Benefits of Weight Lifting

Weight lifting is often used when someone is looking to build muscle mass, but there are far more benefits of weight lifting than just building muscle. Today we’re going to dive into the subject of weight lifting and the benefits of this activity.

The list of benefits of weight lifting below will help you see why this type of strength training provides more for you than just muscle tone

.Fends off Disease

Much research has been done to show that weight lifting helps fend off disease. The various studies completed have shown a decrease in the risk of Type 2 Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other chronic illnesses that people contract.

Boosts Fat Loss

Opting to start doing weight lifting will tip the scale to a higher number, but that number won’t be fat. Weight lifting helps boost metabolism and fat loss so that your body is leaner and full of more muscle. This helps you achieve and maintain a healthy weight level.

Lowers Inflammation

Weight lifting helps you burn glucose which enables your body to regular insulin easier. You’ll also reduce inflammation as you continue using weight lifting as part of your regularly scheduled exercise program.

Improves Energy Levels

As you continue to practice weight training as part of your exercise routine, you’ll notice that your energy levels improve. You’ll feel happier and healthier with increased energy to keep up with the kids or other activities that require a bit of energy to get done.

Promotes a Good Night’s Sleep

Another benefit of weight lifting is that you’ll start having a better night’s sleep. Using all of the extra energy you have in your mind and body through weight lifting during the day may improve your daily energy, but it also reduces the risk of insomnia as you’ll lay to rest fulfilled and calm.

Improves Balance

Lifting helps will help you improve balance. This physical activity is the perfect option for someone who struggles with maintaining balance during the day. You’ll find that your posture improves and the balance as you walk or do other tasks improves along with it.

How many days a week should you lift weights?

Now that we laid out the benefits of weight lifting, it’s time to discuss how many days a week you should lift weights. As with most exercise routines, you’ll want to have some rest days scheduled so that your body can recoup from the workouts.

It’s best to start weight lifting at least a few times per week and adjust this schedule based on what’s comfortable for your body and muscles.

These are just some of the many benefits of weight lifting that you’ll experience when you opt to add this strength training to your regularly scheduled exercise plan.

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