Lifestyle and Fashion Hacks You Wish They Taught at School

We are always looking for shortcuts, tips, and clever ways to make our lives easier. Any hack in the book that can be passed on from generation to generation is welcome.
And when it comes to beauty and lifestyle, well, we just can’t get enough of those hacks. So sit back and scroll through as you’re about to discover the simple tricks that will change your life forever.

Iron Your Shirt Away

The world is divided into two. Those who iron everything (including their underwear), and those who don’t even have an iron. If you are amongst the ones who do, this one is a lifesaver.


Simply use your (or your neighbors’) hair straightener instead of complicating things with the regular iron. It will take you half the time. Guaranteed.

Runny Tights

No woman in the world hasn’t experienced the humiliating situation of a run in her tights. The morning starts with a small hole on the back of your shin, where nobody can notice, and before you know it, it is running up your thigh.


Lady, say goodby to your worries. Get your hairspray and spray the hole once you notice it. We promise you, this runner is going nowhere.

A Rainbow of Keys

Keys for your house and keys for your car. Keys for your sister’s place and keys for your daughter’s locker at school. Keys for your boy’s bike lock and your next-door neighbors (they left one with you for emergencies).


How on earth are you supposed to remember which is which? Paint each key with a different color of nail polish, and ta-da, life is easier! Now the only thing left to remember is which color belongs to which lock.

Rings and Clear Coats

What is it with rings that turn your fingers green? Where does that green come from? We have tried every trick in the book, and there is only one solution for this phenomenon. Clear nail polish.


Simply apply a thin coat on the inner part of the ring, which will stop the rings from turning your fingers green. You’re welcome.

Don’t Let Your Buttons Loose

Buttons have a duration. If you’re lucky, they will stay on your top or pants through the whole season, but usually, they become loose after a few washes.


To stop this from happening and assure you won’t have to worry about buttons anymore, here’s another use to the clear nail polish you have in your closet. Apply a small dab on the button, and it will last much, much longer.

Tic Tac for Your Bobby Pins

Next time you finish your Tic Tac box, don’t through it away. We have come across this amazing hack that will tidy up your drawer and make you go out for more Tic Tacs, as we believe that what we are about to reveal will be in hand for all the small items you have.


Use your Tic Tac box to keep your bobby pins. We can assure you; they are not going to disappear anymore.

Towel Out, T-Shirt In

We have all heard that going to sleep with wet hair can damage the hair. And we all know that blowdrying your hair can result in over-dried hair, which we all want to avoid. We don’t all know that drying your hair with a towel might damage it just as much.


So, instead of using a heavy towel after you come out of the shower, simply pat it dry with a soft T-shirt. Your hair will thank you for life.

Tuck In Those Skinny Jeans

Your skinny jeans are in the wash, you just have to put on your favorite boots today, and all you have in your closet are old bell-bottoms. What do you do? exactly this:


Fold the bottom of the pants up. Wrap that part around your shin and put on high socks (they don’t have to be as high as your knee, but they have to cover the folded part of the pants. Now you can slide into those favorite boots of yours and smile with your new pair of skinny jeans.

About Keys and Nails

So you’ve had your manicure done, and the next thing on your to-do list is going to pick up a duplicate key. Now comes the part where you have to add the new key to the keyring. How are you supposed to do that without ruining the manicure you just paid a fortune for? Easy.


You know the old staple remover you never use? Well, now it will be handy. Use the claws of the staple remover to keep the ring apart and slip in your new key. Thankfully, key-ring adjustments are not something we do every day.

Deodorant Marks Are Back Again

Every deodorant manufacturer has launched at least one version of deodorant that is supposed to not leave white marks on dark clothes. So they are supposed to. So what?


You are not the only one that has thrown away more than one black shirt, and you are probably not the last. And we want to put an end to this. Dryer sheets are here to save the day. Just rub gently, and your dark top will return to its original color in no time.

Condition Your Legs

The summer is here, you have a date with your bestie on the beach, and your legs are not exactly in summer shape? Out of shaving cream? No worries. You won’t believe this one.


Your regular day-to-day hair conditioner, or even the baby oil that’s been laying there like a paperweight, will do the same job and even better. Not only will your legs be ready for your day on the beach, but you’ll nourish them and soften your skin at the same time.

Headphone Hack

The world is transferring to wireless earphones, but most people still have the regular, wired earphones you receive when you buy a new phone.

Pinterest /Shutterstock

Still, the phone manufacturers didn’t think that after the earphones are removed from the box, they get tangled, and the frustration caused just stops most people from using them. We have a solution for this as well. When not in use, simply wrap them around a clothespin, and they will stay as their suppose to until your next use.

 French Manicure Your way

Whenever you see a delicate hand with a fresh French manicure, there is nothing you want more than Frenching your own tips. But who has the time to go and have this professionally done, and who can do this on their own?


This hack will turn you into a professional manicurist and make you think of changing a profession. Place a bandaid or any other tape on your nail (leaving a tip to be painted) and paint the top part just above the tape. Let it dry completely and remove the tape. It’s a hit.

Break-in Your Shoes

If there’s one thing no one can stand, it is that when you buy a new pair of shoes, it takes about two weeks before you start enjoying them. They cut, they hurt, and it takes time to break them in. Now, listen to this. For this hack, you need three things — a pair of socks, a blowdryer, and your new pair of shoes (preferably flats).


Put the socks on, slip on your new shoes, and sit there, with a blowdryer blowing at the shoes for about five minutes. You’ll be able to properly wear them the next day.

Hang Your Purses

Every average woman has a collection of purses to choose from. There is nothing more frustrating than getting ready to go out and then spending two hours looking for the purse you were planning on.


The next hack will not only organize your purses but will also help you find purses and bags you never knew you even had. You can use shower curtain hooks or any other hook you find and just hang them by the straps! It’s that easy!

White or Red?

Apparently, white wine is called white not only because of its color (yes, we know it is more yellowish) but also because of its whitening abilities.


The white wine has an enzyme that can remove stains, so next time you spill red on your shirt, dab the mark with the white wine, let it dry, and you are as good as new. Remember, whenever you’re asked if you prefer red or white, you can safely go for the red as long as someone else around is having white.

Makeup and Wakeup

As we tend to collect and store numerous amounts of makeup products over the years, and as we never seem to throw any away, the next hack will give your makeup drawer a neat rearrangement.


Most makeup containers are made from metal, so by placing a magnetic board in your drawer, you will ensure those small tins won’t be going anywhere. This hack is inexpensive and will also save you money because you won’t be buying things you already have.

Frozen Grapes

If you have to chill a bottle of white wine in no time, this hack is for you. It has happened to us all. Unexpected guest? Having a bad day and fancy a glass of white, but there is non in the fridge?


Make sure you have a bunch of frozen grapes in the freezer, as they are about to change your life. Ice cubes may cool your wine, but they can also ruin the flavors. Placing a few frozen grapes in your wine glass will chill it without watering it down. Enjoy.

Another Use for a Shower Cap

So many people travel, and so little know how to pack shoes. We know that some put shoes in plastic bags and some wrap them in an old shirt, but we have found that the best way to keep your shoes and the rest of your clothes clean is a simple shower cap.


It’s a space saver in your suitcase, it protects our environment (reused items!), and hey, no one uses shower caps these days anyway, so we better make use of the one we have.

Jewelry Storage

Like many other small things we have in our homes, jewelry needs a good solution for being sorted out. Whoever invented the necklace jewelry stand (the one shaped like a head that looked absolutely ridiculous on our mother’s dressers) didn’t put much thought into that design. Necklaces kept getting tangled with one another.


The cutlery tray in your kitchen draw can be used as a jewelry divider and keep them all neat and arranged. Your rings and bracelets will find their home in the tray too.

Pool Noodles and Boots

These boots are meant for walking, so let’s keep them in their original shape. Tall winter leathered boots won’t stay upright unless with give them a little help. Any solid (yet soft) round tube will dot the job. Your children’s summer pool noodles are ideal for this hack.


Cut to size, place them in your boots (when they are unworn, obviously), and they will keep standing high and proud, as a 500$ pair of boots should.

 DIY Hot and Cold Packs

Hot or cold packs are the best pain relievers, but they can be pretty expensive. This DIY pack hack will get you going on an assembly line of these things in all different colors for all your friends and family.


What do you need? Socks and rice. Simply place two cupfuls of rice into a clean sock and tie. For a hot pack, put it in the microwave with a cup of water, and for a cold one- put it in the freezer for about 45 minutes. It’s that easy.

 Scarves and Stockings

When things are neat and tidy, life automatically becomes easier. Obviously. So for your scarves and stocking, the best way would be to get them out of the drawers and onto the racks.


Tie them in any order you feel comfortable with, color-coordinated, or according to length, and you’re done. Now, our question is, with all these scarves and stockings tied on the closets rack, where are we suppose to hang our clothes?

Baking Soda and Smelly Shoes

If you suffer from smelly shoes, the cause is probably, your smelly feet. When your feet sweat, bacteria is formed, which leads to bad smells. And there’s no worse turn-off than that.


Putting baking soda in those smelly ones will help prevent the odors and keep your feet clean and healthy. Don’t even think of adding flour or eggs; no cake will grow out of here.

Glue Your Wine Corks

We always encourage homemade art, especially when it doesn’t require high expenses. Start holding on to your wine bottle corks as you are about to discover how to create your own bulletin board or a really nice unique framed picture.


Hot glue the corks onto a wooden board, with or without a frame, and a piece of art is born. Your visitors will ask where you bought this glamorous board, and you can proudly say it was custom-made.

Run Your Mascara Wand Under Hot Water

Mascara has a habit of drying out, lumping up, and not really making it easy to use once it’s been open for a while. Badly applied mascara can ruin your whole appearance and ruin your day.


Running the mascara brush under hot water will get rid of all the lumps and bumps and assure the layer you apply is smooth as silk. It’s so simple we don’t understand why this hack is not on the label along with the instructions for use.

Gum in Your Hair

We all know that if you get gum stuck on clothes, you place them in the freezer for a few hours, and the gum literally falls off. But what do you do when it’s in your hair?


Basically, it’s the same idea. Put an ice cube or two on the gum that’s in your hair for a few minutes until it hardens. Alternatively, you can wrap your hair with a towel and put some cubes in it. Worst case, cut the hair off and wait for it to grow back again.

Stop Your Bra From Showing 

Anyone who has to wear a bra on a regular basis wishes they didn’t have to do it. The reality, however, is different. Here’s a hack that will upgrade the appearance of those Y back tanktops (the ones with a back shaped like a letter Y).


With one paper clip, your shoulders will be free of straps (well, at least they will look free of straps). Hold the two straps and put them together with the paper clip. Feel free yet?

Zippers and Buttons

When the zipper of your jeans just won’t stay zipped up, it’s not because you’ve put on too much weight. It’s actually because some zippers wear out sooner than the actual jeans do. Replacing the zipper will not help (we’ve tried).


With a keyring loop, hook the zipper onto the jean’s button. It’s like a jeans safety belt. Don’t go anywhere without it.

The Wonders of Vodka

Washing your clothes regularly is the only way to keep them fresh looking and smelling good, but sometimes we don’t have time to run a full wash-cycle between the office and dinner plans.


Keep a spray bottle of mixed water and Vodka in your office, and give yourself a good spray before leaving. The Vodka has refreshing abilities that won’t stain your clothes and will help you get to the restaurant in time.

Nail Polish and More

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than throwing away your favorite pair of heels (or any other pair of shoes. But especially heals). When their color starts to peel off, it’s time to get ready and say your goodbyes.


If you have nail polish in the same shade as your old shoes, consider yourself lucky. Paint the peels with nail polish, and no one will notice. We promise not to tell if you won’t.

Coconut Oil for Healthy Teeth

Coconut oil has become very popular in the past few years. It’s a great substitute for butter and is used in many body care products. One thing you didn’t know about coconut oil, is that it has cleansing abilities too.


Always have some coconut oil within reach. That way, if you spend an unplanned night away from home and realize that you’ve forgotten your toothpaste, use coconut oil instead to keep your teeth tropically clean.

Pimple Saviour

You can find several pimple solutions in any drugstore. Some are for young skin, some are for cold sores, some are for mature skin, and some are for all skin types. And we all know that there is no such thing as all skin types. Mouthwash, however, is indeed for all mouth types.


Dab some mouthwash over your pimple, and it will dry out in no time. Just remember, wash it off after a while, and never leave it on overnight.

Altering the Shade of Your Lipstick

These days, makeup manufacturers have every single shade of lipstick you can think of, except the one you want. You saw it on someone, and you can’t find it anywhere.


The ones on the shelves always seem just a little too dark. If you apply a tiny, tiny bit (seriously, a really small bit) of chapstick over your lipstick, the shade will tone down. Two shades for the price of one!

Body Scrub

You can’t beat the feeling of silky skin, especially during the cold winter days when the skin tends to overdry and look dehydrated. Body scrubs renew your skin and nourish it at the same time.


Add brown sugar and almond oil to your next shopping list and make a homemade natural and pure body scrub. Simply mix the two (more sugar than oil), gently rub your skin (avoiding the facial area), and you’re brand new and ready for the winter.

Giraffe Neck Illusion

Now, we are the last people to tell you that you don’t look perfect just the way you are. Still, we all have features we like to hide, features to show off, and personal preferences. Do you prefer to appear taller and thinner? Then this next styling tip will help you do just that, with no effort at all.


Get rid of those turtle necks, and replace them with V neck tops. Also, forget chockers and go for loose necklaces. They will give an illusion of a long thin neck and noticeable collarbones.

 Lint Balls of Frustration

It doesn’t matter how much you invest in your winter sweaters; sooner or later, they start growing lint balls (unless it’s a Dior or Chanell, and then you have a lifetime guaranty that nothing will ever happen to your 2500$ sweater).


This small and annoying fabric ball issue has a solution. Gently go over the balls with a razor, and your coat is as good as new. We don’t need Dios or Channel. High street brands are good enough for us.

Mascara Cards

People have stopped producing business cards as all contact information is on our phones and computers. Here is a reason why some old things shouldn’t be thrown away just yet.


If you’re new to applying mascara, or if even after 30 years of using it, you still make a mess around your eyes, this brilliant hack is for you. Whenever you’re about to put some mascara on, place a business card underneath your lashes, and your eyes and face will stay clean.

A Lion’s Mane

If you weren’t blessed with thick and strong hair, we have a small hack that you will most likely adopt. Find an eyeshadow color that matched the color of your hair and dust your hairline with it. The hair will look thicker and fuller.


So next time you have a hot date and want to look your absolute best, just dust away. Until then, think of an answer to give your date when they ask why they can’t stroke your hair.

Tea Time

Tea is the oldest beverage in history. Once a ceremonious drink in ancient China, today it has hundreds of tea types with different flavors and properties. And besides it being a cultural symbol, it is also part of our incredible hack list.


Bad night? Puffy eyes? Feel like you need an energy boost? Tak two used teabags, let them cool down a little and place them on your eyes for a few minutes. The warmth will help with blood circulation, and the tea’s antioxidants will nourish the skin around your eyes. It will do wonders.

Bobby Pin Blues

Bobby pins never stay in place. Even the curliest hair won’t keep them where they belong for long. The solution for keeping these slippy little pins in place is easier than you think.


Before putting them in your hair, place them on a paper towel and spray with hair spray. They will become a bit sticky but will for sure stay in place.

Nail Drying in No Time

Finishing to apply nail polish and then being impatient for it to dry happens to us all. Uneven polish is really not something that flatters your nail, so next time you’re about to put fresh nail polish on, remember this.


Soak your hands in ice-cold water, pat dry, and then paint your nails. The cold temperature of your nails will speed up the drying time.

Dry Shampoo? Are You Serious?

What is it with dry shampoo? How can shampoo be dry? What are you suppose to wash it off with? If you’d like to be part of this dry shampoo trend, we have found a hack for you so you can get on it without actually purchasing dry shampoo.


Baby powder. Work the powder into your hair, brush, and you’re done. It has the same effect and even smells better than dry shampoo. Spend your money somewhere else.

Say Goodbye to Dry Feet

During the winter, your feet are protected in socks and boots. During the summer, they are exposed to the sun, flip-flops are the daily choice, and the cracks and peels arrive sooner than expected. If you’re willing to spare two minutes of your time before going to bed, we have a solution for you.


Apply vaseline on clean feet, put a pair of socks on, and leave until you wake up in the morning. Just please leave the socks on. The last thing you want is waking up in the middle of the night and slipping over.

Keeping It Cool

It’s a waiting game when you take the frozen bottle out of the freezer as it is too frozen to drink from. Next time you plan on putting a bottle of water in the freezer, take this into mind.


Fill the bottle only halfway through and freeze horizontally. When you want to take out the bottle, fill it with water. Now, the water you have is ice cold, and you can drink it right away!

Painted Pins

Tired of the same pins and clips in your hair? No need to buy new ones — we have found a way to refresh and renew the ones you have and create something no one else has. What can we say? We love uniqueness.


Take your pins and clips, and simply paint them with nail polish in any color and shade you want. Have spare time? Cluster some together, tie in a ribbon, and keep for giveaways.

Spaghetti Candles

Candles can be very pricy these days, so if we decide to buy some fancy ones, we expect them to do their job. When a candle starts tunneling and the edges are too high to reach the wick, and the candle is basically out of use.


This is where spaghetti comes into action, and no, it’s not for a candle-lit dinner. Light the tip of a dry spaghetti stick, and lead the flame to the burned-out wick. Only a thin dude like spaghetti can make it all the way to the wick.

Nail Polish Bottles

If you do your own nails, you know sometimes those little nail polish bottles just won’t open. When it’s that time to refresh your nail polish and you the cap is putting up too much of a fight, don’t give up. You don’t have to rush to your local manicurist; we have the solution for you.


Simple office bands placed on the bottle’s top will give you a better grip, and, voila, the bottle is open.

Dryer Sheets to the Rescue

Frizzy and static hair. Some people would do absolutely anything to avoid this. This happens when your hair builds up an electric charge, meaning it has gained more electricity than it can carry (usually caused by weather conditions).


So what do you do? Get your dryer sheets out, pat your hair, and return to normality.

We All Love Natural Curls

If you were blessed with beautiful natural curls, you wish for straight hair. If you were born with long, silky, dark hair, you wish for golden locks. We are never happy with what we’re given. If you still insist on those curls, take out that hair straightener of yours.


Instead of straitening the hair, wrap locks of hair around one of the heated sides of the straightener, grip regularly with the other, and twist as you pull your hair free. Your wish of beautiful open curls will come true.