Travel Bans: Which Countries Set Limits Now

We’re going to share some of the more recent travel bans that are in place due to the pandemic. Please note these travel bans or restrictions can change at any time, it’s best to research your final destination as you get closer to the travel date to ensure these travel restrictions or bans are still active.

With life-changing so fast due to the ongoing precautions for the pandemic, we wanted to share some of the most recent travel bans and which countries have some limitations on which tourists they’ll allow into their region.


This region is currently open for local citizens’ travel and partial acceptance of foreign travelers. The country isn’t open for tourism, so you might want to hold off on visiting this region without first looking into where you’re coming from and if you’re allowed into the country, yet.


This region is mostly open for travelers and does have a quarantine requirement for anyone entering this area. Citizens and foreigners are allowed to visit Greece and they’re partially opened for tourism at the moment.


This region is partially open for both foreign and citizen travel with a required quarantine in place for anyone entering. The region isn’t open for tourism, so you might want to hold off on traveling from far away if you’re looking for a traditional tourist experience in this region.


Travel isn’t fully restricted but travelers by air will require additional covid testing to stay in the country. Most travelers will need to stay in a government-approved hotel to quarantine upon arrival, leaving you to plan a longer vacation than normal to accommodate for this requirement.

United States

Within this country, there are a variety of rules. Some regions, such as the Midwest, don’t have many restrictions or quarantine requirements in place. The northeast region of the United States has stricter travel restrictions and quarantine required much like the west coast of the United States.


This region is partially opened with some quarantine requirements. It’s best to visit the region’s website to learn more about the specific area you’re planning to travel to in Russia before venturing out on vacation there. You may need to spend most of your beginning part of the vacation in quarantine.

This information will help you plan a vacation sometime this year so that you’re no longer stuck at home but rather traveling safely. We understand not everything wants to travel right now, but these tips are for those who are interested in getting out of the house for a change of scenery in a location they’re comfortable traveling to.

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