The Best Way to Go Camping With Your Dog

Camping is such a great family tradition that everyone in your family can enjoy, and it is not just limited to the human members. As most dog owners feel like their pups are real members of their family, (even as much as their own children) why leave your furry friend home?! Here we will share some tips and tricks to make camping with your dogs a trip everyone will remember!

Do Your Research

First things first, before you take your dog with you camping you have to find out if the location is pet-friendly. This won’t be an issue if you’re hiking far into the woods, but if you are going to a public campground you have to be wary. It should not be too hard to find a location that will allow your pet, as most campsites and parks are pet friendly! Additionally, it is good to be aware of other wildlife in the area to avoid any brawls with wild bears or lions!


Keep Copies of Important Documents with You at All Times

In the unlikely event that something happens to your beloved pet while you are camping, it is best to have all your animals paperwork and vaccination records on hand. This will make for a smooth visit at any pet clinic and get you back to your tent in no time!


Get a Good First-Aid Kit

When it comes to getting prepared for your camping trip, a good first aid kit is a must have. Before taking your pet on your camping trip, make sure that you have updated your first aid kit, including dog specific items. Most pet stores carry first aid kits for dogs. You will notice that a lot of the supplies are the same as the ones in your human kit, but make sure there is a guidebook for first aid specifically meant for animals.


Bring Tons of Water

Luckily the majority of dogs will have no problem getting their hydration from natural sources. That being said, it is still important to have water on hand in case you find yourself somewhere with no water source. Collapsible water bowls are a great space saving item to pack easily that can really help in these unlikely situations.


Don’t Forget a Leash

Many campsites will require that your dog be on a leash or secured at night when everyone goes to sleep. It is a smart idea to pack your leash along with a ground stake and rope to safely secure your pet at night.