The Weirdest Fashion Trends You Will Ever See!

If you thought peplum tops and asymmetrical skirts were weird, wait until you see these strange and over the top fashion trends that we have gathered! It’s common knowledge that fashion is a way to express yourself and some people just choose to do that by wearing clear pants and boot pants! Sure! If you are a little more casual in your dress sense, and wearing a basic tee and jeans is more your style, then you will get a kick out of these styles! Keep on reading to see some wild face implants, eyebrow (and eye) art, and the wildest shoes you have ever seen!

Denim Boots

Whoever said that jeans need to cover your backside obviously had never heard of denim boots. If you are getting tired of the same old boring footwear, give these a go. These denim boots pretty much look like jeans that start at your toes and end at your knees, but who cares. For over $1,000, people actually buy these things.


High-end designers such as Versace had been coming out with these crazy denim boots – along with more affordable pairs from places like Forever 21. We challenge you to make your own pair, slip into a pair of your favorite cut-up jeans while wearing heels and voila, you have got denim boots!

High-Heeled Roller Skates

Saint Laurent is known for cutting edge fashion and really pushing the envelope with their designs, however, this next design from Saint Laurent should never have been put into production.


As if walking about in heels was not hard enough, Saint Laurent decided to take things to the next level and add wheels to these heels. These high heeled roller skates are incredibly dangerous. That being said, the shoe is so aesthetically pleasing and has amazing details, but has literally zero function. At the low cost of $1995, you will likely only get to wear these once before breaking your legs!

Mexican Trival Boots

These extremely pointy boots are called Trival Boots. These Mexican pointy boots are typically meant to be worn ironically or comically by men in the trival music scene. Haven’t heard of trival music? No worries! It is a fusion of electropop and Latin music. Trival music is quite popular among teenagers and the younger generations, and has only been around since 2001.

Alamy Stock Photo

Male trival dance companies would all wear these bizarre shoes and decorate them with sequins, rhinestones, and even LED lights! It is common for these dance troupes to have dance competitions, so of course, they want to stand out!

Sleeve Hoodies

We are totally on board with hoodies, and even cropped hoodies (which are totally trendy right now), but this fashion trend is a little too extreme. This is a hoodie that is so cropped, it is basically just sleeves that are connected by an attached hood.

Photo Credit:@dachsiemama / Instagram

This sleeve-only hoodie will not keep your torso warm, but it will keep those arms cozy. A more applicable name for this, may have been a scarf with sleeves. Whatever you decide to call it, I think we will pass on this one and go for the full bodied hoodie instead.

Crocs With Platforms

Crocs were known, undeniably, as the most hideous breakout trend of the 2000’s. Somehow, they have made a comeback, but not in the same way you may think.


In 2018, the high end fashion designer Balenciaga came out with their own spin on a platform Croc. This basic, yet somehow cool, rubber shoe sold out in record-breaking time and sold for a whopping $850 a pair! A steep markup from the original Croc, which you could grab at your local discount shop for about $30. Those of course wouldn’t have the Balenciaga brand behind them, so naturally, they were not as cool.

Crazy Eyebrows

These eyebrows are on fleek! It seems like everybody these days, especially all over Instagram, are obsessed with eyebrows. Every day some new wild eyebrow trend pops up in our social media feeds to remind us that our eyebrows are in fact, subpar.

Photo Credit: @beautybanana06 / Instagram

We are all for a good groomed (yet perfectly messy) eyebrow, we are even into some nice microblading, or tinting and shading. However, these eyebrow designs are just a bit over the top. What do you think about this trend? Would you wear an eyebrow squiggle? We could probably get on board to try the first two, but the other designs are a little bit too out of control.

A Jumpsuit That Makes You Look Like A Potato

We can’t tell if this over-sized jumpsuit is fashion forward or a total fail. Again, this strange fashion trend has seemed to gain attention from social media influencers. They have been posting photos in this jumpsuit and people seem to be responding well to it.

Photo Credit: Wayward Collection / Instagram

At least the color of this bizarre outfit is not blue, and does not feature a model painted in blue, because it was giving off some serious Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory vibes. This trend has got us really confused but also gave us a good laugh, so for that reason, we are on board!


Talk about lazy fashion, if you are too tired to put on your pants, your socks and your shoes, then we have the perfect item for you! Let’s shrink your getting dressed routine into one simple step. Introducing, shleggings! Shleggings are leggings (or pants) and shoes in one huge piece.

İslamic Publishing

We may have made that name up, but we think shleggings could really catch on! I mean why not? They are very convenient, after all! The best part about shleggings is that they could also save you money. You no longer have to buy socks, shoes and pants, you can get them in one piece!

RompHims – The One-Piece Jumper For Men

If the romper is too feminine for you, let us introduce you to the RompHim. The RompHim is a romper made especially for men. You may be wondering, what is the difference between an ordinary romper and a RompHim? Let us tell you! The RompHim has a zip fly so you do not have to get fully naked (like women do) to go to the bathroom.

Wfmulti wpengine

RompHim’s also come equipped with adjustable tabs on the waist area, to improve your look. Somehow, the first release of the RompHim sold out entirely in just one week. Apparently, there was a huge demand for a male romper. Who knew?

Big Knit Sweaters

Big chunky knit sweaters are all the rage these days, but this one is just a bit over the top! It looks like those big knit throw blankets that are all over Instagram and Pinterest these days, you know, the ones that are knit using your arm instead of a knitting needle, since the yarn is so darn thick.


We are all for those thick blankets, but I think wearing one would be a little too much. Not to mention heavy, this thing probably weighs 40-50 pounds! We have to admit it would be cozy to wear one of these, but maybe not out of the house. It would be a great blanket house sweater, kind of like wearing a mobile sleeping bag. Okay, maybe we are on board after all.

A Sparkly Tongue

Earlier we showed you the glitter beard trend, but are you ready for this next trend in glitter fashion? We present to you, glitter tongues! This crazy trend seems to be mostly for the crazy photo ops that come with it. Thank goodness, because we can not imagine spending a day with our mouths filled with glitter.


While doing some research about this crazy trend, it seems to have started in Australia. A makeup artist accidentally got some glitter on her tongue and thought that it looked pretty cool, so she covered the whole tongue in glitter for a photoshoot. The rest, is history. Be careful if you try this one – glitter can be toxic!

Huge Lips And The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

When it comes to lips, women these days seem to think the bigger the better. Big lips are definitely a trend right now, and unfortunately, some people will do almost anything to get them.

Wfmulti wpengine

When Kylie Jenner got her new lips, her social media following started to soar. People begun to think if they had big lips, they would get a following as well. Young girls went to Instagram to try and figure out how to achieve these plump lips. That is when the #kyliejennerlipchallenge started. People were sticking their lips into water bottles to make them swell up and look like they got injections.

A Tote Bag From Ikea

When you spot an enormous blue tote bag in the wild, the first thing that comes to mind is IKEA. Maybe that is why people have begun to make their own clothing and accessories out of these huge Ikea staples.


While wearing an Ikea bag dress sounds tempting, we are pretty much sold on the original version, A HUGE BAG. You can quite literally fit anything in those bags! They are great for carrying chairs, sporting goods, laundry, literally anything! The straps fit nicely over the shoulder and it is a very useful little item, not to mention reusing it is a great way to recycle!

Lolita Fashion In Japan

Did you know that the term Lolita came about from describing a certain type of Japanese street style? It began being a popular term in the 1970s. Lolita Fashion is very layered and quite modest. It is actually inspired by children’s clothing from the 1900s, which keeps it very modest and put together, while also still looking very cute. Basically, you look like a cute, old-fashioned historic doll!


The term Lolita is actually a bit controversial. The word came into our culture in a novel by Vladimir Nabokov, in which an underage “nymphet” has a relationship with an older man.

Garbage Dress

If you are one of those people who thinks dry cleaning is expensive and should only be a luxury, then we are sure you are not going to go and pick up this $700 dress.

Getty Images Photo by Pietro D

High-end designer Moschino came out with this sheer overlay dress during their Fall 2017 collections launch. This dress was debuted among a collection of other items that were made from pieces of garbage. The Moschino website has this dress listed as a slip-on design. Sorry, Moschino, you do not have us fooled, we know what this really is! They even left the “We Love Our Customers” paper tag on the dress!

Butt Zipper Jeans

This next fashion statement is plain dangerous! This may look like an ordinary pair of jeans, but do not be fooled. There is a zipper going right across the backside of these jeans! When wearing these cutting edge jeans, you must be aware at all times. At any given moment someone could just walk up behind you and unzip that strangely placed zipper.


We are not sure what this zipper is supposed to be for, but we have to wonder how anyone could comfortably sit in these things? That zipper looks painfully placed. Ouch!

Eye Tattoos

Regardless of how we feel about this next fashion trend, we have to urge you to not try this at home. This next trend is extremely dangerous. Scleral tattoos are basically tattoos on the eye. They change the color of the white part of your eye.  It is so dangerous, we are not sure why anyone would do this. If done incorrectly, you can lose your entire eye.

Photo Credit:@obdurateessentials / Instagram

The process starts by injecting a dye into the white part of your eye, which is also called the sclera. We are absolutely not on board with this one. In fact, it is actually illegal to do this kind of tattoo in the state of Oklahoma. We think more states should get on that bandwagon.

The Laced Shirt For Men

This next bizarre fashion trend is the perfect gift for the man in your life that you are mad at or just want to prank. Enter, the lacy men’s shirt. This spin on the classic men’s button down is made completely of lace, is totally sheer, and comes complete with a small decorative pussy bow.

Tilestwra/Mr. Drew Davis

We are impressed with whoever designed this. We would like to get into their head and see how it came to be. We don’t want to impose gender stereotypes on anyone, but we would most like to question any dude’s fashion sense who shows up wearing this.

Just Pants

In the ’80s, high-waisted jeans were all people wore! Then in the 90s, super low waisted pants were all the rage and knocked the high-waisted pants out of the park. Now, high-waisted pants took back the spotlight and people everywhere started rocking high-waisted jeans and high-waisted pants once again.

Photo: Shopbop

These pants, though, take high-waisted to a whole new level, literally. These high-waisted pants are so high that they are also a shirt. You don’t have to wear anything else, just these pants. It is basically a jumpsuit that is marketed as full-body pants. Weird!

Tights With Spilt Paint

Tights or pantyhose are a staple when wearing dresses or skirts, especially when it starts to get cold out. But, function aside, they can also really spruce up an outfit if they are unique enough. Enter, melting tights. These creative tights are designed to look like you spilled a whole bucket of paint down your legs!

Photo Credit: @urbclothing / Instagram

At about $50-60 per pair, these are a pretty expensive way to accessorize. Throw them on under a skirt or a dress for a cool and colorful look. You are bound to turn heads or at least have people wondering if you are a starving artist or got some paint thrown at you for some reason!

The See-Through Skirt

So far we have introduced you to clear kneed pants and clear boots. CLEAR-ly, there is a trend here. Next on the clear clothing trend list, is this plastic scrap, also known as, a plastic skirt.


We are not sure what this one is made of, but it looks like regular old plastic. Nothing says runway ready like being draped in trash! This clear skirt will draw attention to you for sure. If you decide to get yourself one of these, make sure that you are wearing something under it that is presentable, because it will leave absolutely nothing to the imagination.

Jean Thongs

Remember those crazy jeans we showed you that had a zipper down the back? Well, this pair of deconstructed denim is even wilder! This pair of denim has been modified and cut all the way up the back to look like a big denim thong!


We can only assume this showed up on the runway once and people went wild. If you are a fan of lingerie, this pair of jeans may be perfect for you! People initially went a little crazy for these, but then realized they were not at all practical. They soon became available for purchase at Halloween stores as a costume. That sounds a bit more fitting.

Heelless Heels – The Most Uncomfortable Shoes Ever

If you are a fan of things like meatless meat and meatless hot dogs, then you may just love these heelless heels! We are not sure how these can still be called heels when they literally have no heel, but people are buying these weird shoes in droves. High fashion designers, as well as smaller designers, are pumping out this bizarre style like crazy.


Walking on your tippy toes sounds painful and just plain weird, unless you are a ballerina, of course. If ballet is not your thing, you should probably avoid these heelless heels at all costs and stick to a basic heeled heel.

Converse That Morph Into Pants

If high top sneakers are not quite high enough for you, then you are going to love our next fashion trend. Converse pants are high tops that just never stop! They go all the way up and turn into pants. This is the new meaning of high tops.


Lace these converse all the way up to your belt. They seem to never stop! We bet these are almost impossible to get on and off. Maybe there is a zipper in the back for an easy on and off? Either way, not sure we have the patience for these.

Window Pants

You know the old saying, “if you’ve got it, flaunt it!”? Well, while they are probably talking about flaunting physical features that people typically find attractive, this next bizarre fashion trend is all about flaunting your good old knees.


This pair of jeans, instead of having typically ripped knees, has clear knees. These are basically leg windows. Bizarre, right? These babies are sold at Nordstrom, which is known as being a high-end retailer, so you know these will sell! The product description on the website for these jeans states that the plastic panels reveal your knees and have a futuristic feel. Who knew that knees were the future?

Enormous Chanel Bags

The classic Chanel purse is iconic. It is one of those timeless staples that everyone seems to have or want. It has stayed the same for decades and people just love it.

Getty Images Photo by Kristy Sparow/WireImage

Chanel seems to have decided to capitalize on their fanbase and come out with a new bag, a line of Chanel purses that are really, really big. Like, enormous and impractical. Chanel seems to know that people these days have a lot of stuff and want to be able to carry around all of their belongings with them at once. These bags are so ridiculously huge, they should come with a medical disclaimer!

Heart On Your Butt

You don’t have to have butt pride to wear your heart on your butt! Jumping back on the ‘athleisure’ trend, women have been wearing and loving these heart leggings. Whether you are working out at the gym or just hanging out, wearing your heart on your butt is always a good idea.


You are bound to have people doing double-takes, trying to decide if they are staring at your pants or some crazy illusion. These kinds of remind us of the trend back in the 90s where people would wear those pants that said “juicy” or “love me” on the butt. This seems like an upgrade from that, for sure!

An Optical Jean Illusion

Are you interested in becoming a real-life optical illusion? If the answer is yes, then we have the perfect pair of pants for you. This pair of jeans has the illusion of being two pairs of jeans. Why? We have no idea.

DailyMail/Natasha zinko shopbop

These jeans are not just regular jeans, they have two zippers, double sets of buttons, and double pockets. Retailing at $880, these double jeans are showing up all over. Maybe the retail price is so high because you are getting two pairs for the price of one? Either way, it seems like a steep price to pay to look ridiculous.

Endless Sleeves

We love a cozy long-sleeved hoodie or sweater. Long sleeves are great for keeping our arms warm and even look really cute with certain outfits. However, designers have gone a little overboard here, and have been creating these extra long sleeves that seem to never end!

Photo Credit: Pinterest

These long sleeves could be good for keeping your hands warm on cold wintery days, but other than that, we can not seem to find a good purpose. Our consensus is that these never-ending sleeves are not practical and look really silly. We will give it a hard pass.

See-Through Shirts

Don’t wear this new trend to your office party or the HR department will have a word with you! These sheer shirts are sure to get someone in trouble. Somehow, sheer shirts are gaining popularity rapidly. They are tops that are completely see-through, and while they may look pretty cool, they are definitely not suitable for most situations.


Celebrities and models everywhere are rocking sheer shirts, and some even go so far as being bare underneath! While we probably would not recommend going totally bare under these sheer tops, there are definitely ways to make this wild trend work and look pretty good.

Shorts And Pants In One Piece

Do you remember those pants that people would wear back in the 90s that zipped off and turned into shorts? This next trend is an updated (and more fashionable) version of that. If you cannot be bothered with finding the perfect pair of jeans and shorts, you should definitely try these detachable jeans. These are (almost) regular looking jeans that transform into cute denim cut-offs.


This is definitely a unique look that is bound to get you a lot of attention. This is probably one of the least crazy denim trends we have come across so far, would you be willing to try it?

Who Said Men Can’t Wear Crop Tops?

Crop tops are constantly at the forefront of every season’s fashion trends, but what about crop tops for men? We would probably prefer men’s shirts to cover their belly’s. There is something about a hairy man belly that we just do not want to see.

Getty images Photo by Catwalking

We can not think of one good reason to reveal those beer bellies and happy trails! Even if you are a dude with a six-pack, we are gonna say, pass on the crop top, it’s just awkward.

Nude Pants That Look Like No Pants

We are totally on board with the leggings as pants movement, but when we spotted these leggings, our jaws dropped! This pair of leggings is not a basic color, they are nude. They are literally the same color as the skin.

Instagram/dave and victoria

It has been an ever growing popular trend to wear athleisure in everyday life. This is where these nude leggings start to pose a problem. It is hard to tell if she is wearing pants, from a distance it looks like she is completely naked walking down the street. The woman in this photo said that she thought the color of the pants was cute, but then she realized that it made her look naked. #Fail.

A Bikini For Your Face

A Chinese accountant named Zhang Shifan created this next fashion trend that will leave you completely bewildered. This bizarre face mask is called a Facekini. Yes, essentially a bikini for your face. These masks are made out of the same type of fabric as bathing suits, and they are (somehow) very popular in Asia! The Facekini masks are meant to protect your skin from harmful sun rays.

Getty Images Photo credit should read Feature China

This sounds like a pretty practical idea, that is, until you actually put it on. If you want to get mistaken for a burglar, then the facekini is for you. Otherwise we recommend some SPF and a hat.

Is The Fanny Pack Actually Back?!

The ’80s are making a comeback! The iconic fanny pack from the ’80s is making a huge comeback. High-end designers are bringing their own version of the fanny pack to market and people are going wild for them!

Instagram: cbvior

This particular fanny pack might not be the one we would find ourselves purchasing. It is humongous and filled with extra padding that is definitely not needed. We definitely are on board for the return of the fanny pack, but we would purchase a more basic one. We think a nice small one is perfect to carry around the things you need close at all times.

In Tokyo, Your Grandparents’ Fashion Is Cool

Street fashion in Tokyo is always really entertaining. Year after year people continue to be surprised by the number of insane fashion trends coming out of this magical city. They are the leaders in crazy hairstyles, bold bright colors, and layering.

Wfmulti wpengine/Getty Images Photo by Matthew Sperzel

Despite the trends in Japanese street style, the styles do seem to change year after year. These two outfits were spotted during Tokyo Fashion Week, in 2018. They are pretty cool if you ask us! We are loving that yellow stitched number that he somehow seems to make cool, even though it looks like something out of our grandmas closet!

Sparkly Beards

Men, your beards are beautiful in their natural form, but if you are looking to spruce things up a bit, we have just the thing for you! We introduce to you, glitter beards! Men, give your beard some sparkle. Ladies, let the men in your life know that a little bit of sparkle never hurt anyone.


Achieving the perfect glitter beard is simple. Choose a color of glitter (we love silver or gold, so classic!) Dip that beard into the glitter, or rub it through the glorious beard hair and voila! You now have a glitter beard. Shine your way into your next meeting and leave a little trail of sparkle wherever you go.

Transparent Boots

Love him or hate him, Kanye West is constantly all over the news. These bizarre boots were released as part of Kanye’s famous Yeezy collection. At $700 a pair, we are genuinely baffled how these sold out.


These clear boots made of PVC made their way all over social media, popping up in the feeds of all our favorite Instagram influencers. Everyone wanted to be the first to show off these ridiculous boots. In addition, to see through vinyl boot, the heel is also completely see through, and made from Plexiglas. These can’t be comfortable.

Mud-stained Jeans

The designers at PRPS had a genius idea. They decided to make jeans that looked filthy. Yes, they created jeans with mud stains already on them. We are not sure what is baffling us more, the fact that this bizarre dirty jeans was actually put into production or the fact that they were totally sold out at Nordstrom where they were being sold.


Hopefully, only a few were made and those were purchased as a costume idea, or a silly joke. Nonetheless, these Barracuda jeans with a straight leg in natural brown color are lurking on legs all over the country.

The Star Trek Look (better known as Bagel Head)

In Canada, the most bizarre trend in body modification had been discovered by body mod lovers. It did not last long there, and now it is mostly found in Japan, in their underground scene.

Photo Credit:@n4red90 / Instagram

Bagel head is a short procedure people use to modify their bodies. In attempting this progressive look, you will go through a procedure that will inject saline under your skin. It leaves you with a forehead bulge, that thankfully is temporary. This bizarre bulge is then shaped to be made into anything you want… but in this particular body modification, they shape it to look like a bagel. Feeling hungry? Yeah…us too.

Ripped Stockings

One of the least shocking fashion trends on our list, we’re sure if any working woman from the 40s or 50s saw this on the street she would be absolutely horrified. There was a time when even the tiniest rip in a stocking was seen as a sign of unkemptness. No more, ladies.

Getty Images Photo by Matthew Sperzel

Ripped stocking started to become a symbol of ‘indifferent coolness’, and nowadays, you can spot this sloppy/sexy fashion trend on every other passerby. Oh, how the times have changed.

The Clear Plastic Jeans

bear in mind the word ‘jeans’ may not even be right when describing this piece of, uh, plastic. Can we even call them jeans if there’s no denim involved? Well, these plastic jeans, or basically just wearing a plastic bag on your legs, were released by Topshop in 2017, and personally, we’re not huge fans.


Oh, did we mention these leg-shaped plastic covers go for $100 a pop?!

‘Fried Chicken Leg’ Pants

Yes, there are actually a pair of pants modeled after fried chicken legs! You can buy them on Amazon for 5 pounds, and they are actually becoming a huge trend right now on social media. If you can muster up the courage to wear these chicken-leg, carrot looking pants, we’re sure they’re incredibly comfortable.


And hey, if looking-slender and sexy isn’t a priority for you, these are definitely worth a try!

The Crotchless Jeans

More appropriately called cowboy chaps by some, these crotchless jeans were introduced by Asos in 2018. At £75 a pair, you can walk around in these bold jeans and feel ‘liberated and risky’, according to a model that wore them for an entire day out in the city.

Wolipop detik

Maybe we’re just being old-fashioned, but isn’t covering your whole legs one of the main reasons for wearing pants? Besides, you’re going to have to make sure your underwear is always brand new and in tip-top shape, and let’s face it, ladies, this isn’t always the case.

Balenciaga’s Car Mat Skirt

In 2017, the luxury fashion house, Balenciaga, introduced a leather skirt that looks like a car mat. Yes, you read that right. It is actually called the ‘Car Design Skirt’ on the brand’s website, and they can be yours for the modest amount of $2,495.

Getty Images Photo by Victor VIRGILE

Well, we guess you can sell anything for thousands of dollars as long as you stitch a fancy fashion brand’s name on it. And hey, you can always accessorize with a $5 car freshener!

The $3,000 Strawhat Dress

If you’re getting ready for a summer vacation, this might be the perfect fashion trend for you. What do you always need on summer vacation? A straw hat and a breezy dress, right? Now you can have both at the same time! Famous French luxury fashion designer, Jacquemus, introduced the strawhat dress in a fashion show in 2017 – it has eight, differently sized straw hats stitched together, with black ribbons as the straps.


And hey, if $3000 is slightly over-budget, you can always run down to your local store, get a few hats and make it yourself! We’re doubtful about this one – isn’t all that straw itchy? How can you sit comfortably? How do you wash it? Or spot clean it, for that matter?

Margiela’s Pre-Destroyed Sneakers

This is a definite no-no for us – who in their right mind would want to wear sneakers that look like they’ve been chewed by a dog?! A lot of people, apparently, including famous celebrities like Kim Kardashian. French-based fashion company, Margiela, came out with the shoes in 2017, and for the price of $1,425 they can be all yours!

Alamy Stock Photo

Besides, next time you’re late for a class or a job interview, you can actually say, “I’m sorry, I was late because my dog chewed on my shoes!”.. and have the evidence to back it up.

The Duvet/ Poncho

Even though it may not be the sexiest looking piece of clothing, we are loving this duvet/poncho fashion trend that British fashion design house, Mulberry, introduced to the world in 2017.

Getty Images Photo by Victor VIRGILE

The poncho, which basically looks like a duvet cover with a hole on top, looks extremely comfortable, and even though we’re sure it costs about 10 times what your actual duvet cover costs, it’s worth a try. We can certainly tell you that this is any lazy girl’s dream.

Chainsaw Tulle Couture

Amsterdam-based fashion company, Viktor & Rolf, introduced this crazy fashion trend in their Spring 2010 collection. And it is exactly what it looks like: a high-couture tulle dress with sections hacked out by a chainsaw. Yes, a chainsaw. And it’s not just one dress, it’s an entire collection! But the one in the photo below is definitely one of the most shocking ones.

Getty Images Photo by Karl Prouse/Catwalking

Apart from Katy Perry wearing this exact dress at an Awards Show (good on her, by the way!), there have been a few A-list celebrity sightings, and, most amusing of all, people actually trying to replicate this trend at home by cutting out parts of their dress! Hey, at least it looks like it’s properly ventilated.

The Asymmetrical Jeans

Can’t decide if you’re in the mood for 70s style wide-legged pants or modern-day skinny tight-legged ones? Worry no more! We have a solution for you! Well, actually, a Ukrainian fashion brand does. One of their latest creations, we present to you the asymmetrical jeans – the pants with one fitted, tight leg and one wide leg!


Perfect for when you can’t decide what jeans to wear, these pants combine the best of two fashion worlds, and times, in one single jean! Would you wear these?

The one-legged Jeans

Apparently, jeans are the ultimate fashion craze, and regular jeans just won’t cut it anymore. Take these one-legged jeans, for example. A fashion trend that started in 2019, you can already spot quite a few women wearing these in Ukraine and neighboring countries. Apparently, two-legged jeans were becoming way too conservative.


Personally, we prefer the old fashion, two-legged denim jeans. But hey, to each their own.

The Cage Pants

Los Angeles-based fashion brand, Fashion Nova, is known for its bold and daring creations, but this time, they may have gone too far. Behold, the cage trousers! For when you can’t decide whether to use a skirt or pants, just pull out these cage-looking pants and enjoy the benefits of both worlds.

Credit: Fashionnova

Granted, it does defeat the whole purpose of wearing pants in the first place, but it’s still an interesting concept. We think it’s worth a try, even if just to see the looks on people’s faces when you walk down the street.

The Meat Knee Patches

Probably the strangest fashion trend on our list, these are, again, jeans that have been given an edge. Only this time, it involved adding meat knee patches, because why would you want to eat meat when you can just wear it?


We’re not sure where or who this trend came from, but we’re definitely not big fans. Food and fashion? Never a good mix.

The Sock Sneakers

Two famous brands, Vetements and Reebok, joined forces to create the ultimate sock and sneaker combo – the sock sneaker.

Getty Images Photo by Edward Berthelot

Literally looking like a sock that grew sneaker soles underneath, the sock sneaker is for those people that really can’t be bothered to put on cold shoes on their warm socks in the morning, or for those that always forget to wear a pair of socks with their sneakers. Practical? Maybe. Fashionable? Not so much.

The See-through Plastic Shoes

A trend that has been around for a few years now, these transparent, plastic shoes are making a solid comeback since 2018. The only problem is, while some people like how their feet look underneath, they’re not really comfortable, or breathable, for that matter. Which makes sense, because we can’t imagine who had the brilliant idea to make an entire shoe out of PVC!


And yes, we do realize that the transparent heels may look chic and futuristic, but once you’ve walked in these shoes for an hour and start to feel the sweaty mess, you’ll feel differently, we promise.

Alien Shoes

Looking like something out of a cyberpunk, spice girl closet, these shoes seem more fitted to be worn by Milla Jovovich in The Fifth Element. Obviously designed to go viral and shock most consumers, Dsquared2, an Italian fashion brand, debuted these shoes in a runway show in Milan some years back.

Getty Images Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto

We like how colorful they are, but we’re going to have to pass. They look incredibly uncomfortable, and we’re not really digging the half sports shoe, half heel vibe.

Plastic Handbags Make a Comeback

We all had a see-through handbag at one point or another, didn’t we, ladies? Well, they’ve been making a big comeback since 2018. While these handbags do have a unique quality to them, there are certainly more environmentally friendly options.


Besides, we’re not really crazy about having every single passerby see what we have in our bag.

Crazy Eye Jewelry

Originally from the Netherlands, this is a trend we wouldn’t recommend trying at home. The eyes are usually a part of the body that’s ignored in fashion, and apparently, the Dutch decided this had to change. In what seems like an absolutely terrible idea, this crazy eye jewelry is a new technique that involves small studs (made from metal) being inserted into the eye.


This trend started in the Netherlands more than eight years ago, and while the Dutch say it’s a perfectly safe procedure, eye doctors around the world strongly disagree. People, no fashion trend will ever be worth risking your health for. Ever!

The Manba Trend

Japan is known for having some of the weirdest fashion trends in the world. And this one is no different. Called Manba, this is a fashion trend that has become wildly popular among teenage Japanese girls who date men with a Minstrel Show fetish. The trend basically consists of having dark skin and using heavy makeup – which is odd, considering the more elegant standards of beauty among Japanese women.

Getty Images Photo by PYMCA

Manba lovers paint their whole faces in a dark brown tone, contour their eyes with bright white paint, and dye their hair a million different colors. Oh, and we forgot the heavy pastel-color makeup and dayglo outfits.

The Blackberry Bag

We love blackberries (or mulberries.) They’re great fruits that you can easily pick off a little blackberry bush. These sweet little mushy berries have a unique look to them that might look interesting in the fashion world, or so we thought. Introducing the blackberry purse.

Cdn broadsheet

Granted, this is an interesting look for a bag and the makers drew up some pretty out-there inspiration, but this mulberry designed bag, especially paired with the chains doesn’t quite work. In fact, it just looks kind of looks like a fashion faux pax.

“Shoe Laces”

This shoe gives a whole new meaning to shoelaces. We don’t quite understand the appeal of placing a curtain of rope around a shoe. It doesn’t look particularly aesthetically pleasing, nor does it contribute anything useful to the shoe, in fact, it looks quite hazardous if anything.


One could easily step on one of these ropes, causing a horrible fall. And with the size of that heel, falling from that height is not going to be fun. Let’s go ahead and make shoes without the added ropes, laces, or tassels, whatever you want to call them.

Fluffy Nails

There’s a whole world of nail art. Crazy colors, stick-ons, jewelry, beads, you name it. And some, as flamboyant as they are, can look amazing.  The fur on nails, however, is where we draw the line. Not only does it look like you have a terrible hormone problem coming out of your fingertips, but can you imagine scratching an itch?

Getty Images Photo by Jennifer Graylock

There is nothing more satisfying than scratching an itch with a strong pair of nails. If you’re going to be scratching your nose every time you get a tickle, furry and furry fingernails sound like a straight-up nightmare. While fashion isn’t always functional, this just looks torturous.

Siamese Shoes

The thing with shoes is that they’re made for your feet, and the thing with feet is that they’re all built in the same way. Granted some folks may be missing a toe, or even carrying one too many, but for most of it, a foot is a foot. Sadly this shoe did not get the memo and was created for a leg having a whole other foot on the other side. Makes perfect sense.


Not only is this anatomically incorrect, but it also seems rather confusing. We don’t understand the added twin shoe on the other side. Perhaps it acts as a decoy for which direction you want to take. Whatever the reason behind this, this should not exist.

The Toe Shoe

Behold, the toe shoe. Now, as we’ve seen from the numerous images here, fashion trends can go pretty bad, and often, the worst things need to both look hideous and be terribly impractical. When it comes to the toe shoe, however, this at least only ticks one box.

Getty Images Photo by harpazo hope

That doesn’t make it any less desirable. These so-called “barefoot” shoes look pretty ridiculous and should really only been seen moving very fast on the running track, and nowhere else.

Fit For a Jester

Some fashion trends work strictly in a certain century and a certain century alone. Such is the case with these pointy pouilanes. These shoes from 15th century France belong exactly where they came from and no one should be wearing them today.

Image Source: MFA

That is of course unless you want to look like a 15th-century nobleman in Europe. Just don some red tights, a puffy white shirt, and perhaps some sort of leather-suede waistcoat, and you’re good to go.


Ah, the emo days. How can we ever forget the infamous “scene” hairdo with the extreme side bangs and that seriously heavy eye-liner? Granted, in the early to mid-2000s, that style could sometimes look pretty cool, if you were 16 that is. But this particular look we have below is a little out of hand.


The striped bangs are a little too much, and we’re not quite sure how it morphed into a bee-hive. From the quality of the picture, it does look like a 2008 flip phone, so we will forgive her this time.

The Denim Look

Not many people have could have made this look this iconic. Britney and Justin, back in those days could get away with just about anything, but even this was difficult to get on board with. Overwhelmingly denim,  the famous pop power couple possibly overdid it. Also, the bejeweled neck and denim fedora? Guys.

Getty Images Photo by Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

When you have that amount of star power, a denim fedora can sound like a good idea. We’re wondering if we need to blame them or their awful stylists of the time. Or perhaps just the decade. Whatever the case, this belongs in the past.

The Homeless Suit

Ashlee Simpson tried to recreate the classic formal wear look by being shirtless, with a waistcoat, a tie, and fingerless gloves. Is this homeless-looking fancy man look working for us? No.

Getty Images Photo by Stephen Shugerman

What were we all thinking back then? We do not know. Here is another example of fashions that need to stay in the past.

Completely Camouflage

Camouflage designs are great. They allow you to traipse through the bushes completely unnoticed. You can strategically combat your enemies if you’re well-hidden, or if you’re out in the wild, your clothes will help you blend in with the background, making your harder for animals to spot you. Unless of course, you’re Paris Hilton.

Getty Images Photo by Doug Piburn/WireImage

The Paris pink skin-tight “camo” dress is the perfect outfit for the wild of course. No to mention the clunky speed-boosting boots that will assist you as you run through the wilderness. Once again, we want to blame the year for this one, but we think this is all Paris.

The Dreaded Uggs

Thankfully Uggs disappeared over the years, but there was a period of time in which these things were absolutely everywhere to be seen. And then of course there were the rip-off version of Uggs that plagued our universe. These things were clearly not great quality, which, considering how they look, was even worse.


These shoes had no real soles and were more like slippers than anything else. Everywhere Ugg-footed wannabees roamed the stress with collapsing heels and matted faux sheep wool.

The Tree Shirt

Everyone loves Christmas and there is nothing more fun and cozy than getting into the Christmas spirit. The best way to do that is getting sweatered up of course. It’s hard to resist a good reindeer or snowman sweater, but this tree-themed top is pushing it.


The lights and tree wrapping around the sweater might inspire good vibes for the season, or just might weigh you down. Do we want to find out? Not really.

Enter the Dragon

This is one intense jacket, perhaps fit for a martial arts fighter. Or biker? It’s not quite clear what this very intense gold and white design is, though it seems super tough, and super kitschy.


It could also be a great uniform for a gang member! It screams “stay away” whether that be over the fact that its hideous, or a little scary looking, we have yet to decide.

The Scrunchy

Another relic of the past. Thousands of years from now archeologists will be digging up scrunchies, this bizarre hair type that lasted thankfully only a few years, and wonder why? Would they think its for hair? Because essentially why does a hair tie need to be so puffy? No one knows.


It will then invariably end up in some museum where people will gaze upon the hairpiece trying to decipher ’80s fashion trends and why anyone in their right mind would wear a puffy velvet hair tie with a neon jacket.

The Puffy Jackets

Seen alongside the scrunchies, these jackets are quite the sight. We’re not sure what to focus on, the guys’ indecisively designed jackets that seem to present just about every design out there in one item of clothing, not the horrendous pink and blue ones on the ladies that look like a disco party.


There is definitely a lot going on in this picture that we might run of time discussing the leather meets denim pants (very strategically placed.) Let’s just skip it all. Next!

Crochet All Day

Thinking of repurposing your grandmother’s old blankets into awesome new sweaters? Great! But don’t, at least not like this. This type of design firmly belongs in one place, and that is strictly in the bedroom of an old lady.

Photo credit: Glenn Rodes

We will admit, as horrible as this looks, it is a pretty creative way to make a sweater.

My Blue Snake Shoes

This an interesting choice. The heels aside, this took a few too many elements and mushed them together to create one very odd looking shoe. The heels themselves look like the legs of an oak coffee table, and the snaky design is questionable.


We’re not sure why they went ahead with the lace-up style. A nice open heel could have been nice, but here we are.

Camouflage in the Sky

Ah, yes. This is a great military look. Some nice blue camo, tapered at the leg and paired with heels. No doubt it’s the perfect way to head into the battlefield.


Can we also get that in pink?

Shut Everything Out

No item in the history of fashion has ever made less sense than the shutter shades. somehow these things shot to popularity, flying off the shelves, especially for parties and various club events. And we are still trying to understand why.

Complex /Image via WikiCommons

These glasses don’t really do much, they block out the sun, but they also block out your vision. Good luck to you and your eyes for this one.

Birds of a Feather Stick Together

Here we have a disturbing display of dollar store item clothing. And so much to boot. Though that is the least of all surprising, because in all honesty, who would buy that. This sort of looks like feathers somehow but we can’t be sure what this fabric is.


One thing we do know is that there are far too many colors for our eyes to handle.