People Who Figured Out the Perfect Captions for Their Pictures

Taking the right picture has become an in-demand skill. Framing, lighting, composition – it all comes together to get you a picture for social media that will get the clicks, the likes, the shares, the follows, and whatever else you need. Take a look at some of the funniest captions people have given their posts or pictures on social media like Twitter, Facebook, or Snapchat.
From a pair of cute otters to fine clothes, funny dogs, and more, there’s no doubt you’ll get some fun out of these pictures no matter how many followers you have.

Do NOT Let Professor Jiggly Out

Working at an animal shelter has its perks. You take care of furry friends that are usually pretty happy to see you, and you can feel good about doing something for the less fortunate. But every shelter has a Professor Jiggly. That animal that just can’t sit still, so it needs to have more space to roam.

You probably have your own sign to make sure people know not to let the professor in residence out. And look at him down there. You know he wants to have a chance to study the great wide world beyond the glass doors.

It’s Finally Happened

Enact plan S-17. The squirrels have finally grown to a size large enough where they are able to combat humans for world domination. To the bunkers! The rifles aren’t strong enough to stop them, but it will slow them down until we can figure out the armaments powerful enough to lay them low.

But there is even worse news: they’re trying to figure out how to work vehicles. If they figure out how to drive, then it won’t be too long before they figure out how to operate boats or planes – and then we won’t be safe anywhere.

It’s Timmy Again

Most of the time when we get to see them, penguins are swimming around, happy as can be, but sometimes they have a mean streak, too. Timmy, for instance, has not only stolen a fish from another penguin (hopefully) but pushed another penguin over. Of course, it’s the penguin named Timmy. We couldn’t think of a better name.

But good on Betty, at the very least, who is patient when it’s fish time, and is a good swimmer too. Aren’t all penguins pretty good swimmers? Betty must be exemplary if she’s getting picked out for that.

Trying On New Outfits

We’ll be real here – we don’t know how this picture was accomplished. We believe that photoshop was used, but we don’t know where, or how. Did they actually dress a dog in a full outfit, complete with a little tail hole in the shorts? Maybe it was originally a human, but they ‘shopped the dog parts in afterward.

We aren’t ignoring the idea that it isn’t photoshopped, but we are looking at it out of the corner of our eyes and trying to make sense of it. As well, a final question remains: did he delete it soon?

You Cannot Contain the Power

Some of us might end up spending a good chunk of time coming up with a caption – maybe even an hour. But for this one, we bet it only took a few seconds. We’d really like to know what’s going on here. Why, pray tell, is there an outrageously large stuffed hamster (we think) inside a moving truck?

Based on context clues, this seems to be happening somewhere in Europe, so your guess is as good as ours. In America, maybe. In Japan, sure. We bet it happens all the time there. But Europe? We have no idea.

Not Exactly a Wingman

Asking a roommate to clean up for you because you have a date coming by later is always a risky proposition. The roommate might not be up to par. This Snap tells us that not only did the roommate put his or her all into making the place sparkling, there was also a little something added to the room to tie it all together – a Princess Diana shrine.

We all have that person that we once had a chance with and blew it, but this is something a little different. We doubt Thom had a chance with Princess D.

It Needed to Know More About Itself

There are lots of birds out there, and people young and old want to learn about ’em. We don’t know how this happened – birds are notorious for not wanting to get near humans – but one feathered friend flew down to take a look at himself.

Without the caption, we honestly would have been trying to figure out exactly what we’re looking at, but with the caption, it’s all too obvious. Maybe the bird also wanted to look at that goofy creature on the left-hand page.

Maybe It Was an Elf Delivery Service

Having a bathroom underneath the stairs is a little more common in older homes, but it’s still found often enough. Of course, even those old buildings know that a person can’t fit through such a tiny door. This Snapchat relates the story of a delivery guy asking to use the John, and somehow being confused about which door is the right one.

Well, better safe than sorry. Was the delivery guy a fan of the Harry Potter books, maybe? We actually don’t know why he would ask that even if he was. Harry didn’t do his business under the stairs.

Don’t Lie, We’ve All Done It

When you want to open a link without replacing your current page, there are two options in our fancy, modern internet browsers. You could open it in a new tab, or you could open it in a new window. These foxes, as the caption says, are the perfect illustration of both options.

Whether you’re in Firefox or not, the stacked-up cuties on the left look like a bunch of tabs you can switch through easily, while the lonely-looking guy on the right is a brand new window, ready to get to work.

A Translation Error, Maybe?

This dish got pretty close if you’re taking the order literally, but it does miss the mark based on what the diner actually expected. Order popcorn chicken in Spain and this might be what you end up with. Was this an item on the menu? All things considered, it doesn’t look too bad.

There are even some sauces to sample as you eat, and the popcorn is a great addition. We’ve noticed that the chicken is laid out in a pattern similar to a starfish. Is it supposed to be that way? Great, now that’s all we’re thinking about.

I Just Have to Tell You

We really aren’t sure what the context of this image is. Our best guess is it’s some sort of manual on how to help someone that is choking, and this is the “call for help” image. As the caption so quickly illustrates, it looks like the guy is choking, but the woman is more interested in sharing recipes and gathering gossip than helping him out.

Maybe he’s just being melodramatic, and he wants his wife to get off the phone and pay attention to him for once. But no, Linda has too much to talk about.

The Two Types of Women

It’s good to have options in life. When it comes to friends it’s even more important, since people consider problems in different ways. Ask for a highlighter, and you might get something for school or something for beauty. People who think in different routes mean that when they come together, they can solve any kind of problem.

Whether you’re touching up your makeup or you have an important piece of text to note, your friends have your back. We’re sure there’s a third girl just out of the frame who is setting up a big spotlight.

And We Have a Winner

There are lots of ugly sweater competitions come the holidays. Thing is, a lot of the sweaters aren’t ugly, just crowded with designs. A competition between two people who work at a shop, however, means you have a prime opportunity to come up with something that will really bring home the gold.

This sweater, with just a mirror taped to it, is the perfect option. And the framing on that pic, too – perfect. The boss’s face right in the center of the mirror as he looks into it? We wonder what the employee won. Maybe HE’S the boss now.

Dad Humor at Its Frozen Finest

Getting your kids to laugh is a joy in and of itself. Of course, dads don’t want to go the route of the world and make jokes that are disgusting or blue, which is where we get dad jokes – groan-worthy moments that are funny in their own special way.

This cold gent is the perfect example. He and Mom were walking down the freezer aisle when he saw a bit of signage he just had to use. Well, if you had worn a shirt with longer sleeves, that wouldn’t have happened, now would it?

Home on the Range

How big is the market for tiny, bee-sized cowboy headgear? Because it should be bigger. The market, not the headgear. With a small piece of what looks like metal and a strap going under the bee’s chin, this hat will stay in place as it looks pensively out the window, waiting for the hubbee to come home after a long day out in the field.

It personified the bee, which is always good for a laugh. It’s also memorable – how often do you see a little bumblebee wearing a real, actual hat? We bet it isn’t often.

A True Artistic Vision of Felines

It’s well-known that cats are a kind of liquid. No matter what shape a container is, a cat can not only fit inside but fit comfortably. It almost makes us jealous, but then we remember we can do things like drive cars. One master of paints put his or her skills to the test by creating an image of how cats truly are – a big puddle with teeth.

It turns out this work of art used to have something else, but a cat replaced it, as cats do. Just in case you were confused, there’s a banana for scale.

It’s a Lonely World

The Journey song “Don’t Stop Believing” has given rise to plenty of funny quotes and mentions thanks to the utter memorable and singable quality of its opening lines about a small-town girl. Sometimes we all need to get away, and that might just be what this pretty little pooch has on her mind.

She still believes. She seems perfectly content to hop onto an empty train seat like she belongs there. Does she belong to the person who took this Snapchat? Maybe they were headed out somewhere together. Maybe even they didn’t know where they were going.

No, No, We Really Want to Know

Marshmallows are good (for the most part. Forgetting you have a handful in your pockets before putting them in the wash creates a hassle). Also good are irons, at the very least because you can make your clothes look nice. When you combine the two, however, you get a big, sticky, burnt mess that is difficult to clean and even harder to explain.

The caption begs us not to ask what happened, but that’s the only possible way to figure it out. It’s not like we’re going to be able to GUESS how this mess came about.

He’s a Funny Guy

We all have that friend who’s known to bust out a righteous knee-slapper every once in a while. Sometimes that friend will take a break from the humor and settle down a little bit.

Maybe he or she won’t be as crazy or wild about trying to get a laugh, but every once in a while they come out with something that makes it feel like it’s a decade ago, and you’re sitting around a table at college, and your old friend Jean has just gotten all of the other articles of clothing to unravel with laughter. Classic.

It’s a Compact Car

Ah, Frog in a car. A classic bit from the Youtube team Super Beard Brothers. Playing the video game “Mother 3,” they came across this little guy (who works as a save point), and they had to stop and watch in awe and wonder as he drove circles around them. They could do nothing but turn him into one of the most lovable plush toys possible.

Someone decided to add the perfect caption on Snapchat. We hope they were ready to squeeze into the car, but at least their Uber driver won’t be too chatty.

The Apex Predator

Catching a snapshot of a shark is one thing, getting a picture of one in this pose is another thing entirely. What was the context? The caption looks to shed some light: The shark was suffering the greatest pain known to man. At the same time, it was learning that it isn’t the most dangerous thing in the waters.

If you had Legos when you were a child, then you know to keep your eyes open for them, no matter where you’re walking. We all feel your pain, shark. Hey, at least it wasn’t a four-sided die.

Maybe It’s Maybelline

Don’t lie. The first time you glanced at this picture, you saw what everyone else in the world saw: an ostrich with long, black hair. Only then did you take a closer look and realize the hair belonged to the rider. Was this picture a one-and-done? Or did the photographer have to walk circles around the ostrich to get the perfect angle?

The ostrich itself seems to be having a ball. It’s not every day you suddenly grow some fabulous locks. And look at that strut! It’s ready for the runway.

Sometimes You Just Need to Remember Yourself

What is the reasoning for this? As far as we could possibly reach our minds, there is none. Other than pure, undiluted humor. Putting a picture of your toilet (which has a picture in it) on top of your toilet accomplishes nothing. But as the caption relates, it’s bound to make people laugh.

For a lot of people, that’s more than worth it. We should all be laughing more since it creates those good endorphins that make us actually feel happier in the long run, not just at the moment of the chuckling. Well done, toilet.

It Keeps the Vampires Away, at Least

Most people can get on board with having some garlic in their food. Then there are the people where “too much garlic” simply isn’t a thing. As the picture and caption work together to show, there can be a big difference between how much a recipe calls for, and how much a cook will add.

We do hope that the people who enjoyed that meal have some mints handy – otherwise, that will be a house that stinks no matter who ate it. Garlic is great, but what about the other flavors? Throw some paprika in there.

We Can’t Really Blame Him

Many people believe dogs are the best pets to have, and this collection of pictures is one of the perfect reasons why. All it takes to make one of them happier than can be is a big poofy donut pillow. Without the caption, we’re treated to some darling snapshots of a pooch having the time of his life.

With the caption, we learn that not only does the dog love the pillow, but he also refuses to let anyone take it away from him. They’re a package deal now, and the owners had better get used to it.

Out to Dry

Cats try to wedge themselves into anywhere and everywhere they can find. That goes double for cats that could benefit from dropping a few pounds like this one. It’s stuck inside a plastic hanger, and the photo is, as the caption says, proof. If this had happened during the night it might have been frightening, since the cat was probably howling and banging into things trying to free itself.

During the day, however, it’s little more than yet another reason why cats can’t be trusted on their own. They’re troublemakers, you see, and they’re going to get into trouble.

Calling It Quits

It’s hard to make signage that everybody can understand, even if you don’t speak the language. They’ve gotten pretty good at it. The person in charge of this caption seems to think that the image is about a juggler who just can’t get it right.

Juggling one ball is nothing, two is pretty simple, but three is where it really gets tough. It’s not for everybody. Of course, we all know what this picture really means. If you need rocks, take them from the designated rock bin. Either that or “store your dice in the overly large plastic cups.”

Surely There Was an Easier Way

“Map Comics” lets you draw characters, scenes, or objects using countries, states, or areas on maps, and this one might be one of the weirdest ones. Yes, you CAN create a picture of Winnie the Pooh, seemingly about to deliver a devastating karate kick to an opponent, but SHOULD you?

Just as the caption says, we aren’t sure what we’re supposed to do with the picture. This person could have made anything, but they chose to make the honey-loving bear from the Hundred-Acre Woods. We are left wondering why, and the only answer we can come up with is…why not?

Check Inside First

On the outside, this mug looks like the perfect gift for the guy in your life. Just as long as you know what you’re getting into. The interior has another message, one that is quite specific, and one that could really change a relationship, no matter if it’s true or not. We wonder how many people picked up this piece of breakfast-ware without giving it the full once-over first.

The caption asks the very same thing, and now all we can do is imagine the many, many ways this could turn out badly. Sorry, not badly. We meant hilariously.

Such Destruction

If you’re a kid, and you’re angry at your parents, you don’t have that many options. You could throw a fit, slam your door, punch a hole in the wall – all classics. This child, however, decided that he would shake things up a little bit by taking his ire out on those poor, unsuspecting bananas.

Opening up the bananas will make them go bad a little sooner, but that just means you can use them to make banana bread. We wonder how the parents reacted. Did they ground the child? Did they simply laugh? It was, technically, destructive, but….

Doggy Business Trip

It’s almost a guarantee that you’ve had a bad experience on a flight if you’ve flown more than once or twice. Seats are cramped, legroom is minimal, and you’re often squeezed between two people. If you have a child behind you, get ready to endure hours of vibrations that make it impossible to relax or focus.

This passenger has had the last of it and is giving the kids the stink eye. Or, more likely, he’s taking a look around because he’s bored. If you saw this guy sitting in front of you, you’d better give him a pat.

Going for the S Degree

So many of these pictures bring us so many questions. Yes, the caption will get a chuckle out of most people, but we honestly want to know what’s going on here. King Cobras don’t take classes, so why are they watching this guy detail things on a whiteboard?

Is this part of cobra training for an army? Is it just him, the snakes, and the photographer? Does talking to snakes actually accomplish anything? What’s with the laptop on the ground? Is that a fire extinguisher? Is that for the snakes? The questions will never end.

Still, Somehow, Providing a Valuable Service

There are lots of positive things about working. The big one is money. For a lot of people, the only one is money. If it wasn’t about the money, they wouldn’t even bother. Sometimes they’ll come into work tired, headachy, maybe even hungover. But, just like this battered and bruised stoplight, they’ll still manage to do a little bit of something to justify their paycheck.

Somehow, this stoplight still lets people know that they need to come to a halt and let others pass. Through any number of things – storms, hooligans, poor construction – it still shines.

We Do Have to Wonder

So a woman covers her face in pink paint, armed with the knowledge that it will easily wash off. Well, the final picture of this foursome tells us that “easily” might have a different meaning to some people. Hopefully, it just took a couple of scrubs to get the color off completely. Still, this gal is going to have to answer some questions.

And for good reason! Why would she cover her face in bright pink paint? The most likely scenario is it was part of a Halloween costume or something similar, but you never know with kids these days.

Just in Case There Was Any Confusion

Phew. It’s a good thing dad was there to clear things up. It would have been impossible to tell which of the two in this picture is the human daughter of the human man. Both of them are such exemplary visions of humanity – we’d be analyzing the picture with teams of experts and we still couldn’t figure it out.

Is this comment genuine, or is it something that Dad threw on to get a laugh? One way or another, he created something that got lots of people laughing. Everyone except his daughter, which is how dad jokes usually go.

Thanks for the Help

In a series of snaps, a man is stating he’s selling his iPhone 7, but you can’t see it in the pictures because he’s using the phone to take them. But, thanks to his hands, we can sorta almost kinda maybe see how big it is. Except there isn’t anything to set the scale, so…we don’t know.

Unlike a lot of the pictures on this list, the caption is critical to the humor anybody will get from it unless you like pictures of odd hand gestures. No one would have any idea what he was up to without the caption.

A Pocket Square and Everything

You’ve probably been told a thousand times that first impressions matter, but how many times have you actually acted on that knowledge? This gent has decided to forgo his regular jeans and t-shirt, and instead wore a smashing gray suit to the birth of his nephew.

Black tie with a tie pin, combed hair, a folded pocket square? This guy is going places, even if those places are just into the room where his sister is recuperating. A young man needs to be able to look up to his uncles, and this is the perfect way to get it started.

Time to Start Singing, Kid

Without the caption, we would have honest to God one-hundred-percent thought that was Ed Sheeran. We admit we don’t spend too many hours in the week looking at pictures of him, but the baby is practically a dead ringer. The red, messy hair, the curled lips that look like he has a wry smile, the blank eyes that are nonetheless brimming over with emotion – it’s all there.

Does he have the tats just like Sheeran? Probably not, that might be cruel. We need to give this baby a guitar, quickly, to see if there are any other similarities.

A Scientific Study for the Ages

Kids might not know as much as adults, but they have their imaginations – that’s sometimes more important in the long run. This student apparently put together a handy cheat sheet that analyzes the similarities and differences between Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and an actual rock. He came up with plenty of things that tie the two together and one main difference.

The caption relates that this wasn’t even for a grade, it was just a little bit of a special project the student took on in his own time. The kid has a big future ahead of him.

It’s a Growing MarketSpace

Yeah, we all know what this sign is really trying to tell us: Please don’t let your little creatures dig up the flowerbeds, or “take their business calls” on the grass.” It’s much funnier, as the caption writer discovered, to make it look like the sign doesn’t want dogs joining the landscaping business.

There are already lots of businesses trying to jockey for your gardening work, and adding a business that is run and staffed entirely by dogs seems like a bit of an unfair addition. Who wouldn’t want to hire that company?

It Happened in Our Lake

Let’s just take a minute to look at these cute fellas. There, now that’s done, we can talk about how it looks like they’re making a speech to the camera. What was it they saw? Did they witness a smash-up on the road? Did someone throw garbage into their pond?

Both of the otters are staring at the “interviewer” with forthright gazes. They’re unwilling to hide the truth. They’re going to say it on live television, no matter who doesn’t want to hear it. That’s one thing you might not know about otters – they don’t like lying.

So Many Clowns…

Hotel rooms are where things happen. Good things and bad things. Lots of bad things. So many, many bad things. This hotel room AC has seen it all, and it looks like all it needs to spill its secrets is a nudge in the right direction.

Maybe a stiff drink. Just be careful with the controls and you’ll have plenty of stories to tell and retell for years. Like the time Vince Vaughn and his army of taxidermists set up shop for an entire week and worked on a single bear, powered only by Red Bull and hatred.

Oui (That Means Yes)

We’ve all had plenty of time stuck inside and a lot of us needed something to do. Whether it was just to pass the time, or it was to finally knock an item off the bucket list, we turned to Duolingo to broaden our language horizons, and we all felt pretty good about it.

Maybe not as good as this adorable kitty looks, but we felt good. Honestly, we’re amazed that the cat is allowing those items to stay put – felines tend not to like things covering their heads.

Riley Takes the Path of Least Resistance

Creativity, humor, and vision. Riley has it all. Alongside the “Ultimate Car” by Will, Riley decided that sometimes simplicity is best, and he created a Lego set that looks like a worm with just a single, solitary piece. They wanted a creation, well, Riley gave them one.

No one ever said it had to be complicated or intricate. You wanted a worm, well, you got a worm. Kids like to make things simple. It can’t always be that way once they reach adulthood, but maybe it’s a lesson we should try to keep with us as we age.

Maybe a Doctor Inspired the Song

If you’re a fan of classic disco, then we’re sorry, but you have probably heard of the Bee Gees. For everyone else, this was the group that made the wild sound of the seventies. This doctor is either a big fan of the band, or it’s the other way around. We kind of hope it’s the latter.

One would hope, as the caption says, that he is skilled at making sure people stay alive, but we don’t actually know what kind of doctor he is. He could be a doctor of philosophy for all we know.

A Powerful Pup

Posted on Twitter, this set of images and the accompanying caption creates the perfect little story. He wanted his charger and was too lazy to get it. Mom was busy, so there was only one thing to do. Tie it around the dog’s neck like a little barrel of brandy around a St. Bernard.

How many times did Mom have to try the knot to get it right before it could finally stand up against the furious motion of the family dog? We can’t see it all that clearly, but it looks to be pretty intricate.

Open the Door

Even without the caption, this picture would be a sight to behold. Even in wooded areas such as where this was taken, you don’t see grizzly bears just strolling through. You also don’t have the opportunity to see your cat just BEGGING to be let inside. PLEADING. Promising to do everything, anything, just please open the door!

And then, just when you think it couldn’t get any better, the caption swoops in as if the cat is being business-like and calm about it, instead of screaming its head off like you know it was. Sandra. Sandra, please. Open the door.

It Wasn’t Me

We know what you’re thinking if you don’t have a cat. You’re thinking: “Aw, what a cutie. It was probably just an accident. Surely he didn’t mean it.” We also know what you’re thinking if you do have a cat: “You little monster.” Cats get their jollies by smashing your stuff. They don’t care about you. Unless you’re feeding them, you could drop dead for all they care.

Do you want to know what the cat in this picture is thinking? It’s thinking: “I hated that vase, and I hate you. Unless you’re feeding me, then I love you.”

Focused on the Dairy

We’d ask what the situation is here, but we’re almost afraid to find out. Sometimes a man is just happy to have something that won’t run away as soon as things get tough. Milk knows that things can get tough – it will never leave you. It might spoil if you leave it for too long in the fridge, but in what relationship is that NOT the case?

Maybe this quart of milk is just part one of a grander plan, and he’s still putting the pieces together. Maybe the milk is a metaphor. For what, we don’t know.