This Kind of Scent Training Has Become a Sport for Dogs

A new sport has been developing among K9 trainers referred to as “nose work.” The activity resembles the work done in search and rescue teams and involves the dog seeking out various scents in different indoor and outdoor environments.

How Does It Work?

It starts by getting your dog excited over a particular smell (a toy or a treat) and then hiding it in one of several boxes. As the dog’s skills develop, additional target odors are introduced into the search game until it’s expanded to the whole house/indoor space and outside areas.

It’s Super Beneficial

In 2006, three professional trainers who worked with certified detection dogs developed the sport known as K9 Nose Work with the belief that this could be a useful game for everyday companion dogs and not just professional rescue or security dogs. The sport is beneficial for a number of reasons that include mental stimulation, physical activity, and even confidence building. This is particularly helpful for dogs who wait at home for the owners as it keeps them aware and mentally healthy during those long hours alone.

Is It For All Dogs?

All dogs have an excellent sense of smell, while some may be more skilled than others, any dog can get into the sport of nose work. It’s even known to increase the confidence of more fearful dogs. Nose work training can increase the confidence of shy or fearful dogs, and it’s even suitable for dogs who have too much energy because it helps them learn how to focus. Another great thing is that you don’t even need equipment. Just a bunch of cardboard boxes and treats.

The Training Process

If you would like to enroll your dog into the K9 Nose Work workshop with certified instructors then you can visit the website of the National Association of Canine Scent Work for more information. Once you find your dog is a total pro, it dog may even be eligible to compete in sanctioned trials.