Romantic Marriage Proposals That Will Make You Swoon

You may not be ready to propose on Valentine’s Day, but now is the time to think about love, romance, and marriage. If you are considering a proposal, now is the time to start planning to make it special. Put your own spin on one of the romantic marriage proposal ideas:


1. Hire a photographer to take couple’s photos. Choose somewhere special. Get dressed up. Mid-photo shoot, pop the question. You’ll have some great memories and the photographer is there to capture the moment.


2. Write the proposal on the underside of a kite. Take your loved one to a park. Keep the kite hidden until you are ready to propose.

Proposal Garden

3. Take a hike in a local garden or park. Arrange for a friend or family member to meet you with a picnic. Propose amid the flowers and greenery.

Stargazing Proposal

4. Go stargazing and propose under the nighttime sky.

Birthday Proposal

5. Plan a surprise birthday party with a twist. Get your loved one there early, before the party-goers appear. Propose before everyone is expected. Then, your friends and family will be there for the celebration.

cute teddy bear proposal

6. Give your loved one a bunny, kitten or puppy, (or even a stuffed one) with a bow tied around its neck with the ring on the ribbon.

Fortune Cookie Proposal

7. Leave little notes for a few days pronouncing your love. For Valentine’s Day, you might use those cheesy little kid’s notes, but you could use fortune cookies, Easter eggs filled with handwritten poems or even little treasure boxes. Give the big present on a special day, like a heart candy box with the ring inside, or an Easter basket or take your loved out for Chinese.

Beach Proposal

8. Plan a romantic getaway to an exotic location. Propose on the beach when it’s unexpected.

Aquarium Proposal

9. If you can’t travel somewhere, find somewhere local, maybe the aquarium, a museum or the Riverwalk. You know the places in your community that are extra-special. Gain the help of the staff. Ask if you can hang a marriage proposal in a gallery, or have friends holding signs along the path that ask your loved one to marry you.

Gift Basket Proposal

10. Get a big basket of goodies for your SO, bath and body lotions, coffees, teas, treats, whatever makes them happy. Include the ring.

Ring on Table Proposal

11. Turn off all the lights in your home. Leave a trail of candles, or a red ribbon, leading to the box with the ring.

Write it into the Sand Proposal

12. Make it really simple. Write your proposal in chalk on the sidewalk or in the sand. Take the dog for a walk and let your loved one discover it.

marry me sky proposal

13. Hire a skywriter or airplane with a banner.

DJ proposal

14. Ask a local DJ to work it into your fiancé-to-be’s favorite morning program. Take out an ad in the local newspaper. Ask the DJ at your favorite nightclub to let you have the mic for a few minutes.

Make sure you make the proposal all about you two as a couple. Avoid wedding receptions, baby showers or other celebrations, (unless you talk to the honoree.) Grandpa might not mind you making a proposal at his 80th birthday party, but your new sister-in-law might not appreciate you taking center stage at her wedding reception.

We’d love to know the romantic proposals from our readers. Leave your comments in the section below.