How to work out in the morning? 10 tips to get you out of bed and into the gym

Working out is never an easy task for anyone, especially when we need to incorporate it into our lives and try to balance it with work and a social life. As wacky as it sounds, working out in the morning might be the perfect way to incorporate fitness into our routine, and so we gathered the best tips for working out in the morning without losing precious hours of sleep (or your sanity).

1. Prep your playlist

Prepare your most energizing tunes and have them ready and waiting. If you listen to it while preparing to leave the house, it’s even better – it’ll get you energized and excited for the workout.

2. Prepare your gear the night before

That way, you can leave the house right away, and you won’t have enough time to change your mind.

3. Don’t put your alarm at arm’s reach

The snooze button is the enemy. If you have to get out of bed to turn off the alarm, then the hard part is already behind you!

4. See the light of day

Open up the shades first thing when you get out of bed – light shuts off the brain’s melatonin release and signals it that its time to get up. True story.

5. Prepare your breakfast the night before

Whether you’re a shake person or prefer a protein bar, prepare your breakfast the night before, so it’ll be waiting to fuel your body just like your playlist.

6. Develop a routine

Try to set your alarm to the same hour every day (yes, even on weekends, preferably). When it becomes a routine, it’ll be easier for you to wake up and start your day.

7. Know your goals

If you have clear goals in mind and you’re determined on seeing progress, it’ll make it that much easier for you to wake up and accomplish your morning workout. This tip is actually relevant for workouts any time of the day, not necessarily morning workouts.

8. Get off your phone

You heard right. Studies show that the blue light emanating from the phone screen interferes with melatonin production and prevents us from getting the quality night sleep that we need.

9. Schedule a group workout

That’s a proven advice – if you’re supposed to meet someone for the workout, you’ll have to go just so you don’t let them down.

10. Consider taking a class

Much like the group workout tip, if you’re registered for a class, such as Pilates, cross fit or whatnot, it’s harder to skip it.

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