How Do You Live in a Yurt Full Time

The best way to live in a yurt is to first find a place where zoning laws aren’t out of control. A yurt isn’t considered a full time abode in most zoned regions of the world. This means you’ll need to do your due diligence in researching where you plan to move to live in this yurt full time.

Below we’re sharing some tips that will help you learn how to live in a yurt full time happily, once you find that final location where you’re able to legally live in a yurt full time.

Figure Out What Size Yurt

You’ll need to figure out what size yurt is best for full time living. You’ll take into consideration things you absolutely need to have and other people that may need to live with you so that there’s space for everyone and everything.

Consider measuring out different sizes on the ground using chalk to draw out the space and map out what the yurt setup would be like. Use this drawn out space to determine the most comfortable size for your first yurt.

Consider the Type of Yurt

There are many different styles of yurts available for sale. If you plan on living in yours full time, you’ll want to have a sturdy yurt that’s more of a permanent style structure than a tarp style yurt. You can review each of the type of yurts to determine which one is most affordable and right for your needs.

Take into consideration the doors, windows, roofing, and siding options for each yurt. You’ll be living in this yurt full time for as long as possible so consider how many windows or doors to get in and out of the space you’ll need. Some doors have different latches that help with different type of weather patterns, too!


Lastly, you may want to practice living in a yurt part time. You can do so by renting a space using online renting places or put a yurt in a friend’s backyard to stay in for a few weeks. You should get used to yurt style living prior to moving an entire family or your entire household to this type of full time living.

Living in a yurt is very different than living in a structured house. Be sure that you’re mentally and physically prepared to live in a yurt full time before you venture out to this type of living with a family or partner. 

You’ll obviously need to know the weather patterns where you’ll be living in a yurt. This will ensure you’re able to stay in this dwelling full time regardless of what Mother Nature dumps on everyone outside.

Your full time yurt will need to be safe, secure, and warm or cool enough to keep you healthy and save all year round.

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