Here is Why You Should Never, Ever Replace Your Car’s Engine Oil With WD-40

When teenage boys get bored, they don’t have very many things to do. One thing they can do, however, is toy around with cars. And if said teenagers tend to have a YouTube channel, than “toying around” can get pretty extreme. Most people don’t just decide to experiment by putting random things in their car’s engine. But that’s exactly what these teens decided to do for fun one day. So, the plan was born, they would dump a whole lot of WD-40 into their car and keep their fingers crossed that it didn’t explode with them inside of it.


Of course, this story would have been all over the news if that were the outcome of this little test, but that doesn’t mean they’ll pull it off, either. Still, they were determined to try, and if it seems dangerous and dumb it’s because it is. Let’s see what happens when you replace the oil in your engine with several cans of WD-40.  This can’t be good, that’s for sure.

Pondering the Decision

This kid looks like he’s deep in thought. And, he probably is, considering what he’s doing there in the first place. The first step to the “WD-40 in my car” experiment is to go and pick up enough of it to replace the engine oil. Because maybe they’re thinking that if it’s full it actually has a chance of working? Little does he know he’s about to have a really, really bad day.


But here you can see the optimistic innocence on his face as he thinks about what he and his friends are about to do. Standing in the aisle at the Home Depot, he gets ready to grab as many bottles as they’ve got in stock.

Stocking Up

The next step in the plan was, of course, getting the necessary supplies to pull this thing off. But where is a teen to go to get enough WD-40 to fill up their tank? Home Depot, of course! He and his friends entered the store, cameras ready.


Luckily, they were met with a fully stocked shelf of the good stuff. It was all there – dozens and dozens of bottles of it. Before then, the plan wasn’t really…real. It was just an idea, but the second they got their hands on what they needed, it was on to the next phase.

Double Checking

While it may seem like a bunch of teenagers who decide to put WD-40 in their cars don’t like to spend a lot of time thinking, they wanted to make sure they got all of this right. After all, they were starting to believe that it may have been a bad idea. And they were right.


Plus, they were about to spend quite a bit of money buying so many cans of the oil. They decided to give the can one more read over, just to make sure that what they were doing may actually work. Sure enough, the back of the can specifically says that one thing it can be used on is engines. Of course, they weren’t exactly using it for one of the many things it says it can be used for on the front of the can – none of which reads “replacement engine oil.”

Need a Volunteer

Now that they were armed with a substantial amount of WD-40, they needed something else for the experiment: a car. The teens were thrilled about the prospect of attempting this, but none of them wanted to do it on their own cars. Eventually, one of them gave in and threw his keys in the ring.


There were still a lot of kinks they needed to work out, though. They could see the endgame, but they weren’t entirely sure how to make it there effectively. The teens knew they needed to first empty all of the old oil out of the tank in order to replace it with the stuff they’d just acquired.

Gearing Up

The boys got to work, draining all of the existing oil out of the tank. This was it! They were ready for the moment of truth. It was time to fill it up with the WD-40. That was when they realized they couldn’t exactly just dump it in and call it a day. So, they grabbed a funnel and prepared to pour the liquid.


They stood around and debated on who would get to be the lucky one who actually got to empty the cans into the funnels. Or perhaps, they really didn’t want to be “that guy,” since if anything went wrong, it’d technically be him who screwed it up. So, they checked the cans one more time, and decided that it would definitely work out. Finally, they opened the first container.

Predicting the Future

Of course, the entire purpose of this experiment was to see what it would actually do to the car. And, while a few of them thought that it would work, there were probably others who were rooting for it to be a failure, since it would make a better video that way.


The teens started taking bets, each making their own predictions about the fate of the vehicle before them. Some said it would work, hands-down. After all, the bottle did say “engines,” did it not? Then, there were the skeptics who thought for sure it would start smoking in a matter of minutes. But who would be right?

Ready to Go

They had all been waiting for that moment. They’d gotten the tank filled up with the WD-40 and were all ready for the next part of the experiment. Except, as excited as everyone was, they were all a bit nervous, too. No one really had a clue about what was going to happen.


They got ready to turn the keys and start the engine. Some bit their lips anxiously while others got ready to laugh and cheer in their victory over their friends in this little experiment. So, one teen nodded at another, and the one sitting behind the wheel turned the engine on. No one could have predicted what came next. Even if they had tried to go over all of the possible outcomes before they even got started.

Pleasantly Surprised

The teens all tensed up with excitement as the turned the key in the ignition, not having any clue what was in store for them. To everyone’s amazement, the vehicle actually got started just like it had before they switched the oil! They looked at each other with huge smiles on their face and then nodded once again. It was time to take this show on the road.


With the engine still running as per usual, they pulled out of the driveway and onto the street. This was the true test. They planned to take it for a ride to the next town over, about 50 miles away. So far, so good. The boys started to think that they might make it, and the ones who bet for the car to smoke felt like they may lose the bet. But they were far from making it to the finish line, and they were in store for some major trouble.

Oh, Hey

Everything was still looking good – for now. The teens cruised down the street, heading down a main strip in their town. If they broke down, after all, they wanted to make sure they weren’t stranded in the middle of nowhere. But then something unexpected happened. A car carrying another group of friends pulled up beside them. It was the perfect opportunity for another photo op, one that they hadn’t even planned on, but why not? After all, it gives us some more perspective as to everything that was going on.


“What are you guys doing?” asked the friends. “Oh, nothing, just trying to find out whether or not this car is about to start smoking since we put WD-40 in the engine.” Yeah – they probably got some strange looks, but the teens were on a mission. They had to discover whether or not they could make it for the full 50 miles. So, they headed onwards, ready to find out what they were in store for – or so they thought.

The First Sign of Trouble

As the boys started back down the road, they were confident that they would be able to pull this thing off. They were going to be social media legends. And, well, they were – but not for the reasons they’d hoped. Just a couple of minutes after they started driving again, the engine started sputtering. They looked at each other with panicked-yet-knowing expressions on their face. This was it. The car was done for.


Soon after the first sputtering sounds came a loud scratching noise, like nails on a chalkboard. This wasn’t good. Of course, the logical person would immediately pull over and get out for fear of death, but not these guys. They were determined to continue the experiment to the very end, one way or another. So, they kept driving… but probably not for long.

A Trail of Smoke

Just minutes after the engine started making all of those strange noises, one of the teens won the bet. Although he was probably regretting having anything to do with this at the moment, considering there was black smoke pouring out of the engine. They tried to keep going, but the smoke made it impossible to see the road, and they were forced to pull over.


They got out and walked around the car, watching the smoke fill the air around them. But at this point, they all agreed that they’d keep going. The boys wanted to make sure that this thing was worth all of the trouble. So, they got back in the car.

Put the Metal to the Pedal

After the smoke started billowing out from under the hood, it was impossible to drive. As much as they wanted the experiment to be epic, they were also trying to be at least somewhat safe for other drivers on the road. Once they’d pulled over and examined the outside of the car, they came up with a way to continue the test without getting back on the road.


The teens grabbed a metal pipe and used it to jam the gas pedal down in place. Then, it was time to wait for the magic to happen. The enormous clouds of smoke definitely looked like something you’d see on stage in a Las Vegas magic show. Unfortunately, the smoke these kids were dealing with was very much real – and things were only going to get worse. They prepared for the fiery finale that they knew was on the way.


The teens knew they couldn’t stay in the car. It was only a matter of time before the inevitable happened, and they weren’t exactly thrilled about the prospect of being blown to bits and pieces. They threw the car in park and started backing away, looking at each other and glancing back in the car windows one more time to make sure they hadn’t left anything inside.


As they moved away, the kid who’d won the first bet about the car starting to smoke started asking around. This time, everyone was pretty much in agreement about what would happen to the vehicle. Both excited and anxious about the outcome, they made sure to get as far away as they could with still being able to see the action clearly.

Drawing a Crowd

After they’d told their friends what they were up to, some started showing up to watch the excitement. What teenage boy would be able to resist watching a car explode? Not these guys. They tried to maintain a safe distance, although none were entirely sure what that meant. They watched and waited as the engine continued making scratching noises and the smoke clouded around the car.


The new group that had showed up started placing bets on what would happen. Most still thought it was destined to blow up, although it did seem to be running for longer than they expected it to after the screeching sounds started.

Roaring 20s

While they stood and watched on, they still weren’t really sure what to expect. Would it blow up? Would it catch on fire and then blow up? Would it just keep smoking until it ran out of gas and then just sort of die out? They were nervous with anticipation, eyes wide and jaws hanging open.


They came to the conclusion that there was no way it wasn’t going to explode with the kinds of noises it was making. The scratching was now accompanied by some kind of banging, and none of the sounds that were coming from the car were anything good, that was for sure. They got their phones ready to film. They’d made it this far and there was no way they were going to miss out on the big finale.

The Big Bang

They crowded around, tensed up as they waited to see what the fate of the car was going to be. The engine continued making banging and scratching noises, only it seemed as though they were happening much more often than when they’d first started. Then, something happened that made everyone jump in unison. The rear passenger-side tire popped, bursting into flames. It sounded as though a shotgun had been fired right next to the road. The teens watched on as the flames started to spread, engulfing the tire as they rose.


Everyone was pretty excited at that point. After all, it was what most of them had been hoping to see. But if what had just happened was enough to make the teens jump, what came next was even worse.

Wall of Flames

They watched as the fire slowly made its way around the car. But as they watched it die down on the wheel, something else suddenly happened. The engine had finally had enough. It exploded, sending six feet of flames into the air above.


The teens filmed on, laughing and high fiving. Apparently, they hadn’t seen enough movies and shows where cars catch on fire. Typically, when one area is on fire and/or explodes, the entire thing is not far behind it. Usually, everyone runs when it’s about to happen – for good reason. But they were already deep in the experiment at this point, and they had to see it through to the end. They glanced at each other, wondering what would come next.

Still Going

Although the engine had burst into flames that were now consuming the entire frontend of the car, the teens realized that something miraculous was happening. It was still running. The scratching noises also stopped – once it had already exploded, anyway.


Though if it was still running, did that mean they were in for more explosions? The experiment certainly wasn’t over, that’s for sure. They were determined to finish this thing, no matter how dangerous it was for them to be anywhere near the burning car. So they kept filming, but little did they know, the best (or, worst) was yet to come. Had they known; they probably would’ve backed up just a little more.


At least one of these teens had to have guessed this next part was going to happen when they were making their bets on how this test would end up. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t take them all by surprise in the moment, considering how loud and bright it was.


A loud, “BANG,” was accompanied by another, bigger explosion. This time, the flames that once engulfed the front end of the car had swallowed the entire thing. They were now just watching a giant cluster of flames in the shape of a car. But there was still more to come, despite how it may seem as though this poor car has nothing left to give.

Starting to Think

As the flames burned a bit more slowly, they started to talk amongst themselves. What was going to become of the car now? When it was done burning, what would be left? Would it be completely destroyed? Or would some parts of it still be intact? They went over their predictions from earlier. Obviously, the ones who said it would make it the full 50 miles had lost.


Now, it was down to those who’d called that the car would explode and burst into flames. They started making new predictions. Whoever got as close to determining the final state of the car would win their contest. After all, they could only have one winner.

Inspecting the Aftermath

Luckily, after the last major explosion, the roaring flames finally started to die down until the fire had completely dissipated. They made their way back to the car to see what kind of damage had been done.


The eager teens inched closer, making sure that, even though it wasn’t ablaze it wasn’t going to explode again. Once they were satisfied that it was over, they started to give it a closer look. So, what had happened? And who had come closest to predicting it? It was time to find out.

The Ringleader

While there may have been quite a few teens involved in the experiment, there was one in particular who can take a lot of credit for it all, from its inception until the very end. Meet the face behind the camera who filmed the majority of the excitement.


This entire thing began with him having a conversation with his friends that went something like this: Camera kid: “Dude.” Other guy: “Yeah, man?” Camera kid holds up a can of WD-40 that he randomly picked up off a table. “Do you think this stuff can like…power a car?” Some questioning glances were exchanged and then the rest was history. Especially the test subject.

Pranks and Philanthropy

While this entire thing may seem like some pointless (and dangerous) teenage fun, there was actually a method to this influencer’s madness. Of course, him being a pretty successful YouTuber is the reason why they were able to get their hands on a test car in the first place. And that wasn’t the only one he bought while he was at it.


Viewers were thrilled when they learned he was doing a major giveaway on his channel. He revealed he had a brand-new car for them up for grabs. But what did they have to do to win it?

Orion’s Belt

The YouTuber, a teen named Orion Dajnowicz, informed viewers that all they had to do was comment on the video for a chance to win the car. Dajnowicz was offering up a Mazda RX 7, and his subscribers couldn’t wait to hear the announcement. Winning that car was bound to change someone’s life.


The YouTuber has built up quite a following on his channel, “Life OD,” and currently has 770,000 subs. One look through the content will show you that using WD-40 as engine oil is far from being the only stunt like this that he’s pulled.

Smoke and Rear-View Mirrors

You don’t get to have nearly 800,000 subscribers with so many views by putting out boring videos, that’s for sure. For many teens, it’s hard to resist the kind of content Orion puts out. But when you’re an influencer, there are always naysayers and people who will pick your videos apart and try to correct you.


In this case, however, the naysayers in the comment’s section of his YouTube channel had a fair point. Orion believed it was the WD-40 experiment that ultimately failed and led to the demise of the vehicle. Commenters, however, had a different take on things. Some said that the different oil had nothing to do with what happened and that it was simply putting the metal pipe on the pedal and leaving it that caused the overheating and explosions. But who was right?

Uncovering the Truth

If you didn’t already know this, the “WD” in WD-40 stands for “water displacement.” And, although it may have said engines on the bottle, it’s because it’s a penetrating oil, which is used to unfreeze parts that have become stuck. Oil that goes in a car’s engine needs to be able to withstand high temperatures, which WD-40 cannot. Does that mean it was the oil’s fault that the car exploded? Maybe.


It’s also possible that the reason it burst into flames is because they left it running with the pedal pushed all the way down. “It would have exploded under that abuse with any oil,” one person wrote in a comment under the video.

Stops Squeaks

When the teens read the cans of the WD-40 in the store earlier, they saw exactly what it was able to be used for. Among the items listed were “frees sticky mechanisms” and “loosens rusted parts.” But they must have imagined the part that said, “can be used in car engines.”


While many commenters just picked apart the video, there were others that were genuinely upset about the whole thing. They made it clear that they weren’t happy they could have been killed on the road if they’d been driving by when it had all happened.

Left Wondering

Orion was confused when he received the backlash for the video. He thought for sure that his followers were going to love it. But after he saw all of the negative comments pouring in, it really made him think about everything a bit more. Could it really have been just the metal pipe? Does that mean that the WD-40 had very little to do with how all of this turned out?


At that point, he started to feel some regret about his decision to film the video in the first place. In fact, he even said in another video that he did, but that he was still glad he got to be a part of it. Of course he would say that. What teenage boy doesn’t want to be a part of an exploding car experiment?

Passion for Racing

When it came to all things racing and cars, this YouTuber wasn’t just any teenage boy. Orion has worked in a garage for several years, and actually knew his way around vehicles. Or at least – he should have, except the types of things that happen to the car in the video make you wonder.


Aside from the infamous WD-40 video, his channel is full of other stuff that makes you seriously question his ability to handle cars, like his “filling a car tire with water” video, or the ever-popular, “we made a tire out of duct tape.” Hmmm.


Orion first got his start with Haggard Garage, which now operate under the channel name, Factory OD. Judging by the videos on their channel, along with Orion’s are concerned, it does look like Orion has some racing experience.


Unfortunately, they have faced a lot of drama just like Orion himself, and just last year, were forced to take down a number of their videos that totaled into the 40+ million view range. Nonetheless, his experience with cars at least gave him the know how necessary to deal with the oil change and other parts of the experiment. No one without such experience should ever try something like this at home.

Safety First

One of the main reasons people in the comments section were so upset about the video was that Orion could have gotten someone hurt, or worse – especially if he hadn’t had the experience. No one should ever experiment with putting random oils in their car, ever. That’s a very good way to either destroy your engine or worse, depending on the outcome.


Whether the WD-40 was responsible for the flames or not, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to use it as engine oil. You should definitely stick to using it for its intended purposes, which, contrary to what Orion may have believed, does not belong in a car engine. Still, despite the explosions and walls of flames caused by this little test, he and his friends weren’t even considering stopping. There were plenty of more experiments they wanted to do, like the madness that he pulls in this next video.

Back to the Store

The first step in any of these videos after planning them out is gathering the necessary supplies. Rather than heading to Home Depot again, this time they decided to get what they needed from mass retailer, Walmart. But what were they on the hunt for this time?


It couldn’t be WD-40 again, could it? No, it isn’t WD-40, but it is something that could potentially cause as much damage to a car.

Up Next

He and his friends made their way down the aisles until they hit number eight: feminine hygiene, incontinence and baby care. Can you take a wild guess what they possibly wanted off of these shelves?


As they came to the middle of the aisle, they saw it – right next to the diapers. They gave each other “the nod” and Orion reached up to grab the first bottle…of baby oil.

Not Again

If that’s what you were thinking in your head, let me clarify: yes, again. Only this time, they were stocking up on baby oil. He and the boys emptied dozens of bottles into a basket.


But they weren’t going to be able to get away with the oil that easily. Linda, a store clerk, was slightly suspicious about why three teenage boys were filling a basket with baby oil, so she stopped to ask them.

You’ve Got Some Explaining to Do

The boys could have given her an excuse, but they figured that honesty was the best policy, so they told her what they were up to.


Orion told her he was a YouTuber and they were going to use it for a special episode on his channel. Luckily, she didn’t ask for any details once he pulled out his phone, she gave them the, “okay never mind, I believe you,” and let them be.

Fill Her Up

Once they had all of the bottles of baby oil that they needed, they once again had to find a vehicle that may or may not be completely destroyed in the process of this new experiment. They found an old Toyota Camry that didn’t seem to have too much life left in her anyway and popped its hood.


The teens went through the process of draining all of the old oil out once again. And then, they were ready to fill it up. Would it work this time? You’d think someone who knows cars would know whether or not baby oil would work in place of motor oil. But, let’s find out. Orion opened the first bottle and started to pour.

The Betting Ring

The teens again each tried predicting what they thought would come of the experiment. Some truly thought that it would work. Others thought they were crazy and that there was no way. But Orion kept pouring and pouring until the tank was full. After all, they wanted to make sure that it not being full enough wasn’t the reason this car started smoking and burst into flames. He was on the side that thought this was going to work out.


So, how could there be a clear winner? What would be the determining factor to decide whether or not it works? Obviously, if there’s smoke and scratching noises, it’s pretty clear.

Drawing Lines

Once again, it was time to figure out how to judge a clear winner in this competition. Some said baby oil would definitely work. Others said there was no way and bet against it. But how would they tell? The teens came to the conclusion that, just like before, if they were able to drive the car normally to the next town over 50 miles away without it catching fire or bursting into flames, it works. They also decided that if it started smoking, it was a failure – and very likely to explode soon after.


So, what team do you suppose Orion was on? Did he say the experiment was going to work? Or did he bet against the baby oil? Of course he said that the oil would work, and that they’d make it with zero issues. After they were done getting each other’s predictions, it was time to put this thing to the test.

Go Time

Orion swore that, in order for any of these experimental engine oils to work, the tank needed to be full. So, he poured and poured until he was satisfied with the amount of oil in the car. He looked at his friends and gave the nod.


It was time to take this show on the road, literally. But the first part of the test would be getting the engine to start at all.

Sounds Good

One of Orion’s friends slid into the driver’s seat and prepared to start the car. Everyone held their breaths for the second that it took, which seemed more like an hour in the moment. The engine roared to life nearly effortlessly. They high fived. Step two was complete, and so far, there were no terrible noises or any smoke.


It was looking promising for this new experiment. But they still had many, many miles to go before this thing could actually be called a success. Orion and his friends prepared to take the next step. First thing was first – deciding who got shotgun in the car.

On the Road Again

The teens popped open the car doors and hopped inside. It was finally the moment of truth. After seeing what happened to the first car, however, a few of them were understandably pretty nervous about it all. No one wants to be in a car when the engine blows up.


Still, despite the risks, they were ready to go. They put their seatbelts on, because safety first, right? And then it was onward down the road, towards the finish line. Everyone noticed the lack of noise, a good thing. Does that mean this was going to work? Possibly, but the car got started just fine with the WD-40 in it, too. So maybe it would just take a while for the oil to work its way through the system to do some damage. Either way, they were about to find out.


It was time to put this baby oil to the ultimate test. Would they be able to drive all the way to their destination without something going seriously wrong? Orion certainly thought so. His friends, not so much. But they were all willing to give it a shot. He put the pedal to the metal, with his friend in the backseat shooting him nervous glances. But so far, everything was going pretty smoothly. They’d only driven about 100 feet so far, though, so now it was time to hit that first mile – and then the rest after that.


They got their cameras ready to go. After all, they weren’t going to miss capturing anything, just in case something did go wrong. Would it? Or would they make it to the next town? And – if they did make it 30 miles away and then the car exploded, was there someone following behind to give them a lift? Let’s find out.

Ready to Go

Orion and his friends were still fairly optimistic about this experiment, as you can see from the smiles on their faces. At least, most of them, anyway. As always, there’s someone rooting against the rest, though in this case, it doesn’t seem like a bad idea to bet that baby oil won’t work as engine fuel.


The gauge pushed past the 40-mph marker. They decided against take the freeway and opted for a 45-mph backroad that usually had very little traffic instead. But who would help them out if the car caught fire on the side of the road? Actually, there are probably plenty of people who wouldn’t mind seeing the aftermath of the failed test. But it wasn’t going to come to that. Was it?

Heating Up

One of the main reasons WD-40 won’t work in an engine is because it isn’t meant to be used at such high temperatures. The thought crossed their minds before they got started with the new experiment that the baby oil may react the same way. And, if that was going to be the case, it meant that once the car was hot enough things could go very, very badly.


They made their way down the street, picking up speed as they went. What was going to happen when the engine heated up? Would it actually work? Would they be able to drive the entire way to their destination? Or were they in for some serious trouble? As the gauge moved passed the 30-mph marker, they prepared themselves for the worst and hoped for the best.

Coming Prepared

After what happened last time, Orion decided he was going to take some extra precautions, just in case the engine overheated, caught fire and blew up – again. This time, he packed some more equipment that could potentially get them out of a jam, depending on what happened.


While it’s kind of surprising someone who works on cars so much didn’t think of this the first time around, they packed up an engine stabilizer before hitting the road in a car fueled by baby oil. An engine stabilizer helps reduce operating temperatures and fuel consumption, which could definitely help if it starts overheating and making crazy noises – again.

Will it Make It All the Way

There was no way they weren’t going to make it to the next town. Not even if it meant pulling across the county line in a smoking car. But so far, the car was handling the baby oil pretty well. It wasn’t making any noises, and there were no black clouds of smoke, at least, not yet.


But they were still at least 40 miles away from where they needed to go to officially call it a win, and no one knew if it would hold or not. Sure, it wasn’t sputtering and screeching like with the WD-40, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t doing any damage. Luckily, they had a few friends on speed dial just in case the experiment went sideways and they needed a lift home.

The Halfway Mark

As the teens rolled passed a familiar sign on the road, they realized they were just a little over halfway to the town. Again, so far, so good, but would it last? If something were to happen, they would be stranded for a pretty long time while they waited for backup to arrive.


Orion was feeling confident that they wouldn’t need the help, though. He thought that this time, he was going to win the bet. However, with over 20 miles to go, anything could happen still.

Eyes on the Prize

This experiment was more than just a silly test to see if baby oil would work in a car’s fuel tank. The teens were also going to look at another potential test car to buy. They’d seen an ad for it on a local classifieds site and it seemed like a good deal, so they headed out to the seller’s home to look at it.


They’d told the guy they were going to try and be there in about an hour, but that they’d let him know if there were any issues – since there could definitely still be some major issues to pop up and delay the plan. Still, they headed onward, the engine running smoothly and silently. They just might make it after all.

Crossing the Finish Line

Finally, Orion saw the entrance sign to the next town over. They’d made it! They’d actually driven to their destination on a car with baby oil in its engine. Now, it was time to find the seller of the car’s house. A few minutes later, they were turning onto a driveway. They pulled up beside the car that was listed in the ad. Things didn’t exactly look promising. It looked more beat up and tattered than it had in its photos, and a strong scent of stale booze was pouring out of the cracked open window.


Still, Orion popped open the door to take a look inside. But once he saw illegal substances and empty cans and bottles, he’d seen all he needed to see. They may be nearly destroying these cars anyway, but that didn’t mean he even wanted to drive it home to get it ready. The teens then made a decision – they would try to push the baby oil machine back to point A. Would they be able to make it all the way home? They were going to find out!

Turning Around

If you were heading up this little exercise, what would you say would be the indications that it worked? Well, Orion and the others who said the car would make it to the next town already won in a way, but they still wanted more answers. Of course, they would use all of the same parameters from the first two tests.


How would you say the experiment was a success? For one thing, if the car doesn’t explode, that’s always a good sign. Something else you’d have to look for is smoke, and of course, if it just stops running, you’ll know the test failed. That’s basically the same limits these guys put on the new exercise. If the car ran for a consistent 100 miles or so without any of the above happening, they’d know it worked. So, they decided to push it to its limits and take it all the way back to where they began the experiment.

Taking it to the Next Level

On the way back, Orion decided to take things up a notch. The teens were ready for some action and were honestly a little disappointed the baby oil had worked. So, to create a spark, so to speak, they decided to push the limits a little bit. Everything had worked out driving at regular speeds and cruising down the street. But what would happen if they stepped on it – and maybe even drifted.


The next step was taking it to the empty mall parking lot, a perfect spot for donuts. They were ready to see some excitement. And they were not disappointed.

Finishing Up

After the donuts, they were ready to bring this home, literally. They jumped back on the road and headed home. The teens couldn’t wait to get back and tell everyone about what they’d seen when they got to the seller’s house. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, they got back to Orion’s house. They were all pretty impressed with the car, and with themselves for making it all the way there on baby oil.


Now it was time for some gloating by the teens who’d won the bet, including Orion himself. There was some high fiving, and then of course it was time to check the vehicle and see what the damage was, or if there was any.

Comparing Notes

Orion is far from being the only YouTuber to pull experiments like this one. And he’s definitely not the only one who makes videos about race cars and using different types of materials on them.


All it takes is one search of a few keywords to uncover the influencers that you’d like to watch. Of course, maybe they’re not all putting WD-40 and baby oil in car engines, but you’re bound to discover something else you’d like to see. There are probably even more extreme pranks. There’s likely someone who actually tried to put the oil in the gas tank – or something else in the gas tank that doesn’t belong. We blame Gen Z.


Drifting is a popular form of racing that’s done by drivers all over the world. With this technique, a driver purposely oversteers to lose some traction on the road. While this doesn’t sound like something you’d necessarily want to do while driving, these racers typically have a good handle on things, literally. This is why it’s important not to try it on the roads at home though, or in a mall parking lot.


Drifting can usually be achieved by a trick known as “clutch kicking.” But once that traction’s gone, they’d better hope they can get it back as easily as they lost it. Sometimes, drifting happens unintentionally, due to rain or other circumstances.

BBC’s Popular Car Show

Most car lovers are well aware of the popular racing shows that are out there, including Top Gear, which was inspired by and named after the British magazine. The show airs on BBC two, and focuses on different types of challenges like racing, carried by celebrities behind the wheel.


The series was created by Andy Wilman and Jeremy Clarkson and has seen its fair share of hosts throughout its inception in 2002. It’s one of the channel’s most successful shows, airing in several countries around the world.

Car YouTubers

Shmee150 is another extremely popular car vlogger who presents his videos on YouTube. With nearly 800,000 subscribers, he creates videos like the “Where’s Shmee Pizza and P1.”


The face behind the channel belongs to Tim Burton. When you hear that name, you likely think of some trippy family movies, but it’s not the creator of The Nightmare Before Christmas. Rather, he’s just a guy with an awesome car collection who likes making videos of all of the stuff he does.

Jay Leno

After this funny man retired from his long and successful stint as a late-night television host, he decided to pursue his passion: cars. Leno was able to create quite the collection and he shares it on his YouTube channel which he calls “Jay Leno’s Garage.”


On his channel, he does things like test cars that most people could never imagine owning, which is probably why so many people tune in to see him do it. He also plays fun games and does other things for his subscribers that will remind you of his TV show.

Wheels 24

Wheels 24 is a popular racing website that often discusses some of the best things in the car world. Recently, they put out a list of seven of the world’s best car YouTubers.


On the list, number 3 is a teenager named Kyle Linsey, that goes by the channel name “Saabkyle04.” Kyle has been obsessed with cars since he was a kid grewing up in his dad’s garage. Now, he brings his passion to life on his channel to over 1 million subscribers. He’s gotten 4 billion views since he began his YouTube adventure.


Another channel that made the Wheels 24 list of the world’s best car YouTubers is Paul Wallance. Wallance hails from London, where he operates his channel. He’s still growing, but he already has more than half a million subscribers.


Some of the biggest hits on Paul’s channel include his video, “The Dumbest Rich Man in the WORLD,” with over 12 million views. Another goes by the name, “$3.4 million Lamborghini Venene Roadster: SPACESHIP SUPERCAR.” The titles speak for themselves! The rate he’s going, he’ll likely be at over a million subscribers in no time. Make sure you check out his channel if you’re on the hunt for some good racing videos!