5 Shocking Things People do to Lose Weight

Losing weight is a goal that many people put on their New Year’s resolution list, but it’s also something that many people try to focus on during the year. Many people suffer from weight loss then weight gain so many times that they begin doing weird things to try to lose weight.

Today we’re featuring five of the most shocking things people do to do lose. Perhaps this inspires you. Perhaps this deters you from doing these things. No matter how you feel about these shocking things people do to lose weight, we’re confident it shall be entertaining!

Water Soaked Cotton Balls

We cannot even make this stuff up! Yes, there’s a group of people who swear by this shocking way to lose weight. They soaked cotton balls in water and consumed them. The theory behind this shocking option to lose weight is that people feel it will trick their system into thinking it’s full and therefore eat less food.  The issue is that the body isn’t made to digest cotton and so these people ended up with some major stomach and intestinal issues.

Ipecac Syrup

Every heard of bulimia? Well, this shocking thing that people do to lose weight is similar to that. If you’re not ready to stick your finger down your throat but suffer from emotional eating habits, then some people have opted to use ipecac syrup. This syrup will make you throw up but remember this will give you the same results and negative health impacts of bulimia.

Urine Injection

Listen we cannot make this stuff up! It’s true! Some people have opted to inject their own urine into their bloodstream. Since urine contains a hormone that’s said to boost metabolism, people have tried to use it to give their weight loss goals a boost. By the way, urine is toxic and you’ll suffer dire consequences when you opt to inject urine as a means to lose weight.

Hard Drugs

Many people have opted to go for hard drugs to lose weight. This is one of the most dangerous ways to try to lose weight and the hard drug of choice is often heroin. Hard drugs of people’s choice tend to make them so high that they forget to eat or don’t get hungry at all. If you live anywhere in the world you should know the impact of becoming a heroin addict for many reasons.

Anorexics Boot Camp

In a world where body shaming has become the forefront of discussions on how to be politically correct, anorexics boot camps have popped up around the world. These camps pride themselves on showing that anorexia is simply “another way to lose weight” rather than telling people that it’s harmful to your body and is labeled as an eating disorder. 

There you have it, the five most shocking things people do to lose weight. We understand losing weight is an important aspect of being happier and healthier, but please use some common sense when indulging in shocking ways to lose weight. Always consult a doctor before attempting to do any weight loss plan.