keeps snagging when you need to step in or out of the shower, the solution is simply to give the rod a quick coating of petroleum jelly, and it doesn’t really matter what the problem was before – the rings that hold the shower curtain are going to slide without issue.

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Of course, a shower is a place with lots of water and soap (hopefully, anyway) so don’t be surprised if the Vaseline gets washed off periodically. All you have to do then is re-apply the jelly in the exact same way as before.

Fewer Split Ends

If you have long, flowing hair, your hair care routine is probably extensive. You’d probably love to know that there’s a way to keep split ends at bay.

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If you’re trying to save time or money, grab some Vaseline and work some into the ends of your hair, leaving it on for as long as possible. Do this about once a week depending on your hair type and style, and you’ll start to see far fewer split ends.

No More Lipstick on Teeth

Lipstick is a central part of a makeup job, but one little slip and it’s ruined. Getting makeup on your teeth distracts onlookers from all the hard work you put into your style and might raise questions about your dental health, as well.


Before you pucker up your lips, apply a light coat of Vaseline to your teeth to protect against lipstick. It will feel a little weird to have petroleum jelly on your teeth, but it’s a small price to pay to look your best.

Protect New Tattoos

Tattoos are an expensive and painful process. It’s literally hundreds of thousands of needles injecting ink into your skin in a pattern that you’ve picked out. Even after the injections are done, pain can last, and the skin can be quite sensitive.

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Make sure that ink doesn’t get messed up, and protect your raw skin at the same time, by coating the new tattoo with a layer of Vaseline. It’s not like the design will get messed up – Vaseline only moisturizes the skin. In fact, your new modification might even look a little better thanks to the healthy skin it’s on.

Keep Razors Sharp

If you’re used to getting rid of your disposable razors, you might like to know there’s a way to keep them fresh for longer. If you keep them in the shower, or even in the bathroom, they can get rusty.


If you coat the blades with a thin layer of Vaseline before you start using them, the blades will keep their sharpness for longer. You’ll be able to get a cleaner, closer, safer shave, and you’ll be saving money at the same time.

Help Relieve Dry Pet Paws

Just like humans can suffer dry, cracked feet, so can pets have those same issues. In fact, since pets rarely wear protection on their feet, it’s often much worse.

If your dogs have to walk on hot sidewalks or pavement, you know they can suffer. As soon as you notice that your pet’s paws might not be in prime condition, put petroleum jelly on them.

Protect Baby During Shampooing

Here’s another way to take advantage of Vaseline for new parents. Just like the grown-ups, babies need their hair shampooed on occasion to keep them clean and smelling good, but getting shampoo in eyes is a good way to turn a fun bath into a crying mess. Put a coating of Vaseline on your baby’s eyebrows to protect their eyes while shampooing.

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It’s just as easy to clean off as any soap you might be using, and it just might keep things from getting out of hand when you’re just trying to keep your family clean. Plus, you probably keep Vaseline in the bathroom.

Heal Up Skin on Your Feet

For a lot of people, this is one of the classic petroleum jelly uses. If you have feet with cracked soles, dry skin, or other simple skin ailments, there’s an easy solution. Spread some Vaseline on and watch it work wonders.

Yes, it will feel strange, but if you rinse it off in the morning you might see a marked improvement. For severe cases, go another night.

Reduce Stains While Dying Hair

If you’re someone who loves to add color to their look, be it all the time or just every once-in-a-while, you know that the process of dying hair is a messy one.


It’s a lot cheaper to dye your hair at home, but you’re almost certain to get dye on your head or neck. The solution is simple: apply Vaseline around your hairline and the areas where you usually get colored. The dye will collect in the Vaseline and will be far, far easier to wipe away.

Reduce Allergy Symptoms

If you’re one of the millions – or billions – of people who suffer from seasonal allergies, you’re always on the hunt for relief. Some people have to lock themselves away during the spring and summer months just to be able to see properly or breathe through their noses.


Here’s where Vaseline comes in. Apply some to the inside of your nostrils before leaving the house, and you’ll have a protective barrier between you and pollen.


If you like the glittery festival look, but you don’t want to deal with glue or sticky glitter, there’s a simple solution: Put a thin layer of Vaseline or another jelly on areas like your arms, legs, or your face, and sprinkle a little bit of glitter over it.

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A small, subtle amount works best – unless, of course, you want to be center stage at all times. In that case, go nuts. Cleaning up is even easier, you can just wipe it away. The glitter will go with it – and it won’t spread all over.

Stop Squirrels in Their Tracks

Squirrels are cute little critters, but sometimes they can be a nuisance. They’re greedy, and if you have a bird feeder, they will often scare the birds away for seeds.

If your bird feeder is on a pole, you can coat it with some petroleum jelly to stop squirrels from climbing. If there’s no pole, put some on the edges of the feeder so the squirrels won’t get a grip. Aim a camera at it from the inside to get some good Youtube-worthy videos.

Lubricate Your Locks

No, not your hair. We’re talking about actual locks here, as in the things with keys. Locks are made of metal, and metal can rust or age in ways that make fitting the key in or unlocking tougher.


You might think the only solution is to get the lock replaced, but if you coat the key with Vaseline and fit it into the keyhole, those stuck mechanisms won’t be stuck for much longer. You won’t have to call the locksmith, and you won’t have to pay big just so you can get into your own home.

Protect Against Sunburn and Windburn

Firstly, did you know windburn is still just a sunburn? It’s just that it happens during cold months, so it doesn’t feel as hot. But we digress: If you’re an outdoor person, you probably tangle with this issue often.


They’re painful, and can even be dangerous if they’re bad enough. Apply a thin layer of Vaseline to your skin and it will act like sunscreen. Whether you’re out in the heat or in the cold, your skin will thank you.

Clear Up Blackheads

They don’t look good, but did you know blackheads can also pose a health hazard? If you try to squeeze them, they can develop into large, painful spots. Keep your nails away and reach for the Vaseline, instead. While there are lots of expensive skincare products that might or might not work, there’s an easier way.

Wash your face, cover it in Vaseline, and then put plastic wrap over the blackheads. Cover it all with a warm towel and wait five minutes. The blackheads will loosen, and you’ll be able to wash them off without worry. It’s cheaper, it’s faster, and it’s easier.

An Easy Home Manicure

We’d all love to have our nails professionally polished each and every day, but there are plenty of reasons such a dream isn’t a reality. While applying your own nail polish or coloring is far simpler, it can be trying for those who don’t have a steady hand. As you might have guessed, this is where Vaseline comes in.

Put some of the jelly on your finger around the nail. If you make a mistake, the nail polish will go into the jelly and won’t stain your skin. Just wipe it away and you’ll have the perfect manicure.

Remove the Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is sort of inevitable when it comes to babies and toddlers. But it’s not like you can just go without the necessary protection diapers provide.


There are powders and creams you can try to make your child’s life a little bit easier, but why not just use something you already know is good for dry, irritated skin? Rub some Vaseline on the problem areas before the baby gets wrapped up. A lot of parents have reported that petroleum jelly works better than branded creams or powders.

Fix Damaged Phone Screens

They’re in our pockets and they’re in our bags, but sometimes they’re on the floor. Repairing a scratched phone screen can sometimes be pricey, and if you have butterfingers, it’s something you end up needing a lot. Spread a little bit of Vaseline onto the screen’s scratch and wipe off the extra. Careful – not only will it be slippery, but you don’t want any of the jelly getting into the phone itself.

Interestingly, Vaseline has the same density as LCD screen, so the oils of the jelly are able to fit into cracks and make screens like new.

Removing Makeup From Clothes

Whether it’s just once in a while or every day, using makeup means you run the risk of getting some on your clothes. This can happen during the application or when you’re out and about. Getting it out is never easy, since rubbing it might just press it into the fabric.


Your best chance is to dab the stain with a little bit of Vaseline and let it sit. Meanwhile, moisten a washcloth in heated water. You can now use it to wipe the stain off. This method will lift fresh stains entirely.

Revitalize Old Leather

There’s nothing like some fine leather to make you feel ready to take on the world. After enough use, however, your leather shoes, belt, or bags can get cracked and worn out. Don’t leave them lifeless – freshen them up with Vaseline.


Rub petroleum jelly into the leather with a cloth. It won’t take long before it starts to look new again. Think of how much you’ll save when you don’t have to keep buying new leather items.

A Quick Firestarter

Ah, summer. A time to kick back around the bonfire and enjoy yourself. But what if you can’t get that bonfire started? Time for your trusty jar of petroleum jelly to jump into action. Coat a cotton ball – or a few cotton balls – with Vaseline and hit them with a match or a lighter to produce an instant flame.

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Then toss them into your grill, onto your fire pit, or anywhere else you need some heat. Vaseline is quick fuel – it’s made of petroleum, of course. The whole point of petroleum is that it’s an energy source. In fact, there’s some in your car’s gas tank right now.

Easier Earrings

Popular all over the world, earrings are a classic way to add some sparkle to your look. Not everybody wears earrings all the time, however, and the thing about those piercings is they can start to close up. But you don’t have to get re-pierced.


It’s easier to slide piercings into their spots with a small amount of Vaseline, both on the earring and at the spot of entry. Just be sure to keep a firm grasp on the earring – the whole point of Vaseline is that it’s slippery.

Wrinkle Reduction

Aging happens to us all – it’s just a fact of life. As the years’ pass, you’ll start to see more and more wrinkles every time you look in the mirror. There are lots of ways people try to keep them away, some of them are cheap, some expensive, and not all of them work.


But get this: spreading Vaseline on the “affected areas” of your skin will moisturize it and promote elasticity.  Petroleum jelly will reduce wrinkles and keep you youthful. A little bit, anyway.

Protect Your Carved Pumpkins

We’d bet you didn’t see this one coming. Halloween is a super popular holiday, since it’s fun for everyone, and the decorations are the best. That includes Jack-O-lanterns that you carve out of pumpkins.


It takes a gourd, a few sharp tools, and a candle to create some spooky ambiance. Adding a layer of Vaseline, however, can help your pumpkin last longer. Coat the inside with petroleum jelly before putting it outside, and it won’t dehydrate as quickly.

Get Blister Help

They’re uncomfortable to the point of pain, they’re unsightly, and even small blisters make wearing shoes a huge hassle. Big ones can take over your life, forcing you to make specific footwear choices or go without shoes entirely.


And let’s not even get into what happens if they’re infected. Ugh. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to reduce blister pain. Rub Vaseline on the part of the shoe that is causing the blister, it will create a barrier, which will ease the pain of current blisters and will help prevent new ones.

Make Perfume Last Longer

Unless you’re willing to pay for scents that last longer (Eau de Parfum), that nice perfume you have probably doesn’t last as long as you’d like. Some mixtures aren’t as concentrated, which means they end up losing potency after a few hours.


Here’s what you can do – pat some petroleum jelly onto your skin prior to spraying your perfume, and the smell will stick around. Pick the right place, and everybody will be commenting on how good you smell. Since you won’t have to use as much perfume, this will also save you money.

Quick and Easy Earplugs

Most of the ways you can take advantage of Vaseline have to do with the slippery aspect of the substance, but this one is a bit different. The oil of petroleum jelly is able to create a seal that can keep water out – oil repels water, after all. Nothing will be totally waterproof, but coat a couple of cotton balls in Vaseline to create earplugs that will quickly conform to the twists and turns of your ears.

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Generally, custom earplugs are usually expensive, but not with Vaseline. These earplugs might only last for one swimming session, but they should do the trick in a pinch.

Relieve Post-shaving Itches

It doesn’t matter who you are, there is going to be hair you don’t want SOMEWHERE on your body. Whether it’s guys keeping their beard trimmed and handsome, or ladies keeping their legs fresh, your razor is getting its use. You can keep your disposable razor working as directed with Vaseline, but what about yourself?

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Apply a little bit of petroleum jelly to areas that have just been shaved – the face, the legs, or anywhere else – to soothe razor bumps, keep the skin smooth, and even relieve post-waxing soreness. Truly, Vaseline is a must-have if you want the healthiest skin.

Keep Feet Fresh

For some reason, smelly feet are one of the more unpleasant things we have to smell on a regular basis. Some people have it so badly it’s a source of embarrassment. If you exercise frequently, or you’re in a warm climate, here’s an option to try.


Put some Vaseline on your bare feet and leave it for about fifteen minutes before wiping off. Often smelly feet are caused by dryness – just like bad breath. Vaseline moisturizes, so there’s a good chance the smell will disperse.