Tips on How to Get Your Lazy Cat Moving

Most of us tend to think that our beloved pets don’t really need exercise, as, unlike us, they don’t spend many hours sitting and staring at screens. But, you’d be surprised to hear that, much like us, pets can get lazy and need exercise in order to maintain their health and well-being. If you’ve ever seen your cat sleeping for almost the entire day– you know what we’re talking about. As opposed to dogs, cats don’t go on walks, so how do you make your idle cat get off the couch and move? Here are a few useful tips.

Cat Towers

Everyone knows these lavish cat towers, also known as kitty condos, but did you know that getting one for your cat might actually be essential for their health? The multi-tiered kitty condos might help your cat get moving, climbing, and playing. A good of encouraging your cat to move between the different levels is to leave a treat for them on each level.

Hockey Rinks

If you are more of a DIY type of person, you could easily make a “hockey rink” for your kitten. Just put a tiny ball in a large cardboard box and watch your cat acting as if they are an inexperienced NHL player. This technique will help maintain your cat’s health and wellbeing. You will also probably get a good laugh out of it.

Laser Pointers

Another great method to get your cat active is using a laser pointer. For some mysterious reason, cats go insane when they see that red dot moving around, and they are just compelled to follow it and try to grab it. This is why a laser pointer serves as an excellent way to get your feline to work out. But laser pointers won’t just entertain your cat, as it is hilarious to watch cats chase them. Just make sure to compensate your cat with a tangible toy once they are done hunting that unattainable laser.



Not all cats can step on a treadmill, but with practice, some cats manage to do it. If you aspire to teach your cat to walk on a treadmill, it is essential to make sure you start when they are still young kittens. Racing on a treadmill is best suited for energetic cats that won’t tire easily. But, this is more of hands-on activity, as it is necessary to watch your cat at all times while they are on the treadmill. A trained cat can sprint up to 30 miles per hour, so make sure you don’t push them beyond that limit.